Baby Stories - 91


Delmus is so loving and full of life. He enjoys sing a long songs, Toys with bright lights and playing with his Bubble Machine . He lights up the atmosphere wherever he goes with his beautiful smile.
Lakin has developed so fast it feels. He is standing on his own, has FIVE little teeth, and is talking so much! He’s almost always happy, smiling and laughing! His favorite food is cupcakes so far, but also LOVES potatoes!! His bright blue eyes and huge smile is what attracts everyone’s attention to him!
Annie Kate
She is the sweetest little peanut there ever was. She love snuggles, naps and hot tubs. She also is quite the over achiever, already rolling over at 2 months! Vote for her because she deserves the world but I can only give her the portion I’ve got. Which unfortunately, is next to nothing. 😍
Wyatt is one month old!! He loves to look at Christmas light's and get kisses from our Lab.
He loves people and being held! He's got a smile for everyone! He also laughs at himself when he sneezes or coughs!
Josiah is 6 months old, a pandemic baby who is very energetic and loves to jump ❤ He has a bubbly personality! His favorite words are Mama and Papa ! His favorite sport is basketball and his favorite hobby is spending time out in the sun! Everyone calls him miracle baby because he was not supposed to be born but look at him now 😇
Mr.Mason is the light of our life. He loves to snuggle and smile at his daddy.
Lincoln loves his big brother Lukey!
Lukey loves his baby brother Lincoln!
Hi my name is Giannah aka Gia, I am Twin A. I am very active, love to roll around and learning how to crawl. I love when daddy & uncle carries me it helps me sleep. I love to eat butter squash, carrots, sweet potato & banana. I love to cuddle with grandma, love when mommy smoothers kisses all over me. I’m the total opposite of my twin sister, she loves to sleep I love to stay up with Nana and watch our Turkish shows. Please vote for me, Alaska Grown Baby❤️
My name is Liannah aka Lia, I am Twin B. I am very chilled always laughing and smiling away. I like to eat butter squash, sweet potato & carrots, I’m the the total opposite of my sister. I love to sleep and I love to cuddle with Mommy and I love how she smoothers me with kisses. Please vote for me, Alaska Grown Baby❤️
Emmett loves his sissy’s. He loves dancing with his big sister. He loves playing with his cars an even his sissy’s baby dolls. He’s a smart little cookie he can count to 7. He has a plush doggie he never sleeps without. He’s had it his whole life.
Marceline loves her big sister an brother. She loves to smile an giggle. She is a super happy baby.
Lorelei loves to play with her little brother an baby sister. She is the leader when it comes to play. She is so smart for her age. She can count to 15 an she knows her A B Cs.
Liam loves to play with his dog daisy and say her name 1,000 times, he also loves eat and dance (mostly at the same time). His laugh is so contagious and his presence lights up a room❤️
Rylie is a super energetic 9 month old who loves Cocomelon. She loves music and dancing. Her new dance move is moving her shoulders uncontrollably to the music or to her mama's clapping and singing. She's super independent and feisty and won't take no for an answer. She's a huge cuddle monster and extremely loving.
happiest baby
Amelia is such a sweet baby. She loves talking with mommy and daddy and learning new things. She is always making us laugh with her silliness-over Christmas she launched at dad’s lasagna. She was sad to learn she has a little while longer till she can eat Christmas lasagna with everyone else. Please vote for Amelia Capri. 💕
Liam is 3 months old filled with laughter and love he loves to cuddle and give kisses
The sweetheart of all sweethearts! Loves bath time, carrying around "Button" her blanket, cuddle time, and being rocked by mommy! Was going through a suicidal time in my life, and she saved my life, by finding out i was pregnant with her. She's given me another reason to live! My hero, my angel!
This is Ava she is 14 months old little girl who loves the beach, animals, and family. She also love big bows and taking pictures, she most of the time has her serious face on but when she smiles it lights up a room with her one little dimple.
she is my first girl she is very smart and loves pictures she loves to paint and she loves to dance and sing
Kolston is one fun and loving little boy! He loves to be outside, this always keeps that beautiful smile on his sweet face. Vote for my blue eyed baby 💙
I'm a sassy princess who loves her mommy
I'm just a bundle of love and cuddles
Beautiful,she loves teddy bears she’ll be 5 months old the 31st
Ethan is 7 months old and a very happy baby. He loves to laugh and smile for everyone. Ethan enjoys watching King Julian and smashing anything that is put on his high chair tray. He is very audible and will let you know what mood he is in!
Cameron is 2 months old. Born on Halloween 🎃! He is the most amazing baby you’ll ever lay eyes on! He’s always smiling and laughing! Cam is such a good boy, the best thing ever!
She is a very happy little girl who wants it her way.she talks alot and is so full of energy she loves to say no alot but it's with this cute squishy face that I can't help but want to love on her more.
Jayleigh is a rainbow baby. She is so full of happiness and love.
Viviana loves nose kisses and snuggling with Mommy & Daddy. She is our rainbow baby miracle and are so blessed. She stares at her big sister and brother.
Sydney May
Fighting Taurus; born at 35w4d spent 2 weeks in the NICU; loves to smile, babble, crawl and snuggle with her Mama
I love smiling and learning new things!! I love making others smile too! Im learning to giggle and grabbing my toys!!!! I just tried my first veggies as well and loved them!!!!
Hi, meet Hendrixx Kai he is all smiles from sun up to sun down. He lights up a room and brings so much life into the home. He loves having his back rubbed, and beating things that make noise and light up! He also loves food greenbeans are his fav. He has the worlds funniest and most unique laugh, and thinks his mommy and daddy hang the moon! He is a traveling baby he loves his Mimi and Pop and going to visit them.
Zachary is 1 year (12 months) old! He loves Mickey Mouse, his mimis and paw paws and his aunt Brit! He loves going on adventures and walking around the house! Getting into things he doesn’t belong in is his favorite 😂 he’s the sweetest boy with the best cuddles and his laugh can brighten your whole day💛
She is always a happy baby! She loves her mama and Daddy. Her favorite thing to do is jump in her new jolly jumper!
I’m 7 years old I have 2 brothers an 1 sister I like playing with my toys I’m into unicorn lol dolls I have 3 dogs.
i love to •nap 😴 •walk around w| my mommy 🤱🏽 •jump up & down • fuss until I get my way 😂 •smile 😌 •& coo when me & mommy are talking 🥰
Evie Mea is a kind hearted baby who loves it all! Puppy kisses, seashells, fruits, veggies and snuggling. She’s sure to warm you up with her cheery smile.
Ariella is 1 years old. She loves Elmo and the cookie monster. Loves her mommy and puppy. Loves to play and smile and laugh
Konner loves all different kinds of music but LBB is his favorite. He likes to eat anything mommy has. He's such a character with a very silly personality. He's very active and likes to go go go. He is the youngest of 6 and loves his big sisters and brother very much.
Micah is 2 years old. Loves playing with trucks and loves Mickey Mouse.
Super sweet & loving baby
Roman loves to smile and laugh. He’s the sweetest baby and so lovable.
Jada is a bright little girl that loves to read she also love to model
This is Everett. He has end stage kidney disease and is on dialysis. He has had many surgery’s and spent a month in the nicu and many other nights in the hospital. Yet he always has a smile on his face.
He smiles all the time,very happy sweet baby