Baby Stories - 91


Cece likes playing.
Akilah is beautiful, she loves to smile and laugh! She is only two months old but full of life already ❤️❤️
Zo is a joy to be around, he lights up any room! He loves to cross his fingers and eat his hands! Vote for Zo :)
Hi I’m Layla I’m almost 7 months and super smiley all the time, my favorite thing is to be outside, I love dogs and my daddy mommy’s always jealous but I love her too💗💗💗
Lachlan is my youngest of 3 kids his sisters are 12 and 9. He is a sweet happy boy that loves to swing. He's starting to like tummy time. He loves being changed, baths and smiling at his sisters
My beautiful silly goose. She is the sweetest and funniest little girl❤️
Julian is a very smart little guy! He loves his hands and loves blues clues! He loves to roll over and scream of joy.
Kali Cheyenne
Animal lover people person most sassiest girl ever learning about myself everday raised by my daddy momma not in the picture💙💯
Madison loves animals, saying “hi” to everyone and giving kisses. She is a ball of energy, already has a big personality and such a happy baby!
Seth was born at 29 weeks. He weight 2 pounds 8 oz at birth. He is such a fighter! He spent 7 weeks in the NICU. Came home on oxygen for about two months and now is completely off! Today Seth is 6 months old weighting 17 pounds and loves being talked to and played with!
jaylaa loves to play and she started to stand up all on her own ,she has her own little personality ,shes just the cutest and if ever got to meet her you would fall in love with her,
Lincoln was born on September 13th! His favorite thing is his moose wubbanub and cuddles!❤️
Julian Amador
He loves his bobo(pacifier) he lives being wrapped in hus blanket and being held😊❤️
Braeley Rose
Braeley is a wild child full of energy, and laughter. She loves being outdoors, riding the broombroom aka "fourwheeler" and watching sunsets with her Auntie.
He was born right on his due date! He likes to eat a lot and smiles when you talk to him!
Hi I’m Skyler B n I’m the most gorgeous baby n love to smile
Her favorite place is on a swing!
Londyn is a fierce little doll who loves to smile and coo. She enjoys time with her family and makes a splash when "swimming" in the tub 🤗. She has brought nothing but happiness and joy to her family.
Journie is funny she likes to play eat and sleep a lot. She likes dogs and loves to run around and play
Hi my names Athayna! I love posing for my mommy in cute outfits. I love cheering people up when their sad with my big toothless grin! And most of all I loveeee boobie milk !!!🍼
My name is Ryleigh Jane and I’m 2 months old! I enjoy tummy time, car rides, and watching Winnie the Pooh with mommy. I can hold my head up for 2 minutes, roll over on my own, and hold my bottle.
JaeLynn; the girl who’ll let you know what she wants and means. Sass princess with a HUGE heart
Smart & Intelligent. Aliyana loves to sing, dance and play w her toys. Aliyana is very energetic and so so independent. She’s very well mannered and loves people. You should vote for her because she’s a little firecracker who melts everyone’s hearts she comes around❤️
I love to sleep and eat all day and watch my big sister talk to me
Cherith is a brave hearted little Taurus, since my mom passed away a year ago I told her she’s in Fiji cherith insist every few days on buying tickets to Fiji to visit grandma, she loves p j mask she put on her Halloween costume from last year and runs around saying she is owelette. This baby girl would melt an ice cycle with her love and courage.
Very brave sensitive beautiful girl.after age was born she suffered from brue where she for no reason stopped breathing. Was hospitalized 2 weeks. She loves animals favorite movie is jungle book and she believes she is a princess I showed her her birth certificate I read it to her she said no jasmine mommy names princess. Awww
Annamaria is the happiest little chicky nuggy ever. She loves chasing her 3 dogs around and she loves to dance.
Hi, my names Alayah. I love boobie milk, my puppies, cartoons, oh and phones!! Idk how they work yet but the screen in them things are so cool!!! I’m my mommies first baby and I love love love the camera!! I’m so excited to be able to go vote on here with my mom while some of you vote for me!!💖💖
She’s a beautiful little girl with a lovely personality!! Please give her a vote! ❤️
Novalee Is Smart and loves to share! She loves Monkeys and other animals!!
Rowan loves his mommy and daddy soo much. His favorite thing to to is walk!
Hi I’m Lucas the rainbow baby🌈❤️ Lucas is surely a miracle. After 7 years of failed pregnancies and attempts.. I was finally blessed with a perfect little boy❤️🥺
She out going, the only girl outta 7, but she keeps them in line. She loves to clean and help cook. Harmoni is also fierce , not backing down to no one 😂 strong personality! She’s going to go above and, beyond fr ain’t no stopping her 💜
Is a bright child, she's a fighter, and a fast learner, loves to eat and run with the big cousins.
Armoni is the baby of 7, keeps them on their toes, has lots of energy and big smiles for the world
Giorgi is very outgoing, he loves doing school work, and drawing. He's full of laughs keeps you smiling
Niayli loves to eat a lot! She’s pretty much a good baby, but when it’s meal time and diaper change time, she rules mom and dad! She’s the princess and she wears her crown Appropriately.
Yandel Yael
Yandel is always happy for being 3 months hes always. Alert
She loves squealing, making funny faces at her brothers' toots and Mommy and Daddy play time.
She loves talking , loves her big brother bentley , happy babygirl , she crawls everywhere ❤️
Nash is a one month old boy! He has two big sisters, who absolutely adore him. He loves to be held and just soak up and take all the loves. 💙
This sweetheart is an advanced lil babes. She was even born with teeth and now has 2 that are fully in by 3 months old. she’s a very happy one and loves cuddles 🥰 💕 she’s definitely a mommas girl 😍
She likes to listen to music and sleep she loves hanging out with her mommy n daddy chris n nichole and also her brother n sister
He was 6 weeks early. He loves his Big brother and Daddy, but he's especially partial to his Mommy😍 He loves watching daddy play Video Games and has recently discovered his tongue and that he can make sounds aside from crying. He is an absolute joy and a blessing all wrapped up into a bundle of love 🖤
Lakenzie loves Chicken nuggets and to watch Little Baby Bum. She can say Mama, Dada, Yeah, Hello and Bye. She absolutely loves getting her picture taken and she loves to dance.
Aiden is a silly goofball but such a cuddle bug!
Keegan is 5 years old! He’s amazing at everything he does! He definitely lights up a room when he enters it! ❤️