Leo loves to smile and loves to watch daddy play games! He just started rolling over and making the cutest little noises.
Nova is a very happy baby. She love watching Mrs.Rachel, and she loves her cocomelon stuff toy
My name is Izabella and my family calls me Izzy. I'm a big 11 month old and I out grow everything. I'm almost 1 so happy early birthday to me.
Born on September 2nd, 2023, Martin IV entered this world. His inquisitive nature and quick ability to learn has given him his very alert personality. He loves trying new things.
She loves to sing and she love to play instruments she is always happy she likes to play at the park and go to church and play with her friends she goes to church with she loves everyone she loves to sing Christian songs
I’m a very happy girl I love my mama and dada I love to babble ALOT! I love to babble and laugh at my mama!
Caleb Charles
It's my birthday month. My bubba's will be 3 on the 10th. 🎉🎁🎂🎊❤️ If I owe you advance votes please message me at Mandi Joy Guinn on Facebook. I have room on lil miss beauty 3 spots, 3 open spots on miss princess France. 3 spots on baybee. All other contest are full. Hi, I'm Caleb. I'm 2 years old. A rainbow baby after 13 years of miscarriages. I was diagnosed with epilepsy a seizure disorder last fall. Loves smiling and laughing. Everytime I hear music I have to stop what I'm doing and dance like crazy. Loves his 4 older siblings. Loves doggies and dinosaurs I do daily exchanges and take advances
Keylee is such a happy baby always smiling and trying to talk she loves her mommy and daddy and kicking her feet and throwing her arms
Vote for Kylie, she is 3 months old on February 1st baby babbling more and more everyday. She smiles when she gets her diaper changed, plays and reaches for her toys. She tries so hard to laugh and giggle with her smile but ends up startling herself when she snorts and stops. Kylie is a miracle baby ment to be paraguard baby surviver causing a difficult pregnancy she is here and livin it up enjoying all the love and attention from her mom, dad and 2 older brothers!! ✨️Vote for me and I'll Vote for You✨️
She is always happy. She like to play with her toys. She like to stand up.she likes cuddles and to crawl. Like playing with her toys and pulling her dad’s hair
This is Axle, my adventurous little boy.
The is Diesel.. also know as Deddle Weedle. He's a lovey dovey 1 year old who has the cutest look.
This is Korey, she’s a happy 3 month old little girl. She loves everybody, and loves to be the center of attention.
Baby nick is such a happy baby, he loves to bounce and play with his sister.
Kingston is so full of happiness and joy he lights up a room! He enjoys apples and pears and loves watching Ms. Rachel. His favorite thing to do is talk and have play time with his toys!
Hi! My name is Ilijah Lemuel but most people call me Gordo. I am 4 years old and my favorite thing to do is play games with my daddy. I enjoy swimming and playing in the park with friends.
Derick is very happy , always smiling. A really lovely baby . ❤️
My name is Maximiliano I am 2 years old I am a little warrior I really like cars I like to play a lot with dogs and run a lot I have 2 brothers who are 7 years old and 8 years old I love them very much
Oakley is 13 months old who is always smiling. She's a big daddy's girl. She loves to eat scrambled eggs, noodles, an bananas.
I want to thank you all for voting for my handsome son, He is my world.. Please continue to help us move up into 1st or 2nd in our state.. Thanks a million!!!! means alot to us.MY MOM AND DAD ADOPTED ME AT BIRTH, AND BROUGHT ME HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL... I AM A VERY LOVING AND SWEET LIL BOY WHO LOVES TO PLAY, SING, AND DANCE... I am now old enough to enjoy playing with my 6 year old brother.. Thank You For Voting For Me!!! OH, AND I KNOW MY ALPHABET AND CAN COUNT TO 11 :)
Pyper is 8 month old she loves bath time Loves her daddy and mama Loves starring at her brother and sister Loves when you sing twinkle twinkle to her And loves listening to her mawmaw tell her stories She is a happy baby unless it comes to her bottle and she dont wanna give you time to fix it she wants it then lol
Aviella And Athaliah
Hi everyone! Our names are Aviella & Athaliah but mommy and daddy calls us Avi & Liah. We are 7 months old, we LOVE food and our favorite part of the day is bouncing in the bouncer and playing with our toys.
I’m a sweet, smart, strong-willed, fun- loving girl!!! I love music.. and all things Minnie Mouse! I loves animals!
BrynLee is almost 5 months old, she’s a big butterball who loves to smile and giggle! She loves being talked to! She’s the happiest little baby 💕
MacKenzie is literally the happiest baby alive 💕
Raiden has a big sister named Aubrey. He loves belly time, baths, going bye byes watching tv. He can say dada, mum mum, yum, umm, im good, yeah, no, boba for bottle. He loves to talk, smile, and laugh. He likes playing with his toys. He loves his baby jumper. His loves his sister a lot. He like to say bye bye and mum mum a lot, he tryes to tell me he wants to go bye byes with me. He is a mommy's and daddy's boy, mommy's and daddy's world
Remington Reef
Remi is the oldest twin to Zipp! He loves to surf, dance and collect shells. Remi is a really amazing brother 🌈
Velzy Sol
Velzy is the youngest brother to Remi! He definitely can't stay away from the pool or ocean! It's his second home 🐚
Michael is the most sweetest and caring baby boy he loves to gives hugs and can brighten a whole room with his smile #we also trade votes
Diana likes to take warm baths and go for a car ride! If she wins she will put the money into a savings account for her first car when she turns 16! She is a very happy baby as well!
‼️🚨ENDING ALL EXCHANGES ONLY ACCEPTING ADVANCES🚨‼️Exchanges without prior agreements will be considered gifts 🎁 Please like his profile😊🦋. If you are from another platform and voting please post your link to my wall. If you aren’t going to exchange votes any longer let me know instead of just stopping! This is Kaiden, he is 3 months now, he loves to smile and recently started to giggle. He’s the sweetest baby in my eyes. He’s also a chunky little thing🦋😂
Ellie loves to play outside. She also loves to eat and to have fun with her family.
Heyy, i’m Khyson. i’m 4 months old and i’m a happy baby. i love to watch basketball, eat my fingers,going on car rides, and when i hear mommy shake the bottle i know it’s time to fill my belly up. Most of all i love mommy and daddy’s kisses. i like to jump and play, and i’m learning how to sit up on my own.
Dixiey is a baby sister to 2 big brothers! She loves to snuggle and tummy time!
He likes to stick his tongue out and wave at mommy and daddy and knows how to smile big
Hailey is a loving and full of energy little girl. She loves everything pink and to give hugs!
always smiling 💗
Enzo is 8months , he’s a nice and energetic baby
Dakari loves to dance ! He listen to music and gets excited . He is very smart and adapt to anyone with ease . His soul is pure and his smile is contagious!
Ellie Leblanc
♥️MEET ELLIE♥️Ellie is 4 months old! She is so loving and sweet and is always smiling! Such a HAPPY HAPPY GIRL! Ellie loves all the attention and always gets lots of cuddles and kisses! Ellie loves bath time, car rides, babbling, chewing on her hands, being outdoors and being around family and friends; she also LOVES watching Minnie Mouse and playing with her toys! Mommy and Daddy’s absolute pride and joy!❣️YOU VOTE FOR ME AND ILL VOTE FOR YOU♥️
Happy baby
Daisy is a beautiful ,she likes being awake, she's my sunshine she my grand daughter
Emoni is a loving and Happy Baby she is always smiling and laughing. She stays full of enery.
Loving little boy, that loves to play and jump around and he loves to follow his sister around. He loves to be around the dogs and he really loves to watch his fish swim
Kalani loves to explore new things, go shopping with mommy, christmas time, animals and watching Ms.Rachel. She loves listen to music and going for rides in her titis jeep. She knows how to count to 10 and is working on learning her colors. Her favorite fruits are oranges and raspberries and she loves pbj uncrustables. We would love if you voted for her ❤.