Baby Stories


Our little Betty Boop has just discovered her hands 👀, is already trying to sit on her own, has lashes for days😍 with the most mesmerizing eyes you ever did see, 🥰 and gives the best hugs! 🤗
Milo is a happy boy who loves to play outside, he loves working on his physical skills as he has hypotonia. He is a one of a kind and the light of his mommies lives!
The most handsome blue eyed, red haired little boy thatll steal your heart with just one smile!!!!! "Koah" means WARRIOR in hawaiian, which he is to the core (spent first 3 1/2 weeks of life in the NICU). VOTE FOR ME!! Im just TOO CUTE not to!!!!
Gianna is my miracle baby! We tried for years and this little blessing came along finally. She loves to eat, watch tv, play with her toys and smile!
Kyn loves Cocomelon, sitting up, smiling, and talking to mama and daddy!
Lucky loves looking at fans, tv sitting up smiling laughing and snuggles from mommy and daddy he can now roll over
Zaylee loves to smile and giggle as she discovers the world around her.
Trinity Reece is her name she was born 5 pounds 4oz on September 17th 2020 she is such a sweet baby always happy she has two older sisters an a brother. Pleasee vote for Trinity
He’s two weeks and three days old. He loves his family. Vote for him cause he’s the sweetest baby ever.
Duce is an amazing baby who loves interacting with people. His favorite thing to do is story time. Read to him and watch his personality shine!
Logan’s 6 months old beautiful ,amazing ,brightest , happiest most active 6 month I’ve seen born 6 lbs 8 oz 17” November 4 2020 @ 11:22 am Wednesday... She enjoys music, learning , exploring, television some of her favorite 🤩 shows are Dora they explore, teen titans, nutty 🌰 🥜 tales, Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Sesame Street “elmo’s world” peppa pig, and the magic school bus throughout the pandemic it’s been a beautiful journey inside my mommy’s belly 🤰now I’m here in the world 🌎!!! Thanks we’d truly appreciate the vote 🗳 and support from all family and friends ...
This is Asher. He turned 11 months on the 19th. He is my first son and he is a redhead! I love him so very much. He is a very happy and loving child. Asher is my pride and joy, the love of my life. I couldn't ve happier. I have some pictures if the video didn't load:)
DJ was born April 12th, & required surgery. He was flown to ACH, 3hours away. He recovered amazingly & came home earlier then planned. He has had a big smile since day one and loves his family, cuddles, Trolls & being outside all daylong💙📷🌈🌞
Hi, my name is Tobias Graham. I am the baby of 8 kids and spoiled to death. I love booby time with Mommy, bathtime, breastfast in bed, cuddling with Dad, and taking naps with my big sister. I make a lot of silly faces and luckily Mommy catches a lot in pictures.....hopefully you will like my silly faces as much as everyone else does. Thank you for check out my profile and have a great day.
Hi My Name is Theo Nguyen 👶🏻 | Came in to the 🌎June 9th 2020 | Asian American 🇰🇭🇻🇳🇺🇸 | Living in Philadelphia ,Pa | My favorite shows are Coco melon & Badu Namu | I love to Eat, Smile, Babble, Dance, L.O.L, Play with my cousins & fur brother Henny. Be on the swings at the park, go thrifting & couponing with mommy.
Armani is a learning to laugh and smile and can occasionally roll over. His hobbies are napping and watching Little Baby Bum with his big sister.
RaeLynn has been a warrior nothing is stopping her she likes to talk and roll and go for car rides I can sit up on my own know and cutting teeth which makes me fussy
Fred is such a sweet loving baby! He loves cuddles, to eat, smile, tell stories, he loves his siblings with paws! He loves listening and watching Baby Shark, and 5 little ducks! He likes bright colors and things he can see well! He’s got such a perfect personality, and he’s just too cute! Would love a vote! 😊❤️
Maverick loves to talk, spend time with family. He loves being tickled and talked to during diaper changes. He loves warm baths to relax before bed. He loves watching Blue’s Clues.
❤️❤️Attention; all advance votes are welcome 🙏.Hi, I’m Xavior I have lots of energy! I also have 6 full teeth and 2 breaking in.I’m growing too fast for my mommy🥰 I love to learn all different things,playing in my car outside is my favorite and bath/swimming. Thank you everyone for voting for ME🥰🥰
Bentley loves being in Utah because he gets to soak up the sun all day • he’s all laughs and smiles and just makes your day brighter with his sweet little grin
Amanda is a champion swimmer and she likes to swim using her mermaid fins. She loves princess stories and dress up like princess! She is very smart and active in sports too like Jiu Jitsu and boxing! She loves to make friends ❤️
Axton is such an amazing baby. He talks to us and smiles so so much. He laughs and is just such a blessing. He loves his food! And cocomelon
Cataleya is spunky little girl with alot of personality for a 1 year old. She loves cocomelon and outside.
Makari is a nicu baby, he was born 14 weeks early and has already had two abdominal surgeries in his short life so far, he is a fighter and the most precious baby. He was born at 2.2 lb and now less than three months later he is 6.3 lb and doing so well. I know he as well as his family are so ready for him to come home!!!
She’s 3 months and one of the happiest and loving babies!❤️❤️
Finley was born on Valentine’s Day - she brought in one of the biggest and most destructive snowstorms Texas has had in recent history. To commemorate this, we made her middle name winter. However, Finley Winter has been anything but frosty - She is a sweet and calm baby who rarely cries and is quick to smile and laugh. She loves sleeping with her hands up over her head as if she had an a care in the world, and I suppose she doesn’t.
Addy is american filipina girl who loves to play and make friends. She takes care of his little brother and she like to dress up like princess 👸
My saving grace!!
Aiden loves to make friends, he likes to dance and love cereals! He speaks filipino and English and he is a very sweet boy.
Noah is a big snuggle bug!
Deonze Jr.
This Lil Boy Gets everybody Attention He Loves To put a smile on ur Face When ur having a bad Day 😩
Aurora loves to play outside, loves going to school to play with her friends!! Big girl growing up so fast!!
Malia is constant smiles! She loves people, and she’s such a happy baby. She is the sweetest little one, please vote!
Harmony Woodward
Hello! Harmony is a 11 month old. She is a happy and smart baby. She likes to watch Cocomelon and play with her toys.
Armon is the sweetest,fearless 4 month old you’ll meet. He always have a smile on his face especially when learning and playing with his fur brother. His family nickname is Baby Yoda (as if the ears and bright eyes weren’t a giveaway 😂).
Axton is 3 months old he is a preemie he was born at 31 weeks n 1 day weighing in at 2 lbs n 6 oz he got all the way down to 2 lbs n 2 oz and he was in the nicu for 52 days but he is currently home n weighing over 7 pounds! Vote for Axton!
Hayden is ten he is a very smart kid who loves his lil brother very much! Vote for Hayden make his whole day!
Kensleigh is the sweetest little girl ever 💗. She loves playing ! Her favorite show is word Party !
Nevaeh Asher
My babygirl is 9 months old! She has such a bubbly personality! She can say mama,dada,bubba,yeah,bite bite, and hey! She loves music an she loves dancing! Vote for baby Nevaeh!
Miss Lai’onna is 9 months old, and LOVES the water!❤️ She has a personality like I’ve never seen before and is the happiest baby you would ever meet 🥰😊
jazlynn loves bubble baths, being outside, and is always happy and smiling❤️
aubree jean loves when her mommy sings , plays ,& cuddles with her.
My mili is a rainbow 🌈 baby. The biggest mommas boy out of all his siblings. He loves his blanket and mommas cuddles. 🥰🥰
Lillith my sweet little Lilly 🌸❤️😁
This is Matthew he is 8 months old. He lovesss cocomelon his favorite songs are apples & bananas & also baby shark. He loves to talk & he is the sweetest baby ever!