Kohlter is a down to earth little boy who loves to work around the farm. He likes to help take care of his little brothers and jump on the trampoline. He has a heart of gold and plans to live on the beach when he gets older.
Jeice is a 4 month old little boy who loves hotel transylvania, scooby doo, and the paw patrol. He loves bath time, putting things in his mouth, and hanging out with his Abuela.
Kyler is a very sweet caring boy. He is very sensitive to others feelings and puts other people before himself. He makes me strive to be a better person and always is the first one to help without being asked. He enjoys fishing, football, baseball, and riding his four wheeler.
We will be back for the July contest. Lillian is 5 months old, her mommy had to be induced 5 days after her due date! Lillian has a big brother Noah who doesn't like to leave his sister's side! They're the cutest siblings!
Tinsley is 3 months and loves eating her hands and smiling.
Evelyn loves going to school and playing with her friends. She’s an absolute water baby, from a swimming pool to the bath! She loves her mommy, daddy and little sissy ! ♥️♥️
My name is Oliver Jay Stanley, I’m 5 months old! I love to be in water,stand, kicking my legs. I’m very interested in watching dinosaur baby shark it makes me smile and I love to smile! I also love my mommy and daddy they always make me laugh and think I’m the cutest❤️
She is a very sleepy baby and is currently in the nicu because she was born 6 weeks early but she is striving so much
She loves her family and loves to play softball. Her smile makes my day.
His smile and laugh makes my day
Noah is our chunky monkey little man. He’s very vocal with the cutest little smile.
Tj Jr.
TJ loves his mom and daddy!! He is the sweetest boy and such a bundle of joy. His smile lights up any room he enters. TJs favorite TV show is currently sesame place and his favorite artist is Beyoncé Knowles- Carter. Anytime TJ see’s her on TV he instantly smiles from ear to ear. TJ is very observant and is always looking for something to discover. TJs mommy and daddy a very lucky to have such a handsome, well behaved baby. Thank you to all who vote for TJ!! Anything is appreciated.
Odin is a month old! He loves cuddles, tummy time, peeing on mommy, bath time and going on car rides. Thank you for the votes! ❤️
Aydrien is the best baby! He hardly ever cries, an he absolutely loves cuddles! His favorite song is ‘Heartless’ by diplo. He’s his daddy’s twin but a huge mamas boy
You should vote for Evangeline because she is the most calm and chilled out baby. She absolutely loves to snuggle up with her mommy and daddy, she is incredibly smart and had begun to roll over already and is still quickly learning more. Evangeline loves going on walks with her mommy and daddy, she also loves her puppy Odie. She is grandma's first grandbaby and is very loved and spoiled.
Jareth is a premie baby with a lot of spunk. He is so well behaved, smart and loves cuddles with his mom & dad. He is one of the most beautiful babies weve ever seen and we hope youll agree and help us win!
Kennedy is a dare deal! He’s crazy, full of energy. Loves adventures
Jaxon was just born june 15th, he is a very calm,loving,and happy baby. He loves his green pacifier and loves to smile!
Kennedy is a garbage disposal for any and all foods. We love Blue’s Clues and playing outside or playing in the ocean. Kitty cats are super soft! Ants are not soft.
Jay loves his little sister. Playing with our dogs and playing with daddy outside chasing the puppies around 😂🥹🥺 he’s such a great big brother to his sissy and he’s full of laughter 🤣🥹❤️💯🤞🏾
Rosalynn loves the outside, she has so much joy in her, she’s always happy, shes a miracle baby, she’s the best daughter I could’ve ever had.
Colt is one happy little man. This guy loves his pool, his horses, his fur siblings, smiling, waving, and just making peoples day 1000x better. Please vote for this sweet handsome chunk! 🤍
Dominic is super excited to start solid foods, giggles like a manic when he wakes up, and is starting to pet the dogs.
My name is Josleymi Marie i am 5 years old im from milwaukee wi I love dance 💓
Hi I'm Octavya I'm a preemie I was born 8 weeks early at 3lbs 7oz still in the NICU getting big and strong to come home to mommy and daddy.
This is Christopher aka baby L he loves to rolls over play with his hair when he goes to sleep and he also love making a mess when we feed him. Lol. Please vote for my cutey pie
Archie Ray
I gave my mom a hard time during labor but after 26 hours of being stubborn, I finally decided to come out and meet my family. I love looking around and exploring new things. I also enjoy tummy time and my laugh is very contagious. I think it’s funny when I pee on my mom.
Janessa is my personal cabbage patch kid. She enjoys naps the most!
Isaiah is 1 month old , he was a nicu baby born at 4pounds 🥰 he’s a little fighter. He loves cuddling and boobies lol he also loves to give smiles and kisses🫶🏼 He’s the sweetest little boy 👦🏼
Our 36 week teeny tiny cowboy 🤠
He loves to go swimming and he’s already trying to talk and loves to smile❤️ He’s such a happy baby
Hi, this is Christopher! He’s 6 months and loves Mickey Mouse. He’s a very happy baby with a lot of crazy hair. Loves talking and chewing on his toes. And he just adores his animals.
Nevaeh is two months she was born at 36weeks she such a strong baby . She loves watching SpongeBob and looking at colorful lights. She is a big mamas girl and loves to stand up ❤️ She is such a good baby and loves to smile. She also likes kicking her legs and likes when you sing to her 🥰 we appreciate everyone who votes for her 💕
Ronan Ace
Let’s see I’m new to this world and so far the thing I love the most is to be in my moms arms all the time lol. I love to look around at everything but my favorite thing to look at is colors. Another thing I love to do the most is sleep!
She loves to make people laugh, she’s a very outgoing baby. She also loves to cuddle!
She loves looking around at everything. She loves when people talk to her. She likes belly time
She goes by kammie, she's always a happy baby, always has a smile on her face, she loves food 😂 she's smart
Maverick is a little country boy who loves farm animals and “tract-tors” as he says. He is already a hard worker. He helps his daddy in the yard, following every foot step his dad makes! 💚
I love bath time, cuddling mom and dad, and cooing at my mom.
Gracie Maee is just under a month old. She is such a sweetheart, but she already has so much sass with all her new found facial expressions they're just too stinking cute. She's a good sleeper and gives the best snuggles. We're very blessed with this sweet babygirl. So vote Gracie ☺️ thanks
Hi Everyone I’m Waylon! I am 1 years old! I have 2 siblings who I absolutely adore! I love to run jump and play! I love to laugh with everyone and love to snuggle with my mommy and daddy!
Raelynn is miss chunky butt and she loves her big sister. She also loves to yell to talk 💚
Rylee loves being outside, playing with water & her shoes are her favorite part of her outfits. she has a lot of sas in her and loves her little sister 💚
Andrew is one of the happiest babies you’ll meet, always smiling and laughing.
He loves to smile all day and love to EAT! He will make your heart all warm inside this little guy will give you snuggles all day and all night.
Jace goes by Jace Man. He’s the sweetest boy. He’s my boy that likes to keep to himself. He’s so loving when he wants to be.
Hi, I’m Rowan! I’m an IUGR baby that’s growing like a weed! I love my friends and family and always have a smile on my face!