Baby Stories


Macy is a 9 month old twin. She is the most bubbly and bouncy baby! She is such a happy baby and definitely a mommy's girl!
Brady is a snuggle bug who loves Mommy and Daddy cuddles.
My pretty baby 🥰
Khloe loves Frozen 2, and Chicken Little. Loves her family and always has a smile on her face. Go vote for my lovely baby 💓💓
loves moana and tangled & loves to dance 🥰 please vote for Layla Lee 💓
My sweet girl loves her tummy time, she’s almost full on crawling if she’s not pulling herself she’s rolls herself around the house. she’s says baba when she wants to eat. and she is the most loving baby 💗 vote for her sweet smart self!
Maddie-Leigh is 6 months old. She loves her big brother, her favorite food are pears, she isn’t a fan of tummy time and thinks the word “poohpooh” is funny! When she smiles, her entire face lights up and can turn anyone’s bad day around. Please...Vote for my baby girl!!
Jack is the most amazing boy 💖 Every morning starts out with a smile. He kills you with his grin, and is the ultimate sweetheart! He loves laughing, smiling, playing with his toys, and of course helping mommy! He cant get enough of his family, adores animals, and is very polite, respectful, and smart! Please vote ☺️
Hallie is such a smart and happy little baby. She is laid back and a very big daddy's girl!
She loves to smile and makes my everyday full of laughter this girl is a fighter and fought hard to be here she is also my rainbow baby I didn't think I'd ever have this to experience
Hi my name is Kehlani, I’m 4 months, I am Black and Puerto Rican, I love to talk and scream and I love to be independent and sit up by myself. I have also been told I look like a doll, thanks mom and dad lol please vote for me, it would mean the world to me, mommy and daddy 💜
Lilliana has a genetic disorder. She’s the only one in the world missing this particular portion of her 12th Chromosome. We don’t know what her future looks like but we are so blessed to have her in our lives.
John Michael
John Michael is obsessed with socks, if they aren’t on his feet he is not happy! Hahah
Mommy loves you so much, blessed. Marine daddy who can not wait to hold her. Angles speak to her all day long, always with a smile. Smiling is her best accessory.
chevelle is a very bubbly girl and she is the light of our lives shes just incredible.
He is my Guardian Angel, save me from my heart attack 6 months pregnant from him.
Willow Moon
Willow Moon 8 Months old! My little precious blessing, she loves to laugh, smile, eat, play, crawl, stand, try to walk, try to talk, bounce, and cuddle, and give hugs and kisses 😊💗
Rownan is a one month old little fiery red head, she loves to smile and make funny faces and look at all the lights. She all around an amazing baby with her mommas temper😁
She’s my “kid”! 😋 She eats, she poops, she cries, she sleeps, she plays, & she loves, just like your kiddo😂
Amber Rose
My first child, hopefully not my last, she’s the best thing I get to wake up to each morning, her favorite words as of February are “Dada, Mama, Yea, Done (Duh) and, no (mostly shaking her head no)” She’s climbing on couches and loves to be in everyone’s space. 🥰
My whole world & biggest blessing. He's mama's boy all the way & the happiest baby ever. Always putting a smile on everyone's faces. He is so smart & advanced for his age. & Of course, photogenic 🥰💙
Isaac was born 36w2d at 3lbs 15oz. He had the most expressive face, always giving silly looks. He loves hugs and kisses from his brother and sister. Daddy's voice is his favorite sound.
Briseis is my second born, my miracle little girl. After 6 miscarriages I finally got my little girl. She is a premie and she is a fighter!! So small but she has a huge heart and an amazing spirit!!
She is such a sweet girl. Always happy and smiling. She is a ray of sunshine for our whole family. She is smart and strong. She has found her voice, so she can be a little sassy already. Lol. Her personality is amazing and develops more and more everyday.
She's such a happy baby loves to smile loves to laugh
Abigaile is my youngest and my most sweetest baby ever . She is always happy and smiling she makes our day much brighter . Abbi found her feet and started teething this month . She loves to play with her toys . Abbi enjoys dancing with her dad every night after he comes home from work,. Abbi’s favorite music is county , oldies, Christian She love hanging out with her big brother and sister . She also brings joy to others her smile lights up the darkest days .
This sweet little munchkin is 9.5 months old and already starting to walk. She loves her family (including her pups), hugs and kisses, playing outside, and dancing!
Asher is the sweetest little boy you will ever meet! He can win anyone over with his dimpled cheeks and deep chocolate eyes! He’s curious and is learning new things about the world everyday!
Adelyn loves laughing at her big sister and smiling at everyone she meets. She enjoys tummy time and watching her sister dance. She is the happiest baby ever!
Jonny loves to kick and drool and smile and play. He loves his oranges n grapes and his favorite time of the day is cereal time
Paisley is my happy, smiley little girl who is 8 months old. She likes playing with her toys, rolling around and farting on her daddy's lap!♥️
Emerie Louise
emerie loves watching coco melon and jumping on her trampoline. she can be a drama queen though throwing the vacuum over and bringing all the kitchen towels one by one to her bean bag chair. she loves her baby dolls and loves to dance. absolutely loves to dance she will dance to anything you put on and she loves the song “Dangerous”.
She Is 3 Months. Her Name Is Ca’Miyah Lynn’Marie Moore. She Loves Talking And Watching Cocomelon.
He is the cutest little chunk. Always always happy!! He is the littlest of 4 sibling and they are rooting for him too!
Say hello to my beautiful princess Noelle! She’s full of giggles and smiles. Brightens up your day and already a pro singer ! likes to sing along with you to your favorite music. ❤️❤️
Hawke is the happiest baby I’ve ever met! He loves his siblings (two pitbull pups), Nana&Papa, and Mimi&Pops. He already smiles and holds his head up at 2 months old! He’s a strong kid and is such a blessing to our lives! He makes everyone smile 😊
Adalyn loves smiling and almost laughing, she loves tummy time, but most of all see loves looking at her mom, and just being with her mom and dad. And Of course her Grammy and MiMi .
Tobalicious has an amazing personality! He loves egg rolls, dinosaurs, pirates and cars. Tobias' goal in life is to become a ninja who only has to eat candy because "that will make my muscles bigger"
This handsome boy is a feisty one. My little red head! He also has a twin brother who’s 4 min older than him.
Malcolm is a big, strong, smart six month old! He loves to laugh and practice rolling over. He is a quick learner and the apple of his mom and dad's eye!
This handsome boy loves to eat! He’s a whole two lbs heavier than his twin brother!
🙋‍♀️ Hi y’all
Miley is a very happy girl! She always has a big smile on her face, we call her smiley miley!!! She loves to learn new things and strives on doing things until she masters it!!!
He’s such a snuggle buddy
Daxton is a 4 year old spunky red headed child.. he loves all things truck and tractors. And paw patrol.
Maze is still new but is enjoying all the new things around her. She can be seen smiling, and if your lucky you can catch her giggle.
Ellie is 2 months old and has such a bright personality! She’s mostly all smiles. She loves tummy time and her doggies ❤️
Aaron Creed
Aaron Creed is an alert spunky 5 month old! He will listen to you with so much intent and if he really want something he will demand until he gets it. He love being independent and any tool that lets him be independent. But when it’s nap or bed time he is all about his snuggles and only wants to be held and cuddled! This little boy will hopefully be something big one day if he keeps it up!