Baby Stories


Our little goddess is 9 months, born a preemie at 5lbs.. now shes grown so beautifully! She was born deaf, her left ear happens to be better than her right but that doesnt stop her from being amazing! She loves bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, carrots. She loves playing with her toes, Minnie Mouse. Her favorite thing to do is to be our alarm clock and do her happy screams because she wants to play! She honestly could do no wrong! The sweetest, happiest baby you'd ever meet❤ Anything she wins will go straight to her college fund🤞🏻
Andrew Jr
Andrew Jr loves to play with his toy cars 🚗, loves to sing if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands 👏, and absolutely loves walking around yelling DaDa ❤️ He’s such a smart little boy and seeing him grow everyday is truly incredible 🥺
Bennett is a lookie loo, always checking things out in his environment. He enjoys meeting people and pets and eating all the time!
Jayden is a very smart handsome little boy he’s loves his animals he’s very energetic when he wants to be lol he’s definitely a mommas boy he does have a speech impairment but he will still try to have a whole conversation with you, he’s loves his tablet and last but not least he loves to go swimming
Sophia was a premie who is still trying to be the bossiest lil baby ever. She loves to eat and smile big She has 15-16 pounds for the past 3 months but eat like she grown. She is the strongest little baby I know.
Remiro is the happiest, most cheesiest baby I have ever met! :) he love to crawl around and explore. He loves to comfort and cuddle his family and pets. He’s such the sweetest little thing!!
Aziel loves crawling , standing , talking and laughing & playing 🥰
Kyrie is 18mos and is such a smart lilttle person that thinks he can out smart all the big people and knows all the cool dances
This is little Teegan, he is 4 months old about to be 5, super active, loving, outgoing, and very strong! Hes very giggley and loves everyone he’s the most sweetest boy in the world!!! He loves his stuffed duck and loves covering his eyes with it when he’s trying to sleep he loves hanging out with all his uncles and aunts he has a very beautiful soul!
Izabella is a smart growing little baby. She loves her stuffy. She found her feet and tries to eat them. Her favorite activity is bath time.
Colton loves playing outside and with his Mikey mouse !! He’s going to be a big brother next month also
Logan is a very happy active 2 year old he loves to dance and argue he loves boss baby he goes to sleep and wake up boss baby
She was just born and already has an amazing personality best sleeper in the world it’s my first
Sarah is a amazing little sister to Asura and great big sister to her brother Phoenix is very play full and loves to keep going
Asura is a loving big sister she love helping her mommy and daddy..loves playing out side and taking lotsof picturs
She’s very smart she likes FOOD ANYTYPE SHE GETS INTO EVERYTHING BUT SHES SO sweet but sassy 💕🥲
Amelia Grace loves fruit! She is obsessed with her dog and cat.
Truett is a happy baby and always has a smile for you
Loves her family, napping and most of all her milk lol
Dougie is the sweetest, most lovable 11 month old I’ve ever met. He loves other children, giving kisses, playing with blocks and watching Frozen. He’s always happy and waves to absolutely everyone every place we bring him.
Alfonso Jr.
Alfonso Jr. is fully if energy, loves to play ball, run and play with his twin sister. He loves to help was wash dishes in kitchen, go for walks with his dad while walking his dog gordo and he likes to do things independently if he can.
Full of laughter, surprises, kisses and sweetness. She loves to say words and play with her twin brother.
he is very friendly and likes to smile a lot!😃
Tucker is a very intelligent boy he will be 2 august 28th and he loves coco Mellon,blues clues,Mickey mouse. And he’s so damn handsome!
My’Rell is the sweetest little boy. Loves to smile , such a jokester already. Everyone who meets him fall inlove instantly.
Payton has such a beautiful smile , she is so smart and passionate. She loves to play , dance & count . I love everything about her . At 2 years old she is very determined to get what she wants ; she is such a character lol
Rhyder S
the happiest baby you’ll EVER meet 💕
Ari loves to eat avacados. He also enjoys being thrown around and tickled under the chin!
Riverlynn is a very intelligent girl she will be 3 March 16th and she loves coco Mellon,blues clues,Mickey mouse. And she’s so damn beautiful!
Amayiah Like To Dance 💃 Laugh She Amazing Lil Girl She Know How To Draw Count And She Love Playing With Other Kids
Hello my name is Grayson , I am 4 months . I love to play with my mommy and like to listen to my mommy sing to me . Things I enjoy are : music , my tots cartoon and to pull off my socks . Vote for me 💙
Lillianna is 3 months old. She loves cuddles, smiling, tummy time, chewing on her fingers, and looking around at everything around her.
My name is Olivia Quinn i love talking with my mommy and daddy, i also love standing up and listening to music
Diego loves sleeping, eating, and holding mommy’s finger.
Mat is a super loving boy. Everyday is new and he always knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face. He loves animals of all shapes and sizes. Knows no fears and is mommy’s number one hero.
He is so sweet and loves to laugh and smile 🥰
Nasir is 4 Months Always Smiling such a happy baby , A little Brother to Bronx ,
Hi my name is Willow Mae im almost 3 months old. I love my mommy and daddy very much. I enjoy smiling and trying to laugh. Ive been learning to roll over and I can almost keep my head up on my own already. Please vote for me so that my cuteness can spread joy.
I am 21 months old! Love taking photos, playing in the water and being outside💕 please vote for me🤍
Kyson is 7 months and very active, happy baby. His favorite food is sweet potatoes and his favorite show is Mickey Mouse.
Azzlynn is a sweet bright little girl who loves to sing and dance around. She LOVES her brother with all her heart. She’s such an amazing girl
Armanii Is A Sickle Cell Baby & A Princess And The Frog Fanatic. She Is 13 Months Old And The Most Goofy And Vocal Baby You’ll Ever See!
Hello, everyone, meet Daniel! He just turned a year old a couple weeks ago. He enjoys exploring outside, eating mac n cheese, snuggling, dancing to music, and practice walking. His smile and giggles are contagious, and he will warm your heart.
Angela is a sweetheart loves to listen to music.
One of the happiest babies I’ve ever met🥰 Ireland loooves puppy’s, especially their ears😉 she’s a baby with sass, she’s knows exactly what she wants and when. I couldn’t be more blessed to call this beautiful, sweet little girl my daughter.💗
Makenna is obsessed with mermaids and her daddy. Loves playing with her little sister. Has the goofiest personality and she is sassy
Layona is full of energy and creativity