Our smiley little guy loves sharing his stories and snuggles. He is such a sweet little one.
Scarlett is a wild child at heart. Shes 2 months old and has overcome some scary episodes already in life. That has never affected her amazing smile though! She loves ceiling fans and baths. Her favorite thing in life is boobies lol she's the most amazing miracle baby ever 🖤
Royce was supposed to be born on August 9th but he came a couple weeks early on July 22nd. 💙 he’s the sweetest baby i’ve ever met, doesn’t ever cry, just squeaks. 🥰 he’s almost 2 months and 10 pounds. he was born 6.2 lbs and 18 1/2 inches long.
Everleigh is the sweetest happiest little baby girl who is absolutely adored by everyone! seriously her little smile will melt your heart😩💗 she loves unicorns and watching my little pony! shes very sassy and thinks she’s already a toddler by wanting to be held sitting up or standing😂 vote for my sweetie baby❤️ thank you in advance☺️
Odali is a 2 month old baby girl who is all smiles. She is loved by everyone that is around her. I can't say much since she is so little but what i can say is that she is a beautiful baby girl.
Nova is my first baby, 3 months, she's the most amazing baby I could ever dream of she smiles and laughs all day, even in her sleep and lovess taking pictures. She definitely appreciates all the love she gets 💓 and deserves the best. Help me make this happen for her 🙏❤. All is appreciated, even if she doesn't win.
I was supposed to be born on the 4th but I came the 15th instead I was extra comfortable in mommy's belly! I'm a cute little guy that loves alot of kisses, cuddles and love. I'm a happy baby who is always smiling and I love being called handsome!
Skyler is a strong beautiful baby girl, she loves to smile & laugh & is a loving baby girl !!! She has gone through one surgery and about to go through another in November, for her cleft lip and gum notch
Jazzy is a special baby she laughs,smiles all the tine and is the sweetest baby i have ever seen she loves to play and to be sung to and danced with she will brighten anyones day
WILLING TO EXCHANGE VOTES DAILY IF YOU DO THE SAME. Yuliana is a very smiley baby, always happy and active (very active baby) compared to her older brothers.
Summer loves to listen to music. She's very photogenic. As soon as she sees the phone she knows she's getting her picture taken or being recorded. And the best thing is she shares her birthday with her momma 🥰
Jaxon loves giving smiles to people! He loves talking. Very easy going little guy❤️ He has SO much hair!!!
She loves to be outside and has the biggest ❤! She loves doing anything her big sister does and even getting on her nerves. (What else are sisters good for😆) She started pre-k this year and absolutely loves it there. She loves animals and playing in the dirt, shes definitely not a girly girl, but at the same time loves to wear dresses, as long as she can still get dirty in them.
Tristyn is 1 month old loves being held and loves outside and looking around
Loves to eat & sleep; living his best life.
A preemie baby but super model in the making.
Lenzie loves to learn she knows her abc, knows how to recognize her abc, can count to 20, can recognize up to 10 and knows all her shapes. Lenzie loves baby shrak, princesses, and her family! She is very caring and empathic person! She will tell you stroies for days that only she knows what she is talking about!
Tatum loves listening to music and watching cartoons. She's getting so big and independent now I can't belive she will be a yead old in a month! Her favorite word right now is "No" and she loves to growl. 😍
She is the happiest baby! 9 fast months have been the happiest of my life. A whole town of people that smile when she comes around and share a giggle with her.
Alena is a very smart. She is her sisters keeper. She loves to help anyone in need. She is the sweetest little girl in the whole world. Her laugh will make you laugh. That smile brightens up your day and her cuddles are everything!
Beautiful and Happy Baby
Henry loves learning and animals of all kinds. He is a cute little kinder that is always teaching us little sister annie how to do everything.
Miss Lynn loves unicorns and kittys and picking on her big brother Henry. She is a sweet little song bird who has a nack for picking up lyrics.
He is a miracle baby. This is his very first contest. He is so sweet and smart. Vote for vote. Sweetest baby in the world
Loves to smile and laugh!
He is a very special boy. So sweet and sensitive. I want to show him he can do anything. A vote for a vote.
Lily Rae
This is lily. Shes a daddy's girl. Her favorite activities are sleeping, eating and cuddling with daddy. Her birthday is August 25th.
Emma Marie Winters
Emma was a week early and her left arm got stuck that’s why it’s just laying there and not moving so she has to go to therapy but she is a beautiful girl and all the votes would just mean so much to us❤️
Sylis loves to talk and he loves to make sounds. He is super sweet and loves love.
Loves to cuddle and smile 😊
Oliver is a huge cuddle bug! He’s super calm and loves sleeping! His favorite things are lights!
A very playful little girl and she loves to growl 😍❤
Khaliah loves to sleep and spend her time loving her family ❤️
He’s full of smiles , and loves naps
Hello, my name is Ariah! I’m almost 2 years old. My favorite things are swimming, the park, and my little sister.❤️
Rosalie Claire
I am 1 month old and a little sister to 2 rescue mixed breeds. My mom and dad say I was a surprise but I am their blessing! I love being snuggled and listening to John Legend sing "All Of Me" to me as I fall asleep. He is dreamy. In my spare time, I like to watch Baby Shark videos on my mom's phone, watch my dad design clothes or watch the dogs play.
Demetrius will Milt your heart ❤️ with happiness 😍😍
Kierra is a very smart little girl her heart is one of a kind she is for sure a awesome dancer and singer thats where her lottle sister gets it
Caysen loves his mama and snacks💓
Joslyn is 3 she loves to sing and dance ..loves to go fishing shes a bright and very funny girl
She loves being silly and has a huge, happy, outgoing personality!
Beckham loves to talk, smile and laugh. He brightens anyone's day.
My sweet girl is 2 months old, she’s full of smiles and loves to cuddle and most of loves her mommy and daddy !! ❤️
A Small version of me and really love to smile , I like to photoshopped him in different character .
Mia Antonella
Mia Antonella ama las cámaras💓 es muy fotogénica! Le gusta dormir mucho y siempre está sonriendo! 💗 Gracias a todos por votar
Kuttler Layne is 2 months old and the sweetest baby ever with the prettiest blue eyes💙 such a mamas boy❤️