General Conditions of Use

  • Free Registration!
  • You may vote up to 10 times per day from the same internet connection or from the same account.
  • You may participate in as many contests as you wish!
  • Every 10 minutes, you recover one vote.
  • When a participant places 1st-3rd in a contest, he cannot participate in another contest for 60 days.

Please find below the general rules to respect:

Remain polite

Our community brings together many different people. Please respect each and every individual, and remember that not everyone shares your ideas or beliefs. Thus, please remain polite and respectful with anything and everything concerned with this website.

Upload the contents that you have created

Please respect property rights. This means the following : do not take the work of others and use it as your own.

Moderate your contents

You and only you are responsible for what you publish on LullaPanda. In case of an error on your part, we will intervene so that your contents correspond to the LullaPanda's rules.

What is not permissible

This is what happens. In most cases, if there is wrongdoing, we give our members a second chance. This means that if you break one of our rules, we will send you a warning. If, however, insults and/or infractions are too grave for understanding and fair play, we reserve the right to block your account and your photos without further delay.

Do not upload contents which do not belong to you.

This applies to photos taken by a third party, as well as any other element found on the Internet. Accounts which dedicate a large amount of material taken from a third party will be deleted from the website.

Don't forget your children !

Please filter your contents responsibly. If you are about to upload a photo that you would hesitate to show to a child, your mother, or to Uncle Thomas - this means that you should not publish it in any way, shape or form. Please ask yourself such questions when adding contents online, and react as your conscience tells you. If you do not act according to basic social rules and respect, two things will happen following a formal evaluation of your account contents: it will either be modified by LullaPanda, or deleted.

In order to protect our children from the dangers that the Internet may pose, we are at times obliged to delete certain photos which we find inappropriate (children too unclothed; in too sexually suggestive poses; with too much make-up, etc.). Please recognize our policy now in order to avoid your photos being removed.

Your profile should not contain any photo of any inappropriate content.

If we at LullaPanda find any inappropriate content (nudity, suggestive poses, excessive make-up), we will immediately delete the photo, modify your account and send you a warning. If we catch you doing it again, we will delete your account.

Avoid all illegal or forbidden content

If any illegal content is posted online, your account will immediately be deleted. Moreover, we reserve the right to inform the authorities of your actions.

You may not use this site to release your frustrations against the world.

LullaPanda is a site for the enjoyment and pleasure of all. Do not be a disagreeable user, and do not abuse and/or insult other users.

LullaPanda was not created for people to harass, insult, cheat or intimidate other people. We reserve the right to alter and/or delete your account if we receive legitimate claims and complaints about your behaviour on LullaPanda.

You do not have the right to be nasty on this website for children.

There is no need to explain something so simple. We do not tolerate this on LullaPanda.

You may not use your account to present logos or banners

Your account may be closed if you use it to post elements from other sites - icons, emoticons, avatars, badges, images from other websites or any other internet signs which have no relation to LullaPanda.

You may not use your account as a sales platform.

LullaPanda is a website for personal usage. If you attempt to sell products, services or yourself through your account, we reserve the right to remove your account. All commercial and sales use of LullaPanda and its technology and accounts are subject to the approval of LullaPanda. If you have a specific commercial usage of our website, you must contact us first to discuss what you would like to do.

No vote-exchange websites or proxy server

Participants having acquired a high number of votes via vote exchange websites / groups or proxy server may be eliminated from competition.

In no way are you barred from promoting your participation in a contest. On the contrary! Competition makes it more fun - when it's all in fairplay ! Don't forget to tell your friends and family to support!

Company Rules and Regulations


Playground USA Inc., is a corporation with a capital of $210,000. Its registered office is at 60 Broad Street, Suite 3502, New-York, NY 10004, and is registered under number 38-3934803 as a free on-line contest provider and without any purchasing obligation, entitled "LullaPanda". The herein entitled "game" begins every thursday at 4pm (the date and time of connection in New-York standing as reference), lasts for three (3) weeks, unless exceptionally extended, and is accessed only through the Internet website. During the period of the game, registered website users and those which register during the time period may submit photos of themselves and/or their children (herein entitled 'Participants'). Results are announced via the website at the closing of each contest.

During the contest " LullaPanda ", Participants may register on this game website.

Participants are solely responsible for their photos, and must uphold and respect the integrity of the website in posting them. More specifically, Participants must ensure that their photos for contests do not constitute the following:

(i) a breach of intellectual property rights of a third-party and/or of companies of group management from which no permission has been acquired and contracted, as they are sole owners of the aforementioned rights. By putting photos online and allowing these photos to be viewed by other site users, Participants guarantee that they retain all rights and authorisations from those concerned, and that they are devoid of all rights and payments concerning posted photos from companies of group management;
(ii) harm to individuals and to respect for private life. The Participant agrees to obtain the necessary authorisations concerning reproduction of and representation of any photo from anyone used in photos presented in the context of the contest concerned.
(iii) a threat to public order and publically-recognized morality. It is the responsibility of the Participant to maintain certain ethical standards with regard to pictures and / or comments made available online and, in particular, to refrain from disseminating any violent or pornographic content or that which could be deemed detrimental to the reputation of, or privacy of the individual concerned.

Based off of the aforementioned, all photos will be refused for the following:

  • Any photo displaying vulgarity (excessive make-up, representing sexually suggestive poses, etc.;
  • Any photo outlawed for commercial, moral or public conditions;
  • Any photo which is contrary to morality and/or public order, particularly those of unclothed persons;
  • Any photo representing an element subject to intellectual and industrial property, such as an original work, a trademark, a registered design, etc..

The validation of a photo takes 72 hours maximum. The Organising company is not and shall not be liable for any content posted by a member.

Participants are also responsible for ensuring that any person included in a posted photograph is a legal adult. In the event that a minor (a child) is included in the photo, the participant certifies having obtained written permission from the parents of the two children or their legal guardians prior to reproduction and representation of the photograph. If one of the two parents or the child's guardian does not want the child concerned to participate in the contest, a request for removal from the contest can be honored within 72 hours.

Profiles and photographs submitted to the contest being in one of these cases will not be validated or be removed from the site without formality. The Organising company as well reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block participation in the contest.


2.1 Persons who may register to the site

The creation of an account for the " LullaPanda ", contest is open to legal adults (aged 18 and over at the time of registration), or those with the written consent of the parent or legal guardian. Nationality or geographical location is limited to United-States, Australie, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.

Persons who may not register / participate in the contest fall into the following categories:
social partners, associates and staff officers (persons bound by an indirect or direct employment contract, on a temporary or permanent basis, to the Organising company), any company that it controls, that it is controlled by, or which shares common control with the Organising company. This condition thus broadly concerns all those who collaborated in the organization and execution of this Contest, and their immediate family members (spouses, children, siblings).

A participant (a child) may not participate in a contest if the aforementioned child has already won (from 1st to 3rd place) within less than the nine (9) previous weeks (designated as counting from the end of the previous contest) before the current contest in which he/she seeks participation.

A member may not participate in a competition if he/she has already won (1st to 3rd place) within less than nine (9) weeks before the current contest, even if he/she participates with another child.

2.2 Online Registration

Only persons registered on the website may participate in the contest
Registration is free and without obligation to purchase.

To register, people must always go to the aforementioned website, to the web pages dedicated to the registration and complete all required fields of the registration form.

In case of change of such information, the Participant shall update his/her information on the website

The Participant which has not completed all the required fields of the registration form will not be considered.

Any person registered on the site and who tries to re-register under a different identity in order to participate or vote more than once in the contest will be immediately and permanently eliminated from the competition without compensation for any and all amounts invested (see section 2.3).

Each Participant may however have multiple profiles within his/her account LullaPanda, and each of these profiles may participate in contests if restrictions of age, sex, theme, etc., are respected.

Each winner will be awarded the one designated prize associated with the contest, regardless of the number of people presented in the (winning) photo.

2.3 Buying votes

One may buy votes for a participant via the micropayment company HiPay and the online secured payment company PayPal. The Organiser is not responsible for any problems that may arise with both the HiPay and PayPal companies. Moreover, no compensation will be made by the Organising company for any amount invested.

If a Participant has his/her account deleted either by his/her own initiative or that of LullaPanda, no compensation of the amount invested will be made, regardless of the reason.

Moreover, if a member seeking to give votes to a Participant faultily pays for a wrong recipient, no compensation will be given for the amount invested.


There are three winners minimum for each contest.

Internet users and members have the possibility to vote for the Participants of their choice. Participants having obtained the maximum number of votes will be considered winners of the contest. In case of an equal number of votes among the winners, the prize will be decided by a draw.

Winners will be announced online on the "Winners" page on the website at the end of each contest.


Each participant who has received the highest number of votes in a contest wins one (1) winning prize. There are a minimum three contest winners.

These winning prizes can not be extended, replaced or refunded - even in case of loss, theft, damage or destruction. In addition, the winners may not trade or give away their prize.

A member can not claim a prize if he/she has already won a previous contest within the nine (9) weeks previous the contest (even if the member or Participant participates with another child). His/her winning prize is automatically reassigned to the participant with the closest lower ranking.


Each participant in the " LullaPanda " contest deliberately authorises that his/her name and photograph be published on the site of the Organising company.

In no case may the responsibility of the Organising company be brought into question by a third party in the case of a Participant, member or contributor giving the Organising company a photo for which he/she does not have all full rights of publication.

Each Participant can at any time remove him/herself from the website via the webpage 'Participate'.


The "Winners" will be informed of their prize by email and private message via the internal mail and within seventy-two (72) hours after the end date of the contest. Their prizes will be sent by mail to the address requested within two (2) weeks of receipt of the information requested from the Organising company (copy of proof of identity, address, phone number, birth certificate, etc. ).,If the winning prize is a virtual product, it will be delivered by e-mail within the same window of two weeks' time.

Prizes are registered and cannot be attributed to any person other than the Participants. If the mailing address or email address is not valid, or if the Participant does not provide the documentation requested by the Organising company within fifteen (15) days following the end of the contest, the prize will no longer be sent, nor given to the Participant. In the case of a returned prize due to a faulty address, or a prize sent by registered post and not withdrawn by the recipient, the recipient must seek to receive the prize within thirty (30) calendar days. After this delay, the prize will not be given.

The Participant selected as a 'Winner' must provide the following elements to the Organising company:

1. A copy of his/her national identity card, passport, or official documentation proving the identity of the Participant
2. A copy of the birth certificate or official documentation proving the age of the child, and a written authorization of one or both parents or legal guardian, if the Participant is minor.

If the information provided through these official documents differ from the information provided on, the prize will not be awarded.

The Organising company is not responsible for any problem that may arise during the delivery of the prize.

If a Participant has his/her account deleted either by his/her own initiative or that of LullaPanda, no prize will be sent, regardless of the reason.


The Organising company assumes no responsibility for any malfunction of the Internet. Participation in the contest implies the knowledge and acceptance of risk characteristics and limitations of the Internet, the potential misuse of information of any kind, hacking, and contamination by viruses circulating on the network. Thus, the Organising Company declines any responsibility in the event of disruption resulting from the use of hardware used by the Participant, his/her Internet access or any other technical problem preventing the connection of the Participant or causing the loss, delay, the sending of wrong information to the wrong address or incomplete data recording of the email of the Participant. As a result, the Organiser shall in no event be liable for the following:

  • transmission and / or reception of any data and / or information on the Internet;
  • any malfunction of the Internet preventing the smooth running / operation of the Contest;
  • the failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines;
  • the loss of any paper or electronic mail and, more generally, the loss of any data;
  • problems of routing information;
  • the consequences of any virus, computer bug, anomaly or technical failure;
  • any failure of a Registered member's computer;
  • any setting changes
  • any automatic indexing of the site by search engines;

The Organising company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, modification, and inaccuracy of data on participants, which could be caused by website users or by any equipment or programming associated with or utilised in the organisation of the competition or by the Internet network itself.

The Organising company shall not be liable if, for any reason that is not attributable to it (including any technical problems due to the use of the Internet, software and hardware, fraud, postal problems, strikes and other reasons), there is interruption, extension, suspension, modification, postponement or cancellation of the Contest. In the case of problem arising beyond the power of the Organising company, there will be no compensation of any amounts invested by the participants for the contest (see Article 2.3).

The Organiser shall not be liable for any fraudulent behavior of a Participant.


Responsibility for the Organiser shall not be called into account if, for reasons of force majeure or any event beyond its control, the contest should be modified, shortened or canceled. Moreoever, there will be no compensation awarded for any amounts invested by the participants (see Article 2.3).


Before any participation, Participants must have read these regulations and have accepted them in their entirety. Participants in the contest will be deemed as having accepted these provisions in their entirety.


In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property, reproduction, performance or use of all or part of the elements (logos, source code, graphics, etc ...) and set up of this site is strictly prohibited. All trademarks, simple, figurative, semi-figurative, graphics, product names are trademarks, graphics or product names, are registered by their respective owners. Any use of these elements, regardless of the mode, is subject to the protective rules of intellectual property.

The Organising company reserves the right to modify these present rules, and will inform the participants through notifications on the website.


This Contest is governed by American law. Any dispute concerning the application or interpretation of these rules shall be resolved in a sovereign manner, without recourse, by the Organising company. Any dispute that can not be settled amicably shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Nanterre, including emergency procedures or protective procedures, referred or request, even if such dispute concerns multiple defendants, incidental claims or collateral calls.

No response will be given to any telephone or written request concerning the interpretation or application of these Rules and Regulations, the mechanisms or procedures of the contest, as well as the list of winners.


The address for the present contest and which should be used for all correspondence is the following:
Playground USA Inc.
" LullaPanda Contest "
60 Broad Street, Suite 3502, New-York, NY 10004


13.1 - Reimboursement of Internet connection fees

Pursuant to Article L. 121-36 of the Consumer Code, site access and participation in the contest offered are completely free and open, so that the cost of connecting to the site, incurred by the Participant, will be reimbursed according to the terms below.

The player may ask the Organising company for the repayment of his/her participation in the contest (connection fees for the contest, costs incurred for participation in the contest, and postage related to claims costs) through written request by mail sent to the address indicated below.

As observed by the current service offerings and technology, some ISPs offer free or fixed connection to the Internet, and it is expressly agreed that any access to the site on a free or fixed basis (such as including cable connection, ADSL or leased line) will not give rise to any refund, since the subscription to the service provider in this case is entered by the user for the use of the Internet in general and the fact that the Participant connects to the site and participates in the Contest does not cause him/her any additional fees or disbursements.

If the connection fee is charged in proportion to the duration of the communication on the website, the cost of connection to the site for participation in the game will be refunded by bank transfer, upon request of the participant sent within the month of the Participant's disbursement of these charges, with a stamped postmark serving as official recognition of the time period, and within two months of receipt of the request of the participant.

To obtain a refund of connection charges and the postage of the Participant's claim, the Participant must submit a written request on plain paper containing the following elements:

(1) an indication of their name, personal name and mailing address;
(2) a photocopy of some form of national identity;
(3) an indication of the dates, times and durations of connections to the site;
(4) a copy of the itemized bill from the telephone company and / or the service provider to which he/she has subscribed, showing the date and time of connections to the site;
(5) a bank account statement of the participant with an IBAN (all refunds will be made by bank transfer)

Refund requests should be addressed to:
Playground USA Inc., " LullaPanda Contest ", 60 Broad Street, Suite 3502, New-York, NY 10004
The postage required to request reimbursement of connection fees will be refunded upon request, based on the current postal rate.

Legal Disclaimer

Use of the provided service is strictly reserved for personal use only. Any reproduction and/or representation of any element of the website in any medium is prohibited. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement which may result in civil and criminal liability of the offender. The information contained on this site is not contractual. It can be changed without notice.

Protection of personal data

The information collected via participation on the website is subject to data processing. The recipients of the data are Accordance with and regards to the "Information Technology and Freedoms" act of January 6, 1978, amended in 2004, each user/member has the right to access and rectify information concerning him/her, and that you can exercise by contacting the Organising company via the webpage "Contact".

Each user/member can also, for legitimate reasons, block the processing of personal data.


The servers of the Internet site use temporary cookies. Users/members may delete or deactivate these cookies by changing the settings of their web navigators.


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