Baby Stories - 99


Lainey loves everyone and everything, she is the happiest baby ever!
Maverick loves laughing,playing with his toys, walking around the house and eating snacks! His favorite snacks are puffs, any fruits, and yogurt!
Pyper is 6 months old!! She loves her big brothers, watching other babies laugh, food, looking at herself and bath time!! She loves to jump and is full of energy, raring to go!!
He is our crazy wild little man that loves to smile laugh and go on any kind of adventure.
Grayson is the rainbow after a storm!! He's an answerd prayer! And the sweetest baby ever!!
Eleanor loves her gymnastics and Frozen. She is always happy!
She is very precious to us all, a blessing from above, she is the sweetest, never really cries, and is always happy smiling making faces
Declán is a month old he was born early he was due oct 4,2020 but came at 34 weeks on aug 23 he loves his mommy and daddy and big sister Maeve 🐶 he loves to eat and take baths 🛁 most of all he loves his snuggles
Victor Jr
Baby Victor is amazing smart little guy, gives smiles to everybody’s face in the room.
Sofia is a loving, energetic happy baby who loves playing with her doggie and grandmas cats!
Cache will be 6 months on the 3rd of October. He definitely has his very own personality. He loves his milk (as you can tell) he loves his Mommy, Daddy and Sissy. He loves when you make kissy lips at him he thinks it’s hilarious. He enjoys when his parents roll around on the floor with him. He enjoys being outside. He is starting to crawl and is really excited he can get around. He’s very sweet and cuddles the best. ❤️ He is such a blessing to our family.
Daxtyn loves bouncing and giggling at his family
Cohen is the sweetest boy, he loves to cuddle and is obsessed with our cats! 😸
Elizabeth is the cutest little thing and FULL of personality and energy! She is a spitting image of her mama and has her daddy completely wrapped! She loves to ride with the window down and play outside. Turtles are her favorite and she LOVES her brothers and sisters!
Lyric is soo smiley and loves to snuggle and eat
Sweet little Emberleigh was born on September 26th. She has a head full of hair and some sweet chubby cheeks! She is so precious!
She loves smiling at her mama, dada and siblings
She’s the happiest , most polite little girl I’ve ever met. She always says thank you and please. And very well mannered! 💕
Y’all vote for my sweet always photogenic potatoe eating baby 💙
Keaton is a fun loving little boy that loves everyone
Kasyn is such a sweet, smart, outgoing baby! I personally believe he’s the cutest baby around, don’t you?
He was born yesturday. Born 2 days over due. Hes a happy newborn
This is Kyler he’s a happy baby. He loves bath time and music and sometimes his swing.
Isabella Rose
She loves watching Minnie Mouse
Eva loves to be cuddled, but she’s also very independent and sassy.
Savannah is carefree and brave. She loves frozen and her sister ❤️
Jeremiah Jayce
Jeremiah is the happiest little boy ever. He is always smiling. He loves cocomelon, bananas, his mommy, and listening to music.
Victoria loves her beauty rest.
Savannah loves to eat and laugh with her brother and love baby shark 😂 love to talk smile and loves to scream
I love to watch tv with daddy. When mommy needs a break at night daddy lets me watch tv with him and I love it.
Hello my name is Rosemary, but you can call me Rosy! Im 7 weeks old, and i love observing the world around me. Im a very patient little girl. I love watching my big brother especially when he plays with me. I have a Rose prairie birthmark on me. It's perfect because i am from the prairie lands of SD
My name is Luna and I love milk and my mommy. I am the youngest of 6 but I’m the boss.
He loves laughing he is talking a little
Im’Unique Royal is a 2 month old baby girl. She loves to be held, dislikes being put down. She loves to smile and eat. Sleeping is her number 1 hobby!
Ryder is a rambunctious boy who loves anything with wheels and his mama !
He is a happy baby loves his mommy daddy an all his siblings!
Loving caring very alert and a big boy
Edward”EJ” is such a ham! No matter how tired or hungry he gets he just laughs and smiles! He loves his sissy more then anything else in this world!!
Ellie loves making growling noises, snuggling with her daddy and ceiling fans!
He’s the sweetest little mommas boy. He’s a tiny guy that’s for sure. He loves Spider-Man, shapes and throwing everything.
Wyatt is a crazy little boy! He loves running around, climbing on whatever he can, going outside and playing with his ball also likes to watch Curious George & Blues clues. He loves his mommy and daddy very much! Also becomes a big goofball when he is over tired. He can be shy but if you have some food to share he'll be your bestfriend ❤
Jamison has the biggest smile possible He’s such a sweetheart He enjoys long walks Secret life of pets Very adventurous
Piper loves taking baths, going outside, and gives lots of big smiles!
Malakhi is a sweet boy. Always smiling and giggling. His favorite movie is toy story, any of the 4 but his favorite one out of all is toy story 2 because he loves his buzz light year! He loves his doggy Jas, and loves to swing and EAT! 🥰
She likes to coo and watch her favorite minnie mouse cartoons!