Landyn is 2 years old he is so sweet and has the biggest personality he loves cars and his family
Warrior she’s been through so much in last year and a half. She loves her toys and loves to play. She’s been in and out of the hospital since birth but she’s my little warrior.
Noah is my sweet ten month old who loves mama and dada, visiting grandma and grandpa, and watching baseball. He’s such a happy baby. His smile and laughs melt my heart. 🫶🏼
Ivorie is so sweet, she starting to talk, her laugh is adorable! She’s learning to crawl! She loves her big sister so much! It’s so much fun watching her grow!
Zhiya is a sweet, sassy, and incredibly smart girl. She loves playing with her friends, her family, swimming, talking and gymnastics.
Castar loves being outside & bath time! He is now giggling and laughing🥰 with everyone & best feature is that handsome smile of his!
AnnaLynn loves to play and discover new things and is an absolute pawpaws girl
My 10 month old happy wild child,he’s such a free spirit, he loves playing in water, the ocean and outdoors, his kitty, his daddy and food. There’s a never a dull moment with this boy, he’s a little dare devil, loves anything that gets his adrenaline going like swinging, bouncing, and hanging upside down. He’s so silly and such a delight to be around ❤️
Aaliyah loves to smile and cuddle with mom.
Giovanni loved baths and learning new things! He loves stroller rides and chewing on everything😂 Giovanni enjoys smiling with his mama and daddy and cuddles with them💛his favorite thing to watch is hey bear!
Hi! my name is Aziel, i’m a mamas boy, i love to watch blues clues and dance along 🕺🏼 & i loveeee pancakes 🥞
Weston James! Is a little man with huge character. Loves walks with mommy and loves watching football with dad!!
Hey everyone, I’m baby Sev! I love to smile, laugh, and watch my favorite show Dino Ranch.
Hi! My name is Montana and I was born on 1/10 at 1:10.. I’m so cool and special! I love to watch Mickey and Goofy , and I love it when my Mommy sings “I love you” to me. It would make me so happy if I won because I’ve never won a thing in my 9 month life 🤩 I gotta go because Mommy says it’s time for me to take a bath with my duck. I hope you vote for me and thank you for being you !😊
Chloe Is 3Yrs Old. She Loves Her Family , Enjoys School , Loves Dancing , & Enjoys Being A Little Sister 💜
Blake is 7Yrs Old. He Loves His Family , School , Football , and Enjoys Being A Big Brother! ♥️
Nasrani is the happiest little guy I know... He loves to laugh and jump he is so alert and also goofy he is awesome
Milan Miyu
My Blasian Persuasion is so Curious, Charismatic & Radiant ♐️
Aiyla is a 3 yr old ray of sunshine 🌞 shes so sweet, when she wants to be lol. Loves to watch cocomelon and peppa pig, make mommy aka bruh and mama Teresa pizza. Vote for Aiyla Rain Duke to show how cute she is.
Forrest is a curious happy go lucky toddler baby. He loves to attempt to play in the toilet and pretend to sweep. Running after sister, playing with cars, and dancing to some tunes are his favorite things to do! His superpower…messing up the house in t minus 1 minute right after Mommy cleaned it.
Braelyn is one month old. He is a very happy baby that enjoys tummy time, snuggling with mama and daddy, he loves bath time, and loves eating.
She’s going to put a smile on your face soon as you walk into any room she’s in. She loves and adores Minnie and anything to do with babies, she takes excellent care of them!
Jrayson loves to play peek a boo, laughs so much when he gets tickled and loves being outside❤️
A happy, family loving little boy
He’s a very hyper lil boy , never does he slow down very curious Also very smart Waylon said he would buy a swing set and lots of toys with the winnings so y’all vote for him! Lol
Vincent Jr
Jr is a little brother that is so eager to catch up to big bro! He is so independent and confident in himself that can't anything or anyone stop him from achieving his goals! He is his own boss! But LOOOVVESSS his big brother always playing with him!
Brinae is finding her voice and is cooing all the time... She is happy always smiling
Ava is 1 year that loves her food. And if she doesn’t get any of it she get mad. She like to play with her toy’s likes to take naps in the car.
Lily likes playing with her big brother and big sister and loves to play with her little sister also. She likes to go shopping and also love to go watch trains. Loves to go to the park and play. She is always so happy and funny.
Aaron loves to be with his baby brother.loves to be outside playing with bugs or the creek.
Little Londyn is a very smiley baby!! She loves her toys and grabbing things and eating them 😂.
Lundyn is very smart for her age(3). She loves to sing, color, go to the park, loves the pool, to play, learn, and family. In my eyes she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. She's silly, talented in her own ways, independent, and a daredevil. I could write a book but to meet her is to love her and she don't meet no stranger. #beauty #smart #vote #share #comment
Elliott is a lover! Sweet sweet boy. WE cant go anywhere without someone commenting on how cute he is with those big brown eyes. He loves playing with his puppies and loves being outside.
Alyson is our little angel! She’s truly is my little sunshine!! She will brighten anyone’s day and put a smile on everyone’s face!!
Asher was born at 24 weeks gestation. He is such a good baby & mamas little miracle. #1lb8oz #nicuwarrior…
Payton is a sweet and caring young girl! She loves softball and is so talented
Kash is a very happy and loving baby boy. He loves to climb and play with his brother. He loves to go on walks with momma and listen to all the sounds of the birds and the trees.😇
Mahogany is my first born. She’s goofy and active and trust me she loves to eat lol.This is her first time participating.
Lucian loves his mommy and daddy for the most part he loves bath time with grandma ,enjoys kicking back outside with his uncle. Lucian love to be in his swing and on his tummy. Lucian also loves to laugh and giggle and is a very happy and loved baby.
After 4 years of trying this little one FINALLY came along. I have always dreamed of having a baby girl and she’s like a dream come true. She is so sweet. She rarely ever cries and is always smiling!
💕💕🧸🧸🧸🧸💕💕 ALL VOTES MADE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION WILL BE CONSIDERED AS Gifts 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁Ta'Kylen is one of the sweetest little boys you will meet he loves helping people he take good care of mommy when I'm not feeling good he loves playing basketball 🏀, football 🏈 he is very smart 🤓 loving kid he loves animals, swimming and playing with his siblings.
Colton is a loving baby, he always has a smile on his face, he loves trying to walk on his own.
Tamelia is a spunky, joyful, attitude filled little girl! She loves "nacks", music, counting, & being the center of attention!
Ensley is the happiest, goofiest girl. She loves making people laugh and is the sweetest thing we know!