Baby Stories - 99


Jimmie Jim
Hi my name is Jimmie; but my family calls me Jim Jim or Jim bob. I am 2 years old and very energetic and funny I love to play with trucks and cars. I know my abcs and some of my number I can speak sentences and love to talk to people MY FAVORITE IS PJ MASK I CAN SING THE WHOLE SONG
Stormi loves Tv & music . She’s rolling and learning to sit up on her own .
He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and loves playing outside. His favorite snack is pop-tarts and his daddy is his best friend!
He Loves Pulling People’s Hair 😂😂 He Loves Water 🥰 . He Could Eat All Day If He Can Lol . He loves food !! 🥰
Hi! I was born 7'4 oz 19in on June 18th. The day i was born was like i was here already, I was holding my binky already and holding my head up. My mommy was the love of my life. I enjoy playing with my big brother he makes me laugh so hard. Mommy play music and i bounce and clap my hands to the beats. I even, sing the songs with mommy. I love outdoor activity like swings and nature.
My name is laylin, I'm six months. I'm such a happy baby. I'm always smiling and laughing. I love Mickey Mouse and cuddling with mommy💕💕
Ira is an extreamly happy little guy where nothing seems to bother him! He loves the sound of mommys voice and loooooves cuddles!
Donna Ann is 9 months old - she is breastfed & she loves to watch moana, the little mermaid, & frozen. She also loves trying new table food.🥰
Hi my name is Benjamin and I love snuggles and bath time, my favorite time of day is early morning because I love to lay in the sunlight, I've just started smiling and I can hold my head up by myself!
Eli was 6lbs 2oz at birth and was a month early. Eli loves to be outside where he can look around at the world. He really enjoys going for car rides and listening to moma sing along with the radio.
he likes everything. he is a happy baby knowing that he has been thru alot since birth
Elias is a wild 3 year old little boy . He loves helping daddy cut grass and playing with his sisters
Cameron is the calmest baby there is except when his tummy is upset 😭 he loves cuddling with momma but only listening to daddy lol
Little Bobby is a 9lb 8oz sweet baby boy who loves his family and friends so much. He is always smiling
Mavericc is four and a half months he likes squash the grass between his toes and he loves his mom and daddy.. His favorite thing to do is laugh and smile
He is the sweetest little boy ever. He loves other kids and loves his close family.
Born ‘spontaneously’ @ 36 weeks (4lbs 3oz), my lil baby LOVESS to smile🥰❤️
Loves playing with her toys and being in her bouncer! The sweetest girl ever ♥️
Quinn is a very smart baby girl she is sitting up with support and loves it when mommy and daddy carry her .
Dante loves to cuddle, is very inquisitive and enjoys looking around at all of his surroundings, and smiles and laughs all the time.
Nathaniel likes to watch cartoons, his favorite is baby shark. He's has a huge appetite, his favorite food is bananas.
Marianna is an energetic starfish who loves car rides and bathing, her smile lights up a room and was born natural at 10lbs 5oz!!!
Zayla is almost 10 months old an she is already a big diva. Most of all she is a mommy's girl
Charlotte is full of smiles and giggles!
Super happy timybst Patrick’s day baby 😍
She is smart and a very happy baby she likes barney and eating
He loves the sun qnd qlways smiling T everyone he meets. He is the happiest baby you'll ever meet.
Love to dance.
Elektra is one month old today and she loves her sleep! She has her perfect little button nose 😍😍
A happy little girl that loves everyone she meets
Cute little chocolate drop! He loves when we sing to him. He smiles all day long, and loves kisses. He sits up in a walker at 3 months!! Daddy Man is his name, and he answers to that lol!
Hi my name is Raiden and I am 7 months old I love smiling laughing and definitely sucking on my toes/fingers. I like talking and hearing myself yell. I can almost roll over. Come and vote for me show me how handsome i really am ♡
Jayson is a fun loving toddler, he enjoys watching cartoons and loves to be outside! He’s a very much so mommy’s boy. But also enjoys spending time with daddy. He loves puppies and kitties.
Karter is a silly smart little young man he loves making friends he loves making silly noises he’s just a loving little guy
Cash is a super happy baby. He is happiest in the mornings. He enjoys short naps, mom and dad, milk, and staring at the ceiling fan.
This is Jocelyn. She is a 3 year old heart warrior. She is the strongest little girl I ever met. If you would get to know her you would never know she had 2 open heart surgeries or other medical needs because she is the most happiest little one out their. She lights up the room!!
Novah is a very sweet active baby she like being loved on and love loving on others.
Nilah is a very busy baby that loves attention and she is very attentive and observant!!!
Kashilah is Beautiful, Smart, Funny and Brave!! Vote this rainbow 🌈 baby!
I make the best mess ever🤣🤗 Hey I'm Jodeci I'm 3 years old... At such a young age I'm able to recognize my shapes and my colors... and even how to count...I can't count how many times I turned mommy's makeup into my own personal art set🤗 good luck to all my fellow babies till next time guys make your very best mess 🤗🤗🤗💋 And don't forget I'm not whack vote for me and I'll vote back💋, Love Jodeci
Xavier is full of life he makes anyone around him lighten up with a smile
She’s sunlight and joy she’s happiness