She loves to smile and a very happy baby . She loves cocomelon
Remy is almost 5 weeks old and loves snuggles with Mom.
Theo enjoys watching Toy Story 4, loves playing with hot wheels cars, and enjoy a pepperoni pizza.
Chassady is a twin..pictured is both babies 🥰
Wallace was born November 18th, 2021. He has a twin sister named Eleanor. He is just the happiest baby. Loves to flirt and smile at all the ladies! 💗
Khloé Jae was born February 8th 2020. She loves snuggling and mommy’s breast milk! She also sleeps through the night like a big a girl!
Eleanor was born on November 18th, 2021...she has a twin brother named wallace. She has the biggest personality and loves to smile. She is just the sweetest 💕
Aurora was born 11/21/21 and loves playing peek-a-boo, giggling, cuddles and trying to stand.
Braylen is very smart and outgoing he loves cars/trucks and his favorite Netflix series is word party ...
Sybil Wren
Hi my name is Sybil, l like baths and car rides, even walks in the parks. I love snuggles with mommy and daddy!💗
Nova grace 2/26/22 she loves to snuggle and just look cute 🥰
Alice loves to watch cocomelon, laugh, smile and spend time with mommy, daddy and grandma and grandpa. She loves to play on her piano met also and loves baths
This bright eyed beauty loves to be talked to and played with. She’s the sweetest little baby. She loves playing peek a boo& loves to smile.
Sawyer loves playing with his feet, looking in the mirror, and watching the ceiling fan! He is one of the calmest and most observant babies you’ll ever meet. His smile lights up the room and he loves talking to everyone.
Lala loves to play with mommy and daddy !! She loves to blow daddy kisses !! She loves to be outside she’s 7 months and loves shoes toys snacks mommy and daddy and all her many siblings she can say baba dada no and yes and our favorite SHE LOVES MUSIC SHE LOVES TO DANCE HER PERSONALITY IS SO AMAZING AND SHES SO BEAUTIFUL AND SUCH A HAPPY BABY 💕💕💕
Our beautiful little Spina Bifida Warrior! She is our miracle baby and she loves snuggles, milk, and music!
Liam was born a month early, but came out ready to take on the world! He loves snuggling with mom and dad but hates bath time. We would appreciate your vote💙
Olivia Abigail Colin
She was born january 4th 2022. She smiles most of the time and loves when they talk to her. She has beautiful big brown eyes.
Avalynn is 11 months old. She’s photogenic. Sweet and such a cuddle bug baby💗
Hadliey Dax
Hadliey loves to cuddle with mamma she’s the sweetest baby🥺
Rashon Jr
Rashon Jr is truly the most perfect baby. He has such a big personality. Hes absolutely a big daddies boy! He is truly our biggest miracle. Dont let all this cuteness fool you, he is the King of this castle lol. He calls the shots he has us all wrapped around his tiny little fingers. Love how he just smacks his little lips when he is hungry, the cutest.
Lilah is 15 months old. She is the light of life. She loves to sing and babble. Her favorite word is mommy.
She is 13 month old. She is very cute,lovely, smiling,happy girl. She loves to cuddle with her mom almost all the time.
Jaxtyn is 2 years old loves to dance he loves his kitten and is a huge dinosaur fan. 🦖💚 Vote for my baby!
I’m 2 months & a week an a half old. I love to deprive my mom of her sleep! I love snuggles with mommy and grandma. My favorite thing currently is tummy time and eating.
Kaliyah loves to play with her baby dolls. She is so energetic and smart. She will light up any room she is in. She’s the sweetest little girl.
Our little Julian is not only the cutest baby around, he's also the bravest and strongest baby around. At 2 months old he was diagnosed with menengitis, the doctors were shocked because he beat it with a huge smile on his face! He captures the heart of everyone he meets. His favorite foods are carrots, peas and pears. His favorite thing to do is talk up a storm and take naps on mommy. Vote Julian because come on look at that face! Thank you for your time and hopefully your vote!
Weston absolutely loves his cuddles day and night. Like every kid, he can be ornery and he can be the sweetest. Also he loves Dino’s!!!!
kylan is almost 2 months old! loves to eat eat eat and when his mommy talks to him!
She loves eating and already know how to hold her head up!
Amelia is almost 2 already!! She's such a spunky little girl & Always full of so much energy. She loves to attempt big acts of bravery like thinking she can jump off the couch when someone is near, climb onto tables and keeping mom busy all day 😉 She's a big fan of Baby shark, Cocomelon, and of course, Dogs. She loves her animals ❤️
Eva is happiest when mommy flies her through the air, her siblings make funny faces at her, and daddy's sports teams play well!
Mason alexander is a sweetheart who loves his toys cars and his family. You should vote for him cause he has a hig heart and loves everybody and everything.
Laiklyn is such a happy little girl all the time!
klayton loves to make silly faces we can catch a smile sometimes💙
My beautiful girl has finally hit 9lbs!! She struggled gaining weight and even lost 1 lb after being born. But now she is 9 lbs and 23 in long! And oh so beautiful and strong!
Hazel loves tummy time and loves to talk and talk. She would have bath time all the time if I let her. She just learned that she can scream now! She is rolling over. Just a bundle of joy and a very happy baby!
My grandson Harland was born weighing 5lb 7oz with a head full of hair! He is a calm, smart, always happy baby! He is very curious about everything surrounding him!
Aiden will be two years old on the 30th of April, he loves dinasours, loves singing old Mcdonald had a farm and can even make all the animal sounds, and can count to 6. Aiden is a very smart boy for his age!
Kalvin Lee Wayde Schluckebier was born on May 13, 2021. He is known to be one of the happiest babies and he loves to cuddle with his mommy ( me ). He also loves Blues Clues and Mickey Mouse. His favorite TV shows are Little Bear, Dinosaur Train, Mickey Mouse, and loves Baby First TV.
Jason is such a happy loving baby. He tries to walk at 4 months old. He loves to talk and grab my face. He loves kisses and snuggles.
Iyame Rex
She is spunky,beautiful, and charismatic. She loves talking and enjoys being talked too.
Isaac is very loving and caring. He gives the best kisses and loves to go to church and see all his friends and family