grayson is 4 months, he loves tickles and being called cute and handsome, he loves being outside and sunbathing💙
Harper loves to smile, always wants to be around her people, and has such a sassy/sweet personality!
Oaklynn Faye bell, she’s only 1 week old. She loves to eat, look around, and smile at everything. She’s got this face she makes that we call “the mean look”. Right now we are battling jaundice and hearing in her right ear. She is the perfect little girl that we prayed for. She is the only girl. So she is definitely spoiled. If we was to win and if she is confirmed deaf in her right ear the money will go towards a hearing aide to be placed. So y’all vote vote vote!
Enrique is a very happy bubbly boy he’s loves to jump and give his momma besos
Fallon Nicole is 2 months💕 She loves her sleep & loves baths! She has a big fur brother & hopefully to become a big sister one day!
Hi! My name is Mateo , I was born 12/27/21💙 I was a rainbow baby to my mommies . I love to cuddle and always smiling ! My favorite show is Paw Patrol ! Thank you in advance for any votes ! ❤️
Hi im river i am 3 months old, i love to smile, i love to stand, i love music but not as much as i love my mommy and daddy 💖
she loves the pool, books, cueious george? sweet potatoes and her puppies. she is always happy and just a cute little farm raised baby!
Zaidyn loves to bounce in his bouncerchair loves to hold his mama and loves lady and the tramp 2 scamps is his buddy.. zaidyn 2 days old was life flighted to salt lake city to primary childrens hospital where he spent the next 12 hours intibated on a breathing machine.. and he just is the cutest baby for reals
Ky is 9 months old and full of energy! He loves to play & be outside. His goofy personality & big smile always lights up the room !
Mary Jane
Hey Yall, i just want to tell you a little bit about my babygirl, she just turned a year old on June 16th, she loves to laugh and run around, she is also mine and my wifes little miracle baby i just wanted to come on here and see how many votes my babygirl can get, im just curious haha. Thank you all in advance and have great day!!!
Evelyn Elease
Fierce and strong just like her red hair!
Our sweet Miss Brinley is 2 months old, Loves to go for walks, snuggles and bath time is her favorite.
Very talkative and loves EVERYONE!!
Brielle loves to smile and laugh...she loves to be loved on...
This is my bubbly, calm and smiley baby boy Zachary. He loves Mickey Mouse, being in water and playing with his dinosaur. He really loves when mommy plays, gives kissies and sings him to sleep!🥰 He doesn’t cry at all. He’s always smiling and laughing.
Kamauri is a BOSS from Ga and she’s always ready to play. With an infectious smile and an electric personality, She loves to tag along with her 2 older brothers but she also likes to have tea parties with her girlfriends. Kamauri LOVES chicken nuggets and French fries, she even talks about them in her sleep sometimes! Her favorite cartoon character is Minnie Mouse, We hope to meet her at Disney next summer!!! Vote for Kamauri !
Blakely is such a happy girl. She loves listening to you talk and looking at the fan.
Hi I’m Ayden! I love to spend time outside with my family and I love bathtime! My favorite thing to do outside is go for a ride on the boat or the side by side! I love to laugh and roll all over. My mommy and daddy say I’m the cutest ever and I think you’d agree w them:) If I won this contest mommy and daddy would use the money towards formula because I have a sensitive tummy and I need all the soy formula we can find! It means a lot to know you think I’m the cutest baby too ❤️
Serene Sanchez
Serene is 7 months old she is such a happy baby . My daughter has been going through alot since she was born due to her condition and she is a fighter remaining a strong baby let alone a happy one she loves to be around people you can say she likes attention lol.Most of all she is loving is so many was she can make you laugh and she surprise you.
She is a very happy little girl. She currently loves to play with her feet and blow little baby raspberries all the time. She also loves when he big brother plays.
Braylon loves to watch what everyone is doing around him, he loves his big brother & he absolutely loves snuggles 🥰
Hudson has the biggest personality, is super silly (always making everyone around him laugh), he loves food & swinging at the park! :)
Hi! I’m Marjorie! I love being outdoors, spending time with my puppies, family, and going swimming. I have the cutest and happiest smile in the whole entire world :)
Kaison is a 2 month old baby who is full of personality. He was born 6 weeks early and graduated the NICU at 2 weeks old ❤️ He has grey eyes & loves cuddles and being talked to . 🥰
Niko is such a loving and happy baby. Guaranteed to win you over when you see his adorable smile.
Hes one of a kind a sweet baby
Rylen is 1 years old. He loves to play outside, chase, hide and seek, he loves mashed potatoes, Salisbury steak, and Cheetos. He is the most out going baby and never meets a stranger.
AloHa!! My name is Wyatt JR. I am 2 months old & just started to smile 😊 & loving this new world around me. Growing up in Hawai’i is pretty neat as well living by the beach, rivers & mountains all around.
Bek is really a people person. He loves playing with children especially with his cousin. He just puts a smile on everyone’s face.
Coraline loves crawling around after her brother and laughing with him. She also loves music and dancing.
He likes going outside
Bella is our beautiful 6 month old baby girl. She has green pretty eyes and loves to smile! She loves cuddles and tickle time. She can brighten anyone's day! ☺️
Leonardo Lucio
Loves colors. Rolls over during tummy time. Enjoys being outside. Very smiley baby. Enjoys his naps. Loves baths
She is 1 month old. She loves to watch her daddy play the game. She loves tummy time with momma & telling all kinds of stories.
Rae as we call her is the first granddaughter on both sides of her family. Can’t you say spoiled? She’s got the prettiest smile and biggest personality to be so small. She loves her mommy and daddy , and we love our sweet girl ♥️
I like to talk, wiggle and give anyone who talks to me smiles!!
Matthew is the most smiley, lovable, and cuddly baby. ❤️ His way into this world was not easy but he is a definite fighter.
She is 6 months old, she is half Colombian, 1/4 Mexican, 1/4 Russian, 1/2 American. She was born the same day as her uncle, grandpa and great uncle. Alejandra brings happiness and love into our lives.
U'nique is the light to the room she loves talking laughing. This girl makes everyones bad days be the best ones 💓
Miss Raelynn loves to talk, smile, laugh and suck on her fist. She also loves bath time and cuddling with daddy. ❤️
Sweet Izzy loves cuddles, she adores her 3 big brothers and loves sunbathing. She is so spoiled and loves to be held all the time🥰💖🎀🌺
Clayton loves to play in the dirt and be the little boy God made him to be!
Renesmee is a sweet happy little 1 year old she is learning new things every day and seeing her she will just instantly put a smile on your face.
Kaleb LOVES to eat, dance, clap, & be handsome!!❤️
Luke is one of the most sweetest and curious little boy ever. He loves playing outside, singing and being adventurous.Luke also gives the best hugs ever ❤️❤️