Baby Stories - 99


Jett, his name speaks for itself. He’s fast with everything. Fast with drinking his milk. Fast with babbling and making moves with his strong muscles while being on his belly. Jett loves lullabies, soft and gentle touches.
Bryce is amazing! He loves drawing and playing games in his ipad. He loves online 1st grade!!
Kayleigh Niyleen
Most beautiful of them all✨Inside and out.She is a very outgoing,silly,and loving baby.Trust me when I say you could never resist her two toothed smiles.She has such a personality to her and energy that seems to draw EVERYONE to her nomatter where we go.I truly believe I really have something in my hands.I dont know what it is but i know she is going to be something big some day.🦋
Finley Dominic
finley loves to watch toy story. he has a buzz costume and loves to wear it when he is watching toy story, He loves playing with dogs!!
This sweet little girl name means a rainbow! She's an array of personalitys! She does this cute little thing when she sleeps like a soft hum. She's typically pretty calm for a newborn. She's 3 months old. 16 pounds and 24 inches tall she a big girl! She has beautiful blue eyes and red hair! Her red hair says alot about her especially when she's hungry!
There’s babies and then there’s boss babies. Ellie just so happens to be a boss baby. She’s 6 months old, loves to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse (Donald’s her favorite). She loves to crawl around and pull herself up. She loves ALL baby food and her dad’s controllers. She’s the sweetest little baby and is always keeping us on our toes!
Kynd is the most goofiest and energetic baby, she loves mommy and daddy, being tickled, loud things, and watching coco melon.
Skylar is my ray of sunshine!! She is my heart!! Skylar loves playing with her babies, singing and dancing!!! Shes beautiful 😍
Liam loves Mickey Mouse, he’s starting to walk! He loves trucks and basket balls.
Such a sweet lovie boy. But a boy he is, loves climbing jumping and destroying everyyything.
A very advanced baby, she loves to eat rice and beans . Very outgoing and always smiling.
Such a smiley girl! A personality you could dream for!!💗
Lincoln loves car rides, hates the little nose sucker thing, and continually gets days and night mixed up lol
Tessa likes to help around the house. She like to watch youtub on the phone. She loves her family and friends. she loves uncorns and sloths. And she like the Tv show T.O.T.S !!She likes playing with her baby brother. She is a sweet and happy and outgoing lil girl.
Scarlett was born at 34 weeks spent a week in the NICU but she’s thriving. She is our whole world. She loves berries, bananas and now loves to dance. Is already saying dada and mama. She always smiling and laughing and is such a sweet little girl.
Aiza is a ray of light that lights up any room with her smile and melts the hearts of those she meets. She's friendly,social, energetic,smart,curious and a little stubborn. I love her personality and she is such a happy baby!
Hi im leonna, I'm 5 months old on the 7th of dec. I'm part caucasian, african American, Italian, irish, german, native. Almost a little of everything. My mama had a very very hard time while me in her tummy, she was very sick everday for the 9 years i was in my womb, but i came out healthy as ever no no complications when mommy was bringing me into this world on july 7th this yearrrr. I was due on july 28th , but i knew i wasn't gonna stay in there thaaat loongg.. mommy and i both knew i was coming earlier than that! i came out on the 7th instead i just couldnt wait to be out to see my mommy and daddy for very first time after hearing their lovely voices these long 9 years 😅 even tho mommy me it was only 9 months!!! At least it felt that long! Now that im 5 months i looove to stand up bounce and dance, my teethers are staring to grow in so i LOVE chewing on everything i can get my hands on, im yelling alot & i hate when mama & papa put clothes on me, & take boogers out my nose, I freeeakk out!! Im starting to follow my parent's everywhere they go, im getting more intrested in toys & anything i grab i put in my mouth, EVEN my mamas and dadas fingers! 🙈 Im growing SOOO fast & progressing just as fast as in growing! I was born into this BIG BIG world onlyyy 5lbs 4ozs and NOWW I'm 13 pounds 5 ozs!! My mama and daddy say im the cutest babygirl in the WHOLE BIG WIDE WORLD!! Do you think so too?🤗🥰 If yous dos, VOTES 4 MEE, Leonna Rebecca Parenti. 👑💎🌹thank you guyzzz💋🥰💙
I was born a big girl,(9lb15oz) into a big world, with a big mouth, an even bigger attitude, but have the biggest heart!
I am the happiest baby. I put smiles on everyones face. I love to play with my cars, and playing outside. Since I've started walking I'm exploring everything and everywhere I go. My favorite movie is the Bee movie.
Hello, I’m Braylon! I was born a day after mommy’s due date. Born healthy as ever & I’m currently growing perfectly. I love me some bananas 🍌 with my formula. I already try to walk in my walker. Mommy tells me to slow down but I can’t help it, I want to be like my big brother that’s two years older than me. My big brothers name is Eliah and our birthdays are exactly five days apart. I secretly talk with him, he makes me laugh & smile. Almost everything makes me smile, especially seeing my bottle. I really enjoy playing with my toys, I get really jealous of my big brother and his toys that are cooler though. Anyways, Nice to meet you all 😎
Kaiden Loves To Follow His Mommy Daddy And Sibling Around , He Loves To Figure Things Out As Well As Hiding Everything In The Cabinets . So Smart And Very Loving He Can Brighten Up Anyone's Day With His Smile And Laugh. His Favorite Show Is Peppa Pig & He Loves Tagging Along With His Mommy On Car Rides While Holding His Pooh Bear As He Sings Old Town Road On Repeat ! This Happy Healthy Eating Peppa Pig Watching Baby Is Amazing !
Hi my name is Aalaiah, I like to watch the old Scooby Doo Cartoon & Boss Baby. I love playing in my Minnie Mouse jumper & taking pictures! If you say “ cheese” , I’ll smile for you ! I love when my mommy reads books to me or I get to sit on my daddy’s lap and watch him play his video games . I love all my fruits and veggies & love to eat, I can fully sit up and roll over and I’m starting to repeat the word “ hi” back to mommy and daddy . Hope everyone has a good day! - Aalaiah 💕
Georgia is very outgoing, loves to be outside and loves to have pictures taken
Baby Mateo is 7 months after old loves his his big sister so much !! And loves food❤️🤣
Brynleigh will be 2 months old on December 8th, 2020. She loves tummy time and is great at holding her head up. She’s starting to learn how to baby talk and can roll from her stomach to her back. She enjoys eating all the time and is the happiest little baby I know.
My boy! He is so kind and passionate about everything he does. He loves Spider-Man and truly believes he shoots webs from his hands.
Hello I'm Keith. I'm three years old. I enjoy paw patrols and horses. I can be a cowboy sometimes when I ride my horses. I also have a baby sister.
My name is Patrick I love my family I lost my grandpa when I was 3 months old but I know he is always by my side watching over me I like to play with my toys and I can’t get enough of my veggies well actually I like all my food but veggies are my favorite I love to wait for mommy to come home from work so we can play together I’m a mommy’s boy but an even bigger grandmas boy and I love my uncle too
She loves to be jumped, She Loves Her Big Sister And She Loves To Laugh & Play
Baby alek is a happy baby who loves to smile!
Saffy Sue is a true miracle baby, she was conceived on Easter and born on Christmas to her wonderful mother who was always told she would never have any kids, saffron was a surprise but a very good one, she’s just a light in this dark world with how happy and smiley she is. She loves her picture taken and tries to sing with her goo goos. Her eyes are as blue as the ocean and will melt your heart
Izabelle is a 8 month old charmer with the prettiest crystal blue eyes and the happiest most endearing smile. She loves unicorns, giggling, and cuddles.
Hazel Justo
Hazel loves to be silly and make people laugh! This picture basically sums up my baby girl😍😍😍
Abby loves Minnie mouse. Very smart n beautiful lil girl. She loveable.
Noah is 9 months, he loves food, he loves Garfield and Scooby-doo. He has fun with his dog, Macie. He laughs and knows how to wave and almost stands on his own. If anyone has had a bad day before seeing Noah well you’re in luck bcuz he can turn it upside down with just a smile.
Mirai she love to dance , she's so very sweet baby and come to eat mirai love macaroni and cheese , rice, Brocolli and cheese she is not picky little Angel, mirai love to watch Puppy dog Pals and Meckey mouse ..
He's just a happy baby. He likes to watch tv. Lay in the floor. He's just a miracle to us. We love him so.
Jamie is our little miracle baby. After 5 years of infertility and loss we had a perfect baby girl whoIs the sweetest baby.
Melissa is 9 yrs old and loves going fishing with her dad and playong video games.
Caylee is our 8 year old daughter, she loves art and music. She is a cery bright and sweet girl.
Our angel baby! He loves to smile and LOVES outdoors! Shrek is his absolute favorite he can watch it a thousand times over! He loves his sweet potatoes, oatmeal, corn, kale and many more. Vote Armani! 💙
Aurora is such a chunky cute girl! She LOVES to smile and laugh. Her favorite thing is getting on her hands and knees and trying to crawl already at just 5 months! She absolutely loves being outside! She is the sweetest baby ever
Hi, my name is Mazzilyn! I’m my daddy’s girl and my mommy’s world. 🥰
This is Keaton-John! He will be 8 weeks this coming week! He is full of smiles! He loves piano music, and let’s be honest, all the music I listened to while he was in my belly makes him dance! His mommy is his favorite person, and his grandma is magic. He loves to look at Christmas lights and shout when he’s excited. Cuddling is his favorite thing to do. His eyes are getting bluer by the day and he’s growing big and strong! We decided to do this for fun.
Warren is about to be 1 year old on the 28th of December and has a very silly personality he loves to laugh and smile the biggest smile u have ever seen with his little curls amongst his head he loves his mommy very much
Hi my name is Zyla and I love to dance and make people smile 😃. I like watching Elmo and Mickey Mouse club house. Ohh and I forgot I LOVE to give kisses and big hugs 🥰✨.
Aurora Briar Rose Long is my beautiful Rainbow baby 🌈 she is my answered prayers after years of fertility issues and 3 miscarriages God knew what was needed to heal mine and my husband’s broken heart’s 💔 after losing our son last year to pprom we became pregnant again only 4 months later and by the grace of God we made it to the finish line ❤️