My hansome little man. Ryder loves to watch Little Baby Bum nursery rhymes.He also has two big sisters Acelynn, 9 years old and Emery, 7 years old who keep him very busy and entertained.
Vihaan loves playing with balloons and cars.He likes listening to nursery rhymes and tries to make sounds while listening
My super spunky, happy and insanely smart little girl ♥️ her personality is bigger than mine and that is saying a lot!
Cassidy is smart, silly, curious, loving, snuggly, and so much more. She brings so much joy to our world! And she loves to smile for the camera
Chloe is an advance 8 month old! Super smart and just the cutest ever. she loves to jump around and make these funny little faces
Kaliah rose is full of energy! She has the biggest personality and will make anyone smile. She loves to eat, play, and be the craziest little girl ever. 💟
Nevani is my little libra baby ! The sweetest most loving , happy little girl 🥰
Meet My Pretty Girl Jahzara Ar’Veya She Is 5 Months Old Born March 17, 2023 She’s Such A Goofy & Happy Baby She’s My 1st Daughter But My 4th Child 🩷
Coban is the sweetest and a lil ginger baby he loves some Ms. Rachel and cuddles 🥰 vote for him bc he is simply amazing 💙
He love commercial, outdoors,food,peter rabbit and his puppy Bear. He love being outside and around others! He love car rides too!
Silly she is!! Yemya is full character. Very voicetress! Vote for me because I’m beautiful, silly, my own person already and picture perfect!!
Hello my name is Khamila and from my picture you can tell iam a free sprited happy baby she loves to laugh all day play with her siblings and when you’re feeling down she will give you the most angelic smile you have ever seen she is sweet loving and did I mean to mention she is very active lol vote for Mila she is worth your vote thank you and be blessed 🙏❤️💯
Easton is the most loving smiley baby you will know. He loves his food and likes to poop as soon as he finishes a bottle. The more you talk to him the more he will smile. He doesn’t really fuss never cries he’s just so perfect
She’s 3 months old. She loves to talk (scream/squeal) and laugh. She has a beautiful smile. She can already hold her head up on her own and roll over. She’s my bright beautiful baby girl. Y’all won’t regret voting for her! And the money we get will all go towards things that she likes and things that she needs.
Torsten-always smiley and happy. He loves to eat and play with cars as well as terrorize his brother Odin.
Very happy girl. Loves bananas and her mom
Loves long strolls with mommy, looks forward to his 7oz of milk and the next episode of elmos world. Lets not forget all of the hugs and kisses from my family.
Mylan loves his mommy, daddy and siblings. Also loves his bobo, food and his toys. So full of life and the happiest baby ever. He will make you fall in love with just a smile 🩵🩵🩵
Lylaah is just the happiest baby biggest smile just by eye contact and she is a laugher EVERYTHING is hilarious in her big brown eyes 🥰
Riley is our dream come true. Sent from the heavens above. She came to us after several miscarriages and years of trying. She wakes up every morning with a smile on her face. She loves cuddles with mama and dada, splashing it up in the bath, story time at the library, to go for walks in her stroller, and for rides in the car. She is extremely vocal and babbling and squealing on and on all day. Her giggles are beyond infectious. She also loves being sang to and being read to. Her favorite toys are her teether keys, Jackie the giraffe, and her soft version of the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". She truly is the greatest love of our lives.❤️❤️❤️
Mikey really enjoys cups with liquids and going in the cleaning cabinet. He also enjoys the baking drawer and bubbles
Rowen is a very happy little boy who loves to play out side and swim and talk and dance he like to mimic people and what they do and he is a ham for photography. He is so lovable
She is so beautiful 💕
Ruby has the most unique presence. She is a risk taker and loves birds. You can’t help but smile when she smiles.
Boston loves music, playing with his basketball, and loves when you chase him.
Hello this is Harmony, she is such a Blessing🙏🏽✨ she's 5 Months old baby!that think shes grown haha lol! she learns fast she's a divine she a good happy full of love baby she also a baby model that love the cameras she loves her Mommy & Daddy unconditionally she loves watermelon & Minnie mouse is her favorite Vote4Harmony you won't regret it :)
Noelle likes eating ice cream and watching Tom & Jerry with her mom and dad
Caleb Charles
Sorry I've been blocked from doing anything. Hopefully it's all straightened out. Please don't use fake accounts or make votes with them or I'll be deleted. I also had a lot of votes taken away due to fake accounts. Which isn't fair. I don't do weekend votes. I'm working 16 hour days 5 days a week. I just want to spend my weekends with my kids. I have 2 spots on baybee, and on 1 lil princesse. All other contest are full. Hi, I'm Caleb. I'm 3 years old. A rainbow baby after 13 years of miscarriages. He was diagnosed with epilepsy a seizure disorder when he was 1. Loves smiling and laughing. Everytime I hear music I have to stop what I'm doing and dance like crazy. Loves his 4 older siblings. Loves doggies and dinosaurs I do daily exchanges and take advances
hey my name is Na’veah , My mom calls me veah. I love food my favorite is ramen noodles and pasta/spaghetti. I love playing wit my mom. I’m also very bossy.
He is full of cuteness his smile,his çooing,and giggling is sure to make anyone melt
Meet Leo !!❤️ He’s a premi baby 🥰 He gets bigger and bigger everyday !! Leo would love for you guys to watch his growth 💕🥹
Just a pretty and silly little girl
Ellan Louie
I will be almost one month old. I love to eat and sleep on mommies chest. Mommy says I’m the cutest baby ever.
Jewel is a sweet, lovable and happy baby that loves to play and look around to see different things
Hello I’m Astassi, I seat, crawl and stand. I love Omiberry YouTube, swimming, fruits and veggies.
Hi everyone my name is Tobias and im 2 years and 10 months old. I dont really do a whole lot but mommy bought me workbooks to try and learn.
Out going fun loving with her own little personality. Loves swimming soccer and listening to disturbed with her daddy.
George love fire trucks and police cars and big truck and he loves to play games and all that. Watch th em parade on TV. Love going church . .he LL over play game bon phone and play at park and water balloons his birthday 🥳🥳. Ome up July George love pizza and chicken are in green beans. He loves motorcycle to he likes girls to and he loves playing games. I just wanted to add something else on her I love bmy boy so much just find out my son have autism and I'm try to learn more about it don't understand it and why he have this stuff just wanted cry so much im so tried im do best let yall know that. I just put on my son have autism .
Our little chipmunk! We call her that because when she smiles her cheeks get so big like she’s storing food in them 🤣. Her other nickname is skysky she was born 3 days after Christmas and 3 days before new years! At least she’ll never be in school on her birthday. She LOVES food she’s tiny but she can eat! She will do anything to get to your food and take it all. Her other favorite is Mickey and Minnie Mouse and of course Ms.Rachel when she hears “Hi friends” her face just lights up. She’s still learning new things everyday and I can not wait to watch!
Hello I am Patricio! I am 1 years old, but I act like I’m grown! Tehehe! My favorite things to do are Dance, Sing, and Play with my brothers! My favorite Artist is Luli Pampin, because she makes animal noises an dances! Vote for me please you won’t regret it!! :)
Alexander is a Minecraft, Roblox, Xbox, wii bowling loving child. He’s super sweet, goofy, lovable, compassionate, unique, smart, talented, and just all out one of my favorite people ever !!!! He’s 2 out of 3 of his brothers (which means he’s spoiled by his nana ! If you vote for my son it’d mean the absolute world to him ❤️❤️❤️. Vote vote vote. Oh yea and please share this so others can see and vote for him as well !!! We love you All. Thank you
Scarlett Rain❤️ beautiful, vibrant, extremely happy baby. She loves everything and everyone. She will definitely put a smile on anyones face. She loves her doggies and her little lamb stuffed animal. She is definitely the light of our life🖤
Zayden loves food, playing with his brothers and loves being outside!
He's the sweetest little boy and outgoing