Emelia Jane, she is the sweetest most lovable girl you will meet. Always happy, and full of energy
Miya Grace is 3 months old! She is so fun to watch & is always looks confused but very curious! She loves watching doc mcstuffins and loves her much older brother & sister! She is a happy baby & always need a little blanket to go to sleep to hold and its the cutest thing ever!
Maya is 8 weeks old! She loves snuggling with mommy and daddy. She just found out how to smile and loves going for walks and tubby time!
Lukas is a very fun, loving, super smiley kiddo. He loves to chase his brother around and play with anything he can get his hands on. Lukas loves gold fish and even loves sharing his food with the floor.
Phoenix is 100% Oklahoma boy! He loves anything outdoors or to do with water!
RoseMary loves all things pink and sparkly! Her nickname is Sassy Rose for a reason!
Valerie is the most happiest baby I’ve ever met, she is always smiling and giggling. She is starting to stand her self up on things and take her first steps ❤️
Lil man loves water. He will splash and splash forever if he could. He is such a smiley baby. Linkin loves to be held and just loves to talk to you or the wall whichever one will listen.
Arhaan is almost 4 months old and likes to smile a lot , he loves to water plants every morning with his dad 💙 he love to give hugs and smiles ❤️
Jackson is 3 months old and just starting to really get his personality! He loves cuddles and bath time but his all time favorite is outside!
My name is Bryson and I’m 6 months old. I was born on Christmas Day, can you believe it?! I’m kind of a big deal to my mommy and daddy. I love to laugh. I spend all day giggling and smiling from ear to ear. I love to play and interact with other kids. I just started sitting up all by myself and I love watching puppy dog pals.
At 9 months old, Malakai has a personality beyond this world! Being touted as a toddler straight out of birth, he has proved the comparison true. From crawling, to walking, to grabbing for everything in sight. His curiosity is sure light up the room, followed by his beautiful smile. He loves watching Bluey, wrestling around with his parents, and music most of all. He's impacted multiple lives with his arrival and raising him gets better by the day!
My little peanut 🥰💛
My Jupiter! She is 7months old, she is sassy and sweet! She loves potatoes and cookies. She loves to jump and play with her toys. She has 8 teeth and is starting to stand up.
He likes paw patrol and he likes you to play with him
Madelyn loves to play outside, eat food, drink some Milkies, and beat up her siblings! She walks and runs everywhere and never slows down! Big daddies girl
Jack loves to clap and loves all music. He always smiles and always gets compliment’s every where we take him on how cute he is.
Lily is a very happy baby. Very mellow. She loves watching Pocoyo, it’s her favorite show!
Harper loved her older brother! Outside is her favorite place.
Laura is helpful and happy she loves to be outside and loves to snuggle
Hailey is a package deal! She is beautiful, kind, and smart. Her fav subject in school is math. And she adores her little brother.
Lela is a spunky girl with lots of attitude. She loves to smile and squeal to get all the attention. She’s a huge cuddle bug!
Kinsley is such a bubbly baby with a HUGE personality! She loves music & the pool! She has a smile that’ll light up a whole room ❤️
Penelope is a ball of fun and excitement. She makes us laugh every single day and keeps us all on our toes. She LOVES the water and she is a daddy’s girl. 💗
Axel is 13 months old, he loves to play in water and loves to smile 😊he also loves to crawl and loves standing by himself he loves to walk in his walker. He is a very sweet baby! His nickname is Fat Man ❤️
August is curious and very loving. In the photo, he was so excited to sit in the big boys chair at the doctor!
Joshua Jr
My beautiful baby grabdson
Gianna is such a happy, loving, babbling, cooing, boobie milk drinking baby girl who could light up any room with her giggled and smiles! She has been the light at the end of some of my most darkest days... she may not have been the one to make me a mother but she sure has made me a better one! Life would be dull and dark without my Gianna to bring all her joy and light into it every day for us. Thank you gigi for being my baby!💜
Faith is a beautiful blind, autistic little girl that was born with brain damange she came into are home at 12 days old and has been a blessing ever since the doctors said she'd never walk and with help she just walked across the stage and recieved her kindergarten graduation diploma faith loves music and dancing loves being read too and playing with shoes
Lillyanna was born at 23 weeks and 5 days and unfortunately passed at 28 weeks due to NEC but she is the most precious and adorable baby in the world and forever will be in our hearts
The happiest boy you'll ever meet! Except when hungry😄
Sierra is a bright baby. She does baby talk with everyone and even yell talks lol. Shes almost 6 months old. I think she the cutest baby in the whole world and she looks just like my late son im a proud gma.
Liam Is full of energy and has big blue eyes and a smile that will get anyones attention!
Payton is a beautiful and smart and she is a very kind person who loves her family and friends. She loves any animal and doing things outside!
Bryson is a very happy lovable active baby! He loves food, water, outdoors, animals, there isn't anything this little boy doesn't like! He pretty much loves anything he can do or get his hands on! Help us get votes on my little cutie
Hello my name is Natalie I am 2. Please vote for me.
Hello my name is Jeralyn I am 3. Please vote for me.
Kova can brighten any room she walks into, the sweetest baby girl ever. She loves playing & getting dirty outside. She is fearless, & always making everyone laugh. 😊
Brantlee loves to smile and to be talked to. Hes definitely a mommys boy and loves to cuddle :)
Arabella loves to be outside. She has 1 older brother. And loves to ride horses.
She every loving ,happy and she loves Minnie Mouse she very smart she love sweet peas 💗
Very Happy ,intelligent,very cuddly. Very Handsome
Alaina Lee
Alaina is our miracle baby, a rainbow after the storm. She is a professional snuggler who loves to play peekaboo! She has a smile and giggle that is so sweet! She’s a daddy’s girl & her mommy’s world. Thank you for voting for our princess!
He loves to smile 😃 and loves to listen to music. He is such a happy amazing little man.