Bryson is 2 years old & is a spoiled little boy! His smile is the most perfect cheeziest smile ever ! it will brighten up your whole day 💙 everybody vote for Bryson
Sariyah is 5yrs old she’s a very loving and happy child. She loves playing with her brother. She loves Minnie Mouse.
Julian is a smart, sweet, chunky baby who loves his mama, daddy & big brother ❤️ he also loves food!
everybody vote for this perfect sweet handsome boy 💙
Anira is 9 months old with a beautiful smile, she loves elmo, snacks and taking pictures. She loves being called “pretty baby”❤️
Adrian is so caring with his stuffed animals he hugs and kisses them as if they are really his baby🥲 He loves to laugh and definitely loves running away from people 😂 He’s to precious
She's a beautiful baby. She's is really good mainly only fusses when hungry, dirty diaper, or tired. She is pretty smart for her age too able to grab stuff and feed herself with bottle
So smart loving and caring she a little sister and haves a big brother ❤️‍🩹
This green eyed, seven month old chunk boy is always smiling! He has the best personality and loves being in front of the camera. Even if he doesn’t get any votes, mommy still thinks he’s the cutest baby 😂 I may be biased lol but hey, give him a vote if you happen to think he’s quite the ham as well ❤️
She's is alittle sassy and a whole lot of sweet. She loves eating and sitting up in her chair and talking to daddy. From sun up to sundown this little girl is smiling and laughing
Kaylin will be a year old April 12th he loves playing outside and eating anything he is not a picky eater. His smile will brighten up anyones day.
Little Hezi, is a chunky little boy. Full of laughter, and loves to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING
Stetson is a lot calmer than his brothers! He a sweet heart and you can tell that he’s going to have a very caring heart! He’s such a cuddle bug and gets so excited to see his mom and dad when we get home from work!
My name is Arya River, I am 3 months old and growing so fast! I am the sweetest little girl, if you talk to me I will smile right back and I love laughing at you! Im such a big girl now I love to be sat up and see everything and everyone!
Rosalia is 16 months old she loves spending time with her sister and loves being around her nana & papa and her cousins
Colton Lee
Hi my name is Colton Lee, and I love blowing spit bubbles, and sucking on my thumb! Mom doesn’t like me pulling her hair, or peeing on myself in the bathtub. But hey I’m her world🤷‍♀️
Gracelynn is a precious angel! She loves mommy and daddy time and is a big cuddle bug! She’s already wanting to hold her own bottle and has been very alert since birth💗🥰
Emersyn is 18 mnths old and such a fun girl . Always smiling and dancing.. she is my pride and joy . My beautiful granddaughter
Ava is a sweet little social butterfly. She loves everyone she meets. She has a sweet smile and she loves to give lots of hugs.
(Bubbly) Since In The Womb She Was A Happy Bouncing Little Baby. Since Her Arrival She Brings So Much Happiness To Everyone Around Her She Is Such A Sweetheart. She Loves Music, She Likes Long Talks & Not Baby Her Favorite Thing Is When Someone Makes A Funny Face She Tries Mimicking It.
She is the best baby . She is happy most of the time and she loves to be snuggled .
Paisley Sage Middleton
Paisley is a sweet little babygirl loved by many many family members and friends💞 she’s almost two weeks old yet and couldn’t be a better baby a first mom and dad could ask for🥰❤️
D'Or Butterfly
Shes a Happy baby and her mommy first and only child.
Carter is 4 years old. He loves playing outside and with his hot wheels. 🏎 He loves to play and help take care of his little brother. He is so smart, loving and has the best personality! 🤍
Meelah is 4 months old, as you can see has lots and lots of personality 🥰 Her favorite show is none other than the great Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 😊 Bath time is her all time favorite thing to do 🛁 She also enjoys trying new fruits and any toys that flash and make noise 💖
Aaleigha is my spunky little tasmanian devil 👿 heart of gold and super funny. She knows how to keep you on your feet
Breeze is my little ham 💞 very very vocal 🤣 he'll definitely give you a piece of his mind. Gotta watch out for this one
This hunk is a little ball of energy and loves to blow and give kisses! He has such a contagious smile and even more contagious giggle! He just loves to love and be loved!
Kaylani is a sweet and lovable little angel. She loves being snuggled!
She’s a happy baby ❤️
She is absolutely the best baby loves to coo and happy all the time.
My baby girl was born on February 2,2022. She is a daddy’s girl and she also loves to smile.
Quinnley loves to crawl and sit up. She loves playing and laughing. Tries to find her voice with sounds. She’s the happiest baby
He is the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet he always has a smile on his face and he's always laughing he's the happiest little boy and the biggest snuggle bug 🥰🥰
Luna is 10 months old will be 11 months next week she is a very happy baby girl she loves to play with her older brother and also loves to dance Luna started walking at 9 months she is very energized she loves hello bear she loves taking photos my baby girl will be 1 soon and idont know how to feel about it she’s also a little DIVA
She is the most beautiful little girl you'll ever meet she is super sassy and the biggest snuggle bug
Joci is full of personality, always smiling and loves to chew on her hands .
Lorenzo was born September 02,2021. He was a blessing from the beginning. Fresh out of the womb and he was lifting his head. Weighing 8lbs 15oz 20.5in at birth. Lorenzo is ALWAYS such a happy Baby. He definitely brings so much joy to everyone he meets.He loves his big sister so much. Lorenzo’s favorite Movie is Lion King. He will actually sit and watch the movie uninterrupted. At almost 7 months he already has two teeth and one more coming in on the bottom and two coming in on the top. Beginning to crawl and Babble about how his day was!
Milo loves to smile and is always in a great mood. He enjoys watching squirrels and looking at flowers. He loves going to the park. The wind in his hair while he swings and static from the slide, he loves nothing more.
Beaux was born on Valentine’s Day! He spends his time giggling in his sleep, smiling/staring at his mommy and being the cutest baby ever!!!
Baby Chanz is a twin..both twins are pictured 🥰
Israis is 4 years old and loves to play video games and go to school also loves to play with his little sister he is also a really good dancer and singer he is tall for his age but we love y’all little baby’s don’t we
7 months old was 2 months early just got her first tooth an she love Winnie the Pooh
Jonah loves eating any and everything he can get into his mouth, and he’s just the sweetest little man on the planet!
Javanni is the sweetest, happy lil baby! He loves being read to, and loves playing with his toys. He likes blowing raspberries, jumping in his jumper, going on walks in his stroller and being sang to!