Ivry Landis
Ivry Landis is a very alert, photogenic and a lovable and laughing kind of child! She loves looking in the mirror at herself and smiles,giggles a lot. She likes sitting up and play with her flashing toys and is trying to learn how to crawl. She is trying to say words already at 6 months old!
Ivry Landis
Ivry Landis is a very alert, photogenic and a lovable and laughing kind of child! She loves looking in the mirror at herself and smiles,giggles a lot. She likes sitting up and play with her flashing toys and is trying to learn how to crawl. She is trying to say words already at 6 months old!
Hi Im Trevor, Im 8 months old. I love spending my time with my family expesually playing with my big sister. Im full of energy and excited to anouce im almost a walker.
3 weeks old
He is 6 months old Loves laughing till he gets the hiccups Completely adores his daddy 💙 And loves playing with his puppy
Josiah Davon
Josiah definitely was our biggest blessing , he is so silly, sweet & the smartest little boy :) can’t wait to see our adventures in the future 😊 mamas boy , daddy’s world for sure 🤞🏽
Lizzy is 11 months she lovvvvees to scream very loudly she is always laughing ,her favorite juice is apple! Her favorite time is bath time!
Aziel, is my first baby boy he is Mexican/ Puerto Rican born and raised in Mesa Arizona, he is a light skin baby with some bright blue eyes, he loves all kinds of foods and is always a happy baby and loves being around people!❤️
Danica is 3 months old. She’s a very happy and sweet baby
Kyle is always a smiley,dancing, happy toddler. Kyle is known at our local Walmart by the greeter as the next Johnson n Johnson or Gerber baby all because his big smiles.
just loves to sleep and wear cute outfits :)
Lily is a little girl with a big personality, she keeps us laughing with her silly faces and noises!
Heidi is a sassy baby girl. It’s her way or no way.
Amira is a miracle baby she came after the death of her sister and brought joy to my life.
Gabriel he can brighten anyones day with her funny faces 🥰 . He’s grown so much and keeps surprising us with how smart and strong he is. he’s our little star
She loves naps
Ahziyah is 8 months she’s always smiling and happy and she likes to play
Grayson loves playing outside
She love baby shark and Coco melon and she sees her ABCs and she sassy
Hi I’m Jahonni. I’m a very sweet baby that loves taking pictures 🤗
DeKota is a very sweet yet sassy 2 year old feels like she is before her time she loves to sing and dance she is the youngest of 6 siblings and she is the boss of them all she is into fashion and she loves her dolls very entergetic and will be the spotlight of the room
Hi everyone! Kali is 7 months old. She loves her big brother, her mommy and her cousins! She enjoys naps and playing with toys! She has a bright personality and is just a cutie pie! Please vote and thank you in advance!💕💕
Ezekiel (Zeke) loves his milk, Barney,and Octonauts. He has two older brothers all named starting with the letter E. Hobbies are blowing raspberries and going rawr
Kaidence is so full of love. He loves music, loves to dance and definitely loves to eat 😋
Ripley is a New Years Eve baby 🎉 She is a very happy girl that loves farm animals and making growling noises!
This is Clifford, He’s an out doors kind of boy, loves to play football, hanging out with his friends!
This is Liam, he loves to play his game, super shy ☺️ most of all very caring!
She’s a happy baby always smiling, loves to hear her aunt tt read books to her, working already on holding her head up somehow! She’s gonna be amazing!
Please Vote ,Like ,Comment and Share 🖤 Navid is 3 months old Afro Latino who loves praying with his Grandmother. He was in the NICU due to complication . I am grateful to God our little baby is doing well and is stronger then he was . He's a happy baby and very active .He love watching soccer with his father . Very alert and smart . He love when I read , sing and talk to him . This is his first ever competition . Please help baby Navid win this contest 🥰 If he win the goal is to use the funds for a project I am working on for him .
Madelynn has a Big Beautiful soul in a small stature. She’s recently been diagnosed with a Type of Dwarfism. She loves to model, but since the diagnosis she has had several insecurities and I want her to see the world thinks she is as Beautiful as I do.
Kami is a real life sour patch, first sour then she’s the sweetest. She loves “kitty cats” and acting like momma. Her favorite person is daddy.
Khalid Fleming Jr
Kj is 9 months old and loves to say mama and dada, he is a very happy baby💙
Addy is funny and always exploring! She loves being outdoors and just has an outgoing and silly personality! Oh, and by the looks of her pictures, she loves food! She could make you laugh in an instant and such a joy to be around! Vote for Addy!
Avery Wilson
Avery just turned ONE on September 7th, Avery loves Outside, Mickey Mouse, & Baby Dolls.
Boston is the SMILIEST & ENERGETIC baby. He is truly a milk monster & is constantly wanting to eat. He looks like his momma. 💗
Damian is a 1 month old baby who loves naps!
Sehcaar is one of the most happiest most fun kid around she love to play and have fun
Romell is the sweetest little baby ever. He loves to smile and play with his parents!! Romell is only three months which he was born 3 pounds 11 ounces on the 4th of July!!
Paxton Crue
Paxton crue is 5 months old and loves food,cartoons,bath time and cuddles with mommy & daddy. Has the prettiest blue eyes and always happy.
My dearest sweet baby girl Royals name speak ls for its self, such a vibrant easy going and very energetic 2 year old baby and your a beautiful splitting image of your mother. I’m so happy to share this beautiful ray of sunshine with you all ❤️
Aulonte is a happy baby! He loves jools tv and Gracie’s corner! He loves to talk and play! He is such a good baby!
Tacara Mccray
She’s Granny’s little funny baby she loves to eat. She like to smile a lot she’s a real happy baby.
Felicity is a bright out going little girl! She loves to sing and dance. She loves playing with her brothers coloring and blowing bubbles ♡
My baby Catalina is the most sweetest babies youll ever meet. She always has a smile on her face. She loves dogs and she is so gentle and loving with them. She loves balloons, balls, cars, stuffed animals and minnie mouse. She is petite for her age. She is so strong and smart. She loves exploring the house since she has gotten a hang of walking and she is very cautious when it comes to steps. She would crawl if she feels she might trip if she were to walk. Her favorite words to say are Me, Mom, dad, nice and yay. Peek a boo is one of her favorite games. She enjoys story time and love the books Brown Bear, Black Cat White Cat, Corduroy, The Very Hungry Catepillar, Rainbow Fish, 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish & If You were to Give A Mouse A Cookie. She loves to eat scrammbled eggs, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, watermelon, strawberries,beans and rice.
This is Nash! He is currently 4 months old and his nickname is happy because all he literally does is smile and laugh. He loves jump scares, his teething toys, his mom and dad. And of course his big sister!
I’m such a happy and smiley baby it’s just me and my mommy 🫶🏼🥰
He is a very energetic, outgoing, smart, funny, animal lover, playful, sweet, silly little boy who loves his family, spongebob, dinosaurs, hotwheels, spiderman, coloring, going to the park, playing with friends, playing out doors, going on car rides! He is the sweetest little boy ever!!!!