Baby Stories - 98


Gabriella is so sweet, loves tummy time& loves her daddy!!
Gabriella Nicole
She loves watching dragon tales & has a very beautiful personality ❣️
William Chet Barnes. We call him Lil Chet because how much he resembles his daddy 💙 He likes eating, playing, and is the sweetest little boy you’d ever meet ☺️
Ariana is the happiest, most smiley girl ever!! She loves talking up a storm and getting all the snuggles she can ❤ She is obsessed with her two big brothers as well as mommy and daddy!
Ivelise is such a sweetheart and never goes a day without smiling. She loves her little books and looking at herself on a camera.
Ryker is the son of Gage and Zaivon Husak & he's the grandson of EastWood and Ann. He's 4 months old and the happiest baby you'll ever meet! 😁😍🥰
Madison is an angel baby with the sweetest temperament. While her favorite thing to do is snuggle mommy and daddy, her second favorite is staring at the lamp just like a moth drawn to a flame!
Jaméila is a breath of fresh air, Jaméila is most importantly loved. She loves to laugh but screaming is how she lets people know she’s here and you’re not going to ignore her. Her smile is so beautiful and can make others smile right back.
Johnna Jo
Johnna jo is a content happy quiet baby, she loves smiling & cuddles. Her favorite is strawberries & cocomelon. She also turned 1 yrs old today Oct.01 & recently started walking
Robert loves having his teeth brushed, eating cheese balls, playing with the dogs, and being tickled. 😇🥰
Olivia has her own personality. She likes to be Miss Independent and everything on her own. She can be sassy at times and loves to be very girly!
Dominic likes to watch Baby Bum. He loves bath time.
My chubby little big girl. My last baby. She’s flying through milestones and has so much attitude inside her tiny little body. She loves attention and if you’re not looking at, she screams so that you will. She loves everything and everyone. Especially her brothers. She’s our spoiled little princessa.
Camila Fatima Magana
Camila is my princess who was born from a love story from a game she is a serious baby but she can give you a beautiful smile
Our little buggy! She loves smiles and laughs and loves her mama and daddy
Henry loves smooches on his chubby cheeks! He loves bath time and wearing jammies.
Hi my names Alaric and mommy swears I could be the next Gerber baby. And I was born with this much hair.
Avery is the sassiest, sweetest baby ever!! She loves cuddling with momma and giving her mommy and daddy the biggest smiles!
Rhythm Royal
Rhythm Royal is going to be one on October 2nd, and she loves to dance and sing and loves to be her silly self
8 months old best natured baby ever... Loves to laugh roll over stand up and talk Happy baby
Wyatt is an extremely happy boy who loves to eat snacks and cuddle with his blankie 🥰
This lil man was my miracle. Being born exactly a year after i lost a baby. He is such a happy and lively lil boy.
He was a late premie and has been a blessing. He loves to have his own space to roam. He is a happy boy. He loves his mama, and his brothers.
Cutest laugh and loves to stick her tongue out!
Violet is 3 months old. She loves late night milk breaks and long walks in her stroller. Vote vote vote
Amazing beautiful happy girl always smiling! Loves to look at pretty lights and loves playing with mommy and loves hugs and kisses!!
Isabella is the sweetest baby, sleeps threw the night, and loves to laugh, and smile.
Alaya is the must playful and full of joy little girl, she always happy, she love spending time with her sister, her dad and mom. She loves coloring, running around, and she also loves to swim.
Zoey was a donor embryo. Shes a perfect healthy baby. She almost never cries and loves her baths. She just learned to sit up and is now working on crawling. She says dada and mama.
Hello everyone, this is David. David, his pop pop and daddy all have the same name, which makes him the third. You'll never catch this cutie without a giant smile stretched across his face. He also loves going on adventures, exploring and trying all the new things life has to offer.
Baby girl likes to show off her smile and she likes to sleep and raise one eyebrow like mommy. She shows off her Michael Jackson dance moves and reps her mommy’s home state of Tennessee. She’s a sweet southern girl ready to take on the world.
She's named after her great grandma and she loves to eat, sleep and headbutt everyone who holds her.
2 Month old and growing! I love my sleepy mornings cuddling mommy and daddy the most! Im a "boobie chugger"! I love to eat my hands and stare at all the lights!
Jai is a happy, bubbly little boy who loves to giggle and snuggle with mommy and daddy.
Angel Thomas
Angel Thomas loves his pear juice & Banana Ferber food, very giggly & the most beautiful human I believe I created, I can’t wait to see you keep growing into a handsome little guy, all my love - Your mother 💕
Troy has had a rough go to start this world. He spent 11 days in the NICU and then faced moving 300 miles all within his first month! He is a huge fan of pacifiers - especially the mustache ones. He has epic hair that has naturally frosted tips. He is super sweet and loving and such a special little soul.
Jaxon is 7 months he is always smiling, loves to eat , and loves to be outside
Khorina Joy was was born 3 weeks early and only weighed 4lbs 9oz I knew that she was going to be a strong. We got to bring her home on the 4th day@hospital. She barely passed the car seat test.👶she's healthy, happy and is the best baby you could ask for. She is so Good. Even when she doesn't feel good she always tries to be happy, smile and stick her tounge out with little tears in her beautiful blue eyes. She is my whole world. She's such a silly baby. She likes to talk to us or tries to talk to us she can say a few things now like; Momma, Moo Moo, Hi, Hey, coo's, squill's, and makes all kinds of noises. She likes to stick her tounge out, watch cartoons, tummy time, she's starting to crawl, drink her moo moo/baby food now, her pacifiers, her puppy, me, her daddy. She's my little bit of Joy in this world and she is *Beautiful ( one of her favorite words) 😘👶. So please vote for Khorina and share with your family and friends. Thank You, P.S .All babies are Beautiful.🙌👣
She loves the outdoors. She is a mommies girl for sure. She absolutely loves animals she is always laughing at them especially at our dog grizzly they are best friends already I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow as she gets older.
David loves to coo and giggle! He has 2 teeth now, woo!
Hi! I’m Ripley! I enjoy going Jeeping with daddy and cuddling with mommy. We are growing like a weed and are going to have rolls before we know it!
hes a super happy baby, loves to constantly be on the go, loves music and cieling fans! Loves to eat and loves his gramma & grandpa!!!!
Brynlee Ann
I am 2 years old! I am such a sassy, smart and happy little girl! I love to dance and play with my sister! I love to roar like a dinosaur and love trying to take selfies. I would love your votes!! 😍
Jade loves to squeak when she sleeps! We call her squeaky!
Mila Nicole is our beautiful rainbow baby who loves saying, “Hi,” eating French fries and shakin’ her bootay!
Heyden is a fun baby he love to play with cars