Baby Stories - 98


Kaybri is a very loving, playful, energetic little girl. She is one the sweetest ❤️! She loves to play with cars. She loves to color! She loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches too!
Bradley is an extremely curious 1 year old. He is full of energy and loves running and exploring his surroundings Bradley looks forward to his journey into the world of modeling.
Bentley is 4 years old! He loves spongebob, Spiderman, Roblox and so much more! He is so funny and such a happy/joyful little boy. He will put a smile on anyone’s face!
Good morning😄
Walker is such a special baby. He brings out the the best in everyone with just one smile. He loves his apples and cereal. He's always in a great mood! He loves his rattles. He likes to laugh at Daddy when he's changing his diaper. He melts Grandma's heart. He loves to roll everywhere and we are in the process of crawling. We are a small family in Oblong Illinois. My fiance and I are recently engaged. My fiance works in the oilfield and I am a stay-at-home mom. If we win this money we will put it in Walkers savings so that he can have the future he desires when he turns 18. We appreciate everyone's support and could not do it without you! Thank you so much!
Gunner is 6 months old and he is our SUPER BABY. gunner goes for his open heart surgery Friday the 8th. He is the most smiley boy 🥰he’s been through a lot but never seems to not amaze us !
Bailee is a little diva. She’s full of energy and sass. Beautiful inside and out. She brings a smile to anyone’s face she comes across.
Rylan is a fun kid to have. From her singing along with Mariah Carey, dancing to music and her devotion to Elmo this kid is a future star
Chase is 6 years old he loves to fish and ride his bike ! Another thing is he loves being a big brother too ! He is my big boy growing up to fast !
Declan is a happy baby who loves cuddles and making cute facial expressions! Please vote for our handsome little man born 11/28/20
Kaeden is a very hapy baby. He loves talking to his momma. Loves playing with daddy. He loves sticking his tounge out, blowing spit bubbles, and clicking his tounge
I was a month early born into a pandimic. I had an infection at birth which cause my blood sugar to not exist. I ended up in the hospital an extra week from my infection. Now I'm a happy healthy 9 month old. I love to smile and laugh for everyone i meet.
Kylar is a 7 month old rainbow baby whom we were blessed with after we lost his 6 month old big brother december 21st 2018. He smiles all day long and giggles at everything! He loves his momma dadda and brothers so much!
Sophia is the sweetest most happy little girl anyone will ever meet 🥰 she’s always smiling and laughing, she loves playing with her toys and eating anything and everything, even mommy and daddy’s food 😅 she’s such a goofball and amazes us more and more each day ❤️
Jaxson is a blessing from God and a miracle he was born a month early but God made sure he was completely healthy! When he smies it just melts your heart!
Richard loves word party! His smile will light up your whole day! He is so smart and sweet.
Miss Emma loves Trolls, her kitty OJ, bananas, playing with mommy, and blowing raspberries at her daddy.
She is a daddy's girl 100%, she has 8 teeth and loves to chew on everything, loves to eat and watch her daddy play PS4. Shes best friends with anyone she meets🖤
Madilyn Reign-lee
Madilyn is 5 months old. She loves to scream, pull hair and play with her singing toys.
Alela Loves To Laugh & Smile 💜
Cooper is a smiley happy little boy! He loves walking around and jabbering!
Zachary loves to have books read to him. He also enjoys running and running and running.
Mia is 2 months old, she enjoys bouncing and listening to her big brother play, and watching her winnie the pooh mobile.
Isla loves sitting up like a big girl and observing EVERYTHING especially her big brother. She is our 2020 blessing!
Kaesen loves playin wit toys his most favorite cartoons are pj masks and boss baby. He loves to eat McDonald’s and he also likes playin basketball and football
Titan is a WILD CHILD. He loves playing outside, his dogs, and making messes. Even with all his spunk he is the sweetest boy around.
She knows she's cute even with the baby attitude.
Zaylee love snuggles kisses and she is the sweetest joy to have ❤
Chase is 1 year old. He loves to play catch and play with trucks. He likes to also play with his cousins for when he sees them. He is a very loving little boy. You should vote for him because he is a little cutie. Help our little boy out!
Brooklynn is 2 months old and was born on her great Grandmas 75th birthday. Just a few weeks later her Great Grandma passed away. Brooklynn was prayed for before she was born and is prayed for every day. Vote for Brooklynn cause she is naturally beautiful !!
Michael is a sweet boy who loved Christmas morning. He was so sleepy from staying up all night to try and catch Santa putting present under the tree.
Kyra is a happy baby always smiling. loves everyone especially if you talk and sing to her.
She is a fighter. She was born 10 weeks early and has been a fighter ever since!
Hello Everyone! My name is Sebastian and I am full of smiles, giggles and funny faces! Help me show the world 🥰😇
James is a month old. He is already a mommies boy. He’s starting to smile a little bit
Hadley will be 8 months soon and loves all food!
Miss Aniyah is so loving and loves all eyes on her she loves talking lol she has the most beautiful smile that lights up the whole room
Im Mr.Smiley lol i love laughing and smiling all day i can stand up and crawl everywhere because i like to explore and i love cheese puffs and fruits
Fox was born 6 weeks early but is doing amazingly well. He just had surgery to fix a hernia and he looks like he is finally feeling better
Emma Madalynn Waits
Emma loves watching paw control and puppy dog pals. She loves playing outside and she loves eating green beans. She will be three October 2, 2021.
Ethan Maverick Waits
Ethan is almost 9 months old he loves to roll over and he loves to eat and his favorite word is bye bye. He loves giving hugs and kisses.
She loves when you make faces at her she will just smile like crazy. She loves her momma more than her daddy right now. She was 6lbs and 9oz when born but a month after she was born she went into the hospital because we found out she had pyloric stenosis and needed surgery. Ever since then she’s been a happy healthy baby that we love so dearly much
Dallas is a very happy boy who loves to run everything over with his walker. He loves to giggle and laugh. He melts everyones heart with his cheeky smile.
Noah loves to be outside with his Papa on the lawn mower. Noah gets very excited when he sees any member of his family.Noah is a very happy baby and is loved very much by his entire family. Noah loves to play with his cars and his dinosaurs. Noah loves going down his slide.
Hi this is my 4 month old son Chase Ralph he was born August 31st 2020 at 5:20p.m weighing 7lbs 10ozs it would be such a blessing from everybody thank you guys all these babies are just so beautiful and amazing 😍🤩❤💜
Anastasia is almost 3. Loves playing with her younger brother & helping take care of her baby brother. She loves the movie Frozen and her favorite character is Elsa! She loves playing dress up, and clothes in general.