Baby Stories - 98


Nothing cheers you up more than mommys girl! Eliziana loves cocomelon (of course) and to go swimming in her pool , then off to dry with her best friend teacup yorkie, Willow!!
Autumn August Twins
Autumn and August are 19 month old identical twin girls.They are from a big family of 11 siblings.They were born on Halloween and love Halloween songs.They absolutely love being together,going on walks,going to the park,going to Granny's house and dancing and singing songs 🙂
Ayzaiah is 7 months old.He is the youngest of 11 children.Ayzaiah is a great baby always happy, smiling and talking away.He just recently had open heart surgery and is doing great🙂
Jordan is a sweet baby who is loved by all
He loves the little piggy sound and obviously loves to eat he is super sweet and gives lots of sloppy kissed
Cherish is a very precious baby adorable and loving love to smile always happy and also knows that she’s a pretty girl
Zeoir ( zay-or) is a sweet and sassy Pisces princess . She lights up any room with that gorgeous smile. Camera ready , full of personality , and such a happy baby. Zeoir loves to be outside , she loves music and to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse. She loves attention as well , she’s an angel sent from above . Sweet as can be .
Decklyn is a g-tube baby and only weighted 2 pounds and 13.17 ounces. He was born at 29 week and was not very heathy and was in the hospital for almost 4 months. But now he is growing so fast. He is such a happy and loving baby. He is the best and oh so handsome. I know how to roll over and i love to bounce . I have bright pretty blue eyes! And i am always smileing and laughing.i love sticking my tongue out at people and blowing bubbles🤪
Kelso was born 2/27/21 and came a month early, and was born with cleft lip and palate, he spent a few weeks in nicu and came out super strong! In about a month we have surgery to have lip repair and when he is older he will have more surgeries for his palate. Although he has cleft lip and palate he is the most happiest, outgoing baby and always keeps a smile on his face and spreads laughter like no other! We ask that you vote to spread awareness of cleft babies all over the US!
Esprit Pur
She likes to listen to Disney Audiobooks , Beauty and the Beast is her favorite , she’s a doll and real sweetheart 💕
Harlee is named after my daddy’s favorite motorcycle Harley Division( with a little more feminine twist) who passed in 2016. Harlee is the happiest most loving baby, very Independant and stubborn like her pop-pop!
He loves looking at mommies face and eating his feet
Gabriel loves pickles and loves riding on his Thomas the Tank Engine toy with his daddy. He loves giving a morning kiss to his mommy and then showing all 6 beautiful little teeth and giggling. He is our everything.
Trevor loves to laugh and can stand up holding onto something. He is slowly working on trying to crawl and has a very big and sweet personality 🥰
Beautiful baby girl 💛🥺
Stok’Le is 5 months and has such a bubbly personality!💕She’s always laughing and smiling! Her smile will melt your heart!❤️
Damien is 5months old , he loves to eat his toes and loves to talk. He is very opinionated and in his spare time he loves to roll around and sing.
just a happy happy girl
Colton is 4 1/2 months old and has a smile that will light up any room he is the happiest baby and loves to be outside❤️❤️
Baby Kai is such a happy baby! His smile is so infectious and those big eyes will have you mesmerized. He’s such a little man who loves to sit up and be nosey!
Novaa’J (Nova Jae) is the most sweetest, calm, alert, and content baby girl!💗 she loves to sit up and talk/laugh all day long at only 1 month old! She’s the greatest listener lol, especially at night when we pray together! She just laughs and smiles so hard the entire time🥰 she’s the bestfriend I never had!
Hello my name is Grant!!! I love to smile and sleep!!!
Willah loves singing and smiling all day long! She embodies a happy and one who strives for independence!
Desi was born 1/15 weighing 6 lbs 1 oz. She’s the calmest baby you’ll every meet and her smile lights up the room!
Hi my name is Ava. I love cuddles and spending time with my dogs. I also like eat apples and bananas. Meeting new people is always fun especially when they make me smile and laugh.
Evaan is a charm! He has a smile that will steal your world. He’s such a laid back wonder!
I love sports, I love Harry Potter, and I have many siblings <3
Theodore smiles so much. He is always so happy! He likes to watch Bluey on TV! he loves linkable toys! His face just lights up when he sees them!! 😍 Theo loves to bounce and crawls backwards. He is starting solid foods and we haven’t found something he doesnt like yet! Thank for voting!
Aaliyah Bella Greene
Aaliyah Bella is a fraternal twin ! She is very active and outgoing with her movement and expressions… She loves to be held and loves to be the center of attention… She is the older Fraternal twin baby sister of Mia Amour Greene. She is Jamaican, Hawaiian and Mexican, and only 7 weeks old.
Mia Amour Greene
Mia Amour is a fraternal twin! She is a sweet baby, very calm, but can scream for attention once in a blue. She is great around people and is very charismatic with her smiles and babbles a lot. She said “dada” at one month. She watches everyone and observes a lot. Rarely cries. She is Jamaican, Hawaiian and Mexican and only 7 weeks old.
Paisley is a very happy baby! She loves her momma and daddy also her puppy Nia! She’s 6 months old and already got the spunkiest personality.
Ehzrah aka Eazy is a exciting, entertaining little guy. Full of life and energy. He captivates anyone in his presence.
Azrael Alice Noel Travis born 3/4/21 at 1:23pm a little pisces baby . Shes a very sweet independent baby and full of personality. She loves sitting up, car rides, and going outside.
My Alissa is about 6 weeks old, she loves to eat and sleep. She loves sleeping in mommy’s arms and she loves being in her sisters arms as well. She’s such a sweet little girl and such a good baby rarely ever cries only fusses when she’s hungry for more mommy milk ❤️
My beautiful is a bundle of joy love to smiles and laughs And baby talk lol. Very independent for age.
Salem Luna
Salem is the most spunky & loving child I've been blessed to call mine. She's so smart. She loves being outside and smiling for the camera. Choosing one main photo of her was so hard, because she really is so beautiful. She's so social and she asks me everyday to go to the park. She loves cuddles while also being the sassiest little girl I know. If she wins the contest, we are using the money in a trust fund towards when she turns 18.
Azaira is 2 months old she is also and Aries baby, she is a very happy loving, and calm baby, she loves playing her older brother and daddy she is a very alert and active baby always has a huge smile on her face❤️
Nevaeh is carrying. loves to make others smile shes a Mommys girl! She loves food playing out side loves playing in mud shes my little tom girl like her momma. If u vote thanks for the votes💓
Mae Baby❣️ I love to smile, watch tv & the ceiling fan . I love sleeping on my belly , chilling on my boppy pillow while I’m awake 🤩 & I am 6 weeks old & weigh about 8 & a half pounds .
Hello world, this is evelynn June, born with bilateral cleft lip and palate, I am 4 months old, love to watch bluey, suck my fingers & be with my mommy❤️ I am my own kind of beautiful and want all other kids like me to feel beautiful too.
My name is Mabel! I came 7 weeks early so I’m a little small but my personality is very big! I love to smile and anything and everything!
Kairo is 10 months with so much personality.. He can light up a room with his unforgettable laugh & those darling two teeth. His smile will imprint on your soul.. 🥰❤️ A true blessing from God.. 🙏🏽💙
The most OUTGOING 5 month old you’ll ever meet 🥰 . Kensley was born December 14,2020 and ever since i had her she have been the sweetest Boss Baby ever 🥰
I’m a happy baby that is very social. I love to laugh 🥰
Hello! I’m Kingston! I’m the sweetest baby you ever did meet! I’m so curious and I love to have fun! My favorite thing to do it play outside and go on walks with my mom and dad! If you could vote for me, that would be awesome! Thank you ❤️
Hi I’m DJ! (Daniel Jr. 🥰) I am a happy, smiley guy who loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy and my big brother! I am breastfed and cloth diapered 😊