Walter loves food, music, singing, having full conversations lol & his big brother Christopher. my sweet baby learned to crawl about 2 weeks ago and is FAST. We went to carnival and he had gotten his first face painting (in photo)
Octavia Ann Marie Smith
Octavia is a New Year's Eve baby! She is the center of attention anywhere we go!
Loves to smile and be happy and dance and read books
Olivia is 11month old she is on the small side for her she loves to walk round she is playing more with her toys she loves her sippy cup she loves food she loves the news with nana she is a big time daddy girl right now she loves to play with her big sisters she is so happy most days please vote for her
Jasper really loves his mom and dad as well as big trucks
She loves to laugh and play with her older brother and sister
Zerayah is my wild child who loves everything and everyone she absolutely adores her little sister and is the best with her she’s always making someone laugh she’s so sweet and funny words can’t explain how much we love her ❤️
My baby boy is two months old and is already very alert and interactive. He has the cutest smile and is loving all the cuddles and kisses from his mommy, daddy, and big sister.
Avery is my wild one who loves to stay active! She’s in swimming, gymnastics, soccer and dance class. Avery loves her baby brother and is always trying to interact with him.
Delta is a caring loving and sassy little lady! She loves everyone and everything! She really love paw patrol! And is mommy and daddy smart sassy and loving babygirl
Hi my name is Braxton I am 3 years old I am a cancer I was born during Covid I love firetrucks and I am a daddy’s boy I love the outside
Anthony is a talkative, energetic toddler that loves to run, throw and give cuddles. He always has a smile on his face.
Izzy is a just this curious little thing with the softest voice and heart , she loves riding her bike and playing with her brother , and of course playing dress up and she like to model for the camera!
Lucas is a smart little man who knows exactly what he wants. He loves the movie cars and his family more than anything.
Carson is full of smiles and feet kicks! He is 2 1/2 months old weighing 11lbs 13oz and 24inches tall. He loves to playfight, kick everything, holding a little conversation, and LOVESS his dream feeds with momma. He is so alert and is always curious as to who that is or what that thing could be😂😊he is my little guy
Eva is a smart beautiful miracle baby. She is so helpful loves her baby brother, full of sass and has the most caring soul even when she doesnt know you.
Ezriel loves to play with his big sister he loves peekaboo and absolutely loves to eat! Steak and onion Blossoms are his favorite with a side smash potatoes. His laughter is contagious
Alexandria Waddell
She wants to be an actor when she grows up or a model. She already has a place with a big community in NY for acting and motdeling.
Nova Waddell
She loves her sister and momm. She likes to give people crap and she loves to hangout with with family and friends.
Pasley loves to eat,her favorite thing to do is dance and sing she loves to be play outsode,she loves any animals if she could she would adopt any sje can get her hands on
oliviana is a happy breast fed girl, she is the youngest of three and the only girl. She loves being outdoors, swimming, loves to be with family & pleasant company. She also loves to be in motion and very observant and using her motor skills.
My name is Mason. I love Mickey Mouse, cars/trucks, to play. I am silly. I love to play and be silly to make you laugh. I am always a happy little boy. I am mama and daddys world.
Skylar is a wild and lovable girl. She has a beautiful voice and a beautiful smile
Weston loves to talk and giggle loves his toys and his mama
Logan is the happiest baby who loves Mickey Mouse, loves to explore outside, and his family. Logan is learning how to swim and enjoys showing off his new skills to anyone who will watch. He laughs at almost everything and he has the bluest eyes you’ll ever see!
Johnnie is 6yrs old non verbal with autism. He loves the water, cars and playing with balls and dinosaurs. He is full of energy and happy 99% of the time. He loves rock and christian music, loves playing outdoors a huge mamas boy. He starts kindergarten this year. We all have hopes and dreams for him that we all know he is going to suceed in life.
Jayden loves adventures, cuddles, being sang to, and smiling making a lot of peoples day brighter💙😊
Addison is a playful loveable and talkative 5 month old. She is so sweet
Hudson love Spider-Man and he has awesome imagination he loves his baby brother and loves to cuddle and brighten up your day, he loves to help in the kitchen.
Nathan loves to play and loves his big brother and he is so sweet loves to blow kisses and give hugs , he will brighten up your day and night !!!
Rue’n is a happy loving baby!! Although he loves to side eye when you catch him he just giggles!! He can roll over and scoot forward!! He loves to snuggle and bath time is his favorite time of the day
She is such a happy baby loves to talk to u.akways smiling even in her sleep
She is literally the best baby ever. Her favorite thing to do is smile, making her the perfect candidate!
This is Eva my tomboy yet girly girl in Little mix she's the oldest and her birthday just passed and she likes soccer and baseball and is very very active and loves to hang out with friends
This is my daughter Willow she's a very fun outgoing child she loves to play she loves makeup she loves being a little girly girl and she has a heart of gold I think by her winning would help her a lot with her confidence and she just likes stuff like this
Since day one on September 14,2021 she was my little miracle. She is a very special little girl, who brightens everybody's Day when she walks through the door. She is a really smart child. She also can keep everybody on their toes. She love to listen to music and dance. Her favorite song is z bodies by Savannah Dexter and brabo gator. She love to listen to it 29;times a day.
Hi I’m Brodie, but you can call me b man my family thinks I’m pretty darn cute . Mommy just had to put me in a photo contest and I’m not sure why but we’ll roll with it
Treyton Dennis
He loves to caught grasshoppeer and loves talk and loves the outside
Genive Sue-ann Hope
She my happy baby shr loves her older sister and dont really care of her older bother
Paisley is a child full of joy and happiness she is just the cutest thing lol she loves to make people laugh and she loves to make people smile and she’s my best friend.
Hi im skyler i love to sing and dance and play with my friends i want to be a singer one day
She is a very smart girl funny lovable makes everybody happy she know how to count her alphabets and everything
Sterling is a confident, charming, strong-willed, yet kind-hearted little gentleman. His curious nature prepares him for any adventure; he is eager to learn and experience something new.
Indie is a fun-loving, kind, whimsical little lady. Named Indie Dawn, she will one day help bring the dawn for a new era of the liberated woman. ♡
Theodore was born with two clubbed feet and he doesn't have use of his hands. He is the happiest 3 month old baby there could every be
Deshawn is such a great baby he's so loving and smiles in his sleep when you talk baby talk to him he loves skin to skin contact and surprisingly for his age he actually sleeps through the entire night he sleeps with his hands over his eyes when me or mom got the lights on he's just everything a heart needs to beat slow our baby boy a gift from god created by man and woman!!!!
Dasher loves elephants, his dad is from south India.