Adalynn is a feisty little girl that absolutely LOVES dogs❤️
Jamariona Callahan
Jamariona is simply adorable very smart laugh a lot her favorite word is dad dad she's one of a kind could ask for a better daughter have no choice but love cause she's so loveable.........
Wyatt is a crazy little boy! Who is very active loves to climb on whatever he can whenever he can! He enjoys being outside going for walks, and absolutely loves the water! He loves his snacks and is a very big mamas boy💙
Taylin is very outspoken and active. He loves spending time with his older siblings which are his brothers. He wants to run track and play W-ball during the summer until school starts back. He would love if you could hit the “love” button to help him out. Please abs thank you 😊
Kennedi is very outspoken 5 yo who loves playtime and playing with her dolls . Her favorite color is pink she loves getting her nails done and playing dress up with her dolls
June is DeLilah’s Birthday Month. Vote for my beautiful “Boss Baby” 💕💜
Syncere is very alert loves music! Loves to play and is very energetic to be just 2 weeks old!. He loves to snuggle,When you look into his eyes you’ll automatically fall in love. 💙🧸
11months old and runs the show , loves to smile , laugh and eat . Also loves talking and watching Bubble guppies .
Sweet & loveable & sooooo gorggggg
Nahlini is an active character, her smile brightens up your day. She loves playing in the water, stretching her legs in the bouncer. With out her I wouldn’t be the proud mom I am today!
Nevai is a sweet baby with an amazing personality
Paisley is our wild youngest baby girl! She loves Moana playing in the water and almost anything to eat! Please give a vote 🥰
Liam is a very happy, energetic boy. He loves to run, be crazy, play with puzzles, and loves to play outside.
Miley is one sweet baby girl 💜 She loves cuddles and playing with her big sister 🥰
Ashlyn is 23 months and was born premature weighing 1lb 3 oz but she’s growing so gracefully, she’s full of life and as you can tell from the picture above she loves to dance .
Chase is a very happy baby. He loves being held, smiling, and eating. He’s such an easy going little man. His smile and positive energy is contagious.
She very smart when smiles she can make a bad day into a good day
William loves fish, jumping, sweet potatoes, and his bottles 😂. Very sweet, loving boy, how could you not vote for that smile 🥺
He’s his own boss. Great ideas are just one of his many attributes. He likes to fix things and is a handyman. He is serious when it comes to sports, fashion and remaining not guilty in all he does!!!
Ariella is smart, energetic, goofy, adorable little girl. She loves to dance, video games, baby shark, and be bossy to her siblings. Please vote for Ariella
Loves listening to music, dinosaurs and monster trucks
Mighty fearless
Rhys is cuddly, happy & extremely loving . He makes friends with everyone he meets
Lawson is 9 months old, going on 10 months. He loves table food, army crawling, his momma and is the happiest baby alive. You would never know he was a preemie nice baby, he’s thriving so much 💙
I like Baby Yoda and baby shark! but the key to my heart is food! My name is Really spelled like AULi’i
Austin Jr
This is aj always such a happy boy loves to eat play in his pool always got a smile always brings the house down 🥰
Hmmm so much to say about Connor, I don't even know where to start. So let's start by saying Connor is definitely a smart charming gamer kid who never takes anyone for granted. Connor loves to see his family happy and never likes to hurt anyone's feelings. He loves to play his video games but he also loves to make his own song and sings them to bright everyone's day. Connor is in 2nd grade and is excited to be moving on to 3rd grade! He will light up a room when walking in. Connor wants everyone happy! Thanks you in advance for his votes!
Travion is an energetic, happy, loveable 13 month old. He loves to snuggle and listen to lullabies. When you look into his eyes you’ll automatically fall in love. Enjoy his pictures and don’t forget to VOTE 💙
He loves when someone is talking to him, he is also in love with food already and so smart and alert. Every little thing makes my baby happy 💙!
Xander is the happiest baby 🥹 he’s always smiling, & still loves his nap time ❤️ He also loves to pull mommy’s hair and just learned how to play patty cake 🥰 Xander also loves to say dada❤️
Hayleigh Robin
Her proud voice can be heard all over the neighborhood. She loves to dance around in her girlie dresses. She loves Cocomelon and swimming underwater at her grandma’s house pool.
Rhett is my very happy chonky little peanut. He smiles after everything but especially when you tell him he is handsome! He will definitely steal your heart with that shy little side grin and giggle!
Kendal is a loving toddler who is a big sister to two little sisters and loves every bit of it ! She loves playing soccer and watching Frozen, Tangled, and Cocomelon.
Anna is a May Taurus just like her mommy and is a beautiful red head! She is incredibly stubborn already and her favorite thing to do is eat and sleep in mommy’s arms.
Born on 2/22/22, And been wide open ever since, Loves doing anything outside and always active. Always smiling and giggling. And just sweet as can be🤗
Laylarose is a feisty toddler that loves watching Frozen, Paw Patrol, and Cocomelon. She also loves Batman, cheese sticks, and is a complete daddy’s girl.
Melanie has a bubbly personality. She’s an absolute sweetheart. Loves to listen to music and hear her older brother talk to her
Hudson is a month old🥺 he loves to eat and sleep and he loves being in the swing💙
Theodore is a chunky little adorable boy. He just started walking and waving at mommy and daddy! He is the most amazing little boy you’ll ever meet! He loves food and his big brother
Easton is the absoulte happiest baby alot of people including myself of course has ever met , he loves his mommy and his puppy cross and hes also a big flirt he does not discriminate either lol hes got the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes most girls would love to have , hes so very sweet , loving and super funny hes got tons of the cutest facial expressions Easton is truly one in a million and i hope he gets your vote .. And a big thank you from both he and i in advance...
She is very intelligent and she loves her kittens and she also love to watch Coco melon JJ and all his friends teach her so much. She loves the outdoors but most of all Ryha loves her huge family! Let's shower her with many votes.
Because he’s such a cutie🥰🥰…And all of these babies are so precious😘
She's the sweetest baby ever she don't cry she eats pretty much everything and she's soooooooo adorable
Cayden is full of energy, loves to make you laugh and has the biggest heart ♥️
Lynley love to play with her baby dolls and put makeup on. She also enjoys riding the dirt bike with her nena and pop pop
Lucifer is a crazy, big personality, goofy little boy. I love love love food, love anything dinosaur, love to watch boss baby ( mom thinks I look like Boss baby), I love to lay with my sisters( three pitbulls), I love the water too. I am very vocal and love to talk my own language all the time. I am a big boy too, I am over 20lbs. I am mommy obsessed and love to hang out with my daddy. We love the sound of motorcycles. I am a happy baby most of the time!