Baby Stories - 97


Lassata is a very alert and thriving baby. She loves music and her brothers. She has big dreams and any winning funds received will go towards her college education!!!!
Chase is on the case! I love paw patrol and Spider-Man. I can count to 20 and love to sing “baa baa black sheep”. My boundless energy keeps mama on her toes.
Grayson is very chunky baby as u can see lol he is very healthy he is happy 99% of the time he is 5 months old he loves to cuddle and pull hair 🙄😂
Xena was born 11/24/2020 from c section she has 3 big brothers and one protective big sister she like talking to them and smiles when listening
My name is Maia I'm 2 1/2 and I love my family and friends at school. I love you play with my mom and dad. I am a Daddy's girl. I love to play outside when the weather is warm.
Kambreigh is 10 years old and likes to ride her four-wheeler and paint. She would LOVE for you to vite for her. Thanks
Isabella love to ride her Elsa bike! She is a absolute sassy 5 yr old! She has lots of friends and family that loves her very much!
Hey I’m journee I’m 11 months old and I love my big sister , my baby dolls , and anything sweet like me 🥰
Hi I’m malayah I’m 3 years old and I love to ride my bike and play with my little sister all day 💞
David is 5 months old and is a super happy baby. He loves to be the loudest in the house and center of attention. Please vote for Baby David ❤️
Hi guys! My name is Lucas Ivan Byrd. I got my middle name from my mommy. I love to smile and show off my cute dimples. My favorite cartoon is Mickey Mouse. I enjoy wearing different holiday outfits and taking pics. VOTE FOR ME AND I WILL RETURN THE FAVOR :)
Maelyn loves snuggles, talking, bath time, more snuggles, eating and napping
Sweet smart moody
Eli is just a chill and happy baby who loves smiling at people, chowing down on food, and bouncing his days away
Santino is by far one of the happiest baby’s ever! He lights up a room with his smile and he has such a bright personality! He can turn someone’s horrible day into their best day!
Arya is a sweet little baby. She loves to play, babble and watch coco melon. She loves exploring and watching nature outdoors. She has a kind little heart and is fun to be around due to her goofiness!
Killian is a very happy baby. He loves smiling, laughing and cuddles with Mommy and Daddy. Everyday he shows more and more of his silly, lovable personality. We are so lucky to have this little guy.
Anna is a very happy baby!! She loves light up toys,mommy is her favorite and Baby shark is the best song ever!
Tatiana loves Chocolate and she is very smart and she has plenty of brothers and sisters
Marilynn Marie
She loves being held by her mommy all the time! She loves playing and being mean with her daddy! She loves any food she can get her hands on! She’s a blessing and such a sweet heart. Thank you for all the votes!❤️ We appreciate it all and god bless!🥰
Kylani Kagak
I absolutely love, t.o.t.s, baby shark, cocomelon and super jojo but most of all, i love my family! I very affectionate and vocal about my likes and dislikes.
My baby girl was 3 weeks early but she strong healthy and growing prrtty fast! She loves tcrawling n wanting to stand up all the time
She loves cocomelon🥰 She loves cuddling with her mama and dada 💗 She loves being outside!
Bentley is one of the sweetest/happiest babies you’ll meet and always smiling! He is the light of our life!
Hadley Reese
Hadley is such a smiley baby, she has been such a blessing since she was born. She is always so happy and this momma is too thankful. ❤️🖤
Aaliyah is a bright beautiful loving 18 month old girl. She loves old soul music & to dance.
Our sweet and sassy little girl will definitely brighten up your day. She loves playing with her baby brother, making crafts and cooking.
Cordero loves watching his big sister play. His favortie food is sweet potatoes. He will make you smile just looking at his chubby cheeks.
Amani was born 5wks early @ 5lbs 6oz. Amani LOVES her 3 big brothers and fur best friend Luna. Every time Luna’s around She laughs her butt off. Her favorite snack is Cheese Puffs and she loves her daddy to infinity and beyond💜💜
Ya'shua is a good baby always smiling.
Dustin loves to play with mommy and daddy and big brother. He is the most content baby.
This is Levi! He loves to baby talk and roll over. He has the strongest legs kicking up a storm! He’s already trying to sing along with mommy and her horrible singing.
Ava was born at 5lbs 3oz 18.5 in long. Ava is happy from the time she wakes up till the time she goes to bed. She always has a smile on her face.
Preston James Leach
Abigail was born prematurely at 3 lbs 6 oz. Despite this, she is a perfect, healthy and happy baby who loves to blow raspberries at her Daddy! Abigail is a Mama's girl who is happiest at 4am cuddling with Mommy and Daddy!
Carter always has a smile on his face! He’s always laughing! He loves to talk all the time! He’s fun to be around! He has lots of energy! His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Puppy Dog Pals!
Madilyn loves cuddles with mommy and daddy and bath time is her favorite! Shes so sweet and loves to smile 👶😍
Delmus is so loving and full of life. He enjoys sing a long songs, Toys with bright lights and playing with his Bubble Machine . He lights up the atmosphere wherever he goes with his beautiful smile.
Lakin has developed so fast it feels. He is standing on his own, has FIVE little teeth, and is talking so much! He’s almost always happy, smiling and laughing! His favorite food is cupcakes so far, but also LOVES potatoes!! His bright blue eyes and huge smile is what attracts everyone’s attention to him!
Annie Kate
She is the sweetest little peanut there ever was. She love snuggles, naps and hot tubs. She also is quite the over achiever, already rolling over at 2 months! Vote for her because she deserves the world but I can only give her the portion I’ve got. Which unfortunately, is next to nothing. 😍
Wyatt is one month old!! He loves to look at Christmas light's and get kisses from our Lab.
He loves people and being held! He's got a smile for everyone! He also laughs at himself when he sneezes or coughs!
Josiah is 6 months old, a pandemic baby who is very energetic and loves to jump ❤ He has a bubbly personality! His favorite words are Mama and Papa ! His favorite sport is basketball and his favorite hobby is spending time out in the sun! Everyone calls him miracle baby because he was not supposed to be born but look at him now 😇
Mr.Mason is the light of our life. He loves to snuggle and smile at his daddy.
Lincoln loves his big brother Lukey!
Lukey loves his baby brother Lincoln!