She’s going to put a smile on your face soon as you walk into any room she’s in. She loves and adores Minnie and anything to do with babies, she takes excellent care of them!
Jrayson loves to play peek a boo, laughs so much when he gets tickled and loves being outside❤️
A happy, family loving little boy
He’s a very hyper lil boy , never does he slow down very curious Also very smart Waylon said he would buy a swing set and lots of toys with the winnings so y’all vote for him! Lol
Vincent Jr
Jr is a little brother that is so eager to catch up to big bro! He is so independent and confident in himself that can't anything or anyone stop him from achieving his goals! He is his own boss! But LOOOVVESSS his big brother always playing with him!
Brinae is finding her voice and is cooing all the time... She is happy always smiling
Ava is 1 year that loves her food. And if she doesn’t get any of it she get mad. She like to play with her toy’s likes to take naps in the car.
Lily likes playing with her big brother and big sister and loves to play with her little sister also. She likes to go shopping and also love to go watch trains. Loves to go to the park and play. She is always so happy and funny.
Aaron loves to be with his baby brother.loves to be outside playing with bugs or the creek.
Little Londyn is a very smiley baby!! She loves her toys and grabbing things and eating them 😂.
Lundyn is very smart for her age(3). She loves to sing, color, go to the park, loves the pool, to play, learn, and family. In my eyes she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. She's silly, talented in her own ways, independent, and a daredevil. I could write a book but to meet her is to love her and she don't meet no stranger. #beauty #smart #vote #share #comment
Elliott is a lover! Sweet sweet boy. WE cant go anywhere without someone commenting on how cute he is with those big brown eyes. He loves playing with his puppies and loves being outside.
Alyson is our little angel! She’s truly is my little sunshine!! She will brighten anyone’s day and put a smile on everyone’s face!!
Asher was born at 24 weeks gestation. He is such a good baby & mamas little miracle. #1lb8oz #nicuwarrior…
Payton is a sweet and caring young girl! She loves softball and is so talented
Kash is a very happy and loving baby boy. He loves to climb and play with his brother. He loves to go on walks with momma and listen to all the sounds of the birds and the trees.😇
Mahogany is my first born. She’s goofy and active and trust me she loves to eat lol.This is her first time participating.
Lucian loves his mommy and daddy for the most part he loves bath time with grandma ,enjoys kicking back outside with his uncle. Lucian love to be in his swing and on his tummy. Lucian also loves to laugh and giggle and is a very happy and loved baby.
After 4 years of trying this little one FINALLY came along. I have always dreamed of having a baby girl and she’s like a dream come true. She is so sweet. She rarely ever cries and is always smiling!
💕💕🧸🧸🧸🧸💕💕 ALL VOTES MADE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION WILL BE CONSIDERED AS Gifts 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁Ta'Kylen is one of the sweetest little boys you will meet he loves helping people he take good care of mommy when I'm not feeling good he loves playing basketball 🏀, football 🏈 he is very smart 🤓 loving kid he loves animals, swimming and playing with his siblings.
Colton is a loving baby, he always has a smile on his face, he loves trying to walk on his own.
Tamelia is a spunky, joyful, attitude filled little girl! She loves "nacks", music, counting, & being the center of attention!
Ensley is the happiest, goofiest girl. She loves making people laugh and is the sweetest thing we know!
Charlotte absolutely loves to play with her older sisters, loves going on walks, her favorite food so far is apples, she’s a little cuddle bug (as of right now)🥹 And she shares a birthday with Loretta Lynn!😍
Paisley is a 19 month old little miracle & heart warrior. This little girl has overcome so much and came out stronger than ever. She likes to keep mom and dad on there toes. Loves her big sister and getting into everything.
Kodi Nalani Williams
Kodi has been very energetic since birth! She is constantly smiling & is always referred to as a baby doll lol
Luke is a starwars baby born on may the 4th be with you. Hes a happy little guy. Always laughing and all smiles. Hes a mommas boy. Loves going out side and car rides too.
Kinley is a fun-loving girl with a big personality. She is active in karate and horseback riding, while maintaining straight A's. She also enjoys playing with her brothers, and cooking with her Mom.
This is miss aurora vae♥️ my first baby she's a bit of a feisty one but she radiates with joy❤️
Cora is a spunky two year old who is crazy about her family. She loves JJ from Cocomelon. She loves to dance and sing with her big sister
Waylon Ray is full of spark and smiles! Loves to EAT, laugh and roll all over the place! 🖤
Isabella love snuggling,smiling,laughing, watching tv, her binkies, soft blankets, staring into your eyes and taking walks with her momma and dadda. She was told she could never be a Gerber baby because she doesn’t have blue eyes but those sweet loving eyes can be anything she wants :)
Esmé is the sweetest baby with such squishy cheeks!
Big mamas boy who loves to push his boundaries
Levi is such a happy baby. He loves to smile and giggle at his older brother.
Loves attention and cuddles and music
Logan loves swimming Logan also loves to go on bike rides Logan loves giving loves. Logan loves try new things
Hello my name is Grayson, I am the sweetest little boy ever, I wake up smiling and go to sleep smiling. I love Finding Dory and love talking to everyone I see, so give me a vote and get to know me some more and watch me grow 💚
Lincoln is a baby with a big personality who never fails to make someone smile or laugh!
Ranya is such a happy baby! She’s always smiling and laughing bringing joy to everyone around her.
Ocean Is The End of the Pandemic baby , He Holds His own Head up , Rolls , Crawls , Tries to Speak , loves to play , tries to hold his own bottle , at only 2 months old it fascinates me sometimes its scary , but i love to see him learn more & to look at me with his warm big eyes , deep dimples cheesing so hard looking up to his mommy for confirmation 😍 hes the piece of me that has been missing , god gift to me & ill make sure he succeeds in life & takes his name far ocean freedom fair
Charley is such a happy, curious baby! She loves to spend time outside on walks with mommy. Charley is a major Saints football fan and loves to watch games with her daddy.
Amiri is 2 years old. She is smart and loving. She also loves the outdoors and spending time with family. Oh! and she’s very sassy 😂❤️