He’s the sweetest, most loving boy ever! Always is smiling and loves cuddles😊
Noah is the sweetest baby boy. He loves to smile and snuggle with Mommy and Daddy. 💙
Ella Rose
She just turned 1 , very happy baby, can play independent. She like eating fruits and will say thankyou and smile at you always. She is very smart and playful will interact and loves chatting to everyone. She looooves hugging babies and will always say hi
Aidan is such a loving lil boy he loves to run around and play he enjoys playing with anything that he can feel and Touch as in the texture . he is 2years old he goes to school and he does have fragile X but he has been learning sign language alittle bit he definitely is worth voting for I would appreciate y’all showing my baby some support thank you very much
Lily is the most funniest baby, she loves sticking her tongue out , she is such a happy baby
I like to talk to mommy and daddy, I like to smile and laugh, I love food, I love to spit bubbles, and I love to be outside!
Hello my name is kailum!! I love hanging with my 5 brothers and most of all my mommy and daddy.......My absolute favorite thing to do is to play with anyones ears especially when im sleepy.
She love to play and talk she love to watch cartoons love car ride she is smart and a very happy babygirl ❤️ She also love her mama dada and grandma
She friendly, great big sister and love to go on adventure.
Tommy loves his big sisters! He is the only boy and the youngest of 5 children. He's a big bundle of joy. Please vote for Tommy!
He loves to smile eat his feet, play wit mommy and listen to music. He loves to watch sports and sleep. He loves to be around people
Nevaeh is nonverbal and autistic she loves snuggles and going to the park. Her favorite snack is French Fries 🍟 , her favorite thing to do at the park is play on the slide and swing. She will be a Big Sister in July and can’t wait to meet her little sister Nova. Her Favorite movie is Encanto and loves playing in her play kitchen.
Emerson loves to eat !! He’s loves music and playing with his cousin .
Glorie-Rain is a very active but slightly sleepy 2 month old.
Logan Dean loves to eat & Suck his thumb😊He is a very happy chunky baby!!! 🥰
Karlynn will be ONE year old in April 🥺 she has the most funniest and cutest personality ever! She can put a smile on anyone’s face, she is a very active little girl, she loves to play with her nana, momma and papaw, and we tell her that she is pretty Every single day, don’t you think so too? Look at her how could you not 🥺😍 I can say momma, dada, papaw, nana, baby, hi, hey, bye bye. Bath time is my favorite I love to splash and get water everywhere! And I love to play with my bath toys. And she goes anywhere she wants to she walks, or she scoots on her knees. She is one smart girl for her age. She also has 6 teeth! vote for my little girl !
Daren is a very good baby easy going, happy little guy, sleeps well , eats well , he was born on his cousin's 18th birthday , very special, he is our first born , a very beautiful addition to our family ,we love him so much ❤️
She is a happy baby who brings joy to anyone around her!
Seb loves playing outside, playing with his pup and being with his friends and family. He’s a loving, sweet and mischievous little boy! He has brought so much joy into everyone’s life that knows him ❤️
Finn loves being with his family. He adores animals and loves when his mom sings to him. He is a Grandma’s boy.
Bailei is 8 months and full of happiness! She’s such a funny , silly , happy go lucky baby !
Loves to cuddle with mommy and learn from his daddy, swaddling is his favorite thing and loves his dog sister Luna
Jonathan is the light of life, he has the biggest brightest brown eyes I have ever seen and they are always shining! He lights up every room and is never ceasing to amaze me with his compassion. He loves the farm life, and doting on his baby sister. Jonathan is one of my biggest blessings!
Josie is the princess of our home, she enjoys batting her long lashes and smiling at anyone who will look her way. Her biggest admirer is her 4 year old brother who she adores!
Miss Oaklynn loves to chew her hands, pull moms hair and blow carrots out of her mouth! She’s so full of love for new people and she’ll give you the biggest snuggles
Gus is a Miniature Poodle who loves treats , walks and playing with his dog friends
Noah loves to smile and laugh at his big sisters! He loves to eat roll all over the place 💙
He loves to eat! He laughs when he sees me and doesn’t even he sees his daddy! He likes to watch tv and watch us do stuff! He does like the camera at all
Bailey loves to smile kick and play and loves watching cartoons!!
Emery Jay
My name is Emery Jay, but everyone calls me EJ! I love bath time, and when my mommy and daddy talk to me!
Ella is our 3rd baby. She’s a peanut who loves to snuggle. Her brother and sister love her!
Armani is always on the move.! He loves playing with his toys, going for walks, & his puppy.! His favorite thing ever is trying new foods this boy will eat anything and everything🥰
Hello my name is Kingston aka King aka man man aka boss . I’m happiest baby you will ever meet I have no worries . I give off Good vibes because I’m always happy . This is just the beginning of my journey . Feed me Love me Rock me Leave me alone lol .
Sawyer is our little rainbow baby. He was a preemie born at 32 weeks and beat all the odds and came home in a little over a month. Hes loves to smile and laugh and play with music and lights. He really brightens any room he is in🥰
Archie is the youngest of 6 boys. We hope you see how loveavle we think he is. He loves watching his brothers sing and dance, and finds peace in the great outdoors. His favorite song is "You are my sunshine" and he loves his baby carrier.
I’m Nani I’m a very happy baby that smiles for everything when I’m in a good mood. I like to take long naps and cuddle with my mommy and daddy. I am very loved 🥰
She loves to breast feed, she was anti plastic for like ever! She loves her daddy and older brother and nap times are the best! She is always making faces so having my camera close is a must! This little girl is smart and everyday is something new!🎀
My name is Kendrick ! I am 3, going on 4. I love playing with my baby brother and watching Power Rangers ! My favorite color is blue . I want to be a firefighter fighter when I grow up !! Please vote for me !!
I’m Julani ! I’m 7 months old and I love playing with my big brother and snuggling with mommy & daddy . My favorite food is apples & I love to bounce ! Vote for me !!
I’m sweet, feisty, and love my food
LunaJean my precious baby skips to her own beat. She loves listening to mama’s music along with cooing and seeing everything around her.
Jaliyah is 3 months, she was born premature, she is truly a blessing to our family. Jaliyah loves Cocomelon if she’s having a bad day which is not that offen we turn it on and she’s happy, she’s such a happy and loving little girl. She loves to smile especially in her sleep. She was born with a smile
A sweet baby that loves to sleep and cry 😂 loves to smile very fashionable
-O.riginal, the and O.nly -W.himsical & W.ild -E.mpathetic & E.ndearing -[i]N.telligent& [i]Ntelligent Loves his family, defends the defenseless, a catch and release(r of all living creatures), unquenchable thirst for knowledge & information
She is the most sweet loving baby . She likes christian music crowder is her favorite. Always launging and smiling. She trys to be very independent that nothing will stop her. Very smart for her age . Loves old people .
Daniella is such a happy and sweet baby. She loves to eat anything she can. She loves to stand up and try and walk and loves her jumper 💜 Daniella is a twin to her brother Daniel and has another set of twin brothers. We would really appreciate if you voted for her. Thank you 😍😍