My baby girl she love her sisters and cookies and blowing kisses the most
My full of energy child please vote for sky . Vote for vote
Loves his sisters very much, but mommy is his favorite person.
Jaxon is our sweet little guy ❤️ He loves listening to country music and just being loved on. We could not have asked for a better blessing in our lives.
Jeremiah will be 2 on September 28th he is a very funny,smart, loving out going baby that everyone loves he lights up every room he walks in he is so loved and adored🫶
Lacey Lynne is our only child and she is such the sweetest piece of joy and happiness (most days)! she is our shining star and the cutest angel in our family 🩷
Loves to smile, loves to laugh, he is the cutest bundle of joy ever.
Ace is the happiest little boy!!! He loves playing and laughing!!! He loves sitting up as well!
Jasmine is 5
Zaylia is a very loving child who just started pk an she loves it she loves babys and spending time with friends and family
Smart, inquisitive, silly and is always asking questions about things. He’s an old soul with familiar eyes that loves to learn about history with a love and talent of drawing.
Spunky, sweet, sassy, and always has a tune she’s singing. She’s a giggly sweetheart who loves to laugh and has eyes the color of the slate grey skies on a cool beach day.
My daughter is a breath of fresh air! She's definitely energetic funny and beautiful!
Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee loves spending time with her family and friends. She never misses her cousins’ sporting events either! She is their #1 fan!
Hazel loves watching Ms. Rachel, truck rides, and she loves splashing in water. She also loves her big fur sister. She loves spending time with her daddy when they go out and is happy when people come over. Just got surgery and she’s so happy ❤️ even through hard times and finding out about a possible heart mummer she is a loveable and happy baby
Abbie is 14 months old. She loves to play with her toys. She loves to talk and listen to music. She loves her family very much.
Kyng Brixley
Hi I’m Kyng, I love eating crackers, drinking smoothies that mom makes. I love playing with my brother and running in my walker. I’m 7 months old weeeeew time went by fast I already have 2 teeth.
Hello & welcome to our page!! This TreLynn she’s 4 years old she in preschool and I couldn’t tell how much of a beauty she is!! So pretty, smart and brave!! The sweetest/sassiest 4 year old you’ll ever meet! She deserves this & soo much more! We appreciate you & your time! Enjoy 😊
This is a photo of abriel at 2years old he is seven years old right now, he was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old. He is energetic, he loves school and his school mate… he love to get dressed up and love sneakers.He loves taking pictures and smiling! ..
Mr. Garyson loves to dress in his blazer and walks like he means business. A little CEO in the making.
This is a candid shot during one of Noah's youth football games. He loves to play football and is a state Champion youth wrestler. Noahs loves his mom and his dog Stella. He wants to be a lawyer or an NFL quarterback when he grows up.
Is mommy little sour patch kid…she loves kissing and hugging people.she loves dancing and watching Gracie corner..she the sweetest baby you could ever meet
Wesley is 4. He has autism. He is a very sweet boy.
Skyla May is 6! She is in first grade like her brother also has breathing issues she was born with! She is energetic and a free spirit for sure! She loves everything that has to do with miniatures and is a mother hen to all her friends.
Bentley is a 3 month old sweet heart. He has some breathing issues like his sister. He's playful loves his stuffed doggy. He's advanced at his age and is always sparkling. Perfect personality! Very talkative!
He’s a bright young man with a wild crazy energy and always will be mamas boy. And his little smile will light a room💚
Mamas sassy little girl that’s for sure. She’s such a bright little girl with a wonderful smile and knows how to light a room up💚
Hi my names Sawyer aka #sawyerourrwrrior💙 I’m 9 months and full of love and energy. My favorite thing of all is to smile and make everyone else around me smile too😊 I love to brighten up everyone’s day so please share and vote for me💙
Hello my name is Audrey and I am the baby of my family and daddy’s little girl! I have the biggest smile with chocolate brown eyes that light up the room! My mommy says I can make anyone who is sad happy with just my presence!
She loves: 😍Her Swing 😍Feeding Time 😍Being Held She hates: 😤Diaper Changes 😤Changing Clothes 😤Not Being Held
Sariah is the happiest baby. She loves to snap her fingers to any music and give forehead kisses
Cadence is five months old. She loves watching GooGoo GaaGaa and playing on her piano mat!
Avaleigh is 11 months old 🥰, she loves to play & she loves her mommy , she loves her dada & her brother ❤️
Jowan is almost 2 months old. He's learning to smile and laugh. He enjoys drinking his bottle and sleeping.
Aurora Mae will be a month old on the 18th of this month. She has 3 sisters and 1 brother that think the absolute world of her! She’s the perfect addition to our family ❤️
Hi, my name is amaris, My mommy and daddy tell me I’m handsome all the time, and I believe them… and I think you should to!! I love to talk “All about it”, and I always have a smile on my face!🥰
Hi I’m Tatum! Tate, or Taytay for short. I’m 4 years old and I am non-verbal.🤫 My favorite thing to do is be outside in some water and get myself messy feeling dirt in my fingers and toes. 😜If I am stuck in the house 🏠 with mom and dad because they don’t want to go outside, I like to watch the fast and furious movies 🎥 and play with all of my toys in my room. Trucks 🛻 and dinosaurs 🦖🦕are the first thing I always go for in a pile of toys! Lining things up and putting them in color order is a MUST in this household! 〰️ If you don’t like loud noise and babbling, you won’t like to be in the same room with me for long 😉 If you’ve read this far, you’ll probably understand that I am autistic and I’m perfect just the way I am🩵🧩
Love to play with all 6 of my siblings & my toys! Being outside is my favorite thing to do. I could stare at the clouds in the sky all day long!
Ok well She's a very good baby and she got good looks and she is almost a new born she is one month and three days
Zoey alway happy baby. She love to talk alot and she always on go.
My Absolutely gorgeous Girl!!! She's sugar, spice and sometimes she's nice 🤣 She really has a Heart of Gold And wants to start modeling, acting or singing 💖
Zoe loves dance. She started when she was 3, and joined an All Star competition team when she was 6. She also likes making bracelets and drawing. She likes to swim and bake cakes too.
Amora is joyful! She fills the room with love and smiles! She’s loves anything she comes in contact with! Please vote for her so she can spread the love and happiness around!
Hello my name is Amaria, I love to dance and sing to my favorite cartoon shows. I love being a big sister to my baby brother Blake. I love animals and listening to music. I am a amazing talker, I will talk to you all day long I am 3 years old.
Liam Hunter Halley
Liam is a Cancer Survivor. He was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma (Brain and Spinal) on October 22, 2021, he was 4 years old at the time, and he spent 7 months in Wolfson Childrens Hospital in Jacksonville Florida. He is also Autistic, High on the Spectrum Disorder. He is a very sweet and happy 6 year old little boy who love Lightening McQueen, Paw Patrol and Teletubbies.