My name is Austin but go by aj I love to play and say da-da and dog I love to smile and sing baby shark
Mya is my miracle baby! I was told i could never hqve a child and here she is! She amazing sweetheart who loves cuddles and loves to put her hands up and smile!
Benson is the most happy baby! He loves anyone an everyone. He’s a little brother to two older sisters.
Loves being held and his giggle is precious.
Carter is a very content baby most of the time. He loves crawling around and can’t look at you without a smile!
She's a 4 months old precious smiling baby ❤️ she came early but you'd definitely never know 😊 unlike mommys she loves mornings !
Myliah loves when you wave to her she is the most beautiful little girl ever
She is the most calmest baby!! She will be 7 months old on the 7th. She doesn't like cocomelon, but she loves watching vampire diary's. She also loves root beer floats and chocolate pudding. She also loves her animals!! They walk by and she laughs and reaches out for them. She's definitely a daddy's girl! He walks in the room and she instantly lights up with a big smile.
Mr. bo baby man enjoys prunes and watching his favorite cartoons and playing with his 3 puppies.
Sylas is a mellow, yet vocal baby boy. He’s got the sweetest eyes and melts hearts!
Leilani is a sweet, intelligent girl who loves books, puzzles, animals, and her baby brother! Her smile is contagious and she never fails to make someone laugh!
I’m Kyler and I love spending time with mommy and daddy allllll the time, I also love to be cuddled and to cuddle with anyone, oh and I forgot I have to sleep with mommy and daddy because I’m spoiled ❤️.
I’m jason thank you for stopping by my profile I love playing outside, on bikes and with toy trucks. I’m going to be the best brother in October when my mommy has my brother.
Hawkins was born 5 1/2 weeks early at 5lbs. He has been crushing it and up to the 85th percentile. He loves to laugh, eat bananas, and dance to the music! He’s such a happy boy.
Kylie is getting so big so fast. She is the bravest little girl I have ever seen. She is almost walking. She loves to play in her swimming pool.
She loves to smile and interact with just about everyone!
Kayden loves his little Sister and his toys. He loves playing the playstation with his momma and both dads. He loves going to the park to play with his friends and cousins.. He is super smart.
Jelani loves when you make random noises at her, she loves playing with her toes, she loves meeting new people, etc
Luna loves her big Bubba and her toys.. She loves playing peekaboo with momma and daddy..
Hudson is a very happy baby. He loves to eat and playing with his toys.
This sweet baby Girl loves her coco melon shows. She loves playing in water. The cutest thing she does is give hugs and kisses. Harley also has a soft spot for all animals.
My name is Jordyn, but my mommy calls me beautiful. I love bath time, being spoiled by my grandma and getting my hair brushed. ❤️
Kinslee is 1 month old, she loves snuggles, kisses, smiling and hearing mommy and daddy talk to her. She is the sweetest baby. She has a condition called PSO. It’s where a valve in her heart doesn’t close correctly. She hasn’t let it slow her down yet. She is a fighter and I hope you vote for her. ❤️
He loves the beach and riding his bike spending quality time with his mother and friends.very out going he is learning to swim boxing he trying to learn to surf. He loves helping anytime he can.he has an awesome personality.he loves his ma'maw
Delilah is the sweetest baby girl! She has the prettiest smile and the longest lashes!!! Delilah loves to smile and laugh when you talk to her. Anytime you look at her she just melts your heart. She loves sitting outside, going on walks in her stroller, car rides, showers, and especially her mommy and daddy. She couldn't be more perfect 💗
Kallie is such a sweetheart! She loves being outside all the time and loves her dogs ❤️
Isella Rose
U should vote for my beautiful baby girl because her smile is contagious it will make smile she is 8 months old and is very smart ❤️😆
Little Dakota is a smart baby ❤️ He wears 3-6 months in clothes, Size two diapers and can now smile and roll over, tries to sit up, laughs and giggles and he can baby talk all the time ♥️😩
Liam is a beautiful 9 month baby boy, he enjoys laying with his mama and watching tiktok:)) he loves chasing us around the house, he sure is a ball full of energy!! He gives the amazing cuddles and has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen, so vote for my baby boy Liam would appreciate it so much ❤️
He is the happiest 3 month old I know!
Jacoby is 7 months old now! He was born almost 2 and a half months early, stayed 4 weeks in the transition unit and he has definitely been through some scary moments but now is thriving! he loves his Johnny jumper, swimming and baths! Favorite food is between banana and sweet potatoes and a occasional popsicle taste! He is such a happy baby and will let us know when he is hungry or needs some extra snuggles!
Micah came into my life when I needed it the most. I may have birth him, but he is the one that gave me life 💜
My daughter is Sophia. She's 5 months old. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora, and Elmo. She eats baby food her favorites are turkey rice, and the fruits and veggies. She loves the outdoors and also loves a fourwheeler or if she is going bye bye. She loves watching a phone and loves to listen to music, mostly to Conway Twitty or Vince Gill and loves when you dance with her. She already has a vocabulary, she can say hi, hello, bye, good, love, help, ouch, hungry, hurry, and more. She is such a good baby she hardly ever cries and loves attention.
Selina loves cartoons mommy and daddy and looking at the stars and the sky.
adalee is such a love. she loves to be outside in her swing laughing at mommy’s funny faces ❤️
She a very smart and amazing baby she loves tv shows she actually sits and watches quietly you would forget she there. She very friendly and loves sharing and helping with her 4 month old sister I just love her vibe and energy!!!!
Asia’s favorite food is pickles and he loves to be with his family!
Legend is goofy and just the sweetest! She will be 6 months and love music
Kenleigh has such a big heart to be so little!❤️ she is a very outgoing child, she’s very intelligent & has complete confidence in herself! so let’s keeping boosting her self confidence by giving her a vote🥰 she said “thank you guys for who that votes”😊
Oliver Theodore is the youngest of triplets. He likes to be in charge and eat whatever I am eating.
Oscar Johnathon is the youngest of triplets. He loves to eat, and really loves to snuggle.
She’s so incredibly smart and independent ! She is so caring and loving . She calls her self “baby” ex: “I want to go to baby’s bed” cuteness overload 🥺❤️❤️❤️
Olivia Lynn is the 2nd born girl of triplets! She is very social and loves attention! She loves to say hello with a wave!
Avianna loves her potbelly pig loves laughing at funny faces she is a happy loveable baby
Hi I’m Asher! I’m a Nicu warrior! I’m one strong and resilient little dude who is smiling most of the time. Vote for me!
Hello! My name is Landon! I love having my pictures taken! I love sweet potatoes, my Daddy and Mommy and my cat Ritz! I give lots of kisses and love to play in water!!
Kingston is a bundle of joy. Loves to laugh smile and play. Kingston started potty training. He makes you feel better when your down. Loves to get kisses. He is a big flirt and loves all the ladies. He loves everything and anything. Kingston loves to cuddle and loves to get hugs and kisses.