Baby Stories - 96


My little Damian is Smart, Funny, and Talkative. He loves school and playing MineCraft in his spare-time. Damian's favorite Christian band group is: the Newsboys! WE ARE TAKING A BREAK....THANKS FOR VOTING FOR DAMIAN :)
Madilyn Hammer
Madi is the greatest blessing we’ve ever been given. ❤️ She’s just as smart and sweet, as she is beautiful.
Kylee loves dance and horses online pageants she also in joys spending time with friends and family
Ever since Oliver learned to smile, he has never stopped! He likes to look at the pretty Christmas lights and he loves starring at his doggy, Jasper :) he also loves bath time and cuddle time, and spending time with his family! He’s such a sweet, happy boy ❤️ He’s now learning to “talk” more and more and everyone swears they hear him say “mama”, which melts this mama’s heart ❤️❤️
Loves to watch ceiling fans, trying to talk, and eating !!
Always smiling and happy 😊
2020 baby with grumpy facial expressions 😂
Makenzie is loving and caring girl she loves her cat and bunny she also loves her family
Knixon is 3 months old! He is the happiest, biggest dimpled little boy in the world💙
This is Anson, he has a twin sister. Anson is always smiling and loves to play. He was born a month early weighing only 4 pounds! My little chunky butt has came so far!!
Ava is 4 months old, she has a twin brother. She’s always making the funniest faces and she’s such a happy baby 🥰 Ava was born a month early and was only 3 pounds! She’s came so far!
Keegan loves to play with his toes, “talk” to his stuffed giraffe and watch his mobile!
Sophia is half white and half Hmong. She has my red hair and my husband's asian facial features. My husband is Airforce and we had quite a time trying to make our little rainbow baby. But now she's here and just loves her bunny, her rocker, and just so photogenic.
Elizabeth is our sweet but sassy, goofy, smart, strong, and lovey 6 month old. She loves playing on her toy mat and in her exersaucer. And learned to roll back to front on Halloween! She loves car rides, warm baths, having her feet’s rubbed, and bedtime snuggles. She’s guaranteed to brighten your day with her gummy smile 🥰
Lorelai is our little beautiful, sassy, smart, wonderful little baby girl❤️ She loves to lay with toys that sing to her, and she loves to jump and bounce.
Addi is one month old, she’s a very happy baby she likes to stare at ceiling fans for hours, She really loves her mommy an daddy. You should vote for her because you will never find a sweet an adorable little girl like her, she’s definitely a one of a kind 😊💕
Hello my name is Makaylynn Faith Chernok I’m 5 years old I love to play, dance an sing, I love to talk An learn new things everyday! I love my puppy his name is cas An he’s my best friend! I love when my daddy An mommy read me books An play with me they are both my best friends! I love animals of all kinds. I’m very smart, funny, An gorgeous! ❤️😘
Kayden is a big ole baby! He loves to smile and laugh all the time!
Gunner Matthew is full of smiles! He loves his mommy and daddy and his brother and sisters. He never fails to brighten up a room! ❤️❤️
Zepplynn is almost 5 months old! She always has a smile on her face! She loves her momma❤️ She loves to giggle at everything. She plays with her toys and her favorite baby food is sweet potatoes and green beans!
Vanessa Ursula
I am mommys rainbow baby And mommys last baby i bring so much joy to my mother's life always smiling and laughing i love my big brother so much when he come in the room my face lite up like a candle he is the only male figure in my life i love having baby talk with him and mommy and nana i am very lovable even though i was born hypoglycemic and had to get poke by a needle every 2 hours I still continue to be a very happy baby even in the hospital for 5 day and born during this corona virus situation i stay a happy baby with lot of love in my heart 💜
Anastasia Star Ann
Our precious Anastasia Star Ann is the apple of our eye. She has the sweetest smiles. She loves her mommy and daddy. She talks so cute! She is already walking and has a personality all her own...Anastasia loves watermelon! She is already walking, and we looooove our Prinxess Anya
Annabella is a very smart, loving, outgoing, beautiful 6year old. She loves her family, friends, school, sports, and beauty pageants!
Mr.Alexzander is obsessed with cars, running around, laughing, and loving. Hes our baby blue with his shinning eyes and our first baby doll.
Kennedy is the happiest baby!! She loves laughing and smiling at mommy and daddy. Her favorite song is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and she loooooves to snuggle!! She saved 2020 for us 💕
Ayla loves her snuggles and even though she had a rough go at the beginning, she is a little fighter already ♥
Happiness and pure joy! She smiles with her entire face and just lights up a room. My princess has Down Syndrome but you would never know it as she shows her determination and motivation to overcome obstacles every day!
Nico loves kisses & cuddles. ❤️🍼❤️
This lil boy is my word!! He makes my day everyday. He loves to play with his 3 big sisters all day long. His best friend is his 3 year old sister,Michael is a big mommas boy, he loves dinosaurs and to play out side. He has changed our life’s so much. And I would not have it any other way
Noah will be 2 months on New Year’s Day! He loves being snuggled and thinks his brother is very funny.
Austin became a big brother for the first time this year! He is incredibly helpful and very sweet. Austin loves animals, dinosaurs and playing with his dad.
Robert is full of energy and he loves to laugh. He loves seeing his grandparents. Robert is all smiles all the time.
Dagny is so bubbly, shy (but she warms up to people fast), funny and loving. She lights up our day everyday. She loves dolls, she loves her dress, she loves doing her nails, and she loves to look clean and pretty all the time. Please vote for Dagny! 😘
Jason loves to sit up and laugh at his daddy & mommy. He also loves bath time & his cousins talking to him.
Brandon is a happy baby and he loves his dog Chicho. He is all the time asking for cookies to give him.
Jewelzs is a very sweet child he loves WWE and he loves racing cars he’s very smart and he’s such a little gentleman he has come along way with health and breathing problemsEvery day is a challenge but he’s getting better I would like you to vote for my child because this is the air that I breathe and he also thank you
My name is Milli im the most happiest & sweetest baby ever , you never see me without my beautiful smile 💖 I love cocomelon, baby shark & talking. I bring so much Joy to everyone 💖
Carter loves morning kisses and cuddles. He is a very happy baby that lights up the room with his adorable smile!
Dominick is such a fun loving little guy!! We couldn’t have asked for a more precious perfect baby. He loves to be talked to, and loves being snuggled up with his mama!
Ariza is a fun, loving smart baby girl! She is only 2 months old & already has a beautiful personality ♡
Lassata is a very alert and thriving baby. She loves music and her brothers. She has big dreams and any winning funds received will go towards her college education!!!!