Dillian is my second triplet, also he and Casey are identical, born at 32wks and 3days, he loves being swaddled an swinging
I’m 7 months I love cocomelon
Casey is a triplet he is baby A, born at 32wks 3days, he is almost two months loves to eat and being talked to
Malani just turned 3 months! She’s so smart and has so much personality already every room she goes into people fall in love and she lightens everybody’s mood! She loves her mommy and daddy, talking, and chewing on anything she can get her hands on!
Babygirl Penelope loves cuddles , loves to eat and is so very curious Penelope is a little sister and she has the most beautiful smile she’s such a blessing to have as a daughter 💜
Ivy is a sassy little girl . she loves car rides , shopping , baking and snacks !
Brennan likes to swim and play video games. He wants to be a TV star.
Armoni Ace is 5 months old! he LOVES sitting up, chewing on teething rings, bouncing in his bouncer, and smiling all the time!!
Khaza was born at 36 weeks and weighed 4lbs and 6 ounces. He was very small but mighty. He never had to go to the NICU because he is such a strong baby. He likes to sit up, have tummy time, he likes to talk, listen to stories and listen to music. He is such a great baby who seldomly cries. His most favorite thing to do is lay on Mommy chest and sleep until his hearts content. If you will please vote for my chocolate, handsome, Prince. Its his grey eyes for me. #VOTE4KHAZA
Olivia is my sassy little one year old. She loves her Mommy and Daddy and anything that has to do with water. She spends her days playing with Mommy and watching Moana.(on repeat) We’d love to have your vote❤️
Lil bug is 6 months he loves talking and laughing at anyone at all times ! Loves horses and puppy’s And his mommy loves hims most!
Mason will be two next month. He’s my baby of four. He loves the outdoors and climbing anything.
Gunner is our miracle baby I had many issue during my pregnancy with him that could’ve caused me to loose him he’s a fighter. He loves to cuddle with his mommy and daddy he also loves going on walks and being outside he’s got a happy going and bright eyed personality
Jonathon is a true blessing from god! He loves his mommy very much. Every morning I get to see his beautiful face smile at me!
Hi fun,nice and kind I'm peaceful.
he likes to sleep and smile he’s A miracle baby third times a charm and he’s just so cute.
Anna's funny and loves the floor can't get enough of it And of course I think she is the cutest baby ever
Dawson was born at 33w & 4d he had a rough start but he is thriving & a happy almost 8 month old! He loves being read to, bath time, walks in the park & mommas milk! <3
She’s an extremely smart and hard headed girl. Loves to go outside and loves all animals!
Mark is the sweetest boy, loves to make new friends and being a big brother ❤️
Colt is such a happy baby, he loves to play peek a boo, patty cake and playing with his siblings ❤️
Danny is a super happy boy who loves to make friends and go on adventures outdoors! He is also quite the musician when he's playing drums on anything and singing his heart out with his dada!
Madilyn is 1. She loves to clap, blow kisses, give kisses and is starting to walk.
Jason is the 3rd generation of a Jason Anthony Dick. He’s 2 yrs old now loves to smile, laugh and run constantly. He would love your vote!
Amelia is the most loving 8 month old you will meet! She enjoys chewing on her many teethers, meeting new people, and hopping in her jumper. Amelia always has the biggest smile on her face and will surely put one on yours!
We call her Lexie. Lexie is a very happy baby, always smiling! She loves to watch peppa pig and She loves when it’s time to eat!!
Luca is the sweetest, loving baby. He loves to smile at you with the sweetest look in his eyes that will steal your heart right away♥️ We love pears, & sweet potatoes ! He also loves his light up toys that sing him a fun song! A social bug he likes to be, he loves anyone that holds him, and give him attention.
Paisleigh is the happiest baby I have ever met. She brings so much joy to our family and is the greatest blessing of all!
Jesse’s favorite daytime activities include smiling at his mommy and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Most handsome little man I’ve ever known. 💚
BRAYLIN is about to be 6 months old soon Nd he’s the most beautiful little boy I ever created when I first found out I was pregnant with BRAYLIN it was a dream come true for me because I had multiple Complications with my ovaries and Fallopian tube cuz of having ovarian cyst Nd had gotten my one tube taken out Nd still managed to get pregnant when every doctor told me there would be no chance he’s my whole world 🌎💙🥺
Ivy is 4 months almost 5 months, she’s such a happy baby. She loves smiling and started to giggle. She loves her playing with her toys. She loves her cuddles and lovings.
Violet is very happy going baby she will always smile even when she sick she loves playing with toys
Miss Aurora likes to sleep a lot. She loves her mommy & daddy. She loves hearing herself make noises. She also likes when her big brother is around her. ❤️
Greyson, loves to be outside, always happy, such a great boy. Loves his papa. Loves his granny. Loves animals. ❤️ Loves water.
He is 1 year old, loves climbing on everything, talking, and little baby bum.
7 months, happiest baby you’ll ever meet, red hair & blue eyes, I may be a little biased but I think she’s the cutest baby 😍😂
Alaina loves smiling everyday, rocking back and forth, standing and walking on the couch, watching favorite cartoons, & she eats popsicles and cheese puffs. (She also has the prettiest blue eyes 💙)
Ravyn is a spunky 2 yr old who loves baby shark and cocomelon, her personality is just exhilarating!! Her laugh, her smile could make the gloomiest day turn bright
She has a cute personality and the sweetest smile.
Madelyn loves to suck on her fingers and laugh .she likes to smile and have fun !
Emma is 4 months old shell be 5 months old on the 5th of April Emma chanced my life she's all I have The things she loves to do is go play at the park with her Aunt an cousin She loves to swing an laugh she's always happy love's taken pictures on Snapchat her favorite movie is high school musical she also love to watch the Mickey mouse clubhouse ❤️
Bailey is a 15 month old smart, feisty, and strong boy. He is such a character and so smart. He uses sign language to tell us what he wants, and loves to use his manners by saying please and thank you.
This here is Mister Colt. He is full of laughter and smiles. He’s even been trying to howl (we’ve been sort of teaching him lol). He surprises us everyday with what he’s capable of doing at such a little age.
Rosa is just starting to like her baths. Her favorite is duke our dog and her swing.
Leonel is the last of 6 of our babies, he is the biggest mommas boy ever 💙 He loves babies, and loves playing on his slide.
Austin Is a funny baby boy with an amazing smile take one look and you’ll wanna stay awhile! He loves to run He loves baths He’s a social butterfly 🦋