Emma's favorite thing to do is smile all day long and bounce in her bouncer. She loves to snuggle faces with the ones she loves most. 💛
Wynter Rose
Wynter Rose is such an amazing 3 month old baby and is a miracle to our family! She loves naps, warm bubble baths and lots of kisses from mommy and daddy!
I’m kason kaine, I like swimming and outdoors
Mommy's sour patch kid
Evie is a happy baby. She is always smiling and only cries when she is hungry or sleepy. She loves watching The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and loves listening to baby lullabies. She loves to cuddle to go to sleep.
Ezra loves his baths, his bouncer, and his Grammy! He is one of the happiest babies I know! Vote for Ezra! 😍
Madelyn Rose
Madelyn Rose loves to be held and talked to her favorite times are spent being loved by her family
Remington ( Remi) is almost 2 months old she loves holding her head up, smiling and cuddling, she is learning how to roll over and how to laugh
Desiree is such a happy baby and a character she loves to talk and smiles all day long !
She’s is such a happy girl! And 99% of the time she is sticking her tongue out! 😝💕
Guinevere is very adventurous and is a happy little girl, she is a daredevil and beautiful,always smiling and enjoying learning new things.
Braelynn is 4 months old and is as happy as can be! She loves when you sing to her and she will tell you all about her day! She loves spending time with mommy and going outside.
Jakari is 15months old and enjoys playing basketball is one of his favorite things to play while outside he also enjoys coloring. he also enjoys any kind of food but really enjoys fruit.
She gets super excited when she sees her one cartoon that she watches on repeat call Little baby bums. She likes to yea and hold daddy’s beard. She a happy baby and loves animals and love you sissy and bububa.
Kye is a sweet baby boy from Shreveport Louisiana who is just a lil over a month he loves to laugh an smile an of course pose for the camera 💙😀🍼👼
My happy rainbow baby
Lorenzo is starting to coo and love’s to eat sleep and cuddle!! He also loves his Momma, Papi and Big Bros!!!
Mackinley likes cocomelon she loves to laugh the sound of her laugh makes her laugh harder she loves cocomelon she is always so happy!
Trenton loves cuddling and cow noises he also loves being tickled on his cheeks or his little legs
She loves the outside and staring at the stars. She is just the sweetest baby always making the cutest face. She tries to talk, just the beautiful eyes
He loves to be outside. He likes watching TV and just watching his momma. He loves to eat 🙂 he smiles alot. His nickname is "nugget"
Waylon loves to eat! He loves to bounce and play. He has such a big personality and smiles almost 24/7. Waylon loves to get cuddles up in a soft blanket and talk to mom and dad.
Sophia has such a big personality already ! She loves her aunts and mom 💕 she’s just now learning to smile and it’s adorable
Sapphire was born 3 weeks early because of the unknown. Must of the pregnancy she was in the 6 percentile of growth and there was a vericose vein in the umbilical cord. Even though test would come back normal they were not sure she was getting the nutrients needed. So at 37 weeks on June 1st they decided to induce labor. On June 4th she was born by c-section weighing 5lb 8oz 18-3/4" long, looking just as beautiful as her mom!!
She’s a happy little baby, likes to laugh when she sees her brother causing trouble she loves giving kisses
Aj had issues when he was real little with tear ducts but he is now 10 and thriving
Our baby zoey was born April 30th she had a hard time gaining weight her hole first month and was spitting everything up. She is better now :) shes our rainbow baby
This is Harden Trey, he’ll be 2 years old July 8th! He is very adventurous, loud, and rowdy. He loves everything boy from tools to cars!
Addyson is shy and quiet. She loves playing ball and swinging. She’s shy but loud when she gets to know you. 🤣 She loves new things, and her daddy
Isabella is a wild child who loves anything dangerous, She is very hyper and is a daddy’s girl. She loves swimming riding her 4-wheel and anything else she can do without shoes.
My Name Is Greyson for the first month of my life I was a nicu baby ! I love to play peekaboo, I love to be outside , I love my cat luna , I love when mommy and daddy and grandma holds and cuddles me ! I’m two months and a week old ❤️ My nickname is little chicken nugget 💕
Violet is such a sweet girl. She is always smiling and she loves to snuggle.
Lorenzo Jr Is 6 Months Old Loves To Play In His Bouncer, Loves Being Outside An Is An All Around Happy Baby! He Brings Smiles To Anyone Who Meets Him!
Kennison is silly and funny and will do anything to get your attention. He loves to listen to music and dance. He loves to watch paw patrol and he loves Jesus and mommy and daddy. He loves to learn new things.
Giahana loves to spend time with family and breastfeeding bond. Enjoys tummy time
Tristan is the most happiest baby ever. Whom ever view Tristan photos will automatically smile with enjoyment. He loves outside and of course his little best friend Mr. Binki(pacifier). Always happy and loves to make eye contact and talk. A very bless and handsome little boy. His parents and 4 older big brothers adore him. He will light up your day with his big and bright personality in his litter body.
Novalee Jo Hoskins
Hi my name is Novalee Jo Hoskins i am a month and 2 weeks old. I weigh 5 lbs 8 oz. i love to watch TV , i love when mommy talks to me. i like to be snuggled. i have a funny personality and will make mean faces to you
Nyomi is a very curious and talkative baby, she likes it most when she is being held by mommy 💕
Kayden is spunky, he loves watching his daddy play guitar, and he practices on his mini guitar. He also loves slamming on the piano. He loves to dance and chase you around the house.
Ray Anna
Ray Anna loves sleeping with her daddy and loves snuggling with mommy she is very smart and also likes to be very vocal
My name is Elliotte, I like watching Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol and, Bubble Guppies. I love snuggles with my mommy. I'm walking now and I like exploring everywhere I can get. If I win the money will be used to brighten my future. Thank you for all the votes.
Alexandra love taking pictures and movies and playing with other kids. She is kind she like to help. She love giving hugs when you feel blue
Brooklynn is 5months old & is one of that happiest babies I know. She goes by Bossy B, Brook, Brookii, but you get her attention when calling her Tunk. Her favorite movie right now is Home & she loves the Backyardigans...mostly the intro 🤣 Blowing raspberries is what we are dealing with now if she's not interested in something in the tv.
Khloe And Kenzlee
We love Cocomelon. We spent 1 week & 6 days in the NICU. We love laughing at momma, & we love learning new things.
Amelia is already nicknamed "Smiley" and "Munchkin". She loves her book "Who's Making Tracks?- Farm" and gets so animated when its read to her. Her belly laugh is so contagious. She is the sweetest little bean. When she 'talks' she has a lot to say!