Baby Stories - 95


Love to be outside
Our special middle son has moderate-severe hearing loss though continually wears his Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids his waking hours, in his second year of pre-school, he's very energetic, caring, sweet boy. He loves and is loved by his brothers.
He is a very sweet, easy-going boy, wiggles all the time, seven months mobile via rolling around, loves and loved by his big brothers. He lights up when one of our kitties come near and is so smart.
He likes to play cars and on his tablet. Enjoys spending time with family and helping his pappa work on cars. He has lots of energy and loves to be outdoors. He has a heart of gold and is always trying to be helpful.
Love everything about my little princess🥰 She’s already crawling everywhere full of fun & new adventures each day🤗 Please Vote for her🥰
She is very outgoing when so.eone needs help she is the first one to help she is always there for her friends and family
Hey there! My name is axel Todd and I absolutely love to smile and interact with people! I am SUPER strong and love to sit up and stand! I just figured out how to make a new noise to get mamas attention!
She loves to read she loves to play outside she loves to make new friends her smile is like a ray of sunshine and she will brighten ur day
She loves to laugh she loves to cuddle she likes to play with her doggy and her personality is just outta this world she has an amazing heart
Irie Tru Van Ling
Irie Tru is a sweetheart with a big personality. He is such a beam of light for his manma and others. He is almost always smiling and giggling. He loves going on outdoor hikes, splashing in the bathtub, and kicking his feet to music.
My name is Ezekiel I am 1 year and 8 months. I like animals and the movie Wreck-It Ralph. Eating ice cream makes me happy
Annora loves to talk laugh and be with mommy loves playing with the puppies and her grandma
Liam's a very strong and attentive little man. Born with a full head of wild hair, he's far from it.. chillest baby Ive ever seen. Hes captured so many hearts and is already a stud lol ❤🥰 he loves his daddy and now baby talks with both daddy and mommy. He is bow 6 months old
My little Michael loves to be talked and is such a happy baby all the time he loves being told how handsome he is it makes him grin like nothing else
Baby jj is the sweetest baby you will ever meet, he loves to bounce and he loves apples. And of course he loves cuddles ! He is 5 months old ! I enjoy listening to my daddy play his music !
Nayeli was born on August 17th she weighted 6 pounds 12oz she has a big personality she loves to getting spoiled by her family. PLEASE VOTE HER ❤️❤️
Phoenix is a baby who has a CRAZZYYY personality! He loves coco melon and trucks! He’s gonna be ONE on October 23rd!!!!!
My name is Kylian. I will be a year old on January 9th. I sometimes get so tired of being so darn cute because everyone wont leave me alone and always passing me around. I know how to say mum and baba (bottle). I have two teeth on the bottom. Growing up is so exciting for me because im always so happy and loved by many people. I cant wait to experience more happy and fun things in life.
Westley Ryan
Westley is a very happy baby and loves his big brothers, mommy and daddy! 💛
Cecilia is the happiest baby watching her 4 older siblings and 2 dogs play. She loves her food. She loves laughing and smiling. She has a very curious mind and loves to explore.
Shes an amazing 5 year old, shes smart, very outgoing. And loves life for only being 5!!
Hey Im Jayce! Yall show me some love💚💛 ill be 1 Nov. 14! I love being out side. Im trying to lean how to walk🏃‍♂️I love beating dad up👊 Im such a happy baby 😄
Well, look at that smile! He’s one of the happiest kids ever! Plus, he’s about to be a big brother here in 2 months!!
Edward James
Ej is 5 months old now and he is just the happiest baby in the world
Saidee is the smiliest baby you ever would’ve met. She love trying to sit up and trying to rollover. Fuzzy blankets and music are just a few of her favorite things!!
She funny she always smiling and she is the cutest thing ❤️
Brayden is so sweet and loves to have fun with his family. He enjoys going on walks and observing everything outdoors, playing with his toy cars and blocks and eating all his favorite fruits and veggies. He also loves being rocked to sleep listening to country music, snuggling with his mom and dad and jumping in his jumper!
Layla watching movies and eating her snacks. Her favorite thing is playing with her toy called Pig, that is a dog toy
Kodi is our dancing queen, if she hears a beat she is moving. She is such a joy to be around.
Our sweet Brynlee Bug is such a fun, spunky, sassy little girl! She loves to dance, explore, and play outside🥰 she is always happy and full of energy!
Hazel is a super sassy little 2 year old! She loves her baby sister and daddy so much! She loves talking and going on adventures! ❤️
My little Baylen is such a happy little guy! He loves being kissed, talked to, and he loves cartoons!! In my opinion Baylen is a one in a million baby he is always so happy! Please vote for my baby!! Baylen Laine Bryan
My name is leilani am six months and am a foody ❤
Logan loves his bath time and play time . Not only that but eating and sleeping as well . He is a very playful and happy baby . He loves his mommy & daddy time very much . oh and meeting new people people omg prepare for him to love you and want you all the time now :) Thank y’all for the vote have a blessed day !
Jerzi loves to bat at her toys, she loves to snuggle her doggy, she loves listening to lullabies, she loves smiling at her mommy and daddy and grandma
Gunner was born 3 months early at 1lbs 14oz, he is now 7 months and almost 15lbs!!! Loves to smack on his fingers and talk!
Hi I'm Luke, I like baseball and goosebumps. I love my grandma, but only get to hug her once a year so I video chat her everyday. I like going to school and playing with kids at the park. I love my family and like praying to jesus.
Paisley likes cuddling with mommy and daddy, sleeping and baths! She is one month old!!💛
Hi I'm Wyatt James, my mommie calls me Mr. Bubbles. I really love my big brubbies and all of the cool toys they bring me to play with. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with my mommy in the rocking chair. 💕
I'm Aiden, a wild and playful child. I love my mommie and brubbies and playing with my toys!
Karson loves movement (car rides, boat rides, airplane rides). Cuddles are a must for him.
MacKenzie is the most happiest baby I have ever seen. She loves to make people smile. Kenz can brighten up anyones dark skies with just her baby talk and her big smile. She is such an angel from heaven.
This goofy girl! Her smile is contagious, her laugh is adorable, she is beautiful smart and funny as all can be.
Aurora Rose is such a happy, talkative baby. She is 4 months old and our IVF miracle ♥️
Stetson Paul loves to be outside playing on his tractor or snuggling up to mommy, he is so loving ! He’s learning new words everyday and already knows how to count to 10 and sings his ABCs !
Quarra Bee
Quarra Bee or better know as Miss Bee was born May 12th of this year. She is pure love embodied into the perfect little package! She loves her puppy, applesauce, and most of all The Lion King. The love we have for this bucked of slobber and joy is tremendous and we hope that you enjoy her pictures as much as we do!
She loves to look at pretty lights... Her purple and green Halloween lights make for a happy baby.