Baby Stories - 95


Hi my name is Armani , I am a big mama’s boy and I love to play ! 💙🤗
Paislee is a happy, funny and outgoing 5 month old! She loves watching her big brother play toys and watch Sophia the first every morning 💜
Cassidi is a spunky, fierce little girl who is outgoing and loves cuddles. She also loves playing outside
Hello! I am a 2 year old boy who loves cocomelon. I like to dance, sing and jumó around. I also like to eat & cuddle with my momma 💙
Wášöni' is one in a million! Hes such a happy little baby that loves to cuddles and even though he doesn't know his words yet he loves to talk and sing!
Joseph aka JJ is a very lovable funny little boy who has a smile for everyone. Social butterfly who loves animals and loves to dance.
Hi! Im a huge snuggler. I feel so blessed to be in the arms of my loving family members
Remmy is a very happy smiley baby. He loves to listen to the foo fighters, look at colorful lights and cuddle.
Corbyn is one happy baby most of the time! He can roll from tummy to back, hold his bottle, and hold head up. He makes me smile every time I look at him.
Elliott loves to laugh and he is ready to conquer life.
Grayson is a very loving little guy. He loves bath time and Cocomelon
This little man loves snuggles! He is so patient and happy. He loves Led Zepplin and Queen. If he is upset just turn those on and he calms right down. He is so loved and spoiled!
I love to play with cars and stay outside as much as possible.
Alexander is 6 months old. He loves chasing his kitties and puppies, food, and snuggling with mama. Be sure to check out all photographs =) we would love to have your vote and grateful for those who vote for us❤
Hello there! My name is Ian! I love to yell Out (aaagoo) I love to smile,I’m a very happy baby❤️I love being with mommy and daddy! Look at my pictures and I know for a fact I’ll robe a smile of your face you’ll love my funny faces 🤪🥰 VOTE ME and you’ll even make me a happy baby ❤️
Jameson loves his rice cereal, and loves to bounce in his jumperoo!
Jemma Elise
Jemma was born on Friday the 13th during a harvest moon, she loves to make different facial expressions and loves to cuddle. Loves to play big people person, loves to eat.
I am everleigh I'm the only girl in a family of FIVE kids! And I'm the baby! Spoiled is an understatement :) I'm a real life princess 💕
I love tummy time, kisses from Mommy & Daddy, and all things Christmas.
I love tummy time, kisses from Mommy & Daddy
Tenleigh is sassy, sweet, caring, and such a daredevil. She loves her mom, dad, and especially her grandparents
Tenleigh is sassy, sweet, caring, loving, and such a daredevil. She loves her mom, dad, and especially her animals
Aspen is the light of our household. He absolutely loves talking, playing with his toys, and mickey mouse clubhouse. Please vote for him so we can get him all new mickey things 🥰🥰
She just 3month old but very smart and happy baby. Always smiling. Kimberly loves music ❤️
Isabella is just a wee little one, 2 weeks early from her due date. She loves her boppy & really enjoys tummy time. She eats like a champ and definitely has an attitude like her mother.
Skylar is loving and sweet and lives to make sure everyone is ok
Armani is so friendly and says hi to everyone and blows kisses to people. He loves attention and play with everyone no matter the age. Please give him love and vote for him
Hello My Name is King La Ween, I enjoy Eating,Crawling Around And Snuggling in My Blanket. VOTE FOR ME😍🤗
My name is Noah. I am 4 months old. I love tummy time, kisses from Mommy & Daddy, and all things Christmas. I dislike wearing pants 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣
My name is Michael. I like to ride my new mustang car and bat my pretty blue eyes. I also like to do baby ninja kicks on my peepaw.
Abigail is 3 months old. She loves bath time and talking to her stuffed toy sloth. She loves it when mommy makes funny sounds. Anytime she hears a Rod Stewart song she smiles, closes her eyes, and falls asleep.
Elena loves cuddles from mama and dada and is always so smiley 🥰
Didriquez Smith Jr
Hi, my name is Didriquez and I enjoy watching cocomelon and biting on my mom and dad fingers. I also like talking on FaceTime to my grandparents.
Zoey was born August 28th, 2020. She is a pretty, loving, happy, and spoiled baby. Please vote for Zoey and thank you 🥰.
Aalayiah Grace
Aalayiah can say her abcs, she is learning new words everyday, she can count to 10, she loves story time and she loves her sister
Skylar is a very bright and intelligent little girl she loves her sister and can count not only in english but in spanish. She is very advanced for her age and loves learning new things. She likes to read and write plus she loves story time.
Elaiya is a smart happy healthy beautiful 6 month old babygirl, she’s tiny baby w a big personality, & smile that can light up the darkest room 🥰
Gabe is the littlest of 3 boys, he’s our sweet snuggly guy with a spirited side! He loves people, and his smile lights up a room.
Bentley is 8 months old. He loves clapping, jumping, bubbles, growling, and cuddles ❤️ He’s a super friendly and happy baby boy ☺️
Hi my name is Kross. I am 10 months old! I enjoy jumping in my bed, driving my car, and eating! Thank you for voting for me!
Everly is sassy, sweet, caring, and such a daredevil. She loves her mom, dad, and especially her animals
Joseph is 2 months old and loves to smile! He was in and out of the NICU but recovered so quickly! He is definitely a fighter!
Matthew is going to be turning 2 years on July 5. He was born 11 weeks early and he is thriving. He loves to cry when he doesn’t get his way. He loves to walk everywhere. He’s very loud, kind, loves to laugh, makes everyone smile.
Avery Alyssa Maness
To meet this sweet girl is to love her! She has a beautiful face as well as a beautiful heart💕
Brantley is always so happy and enjoys playing with his sisters. Hes the sweetest boy ive met.
Melody loves to laugh and drool.