She loves to be talked to & she has the cutest smile, she smiles all the time!
Selena Loves to laugh and play. She is learning how to walk and she loves to play with kitty cats and is learning how to say the words meow !
Henry is an old soul! He has a smile for everyone he meets!
Aydrean Phoenix is so sweet and happy all the time! He’s our Rainbow 🌈 Baby!!
At three weeks old, Sonnie has a full head of hair, loves to hang out with her German Shepard “Zaya,” takes in views of the Montana outdoors, and enjoys napping on daddy’s chest!
The name Diwata means, fairy guardian of the forest. And this suits our baby girl very well as she loves being out in nature, playing, walking and loves being in the water with her Daddy. She is a very curious and a very affectionate baby.
Jonas Gutierrez
, sweetest boy with the sweetest smile.
Clayton loves anything farm related, tractors, cows, combines. He is such a sweet kid
She is very sweet super active and overall just the best baby we could have asked for
Jackson (aka Jack Jack) is the most happy & flirty little guy! He is so sweet and loves going for walks, his crinkle books, and anything & everything he can get into his mouth. He knows the sound of a FaceTime call and is more than happy to be the center of attention!
Prince Kyle
Prince Kyle is a sweet boy,nice boy loving brother to his sisters,he loves to play soccer.
She loves being up my butt, she loves her baby foods, she loves smiling & playing!!🥰😊
Ryder loves Ms. Rachel & to talk and smile with anyone and everyone 😊
Nia is a very happy baby , serious at times but she’s over all very happy … she’s very playful & progressing very well as a baby & I love her so much ❤️
Azaan Is 9 Months Old , He Loves To Jump And Practice Standing Up On His Own . He Is Quite The Character With His Always Happy Attitude
she a daddy girl
Pricillah Khloe
Pricillah Khloe is very very sweet, nice, caring, a very fast learner, brings joy for everyone , loves to play around and make people smile,
Henry is 15 months old. He loves climbing and rocking/swinging. He recently became a big brother to Finley whom he adores and gives kisses to every chance he gets. He loves his dogs and horse.
Jasmine Rose
Hello I’m Jasmine Rose. I’m only 2 1/2 months old. Would you vote me please! Thank you!
BrookLynn is a smart intelligent little girl. Full of sass. She is independent and enjoys doing stuff on her own.
Hes a animal lover!! ♥️🥰 and is a mama's boy 👦 💙 he loves being outdoors!
She loves halloween and baby dolls and peanut butter
she love her daddy and her mommy and her nana and paw paw and he dog sassey and sanford and she loves. baby shark and coco melon
She is cute and pretty and funny at the same time
Eloise Jo is our precious 4month old! She’s got big blue eyes and is such a strong willed little baby girl! She loves her big brother and loves to play with her hands! She’s always smiling and happy!
Aria is just sunshine! She is just such a happy baby! She loves car rides and hugs from her grandma! ❤️
Zariyah is a very happy and talkative baby! There is no room that her smile can not brighten! She loves to eat anything, she loves to jump, and she loves to watch Elmo!!
Elias hates sitting still, he’s been all over the place crawling and using his walker to get from one side to the other. He loves swinging on the porch in the morning, he loves trips to the river, and loves spaghetti nights♥️
About Cooper, he loves is daily downtown walks and cuddles at night he takes after his mom who is from the Philippines eating mangos daily
Leeontae Love Rolie Polie Olie And Mickey Mouse He Loves Talking To Anybody That Will Keep His Smilin He Such a Smart Intelligence Little Boy ❤️
Nathaniel is 6 Months Old!! He loves his mommy and auntie’s!! He just learned how to roll over and his first tooth is coming in🥺🫶🏼
Carisi can speak two languages. He loves to play with our dog. He loves pasta 🍝
YOU CAN REACH US HERE: This is going to be a huge inconvenience for all of us. We are very sorry we were doing everything we can to hopefully get all accounts restored. I have reached out to each site via email and I’m waiting to hear back from them. Please leave your links, dates of your contest, amount owed and anything else that you think we should know on either of these two links for now. Thank you for your patience as we try to correct this issue. Yes, this is the same Kylani from Connecticut that is almost 2 years old, I am adding some old pictures so you will recognize that this link is for the same child 👧🏻 Sincere apologies, Cheri D, Jim M and Steve D 💓 P.S. I (Cheri D) have tons of screenshots and a lot written down but sense all my posts are gone I don’t have anyone’s links.🤬😤😡
A Happy little.Girl.loves animals,people.and playing Barbie dolls
She is just a pistol,loves people,playing and sending time with Nanny.Her Mommy She says is Her best Friend
Houston is amazing and his smile will forever steal hearts. He likes to dance laugh yell kick his feet like crazy I swear he’s going to be a swimmer he has his own language i know he cannot wait to talk- he loves to eat everything I could go on he’s just the perfect baby I don’t understand how I got so lucky-please vote for my baby boy thank you🫶🏾
He is starting to find his voice slowly, loves smiling, napping & of course milk!
💜 B E A U T I F U L 💜 Inside and out! Loves to preschool, dance,sing, and play with her baby dolls💕
Josiah is a funny little baby he loves the show pj mask he love to go on walks he loves his toys and hes food 😂
Layton is 4 months old. He obviously LOVES his bottles, talking, Octonauts and mom(:
He loves The Wizard of Boz, French Fries & Tractors! He’s got the biggest heart and smile and loves his sisters! He also loves to Boogey!!! (Dance) Lol 😂
Noah is a Energetic loving kid. Noah is a sweetheart he is super caring. He is very helpful, and would love it you give him a vote!
Matteo loves to be outside, he laughs so much when he gets tickled, he smiles when he hears and sees himself on videos & he loves watching Ms. Rachel on YouTube!
Penelope is a fun spunky lil thing with an amazing personality. She loves cuddles and smiles at everyone! Thank you for your vote ❤️
Shes playful very smart outspoken loves animals gets along with other kids she's a brilliant baby and happy