Lincoln Is Our First And Only Child. I Was Told By Doctor's That I Would Never Be Able To Carry Full Term. He Is My Rainbow baby/Miracle Boy. Lincoln Is A Little Sweetheart To Anyone He Is Around. Lincoln Started Kindergarten This Year. He Likes Being Tickled, Smiles Alot, Loves Kisses And Snuggles. He absolutely loves to dance and be silly. Loves to Color, Draw And Learn New Things. His Favorite Food Is Spaghetti And Anything With Bacon lol. His Favorite Cartoons Are PJ Masks, Spongebob And Sonic. His Favorite Movies Are Sonic, The Bee Movie And Matilda. He Also Likes Kickboxing.
Jordan is a very sweet girl.. she loves to go to park and just lay around on her tablet lol
Sweet Jasper loves pandas, ms. Rachel, and music! He lights up every room he’s in, the epitome of a ray of sunshine ☀️
Serenity is very happy and sweet little girl she love and care about everyone. When your day is going bad Serenity always find a way to make you smile. Serenity is really funny and she is fun baby to play with. I love my little sprit baby. In Serenity words I not a baby I Big Girl mommie
Frankie is a fast growing 18 month old who loves anything thrill seeking. She loves to run around in the backyard and if she wins , we will be getting her big girl backyard toys with her winnings ❤️
Ezekiel is and has always been such a happy boy. Smiling from the minute he wakes up. Hes currently really into blues clues and elmo. He loves mom and dad and he knows when mom pulls her camera out.
Isabella is so sweet and loves her siblings! 💜
Phoenix loves cocomelon and loves to eat
She’s just the most chill and calm baby girl who loves to smile 😊
Charlie is wild, adventurous, and sweet. His favorite color is pink. He loves chocolate anything! He is a very picky eater and peels "the crust" off of his uncrustables.
Ryuken is a silly and loving young boy. He absolutely loves his brother and sister. He love Rainbow Friends and Garten of Ban Ban. He is such a big little helper.
Matrix is a very outgoing little boy. He has such a sweet heart. He loves his brother and sister. He loves to help and snuggle. He loves playing and eating 🥰
Kireina is a silly and outgoing little girl. She loves her brothers and she loves Unicorns and the color purple. She is so sweet and loving. She loves animals.
Renesmay is a loving sweet baby girl that just turned 2 she loves doggies she smart n caring
Willow is a playful 4 month old that loves trolls and playing with brother and sister and momma and dada. Her favorite food her bottle. Her smile lights up your day
She’s a little pirate princess! We love dress up and learning new things. Shes so curious about everything! I cant get enough of her love for discovery! One day she will discover something extraordinary!
Averey Nevaeh
Our little genius
Loves to play and eat.
Laklynn is 3 months old and is the happiest baby you could ever meet! She loves her family (mostly her daddy ) 🥹🫶💕
Miley is 9 years old she loves to play with her daddy definitely a daddy’s girl ,Miley likes to play with her makeup kit and one day wants to help save animals lives and help others.
Such a happy baby....Loves her Cocomelon, Always smiles
Tara is full of energy, funny faces, and mysterious laughs.
This boy is going to be a rockstar one day, He feels the music in his soul!!!! He loves music!!!
Jack is the sweetest, smartest little boy ever, extremely independent, one look into his eyes and you get lost in his beautiful hazel eyes.
Charlie is a one of a kind highly energetic young man, he has the kindest heart and the biggest ideas wise beyond his years. His favorite color is orange, always on the go looking for adventure!
She’s very Energetic , very caring , loving and so sweet 💞 please VOTE VOTE VOTE she deserves the vote THANKS SO MUCH
Paislee is very enthusiastic about life, she is trying willed , loves doing karate,she loves to help people when needed,she isn’t afraid of a challenge
He is a hard worker at only 2 he will help move little bricks and pull weeds he is so sweet
Wynter S.
Wynter is such a sweet baby! Always smiling and Happy! Vote Wynter!
Amiri, the most loving, already kind, and loves getting your attention then smiling. Shows random affection and sweetness.
Nova is an intelligent 5 year who love outdoors and definitely loves being a big sister. She loves LOLs and Barbie’s. Love playing dress up and loves just being a kid
Ella is always happy! It's never a bad day in her world. And she loves to give hugs.
King is 2 years old and has an outstanding personality and imagination. He loves nature, learning activities and playing with his little sister.
Aaliyah is 1 years old and has an amazing personality. She loves nature, learning and playing with her big brother.
My wittle bumblebee 🐝 She is only 3 weeks old and of my 3 daughters, she was my smallest. She's just too tiny and sweet not to share. 😍
Chaz is an amazing and smart little boy who has overcome alot in the past year. Plz vote for him and make his day
Azrael is 9months old. He’s everywhere loves to eat everything. He giggles and love’s attention.
This is Jeremiah. He’s 4yrs old and loves to play outside. If he can’t play outside he loves to play with his cars and trucks.
Leoki Kapule, Jr. Lifegaurd while dad gives surf lessons. Lahaina Evacuee living every day like it’s a blessing from God. Aloha.
Im 8 months old with 2 teeth and lots of energy 🫶🏽
Lilianna Rayven-Sky is the sunshine of our days and the moon&stars of our nights. Cuddles and kisses are just one of the many favorite things she loves to do. She also loves dancing with daddy, watching moms favorite shows together and loves when her big brother speaks Spanish to her. Her personality is as big as her smile. Don't forget to please vote for our precious Lili. God bless
My beautiful baby moon (Mahina) brings joy to everyone’s life everyday. When I was pregnant with her the doctors tried telling me theirs something wrong and I should think about an abortion. When I gave birth, she had a big lump above her right eye and in her liver. Luckily ended up being benign and has been getting shrinking as she grows. I’m so blessed she’s able to be with us today & I get to watch her grow into her own person.❤️
Kash is a very handsome little boy he loves playing in the water hanging out with his family loves the out doors and nature walks
He’s a happy and active little boy. And wouldn’t trade him for the world.