Hayden loves his family , loves watching his Mickey Mouse club house.
My babygirl❤️Always has huge smile. If she shy she ducks down🥺, she’s soon to be a big sister 🎉🥰to her baby brother.
he’s the sweetest baby ever❤️! he loves being around his family and friends, and he especially LOVES outside!! everyone loves his chunky cheeks and big bright eyes🥲!!!
Bubbly, happy boy! Loves his mommy, daddy and bananas 🥰🍌
Harper is a very hyper alert baby,she loves playing with her puppy and kisses from mommy . And She loves rolling all over the place .
Jayden loves to play Roblox and hangout outside with friends and family
Hi I am Joceleen, I love “you are my sunshine” song especially when mommy sings it to me. I was supposed to be born April 9th but decided to come out two weeks early I also didn’t want to turn in my mom’s tummy until the last check. I love snuggles with my mommy and daddy but mostly my daddy.
Ayden is bout be 7. He loves his family and being outside. He is smart funny and very hyper.
Paislee is an 8 month old, youngest sibling of seven. She likes cuddles, crawling, and eating anything she can grab.
Elija Rain
He's an awesome friend to everyone he meets. He loves to come up with new songs every day and loves music.
He is 3 weeks old and loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy. ❤️🤦
Guinevere is a daddy’s girl! She giggles and loves everyone she meets. She’s a happy girl with a spunky attitude.
He is a very happy baby. He loves to play with all his toys and loves to be around his family. He loves to roll around and tries to crawl and will try to walk with help. He loves his pets as well
Bodhi is a sweet laid back baby boy thats loves all the attention and cuddles he can get.
Ava deserves to win because my baby has already conquered some battles & continues to thrive & show her Momma her strength everyday. She's truly AMAZING & beautiful both inside & out & all your votes would be greatly appreciated by not just her but her family as well & would be great to tell her when she's older. ❤️
My sweet baby he smiles when he hears his nickname “sugarbear” he’s two months old 13 pounds and 23.4 inches
Grayson was born at 22+2 weeks, kicked butt for 5 months in the NICU, and is currently developmentally 4 months old!
Carter is the sweetest, happiest little boy. He is ALWAYS smiling and laughing He loves to bounce in his jumper
Malakeye is very energetic, loving and very sweet. He loves to play with his brother for the most part and run around with the kids outside. You guys should vote for him because he’s just something else and different and will melt your heart with the sweetest Hugs 🤗 he gives
Kaisley is a very happy but strong baby with all her heath conditions and 1 surgery down already. Even though she might be a little delayed and health issues shes perfect in everyway
Blakelee is such a loving boy! He is so adventurous and his imagination is beautiful!
Monse Ruby
Monse Ruby is a true blessing to mommy and daddy. She is 2 months, and I can just say she is absolutely an amazing baby and so happy in life. She is so loved by all her family. Baby girl sure loves her bath time, of course eating, but most of all she loves to be cuddled and loved on.
Bella is a beautiful little girl that is so full of life. She smiles all the time and her giggle makes you melt. 💜
Ava is a month old! she loves cuddles and is a super happy baby!
Willoughby loves cuddles an smiling🥰
Waverly Faye is already a spunky sassy baby girl loves her siblings like crazy but thinks the dog is a bit weird. Haha
Miss Raylee Mae is the cutest, sassy, full of personality little girl! She’s definitely always the center of attention!
Athena was born at 36 weeks on March 13th 2022 and spent a week in the Nicu. She is such a happy strong little babe. Shes my beautiful little rainbow baby🥰 She loves being held and cuddled💜
Raegan is 2 months old and loves her bottle 😊 she loves smiling and shes just starting to learn how to laugh and play with some of her toys, just now trying to learn how to hold her head up.
Sophia loves smiling at everyone, barking at her dogs, reading books and then throwing them on the floor, and making her mom and dad laugh!
Leighlend was born @24 weeks weighing 1 pound 8oz 12 inches long. He spent 5 months in the NICU came home on oxygen. He’s had 2 surgeries one on his intestines and on his eyes. He has over came all the odds against him!
Orion is just over a month old. He love snuggles and soft things.
Sandra is a happy loving baby! She loves pictures and toys!
She is the exclamation point in the happiest sentence I could ever write. This girl is kind,courageous,smart,funny,sassy and beautiful all at once.
Karma was born with club feet and will be wearing braces for at least 3 years. Karma loves bouncing and playing with her toys that light up and sing. When karma is having a rough time she needs her nanna and mommy
Miss paisley loves bath time and making the cutiest little noises when she hears daddys voice. She love to cuddle at all times and always happy as can be
My name is Serenity, I am 3 yrs old❤️, I love makeup and I’m a big sister!
Zachary the sweet baby 💞 Zach loves to crawl, run and play. He’s the biggest loving person ever and loves to share share share everything!
Winston if full of energy and loves to kick and play. You can find him with a smile all the time. He loves the sunshine and really enjoys bath time! He will be greet you with a smile followed up with a coo saying hello. You can’t help but smile and laugh at his little but big personality 💙
A huge people watcher and Loves to roll, kick and be held by momma & daddy. 💗
Katielynn has one of the funniest personalities. She always tries to make everyone smile around her. She is very active kid in many sports and in rodeos.
Remmington loves 18 wheelers and he loves baby shark and he like outside he is 13 months old and he lovely and he is friendly and loves babies
Baby Elias is super social just like his daddy and loves being outdoors just like mommy
Charlie is the most adventurous two year old you will ever meet. he is always coming up with big words and loves to read. he’s got everyone wrapped around his finger from the moment you meet him.
Vickie is 2 months old. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl. She loves to cuddle and watch tv. She loves car rides and listening to music.
Shy is an amazing child!! She loves to draw, sing, dance and play outside!! She loves Elsa and Mermaids!! She is 4 years old going on 15😂 And she loves to model when she gets her picture taken!! She has to pose every time lol!! Vote for ShyRose!!💜
Alayna is 8 months old about to be 9 month. She loves her bouncy and her walker. She loves car rides. She loves her dogs. She is definitely my miracle after losing my first daughter. She is my world