Baby Stories - 95


He is out of the NICU and we are finally home thank God 😊🥰
Ares was born on Mother’s Day, our little rainbow baby. We found out I was pregnant after his baby sister had passed away and were overcome with joy. Ares is growing stronger everyday and is such a kindhearted baby 🤍
Dane and his “twin” Ichabod (the Kitty) and his protector, Brehn the Great Pyrenees. There is never a dull moment with this crew!
Kennedy loves dressing up ,jumping in muddy puddles and playing with her pet ducks.
Legend G
Legend is definitely a tough cookie. He's smart loves food. He loves dancing and moving to the beat His laugh is amazing definitely warms the whole room up. Silly fun great personality He's definitely a sour patch kid sometimes sour sometimes sweet. You'll never know what you'll get lol
Xain Alexander is a very outgoing 1year old. Who like watching sports with dad and watching motorcycles. He’s very smart. A smile that’s out of this world. Please vote for our son.
Christian is an energetic and charismatic baby. He loves to bounce in his bouncer. He has a rare condition by the name of cystic fibrosis, but it has not stopped his growth and development! He is a precious gift sent from above.
Isaiah loves to make everyone laugh!
Natalia loves to smile when she sees her mommy!
This sweet handsome guy loves to read, color, boats & trucks! He can count to 12 on his own and knows the alphabet by heart.
Khase is about to be 2 years old. So smart and witty! Loves to laugh and play. Very photogenic and happy. He loves Mickey Mouse and Bluey.
Brody is the “Big Guy” that steals hearts with those baby blues.
The BIGGEST‼️ No literally he’s just so chubby. He’s so smart and silly. He seriously thinks everything is funny😂 he’s just the life of the party everywhere he goes🤍
Rhys is starting to develop a wonderful personality. His name means inspired by God! He has beautiful alert eyes, a cute deep dimple on his left cheek. He is advanced, already sitting up and reaching for objects. Also, he is very ticklish and is developing a cute laugh. His coo’s will make your heart melt and a smile that lights up a room!
Samir is a very happy and intelligent 10 month old baby. He knows how to say “mama”, “dada”, “bye-bye”, and “no”. Samir loves patty cake and peek-a-boo.
Emmy is a strong girl. She has a rare genetic condition called brain, lung, thyroid disease. She started her life on oxygen and was supposed to be on it for a year but got off at 4 months. She’s a strong girl with a beautiful smile!
Adanny is a happy energetic baby and always has a smile on his face. He loves being outdoors and enjoys nature.
Harley Reign
Harley is her own boss, she plays to the beat of her own drum. She is loving an so independent. She hugs her siblings. She outgoing an even with a family farm she is quick to tell the animals no no with her finger. She always get mad if she not allowed outside because she’s so outgoing
He is such a happy baby. Exclusively breastfed. He loves to laugh eat and play and SLEEP all day. He is the first boy grandson. Such a mommy baby lol.
Olivia Monroe
He’s the happiest baby I’ve seen in a very long time, he loves his baths and loves to talk up a storm with anyone who will talk back to him
barrett was born april 18, 2021 at 8:30 pm. he is the sweetest most cuddly boy you’ll ever meet. he loves naps, loves to to be tickled, loves to watch tv, cuddle with mommy, play video games with daddy and spend time with his gigi and lola. he is a strong growing boy with lots of love.
He is brave, adventurous, such a gentlemen.. when he wants to be. Funny .. suoer msart.. outgoing and such a little helper.. I could keep going.. but yes all around past the naughty he is a sweet handsome boy!!
Violetta loves her dad. She loves to smile and she loves food.
Mercy is almost a month old and such a happy little girl.
This little girl may look cute but she is sassy.
Amaya is the most sweetest, sassy, calm and serious baby. Amaya loves to laugh and talk all while being a 1 month old, she loves when people talk, sing and hold her🥰she also loves to watch tv with Mumma and Daddy. She’s the best friend I never had.
A’Myla is 3 months going on 21 yrs old. She’s sassy, funny, bright, intelligent, and charismatic. She loves eating and tummy time. There’s still more to learn about her but luckily she teaches me everyday, now you can learn with me and get the opportunity to love her like I do.
Paxton Barrett
Pax’s loves swimming! And his daddy is definitely his favorite along side with his gpa. He loves playing outside and with his dog pickles.
Adrian is a very outgoing and very independent boy. He enjoys playing outside and with his baby brother. He is a big mommas boy.
Greyson is a very happy daddies boy. He loves to be outside and playing with his big brother. He is also a very happy baby.
Sweet Valiant Is Named After His Father He Loves To Cuddle With His Mommy And Listen To Sleep Sounds And Soothing Music
Daxton is almost 2 months old! He’s very advanced and such a happy sweet boy 💙
Mason is caring loving and gentle. Mason loves helping and playing with friends and family.
Paxton loves Thomas the train and loves to be outside he’s very funny and has a personality u can’t beat!
Blakely is a wild girl! She absolutely loves her brothers and sisters, she love to play outside and enjoys cottage cheese and snacks
Eleanor has kept us on our toes since Day 1! She was born profoundly deaf but her hearing loss hasn’t kept her from smiling and laughing at her mom’s silly faces! Her eyes light up and feet start kicking when we sign with her - we know she’s already excited to take this world by storm!
Karson is a country boy that loves mud and he also loves his momma and siblings and school he is prankster and loves to joke people
Hi there! I’m Ascher. I love my milky, my big sissy, and when my mommy makes funny faces. I am the smileyest boy you’ll ever meet and I just learned how to giggle.
Lizzy is shy but loves to have her pictures taken she loves playing barbies and loves going to school to learn she will do anything to bake you smile!
HeartLee loves to play with baby dollsshe also loves to be outside and shes always smiling she will brighten anyone’s day!
She's Adorable, smart, very active at 6m. She the light to my family anybody who meets her get sucked in by her beauty. Fall in love at first sight when she smiles she light up a whole room.
Hello im TJ im 8 months old and I love my fursisters athena and harley, playing with my toys and going outside!
Audrey Mia
Audrey is a love bug 🥰 she love pets and baby’s think she know it all 🤣🥰😍 but she sure is the sweetest lil girl I know 😘😘
Chance is the biggest happiest baby boy with the most fun personality (and faces)! He is our only and is completely adored!! Some of Chances favorites are: mommy, daddy, cocomelon, bath time , auntie tay, chelbi, copper dog, food, and of course his binki!!
This guy loves to talk and will share absolutely everything he has! His stories will most certainly always bring a smile to your face!
Russell is all smiles and always ready to go! He loves his sisters and brothers and will never let anyone laugh alone!