Baby Stories - 94


Elijah is funny and full of life. Loves going to the park and playing in water he loves to play with his little brothers and sisters
Rose as we call her is full of attitude and life. She walks and runs loves her baby dolls and blankets she loves bubbles and to dance
Adaleah Faye
Adaleah is our little sassy girl, who loves all things girly! We currently Rep for a Bow company and she loves getting to model. She is supper funny and crazy energetic!! She enjoys playing with her big brother & her pets!
Jr is two years old he loves Spider-Man and cuddles. He has autism and is non-verbal. He’s super sweet loves to give hugs and kisses.
Iris Mae Williams Desantiago
Iris is such a happy baby she smiles all time she is so joyful I love her so much ❤️💕
Ma’Lani is full of joy. Very photogenic lol whenever there’s a camera involved she’s ready to smile.
Arlo loves being outdoors and getting dirty! He loves everyone and has the best smile!
I’m Ariyze (Aries), I love to talk , make spit bubbles & my favorite is sucking my thumb 🥰💚
Avery is a sweet loving little girl who is always happy and full of smiles. She loves to play with her older sister. She loves to spend time with the bunny and family. She enjoys playing outside and doing crafts.
Adrianna is a loving girl, she enjoys spending time with her sister and family. She loves to play outside and do fun things. She always willing to help others when in need.
My name is Dionte, I love smiling and im only 2 months but I’ve learned so much already 💙
Khloe Brooks
Blake loves doing bicycle kicks to get her toots out, pulling all nighters and making sure we do too
Hiya! I’m Thaddeus and I am 19 months old! I love playing outside with my mommy and my friends!
Hi! Meet Kennedi! She’s a very sweet, outgoing baby. She likes to be read to and watch TV. Overall, she’s a delight to be around.
Hi, my name is Jude! I am 4 months old. I love cuddles, music, bath time, and my mama. I do not like car rides, or being put down. I’m a very happy boy and I smile a lot! Vote for me !
Best big brother! Never a dull moment with him around!
Elizabeth Ann
Princess Izzy loves to nurse and cuddle. She’s got a strong neck and tries roll already! She’s a little spitfire already!!!
He loves outside, race cars 🏎, paw patrol & snacking endlessly ♥️ He’s a daredevil & will try anything to climb on. 😂
Jordan is a very curious little boy, learns very quickly and always full of smiles. He loves to be around his older brother and sister and ADORES cocomelon!!!
Stella is a amazing little girl! Shes a heart warrior and brings joy to all around her!!
Nicholas is a bundle of joy who loves to smile while he sleeps
Dahlia is our miracle baby, after months of trying we didn't think it could happen. She spent some time in the NICU but is thriving! She has the most beautiful blue eyes and red hair. Our little mixed ginger baby makes everyone fall in love with her. She loves her siblings, and her momma, but this girl is the definition of a Daddy's girl! She loves silly noises, tons of cuddles, car rides, and warm lavender baths!
Asher is my golden baby (comes after a rainbow baby). He's almost two years old!
Hello, Kymberleigh is such a sweet girl. If my beautiful, blue and green eyed baby wins, we will be adding half the money to her savings and the other half for things SHE needs!!
He's the most handsome baby boy very intelligent and lovely papi kiss Mommy everyday say I love you Mommy👶
My name is Zailey! I love to laugh and roar like a dinosaur 🦖🦕.. everyday it's an adventure! I also love playing with my furry siblings. 🐾
Hi my name is Storie. I’m only a month old, but very alert. I like to walk with dad and mom and hang out with my older sister
Kolton loves being held and he loves to smile and play with his big sister
Delylah is a little bit over a year old. I havw enjoyed watching her grow, and become the amazingly smart, beautiful, extraordinary little girl she is! She loves to get into things she shouldnt, she finds it funny to be bad! She loves to come over and sit on me and pull my belly out and smack it, and bounch on me. She loves to blow kisses, loves to climb & get dirty. Shes just an amazing little girl! She also loves to sit, play, feed, and hang out with Shadow! (Mommies dog, now babies best friend!!)
Hi! 👋🏼 My name Is Alaïa. My mommy and grandma say I’m such a pretty girl. I smile and I laugh, I love to be tickled and I love to talk and make sounds with my mommy. I love when people smell my toes and give me kisses! I love to be swaddled and swing in my monkey swing. I love monkeys and I love the movie “Home” on Netflix! I love to go shopping at Target with mommy and grandma. I’m one of the girls!!! 🎀 My nickname is missy moo and I am a sweet princess girl! I am very sassy and will scream if I don’t get my way. I love to cuddle and now it is my nap time. I hope I win!! Thank you for voting for me!🧸❤️😘
Has a big personality and a smile and laugh that will light up the room and cheer anyone up
Hi my name is Gianni Aeko! I am Vietnamese, White, Puerto Rican, and Malaysian. I love it when mommy and daddy sing to me, it’s my favorite way to be calmed down. I am such a happy baby and love to smile! My favorite show to watch is Curious George. He loves to be goofy and loves to try to talk just like me! Vote for me 💓
Lainey is a loving 22 month old who loves to eat! She loves her mamma and she loves for you to sing to her. She is very outgoing and make the most faces.
Atlas loves to smile, listen to music, and eat! He also try’s to talk to mommy and daddy all the time 😂!
Kenzo loves to cuddle! He is such a pleasant baby, full of smiles to warm our hearts.
Izayah is a fun happy baby who spent his first 4 months in the NICU
Grace Marie
GRACIE is a happy, giggly blessing who's born to her lucky Taiwanese Chinese Mommi and Italian-Polish Daddi. She's truly a bundle of joy who cheers everyone up!
My beautiful baby boy who loves grabbing on to mommy’s chest and looks into her eyes ❤️
Deimos is the greek god of terror. But im the exact opposite. I let my mama sleep through the night and hardly ever cry. I love to look at everything with my grey eyes and sometimes focus so hard i go crosseyed. I love to snuggle and never turn down the chance to eat or nap.
Kyson James loves to be outdoors, although it just puts him to sleep. He’s got beautiful blue eyes and red hair that catches everyone’s attention! He’s our chunky 21lb baby💕 he absolutely adores his older brother!
August Raen is the sweetest little man. Any time you talk to him, he lights up the room with his smile. August has the most adorable cheek dimples, and his laugh melts everyone’s heart. Vote for my happy little man. ❤️
Gwenaviene Mae Gwenie for short She loves to blow raspberries & does a little dance anytime you make her smile. Her giggle makes everyone around her giggle. Sweetest babe.
Keaton is a fun loving little boy that loves everyone. He is trying to raise money so his family can have visits with his big brother. They miss him more than anything and want to see him.
Adonis Lee
Adonis is 16 months. Loves to dance and is always picture ready. He loves the outdoors and is always on the go. Favorite show is word party, Barney and baby shark. He has such a big smile that will light up your day. He will have a whole conversation with you in baby talk and laugh while he’s having it. Adonis is full of love. The kind of love where he will grab your face for a kiss and push you out the door lol. He looooooves food and will never miss a beat when it comes to snacks.
I am beautiful and bright as the ☀️ #redhead i was born one month early but Nothings going to stop this 👶🏼.I love Sheriff Callie wild west cuddles with my mommy🤱🏽. I love to smile . I love to attack people faces😄 .i love to roll over and I love my walker but my feet can’t touch the ground. I love banana 😁 This is my fourth contest wish me luck Birthweight: 4.4p Currently: 13.15p24 1/2inch 🥚 Istagram @izzy_creations
Colton is the perfect baby, he loves to smile and play. His favorite thing to be called my big man. He loves sitting up and kicking his feet when he is excited.