Thallen is a pandemic baby and at one week was already lifting his head and resisting the laying down position. He loves to smile and is so mellow.
She loves to roll around and army crawl!! She throws her toys then laughs lol!!
Serenity is My Little 23 week old premature baby doll . My Sugar baby .
Keisyn love's to play an watch cocomelon
Salvatore is 11 months old and loves snuggles and kisses from his mommy and daddy. He has red hair and always loves to smile and play with all his toys. He has 9 teeth now and loves to listen to country music. His favorite show on tv is cocomelon and bluey, loves going in the pool and is such a waterbug. Please help vote for this precious little boy💕
Taegan loves, to play outside riding her bike! She has a very infectious smile that comes along with the cutest little laugh💕
August is an aspiring martial artist with loads of energy. He is the sweetest little guy and gives amazing hugs. When he’s not eating everything, lol, he is dancing and playing to his favorite songs with his best pal Mittens.
She loves to snuggle and kiss her mommy and daddy. She loves Cocomelon and Disney movies. She is the sweetest baby and has the prettiest smile and the cutest laugh!
Tobiahs loves to spend time with his family! He loves to eat and play all day long😃 He is the sweetest baby❤️
Penelope is a wild child with the biggest personality! She adores her big sister and loves to explore. She loves bath time, getting outside, books and dancing to The Lazy song by Bruno mars.
He was born 11 lbs 2oz a chunky happy baby always smiling and laughing
Westen is almost 10 months old! Loves his siblings and race cars, he’s a happy baby with a big heart, he loves meeting new people and trying new things. His favorite toy is a steering wheel! He’s definitely a mommy and daddy’s boy. He loves the outdoors and swimming! His nickname is Chunky Monkey.
My little peanut is a such a beautiful little girl ! She's constantly laughing and smiling , and is such a happy baby girl !! She loves being outside in the nature , especially when we go for our daily walks , she lights up . She loves to talk , and show us her love in affection in any way she can !! She's also a Squirmy wormy lol , she never stops kickin tho fat little legs and is always on go ! She's bright , beautiful, and a wonderful baby girl , I couldn't be luckier nor anymore blessed tht I get to be this gorgeous baby girls mommy !!! Please vote for my little peanut 🥰 Zorrielle Irene Coachman 💗
Little Robert
Hi! I’m Robert JR! 🐘 I’ll be a year on the 26th! That was fast!! 😲 This is the first time mommy put me in a contest, and I made it to 2nd Place! 🥲 See my crazy curls?! 🥰 I’m such a smart guy already and I’m so fast! I love bath time, Cheeto puffs and using my feet for everything. 🦶 Thank you all for the love and support we love love LOVE youuuuu!!!💙
She is cute angel
Well right now Avery is all about mama and standing boy does she love to stand if she fussy stand her up and she’s instantly happy.
Julius loves watching ms.rachel, loves baby shark and loves playing with his big brother James💙
James loves watching and playing basketball, he also loves hugs, and his favorite animal is a dog! (he calls every animal a dog) 😅
Sylas is a sweet, mellow baby boy with a smile that melts hearts.
He loves kisses, cuddling, and taking naps.
Angelica Rose
Angelica Rose always has a smile on her face. She loves listening to music and spending time with people that surround her.
He loves anything with fruit and he's chunky 💋. His little fat rolls make you want to pinch him every time you see him and he brightens your day with his little gum smile 🥺.
Maison is a mommy's boy and loves to do duck lips
Kidron is sassy, smart, strong willed. She loves to read, play dress up, play with her little brother. She wants to be a chef when she grows up! Her favorite movies are both Frozens, Beauty and The Beast, Inside Out, and Turning Red.
Mckenna is 2 months old, she loves tummy time, cookie monster and her puppy pepper
Hi, My is Azayla I enjoy swinging in my swing and tummy time. I love to be in my mommy’s arms. I enjoy eating every 3 hours no later! I have the best cuddles.
Jaxson is always laughing and running around, he loves making new friends but is always a little shy at first! He loves playing peek-a-boo by jumping up from under the couch to scare us & he loves when daddy makes him laugh until he can’t breathe. Jaxson just had his First birthday!! vote for our little 1 year old!
Liam is the best baby there is ! He’s so happy all the time and full of life. He loves music and mommy milk 💕💕
Baby girlshe loves cuddles with mommy has the most beautiful blue eyes and lovely smile she love to roll over . Tryin to sit up by her self and talking like no other she's growing so fast
My name is Parker and I am a huge mama’s boy. I love laying in my swing and watching my brother play with his toys. I am a sweet, silly and handsome little guy. I am always smiling and making goofy faces!
Brantley is a very loving boy. He is always happy and there is never a dull moment with him. He loves his mama, food, and being loud. All smiles all the time!
Miss Kinsley loves to talk, lay on the floor with her sister. She loves smiling and listening to music.
Chase is such a happy, sweet and loving baby boy. He smiles at everyone that he meets, loves animals and laughs when we play airplane.
Aydin loves being outside, loves cars, firetrucks and Mickey Mouse! He absolutely loves books and is so smart!!! He's 17 months old and is the sweetest little boy!!
Sunshine in human form. 💛🌼🌞
Creed is my precious little baby boy, who was born April 28th, 2022. He is my bundle of joy, my happiness on the hard days. He has truly maid me a better person, and saved my life. He has the cutest little smile, I love my baby boy so much!!!🥰😍💖
Emelia Jane, she is the sweetest most lovable girl you will meet. Always happy, and full of energy
Miya Grace is 3 months old! She is so fun to watch & is always looks confused but very curious! She loves watching doc mcstuffins and loves her much older brother & sister! She is a happy baby & always need a little blanket to go to sleep to hold and its the cutest thing ever!
Maya is 8 weeks old! She loves snuggling with mommy and daddy. She just found out how to smile and loves going for walks and tubby time!
Lukas is a very fun, loving, super smiley kiddo. He loves to chase his brother around and play with anything he can get his hands on. Lukas loves gold fish and even loves sharing his food with the floor.
Phoenix is 100% Oklahoma boy! He loves anything outdoors or to do with water!
RoseMary loves all things pink and sparkly! Her nickname is Sassy Rose for a reason!
Valerie is the most happiest baby I’ve ever met, she is always smiling and giggling. She is starting to stand her self up on things and take her first steps ❤️