Austin is the most high spirit, sweet, giggly baby ever. He loves mickey mouse and his family. Hopefully he puts a smile on your face as he does alot of people. He's my little Rainbow Baby 🤍
Adalyn is a wild, spunky, sweet, and sassy 2 year old with a huge personality! She loves being outside. She absolutely loves animals! Her favorite shows at the moment are paw patrol, spidey and his amazing friends, and peppa pig! She loves making pig noises and howling like a dog🤍
Soloman is so amazing with a beautiful smile. He is just a happy baby and will make you smile even when your having a bad day. He likes to move his feet and play in his jumper.
Hi I’m Hazel Rayne ! I love to talk and make big poops ! Not only am I spoiled, but I won’t let mom or dad put me down! I love to cuddle and watch Mickey Mouse
Wesley Mae
Evelyn is 15 month olds. Loves her mama and daddy. She loves Bluey and puppies. She is the sweetest and easiest loving baby. She has the prettiest blue eyes.
Hellllo my names Odina! And I am only 7months with spices attitude and the brightest smile! Give me a vote to see more of my cute face!
Kayden Zane
He is the happiest baby
Thomas Ray Kellems
I love to be snuggled up to mommy and daddy all the time 💖
Hello, my names Brynnleigh! Things I enjoy are playing with my mommy and daddy, playing with my puppies and watching Disney Plus! I love cooking with my papa Shane and snuggling the rest of the family. My favorite colors are turquoise and pink! I love going to church and dancing during worship! I have my daddy’s looks but my mommas attitude!
Maci loves frozen and playing outside rain or shine. This girl is fearless I swear. She’s an out door girl that’s for sure.
Wesley was born in 2/22/22 he is a very special baby. He was named after his uncle who passed away almost 12 years ago. He is a loving and very calm baby he loves his momma and was her saving grace. Thank you everyone for voting. We love you all. ❤️💯
Loves to cuddle and sleep but most importantly his favorite is ofc to eat 🖤
My lil man is just the happiest, calmest, cleanest, sweetest toddler ive ever known! He loves the outdoors and motorcycles/cars. He's the greatest miracle ive ever been blessed with!
Hi, my name is Presleigh. I’m new to this world, I’m only a month old. I’m beginning to learn a lot already, like being stubborn.. Exactly like mommy and daddy. I love to sleep during tummy time even though mom says that’s not how we do it. I’m already spoiled, just by one look I get what I want.. isn’t that great?! I get all the cuddles by everyone around me! I love to sit up and stand already to see all of the new things around me! Please vote for me
Aerial is so sweet she is a quite baby she sets back and watches and learners from her older sister she lovers to play ball and playing with her sister
Savannah is by far the happiest baby I’ve ever been around, especially when she’s with her momma or bath time 💛
Wyatt Loves to be outside! He’s a big nature lover! Wyatt’s favorite show is Elmo! Wyatt’s favorite sweet is chocolate! He loves his Mama❤️ & loves giving kisses & hugs! He’s all about being a big boy! He knows how to drink out of a cup and open doors, already!! He even helps himself to the food pantry every now and again! He loves people and showing them his big handsome smile and waving at them! ☺️ Wyatt knows how to clap & give high fives!
Waylon Ray is such a happy and funny baby! He loves dogs, playing, eating and anyone around him. He is truly a happy baby!
Madden spends all day with his Meme while Mommy works. He loves to nap during tummy time. He loves to eat and and stare and smile. He smiles so bag and he is the happiest baby!
Carson and his one month old golden retriever buddy Finley. Carson is now a month old. He loves his binky, movement of any kind, lying on daddy, and mommy singing to him.
Brinley is always happy!! She will eat just about anything, can sing (loves A, B, C’s) and dance, crawls all around, claps while saying “yay” and can already tell you she’s “1” with her little finger!
Hazel is 4 months old and the happiest baby ever! She loves to smile, laugh and hear her own voice. Quite the chatterbox she is! Hazel is 5 months old today! She is full of smiles, laughs and raspberries lol! She has found her feet now and they have became as much of a play toy as her toys have.....she's just amazing in evey way possible love her to the moon and back😍 Hazel is now 1 year old and still the sweetest, loveable, adventurous, wild baby girl ever!
She loves music she will fall asleep to the sound of her daddy singing to her . She is a very funny little one with how animated her faces are she is one that will make you smile with one look. She is so lovable and she knows it but I want her to know she is loved by her parents very much we appreciate all votes that come our way.
Karson's a smart little boy he loves going out side and walking around exploring anything and everything he loves taking pictures and talking
This little girl brings a smile to everyone’s face that meets her. Sakura loves Micky Mouse and her stuffed animal Weiner dog. Personally she thinks car rides are the best way to fall asleep while listening to daddy’s music.
Ryder is 3 months old. Has such a personality. She prefers sleep over food. She loves to watch movies with bright colors. She has the sweetest smile with the most precious dimples. She loves snuggles with her mommy and loves all of her furry siblings.
Victor Eugene Kellems
I love my siblings and my parents, I love helping and cleaning I am a very sweet kid
Hi! I’m Brantley and like to chew on my fingers and smile, i’m such a happy little boy and i’m learning to roll over and make noises :)
Hi, my name is Anastasia I love my little ponys and dinosaurs and being inside my favorite color is purple and I'm a grandma baby but I also love my mom too
My name is Cora, I love snuggles , warm baths and spending time with my family. My favorite thing to do is make funny faces to make my parents and siblings laugh.
Hi, my name is harmony I love being outside and my little ponys and dinosaurs and my favorite color is pink and I'm a Daddy's girl
Hi,my name is Alexander I love dinosaurs and being outside and watching shows on Dino's my favorite color is blue and I love my mom and grandma
Hi, my name is Skye I'm almost walking I love car rides and being outside and yelling dada and chewing on my hands. My favorite color is pink and I'm a Daddy's girl
Hi, my is Dallas Im not old enough to crawl yet,I love car rides and laying next to my mommy my favorite color right now is blue and Im a mommy's boy
Taylynn is such a happy baby. Between learning to crawl and new teeth coming in she has just been cruising right through.
THANK YOU FOR THE VOTES. <3 Payton is a caring, lovable, very smart almost 2 year old. She loves her little sister, she enjoys helping her in anyway she can and LOVES Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. She can tell you which character is which. But second favorite cartoon is Bluey. She is so smart she is always learning new words. She loves to wear shoes and make silly faces. Her favorite food has got to be her nuggies. She loves blankets and when goes wrong she says the cutest “sorry”. She is so loving to her fur siblings, a German Shepard and a kitty cat we adopted. Payton is one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever known, and I (her momma) get to raise her. We vote for others too!
I love to sing and dance! I can say daddy,mommy, bubba, bottle and my favorite song is twinkle twinkle 🤩
Paris is almost 3 months old. She lovesss to coo and smile.. she loves listening to music and taking a nice bath!
Brooklyn is a happy, snuggle bug, that loves to watch her big sister act goofy. She also loves to watch me (her momma) do things around the house until she lets me know it’s her time to be held and go around on adventures with me. She has already had her first vacation to Florida and she enjoyes the fresh air. She loves to go on walks in her wagon while listening to the nature sing.
Paisley the sweetest little girl, she talks a lot and is so smart. Her favorite things to do is play outside and color and is obsessed with shoes!
Cylus is 3 months old and he LOVES his big sister, giving everyone smiles and sitting up.
Alexander (Lex) is 3 weeks old. Loves snuggles and looking into your eyes.
Hello I'm Delilah, when I'm not caught up in "Bluey" or deep into a nap, I'm using my attitude and big beautiful eyes to get everything I want.
Dawson is 12 days old he loves to smile and enjoys baths he loves to cuddle with mommy
Dean is a fraternal twin, he has a brother named cole and they are best friends! dean is very sweet he loves everyone and is very much a people person! He is very smart and loves to entertain with his charming personality
My names Brinlee. I love laying on my moms chest & eating my fingers. I can hold up my head a little now! My favorite colors are pink and green!