Baby Stories - 93


He is such a sweet boy loves to dance and sing he’s quite comical as well
Ava Brielle
Ava Brielle is a little ray of sunshine. She awakens each morning laughing & talking. She’s such a happy, sweet, & chill baby! Please vote for her!
Dae Dae
Is advanced for his age he rolls over. He loves kisses and he can say hi
Almost 2 months old loves to take baths and LOVES to eat just like his daddy.
Kingstin just turned a month old July 3rd 💙 he is such a happy baby! He is so advanced already when it comes to holding his head, cooing, & etc. He loves to sit up so he can look around at everything. We are very blessed with this handsome baby boy!
Daisy is almost three months old! She loves her big sister, she loves to smile and absolutely loves to eat!
William loves playing outside and hanging out with his family!
Lailena love animals and wants to be a horse trainer when she grows up.
Raelyn is the happiest little girl. She loves all animals. She is always smiling and here recently has started growling at us. She is always down for anything we are doing. She sleeps 12 hour every night and takes a few 30 min naps during the day! Please Vote for me!
Marley loves to laugh and giggle with her brothers and sister. She thinks daddy is the funniest person ever but definitely a mommas girl.
Natalie is very spontaneous and loves when people talk to her and you’ll get the biggest smile from her. I am so blessed to be her mom!
I love being held by daddy and I love my milk machine momma. :)
Camila is a Premmie,was born at 31 weeks and stay in the NICU almost a month. Camila likes showers and love mommy's kisses.
Wyatt is a lil lover. He was born premature at 22 weeks gestation.
He loved spending time with his grandmother and his mama and daddy he can be sweet and he can be a little cry baby but he has a big personality and he loves people he is a people person he doesn't need a stranger he loves playing with his dogs and his toys but most of all he loves coming to visit with his grandmother
Arielle loves snuggling with mommy and daddy and when daddy plays music for her. She also gets big smiles for her 3 older brothers.
Jamison is such a happy 4 month old baby boy. He is a true gift from God. In the hardest times after 2 losses we found out in the beginning of a pandemic that we were expecting our little baby boy. He truly blessed our family with joy and live and helped us be closer as a family.
Baby Weston is 6 weeks old. He loves cuddling with his mommy!
Hi my name is De’Lylah , I am 1 years old , I love to make peoples day with just my smile and my personality, I love to dance and wave to everybody who walks near me , maybe one day I can get far in life and be able to be on national tv vote for me ❤️
Alisha is 5 months old and she is a so precious. The biggest prettiest smile ever. She loves to be around ppl❤ **Instagram: moore2know
Jaxxon is the silliest and smartest little boy! On top of being too cute for words! He loves playing and rolling around! He just learned to pull himself to a stand!
Malachi Coolkid
Malachi cool kid who is a very smart intelligent and most definitely handsome kid, he love football he's a mommie boy and he love his sister Malachi has been the only child for 10 years. so when his sister enter the world he was one Happy Kid....
He’s always smiling, loves Pocoyo and Dancing vegetables.
My name is Amari. I love my pool, car rides, and being outside. My bestfriend is mommy. Thank you for voting 🥰💙
Leila loves to watch Sesame Street with her big fur brother. She also loves drinking milk and sleeping. She loves cuddling and gently touching faces!!!
Callie Rose loves music and Her favorite currently is the Hamilton soundtrack! She also loves snuggly with mommy and daddy!!
She’s so smart sweet and loves doing competitions. We’re just trying to stay high so we can buy our dress for a pageant photo shoot we have coming the magazine comes out Jan2022. We’re baby doll miss America 2021 😇
Charlie love to play with other babies she like to eat green beans and broccoli and she’s a very very happy baby a joy to be around She just started walking
Meet Christina An ❤ She loves her brothers and does what her brothers do. They are 6 and 2! She learns a lot from them. Shes our little bug bug! She loves being outside! Loves water! Shes full of love 💘
Rayna is our Rainbow baby. Her name means Queen and song of the lord. She is the reason i wake up.everyday. She has such an uplifting ora that its impossible to not smile and just be happy when shes around. I now know what that mother and daughter love feels like. I love it and wouldnt change it for the world. She is her daddy's next fishing buddy. She loves fishing already and is the best beautiful joy to be around.
Everly is such a happy joyful baby girl! She loves smileing at everyone she meets and just lights up the room!
Joee loves to sing and dance to her favorite songs from Frozen! She loves all things Disney and is definitely our little princess!
Happiest baby ever!
Ryker Phoenix was born on Mother’s Day 2021. He is the greatest miracle gift out little family could ask for ❤️
Miyana is a pretty little princess who loves music and playing with mommy she loves cuddling and she loves the flash her big smile 💓
Jade is such a sweet baby girl. She gives the best cuddles and is always smiling.
Kennedy is the sweetest little girl with the biggest heart. she loves stuffed animals, swimming and puppies. give a vote to our precious Kennedy ❤️
JoAnna Lynn loves to smile. Mickey Mouse makes her laugh and when she’s not napping, she’s spending time with her family. She’s a happy girl!
Naomi !!!! Mommy & Daddy Brown Suga❤️ She’s a very happy baby (don’t look like it in this picture) she’s very special and aware of everything! She has a diva personality
Axel is a very energetic wild 4 year old!! He loves to play outside and is a handful but we wouldnt have him any other way
Olivia Diane
Olivia is a very bright three-year-old she can count to 37 . She knows her colors she loves dinosaurs and learning about them. She Is the youngest of 7 children. She loves all her siblings very much. Olivia loves staying at hotels and unpacking her "luggage" placing her clothes in the dresser.
Hi my name is Odin. I'm almost a year and half. Everyday is an adventure playing , with the dogs, toys and sand.
Mr Amenadiel Jaxon or AJ for short is a very happy chill baby who loves cooing and babbling like he’s having a full conversation and wants to be on the move already.
Collin is 5 months old and has the cutest personality ever! He already has TWO teeth and loves to stick his tongue out!
Hi! Penny loves smiling and Doc McStuffins. She loves her mom and dad, and grandparents so much!
She has ticklish feet and does what we call Italian hands when she hears noises while sleeping