Baby Stories - 93


Michael is a sweet boy who loved Christmas morning. He was so sleepy from staying up all night to try and catch Santa putting present under the tree.
Kyra is a happy baby always smiling. loves everyone especially if you talk and sing to her.
She is a fighter. She was born 10 weeks early and has been a fighter ever since!
Hello Everyone! My name is Sebastian and I am full of smiles, giggles and funny faces! Help me show the world 🥰😇
James is a month old. He is already a mommies boy. He’s starting to smile a little bit
Hadley will be 8 months soon and loves all food!
Miss Aniyah is so loving and loves all eyes on her she loves talking lol she has the most beautiful smile that lights up the whole room
Im Mr.Smiley lol i love laughing and smiling all day i can stand up and crawl everywhere because i like to explore and i love cheese puffs and fruits
Fox was born 6 weeks early but is doing amazingly well. He just had surgery to fix a hernia and he looks like he is finally feeling better
Emma Madalynn Waits
Emma loves watching paw control and puppy dog pals. She loves playing outside and she loves eating green beans. She will be three October 2, 2021.
Ethan Maverick Waits
Ethan is almost 9 months old he loves to roll over and he loves to eat and his favorite word is bye bye. He loves giving hugs and kisses.
She loves when you make faces at her she will just smile like crazy. She loves her momma more than her daddy right now. She was 6lbs and 9oz when born but a month after she was born she went into the hospital because we found out she had pyloric stenosis and needed surgery. Ever since then she’s been a happy healthy baby that we love so dearly much
Dallas is a very happy boy who loves to run everything over with his walker. He loves to giggle and laugh. He melts everyones heart with his cheeky smile.
Noah loves to be outside with his Papa on the lawn mower. Noah gets very excited when he sees any member of his family.Noah is a very happy baby and is loved very much by his entire family. Noah loves to play with his cars and his dinosaurs. Noah loves going down his slide.
Hi this is my 4 month old son Chase Ralph he was born August 31st 2020 at 5:20p.m weighing 7lbs 10ozs it would be such a blessing from everybody thank you guys all these babies are just so beautiful and amazing 😍🤩❤💜
Anastasia is almost 3. Loves playing with her younger brother & helping take care of her baby brother. She loves the movie Frozen and her favorite character is Elsa! She loves playing dress up, and clothes in general.
Everly will be a year old on the 23rd of January! She can say multiple words, loves her kitty, and loves to ride on her four wheeler!
Bentley Wayne had a rough start to life spending his first week in the NICU with breathing and eating problems. Now, he is almost 4 months old and LOVES playing with his finding Nemo activity mat and LOVES Christmas lights and being tickled.
Makailee is a free spirited, fun, sweet, loving little girl. She loves kitties and puppies and her big sissy❤️
Raelle is the happiest baby always with a smile on her face that can light up a room and a wig full of hair that make her blue eyes shine.
Paisley was born September 26th, 2020 at 8:11 am. She was 7 lbs and 7 oz, and 19 1/2 inches. She likes to laughs, smiles, coos a lot. She likes it when her mom/dad is with her and by her. She likes to sleep, and likes when mom reads books and signs country music. She’s 3 months and she’s an amazing baby that her mom and dad could ever ask for!! We love you paisley and many more family members!! She also loves her tumb and loves to suck on her tumb and her hands!! She loves the Christmas lights!!
Graycen is a sweet and loving little baby. She loves cuddling, playing with her rattle, dancing, being sung too and her puppy!
Liberty Waldo
Liberty was born on 12-22-2020 and is sassy as can be loves cuddles from mommy and daddy. Very photogenic loves to make noises and loves when people pay attention to her.
Kyra Willow is 4 months old and loves everything that shines and rattles. Very rarely will you ever see her without a big bow and even bigger smile to go with it
My cute but crazy little boy 🥺
Elliana loves smiling at mommy and daddy! Sitting up and chewing on everything she can 💕
Ezekiel is going on 2 months old and he loves his mama! He loves to cuddle, be close, smile, and be read books and sitting underneath a pretty black and white mobil. He has been able to lift his head since day 1, so we are actually seeing him roll over already! Ezekiel loves to visit his grandma Gigi and always has huge smiles when she plays and coos with him. He is also already sleeping through the night!
Noah was supposed to be our Christmas Eve gift but was so excited that she arrived a few weeks early. Luckily, she is a very healthy and happy little girl. She is the most mellow and pleasant baby we have ever met 💖😊
I love my baby girl Skylar she is the light of my life she makes me laugh every day she dances she sings and she is so very smart I love you baby girl !!!!!!
Je’Vaeh Laiana | One month | Calm baby. Likes: sleeping, eating, baths, being talked/sang/read to, cuddles, and car rides. VOTE!
Mason loves music especially drumming and dancing . His best friends are Elmo and Mickey. He's currently learning to name all his body parts and colors and what he can't say he signs 🤟
Patrick loves to smile and brightens up every room he enters. He’s a happy baby who loves to people watch, take long naps, go for walks, watch ‘Baby Shark’ on loop, and taste test EVERY. THING.
Born on the lucky day of 11/11 He never gets upset when he gets his diaper changed. He smiles ALOT. Born with a beautiful head of hair.
Gracie loves to sing and dance! She enjoys spending time with her family and reading books.
This goofy girl! Her smile is contagious, her laugh is adorable, she is beautiful smart and funny as all can be.
My name is Londyn Nicole. I love to stick my tongue out at people and I also love to spit. I’m a super happy baby
Kaden is a loving 10 year old with a big heart. He loves making sounds with hes electric gutier.
Daniel is only 4 months old but has been in and out of the hospital for a rare respiratory condition. However, he's been smiling through it all and got to enjoy his first Christmas at home. He loves taking naps with mommy and playing his drums.
Athena brightens your day with her contagious smile and warms your spirit with her cuddly nature.
Kynd is much more then just Kynd. She’s energetic, happy, full of life and is the spotlight where ever we go. She loves tv, music & coco melon 🥰
Symphony is 5 months old and counting. She was born 4 weeks early and weighed 7lb 7oz. She has grown into such a beautiful baby over these last five months and has such a personality. She has Mspi and reflux and she acts like it doesn’t even bother her much anymore. She’s such a sweet and happy baby.
Everley was born at just 2lbs and 11 ounces. She stayed in the NICU for more than 2 months. She is a spitfire and the light in our world! She loves to sing and dance!
Loves to play with her bunny, mostly eat her ears but she’s getting there! She is so sweet and such a smiley baby.
Serenity is one of the most happiest babies, I believe that I've ever come across as a grandmother, she is always happy and content loves going to church, trying to play the tambourine she's just so full of love and life. She loves music, adores her big brother. Her smile lights up a room!!
At only 6 months he is such a spontaneous little boy who’s smile will melt your entire heart. He loves to laugh, smile, talk and stand up! He has yet to master crawling but will be on his way very soon. Every day is a different adventure with Tre’ and he definitely keeps me going!
Mommy’s little man! Loves his mommy, daddy, and his big brother. Loves his 2 dogs 🐶 Such a happy boy, loves just about everything! Vote for my cutie!🥰
Korra is 3 months old. She is the happiest baby ever. Always talking and smiling. She’s gonna be a fast learner and go so many places. She is already so smart :)