This girl is so creative, imaginative. So kind and caring. She is a book reader for sure. She absolutely loves learning about new things. And she's a good jokester.
This little girl right here is going to be 8 soon. She's so full of energy and light. She's so spunky and loves to be the one to rull the roost.
Our baby hazel was in the NICU for her first 6 days due to not breathing correctly. Now that she's home. She's so sweet so alert and just a big bundle of joy for her daddy, sister's and myself. I think she should be voted for because she's just so darn precious.
Kinsley is 4 months old and is growing so much every day. She loves when mommy and daddy read her books and she also enjoys belly time. She is such a happy baby girl and we couldnt be more blessed.
My Lil minion is pretty different he's a sweet momma's boy who likes his kitties and cuddles. He's also a sweet little disabled baby he has some problems with his feet as well as his legs and spina bifida along with some chromosome issues but either way he's strong as could be
My first born. She just the most loving newborn you could ever meet. She's a daddy's girl to the fullest, always has that cute little smile, and loves cuddles. She never fails to make someone smile. She's my precious little girl
She is hard of hearing, and very photogenic, and she loves horses and playing with dolls.
Hi my name is Kylie-Rose! I am 6 months now!!🤗☺I am now sitting up all on my own! I am also eating alot, with the discovery of my new pair of teeth I just got in!
Tori is a very sweet , loving baby she enjoys car rides and loves music she has the cutest laugh and loves giving kisses 💚
Ke’adgan is my golden child he has already been through a lot but he still smiles his very active and loves food. He loves his family and will not go to strange people his very observant. And he is nine months old
Major’s a big boy! 🤍 He’s love to eat, enjoys tv & music, he loves car rides! Most of all SLEEP 💤!
This is my sweet boy Javari, he is 8 months old. He loves the outdoors and playing with his big cousins. He has such a firey and loving personality 🥰
This is catalena she loves loves LOVES to sleep and eat but most of all cuddle with her daddy!🥰💗
My fierce firecracker 🧨🔥 shes extraordinarily amazing with such a rare beautiful personality 🤩😍
Alsephina sky is 3 months old. She absolutely loves smiling at mommy and daddy! She really loves her binky and sleeping in mommy’s arms
He loves to talk, roll over, eat! He loves people! He loves outside! Always smiling! ❤️❤️
Michael loves his dogs, football and being outside.
Dax is the sweetest little boy you’ll ever met. He loves to smile, giggle and watch his puppy’s every move.
LOVES the color red 🔴 Obsessed with balloons 🎈 Has the MOST infectious laugh 🤣
Carson is my spunky baby boy! He would like to win this prize so that we can get him some outside toys. I hope you vote for my baby. Thank you!
Daniele is 2 years old she loves puppies , cocomelon qnd loves to play outside , she is a very happy toddler with the prettiest blue eyes
Her name is Amiyah. She is a goofy, loving, happy baby! Loves to tickles and her laugh is super contagious.
Hi my name is Camila Sophia, I love food i love playing with toys and my brother and cousin❤️I laugh a lot I’m a happy baby, I say hi With my hand 👋🏼I already have two teeth 🦷 and i love my parents soo much 🥰🫶🏼 I would appreciate if you vote for me❤️ Thank You God bless you🙏🏼
Ka’Lonei is a precious ladybug🐞 What she love the most is being able to be silly with her big brother. She also likes for you to sing to her ❤️ And oh I can’t forget that she loves to play dress up and go shopping with her grandmother 🥰
This is Grayson. He was born June 18th 2022. He is a huge mommas boy. He loves his furry sisters. He is my little dinosaur. Lets get him some votes!!!
Mikey is 10 months old and the happiest baby boy ever. He has blonde hair and light blue eyes. He is always smiling, giving hugs and kisses. He loves to swim in grandma and grandpas pool and play with his cousin Ashlyn. Mikey is the greatest blessing to mommy and daddy and lights up every room he enters. He just started eating solids and loves chicken and Mac and cheese. His favorite show is Bluey and loves the Encanto soundtrack. He is crawling like crazy and pulling himself up on everything. He is trying so hard to walk.
Trinity Nicole
She’s a very happy baby♥️💓
Broly is the happiest and sweetest baby boy! He is 4 months old and he loves to roll over and kick his musical piano while laughing!
She is very loving and all about family, she loves to eat and she is amazing when she gives her loud screaming laugh when you pick her up lol!!!😘😍💕
Niko is the missing piece to our puzzle 💙 He’s a total boob guy with a strong healthy addiction 💪🏾 1 of 3 boys to mommy. Big brother is 19, and 11 so he’s getting all kinds of love
Ava is 7 months old And very smart her favorite show is Dave and Ava and she loves eating blueberries
Loves her family Loves books Loves Cheetos puffs Loves to be in her walker Loves her dogs Loves to be out side and go for walks
She is only 5 weeks old and already full of sass but almost always has a smile on her face!
He loves to laugh & watch the movie cars🥰 he is very nosy & has to know everything that is going on around him!! He is a cuddle bug & makes everyone around him smile 😊
This is my baby girl she was born June 6th and her favorite thing right now is cuddling with mom and eating :)
Bryson James
Merrit James is a such a happy playful 1 year old who puts a smile on anyone and everyone’s face without even trying. Even when all the odds are against him he still continues to fight! Merrit loves playing and meeting new people! He has a little sister due in August and we just know he is going to be the best big brother there is! ☺️💙
Emmaleen Rose is a dream of a baby. She enjoys deep eye contact with her closest friends and family. She loves cuddles in the evening and long walks up and down the hallway before bed.
Haisley is such a loving child, but can have her temper tantrums. She is the middle child an looks up to her sister!
Kenzlee is 4 years old, with 2 younger sibling's. She loves being on the farm with her horse an is very outgoing with a spunky personality!
He's a very happy baby spoiled loves to try and talk has two teeth and he's handsome he is very spoiled and loves attention all the time is trying to crawl he's what makes my world go around
Braxton loves soaking up the ☀️ with mommy and sissy!! This little beach babe loves the water and has the cutest belly giggles 🤭
Spitfire little 10month old who just started walking! Loves music people and being outside!
Gavin is 7 years old, he loves to play baseball ⚾️ He loves to swim in the pool and also loves his family 🤍
Brantley is 4 years old, he loves playing T-Ball 🥎 and loves to swim in the pool he also loves his brothers and sister 🤍
Jackson is very energetic baby,with nice nature,like to smile a lot and be surrounded with people,especially he likes girls.He is as well strong baby,only crying when he have pain but other then that I’m blessed mom.He is fighter baby if he tries to do something he gone do it but not give up what is really interesting seeing baby to act like that .He have those sweet baby cheeks and I just love hem,he is little angel for me.
Sweet Souline LOVES to smile, clap and watch her favorite, Ms.Rachel! She will eat about anything you give her, and is living the best life!
Avery is 2 years old, she loves cows 🐮 and loves to play outside ☀️ She is very sweet and beautiful 💕