He loves when his brothers does pat a cake or any nursery rhymes with him he loves to join in
Smart, beautiful, sweetest baby ever. She has a very up beat happy personality and a very contagious laugh. She can be very shy at times and sometimes , when she smiles and you hear her sweet little laugh you can not help but smile back and love on her . Please show my grand baby how special she is to the world as much as she is to my heart. ❤️
He loves to dance and run around
Sherry is 7 years old she is about to be 8 she is a wonderful girl she loves to play with her sisters and her friend's. She loves to color her favorite color is purple and pink she loves animals and loves her family
Magnolia (Maggie) is a sweet heart who makes her mommy's day light up with her beautiful smile! She loves learning new things every day and she loves to cuddle with soft blankets!
Royal Jayde is 4 Months 💜 She is such a happy smiling baby who loves to chew on her hands 🦋💋
Kyzer is about to be 6 months old , he loves to eat and play in his f150 (walker)
She, is a very HAPPY baby girl with such a precious sweet spirit/soul! Stunning blue eyes that glimmer & sparkle! Love Bug!!
Kirra is a bubbly, independant 9 month old who smiles all day long. She loves her doggies, her ducks, and her chickens. Shes all about her brother and wanting to follow his every move!
My 28 weeker Wailyn Lee, currently in the NICU and she’s a strong little 2 pound warrior!
Jameson Scott Black
He is such a happy baby and very smart he loves piggy boo and patty cake I also loves music and being cuddled.
Sarabella is a happy baby. Always smiling
If you experience any contact with Stormy your guaranteed to walk away with a full heart of joy and a good day. She will take away all worries with her A-1smile "I'm not spoiled" joker grin. She loves her 3 pups and spending fun in the sun with her momma's. She'll make you want another child.
My name is Aaliyah I’m 7 months love teething toys and baby food 💕
Valencia loves to cuddle all the time💛 she is such a sweet baby and she is my miracle baby
Im Jeremiah im 2 i love my school my sippy cup and my toys my skateboard
Mathew is the sweetest baby boy💙 He loves to say mama and dada but his favorite word is hi👋 Mathew loves cars, piano, crawling fast, and walking with assistance☺️ He also loves fruits and vegetables and the baby version of cheetos. We love him so much and he is our world🥰
He's a smart cuddly little guy aways happy
He loves to play with his toys . He smiles alot and he loves to reach for his feet.. He trys so hard to sit up... he very sweet boy
Fredrick loves to chase his siblings around in his walker! His favorites are snuggles and of course his mama!
Ky’Leem Loves Cuddles, He loves kisses and most definitely loves his parents and grandmother. He’s such a good baby. He loves watching movies with his momma(me), He also loves car rides and eating of course. Ky’Leem is such a good boy , He loves Bubble Guppies 🥰
Hi, this is Amauri. He is one month old and loves snuggles and lights. He’s a happy baby and loving baby 😍
He is such a sweet playful boy that loves to laugh and explore everything around him! 💕
Daddys Girl 💗
This is my Princess Nevaeh Faith she’s my miracle baby an definitely I’m a super proud mom am never thought I’d be in so much Love with her.. she has definitely filled my heart ❤️ Nevaeh loves to jump an to get milk wasted 😂 she also loves her music…. Please help me share an like her pic
Please vote for my baby girl Lu! Literally lights up a room with her smile 💜
Jason was born 9 weeks early weighting 4lbs 3oz. He spent 52 days in the NICU but is finally home. He enjoys snuggling with anyone and sucking on his pacifier.
Hello, my name is Wylie Forbest! I am 4 months old. I love to eat bananas, sit outside with mom and dad, take naps, roll over, have tummy time and smile all the time. Thank you for your votes, it’s very much appreciated! ♥️
Bam loves to giggle and talk!!
He was born January 14th at 3:45 am he was supposed to be born the 25th
Cooper Henderson
Coop is the happiest baby around. Constantly showing his great personality through smiles, puckering his lips, making Oh faces or cooing sounds. He truly is a joy to his family!
Ayla is 3 weeks old and she loves being held by mommy and daddy. She loves the car seat. Moving or not. She can already lift and hold her head up and can roll to her side when laying on her back.
Aunest is a very outgoing baby she is quite a character and loves to laugh
Hi, my name is Claire. I am one month old and born with a Congenital Heart Defect called Tetrology of Fallot. I am the sweetest and love to eat, smile and cudddle all day long. Please vote for me.
Noj’Ed is a silly, sweet, baby boy who enjoys his blues clues 💙 and older siblings! Also a major daddy’s boy 🥰
Eliana loves listening to music, strolling in the park and playing...
Kayden is a such special boy. He loves to chat and has loves reading at bedtime. His smiles brighten our world. He loves to sit in all of his chairs and swing. Definitely loves his swaddling for bedtime.
This is Octavia she loves to say dada because she is a daddy’s girl she loves her cowgirl boots, food, to give hugs, and to crawl around her favorite toy would have to be her unicorn rattle or wipes for some reason her nickname is punkin she’s a very happy and loving baby
I am such a happy baby and love being talked to.
Foster Corbin He’s a Dino truck & paw patrol junkie. He loves micky mouse , playing outside & stealing your heart.
Kortnei is 3 years old. She loves playing outside and with her friends at school. She tested above average in her class. She’s super smart, funny and beautiful!
Rosaleigh’s favorite thing to eat is bananas & anything sweet😊 Her favorite person in the whole world is her dada!🥰
Huntleigh is 8 months old, she loves to laugh and smile and talk of course! She loves her momma, daddy and big sister!!
McKinley is almost four months old and already has so much personality!! Her favorite thing to do is pull mommy’s hair out of her head.
Nolan is a sweet boy and enjoys spending time with his hot wheels, he also loves to watch Peter Rabit and Blippi.