Baby Stories - 92


He likes to make people smile.
Oliver Lee is a blessing gift. Ollie for short. He was born with 2 teeth. Rare BUT possible. He loves his mama snuggles, white noise/sound spa, and being rocked. His BFF/protector is his kitty kat Twinks.
Hiiii my name is Eleena and as you can see by my profile picture I love love water 🥰 I am a very happy little girl! ❤️ I love everyone who voted, I hope everyone votes for me 🦋 but if not that’s okay, I understand you win some, and you lose some 🥴
My baby girl is 5 months now since the 8th❤️ She can roll over to her stomach from her back, she can sit up all by her self and she is now slowly getting into baby food, so far she loves pears and sweet potatoes❤️ She is the happiest baby , and she puts a smile on everyone’s face! U can never be mad around her❤️ Vote for my lil butterfly !✨ We appreciate any and all support.🥰 I think my baby deserves all the love in the world, cause she saved a lot of lives jus by existing💖 thank god she chose me to be her mama
My sweet girl. Loves to dance and sing. She is my smarty pants
Adalyn Marie
Adalyn Marie is a gift from God. She loves to smile, cuddle, watch baseball, and be adorable! She is so incredibly loved by her mom & dad.
She is the first child, and the best baby ever 💜 she constantly loves to be held, cuddled with, and played with, she always smiles at you no matter who you are, she sure is a mommas and daddy’s girl 100%, she’s loving and very playful for just being a month old 🥰
Caption: Win money?! Whhaatt???
Keira is a spunky little girl who loves adventure. She loves to discover new things every day. She loves her mommy and daddy and her brothers so much. She is a ray of sunshine with all of her laughter and smiles.
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Damien Gray was born in June, he will soon be 4 months! Little man loves to be held by everyone, sleeping by is mommy and daddy, and he absolutely loves eating banana baby food! He’s a very talkative little guy and always know just how to put a smile on our faces.
Our little man is outgoing, loving, charming, socially energetic and so much more! He never meets a stranger and loves anyone and everyone he comes in contact with! He enjoys the outdoors and helping momma do things around the house! His favorite sentence is " I wanna Help!". He poors out his heart for everyone! Lets poor our hearts out for him! Cast your vote for our little Peanut! God Bless Yall!!
Gabriel likes naps, he’s always so alert to what’s happening around him. With a smile that can sure make anyone’s day. And is such a happy little baby.
Amelia is four months old. She is a very happy and en energetic little girl. Amelia recently discovered that she has toes and has been playing with them. She's working on rolling over but hasn't quite gotten it yet. She had brought so much joy to our lives.
After 26 long hours of labor, 2 failed epidurals and a C-section this angel finally arrived. She is the light of our lives and we couldn't be more in love.
My godchild is a fun , loving baby and she’s always happy ! She’s the youngest of her siblings and they all love her dearly, her mom Kayla gave birth to her on November 27th 2019, she was a stubborn one lol but we wouldn’t trade her for the world 💜
Penelope is the sweetest sassiest little conundrum. She is super street smart and is not afraid to speak her mind about much. She is a self proclaimed Fart Machine and very proud of it! She loves her siblings, pets and being a sassy butt. She loves to dress up and catch frogs. Paint her nails and shoot guns, ride on the motorcycle and play in the dirt. Lol Have a wonderful day!
I’Yannah is a very happy 😊 baby 🍼 and everyone who knows her knows that. She loves Elmo 💕 and definitely Her FOOD ♥️ Look at them jaws and rolls MAKES YOU HAVE BBY FEVER😫🥴💜
Dani Hazel
Dani Hazel and Marley Love were born Valentines Day and love to play with each other, giggle, and MOVE!!! They are our miracle babies!!!
Jurneebae Is Such A Happy Baby Her Smile Will Brighten Your Day. She Loves Music & To Be Talked Too... Lets Go Jurnee💪🏽❤️
Hi I am Reagan, I enjoy getting my hands into anything that catches my eye. I like laughing and playing with my Dad.
Such a happy happy baby. Smiling the majority of the day. Eats so much lol
Leilani (heavenly flower) After a rough 25 hours in labor, our beautiful heavenly girl arrived into this world. She smiles all the time, is so alert, and makes the best faces! Shes my little angel!
Ezra is such a sweet boy. He couldn’t make it to the birthing center in time so he came into this world in a hotel bathtub. He was more then ready to come earth side. He has the cutest dimple and smiles and laughs when you tell him how cute he is.
Ava is a very fun loving child. She is very smart and such a precious baby. She lights up everyones world who comes in contact with her.
This boy is our joy ! He is so smart knows just what he wants the way he wants it already ! Surly he has all his family wrapped around his tiny self but the funny part is how could a 1 month old know enough to get his way without words already haha vote for our ZZ Top’s night before Christmas
Walking in daddy’s footsteps, vote for this future Marine❤️💙
Jackson is a happy and very playful baby. He loves to eat and loves his picture taken.
Raven just learned to walk and likes to get into everything. She loves playing with her siblings, mostly likes knocking them down. She plays semi nice with her kitty cats. mickey mouse and cocomelon are her favorites. She also likes to give fist bumps, hi fives, hanging upside-down and saying I dont know.. lol Have a great day.
Karson loves baths. He likes to look at things with lights and loves hearing mommy and daddy talk.He loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy but mostly mommy ❤
Arriah is a living sister to 4 brothers she is a happy energetic girl that loves to smile and laugh she is simply a joy she is also a twin as well to her brother A’rrius 💙💙
My names karson! I love my mommy and daddy! I was born a little early and needed a little help after birth to help me keep my sugars up! I’m a month old and am the sweetest little guy! I weigh 6lb 7.5oz, and I’m 19 inches long!
Hi I’m Alissa Rose and I’m 5 months old! I like to eat,sleep, and cuddle❤️ I havnt met someone who does not like me 😆
Eli is a handsome young fella! He’s full of personality to only be 5 months.. A very sweet baby 💗
Such a loving goofball full of joy and love she loves sucking her thumb and kicking daddy
Kross was born August 25,2020. This sweet baby was born with a birth defect and has a long road ahead of him. However, he is a happy baby! He has two big brothers who love him very very much! He loves to eat and sleep and smile at his mama💙.
Connor loves to play with his big sister! He likes ti visit with grandma and grandpa....hes definitely a grandpas boy. He likes to play with his toys and also puppies. He is a very happy boy!
Emmi Rose
Emmi has a sweet and fun personality that would win anyones heart over❤
Baby Iván is one silly cute baby , he looooves drinking more milk than he should but it is ok because after we drink some milk a nice warm nap in mommys arms comes next , bath night time is ivans fav specially if mommy sings to him while he looks at his cute self in the mirror. We are getting chubbier and softer and cuter everyday, loves to dance around with his papi Oh how he loves his daddy , baby Hates the dark but loves to take up the whole bed (mommy and daddy hang in the end:) ) baby was born with MAS (meconium aspiratión syndrome)And went through heart surgery the next day he was born , hes a fighter a strong baby and very loving (at times grumpy lol) 💙
She a funny person loves to play and dance and play with her brother
Wrenley loves her momma, baths, chewing on her fingers and everything else. She loves to be held, and you Best believe you better stand up while holding her. She loves for you to stand her up on her feet! ❤️
Trinity loves puppy dog pals blippi and any cartoon really. She love to go for walks and car rides and playing outside with her friends. She is very talkative and outgoing. She puts a smile on anyones face near her.
Claire is Outgoing, Free Spirited, Loves Chasing her Brother Around, She is Brave, Loves Peppa Pig, Doc Mcstuffins, and Baby Shark. Loves to Dance!!
Bryar is 2 years old. He is taking the title of big brother in November to a sister and is doing a fabulous job! Bryars favorite things are driving his big tractor, going to the dove field, and he loves the cows.