Colson was born August 29, 2023. He loves cuddles, food and his family ❤️ Colson is a sweet and funny boy and always has plenty of smiles for everyone!
Raymond is a very smart little boy, he loves all animals, people, kids, heavy equipment, tractors. Etc. He really is a great boy even when his severe adhd and odd gets the best of him..he is also possibly borderline autistic please lets get him some votes
He's an ountdoor kind of boy. What's an Xbox?
April Denio
April is friendly,full of energy and colorful.
Zoey Denio
Zoey is friendly,full of energy and colorful.
Michael likes to play video games he's really good at it , playing sports , loves going to church learning about Jesus ,family and friends. Forgot he loves hunting .Michael is a really good an sweet boy . Give him your vote .
Eddie is the sweetest boy! He loves sports, Pokémon, Fortnite & hanging with his friends and his best pal Bond 🐕 All winnings will go to his college fund. His sister won last month so he asked to give it a shot. Please vote for Eddie 💕 I will exchange votes!
Thomas has autism he loves trucks and baby shark
Very shy and athletic kids, a great artist, likes to play video games, loves to try new things he also loves school.
Lamont like to play with his Hot Wheel cars and dance to music
Montana is a smart young girl and loves to play with her brother. Loves being outside and loves to do her nails :)
Mr. Rowan is our happy little boy! He loves giving a cheeky smile, coo and full body wiggle when he’s super happy! He just learned how to laugh, and it’s our favorite sound in the whole world!! He is also very good at spitting his paci out as far as he can. 😝 He’s already rolling over and having conversations with daddy about his tootsies! Eat, look cute, sleep, look cute, poop, look cute, repeat. What a tuff life, eh? 😋
This is Blaiden cheatwood and she is 2 months old! She’s the happiest baby to be around and full of smiles all day. She’s very photogenic and precious as can be.
Please read and like my little one’s page first and vote, I’ll surely return the vote since it’s been checked daily.🙏🏽💕💕Now back to my girl: The name is Lina☺️, she loves to play, eat all day lol, and enjoys her bath time the most😊💕. She loves watching her show everytime she wakes up from her naps, not really a grumpy baby, always ready to fight you if you’re not trying to play with her😂. She’s super clingy once she becomes attached to you. That’s all I can think of for my little girl🥹just a easy baby she’s been this whole time💕
Hes a happy baby, loves to smile, laugh, cooling, rolls,
Brantley is the sweetest most loving little boy !!!
Lorenzo loves his momma, grandma and brother. His favorite word is boob because he's a breastfed baby. You'd never be able to tell but he had 4 different surgeries at 6 weeks old. But he's still such a happy baby. Please vote for my baby!!
Violet Mae loves her food, she enjoys cuddles with her big sister, She is such a happy baby, she’s always smiling. Unless you take her bottle! She already has such a great bond with her sissy, would really mean alot to us if you vote for Violet❤️. Thank you & have a great day!
My name is Ce’Lina Rose 🌹❤️😍
Rae is 3 she absolutely loves mermaids and Frozen. She loves to play outside and with her brother.
Violet is a wild and crazy girl who loves to eat and play with her older siblings. She always has a smile on her face and loves leaning new things. Her favorite show is yoohoo and friends on Netflix.
Jemma is a miracle baby she came early a month early she was 4lbs when she came home and she came home healthy as can be after just 4 days jemma is the light of all of our lives anyones she meets she is so kind to she is so smart and sweet and silly this little girl is amazing! Please give her a vote!!
My daughter amilia is the funniest happy baby she loves to be walked with an just the happiest ever she was diagnosed with a pulmonary valve stenosis its a heart disease an you cant even tell it doesnt stop her joyful beautiful personality she loves to play with her toys an her brother to play with her her laugh is just the best her smile is just so bright she is the best gift god could have ever given us were beyond blessed
Hi my name is Kayden and i'm 22 months old i love cocomelon and dinosaurs. i love my mommy daddy sissy mimi pawpaw and aunt kelkel! i love to go to daycare and play with my friends! i'm a baby brother to the best big sister in the world
She is bilingual loves soccer and she is in a traveling soccer team
Kukane Makoa is my first and only baby!! He loves to try different foods and always surprises me on how many different positions he can sleep in haha. He is very smart and loving. He loves to look at books, play with his toys, stare at his feet and my feet haha, he loves puss in boots and boss baby. Some days I feel like he teaches me something new. I'm so blessed to have him. And he's so adorable. Who could resist those cute chubby cheeks and blue eyes.
Xavier has nuerofibromtosis type 1, he has multiple tumors has been in oral chemo for four yrs and is seven yrs old he loves WWE wrestling and he is just a fighter always
Maximus came at a time we needed the most. He is our Rainbow baby and made our family complete. He is the sweetest kid you will ever meet. He is so lovable with a heart of gold.
Definitely a ladies man with a big personality. He loves anybody he comes in contact with and is always just smiles. You cant not love this little boy😭
Isabella Medina
She is always smiling she love's mickey and Minnie she's adorable
Niyeir Matthews
He’s so outgoing and has a smile and energy that is just plain out HAPPY. he’s so smart and very well spoken. He’s So Sweet and sensitive , silly and has so much personality. he’s a Libra❤️
Cygnus is a sweet little angel that loves to give Eskimo kisses and food is his favorite thing. He loves cuddling and is the world's best cuddle.
Langston is a mommas boy! He absolutely loves kisses and playing in the bouncer.
Averyanna, most call her Avee, is a sweet, fun, outgoing, true to form redhead...a fire cracker!!! Lol. Her fav foods are cheese pizza, pancakes and of course chocolate and she turns 3yo in February.
She is such a smart beautiful girl.
He loves to make people laugh.
Babygirl loves to smile and happy all the time
Zo is the happiest baby we’ve ever met, she loves her mama and dada. Zo loves being outside when it’s chilly and she really loves spending time with aunts, uncles and grandparents!
Alexander Weida
He’s funny, free spirited, lovable, loves to help. Enjoys being outside, goofy, silly. Class clown lol
💜 B E A U T I F U L 💜 Inside and out! Loves to go preschool, dance,sing, and play with her baby dolls💕
Shes smart beautiful and those ocean blue eyes will melt your heart ❤️ vote for Brae
Vivian is a miracle baby. She is the light in our lives. She loves to smile and shes a super happy baby we are so blessed and thank God for her everyday
most happiest baby you will meet🥰
Ziraiyah Is Very Bright. She May Only Be 7 Weeks, But She Already Has A Personality That’s Out Of This World. From Her Coos, And Smiles And Big Beautiful Eyes; She Is As Precious As They Come.❤️✨
Cora Mae! She is such a sweet baby girl! She's such a blessing