Baby Stories - 90


Emmanuel Jr
Emmanuel is 2 year old. One thing for everyone to know about my baby boy is he is a strong boy. He had had his fair share of hospital visits and surgeries Due to his heart and a stomach ulcer. He get stronger , and happy Day by day. He is full of life and loves to take picture to show off his bright big smile. Emmanuel loves when you sing And dance with him.
Sahara is a super happy, goofy, energetic, loving baby! She LOVES to eat, dancing, and of course CocoMelon. She likes to play with her older brother.
Tyler is a super Happy Baby. He love to play and watch his older siblings maneuver around . He is very Alert! And super chunky and squishy! Tyler loves his Fresh Baby food and Snacks the Most.
Adorable, full of laughs and smiles. 💕🌸 Sweetest little Angel. 🥰
Amiri Sincere
Asian and African American 🖤
Layanna loves to smile an play ❤️
Oliver loves cocomelon and playing outside. He is such a happy baby and such a joy in our lives ❤️
Happy lil Guy! He’s always ready for a smile!
Ivery loves her animals. She is a very happy baby and loves everyone. This her first contest.
Hope is 11 months old and loves to smile and talk! She loves to play in her jumper and play center where she can hop, move around, and make some music! Her favorite foods are steak, squash, sweet potatoes, and chocolate pudding. She likes to go on walks in her stroller, especially in areas where she can see lots of stuff!
Kase is a very lively, rambunctious, flirty baby boy. He is always smiling and laughing. If there is something for him to get into, he’s going to get into it!! His favorite toys are pots and pans, and could really care less about any of the actual toys that his mommy and daddy have bought him. He loves him some cocomelon, too!!
Margot is our little miracle baby! Our little lady is sassy and already knows what she wants. She Eats ,burps ,sleeps ,poops and repeats! She never misses a meal!! 💛😊
Easton is a big boy! At only two months he is already in 3-6 months clothes! He weighs over 12 pounds!
Journey loves to snuggle with her daddy, enjoys having her hair brushed, and likes to try to eat the water when we give her a bath! She’s a goofy little girl.
Hayden loves his feet (as you can tell). He’s very vocal and is always smiling! Hayden was born 6 weeks early at 5 lbs 8 Oz but he’s grown so fast.
EmaLyna is very vocal and loves everybody!!!
Kensley is turning 3 months old. Shes a miracle baby and is always smiling along with baby talk
Aimee is a happy go lucky almost 5 month old. She loves her dogs and her cats. She loves her rattles and her jumper and screeching and laughing. She is a major mommas girl and loves her dada.
Kensley is 3 months old, she enjoys sleeping & eating! She also loves making noises ❤️
She’s full of smiles and laughs. Always a joy to be around ❤️
Paisley is fun filled and very goofy ! Her personality is the greatest !! She fills your heart with joy and love and shes so sweet
Kora brings so much happiness to everyones life around her. She loves to give hugs, kisses, and fist bumps! Toy story is her FAVORITE right now. She carries her Woody, Buzz, and Jessie with her EVERYWHERE. Her favorite people besides MOM is Grandma(Gram), Uncle Tim, and Maddy(Dee Dee).She has the funniest personality and is always making us laugh. Her favorite thing it eat is an apple & she loves ice water! She is so smart we know she is going to thrive in life. So proud to be her mommy!
Avaya just turned 4 years old & loves Jojo Siwa, singing, dancing, & anything to do with being outside! She is the sassiest little queen I’ve ever seen!
Gio is a one month old very happy baby, he likes to smile a lot and also likes to be surrounded by people and dogs ❤️
Arielle loves to smile at everyone she meets. Her favorite thing to do is be outside, especially at the beach or walking under trees.
Avianna is happy healthy 3 month old who loves taking pictures, she is always smiling unless she’s hungry 😀
Jaxon was born early at 36 weeks gestation. He was born with an ear deformity in which he can’t hear out of his left ear among a few other things but he is a fighter and a looker! Nurses fought over who would take care of him in the NICU. He’s super sweet and laughs out loud in his sleep lol!
Being on the Spectrum for Autism doesn’t stop this kid from living her best life! She’s a burst of energy from sun up till sun down. A blessing is really what she is. The goofiest kid you’ll ever meet.
Jasmine is such a daredevil and loves to watch Disney movies! She loves to swim, read books, and her favorite movies are jungle book and finding dory. She is very polite… says please, thank you, etc. she also knows how to count to 10!!
Averiella And Aubriella
These Ella Twins are so giggly and always happy. They love the camera too ;). No filters needed ;)
Levi is just the life of the party. Loves to dance, sing, play, he’s the biggest flirt after the shyness goes away after about a whole 5minutes. He loves his paw patrol and Mickey shows. Loves to share all of his favorite snacks, hugs and sometimes kisses to his familiar faces. He’s a cuteness overload and brightens up any room with his biggest smile. Thank you in advance for all of your votes and taking the time to support Mr. Levi.
Aurora is a 2 month old preemie that beat the odds and is thriving! She loves cuddles and being read to!
Layla loves her nap times and feeding with mommy she is a great baby
KaBella Skye is a 6 month old baby who has a big personality. KaBella is a very happy baby ❤️
Hayes loves long walks in his stroller and his french bulldog siblings
Dakota is our miracle baby! At 24 weeks pregnant I was told she had a lethal form of skeletal dysplasia and wouldn’t survive outside the womb. Well she proved doctors wrong! She does in fact have dwarfism but it isn’t lethal! Her middle name is Joy and it’s perfect because she brings everyone that comes in contact with her so much joy! And we just want to share her joy with the world!
He is such a awesome happy handsome young man I love my baby with all my heart just look at him he’s so. Happy with life not a worry in the world
Loves to dance and watch cocomelon! Talks all the time, learning new things all the time!
My baby boy is a wild child who loves to drive me crazy but i love him for it!! In my eyes he has the biggest heart and the most joy !! I I love my goof ball! And hes adorable how could you not want to vote for this cutie❤❤
Aaryn is 3 months old he love’s baths, he love’s cuddle with a good book, BOOBIEs, Elmo.
She loves playing with her toys Absolutely afores her puppy Macy And is so sweet and loving Her daddys baby and her mamas whole world
Fenyx is a very active lil lady! She likes nice warm cuddles with Mommy and Daddy. She loves watching cocomelon, she also enjoys walks to the park!!!She is a little Diva in the making👑🩰🎀
Beau is such a happy baby, always smiling! He loves to take baths, and do absolutely anything outside!
Smiling is my favorite thing, plus I like to make spit bubble, and take nap on mommy chest. I can sitted by myself now, so soon I will start to crawling. Watch out world, here I come.
Jordyn is almost 2! His favorite word is “no”. He has a big heart and gives the best hugs Pls vote and share my sons page thank you 😊💙💙