Baby Stories - 90


Eastyn is a rainbow 🌈 baby ! He loves staring at his mommy and daddy! He is starting to recognize and stare at different things around him!
Lucas Jonas
Lucas has 4 brothers and 1 Sister.He laughs from the moment he wakes til hes asleep..Very Happy lil baby Always.His favorite cartoon is Pokemon we watch it during his 4 am feedings.He loves to hear his mom sing... With her Horrible voice and he still Loves it!! Please vote for this cute 🇵🇷🇲🇽!!
This is little Miss Scarlett Mae, she will be 10months old soon and shes absoulty the sweetest. She loves being outside and watching cows, she loves to play and watch Cocomelon. Her personality sure is something ❤.
Jenny loves to eat and she smiles a lot :)
This is Makala. She is currently still in the nicu she has been there since 2 hours after birth. She’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met
Addison is a sweet and alert baby. he rolls over and loves to talk to his nana. he always has a smile on his face. he loves to eat and go on car rides. 🤍
Hi 👋🏻 My name is Mathias and I am almost 3 months old! I usually am a very happy, giggly, & talkative baby but I love to give my serious face for pictures because I look just like my daddy!! My favorite thing to do is chew on my hands and teething mitten. My favorite toy is Geoffrey the giraffe, I could look at him for hours! I hope you can bless me with a vote 💙
Kallen has always been the life of the party, so much that he decided to join the party 4weeks early. After a week stay in nicu he has grown so big and strong that you can’t even tell that he was a preemie. His smile and sassy personality makes him impossible not to love.
Sebastian was born a working man. He lives on a farm with livestock & produce and even looks the part 😂
Parker is always smiling and loves everyone and everything.
This is Peyton. He is mommy and daddy’s little brave man. He was born and sent to the nicu for 12 days. Now he is home and is a happy baby full of smiles.
Grayson Keith is our first miracle baby. In the makings for 12 years, Grayson made his grand appearance on August 14th 2020. He is the light and joy of our world. Grayson loves to smile and be cuddled and he absolutely loves bath time and car rides. G-man will always be the light to our darkness and the greastest symbol of our hope and faith.
Alenna is a very funny, always happy baby. She likes to dance, play & eat a little sweetheart she is with her big blue eyes. 💙
Casen is a happy boy! He loves to smile and talk to you! He loves to coo and hold his head! He loves to hold your hand and hold his bottle! He loves to make you laugh!!!!
Bellamy is a happy boy! He loves to smile and talk to you! He loves to coo and hold his head! He loves to make you laugh!!!!
This is my little “Honey Bun” Chase. CJ for short. Chase is a Jr and looks just like his daddy! He was born at a small 5lbs 6oz and had very low blood sugar so NICU was a nightmare! Scary but hopeful. CJ is doing wonderful now gaining weight and just the happiest baby he can be! From birth he has constantly smiled through it all. Literally! He loves taking a bath and loves hearing his daddy’s voice. He is truly an amazing little boy!
Dyani is 3 weeks old. She is holding her head up. Dyani has a personality!!!
Avyanna is very smart,she knows how make you laugh. Good sense of humor
Go vote every 10 mins❤
My name is Samuel and I'm 6 months old! I love my mommy and daddy and my big brother. I also love crawling after my two kitty cats. My favorite food is peas. And i love playing with my toys!
Elizabeth was born premature at 31 weeks she as multiple health problems and has had 13 surgeries but no matter what she always had a smile on her face
Zyon aka ZayZay is a little baby with a HUGE personality. She knows what she likes and lets you know what she doesn’t! Right now her favorite things to do are talking and chewing on her new found hands. When she’s mad she is BIG mad but when she isn’t, Zay is the sweetest princess ever!
Alice is a fun smiley baby. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She likes nap time with mommy and cuddles with dad 💘
Breyden is very athletic. He plays basketball, football,soccer, baseball, and swims. He also dances and sings. He knows a lot of songs, even ones from the 50s. He is very sweet and smart
Athena loves her fingers and pacifier. She is also very loving and happy .
Bentley is a little cutie who loves dancing with his mama and laughing at his daddy! He is 4 months old but was born early and had difficulties. Bentley has such a big personality now and the cutest smile you will ever see! He had a lot of struggles but is growing big and strong! He likes eating his toys looking at bright lights! He loves walks and naps and kicking his feet. Give Bentley a vote for the cutest baby!!
I'm a happy smiley boy that loves my mama and my daddy, and I love to giggle and talk!
Miracle is very good helper. She loves singing and dancing . she mommy bird .
Hi I am Carter and I am a smart, sweet, independent, outgoing 2 year old! I love my mommy and daddy and if I could spend all day playing with my brother I would! I love playing outside and eating snacks!
She’s very loving for her age. What she likes the most right now is her big sister.
He loves posing for the camera which is good since someone is always taking a picture of him!! Gavin is such a happy boy and is his mommas whole world!!!
He love his nana and me maw. He like to listen to runing water and rocking and looking outside
We like to cuddle and snuggle and were always smiling❤
My name is Aviana Rae please vote for me 💖 I love Minnie Mouse !
Joeii is a social butterfly who loves to spend her days laughing and snuggling.
She’s got a cute personality like no other.. drama queen when she wants to be but she loves to giggle 🙊
He loves playing with mommy and daddy His favorite song is I love you from Barney 💕He also sit up unassisted now😊 He loves to bounce in his jumper. He’s always smiling and is just the best little baby ❤️
She's such a sweet baby she loves to grow like a lion and sleep on her tummy
King Jonah
Our beautiful RAINBOW baby....mommy's heart and soul, daddy's best friend. Such a sweet and cuddly Lil dude!
Jackson is an all around happy boy! He loves his mommy and daddy. He is 7 months old, he has two teeth, he can say ma and da, he love running around in his walker and he is trying so hard to crawl!
Collin is the only child, loves moana, dancing and playing outside. He runs around the house pretending he’s a monster and paints with mommy💛
Lillian loves to snuggle, talk and laugh. She is the happiest baby.
Love’s pears and bananas 🍌 always trying to get into everything he’s not supposed too! But at the end of everyday he loves snuggling with his mama 💗
Evangeline loves taking naps with mommy, and going on stroller rides with her PoPo, but don’t be late for lunch haha