Eli is full of energy very loving smart and always.. always picking on our dog leah haha
Little Ozzie is just the chilliest and happiest baby! She sleeps good.. eats good.. always has a smile on her face! She is finding her voice and making sure everyone can hear!
Lynnyn is a Fighter! She has been in the PICU for 12 days and counting but she isn't letting it get her down 💜
Vote For Brielle🥰🥰
When Clove meets you, she always puts a hand on your face. It’s how she makes a connection 💕 She’s the sweetest baby you’ll ever meet!
Our baby boy always has a smile on his face, very loving and is full of laughter!💙
Has a smile that melts your heart. She loves counting and coloring. And is a daddy’s girl all the way
Chloe loves the outdoors , she also loves playing with her Barbie dolls . She is a sassy queen .
Chunk with his bottle
Raylon Jr is literally the happiest baby ever he’s always smiling laughing playing . At 9 months baby raylon could stand & take a few steps .
She's a very happy baby love's everyone
Emersen loves to play and roll she also loves laughing and watching TV. she favorite thing to do is scream and she loves eating sweet potatoes and bananas! her best friends are furry their names are yoyo, drake and Momo. Emersen loves anyone and everyone and she appreciates your votes!
Harmonii is a very happy baby all she do is smile and play and loves to eat and bother her big brother and his toys
Nevaeh is my big chunky thing, weighing roughly 17 pounds at 5 months. i was in labor for 33 hours and when she finally arrived, she weighed 9 lbs and 15 oz. She loves to sit and bounce and even watch tv with her mom and dad. She’s on the road to teething and even trying to crawl. she enjoys mickey mouse; it calms her down, she loves to go on walks around our neighborhood, talking and even meeting new people.
Charles Ezra
Ezra is a growing happy healthy baby boy who loves to hear himself talk and smiles all the time he doesn't know a stranger for the life of him and he is mine and his daddy's whole world
Isaiah Wright
This kiddo has a infectious smile and laugh.... He makes eveything better once he gives those golden hugs... Im partial to him cause hes MiMi Boii!
Delilah is 7 years old. She loves cheerleading, doing art and playing with her friends! She is a caring and loving little/big sister. She always says “ the most important thing in life is my family.” She is always looking out for those she loves. She has a heart of Gold!♥️
My name is Dominick and my favorite things to do is Eat, Laugh, Smile, and Run.
Emmanuel is a little guy with a big personality he is full of smiles. He loves to eat, sleep, dance and play. He especially loves his mama. He can brighten anyone's day with all his joy and laughter. He's a sweetheart who makes friends wherever we go.
Xei’Dorn is a very happy, fun, spunky, and goofy baby. She loves to dance to music. She’s self driven with lots of confidence and independence. Xei’Dorn brings and spreads so much joy to people around her. But also a little fire cracker when wants her way. It’s either her way or the highway ❤️❤️❤️ Xei’Dorn loves food and doesn’t hesitate on trying the new foods ….
Gianna is a playful spirit. She loves the outdoors, Mickey Mouse, and Vanilla Ice cream. Both of her parents are currently serving in the Louisiana National Guard.
this is my first and only daughter . she is 4 months old and has a bigg personality already 💜 . she loves to watch cartoons and watch mommy play her games . shes always smiling , laughing , and playing the happiest , sweetest baby i have ever seen 🫶🏾 .
kobi is an amazing two year old with an even better personality! he loves his dogs and family !! he also loves rawrs (dinosaurs)
Noah is 10 months old. He loves to eat and play. He loves spending time with his cousins in the pool.
Adaliena Grace
Addie grace loves to watch tv, loves her mommy and daddy, loves to kick off her blankets. And loves to eat a lot
Malachi is a 2-year-old twin he loves to play in the little pool he loves to play with his brother he's smart and funloving and enjoys watching his cartoons
My second born. He smiles and laughs all day and love to play in the pool with his sister.
My first born. She so smart and cuddly and loves her little brother. She walks and talks and likes the play in the pool.
Navie Kaye is so sweet and funny!! She loves to play with her dollies, and she loves playing outside. We love her so much!!
Anaysia is one of the most happiest baby you can meet! She loves her food tummy time, and full of joy! Having a bad day? Anaysia smile can brighten your day 😘
Amelia loves to smile,she loves to sleep all night 🌙 she is just a content little baby!
Maverick is a special baby he was born a week early and is advanced in all motor skills. Maverick loves to be outside and having fun and of course playing with his toys. He always is smiling no matter what 🤍
Mazikeen is a strong willed 1 year old. She wants ti do everything herself and watches everything we do. She is super smart and has the personality of a diva. She loves flamingos and her siblings.
Jett is a happy, sweet, and cuddly little guy. Loves hanging out with mom, dad, and his pup Grizzly. Sleep and food are his favorite, while being naked and hungry are his least favorite.
Grayson Michael was born on February 25,2022. He’s a very happy 5 month old boy always smiling an laughing.
Bentley is 17 months old. He loves to talk, play and being outdoors is his favorite. He is such a loving little boy. Bentley has the most cutest & contagious smile and laugh. He brings light with him wherever he goes. He is a special addition to our family. ♥️
A’nyla is full of love and laughter. She’s such a princess . She loves to play laugh listen to music and watch coco melon.
Kelcee is a Sweet baby❤️She loves to smile and Play 💕She is a very happy baby you can’t do nothing but love her 🥰
Very loving && beautiful. She’s 1 month && all I want from this is for my baby to secure her first bag.🫶🏽
Onyx us a happy 3 month old who can sit up with aid and LOVES to smile 🙂❤️
Everyone Meet Kynslei. She Is 2 Months Old && Such A Happy Baby. She Coos, Smiles && Giggles. She Loves Her Big Brother && Watches Everything He Does. She Loves To Snuggle && Hates To Be Put Down.. ❤❤ She Also Loves Holding Her Head Up, && Looking At You With Those Big Blue Eyes..
Ellyna is a very outgoing smart little girl. She loves to play with other kids and loves animals.
Kendall is a spunky, smart, sweet, loving, and very outgoing two year old little girl who lights up any room she walks in. She loves saying hi to everyone, being the center of attention, and spending time with family. She is a big animal lover and loves going to the park. I just recently realized she is a water baby and loves to swim. Show my girl some love and give her some votes ❤️
Landon Avery was born on July 28, 2022. Weighing 7lbs 2.8oz and 20 inches long. He loves being talked to, loves his hands near his mouth, will make the cutest noises and facial expressions, and loves being close to momma 💙 He is just the sweetest boy.