Baby Stories - 9


My name is Paxton. I love Buzz Lightyear and my big and little sister! I'm learning to talk more and love to paint pictures for my family.
Graysen loves to eat and cuddle with mommy, he also loves being in his swing and watching spongebob. Oh and i can't forget how much he loves sucking on his little thumb.
Avahrie Kicking-bear
Yá'át'ééh!! My name is Avahrie Kicking-Bear 💞 My name means "From the Heavens". I am a proud Navajo Native American. I was born five weeks early, but I am finally catching up in weight and growing out of my preamie clothes!! I am sweet, cuddly, and love to be held. Please help me win this contest!!! 🥰🥰🥰
My name is Valkyrie Ryin. I love tummy time and playing with my brother and sister ❤
This is Branden Jr.! He has the biggest and most handsome eyes. And the cutest smile ever!!! 🤎
Cailyn Maleeah
This girl loves to dress up and be pretty! She has the best smile and giggle!
Arabella is a ray of sunshine! 🌞 She is always so happy and giggling. She is very smart and loves to play with her big brother. She loves animals, just like the rest of her family. Her favorite foods are anything that have cheese, and she has a very healthy appetite. Thank you for your vote! 🌻💗
Kayden is the sweetest little boy & loves his cousins & to cuddle! He loves to play with basketballs & cars & also he loves dancing and singing & Absolutely loves cocomelon.🥰
My Benny boo is almost 6 months old. He loves to roll around, eat and watch his sisters play!
Hello, I am Olivia! I’m 5 months old and I love to smile. I love playing with my toys and cuddling with my mommy. I enjoy spending time with all of my grandparents. I’m learning and growing everyday.
Hazalyn is an amazing little girl. She is a little girl that will bring a smile to your face. She is fun, energetic, and one of the sweetest little girls you will ever meet. She is the baby of our family and let me tell you she has two loving brothers that will always be by her side and face this world together.
Ellianna is a sweet little lady who loves being outside! She is smart and keeps us on our toes and always laughing! Elli enjoys exploring with all kinds of foods and loves all fruits!
She is a very loving and happy baby.
Cruz has a bigger than life personality. He always has a smile on his face. He loves to eat, laugh and play. He fills everyone around him with joy and warms your heart.🥰❤️
Jaden loves minions. He loves to play. He is a happy baby . He loves his daddy. He loves music. He loves sharks. He loves to dance. He loves the Jungle gym. He loves to play with his baby brother. He loves car rides . Hey loves Cookie's He loves chicken nuggets and strawberries. He loves to play with sand.
Ryleigh loves to blow raspberries! Laugh, and play with her fur brother!
HI guy's, this is Sophia. She is 4 years old. And is the brightest, beautiful girl i know with beautiful big blue eyes and the longest blonde hair. She has the best personality ever. Come vote for her! Saving up money for her big 5 year old birthday!!!
Dom is happy outgoing. He loves tummy time and playing. He loves to roll over was born a premie. He loves being read to. He loves his mommy. He loves music and being sang to. He loves when his mommy takes pictures.He loves to cuddle and loves when mommy gets down to play with him during tummy time.He loves his big brother.
My name is Joann. Im an only child. I enjoy cuddling with mommy and exploring the world around me please vote for me.
Enzo is my 3 month old super star. He’s the sweetest, most gentle, cuddle bug. Already has a personality to light up the room. 🤍
Hello i am new to the world and I love to cuddle with mommy and i am center of attention And i love to be swaddled to sleep.
Hello i am hailey and I love to play out side and help with my baby brother
Bailey is my angel i do believe god sent her to me because he knew my mom and dad was sick and that he was going to take them home so he gave me her and im so glad that he did because she's the only reason why i want to live and go on with my life and its all because of her, she is such a diva,princess and she has a heart of gold she loves to listen and dance to music theirs just so much to say about her.
Miles is such a loving, happy baby. He loves to give kisses and cuddle. He is such a character already, he loves to make people laugh! 🥺😍
Miles is the most loving and sweet boy. He loves animals, particularly “hishies” (fishies). Kisses are his fav! & he is very photogenic. He is always so happy and putting a smile on everyone’s faces. 🥰
Arwen is our little miracle baby! We were told 5 years ago that there was no way for us to get pregnant and yet here she is, we are so blessed. She is the best thing to come out of 2020!
Amelia just figured out she’s crazy over green beans. She’s already teething, & is trying to talk all the time, very opinionated ❤️❤️
Hello my name is Bradlee and I’m one of the happiest babies you will meet. I love to smile and laugh and play. I am only two months old but I have found my feet and love playing with them. Tummy time is my favorite of the day.
Aurora And Estella
Aurora and Estella are identical twins and two peas in a pod. They are definitely double the fun! They love belly time or just cozying up to anything soft. They are fascinated by people and giggle at just about anything.
I’m a mamas boy, got six teeth coming in at once, and three crazy sisters. Send help mom and I are not ok 🤣
I’m just a preemie who spent 6 weeks in the NICU. But I made it through and love being home with my family! My favorite thing to do is cuddle with mom and dad! I also love smiling at them when they talk to me!!!!
She’s such a smart loving baby that loves to dance!🥰
Eli is a very happy baby, loves his mama, daddy and doggy! He loves to play and go bye bye!
Hello, My name is Kolton. I love to laugh an eat snacks. I also love to play an watch daniel tiger
Vote for our sweet little cute boy!
Jacob is 7 months old and very smart. He is always smiling. His favorite games is patty cake and peekaboo.
Brooklyn has a wonderful personality, she’s funny but sweet, very loving, has a very bubbly personality always making someone smile, she loves her big sister, she loves her family, mommas girl all around, an come on she’s adorable. Her favorite things include her puppy, her toys for sure lol, her momma an dada, an she most definitely loves the outdoors. She’s such a wonderfully spirited baby girl an she’s loved so dearly by her family. ❤️
Nolan is a calm baby who LOVES to snuggle 🥰 he loves all of his family ❤️
Sophia grace, she is the most sweetest thing around :) she could sit there for hours and just give me all the silliest faces and the most biggest smiles ever, during our photo shoots!!
She a very clarm baby. Loves to cuddle.
My baby is 9 months very happy baby loves coco melon. he is just full of energy always smiling who wouldn’t fall in love with his cuteness
Ethan is always just as you see here. Happy as can be !❤️
Jaxson is 4 months old. Loves watching his big brother be silly. Laughs at the dog all the time. Loves Mickey Mouse!