Baby Stories - 9


Newborn who loves mommy’s chest and milk. Super alert and active! Full of personality!
Amber is a blessing in itself.. Amber loves to laugh, play, and her smile just makes you melt. When you sing and tell her stories her little face just lights up.
Miss Aria loves to be outside and animals. She is quite a sweetheart that loves to give hugs.
Car’Layia is My Beautiful, smart , loving baby Girl who was born months early due to mommy having preeclampsia ❤️ She loves to Eat , Dance and watch Cocomelon ! She will brighten up your day with her loving smile & sweet kisses 💕 My preemie Princess Car’Layia Marie Journeè Hawkins👑 NICU GRADUATE 2020 ❤️🙏🏽
This is Tatum!! He is 7 months old and the happiest baby around!! His favorite thing to do is say hi!! He is learning how to crawl!!
He was a premie baby. He is always happy and continuing to grow
Cody is an absolute sweetheart who loves cuddles, his kitty, and making others laugh. His smile and giggles are infectious and he thanks you for your vote!
It would help to win an contest so we can save up to get an house.
That smile speaks for itself!!! How could you NOT vote for my LaniBear!!
Kailer is 3 months. He loves chewing his hands and laughing.
Shes 10 months, she is sweet with a sense of humor, she also loves rice and watermelon.
Hello I’m 1 Years Old. I love dancing and taking pictures. I’m also a diva but my mom loves me anyways (:
Our little Birdie girl is always smiling while she sleeps. She is 5 weeks old and has already rolled over. She’s a strong girl and will do great things one day ♥️
I love to eat and i love my big brother. Mommy and daddy love me too.
He loves to dance and play with his dogs
Hello my name is Koltyn , I love cuddle time with mommy and daddy ! I might be a month old but I’m trying to roll over and sit and pull up all by myself !! So please hit that vote button and vote for me 💙
ADVANCED VOTES ARE WELCOMED❤️ THEY WILL BE RETURNED 💕 IF I SEND VOTES JUST BECAUSE, CONSIDER THEM GIFTS 🎁🤗💕WE VOTE BACK!! 💕💕 Zuri sahar is a one year old fire cracker. She loves to laugh and play every second of the day. She loves to sing her numbers (1,2,3). In her spare time (all day) she loves to dance and watch cocomelon. Her energy will be sure to uplift you the moment you see her.
Hi, I’m Juliana Rose. I have 2 front bottom teeth. I love to giggle and play with all my toys. I refuse to crawl, instead I get on my hands and feet and bear crawl😂 I love to use everything to stand myself up, I am ready to run! 🏃‍♀️ Please vote for meeeee! 😊❤️
He is very chill, He will make you smile , He will try to carry on a conversation with you ( in baby talk)
I’m such a happy boy an I discovered my feet an there my favorite chew toy
Elias es un niño muy creativo,es un niño feliz y muy tierno
Jensel G
I love pictures and I’m very friendly, I stand up, said bye, blow kisses!!
Hawk loves Horses and bananas.
Willie , also known as JR or BJ is a miracle. He was born at 5 months. He fought a hard and long battle to obtain life . He was determined to survive. Now at 19 months . He is now a very flowery , blissful, smart, and handsome big boy. He still has a feeding tube remaining in his stomach and has to be monitored closely. Even with his disabilities , he can't stop infecting others with his contagious smile 😊❤️. This personality filled little boy loves affection and will fall in love with just about anyone with a good spirit. He loves his toys and he loves to dip in to things he has no buisness. Belly rubs , bedtime stories, and Coco Melon is how he gains a sense of relaxation and relief throughout his tough journey of survival. He's an AMAZING little fellow filled with love. He's our ham..🥰
💕💕Mama squad 💕💕 she is not competing in this competition her brother in this one as well so we're just here for achievements. Za'Koria is a loving sweet 🧁 child she is very talented she plays basketball 🏀 she does gymnastics she loves playing video games, reading and drawing she love helping out with small kids she is just a bundle of joy she is the only girl out of 3 kids oh and she love taking pictures.
She loves to smile, she loves to talk baby talk, and she loves light… she loves being outside.
Amelia has such a beautiful soul inside and out! She loves animals, but her favorite are dogs! She’s a daddy’s girl! She says “dada” and “mama”! She loves fruits! She walks around in her walker, but will not crawl she’d rather roll around to get to her destination! It truly is never a dull moment with her beautiful soul!
Xavier is a happy and sweet baby who loves to smile at people! ❤️
Lily loves cocomelon and paw patrol. She loves being in the outdoors.
Kayson loves baths, tummy time and his swing! He also loves being outside. His hair is definitely what makes him who he is.💙 my sweet boy!
Little miss Riley love to sing & dance. Such a smart baby
Juliana Grace, I really don’t know where to start at! Okay, let’s just start with her being born with a birth defect (Gastroschisis) well that didn’t stop our courageous juju, (her nickname). She puts the joy in our family life, all things revolves around her. Juliana loves anything outdoors, playgrounds, the beach making sandcastles trampolining, walking, snow sledding, !and I can’t forget her old fire engine ride along that was passed down to her from her great aunt. Can’t wait to see what this little adventurous wonder child will explore in the coming years. Juliana is a Gastroschisis Survivor💚💚🙏🏾
Steven Bradley
He is cute loveable. He love to go outside and run with his two dogs.
She’s 7 months old and just learned to crawl and ready to get into everything!
He's a smart and sassy six year old. LOVES his little brother, Jasper, and loves Legos. He's very headstrong and loves to be outside.
He is a very lovable, happy and observant baby. He’s a bundle of joy and the precious little boy I’ve ever meet!
Animal lover
Kai'sen is very active, he loves watching television and listening to Gospel music always smiling ,very sociable with family and friends. This is Kai'sen first contest and we are so excited for all the love and support that we are receiving from family and friends this means alot to us & special thanks to Kai'sen support system we are in it to win it.Thanks Everyone 😘😘😘
This is a fun, loving little boy. Very intelligent for his age, loves sports, he plays basketball and flag football. Nana's heart ❤
He loves his stuffed giraffe. He loves to scream at lights and loves looking at them. He has an amazing personality. Our little rainbow baby ❤
Memphis Todd Stone
This is Mr Memphis Todd! He is 1 1/2 years old and loves anything outside or anything athletic! He can throw a baseball like a champ, rides his scooter 🛴 like a pro & LOVES CrossFit!! He is a happy baby with a super contagious smile! ❤️❤️❤️ He loves the Chiefs & We love him so much!
Sebastian Miles
Sebastian Miles is a sweet loving little boy. He loves his family and his friends.he is a great sleeper, eats baby food haven’t found one he don’t like. He loves going to daycare and seeing his friends and playing with his ms.Mya