Baby Stories - 9


Elijah is an amazing son only wakes up one time at night loves talking and smile vote for elijah
Arrived 6 weeks earlier than planned. Just a happy baby all around.
Wyatt is 3 months old! He loves playing with his rattles, listening to music, looking at books, and cuddling with his mama! He is the sweetest baby boy you will ever meet!
Grayson is a fun lovable baby. At 5 months old he is the best baby you could ask for. He loves his grandparents and mommy and daddy. He loves car rides. He loves his big dogs. At 5 months old he is so smart. I am so happy that my son is moving up in life but sad that he is growing up so fast.
Ke’Lanii is my name everybody calls me lanii pooh, I enjoy watching my favorite tv show. I love when my mom and dad sings abc it’s make me smile. I’m such a happy baby I wakes up with a smile on my face every morning. For a 5 month old Ke’Lanii has sooo much personality.Ke’Lanii can turn a bad day into a good day anytime just by the way she’s always smiling ,she’s always laughing, and she always wants to play! My baby is very photogenic she loves taking photos and being in the camera!
Aida And Aubree
Aida and Aubree are beautiful twin girls with very different personalities! Aida is very loving and affectionate, she is great at making friends and loves to dance and brush her teeth! Aubree is a fun loving tomboy who is generously helpful to anyone she sees who's in need,she loves to color and pick on her sister!
Brooklyn loves to chase the cats around the house , loves to be outside. She is trying to learn to walk on her own❤️
Ulysses is an Alaska Native boy. He likes car rides to have alotta attention. He likes to watch baby shark. He loves to learn. Most of all he loves his BERTA.
Levi loves to explore the outdoors!
Mason is so much fun he loves everyone and is always so happy
Harper was born July 28th, 2020 and is the happiest baby! She loves to match clothes with mommy and just learned to crawl. She's always smiling and loves her puppy Benny who likes to sleep with her and give kisses
Ryker is a 2 year old ball of energy, constantly on the go. He is always jumping, climbing, and running everywhere. He loves trucks, dinosaurs, baby shark, and his puppy.
Maddison’s favorite thing to do is sleep😅 she’s 7 weeks old and is full of sass and loves to talk back already
My name is Presley Blake. I live in Nebraska. I love going to the park. I love smiling as you can tell in my pictures.
Railey loves watching puppy dog pals and being silly with her dad. She loves to eat and play with her toys..
My Name is Amile I’m 5 months old from Florida I enjoy playtime with my mom and dad I love to eat 😬my favorite meal is pear and butternut squash I’m a very curious Lil boy about everything around me I have re-entered the contest and would appreciate your votes again and Thank you once again for all those votes for month of March_highly appreciated 😊
Dominic is a mommas boy, super sweet with his big beautiful eyes. He’s got the biggest smile and knows when to turn on the charm. Learning to walk and climb over everything.
Le gusta baby shark Canta a su forma el himno del Real Madrid 😂tiene su bufanda y todo 😂😂
My name is Brailyn.
Xavier is a blue eyed mommas boy who loves spending his time playing with toys and watching cartoons. 😍
My little man was quite the surprise to my family and I but such a blessing! This little guy loves his cuddles, loves to laugh and love love loves to EAT! His little laugh and contagious smile lights up every room he’s brought into. He loves attention and his little personality is growing each day! :)
Her names nevaeh her birthday is Friday she turns 1 years old, she’s the most sweetest baby you will absolutely ever meet.
Victoria is sweet and loves to show everyone her smile. She loves daddy’s kisses and watching her big brother play soccer.
Jasmine is the sweetest happiest baby as long as you let her try you food!
Brantley isour first grandson
He is a sweet loving and he is our little miracle baby
Braxton loves spending time with his family, watching nursery rhymes with mommy, and talking to daddy for hours on end.
Matthew was born on Father's day 2020. He has a big brother thomas he loves so much! His favorite thing is playing with this brother and bathtime! Matthew ate mashed potatoes for the first he loved it! So cute!
Tommy was born October 29 ,2018 at 4:52 am 7 lb 15 oz. He is a gift from god, two years ago i had a miscarriage on my birthday and over time I just gave up. And unexpected gifts happened , I found out I was pregnant against the odds. I was excited and nervous specially through the first 3 months. But I was patient enough to get pregnancy safe and sound. In June I found out the baby's going to be a boy! My due day was October 19 but my water broke at 3:00 in the morning on the 28th and had him on the 29th. He is the best gift in the world. Needless to say if you or anyone went through I went through just don't give up I was patient enough and conceived a child and it was all worth it! 👶🏻 update tommy is a big brother now ! He loves his little brother so much!
Hi my name is Lilyana and i am going to be one on April 4th i love puppy dog pals and moana and ducks. I love to play and take baths. So if you could please vote for me thank you 💜
He was named after Peter Parker because mom loves Spider-Man. He also loves his paci and his changing table.
Miles Hendrix is a very smart boy! He knows his colors and numbers! He can run really fast😅😅 and his favorite thing is the HULK And he can count to 10 in spanish!
Jesse is a cute lil boy. Who is always smiling. He is very energetic. Loves to play and jump around in his jumper
This is my Harper rose 🌹 she is a true blessing and She has definitely changed my entire life she is the most spoiled and rotten baby and she is loved by millions
Ivy is a happy, energetic, bright eyed baby, whose quite the social butterfly. She loves apple sauce, baths, and playing with her many toys.
She love frozen
Omarion is 5 months old, he loves tummy time and is learning to crawl! His favorite food is sweet potatoes and squash although he loves to get little tastes of mommy’s sweet snacks (ice cream being at the top) His favorite daily activities are napping with mommy, playing In his bouncer and babbling to his family.
Jd is a bright happy little boy who loves trucks cars and fire trucks. Jd had a rough start on life so he deserves some love❤️
Ezra was born at 33weeks and spent 20 days in the NICU. He is 8 months old, started getting his two baby teeth this few days. He likes to play with his toys, look at trucks, watch cocamelon or anything his momma watches. Ezra loves to cuddle with mom, get excited when his diaper gets changed, take naps and when people squish his cheeks or call him cute.
Jacob is a happy loving smart caring baby. He loves running around playing. He’s always smiling. He loves hugging and kissing people. He’s such a bright little boy.
Loves pickles, her siblings and staying home with mommy 💕💕💕
Quinn is so full of life! She is the most loving and caring child 🥰
Samuel will be 11 months old on the 8th! He loves talking & Absolutely loves crawling! He’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen!
Lukas was born March 10, 2021. He weighted 6lb 4.9oz and 19in long. He likes to eat and sleep especially in mommy’s arms. He likes listening to music any kind of music. He likes to watch tv his favorite tv show is pj masks.
Trinity And Tori
These are my beautiful Leap day Twins ! One of which has autism, they are so happy and love each other soooo much it’s too much cuteness😍🥺
Alfred is the youngest of three! He really enjoys snuggles from his big brother. He is a tiny little dude, but has the most adorable big blue eyes. He’s full of life and personality at just 6 weeks old!! ❤️❤️ He’s also a little fighter. He’s in OU children’s with weight gain problems.