Emma loves tummy time and bath time. She hates having a wet diaper. She is very chill and hopes you will vote for her!
Everlynn is 9 months old, loves to laugh and smile at anything, and has bright red hair, and will eat ANYTHING 🤣🥰
Sharon is one special ❤ beautiful 😍 only 26 days old shes named after her beloved grandma 👵 so precious ❤
Kingston loves to play outside & LOVES little baby’s!! He is so loving and so so funny 😆 vote for my boy💙
Soly loves cocomelon, dogs and playing
Julian Robles
Julian Robles is 4 months old. He was born premature he had a tough start but is doing amazing! He is very active and enjoys his brothers as well as sucking on his hand 24 7! He likes too coo and smile and even likes dressing up in crochet outfits. Julain says hi everyone :)
She likes swimming. She is shy but is adventurous. She loves playing in the mud & going outside. Her favorite thing to do is play with her basketball & she likes to play with her Lego blocks.
He's my fun, crazy wild child. He loves playing with his puppy dogs. He loves fishing, playing outside & playing in the mud.
AxelJack is a very happy baby. He's 3 months old and is a major cuddle bug. He's always smiling and laughing. He loves to play, watch CSI and listen to music. He also loves his stuffed lamb and his blankie.
She loves going outside and playing in the mud. She loves playing with her puppy dogs. Shes happy all the time. She's likes to go fishing with her dad.
Harmony has her own character she is always laughing and smiling she loves music & dancing my baby pretty adorable is one of a kind .
Norah is 5 months old! my baby girl is working on rolling over and sitting up. she eats her fruits and veggies and her dad is her favorite person!
She loves to go outside and look around at everything. She also loves watching the dogs run around and play
Wrenley Rose is a loving, always smiling, excited, 8 month old! She is such a good baby! She loves to sleep, eat, smile, laugh, play, and just have a good time all around. There is hardly a time when she’s not in a good mood!
Roman is a smart, funny, and sweet little baby. He loves to eat and cuddle 🥰. He was born much to early and struggled to get to where he is now, but Roman is very strong and has come so far.
Carter is the light to everyone's eyes. He loves his sister's and his best friend Finn " dog" he loves balloons and also loves to eat lol.
Jasper is a loving twenty two day old baby boy he loves to cuddle and play with his dad he likes to hear his own little sounds that he makes and like to smile
My name is Watson and I'm almost 6 months old and I love my snuggles from my doggies and currently love putting everything in my mouth since I am teething! I have the brightest blue eyes that I got from both my parents 😍 I'm my daddies twin and he makes me laugh so hard especially when he gives me kisses with his beard! 😂
A little bit about baby D! He was so excited to meet his mommy and daddy, that he came 3 months early! He just got to come home last Saturday! He is nothing but a true miracle 💙.
Gia loves being entertained, crawling around the house and loves the outdoors.
Alana is my 3 month old grandbaby she loves to cuddle play smile eat and loves her family she loves bath time and her tummy time she loves to coo and goo and has a smile thats priceless shes a good baby love her to pieces
Bryston is 6months, he loves to laugh, roll around and smile. He enjoy putting smiles on everyone face and being silly. He love taking pictures. Bryston is a mommy baby and loves to be around his mommy. He give a lot of hugs when you need them the most
Athena is such a happy & smiley girl, who loves photoshoots!
Charlotte is a happy loving baby. She loves to talk, laugh and smile! She has started to crawl and pull her self up her favorite show is SpongeBob
Waylon is almost 3 months old! He is starting to find his voice and loves his hands! He loves watching his cat and doggie! Oh and he loves the chip and potato cartoon!
Gabe is a happy and laid back baby. He has had colic since he was one month old. Regardless of his tummy bothering him day in and day out...he still smiles and laughs and makes everyone he meets smile! Not only is he adorable he is the sweetest baby ever! I am so thankful for this lil guy.
Lincoln is always happy and smiling, loves to talk, kick his feet, and loves all the snuggles! Vote for our little cutie!
Jaxon is 3 years old, he loves fishing, riding his bike, riding horses and watching his favorite YouTube videos Niki and Vlad!
Raymond is 21 months . Loves listening to gospel music along with country and oldies. Loves throwing his football with his dad and playing outside . He also loves watching paw patrol and helping with his baby sister.
Journee born April 26,2022. She’s a sweet baby that loves to eat, play, laugh and smile , gets everybody’s attention and sleep.
I have big blue eyes ! I say DaDa, MaMa, BaBa, NuNu and shake my head no no no. I sit up all by myself, roll over, and try to get on my knees so I can be on the go. I love to watch PJ Mask and Paw Patrols. My favorite baby food is green beans, apples, and bananas. I like to fight with Daddy and give Mommy all my kisses.
Sweetest girl who loves her momma 💖
Baby J loves to be tickled and walking even before he has crawled. He says dada and loves watching paw patrol
Freshly born❤️🥹
Hi my name is A’Moura and I am 5 months old. I can already hold my own bottle, I love to play with things that make lots of noise and has pretty lights. I love my momma and big bubba so much because they love me
Riley is a happy ,playful, baby always smiling..
Noah loves books and has his own library, he eats every fruit and vegetable offered and he’s always smiling. His favorite words are Mama, Dada, and Hi.
Irving loves to eat and play💙 Súper friendly baby & loves to be carried by anyone !! Even if it was a monkey he would let him honestly 🤣
Fun energetic and always talking and smiling at people
Hi I’m Elaine Alani ! I love to jump on my jumparoo and have fun.
Jaxon Wofford
Jaxon is the most happiest baby, he loves his grandpa and grandma and pawpaw!! Also his parents and god mama and second cousin! He was a preemie baby due to a lot of complications born January 4th 2022 the first baby born in for New Years in Thomasville NC! He loves paw patrol and his grandpa’s motorcycle! He loves his Pawpaw’s tractor!
Finn is a wild, happy, oh so loved little man. He loves his dogs and being outside.
nova is a happy baby, she loves being outside and playing with her babies. anytime she’s outside you can always catch a smile on her face. she loves saying “mama” and “gigi”.
Ivoree grace loves to smile and talk 🥰 she is now working on standing and everyone loves her bright blue eyes and her chunky cheeks the most 💕
Kris is a happy loving baby smiles at everyone and loves to cuddle and he loves his mommy and daddy and siblings
Skylar was an unexpected miracle after 11 years of not having a baby god blessed us with this precious little angel. She was born early do to complications and was a preemie. She is doing great and is such a blessing. Vote for this precious doll of mine 💕