She loves to be outside, especially in the water. She is always giving hugs and kisses and knows how to make your day alot brighter. 🥰💖🌟
Garrus is the newest addition to the family! He is a happy, hungry and smiley baby! He eats more than any 2 month old I have ever met and he loves to sit and stare at everyone until they stare back and he starts making faces at them.
Javon is a smart little boy, he was born at 39 weeks weighing 6lbs 13oz at 19 inches long born at 3:48 am, he loves numbers, math, and watching game shows, like the price is right and on that game show his favorite game of all time is the Plinko game I went on Amazon and bought him his very own plinko game board for his birthday and he can not stop playing it, he loves to read different books, he loves swimming, visiting with his cousins for parties. He is a mama's boy all the way along with being daddy's buddy. He is full of joy and excitement when it comes to doing things he loves to do, he is very friendly with people speaking to them being very polite and spontaneously adventurous about exploring different things in the world. I do vote back, so let's exchange votes on here
My name is Isaac I’m a 5 month old little boy with a whole lot of personality already . I love to cuddle with my momma and show my sister all the new things I’m learning. If you kiss me on the neck I will laugh until my belly hurts, it tickles . I love to go outside and enjoy the air with my daddy and my nana and pop are my favorite they let me and my sister do what ever we want. Safely of course . Vote for me !
Hello everybody my name is ARA‼️ I LOVE playing with my mommy and daddy💕💕She’s so smart, funny , fearfully and wonderfully made. I love Chloe and Cuqin and Gracies corner . I also like taking walks in my stroller.💕I am a ivf / Nicu Graduate 💕 she has such a beautiful laugh 💕💕 It’s impossible not to fall in love 💕💕.
Delia is a very sassy, smart beautiful girl. She loves flowers, doggies, bedtime stories with mom and dad, going to the park, anytime spent outside looking at the world around her and dancing!! Along with a multitude of other things She is very personable and loves EVERYONE she meets, she is our greatest blessing and we thank God for the joy she brings us everyday
Liberty Aka: TinkerBell loves tummy time. She loves her 2 older brother and 2 older sisters. She is definitely a daddy's girl. She loves to babble and laugh. She is also very ticklish.
Paislynn is a very goofy little girl who loves doing anything outside! She’s sweet to anyone she meets until she gets to know you then she’s a ornery brat lol 😂❤️
Miss PEACH 💛.. She Very Smart And Love To Smile She My Beautiful Sunshine 💛
She loves to giggle and laugh she loves when you sing to her. Her smile can light up the whole room
His 3months old and he loves being around his family
Zaylah loves to give every she meets big smiles. She mostly likes eating everyone’s faces 😂 she also loves to scream for fake til she gets her way.
Miles has a bright personality & brings a smile to anyone’s face. He is the most smiley & sassy baby boy. He loves to talk to anyone who will listen & loves cuddles from his mom and dad. The happiest baby you can see🤍
Joseph is a calm, sweet. soul who loves laughing, dancing, singing, and of course his two favorite people, momma and dadda. No matter what sort of day we have, his smile has the ability to light up the whole room. He is our sunshine, joy. and life.
Bailey loves to show us all just how smart he is already, his laugh is infectious and that blonde hair & blue eyes are gonna keep Dad & Mom on their toes.
Mick loves to swim, ride bike , just loves to be on the go. He really loves getting into the rhino and going mudding.
Everleigh is such a happy baby Always smiling always babbling She loves to cuddle, go for walks, but is definitely a daddy’s girl She is a blessing 🥰
Grayson Royce is absolutely the sweetest baby boy ever!!! He is always smiling, giggling and laughing. I’m not sure this kid even knows how to have a bad day haha.
Brooklyn is a strong little girl who loves cuddles, especially from her daddy. She has the cutest smile and a goofy personality 💗
khy is the love of my life . he is really sweet , goofy & loves mommy and daddy.
Serenity loves watching Gracie’s Corner and loves going in the pool
Evan is 9 months old and has a twin sister named Milah💘
Milah is 9 months old and has a twin brother named Evan💘
Gracelynn is a precious angel! She loves mommy and daddy time and is a big cuddle bug! She’s very talkative! She loves watching her cartoons and she can hold her own bottle! She also loves eating her baby food❤️ She loves playing with all of her toys!
My name is Nevaeh and I'm a goofy diva that lets it be known Im in the room.
Wrenlee June 🥰 One the happiest baby’s you ever did see, with the best personality and the cutest little giggly laugh that you ever did hear. She loves dancing, being outdoors, riding on the Polaris ranger, swimming, but one of her favorites is when she gets to ride with daddy in his heavy equipment! Everyone always says she’s the next Gerber baby! This little girl is the miracle of our life!🤍
Lilah is the biggest a ray of sunshine☀️ her favorite things include snuggling with mom and dad, meeting new people, grabbing things with her hands, and smiling at everything! She’s got the biggest personality and she is not afraid to show it, she’s brought so much joy into our lives🤍
Hello my name is athena i was born 5 weeks early on may/29/2022. I love my big brother my mom and dad. I was named after the greek goddess i am two month's i can almost roll over and i like to make a much of goat noises
Harper is a loving baby girl who loves snuggles & loves her family!
Meet my spunky two month old! Zayleigh is the light of her Mom & Dads world. She’s such a precious, giggly, loveable baby & we adore everything about her. She stole our hearts the day she came into this world 💜
Exten Ryan
Exten loves to play outside with his cars and Dino’s. He loves his new role as big brother. He loves suckers and sour candy. He is always on the go no stopping his little feet. He is the sweetest little boy you will meet.
Ah'leeyah loves to smile & also loves her tummy time. She's learning to use her voice & hands.
Kayden Loves Playing with Toys, Saying Dada, & Eating. He enjoys being outside & Being such a happy Baby
He is a social butterfly but as independent as a child can get 💖
Tayrin loves to be on her phone. Loves to read. Very active
Maverick is 3 months! He sometimes get mistaken for being 6 months because he’s so big. He love bath time and napping with mommy.
Westyn is always so happy and always smiling. He is very observant and likes to study things and how they work. Hes currently figuring out how to walk at 9 months!
Rosina is a beautiful blessing who steals the hearts of anyone that lays their eyes on her. Shes also very sassy but loves cuddles and snuggles❤️
adonis will be the BIG ONE on 9/8/22 ! he loves to smile & has the best personality already. please vote for my cutie !
The cutest and most happiest little girl you will ever meet
The greatest big sister to Nevaeh and our unborn unknown gender baby.
Braxton Clark
Loves to play basketball and always has tons of energy
River is in the hospital he’s was born 3 months early. He is very smart he loves to hold your hand tight he loves to eat he likes to take all his stuff off lol he loves to stare at mommy and daddy 💙🥰
Kylie is a brave, amazing baby with a goofy personality. She is trying to walk already and is about to be a big sister.