Baby Stories - 89


Hello everyone! My name is Gavin. I like getting kisses and cuddles from my parents, also some warm baths. I love Star Wars (well, I actually have no choice because my parents always dress me in Star Wars stuff, and what can I say, I look great in my R2D2 swaddle!) Please vote for me and help me win this competition 💙
This is A’Laia rose 🥀 she now likes puppy pals.she’s becomings mamas big girl she learned to sit up all by herself. She loves to grab things and bite things. She loves baby food. She loves to smile and play. She is still mamas baby girl💕
She’s loves smiling and laughing
Jaxson loves to smile and to sleep and eat a lot he loves his mommy and when grandma talks to him.
Jude is my rainbow baby and my favorite creation. He was named after The Beatles’ song “Hey Jude”. Right now his favorite thing is bottles and naps and mama.
Zion is the sweetest baby boy. He loves his toys, his big brothers and fur sister. Please vote for my baby
She is a very happy baby who is smiling all the time definitely her own person
Grayson was born 4 weeks early and weighed 5 pounds 11 ounces, the finest human I had ever seen! A month after his life he was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis and had to get surgery for it. The surgery was a success and he now can eat without puking completely everything up and he is growing so fast!! He went from having no rolls to having tons! Gray River lights up any room he goes into and smiles at anyone. Show him some love and please vote for our baby!😍😍
Kinsley is one month old and loves to talk she loves going outside and looking around.
Even through our already hectic life, and heart problem Nora is the most happy and sassy baby I have ever seen. There was many time I thought to myself that we wouldn't make it to this part in life. But here we are being cute and killing it.
Eva is a very attentive, active and playful baby. She's a happy baby and enjoys attempting to read her books as she listens to her favorite bunny sing her the ABC's. Enjoys holding conversations after and before her naps.
Our little man came into this world smiling from day one. Not much gets him down and if he is, its not for long.
Energetic dancer and singer that loves KPOP!
Hi my name is Brayden Burns and I like to roll on my side and take nice warm baths. I’m about to be two months old and am finally starting to get my voice.
Mary Ann
Im Mary Ann, im 5 months old Im a smart girl I’m already crawling I like to watch Yo Gabba Gabba and i love bows and colors 💓
Hi! My name is Stetson and I love warm baths, Disney cartoons, and car rides. Fun fact: I’m only 3 months old but weigh almost 17 pounds and am wearing 9 month clothes!
Tayla is the happiest wittle baby, she almost never cries. she loves being held and getting lovins from mommy and daddy, and just about everyone who wants to give them to her. 💖
This is Elleanora Rose. She loves to smile & giggle all the time. If she were to win this competition we would put all the money in her college fund. ❤️ Enjoy the cutest baby pic of Nora bug 💕🍂🍁
hi, i’m sawyer! i am only 5days old and i can almost hold my bottle by myself! i can turn my head and i love to snuggle! watching bobs burgers is my jam but getting my diaper changed is not! mommy and daddy love me so much !
Hi, my name is Hadleigh but everyone calls me Haddy. I love to watch tv, chew on myhands, and spend time talking to my family and friends. Also, I love to fall asleep in daddy’s arms definitely a daddy girl. I’m learning how to grasp toys because I’m starting to teeth now. I love to read and smile. Please vote for me.
she loves baby shark and likes to have fun and explore new things
i love to eat, sleep , and throw up on mommy every chance i get!
Autumn is a fiesty little snuggle bug who loves music, her stuffed jellyfish, and nonming on anything she can get her hands on while she giggles.
My name is Brooklynn, I love to screech an yell because my voice is so cool. I can almost roll over, I hold my head up and I like to sit like a big girl and watch scooby doo! After 2 years my mommy finally had me, and I am everything she ever dreamed of!💕
2 and sassy , smart ,loving . Love cocomelon , her cat and french fries
Kai is the son of 2 active duty parents. He loves to laugh, cuddle, and eat bananas!
Meet Colsen! ❤️ The sweet blue-eyed boy who loves listening to Pink Floyd, flirting with the ladies, and devouring any type of food given to him in less than five minutes when he’s not trying to climb everything in sight! 🙈
Hello our daughter is really about her self and how cozy she stays I’m linking her pictures and starting a very well put together portfolio 💼 for her chances winning gives her a better out reach for baby modeling !
This is Grady Michael, he loves Pj Masks, Thomas The Train and Spyro the Dragon, he’s a very happy, lovey baby boy. He loves being outside and seeing all kinds of different colors and he definitely loves to pull mommy’s hair!
Hi! My name is Olivia but my family calls me "Tootsie"! Probably because that's a ridiculous name and I'm ridiculously adorable 🤷‍♀️ I am a wild child and love to make people laugh. I love to cuddle and I'm fascinated by owls and baloons. I'll be two in just a few days and know over 150 words and allll of my numbers, colors and shapes! I have a BIG personality and a smile as bright as my eyes! Make my mommy's day and vote for me, wontcha?! I'm her whole world!
Matai is a beautiful soul with a FUNNY sense of humor! She already mimics silly sounds and expressions at 3 months old. Her laughter is so adorable and she brings joy into everyone’s hearts. She loves the outdoors and nature. 🥰
Blakely loves running around and getting in to everything she’s not supposed to be getting in haha she also loves to eat. and hanging with mema too
Remi is all boy! He love going and helping dad work on the sprint car during the summer! If he’s not at the track you can find him outside playing in the dirt with his brothers! Nothing stands in his way! He has been stubborn since day 1 when he decided to come out sunny side up! He was ready to great the world! He loves his puppies and loves been able to give them all the lovings in the world! Just give this boy anything with wheels and he is happy for days! He’s a cheeser and he has the craziest laugh that can make anyone laugh! He is mine and his daddy’s goober baby! He absolutely loves his num nums(food) and he will talk your ear off if you will allow him to!
Ezme was born 26 weeks weighing in at 1lb11ounces she fought so hard to be here with her daddy brother and mama. She loves snuggles, and her mammas milkies. She’s learning how to smile and even give us little giggles, she holds her head up all by her self and is even rolling over. She’s so strong for a 26 weeker
Delylah loves to take baths, loves to cuddle, she likes bright lights and shadows, but most of all she enjoys the time she spends with her family
Scarlet Grace Aileen Page
This is scarlet she’s such a sweet little girl who loves to cuddle and smile! She has tons of cute facial expressions. With that red hair comes a sparky personality that’s just perfect ❤️
Emila Rose Rutherford
Emi is a playful baby girl and a daddys girl. She loves being outside and getting grandma lovings.
Alexzander is a smiley baby and has a lot of fun getting in to things and play with his mommy.
McKenna loves to play and watching my little pony. She’s very loving ❤️ And all she cares about is snacks 😂
Mia loves jumping in her exerciser and hanging out with her mema❤️
Waylon blake is my big boy who loves to jump around, laugh, and smile! He is so sweet and so handsome! Please give him a vote ❤️
Carl loves to play with his cousins and his toys! An loves to EAT he loves puffs an yogurt melts 😁 his favorite show is mickey mouse clubhouse.
The most happiest, smartest, and funniest, soon to be walking 8 in a half month old. 💛
this is my baby, Lucca Emilano! He weighed 7 lbs & 5 oz, he’s currently 3 months and 4 weeks old! He always has a big smile and sleeps throughout the night!
Hadleigh is a beautiful happy girl with lots of sass and a personality out of this world!!! She loves to crawl and explore new things and she’s even trying to walk already . She loves going outside and riding her power wheel 4 wheeler with Daddy and also loves when her big brother and sisters come over to hang out.
She loves to eat and loves to interact 💜
Omari loves giggling , smiling & talking. ❤️