Chanli loves cocomelon and animals he calls pets “grrs”
3yrs old and very smart loves being a big sister having someone she can practice on while becoming a Doctor as the talking skills to do anything but loves watching her tablet to past time when not aggravating her lil sister
Aaliyah is silly, hates laying down in the daytime loves watching her big sister and sucking her fingers is what she loves the most
Hi, I am Clyde I am 3 years old. I definitely keep my parents on their toes. I am enjoyed playing outside especially in the mud with my trucks. My younger brother and I are always dirty. I love asking my parents a lot of questions and loves hearing the results, I love being on my educational apps on the tablet. I enjoyed meeting new friends I am pretty much a “social bug” shy at first and then you can’t get me away. My favorite part of each day especially the weekend is camping and spending time with family and friends. Vote for me, the blue eyes you can’t walk away from
Hi I’m Yasmin, yas for short ! I’m mommy’s little brat hint my name. I’m 7 weeks old with so much personality already . I was born on national butterfly day ! I can’t wait to grow and flutter with my amazing family. I like to laugh and listen positive affirmations that my mommy tells me everyday .💖
Hello I am Lawson, I am 18 months old using my hazel eyes to get everything and anything I want. always on the go non-stopped playing. I enjoyed playing outside with my mom & dad and also my older brother. You would have to say I am pretty stinking and very quiet on what I am planning my next move. I am pretty much always on the go, I love my snuggles in the morning, during nap time and especially right before bed time are my favorite. My favorite part of each and everyday is playing with my brother we do all kinds of things I have learned a lot from him especially when we’re playing with mom and dad. Please Vote For Me!!
Lyra Mae’ loves the Ms. Rachel on YouTube, thank god because Cocomelon had to go! 😂 She loves the outdoors where she thinks she can run from you after she does something sneaky! FOOD is her main priority 😋 She will also be starting an ELC in August. 💕
This is Mylo Lee, He is a Blessing From God and a Miricle baby. Mylo was Born at 26 weeks. He weighed 1 pound 5 ounces, he was 11½ inches. He has been through more things in his first year of life, then most people take 50 years+ to go through. The most amazing part of this is my son through all of his struggles, has always smiled and laughed. It may have taken time to get to the smiles but he will always bounce striaght back to happiness because he knows hes still here to smile and laugh another day, and hes gonna make the best of what he has. He has taught me so many things in this year , and i will never stop thanking God for blessing me with my angel boy.
Kayden is 3 months and always has a smile on his face. He loves to smile, laugh, babble, dance, cuddle, & be outside. He’s trying to roll over and he’s pretty good with lifting his head up while laying on his stomach. This baby boy is such a blessing💙
RykeLynn loves cuddling with mommy and daddy, loves playing with her aunts, and loves spending time with MeMa and PaPa and all her other family!!
I was born at 33 weeks 4 days. I spent 3 weeks in the NICU but I am thriving and growing now at 10 months. I love to play outside. I love all my dog and cat friends. I love to laugh and play. 💓
Joshua is 2 months old. Love the cartoon puppy dogs pals.
Annalie is a very happy and loving baby girl. She loves to be sang to!! We love you Annalie Rose!!
Keanu is a very happy, playful boy!
Jasiah is 6months old on May 4th!!!❤️ This boy laughs so much. Has such an amazing smile! Loves Pears and tickles.
Amelia is a happy 5 month old who lights up any room with her warming smile. She loves milk and naps. Please vote for Miss. Sweetface.
Ellie is 5 months old. She loves her bottle, ceiling fans, and her daddy! She also loves to coo and give big smiles 💗
Elliott loves seeing people, and playing with friends farm animals. Mommy's rainbow 🌈 baby
Loves the show bluey and loves her mama.
Bryxly girl is a very happy baby she loves to mess with her dogs bone she has 8 teeth she likes to crawl around the house and get into everything she loves trying new foods and there’s not one thing I have given her that she hasn’t liked.
Sophia is a social butterfly. She loves everyone. She likes doing crafts and playing with her dolls and loves helping people.
One of the happiest babies ever💕
She loves to eat, and is already trying to use her legs to move forward during tummy time! She also makes the best facial expressions, and the biggest mommas girl 😊
Very playful baby! He is sure a mommy’s boy! Loves to try and talk! He will take anyones heart with his baby blue eyes! My baby has clubfeet and kicking it in the butt! 8 months strong!!💙
Ameellia has the brightest smile & personality!!! She loves belly time, cartoons and snuggles!!❤️
The perfect rainbow baby. She’s a mommas girl 💕🥰
She is a very happy baby, she is so smart already and she loves to be held and talked to🥰
Shaylee is a beautiful 6 year old.
Hello my name is Kehlani Elisa Bustos I just turned 2 🥰 I love the color pink and playing with all my toys!
Serenity is such a silly, beautiful girl
Are little Easter baby loves taking naps,enjoys baths and loves head scratches 💕
He loves his football team n he's a momma's boy
Ja'Bria is a outgoing little girl who loves to jabber and watch pink fong! She is such a little beauty with a heart of gold ❤
Little Emersyn Claire just turned a month old and is sweet as can be!
D'Quarius was born with Noonans syndrome and has a feeding tube and has a port which he has to have platelets every week due to platelet dysfunction. Yet thru it all he still is one of the happiest outgoing baby you'll ever meet! He is tiny for his age because of the Noonans syndrome but i can guarantee you this baby has a heart bigger than he is 🥰 truly a blessing to this world!
My almost 7th month old handsome baby boy Juwon nickname Juju.Favorite animal is his little dog that he sleep with peacefully and happily..He definitely loves outdoors,playing,bathtime and he loves to play with his moma💙
Kyler loves sitting up, being tickled , he loves being outside and seeing trees, he loves cuddles and tummy time 🥰🥰🥰🎉
Madelyn Jade is a wild child! She’s smart, adventurous, and outgoing! She loves people, no matter who they are! She is a brave little girl to say the Least. 💕💕
Peyton is a very outgoing smart little girl she’s very loving loves to wave and blow kisses
Nia’maje is really a ray of sunshine. She makes everyone laugh, she loves saying Hi to everyone she sees. She loves Elmo and singing along to his songs.
Brinleigh Rose Giffin
Brin is the most happiest sweetest little girl 😋💕
My little sweet heart
Zayden is a loving caring little boy he loves his baby sister
Go vote for little miss Payton she is a vary sassy little girl with so much love
Patrick Michael
My baby is such a snuggle bug and loves to smile and has the cutest sneeze ever. He also can sleep anywhere and is super easy going, but always wants his bottle. I love my baby
Jermani loves to eat & dance. 🤍 she is very smart & advanced for her age.
Sweet and sassy 1 year old that loves Lilo and Stitch and Encanto. Loves all things musical.