Baby Stories - 88


Hi! Im Everlee and i’m almost 2 years old. My account is ran by my mommy. I love to laugh, talk, smile and give kisses. Cocomelon and Barbie are my favorite shows. I also love to sing “Wheels on the Bus” and dance!
She is just the sweetest, happiest baby ever! She loves to cuddle, She loves to laugh and smile and tries to talk to you. Her big brown puppy dog eyes will steal your heart and soul just by looking at her. I hope you vote for us. 💞🎀💜
Our sweet angel finally came to us after many years of waiting and wishing for her. She loves to snuggle and laugh. Her sense of humor is contagious. Our little sweet comedian makes our daily lives so worth living. She wins everyone over with her smile. Our miracle for so many reasons.
Ximena loves to smile an coo. She is full of joy!
Oliver is a very happy baby boy. He loves people holding and talking to him. Very vocal and adores his big sister.
Octavia is a strong and independent little girl. She is very loving and loves to give her little brother kisses and hugs. She is a lover of food and is a big cuddler .
A little 5 month old who is full of life!
Kashmir loves music. He is extremely smart and enjoys interacting with others.
Mikey is a very happy baby....he loves when you sing the ABS’s and his favorite cartoon is “Boss Baby”
Elias is a fun, loving, smiley and always a very happy baby! He loves moving around after discovering his leggies can really go!!
Giovanni is the happiest baby in the world! His smile can light up anyone's day and make it turn around! He loves to play with his big sister and toys! He takes his job of being the cutest baby very, very seriously!
Nova is happy chunky baby. She loves to watch her sister play and loves when people are giving her attention
Athena is a very entertaining happy going toddler. She loves to spin in circles and clap her hands and take walks.
Easton is a fun loving baby always happy and playing with his cars. He loves his family as much as we love him. He is growing up so fast as he is 9 months (in January).
Lawson loves taking pictures, being silly, and making others laugh!
She is my little fashionista, and loves to dress up! She's very bright, and has such a connection with animals and nature.
Bristol Rowden
This girl is a sweet yet sassy girl. She is. Ery smart and funny . Girlie girl and tomboy all in one . She loves to spend time with her great grandparents. Loves dance, music, books and drawing . She will entertain you for hours. NEVER a dull moment here .
Patton Rowden
He loves his momma deeply . He is wild , the baby of the family . Strong willed . Loves all things sports ,music and being included with his older siblings. He loves food and is willing to try anything.
Luna B
Luna loves to dance and loves animals! She is the sweetest little one!
My Baby Boy the best thing that happened in 2020 he is so alert such a happy baby makes me smile all of the time. Funds collected will go towards baby savings. Thank you
Sweet Bennett Arthur was born 12/30 at 8 pounds 5 ounces! He loves to eat and sleep and cuddle with his momma ❤️❤️❤️
Hi! I’m hazel. I love playing with cars and reading books!💜🤩 I love taking pictures , and my favorite word is “please!”
Beautiful Jasmin is one tough blonde haired blue eyed 3 year old. She loves being outside playing in the mud and making sure she holds her own agains her 3 older siblings.
Our handsome boy loves to eat and sleep. He loves to be swaddled in soft blankets. He’s the light of our lives.
Madison is a sassy little girl who was born at 35 weeks....This little peanut spent 14 days in the NICU and every obstacle put in her path so far she has overcome. Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains 🏔
Lily is very sweet and sassy all at the same time. She makes everyone smile, but will give you sass the whole time while doing so.
It’s my birthday in two weeks, I’ll be 5!!! show me some love!
Carter is the sweetest boy you'll ever meet. He is an amazing helper and uses good listening ears. 🤍
Sitara is cute active girl
She loves Daniel tiger and so full of energy and loves to laugh and giggle
Isabella is very observant since day one. She is just taking everything in. We couldn't get her to sleep for her photos because she was so enthralled by the environment. She gets comments about how much hair she has at birth and resembles a baby doll.
Mailee stinks, I think she took another shit. You should look... We think she'll be an Engineer and/or A performer of some sort... Maybe a comedian =-) Or a Pterodactyl...
Ollie is our super baby! After 8 years of trying, we did a round of IVF and it took! And now we have this adorable, funny, giggly, chill guy. He loves nomming on his teething tube, cuddling up with his rabbit lovey, and hanging out with Mom & Dad!
Harlee is a sassy, spunky little girl! She has a heart of gold and can keep going like the energizer bunny! She loves horses, unicorns, and anything glitter!
Isaac is currently seven months old he is loved many and adored by his eyes . He loves to play, eat and explore new things in his sight. His parents would love to get his face out there so eventually one day Isaac can begin a modeling career.
She is a spunky little lady who captured the hearts of all who meet her.
Grayson loves to run around and bulldoze through anything he can get his hands on! He loves to eat whatever he can get stuffed in his mouth! He is almost 15 months old and has 11 teeth!
She is a new years eve preemie baby who love's to smile and sleep, she is for sure a daddys girl and loves to cuddle with him when he gets off work
I’m a big mommas boy!
Wyatt is an adventurous, fun, loving boy who always amazes us. He has a passion for all things dinosaur and monster trucks!
Ashton is a playful loving baby. He loves Trolls and Blues Clues. And he love to talk and dance. He is 10 months awaiting his 1st birthday.
Can you guys please go vote for baby girl this money if we win would go to her it will go straight for her surgery that she is going to be having and June 21st at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital so it would be helping her and the family to be able to go there back-and-forth to her appointment she was born with an extra skin tag so they have to have surgery to remove it but before that they have to do lots of taxes to make sure that there is no tubes or if she’s going to end up losing her eyesight later on or lose her hearing so it will help a lot with the cause of the doctors visits that we are going to be having at first it was kind a hard for me to talk about only our close friends and family now up because we just had an appointment we would love to also have some prayers that everything it’s all good for we can be able to do the surgery but if they find something I will be harder so we also I would appreciate all the prayers that we can get Rosalino you know before she was even born she is a miracle baby she was born premature even though she was such a tiny little baby she grew so fast and she is a healthy wonderful baby girl she has two big brother said she loves to play with she’s the biggest blessing for our whole family just everything about her just her a little smile makes everyone’s day
Nia just loves her blankey and to snuggle at sleepy time. We call her our little snuggle bunny 🥰
Im goofy i love to smile an play w mommy♥️
This is Mason, he loves his walker, tummy time, mommy cuddles, and his swing. He has his favorite blanket and toy turtle that sings him songs for bed time💕 He also loves talking and cooing and playing with his big sister🐕🥰💕