Addisyn loves to play outside, loves swimming and hangin out with her family. She loves to listen to music and dance. She is so smart and very sweet. She has 4 big brothers who tolerate her to a limit LOL. She loves to run as fast as she can. She is a very active and happy baby!
Jersey loves being outside and never meets a stranger! He loves all things blues clues and you’ll find him dancing any time a good song comes on!
Laken was born on April 11th, three months early! He was 2lbs 5oz, and is now 6lbs 14oz!!!! He’s had a rough start, but this little dude is so strong! He’s the sweetest boy, and has his momma wrapped around his finger! He loves bath time, and eating, and mommy most of all🥰😍
Eva loves to walk in her walker and babble. She loves jumping and smiles and laughs alot! She enjoys kicking her feet in water and looking up at the sky and trees!
This is Aalia, beautiful baby girl , always smiling, playful, and very energetic
Ariya Hai
Ariya loves to listen music and dancing . She can talk all day with u nonstop 😂😂
My name is Kinleigh Jayde & I love to play and crawl around, I love my brother and sister so so much! I’m also the happiest baby in the world
Ryker loves to be cuddled. He is a very strong little man. He was born 8 weeks early and has fought his way into this world and continues to fight every day to grow and stay strong
We were on a stroller ride in the picture above. He loves being outside, going on walks and loves being in the pool and loves water. Loves smiling and laughing. I am ticklish. I love my mommy and family so much. I am starting to get a tooth
Loves to smile and play🥰.Favorite thing to eat is apple sauce and fingers🤣💞
He loves to be carried by mommy and daddy and also loves to eat, sleep and poop 💙💙.
Malikai is a water lovin’, bubble blowin’, happy little baby! He loves his mama and his milkies!
Greyson is a big lover of cuddles from his mommy and daddy, feeding time is very important to him and he enjoys relaxing and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in his downtime.
Growing too fast!
Miley came into the world at 34weeks6days! Shes 7 months old and loves barney. Her favorites to eat are bananas for breakfast and Peas for dinner! She thanks everyone in advanced for voting for her 💜
Foren is 2 weeks old and LOVES snuggles. He is a big eater and a big fan of mommy! He was born on 6/14/22 and went straight to the nicu due to some health problems that he overcame so quickly. Foren is such a fighter and one of the most handsome boys with a FULL head of hair!
Callie is a sweet little girl, when she wants to be! She loves to climb and she loves going to the park. Her favorite snack is Bananas.
Collin loves to talk and laugh at his sister. He loves bellytime, he is just the perfect little boy.
Our happy baby is perfect until she’s hungry, then everyone calls her Mariah Carey… because she hits octaves unknown to most to let you know she needs to eat! But otherwise she’s a water baby, loves Mickey and her cousins
Amyri but everyone calls her tooda butt ☺️. She loves to be outside , loves to dance , loves her paw paw & loves animals.
She is the happiest little baby full of joy
Kingsley is a loving adventurous little man who loves his mommy and daddy and sisters he has the cutest laugh and he can brighten anyone's day
I like to splash in the water, screech at the top of my lungs and play with puppies!
Hi, my name is Ryse. I am almost 3 months and I am learning that everything is funny. I love to smile and cuddle. I am always happy. Any time I see someone I lock on them and get happy and smile so big. I like lounging on my play mat, taking cat naps with my sloth, eating and filling my britches. I’m just a laid back kind of baby. Thanks for checking me out!!
Khace is handsome as you can see, he loves to watch pj mask, he love his sisters !! & He’s very goofy lol
Israel is 3 he loves the movie Doctor Strange. He is very polite uses his manners loves to play soccer ⚽️ Is Avery active toddler who loves people
Pyper is 5 Months. Loves being the center of attention. Her favorite thing to do is pull on daddy’s beard. She’s obsessed with Mickey Mouse. ❤️
Paisley is the sweetest little girl. She loves her big brother so much and is always smiling 😊 she also loves to use her voice and makes loud squealing noises anytime she can ❤️
Maya loves to smile, blow bubbles and talk or just spit trying to anyway!! She loves to try to sing and learn her ABC’s too ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Cute, funny and adorable. Our lil girl loves paw patrol, backyardigans, and other animal movies. She have 3 dogs, one about to have puppies, and a Maine coon Kitty as her fur-companions. Also a pet water turtle
Hi, my name is Odysseus. (O-dih-see-yis) I love to sleep and smile alot! Sometimes I do cry but only when I get super tired and hungry:( I’ve been talking and yelling so much now it’s pretty awesome! mommy knows me best:) I also love to drool so that’s fun for papa:) I love my papa, mommy and sissy Nata! She’s a doggy but still my sissy <3 thank you for the love and support!
Miss Madi is 4 months old and sassy as can be!!! She loves babbling to mommy and daddy, reading books, and snuggling! 🤍
Serenity is a sweet girl that LOVES her doggies💕she loves to playing in water 💦 and loves to play with her friends and run around outside. She’s my little Serenity and her name fits her very well🙏🥰
Our sweet Payton Raye is our third baby, she is full of smiles, and spit bubbles. Her favorite choice of drink is boob milk. She’s a mommas girl through and through!
Easton loves playing with others and always has a smile on his face!!
Marik is a smiley chubby boy. He loves to eat!
So sweet! she loves to eat and sleep, and she loves her mommy and daddy!
Kayson is a fun, loving & sweet little boy. He loves watching home alone and sonic. He loves cars, trucks, going on walks and cuddles with mom
Sky is a beautiful outgoing little girl who has all the personality and spunk in the world. She loves to dance and definitely knows what she wants! Please vote for sky!
Oaklynn is a very sweet loving baby girl who loves to be outside, look at books, play, and color! Although like any other kid she does have a little attitude when she is asked to do something she doesnt wanna do!
Braylenn is a sassy, energetic, sweet girl. She likes to be outside all the time. Her smile will brighten up any room she walks into! She loves to dance to any type of music. She is an animal lover of all types! She is outgoing and loves to learn and help others!
Christany Marie
The photos says it all🥰💙
Ezme is the happiest, sassiest, most beautiful little girl 😍 Her smile can light up anyone’s day! Her babbles & laughter are something we can look forward to everyday. She has brought so much happiness to us and completed our family. We all love her so let’s show her some love ❤️
Lukas is the sweetest little boy he loves cuddles and rolling around he laughs so much sometimes about nothing
Elijah is 3 months old, loves watching SpongeBob, eating cereal and tubby time. He has red hair and a bright personality.
Max is a happy baby that loves to cuddle and giggle the day away
Grace is our adorable, loving, caring almost 2 year old. She enjoys being outdoors, having photoshoots, and tractors, and let’s not forget her dog Oakley, and just being herself. We love her so very much. 💗