Baby Stories - 88


Ariella likes pretty lights and loves to be talked to!!
Hi everyone! I'm James! I'm obsessed with my big sister and my new dog Zeus. I love to eat, and throw my toys. Mommy and daddy say I'm going to be a big brother, I'm so excited! Please vote for me 💙
My names Josiah Douglas Bouchard I love car rides with loud music to jam to. I love being outside to play. I’m very smart and determined.
Hi, I'm James and I'm two months old! I'm a little on the small side right now because I couldn't wait to meet my family, and was born over 3 weeks early. I had a little trouble breathing at first, but I'm doing great now! My favorite things to do are snuggling with Mama, making my big brother giggle, and cooing at Daddy. I would really love it if you voted for me and I hope you have a blessed day!
He's 17 month old baby boy, he's a happy kid. He smiles a lot, very sweet to his big brother. He knows his abc's and numbers. He loves to play.
Hello I'm Layla, I'll be 2 years old in in a few weeks. I love my Doc McStuffins, Being outside and doing anything my daddy does( helping with cars,mowing grass) . I have a wide vocabulary already and I'm very independent.
Dante is a sweetie pie who loves to smile at people who call him "handsome" and loves kisses to his chubby cheeks! Thank you for your votes!
Oman Barnhill
Oman is a great big brother. Oman is very happy all the time and loves to play outside.
Eratrea is a sweet kind beautiful baby. Eratrea loves to eat her socks and smile at everyone.
That’s big bro
Zoey is our rainbow baby! 💜 She loves to eat, she loves her swing, adores her big brother, likes music and loves to smile at daddy!
My smiley man, most chill baby ever! Loves to look around at stuff and for mommy to play with his feet ❤️😭
Rambunctious little girl who loves to try and keep up with her big brother. She also loves the park and her food 😂
Brody loves to nap, eat, and watch Mountaineer Football with his dad 💙💛🏈
Hey ya'll!!! My name is Briar Allen Postin!!! Check out my photo gallery and see how stinkin handsome I am!!!!! I'm a little farm boy (aka future gate opener). I love my two Aussie brothers Timber and Ander, I giggle when they give me lots of kisses. Im a Mama's boy cause she's buys me lots of cool gadgets to keep me busy and she is even going to home make my baby food 🤤🤤🤤... Please vote for me so I can build my savings account for my future!!! ❤️❤️ Love and appreciate you all! 😘
Jack is the sweetest and most definitely a mommas boy. He loves trying to hold his head up and eating whenever he wants! Thanks for looking 😊
Ma’Kynzie loves being in her swing, eating, smiling, & laughing at her siblings & cousins.
Wyatt was wanted, wished for and prayed for, for 3.5 years. He is the sweetest, smartest, most perfect baby boy. He is beyond loved and mommy and daddys whole world
Avery And Olivia
4 month old fraternal twin girls. They’re absolutely infatuated with each other and mommy. They’re very silly, always laughing and smiling at anything mommy does. They love when mommy talks to them or sings to them. ❤️❤️
Sunny was born premature and was in the nic u for over a month he’s his mommy and daddy’s miracle baby
Harley was born on October 1st, 2020 He enjoys snuggles and kisses and his mama singing to him. He already holds his head up and rolls over during tummy time! He's such a smart and good baby. He's our miracle baby!
Emmanuel is 1 year old. One thing for everyone to know about my baby boy is he is a strong boy. He had had his fair share of hospital visits and surgeries Due to his heart and a stomach ulcer. He get stronger , and happy Day by day. He is full of life and loves to take picture to show off his bright big smile. Emmanuel loves when you sing And dance with him.
Tucker loves learning new sounds he can mimic with his own voice. He cam into this world just before COVID-19 was in full swing and we were truly blessed to have had a rare birthed child. Not only is he red hair/blue eyes, he was born en caul. This baby has so many faces and expressions he can make.
Phoenix is such a happy baby! He smiles at everyone he meets, he’s a people person! He’s my little miracle! He tried to come too early but his doctors were able to stop it and he was a full term healthy babe 💕
She loves to sleep, take baths, and cuddle
Renesmee is my little Beautiful Miracle rainbow baby who Fun loving baby who loves sweet potatos
He loves nature! 🍁🎃
My princess , my world , the one I look forward to seeing every morning. With those beautiful big brown eyes I can never lie to you. The way you smile will put anyone in a joyful mood no matter what kind of day they are having. I love watching you listen to music and during tummy time. Daddy’s girl. More than just a regular 3 month old
Little Dakota James is our rainbow baby who is absolutely amazing in every way his smile will light up a room hes such a happy baby who loves to laugh and be held n loves his nose kisses hes the sweetest baby ever who already has his own little attitude and spoiled rotten hes such a blessing💙
Wednesday Annakin Presley is 2 months and counting. She was 2 seconds away from being born on a Wednesday. My love bug is very sweet and calm. She loves to cuddle and be content observing everything around with her big blue eyes.
Layla Jade
Miss Layla was born October 20th and she’s already spoiled she loves being held
Violet enjoys watching paw patrol and spending time with her family. She loves animals and is loved by her family! She has the sweetest smile!
Adalynn loves her swing, taking baths and playing with mommy ❤️
Christopher is a fighter! This little man was born five weeks early and went through five surgeries and keeps beating the odds! You only need to meet him once to fall in love with his captivating eyes and intoxicating smile! I can’t wait for him to start crawling and talking!!!
Mommy and Daddy’s whole world! Preslee Harper is 3 months old going on 4 months, and is the most joyful baby ever. Preslee loves her mommy but I believe she is a daddy’s girl! She is full of personalities! She loves making noises and talking, she is the most ticklish little girl I’ve ever seen and has the most contagious smile and giggles! ❤️
Anniston is 4 months old and is a spunky little girl with a big attitude. She loves her dad and loves playing with her toys but has yet to love tummy time, even tho she rolls over on her back in 5 seconds. She also loves the outdoors and could be outside every second if she could. The reason she should be voted for is because she is adorable with blue eyes and dimples and a big attitude.
Ezra is 9 months old, he loves all foods! His favorite person in the world is his daddy!❤️ He loves crawling around the house and chasing the is puppy! He’s full of energy and life, and the happiness little boy, and my biggest blessing!
Hi I’m Rylen, I am the most sweetest and most smiley little boy ever! Please show me some love 💙
He a very friendly kid
Ryker is 2 months old & full of life! He loves bath time, car rides, & cuddling with his mommy. He’s always a smiley baby.. except when he gets the hiccups lol. He is the strongest 2 month old I’ve ever seen but he’s the sweetest boy. His hair definitely matches his personality.. mamas firecracker
He’s a very happy baby, smiles, laughs and loves his elephant
Gianna is so full of life! She loves spending time with mommy & daddy. Hanging out with her big sister is one of her favorite things! She’s almost 3 months old and fiesty as all get out!
She’s an amazing baby who steals your heart with those baby blue eyes!! She is a happy girl and loves to giggle and smile. She loves to snuggle and steal all the love and kisses! She’s an Angel and brings joy to everyone she’s around.
Hi my names novalie , I was born at only 25 weeks I was very small I only weighed 1pound I spent most of my first couple months of life at duke ! Now I am at home with my mommy 🥰
Emmalee Joy, is just that. She brings so much Joy to even the saddest room. She loves to hug everyone she loves, she loves to make silly faces, and she loves looking up to her big “sissy.” She’s such a handful but it’s so worth it every single day.