Happy growning little girl who loves her daddy.
Kaycen is a very energetic, intelligent, HAPPY 2 year old🥰 she loves to play outside and with her baby brother. VOTE KAYCEN💛💛💛💛
Ariel loves playing with her animals and older brother!
She loves to play with her 3 brothers and 2 sissys! She loves to smile!
Mason is a very happy and adventurous boy! He loves to go on adventures and being outdoors. Mason loves animals and is always playing with our dog. His favorite movie is finding nemo and his favorite toy is his duck! When Mason's not getting into everything or exploring, you can find him cuddled up with his mama or dada. He also adores his other family members.
Addyson Remington is 2 years old! She is very bright and loving. She loves going to the park, seeing animals and spending time her daddy💗
Luke is a very smart 3 year old that loves superhero’s and everything about them. He loves his family 💙
Wesson Gauge is going on 5 months old! He loves bath time, cuddles, cartoons and being able to see mama at all times❤️
Our sweet girl is nothing but smiles, she loves her big brothers and playing with her daddy! She’s full of spunk and sass and nothing but a happy girl ❤️
Alonzo loves to smile all day and show off his little dimple! He loves playing peek a boo and chewing on everything ! When he gets excited he throws his arms up and down to let you know he’s having fun with you .
Bryson is a very smart little boy. And one of the cutest little boy I’ve ever laid eyes on. In may he’s going to become a big brother to a little boy(baking in me). He’s in pre K and starts KINDERGARTEN next year!! Bryson loves watching his shows,learning,playing with other kids,and coloring etc. Saturday April 2nd his daddy got married to me his B (now his stepmother) and he was our little ring bear and he was the cutest ring bear of them all. Everyone vote for my boy Bryson❤️
Hudson loves banana baby food, strolls in the park, and his favorite word is “dada”.
Kristie May
Kristie May, Is a energetic 2 year old who survived covid, (beat the odds) and has epilepsy seizures . She doesn’t know it but she’s my HERO! She beat the odds!
Jaiden Kade
Jaiden Kade is Autistic, and the most sweetest boy ever 💖 he loves science and astronauts and his fav toy is SpiderMan
Willow has such an amazing personality! She loves to wave at everyone and never meets a stranger. She is the biggest fan of bluey the tv show and loves to play with all her toys.
Hi! I’m Mateo, I just turned 5 months old! I love Tummy Time, Bluey, and going for car rides! Pumpkin is my favorite food, and I love my doggy Lloyd!
Camryn is 19 months old with an attitude that came straight from her daddy. She loves Disney movies and all her puppy dog friends. She’s curious about everything and learns fast with everything except being told “no”. 🤣
Faith loves mommy n daddy eat food n plays a lot loves coco melon and marsh and the bear she the best
Vote for Sophia! She’s a very bright, loving, smart little girl! She loves baby’s and watching her favorite movie shrek❤️
Azarai Merritt
Azarai is so bright & joyful! She loves to be outdoors, loves the sound of cars, and loves to be snuggled.🤎
I like to play Fortnite but I like playing outside more. Very caring person and I just adore my little sister.
Aliyah is 20 days old she loves cuddles with momma and daddy..and adores her big brother and big sister..she is our sweet little rainbow/ sunrise baby!
Cohen is almost 5 months old, what he likes most right now is watching tv and looking around at everything especially lights!
Cruz is so much fun & such a loving baby! He loves to play , he loves being outside. He’s so smart and he has such a personality ! He loves eating pizza! He loves being with his family ❤️
Meredith loves rides in her stroller and swinging, listening to music and taking baths but most of all she loves drinking milk and grinning💕
He loves his bottle and his mother he like to laugh and talk sometimes I like his baths he likes to look at everything and everywhere 💛🥰
Nikolai loves to watch Mickey mouse he is a goofy little boy that enjoys being around his family
Xavier is such a happy and sweet baby. He loves to play and cuddle and loves his momma and kitty
ethan is a hilarious loving wild child😂 one of the goofiest little boys i know
Nova just turned a year old! She loves her mommy & daddy the most, but food is right under that❤️ She loves to play with toys and learning new words & things.
Jaxun is one of a kind. He's sweet but also mean. He loves his mommy and daddy very much. He likes dogs and cat. His favorite word is hey. He also loves to play and sleep.
Hello! Meet emersyn grace! Shes my beautiful rainbow baby. She loves to take baths and her naps lol. She loves her momma 💕shes starting to show that beautiful smile of hers.
Jahari is 5 months old and loves to laugh and smile. He can watch Encanto and backyardigans all day if he could. He loves mashed up bananas and also being sung his ABC’s.
Waylon is a super happy and loving 8 month old boy! He loves playing with other kids and spending time with his family!
John Wayne
He is always so happy! I love to eat all the food, fruits and vegetables. He loves hanging out in the barn around the horses, he’s a cheeser!
Avery is almost 3 months old! She has a pretty silly personality. She loves laughing with almost anyone.
I absolutley love to eat, my favorite things to do including sleeping, and talking all day long. I love playing and watching monster trucks, and have the sweetest smile in the world with the most amazing personality
Oaklee is in the process of walking so she’s in to everything you could possibly imagine, she’s sweet and sassy and always keeps a smile on my face.
Oakley is 7 months old! He LOVES eating and loves bath time! His favorite toy is his bumblebee and loves cuddling it!
Grayson is a happy, quiet baby! He loves cows and will say moo when he sees them. If you don’t like to share then keep your food hid because this precious little man will snatch it and eat it 😂
Loyalty is a very smart 9 month old baby he was a premiee at birth weighing 2lbs which i had him at 29wks he have grown so much n love to smile and fun to be around i love my baby sooo much…please show my baby loyalty some LOVE
Everleigh loves to smile at her big sister, eat lots of milk, and play on her tummy mat.
Melody loves to help with her new baby sister, ride her new scooter super fast, and eat lots of gold fish.
Loves cuddles, his bottle, his swing, loves to sleep he even giggles in his sleep
Loves playing and being outside most of the time you will find a lightning McQueen car in his hand
Paizlee is 2 months old, she loves bath time and she loves her daddy❤️
adalynn loves the park and her favorite food is fries! she’s my forever chick fil a date (: