Baby Stories - 88


Audrey Mia
Audrey is a love bug 🥰 she love pets and baby’s think she know it all 🤣🥰😍 but she sure is the sweetest lil girl I know 😘😘
Chance is the biggest happiest baby boy with the most fun personality (and faces)! He is our only and is completely adored!! Some of Chances favorites are: mommy, daddy, cocomelon, bath time , auntie tay, chelbi, copper dog, food, and of course his binki!!
This guy loves to talk and will share absolutely everything he has! His stories will most certainly always bring a smile to your face!
Russell is all smiles and always ready to go! He loves his sisters and brothers and will never let anyone laugh alone!
Prodigy Stylez Lee
Amazing silly beautiful mixed baby boy that loves to smile giggle and scream he gets stopped everywhere he goes Prodigy loves all types of music his favorite is Pooh Shiesty 🐍, Akili and me, Motown Magic, and The Backyardigans he loves all the attention he can get he very fashionable and stylish
Leah is the happiest baby ever you will never see her cry and if she does she just wants cuddles or a bottle.
Ava Grace Meetze is so full of life! She demands all of your attention but is the happiest baby in the world! Mornings are her favorite she’s all smiles!!
Mia Faye Meetze is the cutest thing you’ll ever see other then her twin sister of course she loves eating haha but smiling is her favorite! She’s almost 4 months old and already has such a personality!!
Annalina is a very smart young beautiful girl. The camel here was trying to give her kisses 😂
Our sweet Abigail is a loving full of joy happy baby. She loves being outside. She is very loved by her siblings and everyone who is surrounded by her. She will make you laugh or smile without a doubt.
Aiana Rose
Im Only 3 week's old as of june 7th. Grandma already has me spoiled, i only sleep when my daddys around and I'm his little girl! He doesn't know it yet..... but i got him in the palm of my hand already! He says I'm not allowed to date yet!!! Lol
Little Ms. ZaRyiah M .. 3 Months I love to eat sleep & watch movies
Liam is a happy 7 month old baby boy he loves his blankets cuddles and watching Mickey Mouse club house
Bella is 4 years old and has a sassy attitude ❤️
Camila is wild at heart and such a bright spirit! Her smile can light up a room and her mean mug can have you questioning lol but above all else she is our angel baby!
Colin has the best facial expressions and an unconditional love for his thumb. See pictures
Sydney is 3 months old and loves to cuddle and is such a happy baby girl 🥰
Purple people eater
Aiden is 10 months old, such a happy baby and loves him some coco melon❤️
I like to lay with mommy and watch the clouds and love to give snuggles ❤
Such a fun, cute, social little thing. She loves watching moana, eating and chewing on her rubber ducks.
My grandson is already addicted to tv his favorite movie is rio and he sure does loves his daddy
Macyn loves to laugh and imitate her older sister. Shes got her daddy’s big blue eyes and long eyelashes.
(Tre'ana Johnson) This is my babygirl, she is such a loving person she's always laughing smiling and blowing kisses definitely a precious little girl very outgoing and smart 💯💯💯 her eyes are just as beautiful as she is and her smile will light up your day!
Evarista loves to play with her teething keys and her big brother she is shy and loves smiling and laughing
Bristol is a bright and smart 2 year old who is very excited to be a big sister
Blakely is 4 months old she loves putting everything in her mouth, being outside, and reading books with her mommy and daddy
Estella is such a happy baby every morning she wakes up with pure joy. She can watch her big brother all day play with his toys. She will stop everything as soon as she hears a moana song. Thats her favorite <3 she also enjoys yo gabba gabba and kisses from her mama.
Frank love to be loved by he’s 3 brothers and he’s only sister 😍
Jaziah is such a laid back baby. He was born a little muscle man, holding his neck up right of the bat! He is very observant and just watches everything, soaking it all in! He loves Momma's plants and will just look and look at them. Jaziah also loves to laugh and play, and he is very talkative! His favorite tv show is cocomelon. He’s quite the little charmer!
Malachi is 2 months old . He loves to eat ,sleep and get milk drunk 🍼 🤣
A daughters wish. My now five year old asked for a year for a baby. Although it wasn’t in our plans, we were surprised with our sweet Leilee! Dreams do come true 🥰♥️
Princess Kiara was born with two teeth and LOVES smiling for the camera !! 💕
Hi I’m kinslee 9 months old I love food I can say dada ,papa, uh oh, baba And I can crawl but I’m trying too walk
Finley loves playing with cars and helping mom and dad build them! Finley is a super smart and outgoing little boy!
She has a smile that lights up this world and a giggle that’ll melt your heart! She loves playing with mama and dada! Loves her food & toys!
She is such a content baby with a big personality. She shows her sass through her expressions. You can't help but fall in love with her little smile and big, bright eyes.
Lilly is such a happy baby! She loves to smile & play, and watch the dogs run around the house. She would spend her whole day outside if she could. She also loves to eat, out of everything she’s tried so far, green beans are the only thing she doesn’t seem to like, but fruit (especially bananas) are her favorite. This little girl has brought so much love into our lives ❤️
Amari was born 5 days late weighing in at 8lbs 8.5 oz. He loves attention he smiles and laughs all the time at everyone, He is a cuddle bug and a flirt (look at those hazel eyes 😍) He loves hanging out with his big sister! VOTE FOR AMARI!!!
He’s a sweet little laid back guy with the typical schedule of eat sleep poop repeat. He makes the cutest faces and loves to cuddle.
Kynzlee likes to sleep eat and eat some more lol she almost 4months old and the apple of my eye. She loves mommies cuddles. She can sit up hug cuddle kick stand roll and loves to eat.
Davi is my first born baby boy. He loves Baby Shark, Mickey Mouse, and his favorite thing to do is play outside and get dirty!!!
Hi , im konner 😍 im a CHUNK. I love to jump, giggle , look at myself in the mirror and of course be held😂 IM a mommas boy & SPOILED. Thanks for your votes 💙
Music Is Her Life Already! 🥰 All day singing, dancing, smiling, playing on her little instruments.
Loves to babble. Learning to crawl. And loves to hang out with his pit bull!