Kaiden is a very happy child. Always smiling and very loving. He loves to help feed the animals so he can taste test their food.
Connor loves dogs and dinosaurs, he loves to sing everything and anything.
Franklin loves to fish and be outdoors. He is very smart and loves his animals.
Zion is a 3 month old bubbly baby girl with a vibrant personality already. She gives the best cuddles
Ariella is a smart beautiful out going little girl she loves to play outside and learn new things . She got a mind of her and a little sassy just like her mama . She haves a big brother name Jayden that she loves to beat up! She loves to dance sing twinkle little star She loves her dog Lulu soon as she walks I. The house from the babysitters she calls her then she starts playing . Please vote for her so she can win something it’ll actually help with her 2nd birthday!
Jaleel Ramone
My handsome down syndrome boy is just sweetest he loves smile such calm baby.. he also lov smile happiest n laugh.. he loves fries.. and he jus absolute momma and grandmas boy please vote 4 him ..
Ra?iel And Kairo
3 month old twin boys that likes to eat and be held. Kairo is the more robust and youngest. Razïel very chilled.
He is such a happy boy and his handsome brown eyes just lights up his smile!
Roselyne loves to say eat , mama , baby n etc. she loves giving her little brother kisses. And she is a wild child
My Valentine’s Day baby ♥️
She like to dance the music of 80
Kevana loves to smile 😊 she loves to play & talk to you 🤗 she’s a princess 👑 the bigger the bow the happier she is 🫶🏼
He is starting to figure out how to crawl
Xzavyor loves to cuddles and dance to most any music. He loves books and learning of all kinda. Such a blessing ❤️
Dawson is full of energy..He loves playing outside like any other lil boy. So Sweet and Loving...Vote For My Lil Man!!
Willow Fae came into this world at 33 weeks, early for mom and dad but just right for her. She's currently in the NICU, making strides every day and showing the rest of us what persistence and determination really mean. Votes would be greatly appreciated! 🥰
Morgan Shawn
Morgan Shawn is 11 months old . He loves bouncing in his bouncer. He lord he’s to get milk drunk 😂 he loves Dolly Parton , playing with his big brother and spending time with his mommy . He’s currently learning how to stand . He’s very active ❤️
Ocean is non verbal sweet loving boy he loves cars and little animals
Luna Mae
Luna Mae loves to sunbathe by the window and practice her standing on top of crinkle toys
Sweet Emy loves animals her family very independent and bubbly loves to help and has a very sazzy attitude
She is the sweet little girl on the left. In this photo she was having a blast in the great outdoors. She is a very bright young girl, and loves to create things, and is a wonderful reader and very articulate with her words.
Zavier loves Spider-Man and loves playing at the park. He also enjoys Family Time!
He’s very outgoing loves to play at the park and enjoys playing cars!
her first challenge was coming out with no heartbeat, and being resuscitated. however, our NICU baby has fought so hard, and overcame so many obstacles at just 6 months old. she’s such a light in everyone’s life and gets smarter by the day. we love being her parents, and she loves her baba and her pup lol.
He is a very happy baby he smiles all the time he loves to cuddle sometimes he is onry but that's just him he likes his little stuffed elephant so much
Ryder is 8 months old and loves paw patrol.. He loves crawling all around house.. and he loves his bigs brothers
She loves to do her makeup and paint toes and fingers and go to her pawpawhenrys and mawmaws and pawpaw bobs and mimis and poppies and go shopping and go swimming and she loves to ride her bike and scooter and swing and play with her babies and dressup in her dresses
Jameson is 8 months old. He loves to spit bubbles and be in the water.
Jackson James
Jackson is 5 years is the best big brother! On the weekends J loves to rodeo and ride sheep! He has the biggest heart and the best smile!
My beautiful Boy is 5 months old:) He is totally a mommas boy. He’s always smiling, talking up a storm and he’s always a VERY happy little chunk man. Please vote for my gorgeous little tator tot🩵
Kaizlee is always on the move, she loves walking you around! she loves time playing with her brothers, destroying things! She is overall a super happy baby, always smiling! Her favorite song is “kiss the girl” and she’s a big bluey fan, but “fur real life” who isn’t?
Her full name is Amiya Gracelynn DiCosola and she is the youngest of her 2 older sisters. She is a sweet heart and full of life, especially in the mornings. I know she knows the secret of life but I don't speak baby so I can't get it outta her but when she is talkative, I swear she explaining it all while smiling.
he is adventurous, very funny, very sweet, very curious, loves to eat. loves the park. he loves cuddling. kisses. loves dogs. he likes books.
She is amazing very outgoing and a go getter she loves volleyball and skating and spending time with friends and family ❤️ she loves with all heart
"WILLING TO DO 10 FOR 10 DAILY EXCHANGES"🚨 PLEASE BE SURE TO DO AN COMPLETE 10 VOTES OR LET ME KNOW IF U COULDNT THATS OKAY 🚨 Hi I'm Nolan age 8 Im a athlete I love football school and Fortnite. I love to hang out with friends and take care of my baby brother. I'm outgoing and kind to others.
Tobias is the most big hearted caring child ive ever encountered and he loves bumblebee off transformers..thats his heeerrrooo as he puts it
Hello, I’m Mia, 4 years old girl. I love piggies, flamingo and cake pops. All my stuffed animals are piggies. I love playing in the playground. I love my mommy, daddy and Jesse( my little brother).
Hello, my name is Jesse. I will be turning 7months soon. I love eating my fingers and my feet. I am really good at sitting down. I love my sister so much. I love how she kisses me and hugs me.
Little Robert
Hi! I’m Robert JR! 🐘 Round Two for the Two year old!!! 😬🥰
Mark is a very amazing lil guy he loves his parents and basket ball and music. He is very smart for his age the smile he gives just brightens your day
Damian is loving,caring,smart, handsome little boy. He loves dinosaurs and loves his family! He has smiles for days and laughs when the other kids make funny faces(: this boy will go far in life! Such a lovable boy!
This is my son Arthur. he is already trying to walk and loves to throw toys around, he is very cheerful and always smiles at everyone
Jeremy was a surprise and the happiest baby alive you look at him and he makes u happy
Kalaiyaa is a high spirted happy ball of energy she is my.miracle baby. Shes my little twin 💓 💕
Anna is a very bright, quiet, and sometimes quirky young lady who loves the show lady bug and cat nore. She makes good grades every year and listens very well to her grand parents and parents. Anna is very sweet natured and loves her bible, she attends church regularly. Anna is the definition of a good girl. Which is rare in this day and age.