Baby Stories - 87


She is a happy, energetic, loveable and smart lil girl
Came out weighing 4 pounds, 9 ounces, now all I want to do is eat. #MommysLittleBlessing
She is always smiling
Babygirl just turned ONE 🥺💕 she sure does love her food & this girl is on the move now 😩💜
Jerimi is 7 months old. He has so much personality, he’s a goofball for sure ! Hes sitting up on his own and starting to crawl.... backwards 🤦🏽‍♀️ But it’s still something.. He laughs and smile so much , he’s such a happy baby
Hi! Im Kehlani, I love to hang out with my family, watch Teen Titans, I love my bath time and playing with my toys and always have a smile on my face! Vote vote vote! 💛
Hadley is a very happy baby that loves baths and to swing
Mommy’s little sidekick, Rainbow 🌈 baby! Loves bath time, and his tummy time! He loves cooing and cuddling with mommy!
This girl os so happy and energetic. She loves to be outside and thinks shes the boss of everything lol
Melody is a super happy baby girl! Super sweet but she doesn’t let her brothers take anything from her!
Micah is a chunky happy boy who loves walking and exploring outside in his baby walker. He is the happiest baby and loves being with his Mama and Daddy and siblings.
Abagail is a 10 year old (going on 20) bright little girl. She's got her whole life planned already. She's super artistic. She loves to draw & paint portraits. She's a A-B honor roll student and is all around so so bright. She's wise beyond her years. Abagail is a big christian and loves to attend church/church events any chance she gets.
She loves the Disney movie Moana and is always a really happy baby 😊
Koryna is 11 month old rainbow baby. She always has a smile and ready to give every one a hug. She is always on the go and keeps everyone on their toes.
Nevaeh is a fun and loving 6 year old. Her heart is bigger then her body. She loves ALL living creatures...Ants, Bees, bunny's, ferrets, but mostly her bearded dragon. ❤️ She loves playing baby's and barbies with neighborhood friends and her siblings.
Loves spending time with mommy making cookies.watching cartoons,and playing with her puppy.
She is such a happy baby, she loves to look at lights, mommy & daddy. She is such a strong willed girl already, she will grow up to accomplish many great things 💖
Jayce is the happiest baby! He loves to laugh and play and will give you the biggest smile!
Alina is 5 months old she is a very happy loving baby :)
Jameson loves to dance, play outside and take bubble baths! His favorite things to eat are muffins, spaghetti, and strawberries! His momma and daddy love him so much!
Reece loves shopping at target and giving mommy, daddy and her honey tons of kisses!
Fayetta is 5 years old. She loves school, and loves animals. She loves going to the zoo and aquarium. Fayetta has multiple medical issues. She suffers from migraine headaches, seizures and amplified musculoskeletal pain. We travel to Cincinnati children’s hospital for most of her appointments.
Kinsley loves to talk and smile!
Jaxon loves to laugh and giggle he is the happiest baby!
He is my squiggly, chunky, laughing boy. He brightens every room and is especially a mommas boy 🥰 He loves food! He crawls and he is just a bundle of joy. Only cries when hungry. He loves bubble baths. Loves his older sister! And babbles all day and said mamma by the time he was 5months old and now says dadda when asked to say mamma 😂 Turns his head to the side like a confused dog but makes it a game and has the biggest smile with one dimple on the side. 🙂😊😍
Rhett Joseph
Rhett Joseph is our 7 month old wild man! He is such a happy peanut, who loves to be silly and tell big stories! We are the luckiest parents in the world to have such a healthy, smart, happy peanut head❤️
My sweet Lenox Lynn is the strongest little girl you will ever meet!! We had a rough start but I know you will push through any challenges and come out stronger than anyone could ever imagine! Nothing holds you back and you are fierce baby girl!! Don’t ever lose that spunk, you have an army behind you my girl ❤️
Hi, my name is Judah. I’m 4 weeks old going on a year. I love milk, long nights in my mommas arms and staring at you in judgement. I’m super cute and I love music.
Leighton is our 7 month old happy, healthy, fun little nugget! He always has a smile on his face. We are so lucky to have this little blessing in our lives, he is our whole world💙
She is the sweetest little girl. She loves to be read to. She is always smiling. Very beautiful.
She loves her mama and puppy siblings 💕 Can't stand getting dressed or being put into the carseat.
Alexis is my miracle baby! She’s 6 months! She loves to play and likes puppies! She’s such a happy baby! She gives kisses and is the sweetest! Always laughing and smiling!
Hagen Lee
Boy oh boy ! He’s wide open & loves his horses ! The brightest little boy ever & can make anyone laugh. He’s such a happy boy !
Miyah miy such an intelligent & Very suspicious girl she will be 2 and love to watch Bo On the go .
Zuree loves snuggles, walks, and talking. She is the happiest baby 💘
She is a very happy baby and she very adorable she likes music and she love to pose
Clara is as sweet as a peach, loves her sissy and playing with babies.
My little Viv loves eating and sleeping but when she’s finally awake she’ll coo your ear off.❤️
My sweet, happy and loving baby girl 🥰.
Hello everyone my name is kaislie rose 🌹 I’m 6 months and I love my mommy and daddy ! 💕 my daddy my hero 🦸‍♂️ !
Armando is a happy little boy🥰. Always has a smile on his face & is a goofball🤪.
Angela-darlene Cecil
Angela-Darlene Cecil is 8mos old and loves to smile and try to stand and loves to make noises and pull her dads beard and she loves taking pics on snapchat
Izabelle is such a happy baby! An can make anyone that meets her smile!
Kaylynn loves naps , tummy time, and listening to baby shark videos with her big sister.❤️