Baby Stories - 86


Haisley is such a happy baby! She is always smiling or laughing about something and makes everyone around her happy with her bright personality!!
Madeline pronounced Mad•E•line she goes by MJ. She’s our miracle baby I was diagnosed with polycistic ovaries. I was told that it would be a very low chance if even possible to have children. But here she is our beautiful gift from the heavens. MJ’s 9 months and very active. She loves making funny faces and to burst out in laughter. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse club house & loves when mommy plays as the characters.
Maeve is sweet and silly. She's army crawls instead of regular crawling which is funny
Waylyn is a very happy go lucky little boy can make anyone’s day brighter and better he loves his food and loves to talk your ear off go vote for my baby boy
Jessamine is 2 months old and is my 2nd child and first daughter! Would love to get some votes for her
Annabel loves to talk!
Elliot is a tummy time champion!
Ruby Jean was born 06/04/2021 she is our pride and Joy!
This is AJ or Andrew Jr. he is such a high spirited little boy always running around laughing and screaming.
This is my son Xavier he's 4 years old. He's such a sweet boy that's very loving and kind. He just lost his father 2 months ago and it's been very hard on us.
Bia was born May 25, 2021 she’s such a happy active baby. We can def say she’s a daddy’s girl and her mommy’s twin 🥰 Also she loves cuddles with her big brothers Ricky and cal our tabby and pitbull.
Kyrie is 5 months old ! Almost 6 months in a few weeks 🥰! He loves to spend time with his grandparents . He is always smiling , loves when people talk to him , and is just full of laughter . 💙! Vote for my handsome baby Kyrie .
NICU warrior born at 34 Weeks 💙
Joey is feisty, energetic, and sweet. She finds joy in food, naps, and her big brother. No one belly laughs like Joey does. We can already tell this girl is going to be a force!
Laurel is 3 years old loves water n her sand box
Anisa is 5 months old! Loves to hear her own voice, loves to smile at people that she recognizes! She loves puppies! She is always a very happy baby💖🥰
Kaisyn is the MOST joyful baby. He NEVER stops smiling! What Kaisyn likes most is being outside and he loves to play in the water.
She is a happy baby that love to smile. Im proud to call her my granddaugther.
Mathais brings so much love and joy to so many people we’re just living in your world baby boy 💙
Cooper loves to play with his Legos and hide and seek! He loves to run around in the grass and splash in the water. He loves meeting new friends and he will talk your ear off if you let him. Hehe
She will not fail to make you smile :) mommas baby , pride and joy. Loves her dogs and loves her toys!
Cashton Casanova
Cashton was born at 33weeks. He was in the NICU for 2werks of his life. It's now July 1 and his 3weeks.. Getting big everyday
Baby Angel is 5 months old. He loves watching Mickey Mouse 🐭 and always eating his hands. 🎼 He’s a very outgoing but attitude filled little monster.
Braxton is a very happy baby with a strong military daddy and a mama who smothers him kisses all day long ❤
Emerald loves to rawr like a dinosaur and swim in the pool. She loves her Daddy!
Ms Caroline Hope loves swimming, playing with her toys, and getting into anything she can.
Kynoa is a very curious, constantly looking at everyone and everything. He loves splashing in the bath and talking to people.
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING TINSLEY!!! We did it!! Tinsley is a living doll, she has the biggest personality. She loves fashion and modeling. She was born at 11:01 am on Nov 29 2020, she is my miracle baby. She spent time in the NICU but pulled through like the strong brave girl she is. She is now 6 months old and loves to roll over, not quite crawling yet. She loves mommy and daddy and her big half sister, Dawson. She’s got two little bottom teeth that will melt your heart along with a smile in her eyes that will make your ovaries explode!
Maddox was born 6/22/21! 7.4lbs & 20 1/2 inches long! He loves to make sounds with daddy... & Loves to smile while he sleeps! He's having a difficult first couple weeks & has been in the hospital since he was born... But my lil man is a fighter & we hope he'll be home soon!
Bentley is a super happy buddy!!
Nova Belle
Nova Belle is so amazing and loving!!! Loves her family and animals and has the most amazing brown eyes!!!!
Greyson is 2 and a half months! He loves bath time and going to walks! He is starting to find his voice and smile more!
Christopher Pastula Junior
Hi! I’m Chris Junior!! I am 2 months old. I like to go on car rides and FaceTiming my deployed Daddy! 🇺🇸💙
He has to be cute because captain chaos keeps everyone on there toes!
STAY BLESSED!! Dalton, named after his daddy who by the way is named after Dalton aka Patrick Swayze from Roadhouse. Dalton loves talking and rolling. He is beyond advance for his age. Rolling since before three months, laughing and loving his toes. Now finding his knees to his chest trying to crawl anywhere he can. His sister is his favorite. Never not a laugh when she is with him. Dalton is always happy and wants to explore everything, napping however is not something he likes to do. A force he will fight until the very end, but when he does it is just as sweet as him being awake. I tell him always, he is a very intelligent little man with eyes so big and a smile so bright, just like his big sister he is going to go so far and take the world on a wild ride!
Ka’mari Is my little miracle baby with out him I don’t know where I would be he has changed my life for the better and his smile will brighten up any room ! 😩
Isabella is a happy shy little 2 year old she loves the song baby shark its her favorite. And she loves the water and bubbles and her favorite thing to do is play in her ball pin full of balls
Hank is a happy loveable miracle baby! We were told kids were probably not possible and God had other plans
Peyton is my adorable niece who was amazingly born at 33 weeks, weighing only 4 lbs, and went home within the week with no issues at all! She has been a huge blessing to our family, she loves to laugh at her big brother and cousins and her momma is her most favorite person!
Aiden was born prematurely but only spent 2 hours in the NICU because of low blood sugar. He is a fighter!
Emily is a premee baby she was born at 32 week, and she was 2lb 6oz now she is a happy 3 month old 8lb 1oz and very active 😊❤
Was born 6wks early healthy and small. He continues to grow and amaze us daily #proudmimi
Kae’Len is 3yrs old has a big personality, loves fun and laugh, she loves singing and dancing. Kae’Len can say her ABC’s, count to 40, she loves to learn. Kae’Len and I (Grandma) loves making play doh food in her play kitche, she is such a great Joy to me. I call her my Diva Gammie
She is the sweetest baby, she loves to coo and smile at her momma and big sister, listen to mommy’s heartbeat, and loves to be held.
Jase is a happy 3 month old that loves chewing on his hands and rolling around .. Good luck to all the babies and any votes we receive we will return ❤️❤️
Cute, sweet, and loves to eat!!