Baby Stories - 86


Silly sweet girl .
Carmen has the best smile, is very ticklish, and loves her older brother.
Nolan is a sweet loving almost month old. He loves car rides and is definitely a daddy's boy. When he was born his cord was wrapped around his neck causing him to not breathe so he is a c section baby. He brings joy to anyone he meets!!!
Hi I am Bella and aging at 3 months. I love going down to the drag strips with daddy and cuddling up to him.
Da'Kim is a wild 8-month-old who loves to talk, try and walk, and also he loves anything that he can get his hands on!
Avery is the light of everyones life. 💜She has been a fighter since she was in her mommys belly.
He loves being outside hes a happy baby super advanced for his age hes mommy and daddys whole world u should vote for him because he is so precious ♥️ how can u not vote for him hes so beautiful and handsome and his eyes and smile can light up anyone's world so please vote for my rainbow baby 💗💕
this is scout he’s 2 months old and is the happiest baby ever!! guaranteed to make you smile ;)
Stryder is almost 4 weeks loves to smile and sleep!
Cayson will fill the room with his many faces and he loves playing ball already
Loves his milk!
Sweet, fun loving and much loved Lizzie. Future cowgirl in the making!
Here’s my little bundle. He likes things that jingle, light up, and make noise. He also really likes cheese puffs and bananas. He a whole 21lbs of sweetness ❤️❤️
doing this just for fun 💙💙 vote for my big boy
Leo loves being held, loves getting a bottle, loves his binky (sometimes) and hates pretty much everything else lol.
Evelyn Elaine
Hey Everyone This Is My Baby Girl Evelyn Elaine She Is So Smart And Growing Up Way To Fast My Girl LOVES Taking Pictures And Wearing Her Little Loopers Bows She Also Likes Shopping And Being Outside But Most Of All She Likes BabyShark The Most ❤️ She Said Hi Everybody 🥰 Vote For My Beautiful Baby And We Will Share Votes In Return ☺️
Haylie Jean
Miss Haylie jean turns 1 on the 9th. She such a happy go lucky baby always smiling and giggling.
She is such a free spirt and loves to smile. Jumping is her favorite thing to do now
He is a very happy baby that loves to smile and tries talking back to you when you are talking to him
Riley Grace
Riley Grace is 9 months old and loves to smile, clap, laugh, eat and play with her doggies. She’s crawling and pulling up on things and is the light of our lives
Madeline will be a year old in November she full of energy always trying to get into everything 😁Spoiled very much is all I can say thanks for your votes😊
McCrae Louise is 10 months old and would love to win this contest. McCrae loves talking, crawling, her family and her fur babies ❤️
Little miss Mazikeen Mae is such a happy baby! Her favorite thing to do is snuggle up on mommy’s chest and wiggle into her daddy’s arm!
3 months old 🥰 loves to eat she can roll over and loves to smile at her big sister
Maverick is the happiest baby. He is pure sunshine!
Messiah Stanton
Messiah is a month old is already so grown ! He loves holding his head up an making all types of noise. He’s Avery hungry hippo & doesn’t play when it comes to feeding time !
Mavericks 1st birthday is on the 11th of this month he is funny sweet loving and just all around a great baby he loves to eat he wants everything mommy has he loves to play with his toys.
Abby has a heart of gold. She loves to sing and dance. She expecially loves to teach her little sister how to go potty and count and get dressed. She gets more excited than her little sister. And she has the most beautiful big brown eyes. Her eye lashes go on forever. When she looks at you your heart cant help but melt.
Mia is a strong willed sassy little mama who is always ready to play! She loves her kitty cat pearl and visiting her bop bop and mom mom!
he likes to be outside. his favorite tv show is mickey mouse. roscoe loves to take pictures.
I’m the most sassiest 20 month old you’ll ever see, I love playing with my puppy skye and I love to eat snacks!!
Levi is suck a smart and crazy little ginger! He loves to eat just like his momma(; and he love to just talk and talk all fay long!
He’s very energetic on the go loves to play and loves food❤️
Nova is my miracle baby, and she brightens up the days of all those around her! She’s always happy, and loves to play with her mommy and daddy.
Hello, this is my beautiful daughter. She is our rainbow baby. My boyfriend and I had gotten pregnant and lost our first child exact one year to the day of Halle’s birth. She has been nothing but an amazing child. She sleeps through the night. LOVES her momma and daddy. Her laugh lights up the entire room. She can put a smile on everyone face that she meets. She’s out little blessing. Right now my boyfriend and I could really use the prize money to help. We have had a really tough time this past few months and every bit of money we can get would mean the world and more to us. Thank you for voting for her!💜
Everett is a loving 2 year old who is adventurous and loves all things outdoors. He has a heart of gold and loves all things.
Adrianna is such a ray of sunshine . She loves attention , loves snuggles , loves mommy and daddy more than anyone 🥰 she’s now a crawling machine ! Now she’s on her way to walk because all she wants to do is hold your hand and go !
Lipsiani is a verry happy baby always brightens mom day with a big smile every morning she is mom happiness 🥰
Luke just turned 5 months yesterday he loves watching Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol and Octonaunts. Loves to babble and play with his feet. He’s a very independent baby and a month ahead of hisself 🥰
Abel is just the happiest little guy every single day, loves bouncing and loves his baby foods and trying to talk all day long! 💙
Sadie Jo
Sadie Jo is named after her great granny. Sadie was born premature, and was very small. We have all come a very long way. She's a happy baby with the most BEAUTIFUL blue eyes. 😁💖
Who can resist the baby curls and chubby cheeks.
Hi, My names Julian but My mommy calls me juju bean. Everyone else calls me JJ. I like to stare at shiny things. ( Especially batteries)My favorite time of day is when I’m with daddy. We have great conversations, I get to make faces at him. But I can’t forget about mommy. I smile the most when she gives me cuddles. I’m a very happy baby. Specially when I’m in my swing. It makes so many cool noises.
Kammy can brighten anyones day with her sparkling blue eyes. She has such a magnetic personality. And best of all, she idolizes her big sister Abby. Its an extraordinary bond that they have.
Grayson is 5 months of pure joy. Such a happy and strong willed little boy.
Amelia Dawn
Amelia is the happiest, easy going baby ever. She loves her mommy and daddy so much. She already rolls over , sits up on her own. She always has a smile on her face and her giggle is so deep and hearty. She steals your heart before you know it.
Kingsley Timothy Adams
Hello Everyone, My name is Kingsley. My Nicknames are Monkey Butt, Bobby, Scooter, Handsome, and King. I love my little Giraffe 🦒 Toy, it's my favorite. I enjoy naps and watching cartoons with my mommy and daddy. Please Vote for me. ☺️💕👉👈