Miss nova is my first grandchild she is such a joy happy beautiful Blessing from God
Emma is a strong baby she been through heart surgery that was very hard on our family and she fought through it. I feel like people should vote for my baby because she sweet, funny and loving “the strongest hearts have the most scars,"💪🏾❤️‍🩹
Lydia is my 8mo blue eyed baby. She is the sweetest. She lights up my world.. she is full of smiles.
My fierce and courageous little warrior came into the battlefield at just 37 weeks. Odin struggled a bit at first but now that he’s got the hang of things he loves to eat and wiggle about. However what he loves to do the most is cuddling with his mama. He’s 3 months, strong, and incredibly curious about the world around him. ❤️🥰❤️
Xzavier is a fun loving boy! He loves all things cars! (In this photo he is pointing at cars 😅🥰) He’s so smart and such a sweetheart.
Jax is a miracle baby. Jax has a twin sister. They can a day after my 27 week mark. They doth had to send the first 4 months of live in the NICU. In order for us to bring Jax and his sister home they both had to have feeding tube put in place. Well there's a lot of testing they do before that surgery. When they did the testing they found the Jax had a Mal rotation of the intestines. So they had to go in to fix it before it became a much bigger issue. After that Jax was clear to come home. Jax is such a happy baby and always is able to put a smile on anyone's face. So with that being said about 3 week of us having Jax home, we noticed he wasn't having as many bowel movements as he was when we came home. That was alarming... So we ended up in the ER and was admitted in to the hospital. Well the next two day were an emotional rollercoaster, and two days later we were told our Jax was going to have to undergo another surgery. At this point all we could do is hope for the best outcome... Well Jax made it out and recorded fast and is now doing so well. He is the happy and joyful baby you brought home form the NICU. One thing I can say about Jax is he is one strong like cookie. Jax likes to do many thing. Some of the many thing are... One him and his sister like the play who can spit out their binky the most. Another thing that Jax likes to do is sitting up to where he can see all around; he is so observing of everything around him. Theres many more thing that Jax likes to do but that is just some of the many.
Hi! My name is Azura Elianna and Im 7 months old. Im Italian, Cuban and Puerto Rican, I love Cocomelon and when my mom and dad sing to me!
Alexander is 11 months old will be 1 years old May 13🥺🎉 he loves running around trying to climb new things he’s my ball of sunshine he such a happy baby he loves being around people. Alexander loves when book are read to him specially when there are animals involved one of his first few words were kitty.😂❤️
My name is Jaziah, I’m Dominican, Puerto Rican & Brazilian. I’m 9 month old with 6 teeth. I love watching drift cars & dirt bike.
Xion was born April 7, 2022! Xion enjoys eating, sleeping and lots of cuddles!!
Hello, my name is Kameron. I’m 9 months old. I have two older siblings that I love to try and keep up with! My favorite thing to do is crawl around chasing them! I also enjoy watching Hey bear!!
She is precious and calm she very alert beautiful
Charlotte is the happiest baby, she loves playing with her rattle bunny, seeing her Grammy, and trying to sit up on her own.
Jeremiah is 6 months old, that boy love to talk up a storm, his favorite thing to do is play in his bouncer and drive mom and dad crazy all day!!
Heyyy! My Name is Nova I am 8 months old and I love to eat . I'm on the edge of walking I've just gotta find my balance . I'm my mommy's girl and my daddy's world ❤️ ~ Vote for me
Hi, my name is Aziel I am 1 years old and I am from Lawrence, Ma. My nationality it’s Dominican and Puerto Rican and I love Cocomelon. My favorite YouTube channel is Bartolito and all I do is sit eat and play and follow everything my brothers do. I am the 4th child and I love being the baby of the house. Hahah, vote for me!
Jeremy is one month old. He is bright eyed and curious. His favorite thing to do is eat.
Madison is just over two weeks old but has so much personality she loves being cuddled by her Mommy and Daddy she may be tiney but she surely will let you know she is the BOSS with her heart of gold and angel smile she has everyone wrapped around her little finger 💓
Only 10 months old with a BIG personality ❤️
Ashton Tyler is the sweetest little man, he likes to ride on his tractor , play with his doggo & loves being outside . He brings so much joy to my life ! 💚🥰
Sassy beautiful queen, always on the go, beautiful gapped smile, loves to cuddle and high five!
Very photogenic & he loves adventures! 💙
He is such a sweet baby & he’s adorable! ❤️
Hello, my name is Reignen but everyone calls me Reignbow! I love to laugh and smile. My daddy makes my world go around! Dirt bikes and my sisters excite me almost as much as food does! Thanks for all your votes. ❤️
Camera ready with big attitude in a small package.
Aubree is a Christmas baby ❤️ she's the sweetest baby ever and loves her momma !!
Hi my name is Leeandy Misael Polanco. I am 7 months old, i was born September 16th,2021 💙 i love to bite and chew everything. I love my dog Moki and love to play with her toys instead of mine 😂😅 please vote me because my smile is contagious !!
sweet ry is 10 months, and such a happy sweet boy! ❤️
JeRzie Brielle is the youngest of 3 other siblings. She’s already trying to talk, super sweet, & on top of that she’s her daddie’s miracle baby! He was deemed Sterile for 15 years than on March 25,2022 we were blessed with our Rainbow baby. 💕
Nyla loves to hear you sing she loves to babble at you when you speak to her she is always smiling and is very alert
Emberlynn will be 4 in July. She was a tiny little preemie that is now a sassy firecracker!
Kay’Mari is now 17 weeks old . She can hold her own head . She talks . She eats cereal . She tries to stand and she’s so sweet she sits up most of the time without assistance . She holds her own bottle
Aleigha Rose
My sweet girl is 5 months old & is just the happiest sweetest little girl ever 💕
She like to crawl she likes to say mom and mommy a lot she loves playing with her toys and her smile melts your heart
Byson is a 1 of a kind... Very smart, energetic outdoor loving big brother to his sister Gemma... He could sleep outside if i would let him. He loves his brothers so much.... And full of surprises everyday... lol 😂
Maverick is an adventurous, smart and intelligent 4 year old. He loves to play football, basketball and play nerf wars. Maverick loves to give big hugs and kisses💚
My name is Jace, I’m one month old and such a happy baby. I like to sleep, eat and watch mommy and daddy’s every move.
Vote for this funny loving goofy handsome boy, even tho he can be fussy give some dirty looks he’s the sweetest little outgoing angel you’ll ever meet🤍🥺
Alexander, a strong name for a strong boy fighting through his stay in NICU
Hi I’m Kaezyn-Kamali’i , soon to be three years old ! I love to HOLOHOLO which means 🎣 fishing , hunting 🦌 🐷& loving my animals I love the water I’m a water baby I love my daddy very much I love my mommy my tita my grandma & my mamas Please vote for me ❤️
Ayden is a silly little baby that loves to giggle. He enjoys listening to lullabies and nursery rhymes. Car rides = nap time for this bae. ☀️👶🏻😃
Sonny Drew
🙏🇺🇦Hey there! This our cosmic princess Addyson Drew a.k.a Sonnyflower🌻 This vibrant, beautiful little soul is pure sunlight in human form 🌞 she brightens even the darkest of days, and she is truly the definition of love! 💕Her contagious smile makes even the moon jealous, and her adorable little laugh just melts your heart, she is always radiating positivity, and capturing the hearts of all who meet her! 💖 She loves to learn, especially sign language. She enjoys riding her bike, Rollerskating/ blading, swimming(we love mermaids🧜‍♀️ ), riding quads, and playing with her friends! She loves music, dancing and most of all singing! She is always making up little songs for us with her guitars!🎸💕 Aside from singing this girl loves to build( Megablocks galore 😅) She wants to be a carpenter like daddy and singer like mommy when she grows up! She is a Daddy's girl and her Mama's whole world 🌎💓 She adores animals especially her fursibs, Beaux, Sasha(bestsupport dog EVER!!),and Cotton! Her alter egos are Wolfie or Baby Z ,because sometimes we are a zombie/werewolf Hybrid!😅Shes our little MonSTAR!She loves fashion, modeling,pageants,and being a sassy diva, but also working out,building with daddy, riding her quad, and being a spunky little mud bug!Her Bubby is her best friend, her idol is JoJo Siwa, she loves God and going to church, and theres nothing better than a bowl of cereal and Scooby in the morning! Thankyou to everyone supporting our little light ✨️ 💛 We appreciate all the love ❤️ This little star is definitely limited edition and one of a kind ✨️ She has a heart as big and as bright as the moon with a personality to match, an entire galaxy in one star! 🌟We love you Sonny, through the stars, over the moon, across galaxies to infinity and beyond! 💫💛Dont forget to like and share please! Addy also says thankyou to all her gorgeous(her new favorite word) supporters! Always be a light✨️and give a vote and a smile for Sonnyflower!🌻 #SmilesforSonnyflower
Leah loves to read, paint and sing. ♥️ her favorite color is purple and her favorite animal is the elephant 🐘. She's an adventurer and finds joy in anything she does so full of life.
She is a Sweet layed back and Goofy loves watching cartoons and playtime daddy and lil sister
Kaikoa is a great big brother to his sister, he loves the ocean spending time with family and playing outdoors.
He loves to smile, that’s his favorite thing. He is super friendly also, so so smart, please vote ✨🤍