Baby Stories - 85


When Everly first meets you she will look at you with a mean mug but after a while she will start giving you the shy almost flirty look before she gives that big beautiful smile. It's her way of testing the water.
Hello world !! My name is Xavier Owen. I love playing with toys, smiling & giggling, telling stories, eating, naps, cuddles, giraffes, Pocoyo. I have an adorable personality and im very smart 🤗💙
Xiamara was a 27 weeker and fought to be here !! She weighted 1lb 14 oz at birth and is still fighting !! Please vote for my NICU warrior
My name is Jackson! I’m always on the go… I’m such a ladies man it’s unreal😅 I keep my momma on her toes
Alex is great baby he’s full of happiness and smiles. One of the most cutest baby you’ll ever see and happiest🙌🏾❤️
Hudson is a 6 month old cutie who is just starting to crawl. He loves blowing raspberries and taking his twin brother’s toy. Hudson usually has a very serious face and studies everything going on around him. When he is given attention, his smile lights up the room!
Born 7 weeks early! Loves to eat, sleep and be held! Loves being outside.
Gia Grace. “GiGi”. First born. First granddaughter.
A Girl Full of Charisma❤️
Gabriella Leanna
She loves everyone and sees good in everyone . She loves to sing , dance , cheer , gymnastics , go to church & she is oldest of 9 siblings . She loves going to school and learning. She loves to make funny tiktoks . She enjoys watching UTube videos of others shopping.
He is 8 months old he loves all kinds of music and tv shows ,we watch our tv show and he sits up and watch it with us and he loves pictures
Nova has definitely been here before; I have never met a more sassy yet sweet newborn. Rainbow baby 🌈 the ONLY girl, little sister to THREE big brothers 🤞🏾
He is a very smart little guy, he loves going for walks and loves watching the cars go by.
She loves fishing, riding the go-cart, four wheeler, chasing chickens and playing on the farm. She is on the Autism spectrum and has overcome a lot of challenges to talk and communicate with people with no limitations.
My Little Ally Cat Loves To Make Different Sounds When She Sleeps, She Also Sleeps Through Diaper Changes, She Loves Making Different Faces & Has A Huge Appétit For Mommys Milk. My BabyGirl Is One Of A Kind ❤
My son was born a fighter since he has to go to NICU. He loves his aunties and watching Chip and Potatoe
Laylah is a wonderful baby the enjoys eating….eating….and more eating…Also, she enjoys watching sports and TV with her parents. She smiles and laughs in her sleep and is an overall wonderful baby.
Cooper loves smiling, playing with toys and Micky Mouse.
Aurora is our beautiful surprise baby and our blessing ❤️. She absolutely loves cuddles and anything soft. Vote for our real life Disney princess 💕
Hello everyone my name is Jermiah Crockett but everybody calls me CEO. I am 6 years old And I've accomplished so many things already. I Love The Solar System , playing with my teddy Baby Monkey , and I love learning new things about space !
Ezra is the most happy go lucky boy there is! He loves snuggling, chattering and anything outdoors!
I love sticking my tongue out and smiling when being talked to.
My name is Nirvana Rose. I am the happiest baby on the planet. I love snuggles with momma and neck kisses. I smile at everyone and love to listen to music and people watch! So far my favorite movie is Yogi bear!
Jw-joshua Wayne
Hello everyone my name is Joshua Wayne but everybody calls me JW. I am a year and a half years old And I've accomplished so many things already. I love animals, snacks, being outside, snuggling with my mommy, and secret life of pets is still my favorite movie! Mommy and I have seen it a million times haha. Mommy and I are best friends and she loves me so much.
She loves to smile,eat, and enjoys sitting up an talking💓
Yeuro is a happy baby, Always smiling. He loves Toonbo and his mom
Yauri is a happy baby, always smiling. She loves the movie Shark Tale and her Minnie Mouse chewing book.
Joseph Alexander Spurlock
He is 3years old he goes to bed happy and gets up happyhe is a dancer dont care what kind of music it is his favorite movie is woody wood pecker and go to the park
Alona can roll over, hold her head up she's very alert and likes to see what's going on. She don't like baby talk, she coos and try to talk to you.she is a very happy baby.
Adein is so smart! He's also almost always smiling and laughing at everything! He knows how to say his own name and grandpa, and a variety of other words also! He loves anything to do with a ball! That's his favorite toy! I swear his first word right after mama and dada was ball! His first sentence was "gotta get that ball" followed by "I want that ball" lol he is amazing amd his facial expressions are one in a million!
Hayzlee is such a happy smiley amazing little baby girl! You'll rarely see her without a smile on her face! Even when she wakes up from a nap she stretches and then immediately starts smiling at you 💕 She also loves watching the birds and loves it when you look at her and go "chirp, chirp" she'll almost immediately start giggling at that 😀
My name is Alaiya Nicole I’m 8 months , I’m so such a happy baby , I love my mommy , smiling and eating
Thanks for stopping by…..our precious Ava will melt your heart with her smile. We’re willing to exchange 10/10 votes daily!! 🥰 Ava is a fun loving bundle of energy and Daddy’s little girl. Every time she hears ANY music she begins to dance….cutest thing she’s learned yet. 💞 She’s literally the happiest baby EVER!!! Please show her some love and vote for her!! Thanks bunches!!! 💖💕💗💞
Amarie is a very happy baby! She loves to smile and coo! She is very alert and curious!
Jaxon finds amusement in just about anything, as shown in his stroller, this was a day when their was a ballon string blowing in the ceiling from the AC of the dollar store. He was screeching at the top of his lungs in pure excitement , he surely was the entertainment as everyone was amused by his simple innocent moment of excitement! 😀
Londyn is 6 months old & is an absolute joy! She is the first babygirl after 2 big brothers & she runs the show! She has a contagious smile & such a big personality already! Her favorite hobby is modeling mama’s bows 💕
Leroy is 6 months old and loves all the attention. He's a mommy's boy and has 2 teeth.
This is raven she loves the color green and she loves to play with playdoe her favorite book is five little pumpkins 🎃❤ she has a wonderful since of humor
Fallyn B.
Please vote for our fun loving, photo happy baby girl who just loves dancing, flowers, purses, dressing up and going out making her the ultimate girly girl. Miss Fallyn also can’t do without spending time and going on new adventures with Mommy and Daddy!
Little Kassie is sassy, curious and a little crazy. She wants everyone’s food except her own and gets into as much stuff as possible
Hunter loves his two dogs and hanging with his parents
Alexandria’s an extremely happy baby. She loves to bounce and clap. Huge daddy’s girl.
THIS IS MY FIRST GRANDBABY AND ITS A GIRL! The first in the family! She’s so attentive and has the sweetest smile ever she just loves to listen to music already! She’s our sunshine
Blair is a sweet and sassy little girl. She just started rolling around and eating baby food. She absolutely adores her big brother. She always smiles and giggles for him!
Axton Wayne loves his pups, loves spending time with family. Gets happy to go on walks, he really loves being outside and loves to cuddle💗🥰
Evelyn is a month old. She is very outgoing and loves everyone's attention.