Storm is moody & a very smart little girl for her age , shes always making somebody feel better when their sad as if the situation never exists. she loves to smile , play and crawl around, her favorite word to say is dada , also her favorite show to watch is that girl lay lay on netflix, and her favorite musical is baby shark. she brightens up my day with that little big smile she gives , and her little laughs 🥰. im very glad i was able to watch you grow & proud to be your mommy ♾🥹
Shes such a smiley happy baby. She's starting to laugh and has the brightest eyes.
Arya loves to eat and shes so funny shes very funny at times and very sassy
Emberlynn loves blowing rasberries and talking to her puppy. She also loves talking to her little stuffed piggy. And her feet are her favorite things to play with!!
Valentina is a happy, funny, adventurous 10 month old. she never fails to put a smile on anyones face.
My sweet boy loves to hang out with his mama, kick his feet, and bath time! This little boy is truly my best friend and I am so blessed to get to be his mom 💙
Mason is the sweetest boy you could meet🥹❤️
Aurora is very sassy but sweet❤️
Iris is such a sweetie with a huge heart 💜
Aliyah is so full of life. She’s a very happy baby. She loves animals and Moana.
She’s so happy and sweet. Her favorite thing to do is smile and play and she teaches us adults to do the same sometimes.
My mommy had to take medicine to have me and mommy and daddy both had to do a lot of praying for me, I’m mom and dads blessing sent straight from heaven. I love everyone, I’m a happy baby, I love the outdoors and my naps 💙 be
Charles loves everybody he is so smart and kind he loves hotwheels and toy motorcycles he is the sweetest most big hearted baby i know he will always have a smile on ur face
Elijah is so sweet and always have a smile on his face and a sunshine for sure he love playing hotwheels with his brother and loves shrek
Kayleigh loves her moo cows, horses and all food! Her favorite person in the world is her big sissy.
Avery James
Hi I’m Avery James! I love my toes, running around in my batmobile, and playing tag with my two doggies ♥️
A very happy baby, who loves laughing and trying new things! She especially loves animals and enjoys petting them. She loves the outdoor and hanging with mom and dad!
she’s my spoiled baby, she loves music ❤️
Jameson loves playing in his jumper and being outside. His favorite food is sweet potatoes and apple. He is always so happy and smiling.
She's a very happy baby for a 7 month old shes very photogenic and she loves green beans
Sweet Harper has the smile that will light up a room and turn anyone's bad day into a happy one. She is so lovable and let me tell you she has such a spunky attitude it's unbelievable.
Vanessa is a very sweet good hearted girl. She loves animals and playing with her friends.
Braden is a happy 1 year old boy who absolutely loves the outdoors! He is a little country bumpkin to the core with a smile that can light up anyone's day! Y'all show this handsome baby some love 💓😘
Little John
He’s tiny but mighty! He loves kittys an puppy’s a animal lover for sure. He loves mommy an daddy an his older brother Nick he’s 17 months talks up a storm. He knows colors an counts with mommy. A vote for him would greatly appreciated.
Carmen is a very bright 5 month baby, she loves dogs and her brothers. She loves to chew on her hands there very yummy to her
Chunk man here lovessss to eat,laugh, and play! He loves to give kisses and ride his imaginary motorcycle 💕
You should vote for my baby because she’s beautiful inside and out. Learning and growing everyday! She’s very much nonchalant with the most bubbly eyes ever! 🥰❤️ She likes to be held , very observant , and loves to eat.
Brittlynn is a very outspoken girl. She loves her family, dogs, and on top of that she loves God. She is not scared to speak her mind. There is not one picture where she isnt making a funny face. Everyone falls in love with her the minute they get to know her!
Cameron is a sweet playful baby who loves standing, eating his hands and looking out into the world! His favorite song is Easy on me by adele, and he LOVES banana and mangos!
Jasaii Louise Raeva Kennedy was born on her dads 22nd birthday on April 25th this year. She’s like chocolate covered strawberries for your eyes and we call her Peach!
Sweet baby Hudson has the breath taking smile. Lovable eyes that you’ll get lost in. Cheeks you want to pinch
Baby Pranav is six months old now!! He loves to roll and reach to things over the house!! He’s a quiet boy during drives so I’m assuming he likes it much 😄 nibbling on mommy’s boobies are his favorite pass time now 😆 he’s a cranky boy when he’s hungry or have dirty diapers which he knows as diapeee ❤️
Kilynn is 5yro, she loves to play outside, she loves people, and is a very very picky eater. She’s a big momma’s girl and loves every animal she sees. She is a very good kid and absolutely loves to help her parents with everything.
Baylee is a happy girl that loves watching mickey and getting snuggled. She has a smile that lights up the room and is super sassy already.
She’s such a happy baby
I’m new here! I love my momma and my papa! My favorite things are kisses from my big brother Ben and my doggo Charlie. I also enjoy staring outside and spending time in the sunshine (and in the bath) ❤️
I love playing outside with my papa and trying all kinds of foods! My favorite is PB&J. I love my dog Charlie and my baby sister Marleigh ❤️
She loves being outside. She loves her puppy. She’s such a happy baby!!
Deandria is the light of our lives! She lights up whatever space she is in! Her personality and hair attract so much attention and she eats it up! She loves to talk and giggle, most of all she loves her siblings!
She is so happy and smiley all of the time 💘she loves it when you beatbox for her it just makes her giggle so much! Her new favorite thing to do is to pull on daddy’s beard and to chomp on her little fingers! ❤️ She’s such a sweetie pie
Ivan is 3 He is a mommys boy. Ivan love's to pick on his brother n loves when is big brother chases after him. He love watching blippi.
Scarlett loves Mickey Mouse, any food and her brother.
Extra chromosome means extra special...AvaLear Amor💖
Wild child, loves being outside, motorcycles, monsters, painting & reading his books.