Baby Stories - 85


Leo is a very rambunctious kiddo. He loves trying to keep up with his older brother. He is so smart and loving.
Lyla's favorite thing is her big brother, Brayton. She loves to be talked to and really enjoys listening to music! She is a spoiled princess and diva. She is loved so much.
Legend is such a sweet boy and full of smiles! He loves his binkie and is a mama's boy! He has made our lives so much better and we couldn't imagine life without him. Please vote for our sweet boy.
My name is Ana and I am my mommy's & daddy's 12 years waited for miracle. I hate the sand so we had to take this picture in the house but I do love the water.
Grayson is a happy , chunky , energetic baby boy who loves to eat , play, watch cocomelon and spend time with mama.
Stephen Gabriel loooves his mommy and daddy! He is always stealing our food and even tries to steal the dogs food/water. He is always smiling and giggling. He is such a a sweet baby boy. He loves crawling and walking along furniture. We love him dearly.
Hello World, My name is Montrez Nasir Lewis and I landed on mother earth July 30th at 11:38 am.  Since birth I am well known for my joyful laughter, dreamy eyes and hungry temper tantrums.  I love my mother with all my heart but my favorite person is my great grandmother "Granny". During our time together, we sing, play, dance and my all time favorite is play time in the walker.  I'm affectionately known as 'Happy Feet' as I'm happiest when left to explore and discover more about the strength of my feet and legs.  Vote for me and I'll be sure to give the world a dose of me, black boy joy personified!
He’s very funny and unique and loves to dance.
He's just the cutest little baby. He talks gibberish all the time. And he just started saying dada.
Hi, I’m Greyson! I’m a fun filled 2 year old who just doesn’t stop smiling. I love pretending to play video games, dancing to music, and playing in the water.
Rowen is 1 years old! He loves monster trucks, little baby bum, and loves to play in the bath tub. He has the most contagious smile and will light up anyone’s world 💙
Charlie Michelle loves watching Elmo , and playing outside. She loves to ride in her jeep around the yard to look at all the animals. Charlie loves her mom and dad ever so much.
Hi! My name is Isabella, some call me Dolly or Munchkin! I didn't start or with the easiest of paths; I was in the NICU for the first couple months of my life. Well two surgeries and a lot of prayers later, here we are! I love to smile and laugh with my family. One of my favorite things is to listen to books being read to me! I'm going to start crawling soon, it's only up from here!
Lyreena is a sweet angel that went through a very rough pregnancy. I had surgery. Had DVTs then end of the pregnancy where I had to take lovanox injections the last 3 months of the pregnancy 2 times a day. After birth she became really stiff and fussy. A long road to find out she needs a $50 can of formula. And we all know how much formula costs. She needs it because she is allergic to cows milk and soy so it’s a special formula. She is doing good on it and has been no puking or gagging. She is in a birth to 3 program as she has stiff and tightening. She also has some separation anxiety. But She is a strong little fighter and she continues to surprise me everyday. She really does. When she is doing ok she is the happiest prettiest funniest baby ever.
Hey everyone I’m the first albino in my family I love to eat I love playing on my brother tablet watch coco melon if not I play on my dad phone watch music video I love music I barely come out through the day the bright light bother me but I’m sure a night owl 😂please pick me am I Full of Cuteness 🥰😘❤️💕
Hi! Im James!!! Im still a newborn but ive come so far in my first few weeks! I was born with a broken collar bone and jaundice...but im all better now much to mama and dada's relief. I love when mama sings phil collins you'll be in my heart its my most favorite! Mama always sang it to me while i was still in her i get the biggest smile and when dada goes to work i have to snuggle on his pillow or i dont know what to loving life and mama and dada so much!!!
She loves her family and fight scenes in movies..She also loves music and gets excited about the thought of moving.
Hi im freya i love my mommy and nanna and gigi i alao love my stuffed lion, i am super smart and think its funny to stick out my tounge . I am al ready learning to sit up and papaw is teaching me spanish i am full of love , and mommy is doing her best please help us out and vote for us . We would be blessed.
Jaxson was born 2 months early, and is so advanced for being a preemie. He is our miracle baby! He is the sweetest, happiest 6 month old. His favorite shows are Blues Clues, and Trolls. He would eat bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner if he could! He loves to talk, scream and anything that plays music. His favorite thing to do is to go to the stunt lot and watch his Daddy and Uncle Logan ride.
This is James he loves his paci, tummy time, and FaceTime lol. Very sweet baby ❤️
Jaxxsin loves baby shark and anything that makes music!! He is such a happy baby and loves his family!!
August is always happy, hes loves to laugh. He is crawling already. He loves to say dada, mama, hey, and uh-huh. August has the biggest blue eyes. I love my little guy so very much.
He is crazy about wwe wrestling. Enjoys his hover board. He is in first grade. Born in Tucson AZ.
Jackson is a smart and truly wild boy. He loves play with toys and he tells the best stories!
Skyla has a smile that will light up an entire room, she loves her mommy and daddy very much ❤️
Elias loves to laugh, he is always cooing and trying to talk. He loves bright colors and star wars.
At 2 months old, Mason is already a Covid-19 survivor. He is loved and cared for by his 3 older siblings
This is my peanut.. shes just beautiful and she loves her momma
Leo is an energetic little man and is loved by everyone around him. He loves the show Word Party and being around his mama! He is a mama’s boy at heart! He never fails to put a smile on people’s faces and he’s always getting compliments on how handsome he is! He is the sweetest ❤️
Rolland is very smart and intelligent! He loves his kitties 🐱 and most certainly an out doors boy! He is such a hands on little boy and on the go since the day he was born 🥰 please vote for my handsome love he deserves it ❤️❤️
Greyson loves his baby shark. He's a happy, playful boy but also loves to snuggle and give kisses. He's also a selfie king, he always says cheese whenever my camera is open.
Athena is a happy baby girl. I call her my sunshine. She loves her Christmas bear she got and she loves to be snuggled.
Amelia loves to laugh and be tickled she likes laying on her tummy to play with her toys. She loves her bottle and cocomelon as well. She loves her bath time too she likes to giggle and splash. She also loves her mom & dad mimi & pap
There's not much, considering she's just over a month old, but Alexandria Marie has the most adorable sneeze. She hates to be put down and tends to cry until she's picked back up. Even right after being born she was able to pick her head up for close to a minute.
Ayla is one month old she loves to sleep and cuddle mom and dad 🎀
Braidan was the biggest surprise, but the biggest blessing I was ever given! He’s super funny and always smiling!
Mavis is 5 mo and she loves her 3 kitties. Her favorite activities are walking (with daddy's help) and "helping" mama cook. She loves to talk and laugh with anyone who excites her.
Sassy, adventurous and sweet, Kolby loves to sing EIEIO, dance, and cuddle. Her favorite things are hugging her puppy and coloring!
Luka loves to play on his playmat and make music with his feet!
My handsome nephew rocking him mohawk!
Hi my name is mehtab singh maan. I am 3 years 9 months old . I am friendly , loving , caring anf energetic little boy. I love talking to people around me. I love my life and live my life to the fullest.
Haygen is the most sweetest and playful baby you’ll ever meet. Her personality and smile warms your heart.💗
Ava is a very happy girl and loves to smile
Baby boy is just so happy to be in this world❤ full of smiles and giggles☺
Kam is the happiest baby ever! He loves to smile and babble. He loves his mama and playing with his daddy. He is such an amazing little man and the most incredible blessing.