Baby Stories - 84


He’s only two he loves being out side helping around the house riding quads and being a boy
Brantley Parciak
Mister Brantley loves to roll from back to belly loves to talk and giggle all the time
Ziaire affectionally known as “Zi” is a busy body 10 month old who is growing and learning everyday! He likes crawling around the house to explore things. He enjoys laughing, playing, and eating fruit! He recently started attending a Christian daycare learning center to develop peer skills around other babies his age. He has been doing great thus far! Ziaire enjoys swimming, and is actively taking swimming lessons at the YMCA! He has learned to turn over on his back and float on his own! Ziaire is a very happy baby and full of life! We are ready to share Ziaire with the world!
Shes a healthy and precious babygirl
She’s very alert and after I fed her she fell asleep 😍
This is Judith. She’s 10 months old☺️ She’s such a loving baby and always smiling!
He is just the sweetest and most content baby ever.
Abigail Marie Warwick
she enjoys singing, dancing, and playing outside with her puppies.
Jack is always smiling. He loves to be outside and seeing what the outdoors have to offer. He loves to ride on the tractors and 4-wheelers. He enjoys the water whether it's a pool or river. He loves all animals. He is amazed by them.
Hey there 👋🏼 Thank you for taking a moment to vote for me! My name is HeavenLeigh but you can call me Lyght. That’s my middle name 🥰 I couldn’t think of a better word to describe myself. I’m a ball of energy, loving, alert, and I love kisses. You really wanna make me smile toss me in the air an catch me when I’m falling. Or copying my every noise it really makes me giggle. Your vote means so much to me so thanks again for stopping by🤗
Ariya is 19 months and she’s a little monster. I would not fade the world for anything! She’s a sassy toddler!💖 She loves to be outside no matter what. She tries to do everything herself even if it gets herself hurt.
Noelle is a ball of energy!!! She loves to sing!, she is very vocal and loveable! Noelle brings joy and light to every room!
Hello! My name is Lilianna but you can call me Lili. I love my cats, however they don’t seem to feel the same way. I love LOVE potato chips and a good nap. You can find me in my pool or my bounce house. I am nonstop full of energy and love to yell out BYEEEEEE!!!!
Alivia is a sweet and rotten lil cutie pie who loves playing with her brothers and sister, she loves to rep for our fav boutique Sassy Scrunch and of course loves her momma🥰
Our love for him is unconditional. He will be raised as a true southern gentleman with the love of diesel trucks and fast cars.
Tiberius was a stubborn little boy and didn’t want to come earth side till he was well into being an Aries. We had a bit of a scare and he had to be taken out of me via emergency C-section. He’s been the easiest baby just like his big brother and he loves to smile and laugh already.
She has been through so much , she's a fighter, she fought to enter this world she enter at 8months. And she is now 7months and sooo awsome. She is a daddies girl and she love's her big brother. Her daddy named her she is Foreva' our miracle baby ❤
She loves her carrots and loves to stand 🖤🖤
Waylyn is my grandson and a very happy little boy has lots character he can make anybody smile and happy when he's around
Baby Grayson Layne loves to talk and giggle at my given moment. He tries to stand up on mommy’s legs, reach out for his toys, and isn’t slowing down on growing up one bit! ❤️
Family Of The Miller
Hello everybody my baby is full of Love for everybody. He loves to make people smile. He’s a nature baby to the fullest. He’s had a vibrance to him ever since he was born. His smile can melt hearts. Hope you all can see it in his precious eyes as well😊
A very smart, outgoing little girl with a heart of gold.
Lucas loves to sleep and makes the cutest noises and faces while doing so. He loves being held and can put his pacifier back into his mouth if it falls close enough to his face.
Meet Kolton the twin brother of Shiloh! He likes to be heard & will use those little lungs well! Lol
Meet Gracie who loves to help! She is a big sister and loves playing with her twin brothers! She also love to sing along with her learning shows!
Hughes is the light of our lives! He is always smiling! He loves baths, dance parties with mom and dad, and of course his milkies! He is rolling over both ways with ease and is working on crawling! You’ll usually find him his happiest when he is outside taking in the scenery!
Stephan is such a happy baby! He loves to smile, sleep, and for brother to hug him! He’s learning to crawl and enjoys baby food❤️
Alayna is already a little athlete and a nature fanatic! She loves to be outside no matter the weather! She is such a sweet girl and very headstrong! 😜 her favorite thing is to cuddle amd eat oranges!
sorry the age is wrong ! it’s 04/01/2020 ! Cami enjoys watching cocomelon, dancing to music, and she’s in love with bananas ! she’s super sweet, she gives lots of love.
Happy smiley lil dude
Hello, I’m Sweet little Julieta or as I like to describe myself as mamas girl. I love to cuddle, laugh and smile. In my short little time on earth I have brighten so many faces. I’m bearly starting to say Mama and Papa. I hope you see me and smile.
Meet my onry 7 month old who has a twin brother! He loves to eat & knows any highchair means food! Lol
The sweetest happiest baby who is almost One!!!
This is my granddaughter Sophia. The happiest little peanut in the world. She loves to play, Moana is her favorite movie and she loves her mom, dad, older brother and all her family. She's my little person ❤❤
Corbin loves to stare you down and then give you the tongue 😛 such a sweet boy. Loves smiling when mommy talks to him, and loves to take long walks and drives. Especially loves sleep💙 Look at his cuteness, how could you not vote for him! 😍
Brooklyn is 4 months old and she’s such a happy baby! She has the most beautiful smile and the sweetest laugh! She might be the only baby to still hate baths 😂but she loves everything else!
Sutton was born on April 19th, 2021. My entire labor with Sutton she was kicking like crazy just so ready to meet me and her new world. She’s one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen and fills my day with so much joy. She loves sucking on her hands, getting kisses, and being held.
He is hands down the happiest baby!
My name is Jaclyn and I love to laugh and smile! I jump in my bouncer and roll around with my silly brother and sister.
Helena is one of a kind so sweet so smart she loves to help she loves reading learning she is so amamzing with a big heart please vote for her she deserves it thank her bday is coming and what a great gift to win this contest pleade vote for her .
Stella is a beautiful and happy little lady that loves her family and rolling over already!
Papa is one of the smartest 3 years old I know. He always has the hole room laughing.
Look at that hair!! And the smoulder!!
She’s amazing and full of personality!! She’s kind and wild at times but she will leave a impression on you!
The sweetest baby with the biggest smiles... I mean look at that face, he deserves all the votes!!
Gunner loves to be cuddled and he loves his donald duck