Lynlee loves cuddling mommy. She loves to be talked to. Lynlee also enjoys when her big sissy talks to her!
Aubrey Mae is a blessing come to life. She is our rainbow baby and the youngest of all her teenage siblings. She knows all she needs to know about a cellphone, by that i mean she smiles the minute she sees one bc she loves the camera
A crazy red head!! Man does she have a personality!! She loves cows and sharks!! She is fascinated by everything!!
Jaylee love to sing and dance! She love to twirl in her dresses like a princess! She is very smart and attentive.
Terrell is a sweet he love Mickey Mouse,he loves to eat and play you vote for us we vote for you 💙🥰 thank you in advance.
Jeremiah is 7 months old he loves outside Mickey Mouse and of course FOOD !
Aubrie is the most AMAZING,HAPPY, ENERGETIC Little Girl! She is full of love and lights up everyone’s face when she walks into a room! Vote for Aubrie!
Very smart and happy girl. Has the most funny an amazing laugh!She loves being outside,food,family,animals and anything to do with water.
Nyomi is a wild child , she loves to be outside &she loves brothers and sissy . She likes to play and run . She’s super smart and such a silly girl . Go check her instagram chunkymonkeys2021_ sells headbands , hair clips etc
Capri lights up every room she is in. She just turned 7 months old, she can sit up on her own, says mama & dada, feeds herself and loves to sleep! Capri loves to spend time with her family and husky’s. Minnie Mouse is her all time favorite.
Alexander makes the cutest craziest faces and catches the attention of every person he comes in contact with. He has the fluffiest long hair you could dream of making everyone jealous 😅🥰♥️
Harrison is a beautiful happy baby. He loves to cuddle and play. He also loves to chew anything he can get his hands on. His smile could melt anyone heart. He has a amazing personality and loves anyone he is around.
Faith's favorite food is carrots. She loves spending time with her Mimi and grumpy on her mom's side and her mamaw and papaw on her dad's side.
Please vote for Avery! ALL VOTES WILL BE RETURNED!! Avery is a happy loving, sassy 💁‍♀️ & smart baby girl. She knows all her colors her favorite is Yellow 💛 also knows how to count to 20 🥰..She has the cutest smile with those big pretty eyes 👀. She loves to sing and dance. She enjoys spending time with her mommy and daddy as well as her big brother and sister. Please vote for this beautiful girl 💝 ..
Hi, I’m Aziel. I love to play with mommy’s hair, crawl, play & laugh. I’m the happiest, most loving, chunky baby boy! I love cuddle time with mommy & daddy. Spider-Man is my favorite. 😍
She loves to stick out her tounge and smile 😊
Mila Iris is her mommy and daddy’s sweet rainbow baby.. Mila loves eating, sleeping, pooping and giving mommy and daddy sassy looks
Shes always smiling and her lashes are precious 💗 and shes very photogenic
Kathleen is such a smart little girl her first word was at 2 months old and started crawling around 4-5 months old and then started pulling herself up on things and walking around at 7-8 months old she loves to go to the park and swing she has such a blast I love seeing her beautiful smile she is just an amazing little girl and this is why I think you should vote for her and also that i could get the things she needs for when she gets older
He’s very loving. He loves car rides and loves being with his mommy…
She loves to play with other brothers and sisters
At 2 weeks old, Wyatt was diagnosed with a heart condition called SVT. During that time, he spent 9 days in the PICU. Through it all, Wyatt never stopped smiling. Now being 7 months old, his personality and happiness is unbeatable! The brightness in his eyes and the joy in his laughter bring so much love to our lives everyday! We love you, Wyatt!
He’s an active 8month old who loves to go to the park and jump in his jumper. This energetic photogenic ham is impossible not to vote for.
Lakyn is a very active, talkative, loving baby boy💙
Oliver loves laughing, waving, and being the center of attention everywhere he goes.
GraceLynn loves playing outside , love going on tractor rides with poppy , baths , staying with gigi and poppy , GraceLynn is walking now . loves to play games with her dad , loves cuddling mommy
Naylena Alaya is a very happy baby with the most contagious laugh! She is half Cuban and as she is growing into her personality her sassy Spanish side is def. shinning through! She loves to just take in her surroundings, learning, looking, and hearing everything. She gives the best best hugs and genuinely is the sweetest, content, patient, beautiful, happy little girl and her mommy loves her more than anything in the entire world. Please vote for my little nena?! Thank you!
Brantley loves to play dance talk loves walking out side
Please vote for our little boy Theo! He enjoys pulling himself up on everything although he's not walking yet . Theo loves feeding himself and his dog Archie.
She loves being outside ,eating like a piggy & putting everything toys ,hands in mouth
Vote for my happy, chubby, outdoor loving baby. She loves trees and puppies. She can stand unassisted. Sweet potatoes are her favorite food!
Grayson loves to be outdoors. He is such a happy baby. Just being around him is sure to make anyone smile!
Smart, Sassy & Brave. She loves kitties, grandma, food, milk, mommy & daddy.
My beautiful handsome boy he likes to smile a lot his an active baby
Karter is truly 1 of 1. His laugh is magnetic, that gummy smile is irresistible, those big brown eyes that you just can’t ignore. He’s completed me in more ways than l can help myself. In this photo he swimming for the 1st time 🥳😭
Hope was born premature at 28 weeks weighing 1.5lbs and 13in long. Shes had heart surgery and a gtube placed. She has grown up so much since and is the firey wild child. She also has no more gtube. She is still on the small side for her age but she doesnt let that stop her!
Hi my name is Paxton but my family calls me pax baby man and pumpkin but. I like to play with my boxer sister / I love being outside. I’m my mommy’s best friend and I’m a mommy’s boy. I have two teeth and two more coming in
Abernathy is the happiest little girl. She is so curious about the world around her and is working hard at being on the move
She is very playful her favorite word is dada she only says mommy when it’s time to go to bed haha she has a heart condition but that doesn’t stop her from being so sweet innocent and playful she loves to play with other children and she is very caring to animals
Such a sweet beautiful little girl, she lights up a room with her smile🤍
Always smiling, playing , First born ❤️🤞🏽🧸
Neo Reeves
Our baby is 19 months! He’s such a blessing to us.
Samira is a sunshine in our family. Smiles and laughter is her thing. She loves the feel of books 📚 and sometimes toys 🧸. When she smiles you heart melts.
He’s such a little happy man! He can steal your heart away within a second! ❤️
Hi I'm Jayden, I'm only 4 months old but can role over on both sides really good, almost crawl and I can kinda sit up by myself, I can also support myself when standing if I have mommies help.
Maya was born on March 2, 2022. She loves to giggle and smile nonstop. The most lovable little girl you ever laid your eyes on
Melanie is a angel sent from heaven she is the happiest little girl That will brighten up your day from the min she wakes up, EVERYTHING is smiles for her Melanie is baby talking already she’s learning how to wave bye bye she loves Minnie Mouse and loves watching cocomelon
Wren is 8 months old and loves playing his piano, squealing, watching bluey, having play dates with his cousin and napping! He has 2 teeth that he normally shows off but sometimes he is quite serious. He also has the cutest birthmark on his nose that we love!