My name is Estela Grey! I LOVE playing with my toys, taking bubble baths and most importantly eating my baby food! 😍 I’m 7 months old and live with my mommy and daddy! My laugh and smile is contagious, i’m one of the happiest babies you will ever meet! 🥰
The most loving baby ever!
King loves to play, eat and be at home with family he is a very outgoing child💕
He such a happy baby, always smiling and loves to babble. He is just perfect in every way and fun to with with!
MaryJane is a super happy baby girl! She loves her family and her favorite day is Sunday watching football with mom & dad! She’s always smiling and she’s such a joy to be around!!!
Coria Twins
Sebastian & Vince
shes 1 month and already holds her head up and has rolled over all by herself already! very sweet baby🥰
Madeline loves anyone singing a lullaby to her without judgment. She will always smile and show her four bottom teeth! She loves figs and sweet potato purée!
This is Delilah. She is 6 months old. Loves mash potatoes and gravy. Deer meat is a new favorite. She’s a very silly girl.
Evie is one happy little baby girl. She loves her big sisters and trying new food. Her favorite person is mommy and her favorite things are watching Fall Guys, pulling her sisters hair and sleeping💜
Kai loves superheroes, swim lessons, gymnastics, gardening, his dog Otis, his big brother, and snakes. He always asks me, "Mom, tell me what to do if I had real super powers." "I don't know Kai, how about helping people?" "No mom! I would kick all the bad guys' butts and keep you safe." He is my hero!!
Christopher has a very sweet heart. Definitely a mommas boy. He enjoys playing sports.
Babygirl loves cuddles from mommy & daddy, going outside, eating snacks, and watching Gracie’s Corner! ❤️
Niko is such a happy little guy from the moment he wakes up to bed time. That smile and those baby blues are a bonus. He loves watching his big brothers play and following them around in his walker.
Owen is 3 months and loves snuggles and to smile, which by the way, is so contagious. He’s the sweetest little bean and was actually a premie, making his debut 6 weeks early from his original due date!! Owen loves to eat, loves his baths, and laughing with mommy and daddy
Elijah is my little smiley baby with allot of facial expression’s he’s so alert and bug eyed
Emmalyn is almost 6 months old and loves watching Mickey Mouse, sleeping on mommy and daddy, and being outside🌳
This is Arya 🤎 she loves all attention, she also loves to cuddle! She enjoys movie time and nap time with her mama & definitely is full of laughter ! ✨
Ja'Cari loves all the attention. Especially from pretty ladies & dada. He loves to pull mama's hair and laughs when she tells him it hurts.. lol. He loves cuddles and you HAVE to watch him fall asleep or it ain't happening haha. I love my little baby to pieces. I may be biased but CUTEST baby I ever did see.
Javeon is a very sweet baby that enjoys being outdoors. He also loves to give kisses and hugs , and will just steal your heart💙
Allen Twins
These sweet boys of mine are always the life of the party, With beautiful baby blues and smiles that can melt your heart.
Eli is the happiest baby ever ! He loves to eat hands & feet 😂! When it comes to food he’ll give you a run for your money !🥰
Madison loves to laugh
She loves to giggle and smile at my silly faces
Landon is the happiest baby. He loves playing patty cake, and peekaboo. He’s always smiling and loves to eat his feet!
Rafael loves to talk with mom and dad, and watch bluey. He also loves bath time and of course nap time 🫶🏼
Juniper faye, but we like to call her Juni! she was born in March, pisces baby! She loves snuggling with her mama, playing video games with dad. She watches her sisters and brother run around and can't wait to join them! if you got food, you better watch out! juni will be staring you down till she gets a little taste.
Laia B.❤️ the cutest girl
Dahlia is the most outgoing baby girl ever she loves to be outside and she loves dancing to mexican music she loves everything she is such a character
Me’Lani Is A Very Beautiful Smart Happy Baby That’s Smiles A lot she so sweet 🥰
Kane is energetic, his favorite word is no, and he loves his nana and pawpaw!❤️
He loves pictures, he loves to smile and play
My name is Kimora Jane Morgan I am 6 months old! I love to laugh, watch Elmo and Cookie Monster, they are my favorite! play with my toys eat and roll around everywhere are my favorite things to do. I also love to go places with mommy daddy and my Gigi too💜 I can’t wait to be able to get up and walk like a big girl!
Davis Twins
Hello, we are identical twin boys. We love to smile, eat and sleep. We are 2 months old. Please vote for us 💙
Austin is my sweet and crazy little cowboy who has a heart of gold. The best big brother there is ❤️
Hi my name is Cory I have a very active personality. I am fulfilled with much happiness energy and love to give hugs and kisses but have moments where I can be a sour patch kid.
I’m 4 months old and I love my milk !
Vote for Aziel Wayne my little papacito is such a sweet happy little boy!
Hunter is a fun loving happy baby!
Everly is a angel baby , after loosing twins in a ectopic pregnancy A month after all of this tragedy happened I ended up pregnant with my beautiful daughter ❤️ She’s so smart , always happy and smiling . Her favorite word is “mama” . She was born a day after Valentine’s Day god blessed me with such a beautiful angel baby 😘🥰🥰
Logan has 2 loving parents and a big loving brother and loving cousins he's 16 months and he's a happy baby
Landon is the happiest boy there is. He loves to laugh and play. He loves having his picture made and smiles for almost every picture. He lights up the room as he walks in at just 1yrs old💙
River is a tiny miracle! He loves impressing his mommy and daddy with his strength and sense of humor, and he loves to flirt ;)
My name is Daxton. I LOVE food and my parents. I’m always very happy🤗 Please vote for me❤️
Embrilynn is 6. She loves doing crafts playing with her brother! She loves school! She absolutely love cheering!
Noah is 3 he loves playing outside. He has an amazing character very outgoing little boy!
Elizabeth is a very advanced beautiful baby girl. She loves her momma and her breast milk.