Baby Stories - 83


Elijah just turned 3 weeks old! He’s a very happy baby, loves bath time, loves his Mimi, & loves to sleep!
Greysen is the sweetest baby ever he loves everyone. He loves to cuddle and just be a happy baby. He absolutely loves his hands, and elk bugles.
Olivia, AKA "PEANUT" to us, is an 8 month old diva, she absolutely loves mini mouse, has two rotten puppers that watch over her, she is very loving and adores cuddles
Vada is very smart little girl she always happy she loves her country music ! She likes to jam out . she loves dancing . she is 11 months old on the 13 of october . her nickname is darkvader 😍
My momma calls me King I was named after my daddy so we are using my last name for my nickname. I was born June 1st 2020. I love to cuddle, laugh, giggle and eat.
this lil guy is full of energy and humor. His eye's are so captivating he simply melts your heart but don't mess with his binky or there will be trouble 🤣
My name is Jesse James and I love food, being outside and using my new crawling skills to explore and make messes 😊
Asher Hayes was born August 5th, 2020!❤️ He loves smiling, tummy time, baths, talking to mommy & daddy, cuddles w mommy, watching his big brother dance, and somehow FASCINATED looking at ceiling fans! 😊
Brycen is a very wide eyed, smiley little boy, that is loved by so many!! 💙
Lyla is a fun loving baby girl. She knows how to make you laugh and knows how to make you smile. Mom and dad love you
Hi my name is Charlotte! I love too drink water and my favorite stuffy is my horse Cowboy! I have a precious smile and even more beautiful laugh. I love my mommy, daddy and French fries!
Amelia, she came in this earth at 35 weeks old and spent time in the nicu and has been showing everyone just because shes early doesn't mean she doesnt know what to do. She a fast learner and knows what's she wants and has no problem tell you. She sweet and full of life.
She is such a happy baby!She loves watching tv, eating, playing with toys, loving on her momma and daddy. She can roll and tries to sit up!
She will be 1 October 17th and she has several different facial expressions lol
Aiden loves new adventures. He likes the outdoors, animals, and loves to laugh and play with his toys.
Hey y’all! My name is Lincoln, and I think I’M the cutest munchkin! Mommy & daddy tell me so EVERYDAY! My favorite things have to be my pacifier and thumb, and get this... I just learned how to smile and coo! I also love when daddy sings to me, and when mommy tickles my belly! (Just not the feet, NOT OK.) I love my whole family so much, they’re so goofy making faces at me all the time. Cool stuff for a cool little dude 😎 Vote for me!
Scarlet loves to smile and sleep she is a fun little angel and she loves to be around people
Hi!! My name is Briza (pronounced Bree-zuh). Mommy also likes to call me Tookie. My favorite things are kisses, snuggles, Paw Patrol, playing with crinkly toys & I’ve recently grown to love puréed carrots! Oh and my favorite thing EVER is milk!🤤
Zayden is a very energetic, fun very loving little boy! Loves to play and help you do things! Very curious and tries so hard to be independant.
Alex is the sweetest funniest little boy you could meet. He is so caring and loving always wants to take care of people if he sees a baby cry he cries like he feels what it feels. He is the youngest brother of 3 boys and he loves his brothers so much! At 6 years old Alex is a Uncle to two adorable nephews that he adores. Alex loves maling videos and maling faces and making people laugh
Liam is a sweet little boy who love's playing with his toy's. Liam just learned to crawl and now he is unstopable.
Rose Marie
Rose loves to laugh and talk to mama. She loves to eat her hands and hold her legs and back of her head
Robbie is 4 months and counting. He was born a month and a half early hard to believe he was only 4lbs 10oz. He’s loves napping and laughing and smiling.
Michael is a smart and witty young man who is sweet and caring with an independent streak.
RyleeRose is an amazing angel baby. She enjoys being snuggled and held especially when she’s asleep. She loves mommas kisses when she’s waking up, loves too eat & loves too smile! Rylee is truly a blessing who can make anyone’s day better in the blink of an eye. I love my smiley girl too the moon & back!!
Supper hyper
Avery is brave and funny and very smart will make you smile in a minute 💕mama and daddy is so proud of her
she is sassy and loves fluffy things
a sassy 4yo who loves frozen
Hi I’m Ca’Mari and I love meeting new people ,screaming, making noises,jumping and smiling as well🥰.Most of all I love to eat eat 🥰🤣and I’m sooo dang outgoing 😍
He loves to growl and say cheeese for the camera
Shes a preemie born at 36w 3days at 4lbs 14oz
He loves harry potter
He is outgoing and loves to dance
Ashlynn is such a happy little girl what she likes the most is her family
Matthew Tucker
Matthew Tucker likes to walk, crawl, and scream. He loves to eat and laugh. He most definitely loves his family and his parents. He is most definitely a blue eyed cutie.
Loves too play with his monkey and lovey. Always wants his papa. Enjoys watching boss baby
Loves being rocked to sleep, gets milk wasted
Javian is 6 weeks old. He can hold his head up , mommy and tummy time are his two favorite this besides milk at the moment 💙
Tucker loves to smile, rock, and go for car rides to grandma and grandpas. If we’re moving, he’s happy. He’s got an endless stomach for mom’s milk.
Miss Lily is the sweetest girl! She loves dance parties with Daddy, cuddling with Mommy, and staying awake as long as she can to party (she never wants to miss out!) Her smile melts my heart 😍
Jasper Lorence Brown
He knows how to speak 6 words by 2 months, he's not shy and loves to talk to people. When he was only a few minutes old, he tried to crawl and he's such a mama's boy. He loves food and the color red and he can kinda sit up in his own
Paisley was a premature baby she weighed 3 pounds 14 ounces! we recently turned 4 months old! We love laughing and playing with our toys! 🥰🥰
I’m 2 months old I have really Good muscle strength I’m a mommy’s boy I love to smile and show off my deep simples I love bright color sleep food and car rides there just so relaxing to me help me sleep better I can hold my head up all by my self I love Tummy time
Raven is a spunky redhead with amazing creativity and imagination. She is smart and brave and has a grand sense of adventure.
Jurnei is very friendly and silly,she loves to laugh, talk with others and chew on her fingers. Jurnei is a joy to be around.
Oliver is 6 months old, he loves chewing on his hands (or anything he can get into his mouth really) Hes a real mommas boy but still does pretty good with stangers. He has found his feet and giggles ans laughs everytime he gets them high enough to see. He loves his walker and pulling up on things!