Brynn loves Nemo and yogurt bites! She has the most contagious belly laughs and is her daddy’s twin! She’s just so squeezable!!
William loves to talk constantly and dress up!!!
Zaney Aka Little Cousin
Zaney is my little cousin who loves blipps and kids YouTube and he is the cutest kid in the world and he is my little angel boy, he is growing up so fast!!!! Zaney is my cousin Makayla King son He is the cutest kid in the whole world
Only 3 days old, loves sleeping and eating ♥
Iris is the happiest little peanut she loves smiling and cooing when anyone talks to her.
He loves to smile and he a really good baby he don't cry much and he love everyone he met and try to lift his head and hold his bottle
He’s the most happiest baby I’ve ever seen, he loves to talk, play with his brothers, he’s spoiled rotten with love ❤️. He absolutely loves food, car rides, swinging and being outside observing everything this world has to offer. He’ll melt your heart with those big blue eyes 🥰
Maverick is as sweet as a baby can be! He loves cuddles and playing with his toys! His favorite show is cocomelon and like to dance to the songs!
Noah is a very outgoing little boy! He loves playing in mud and dirt with his dinosaurs and trucks!
Lela is a happy go lucky girl who loves bath time!
Ryland loves Pup Pups and Big Hugs ! He’s the sweetest Bean you’ll ever meet ! 💙☺️
Jonnalynn is a mommys girl a total little sweet pea that loves to play around and get tickle tortured by her mommy. She's a girls best friend and a complete blessing from God. She's the sweetest most snuggly baby her mommy has ever seen! She just turned 5 months old and now turns over and is about to start baby cereal. My goodness has she blossomed into one big green eyed beautiful baby!
Legend is 9 months old and loves to crawl around. He adores his big brother and is a mama’s boy. He loves to eat and is a very happy baby.
I love TMNT and playing with my little brother my time I spend being very energetic and playing
I’m a happy boy as long as I have my bottle just started talking I love bright colors
Benton is a strong willed and smart little guy. He loves Paw Patrol, Mickey, and his Mama. He doesn’t go anywhere without a hat and wears his boots constantly!
Azariah is 4 months and she lovess her fingers and just found out her toes taste good too!!🥰😅
Loves to smile and laugh and watch hey bear
I have never seen such a beautiful baby.....eyes to die for. She is always smiling. So alert. Loves her Mommy. Wears clothes like a model. Love her to the end of the earth.
My name is Jamaal Lindsey I am one years old with 7 teeth. My favorite thing to eat is French fries and my favorite word is dada
Hi I'm Jensen Dean I love warm hugs and cuddles I love to watch the snow fall and I love to watch wrestling with my daddy I love my big brother so very much vote for me and you will see I am the cutest baby you have ever seen
Grayson is 4 months old, loves to watch Despicable Me, & tell momma stories 🤍
Rush is very vocal, he is rolling over cutting his first tooth and has the cutest personality. He is happy all the time and loves his mama and daddy.
Spencer loves to cuddle and watch movies with mommy and daddy. She loves tummy time. She is really good at holding her head up. She loves to smile.
Leandro speaks English, Spanish and French. A budding musician, he started playing the piano at 4 months and is now focusing on drums and percussions. His favorite song is “Octopus’s Garden”. He has been described as the “chillest” baby and being a very “smiley” baby. He loves FaceTiming with his grandparents and attending virtual music classes.
This beautiful baby boy LC just turned 4 months old. He is such a happy baby who loves to babble and belly laugh. Always smiling. Enjoys being talked to and will chat back haha. Also loves being read to and kicking his feet and moving his legs as if he’s ready to go somewhere lol. Loves chewing on toys, and his fingers and hands. He is so sweet and loved by all.
My beautiful blue eyed bundle of joy loves smiling, laughing, rolling all over the place, bouncing, music, her big sister, her aunts and uncles, her Mimi and gramps, and mommy & daddy!! She also thinks dogs are the funniest creatures!
Bekam Kade is so loved & outgoing. He loves trucks, 4-wheelers, tractors, etc anything that has wheels. He loves to be outside getting dirty. He’s a friendly & lovable little dude. He loves everyone and he shows it!
Hello this little boy is my son Greyson he was born 6 weeks early and he was breeched..he is the sweetest little boy he is 5 months old and he loves to smile and giggle and LOVES to pull hair lol when he was born I was 34 weeks exact so he had to spend almost a month in the NICU and he has battled Pneumonia twice he is my little warrior and my miracle baby please vote for my baby boy it would be helpful ❤️🙏🏼
I’m the sweetest baby ever. I love my toes and my morning cartoons! You’ll give me the biggest smile ever if you give me a vote.😊
Jersey is named after two of the people that would of loved him beyond words. He is such a calm baby and loves to just lay flat and look around and he definitely loves when his big sister gives him kisses!
Delilah is 2 years old! Loves Minnie Mouse, dancing, her big and little sisters!!
Stella is 5 months old and loves to be sang too and LOVES dancing!!
Alizae Loves her baths, loves watching Despicable Me & Happy Feet . She loves to talk and laugh.
Kinsleigh Reign is a daddy’s girl and her mamas world! Sweet baby girl loves to smile and talk to mommy and daddy!
My sweet Nicholas loves to laugh and is a big mama's boys. He also loves his big sisters, he loves kids and captures everyone attention. Hes such a good baby . He has 2 teeth and is already almost crawling. He explores the world through putting everything in his mouth. He literally amazes me everyday .
Atticus Reed loves his mommy, laying on your chest and making funny faces. He is a total dork and already has such an amazing personality! His pretty blue eyes with those chubby cheeks just make your heart melt like butter!
My beautiful girl, she is very sweet and loves her daddy snuggles, she loves being held and never put down. She's my everything! ❤️
Little Huxton Blaine<3 Huxton is a sweet little baby boy who absolutely loves getting kisses. He loves waking his daddy up with a few slaps to the face haha. He just gets so excited. He loves making silly sounds and making others laugh. He is the definition of a sweet little angel.<3
Astrid’s smile can light up the world. She is just the happiest of babies. She loves to eat and be outside.
Mila Eve
This is my Mimi Bug, she loves affection and demands attention ☺️ Her favorite things to do are Play with her feet, Roll over and jump in her bouncer. 💗 She loves to Babble and is trying to find her voice, her favorite new foods are pears, sweet potatoes, and yogurt bites. She is a fast learner and she’s your best friend when you can make her laugh. She is the sweetest little being & I’m the Proudest mommy! 🥰
Hi my name is Oren! I’m 2 years old and love to play in the dirt and “put out fires”. When I grow up I want to be a firefighter or a farmer. 💙💙
Mr Squishy Aka Corey Jr
This lil man you see is MR SQUISHY (baby Corey jr) he loves watching tv, tormenting his older siblings, eating, and just all around laughing and enjoying his lil life. Loves to love and loves to be loved.
Maya is such a loving little girl 🥰 she loves to try and make everyone laugh and she loves to smile 😁❤️
Miss lyric laine will be 2 in 2 months. She loved her sisters. She loves being a big sister. She loved her fruits and vegetables. She loves her mommy and daddy. She loves dogs and cats. She is very out going. She loves everyone she meets. She loves to blow kisses and say I love you and I miss you.
She is the happiest girl,she loves daddy big brother and mama❤️ She loves to be outside,she has the sassiest attitude and the most contagious laugh and smile that will light up the room ❤️
Jasper loves to eat and have a fun time playing and being a crazy boy. He loves attention from others and is very social. We are struggling hard with money lately but believe us when we say every penny goes to anything our son needs, but to win this money that would be just amazing, so if anyone and everyone can please for our little cutie right here. Jasper also loves his ball pit and all of his balls, ball is his favorite word, and hes a very sweet and caring boy who is also a mommas boy. 💙 He has such an amzing imagination, if you put him down, he will go find something ro do for a while until hes bored.
Zurri Shanelle
Ziggy loves to play , eat , and laugh. Music gets her moving and grooving and family keep her happiness alive .