Mazey Rayn is the absolute sweetest baby girl of all time. She loves to watch Peppa Pig, color everything but her coloring book, pretend that shes a beautiful butterfly, tries to climb and stand up on anything she possibly can, play with her big brother and love on her baby sister, and has the softest, sweetest, most precious little voice. She Is an absolute joy and truly a little sweetheart.
Jarred was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 years old, he is a very sweet and lovable little boy 🤗
Brianna Ski Wood
She loves to help others very independent smart loves to play and Dance
Princess Gabriella loves to drink milk, be outside, and provide all the sass.
Logan’s favorite things are to smile, laugh and eat!
Raymond's 3 months old, he loves to laugh and play, he loves car rides & to eat and sleep. He recently found his hands to chew on and loves them & his blankets & our fingers 🤣😍🤤🤤🤤😆
Everli Rose
Everli Rose is a happy, bubbly 5 year old with a lot of sass and personality. Her favorite show is My Little Pony and she loves to cuddle and play with her friends. Although she is little, Everli is the definition of determined, she commands the room wherever she goes. She loves to play with her brothers and loves singing, playing outside and dancing. Everli is always ready to make everyone laugh whether it be with her many impressions or super outrageous laugh, and she surprises us every day with her tenacity and willingness to learn and try everything she sets her mind to. There's no stopping this headstrong little diva <3
Hi I’m Sylas, I’m 17month old, very sweet & loving. I love Bluey, Mickey Mouse, and of course Ms.Rachel!
Baby AJ is a preemie livin’ large and definitely in charge! Currently into bossing her moms and her doggo around!
Shayla is a beautiful and sweet intelligent little girl she so sassy please vote for her
Logan is so full of fun!!! She enjoys riding motorcycles, 4 wheelers and dirt bikes!! She is always smiling and having fun!!
Julian is my Gemini Twin and is the most behaved child out of my 5 lol haha :):) He is very smart and curious about everything! He can talk your ear off but hold your attention with his conversation. He loves to help his family, friends or anyone. He has the biggest heart and cares about people. He loves pokemon and likes to draw :) His favorite phrase is "Mom, I love you." :):):) Zodiac sign>Gemini*** Born and raised in the Bay Area the place we love and we call home :) Before you go please LIKE and SHARE my profile. Thank you for voting for Julian :)
Jacob Jr.
He is a very happy baby he loves to play with his toys and loves to eat lol he is my grandson he always brightens up the days.
David is such a joy. He is always smiling and full of hugs.
**ADVANCES ACCEPTED just post on my wall. no max EXCHANGES 10/20/30/40 **** ❤️Thank you everyone who voted for Mica❤️we appreciate you❤️ ALL ADVANCES AND EXCHANGES WILL BE RETURNED✅️ YAY AREEEEEEEEAAAAA (lol) Born and raised in the Bay Area, 🌁🧡🖤💙💛Michaela aka Mica (Mee-ka) is kind, caring, and thoughtful, she loves her family❤ My little adventurer, her favorite thing to ask me in the morning is,.. "Mom, what are we gonna do today?"💝 Mica is smart and she gets along with everyone🙂 She's kind and generous, she's beautiful inside and out 💗💞💕💗 All prize money that is won is put aside for Michaela, she really wants to go to Disneyland, and unfortunatly that's something her father and I cant afford for our family of 6 and so Ive made a commitment to try and raise the money to take our whole family to Disneyland for our kids first time here thru these competitions, as long as that takes. So please no that we appreciate everyones help in helping me make that happen thru your advances, exchanges, and gifts and time. :)) ❤Thank you everyone who voted for her💖💯 Before you go, PLEASE LIKE and SHARE my profile! Thank you❤
My name is Madelyn. I was born on October 23,2023. I love snuggles.🥰
Waylon is 4 months old .He is a very happy baby when he smiles his eyes and face just lights up .
Hunter is a loving kid. Who loves football and fortnite
Easton is a very joy full baby
Princess loves the joy of this ongoing world she loves barbie dolls and enjoys her 3 siblings she also knows all her colors and loves singing, her favorite you tuber is diana and roma
Isabella Rose
Hi I’m Isabella Rose I just turned 5 years old & I am a very happy, lovable toddler. What you need to know is that I’m very photogenic & I love to be around the camera always camera ready. 🥰❤️ I have a personality to die for & I’m very friendly. I can have a whole conversation with people + I have a contagious laugh 😊Mommy says that I love to dance since I got it from both my parents 💃🏼 She also says that I’m independent & I’m a very girly girl with a bit of sass + a fashionista like my mommy 💗
Tonya loves being chased by mama and dada, her favorite word is “no”😂, she loves to laugh and play and she will bring sunshine and happiness to anyone’s day!☺️🥰 Tonya is truly a blessing and I’m just so grateful to get to share her contagious smile with everyone!💗
Saint likes to drink milk all day and growl at his mommy!
Sweet baby Bodhi lights up a room with his contagious smile. My blue eyed baby boy enjoys time with his family and especially with his big sister.
Lamont Fredrick
My name is Lamont i am 4 years old i love my mommy and daddy and i love my big boy bed with dinosuars and i love to play with my cousin jr and i love to play with my toys i also love to watch my favorite shows curious George and Dinosuar Train if you vote for me i will vote for you🥰
Mateo De Jesus
Mateo is really sweet he loves his sister and he loves all the attention on him
Emilio loves his baby food he’s a very happy baby said dada a lot
Oh Natalie Hope, Is just the sweetest most loving and caring little girl.
Aaron is 2 years old and loves his dog Duke, jumping on trampolines, and alot more things. He's very smart and handsome. He love his big sisters and riding the motorcycle with his dada, he also like mowing the lawn with his dada, he LOVES his gaga b and his uncle Tommy. Please vote for him! We Accept! Thanks and God bless you.
Loves to dance. Great at helping. Bright beautiful girl. Loves school.
She like to sing, dance very smart and has so much character
Jayce is so funny an energetic.he like music an loves to dance he is the life of the party
This is binev! He is a sweet boy full of imagination and Love!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️
Julian is a very loving but temperamental young boy who is sentimental but won’t take crap,lol. Julian loves to help people and show how kind hearted he can be. Julian likes some sports and really seemed to enjoy soccer this year! Julian is a smart boy! Julian also loves his Minecraft! Julian would love your vote and would be very appreciative! Vote for this handsome guy! God Bless!!!
Haley is a very high energy, free spirited girl who loves art and loves to paint! Haley has her very sweet loving days and of course her bad days where you just don’t wanna get in her way,lol! Haley is still trying different instruments out to see what best suits her, and likes to be in her school plays and has been in softball and soccer and will do whatever sport she is able to! Some day Haley would love to be a… makeup hair stylist that models! Haley has big dreams and we root for her every step of the way! Your vote would be much appreciated! Thank you and God Bless!!!
Roxanna loves llamas she loves staying places with family, she loves toys, she loves shoes, and she's a very special, sweet little girl
Isabella likes stitch Jojo siwa. She loves pets, and she's a very special, sweet little girl.
Bradley likes rider bikes, he loves animals He is a very sweet special boy
He love playing with his brothers and loves cocomelon liked yelling dada and loves to cuddle and give hug and kisses he loves to be in his jumper jumping
Born 3 month premature came home from nicu at Brigham and woman’s hospital in boston! The strongest lil girl 👧🏾 to make it out that nicu in less time then what they said!! Now she has grown to a loving sassy highly intelligent lil queen 👸🏽!! Vote yess please for her!!!!
Freyja is the cutest little Valkyrie. She has a war cry that can call just about anyone to battle.
Hudson is my first and he is always so content loves cuddles and hanging out.
He likes to smile and talk alot and loves to eat
Oakleigh is 17 weeks old. She loves to be held, she loves to sleep and eat! She is such a happy and smiley baby 💜🥰
He loves to climb and sing!!! He’s a very sweet little boy
Meet our delightful 2-year-old, a ray of sunshine born in the challenging times of 2021. Despite the odds, he radiates joy and curiosity. His favorite playground is the great outdoors, where he effortlessly becomes the star of the frame. With an insatiable passion for photography, he learns the art from his siblings, family, and friends, capturing moments that melt hearts. Soon to embark on his pre-elementary journey, his lens is set to capture the wonders of the world. Get ready to witness the world through the eyes of this talented, young kiddo! 📸✨