Hello I’m willow I’m 4 months old and I love sitting up , & laughing at my toys 🤍
Zariyah is such a happy baby , always smiling ! She can brighten your day!
Harley is such a happy baby and has been nothing but a blessing to our family!
Marleigh has such bright eyes and a beautiful smile. Marleigh loves when her bubba plays with her and she loves mommas hip. Marleigh has green eyes and red hair!
Rhett loves being outside, sitting in grass, eating, his mobile, & so much more. A happy boy!
Karmello is almost 1. He has the most beautiful eyes and the wildest hair. He loves to laugh and play. Cuddling with mom and dad is also one of his favorite things to do!
Hazel Rose loves looking at herself in the mirror, playing outside, her mommy & daddy and is the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet.💕
Little miss Wrenley is my miracle baby. She's the light of minevand her fsthers life. She's the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. I couldn't imagine my life without her 💕
Hi My Name Is Isabella I Wanna Start Off By Saying Im 6 Months I’m From Philadelphia Pa Im A Happy Baby Im Always Smiling , Laughin, Happy, Im Also A Loving Baby.
Luke loves to smile! He's got the most amazing personality and everyday with him is such an adventure!
Emmett Is the best big brother to Everett ! He loves to be outside, baseball, swimming and his family!
Everett loves his big brother Emmett! He loves to be outside and to blow and give kisses! He is the happiest little babe! ❤️
My son, my precious gift. Greyson loves his animal friends, Mommy and Daddy
Landry loves to be outside 24/7! He loves kittens and his dog, Otis.
Such a fun, loving and adventurous little boy❤️ Who brings so much sunshine and laughter to our lives.
Let's exchange votes, we vote back 💙🤍💙 Advance votes are welcomed💙🤍 Thailon is such a happy baby. Growing and learning something new everyday he loves to sleep in till noon he likes phones and watching old Mickey Mouse shows with me and listening to his nursery rhymes.
Aaleyah is the sweetest little girl You're going to ever meet . she love cartoons..she loves music a Great dancer .she loves Teddy bears she' has a heart of gold and she loves her sisters
Justice we call her Paris she loves dancing singing skating..her favorite color is purple She a Sweet Smart and intelligent girl that loves reading
Loves singing, dancing,shes into gymnastics Her favorite cartoon is Coco melon. She has a heart of gold ..and a smile thts bigger than Kool aid itself ❤️ I call her NY and she loves her sisters 💕
Saylor Layne is sassy as can be! She loves to eat and chat about her dada!
Baby K is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. He loves his sister, playing outside and watching Blues Clues! He’s wild and carefree.
Kingston is one of the happiest baby’s you will meet! So full of life! Loves Baby shark doo doo, & pj mask to dinosaurs 🦕 he will bring you joy & touch your heart ❤️ vote for my baby guys!
Aleysha is a happy funny baby. She loves when people talk to her she laughs every time. She’s really a amazing baby girl
Cataleyah loves to swing and to be outside. She loves music ,car rides ,and also loves her bath time and any water she can dip her toes in ! She loves to snuggle with mommy and watch tv while sitting up.
Hey loves to play outside, feed the fish in the pond & loves loves loves music! TNT by AC/DC is his favorite jam! Loves food & being rocked to sleep
Noah is goofy and makes lots of funny faces and says lots of funny things! He loves to pick everything up even tho it’s bigger than him and loves to eat! Happiest and most lovable baby ever ❤️
Roman is laid back and loves his milk he loves to cuddle and anyone to hold him he loves the outside he is starting to gain more of a personality and I’m here for it!
Kenzlee enjoys playing, being around family and is always happy!
Hello everyone meet Anthony Jr ! The most happy , loveable little baby out their right now ! He loves learning new things , loves his hands & loves to laugh when you say “ahhhchooo” 😍
Avianna Marie. Loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse, screaming and laughing 24/7! She’s truly a blessing.
He is the most active animated baby I have ever met he is always smiling and loves mommies kisses
Luke was born in Washington MO weighing 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long he was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 years old
He is a 6 and a half month busy body child! He is at the stage where every two days he doing something new 🥰✨ he is a fast one ☺️
Hes always such a happy baby. Loves to smile and play.
Easton is 4 months old! He’s always super happy and excited! He loves play time and the camera!
Carter loves playing outside with his cousins. He loves helping his dad with anything outside and his favorite thing to eat is rice and gravy.
She is the happiest baby! She’s always smiling and she’s always ready to take photos! I’m so blessed to have such a beautiful happy baby!!
Fat Mac is always smiling
Jayden is a big burst of energy, who loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy, Jayden just got over Mild Hip Dysplasia and now he is a happy bouncing ball of fun, loves to laugh and loves when his sisters walk him around the house, (can you say SPOILED!!)he also loves watching Gracie’s Corner and Cloud Babies 💙
Emilia is 3 months old the most unique baby ever she had a personality of a big girl
Brahma is a sweet little Hawaiian boy who love to giggle and smile often. He loves the attention he gets when we are out and about, always babbling at people walking by.
A true gift from heaven, the brightest shining star in her mommy and daddy's world. Her contagious smile brings joy to those having a rough day❤
Levi is a very funny and active baby. He loves bananas and spending time with his auntie and grandma. He loves watching baby shark and cocomelon too!
Nessa is the happiest baby ever! Nessa put a smile on everyone face and light up a room when she walk in! She has Cystic fibrosis she was born a month early you would never know cause of how happy she always is. She love life already she loves to play and dance to Music
Anthony Angel
Anthony Angel is the sweetest little boy. He has so much personality. He loves his mama, and loves to laugh and smile. ❤️
Tinley is 16 month old bundle of joy! She loves talking, running around, and just being goofy