Baby Stories - 83


she’s such a doll baby💞 born Dec 1st 2020
Sky loves when her daddy beatboxes for her. She also loves bathtime. She is extremely ticklish and has the cutest laugh. She loves when her abuelo rocks her and sings to her in Spanish.
This is little remington. Hes is such a smily happy boy who loves to listen to country music. Remy loves being in the water but what he loves the most is being around his family
Mariah Nevae Ortega
Mariah Nevae Ortega is 6months little Ginger baby going on to 7mths in Feb.& is a cheerfull smilely baby she's is an explorer in training she's a flirty little missy her hobby is sleeping, drinking a special formula because of her acid reflex in her tummy. Watching her favorite show Sofia the 1st & my little pony,Pocoyo.she loves Her family dearly.
Jessica loves to laugh, snuggle her blanket, blow bubbles and hang out in the happy baby pose!
She is my great niece. She loves to play. She is such s sweet loving little girl.
Miyah And Coraline
Here is my gorgeous twin grandaughters.
He loves smiling and loves hugging on mommy. He giggles so much.
Marlee is the sweetest soul! She loves cuddles with Mommy and Daddy and is very loved! She has 3 dogs that are very protective over her, she makes a sound and they all come running 😍
Na’lays was born premature. She was 3lbs 13 oz at birth. We stayed in the hospital for a while but by the grace of God she was able to eat out of a battle and didn’t need a breathing tube. The doctors thought she would have to stay a couple months in the hospital but she was doing so well she was able to go home in two weeks. She surprised all the doctors.
Outgoing, loving, smart, funny, handyman! Love to help with his baby sister. My autistic son is extremely creative when it comes to doing anything.
She likes snuggle, laugh and smile all the time. Very curious with the world around her.
Jackson went from premie to a moose! From 6 lbs to 22 at 8 months and 30 inches in height! He wears a helmet for reshaping and dances like a fool ♡
Elijah is a Tiny Superhero! He single-handedly saved 2020- just by being born!
Brytan is the happiest baby ever! No matter what kind of mood you’re in, he will make your day so much better what just his perfect little smile ❤️
Jason is the sweetiest boy, he loves music and dancing around and loves playing with animals. Dogs, cats you name it he loves animals!
Scarlett was born at 37 weeks. She loves tummy time with her parents 🥰
Jonathan is so hilarious. I love that I am a stay home mom because I wouldn’t get to have this much fun with him, especially to watch him grow.
Kaysen is 3 months old and he loves to smile and snuggle! He is a big Mamas boy!
Belle is a very talkative, sweet little girl, who is also very spoiled. She loves watching her big brothers play and loves cartoons.
My name is Noel Grace. I'm almost a month old. I love to make noises and smile. I'm trying to roll over, hold my head up and hold my bottle. I love snuggles with mommy and daddy. I'm a miracle baby
Laila Anne is 3 months old and her favorite thing to do is eat her hands and smile all day long. Consider voting for us. All money won will go towards her college fund for the future.
Jensyn is almost 4 months old and he is such a happy baby, he’s got so much personality already 🥰
Canaan loves to eat everything in sight...he will smack his lips and grin at you when he sees food in your hands. He also loves to stand up in his crib and toss his binkies at you while you sleep to try to wake you up to play with him at 4 in the morning. His favorite thing to do right now is tilt his face up at you, open his mouth, and close his eyes when he wants kisses. 😍
Woodrow was named after two characters from my husband's favorite movie. He's always so happy and is mastering the art of learning to crawl.
Waylon is a sweet boy who loves to be in his swing. He loves bath time and kicking his arms and legs when he gets excited. He likes to have his cheeks rubbed by mommy and daddy. Our sweet boy is such a blessing.
Vincent, Vinny for short is an extremely advanced child. He loves to spell. Big words especially. He can spell his entire name. He can read amd his favorite books are called dancing dinos and Beekle the unimaginary friend. He can also count to 100. Loves to sing. And is a very chivalrous kid. He sings and loves to make up his own songs as well as play instruments. He even plays bingo 6 cards all in one play!! Hes very bright and super talented as well as funny. Hed love your vote!! The prize money will go towards a brand new bed for him to get him back out of mommys bed again. He outgrew his toddler bed so quickly. Hes also a mathwiz. He can do 2nd grade math and he just TURNED FOUR!! hes a character this kid. He can read also and THAT he taught himself. Hes beyond impressive. Everyday he never falls short of absolutely amazing me. Im one very proud mother. Very proudThank you
Cason Is 6 months old and he loves Elmo! He also has a older brother that he adores! & he also has two teeth that are coming in! ❤️
Stephen is our miracle baby. try after try after try, finally right before the big shut down and our last chance we found out he was expected in November!! He loves to look around smile and laugh!
Asher is our Christmas surprise baby. His siblings are quite a bit older than him and he was not planned but he is so very much loved and adored by everyone. He has everyone in awe and wrapped around his finger. We have been so blessed with such an awesome little baby boy.
You can find L.C. chillaxin in his swing watching the puppies play. He loves the soud of crickets and hoot owls! His squishy cheeks make snuggles hard to resist! Such a lovey little guy! <3
Elijah is the happiest baby and has the most adorable personality. He absolutely loves snuggling and is such a playful little boy.
Emma is 2! She loves her brother! Favorite food is strawberry’s. Her favorite show currently is cocomelon! She is amazing, smart and so caring.
Brantley is 6 months old and 23 pounds! He loves to smile and laugh! His favorite food is carrots and a total mommy’s boy!
Elle is 9 months old. She loves to constantly be on the go and Emptying all her toys from her toy box. She keeps us all on our toes.
Our little daddy’s girl loves cuddles, and is already grabbing her bottle and putting her head up. She was so excited to meet us that she decided to come almost a month early on Christmas Day making her the best Christmas present❤️
I love to giggle roll around and wear cute outfits already have so much attitude already
Charlotte is a very smiley girl, the things she likes most are mommy, food, and the sound ooo!
He love peekaboo, bath time and story time and love tummy time with mommy. His favorite stuffy is his fox! Favorite book is the Hobbit
Freya is 3 months old. She loves hanging out with her big brothers.
Ziaer Meadows
Ziaer loves to take baths and to be with his mommy. He laughs in his sleep and loves his Mimi. He snores in his sleep and doesn’t mess around when it comes time to eat!!
vote for mason i am just trying to help my mom and my brother i will give my mom all of it i am just trying to help.
She’s in love with cocomelon, she’s such a sweet and happy baby!
Hellllooo My name is Mozzi ! I’m such a happy outgoing baby and I’ll smile at any girl lol I don’t really like baby food and can’t eat big people food but I’ll watch you eat your food until you let me try it a little 😂💙 My dada mama and bubby are my favorite people and I love my fur babes 🙄❤️ I’ll be a year soon and mommy’s in tears! She says I’m the cutest 🥰
Oneeli is two months and a half old and loves baby talking and smiling.