Baby Stories - 83


Rayna is our Rainbow baby. Her name means Queen and song of the lord. She is the reason i wake up.everyday. She has such an uplifting ora that its impossible to not smile and just be happy when shes around. I now know what that mother and daughter love feels like. I love it and wouldnt change it for the world. She is her daddy's next fishing buddy. She loves fishing already and is the best beautiful joy to be around.
Everly is such a happy joyful baby girl! She loves smileing at everyone she meets and just lights up the room!
Joee loves to sing and dance to her favorite songs from Frozen! She loves all things Disney and is definitely our little princess!
Happiest baby ever!
Ryker Phoenix was born on Mother’s Day 2021. He is the greatest miracle gift out little family could ask for ❤️
Miyana is a pretty little princess who loves music and playing with mommy she loves cuddling and she loves the flash her big smile 💓
Jade is such a sweet baby girl. She gives the best cuddles and is always smiling.
Kennedy is the sweetest little girl with the biggest heart. she loves stuffed animals, swimming and puppies. give a vote to our precious Kennedy ❤️
JoAnna Lynn loves to smile. Mickey Mouse makes her laugh and when she’s not napping, she’s spending time with her family. She’s a happy girl!
Naomi !!!! Mommy & Daddy Brown Suga❤️ She’s a very happy baby (don’t look like it in this picture) she’s very special and aware of everything! She has a diva personality
Axel is a very energetic wild 4 year old!! He loves to play outside and is a handful but we wouldnt have him any other way
Olivia Diane
Olivia is a very bright three-year-old she can count to 37 . She knows her colors she loves dinosaurs and learning about them. She Is the youngest of 7 children. She loves all her siblings very much. Olivia loves staying at hotels and unpacking her "luggage" placing her clothes in the dresser.
Hi my name is Odin. I'm almost a year and half. Everyday is an adventure playing , with the dogs, toys and sand.
Mr Amenadiel Jaxon or AJ for short is a very happy chill baby who loves cooing and babbling like he’s having a full conversation and wants to be on the move already.
Collin is 5 months old and has the cutest personality ever! He already has TWO teeth and loves to stick his tongue out!
Hi! Penny loves smiling and Doc McStuffins. She loves her mom and dad, and grandparents so much!
She has ticklish feet and does what we call Italian hands when she hears noises while sleeping
Camilla is such a happy baby,always smiling and laughing.
My italia my first born baby girl born 11-6-14 7lbs 4oz 19.5in at 12:07pm she is so smart and so so funny she bring us all so much joy and iam so blessed to be her mother she is my bestfriend
My tatia born 2-20-21 7lbs 5oz 19in 1:47pm she is my 3rd i have an 11 year old son and a 6 year old daughter so when tati came it was so different she is such a happy baby and i couldn't be more blessed even if she dont win she is perfect to me
Hi I’m James My Family Calls Me Baby James.. I loves tummy time, and loves to smile i love cuddling my mommy ❤️ Vote For Me !
He is fun loving and likes meeting new people and very adventures.
Ellieanna is a very loving sweet girl. She loves the water and sand. Her favorite food is mac n cheese. Her favorite movie is Moana!
The picture definition of perfection ❤
Brian is a very energetic 2 year old full of life and love he makes my days worth living for ❤️ I'd be lost with out him he's so unique and quite charming he loves to play with firetrucks and loves his puppy Bruno. This is also his birthday month.
He was born a month early at 5lbs 5oz with respiratory issues and a low heartrate. He is better and healthier than ever. He is the sweetest little gift that came out of the worst time in the world. He will add a bit of sunshine to someone on a rainy day.
Robert loves to be outside, swimming and laughing!
Addylynn is 8 months old,she has 2 teeth both side by side,she doesnt like baby food would rather have the real stuff fav food is pizza she likes to watch the show pinkilious and petterrific,she is crawing and pulling herself up on everything.
Hudson LOVES being outsides so adventuring! He has 2 dogs that he adores, they are his best buds. Some of his favorite activities include running around, swimming, playing fetch with his pup and riding his trike stroller. This little boy has made such an impact on everyone around him, his laughter is contagious. I’m so honored to be his mama ❤️
Bentley was born 6 weeks early spent 18 days in the nicu but now he’s the strongest little babes ever and full of smiles!
Hi my name is Declan and I’m the sweetest baby everrrr.
Remi Jean
She loves to smile, and talk any chance she gets.
Noa is a wild little thing that stretches a whole lot and makes noises while she sleeps haha. She’s also the best little cuddle bug🥺
Dahlia is a wonderful 3 month old baby girl who is finding her voice, almost rolling over and learning about her hands. She loves her sisters and cant wait to be running right along with them!
Hello everybody , my name is Jaicee 💖 my birthday is 3/23 . I’m a very interesting baby. I’ve been lifting my head on my own and sleeping on my stomach since day one ! I just found my laugh and I use it all day long !
Davian is so extremely smart and has a million dollar personality 🥰😎 Davian can spell his name, count to 15 in Spanish, name and locate roughly 30 of the 50 states, name all 8 planets and more!!!! Please vote for our boy!
Devyn is such a happy baby. She has a huge personality already!! She’s crawling already and standing with help!!!! She is so loved 🥰
He’s a happy baby! Learns new things every day. Has an abundance of energy and smiles. He’s the sweetest baby you’ll ever come across!
Matteo stand for a gift from God! And he really is❤️🤞🏾.
Pres LOVESS to be outside and loves talking and laughing at anybody talking to her. She has a crazy personality already and she’s only 4 months old!
My name is Madelyn, you can call me Maddy I’m 2 months old and have 2 big brothers. I love to be cuddled!!! You could say my mommy and daddy spoil me 😇 please vote for me!
Hi my name is Greyson you can call me Grey. I’m the middle child. I learn a lot from my older brother! Im a goofball if you ask my parents 😇 please vote for me!!
Kylo Aiden
Kylo is an inquisitive baby with the funniest expressions ! He is beginning to crawl, enjoys grabbing his little feet , and eager to join in on conversations!
My name is Kaiden! I am high spirited and love making new friends. I’m a big brother and very protective over my sister! I love being outside and making my mommy chase me please vote for me!!!
Cason is a newborn and loves to cuddle with his mommy, daddy and 3 older brothers. Cason is a true miracle after mom almost died from covid last year.
Aubriella was born February 10th,2021 weighing 7lbs at birth. She loves to talk and play with her toys. She is loving her fruits and veggies and trying/learning new things every day
Our beautiful boy, Brooks, is one of the happiest kids and loves to laugh and play with his fur-siblings!