Aiyden is a fun loving little boy. He loves tummy time and napping on his daddy’s chest. We are so in love with our little peanut
Our sweet Stetson is the happiest boy! He loves dogs, Mickey Mouse, and he loves people talking to him! ❤️
Hi, my name is Spencer. I just turned 2! I love playing outside and swimming in the pool! Vote for me!!
Zyanna is a happy, jumpy, and chubby little girl! She loves her green beans and doesn’t mind a little dress up with mommy!
He loves being silly , eating, and he is such a mama's boy! Please vote for me and i will vote back😊
She is 3 months old and started to roll over she loves to eat and smile and play with her mommy and grandma and she is a survivor of the NICU
Hazel Grace Darlene
Hazel loves held and cuddles. She sees her guardian angels. Her grandma Darlene and grandma Hazel. She rolls from belly to back. She giggles and smiles. She's a happy baby.
Camilla Rose
Camilla is a strong little warrior who beat Aml leukemia been in remission for 8 months. She is enjoying every moment out in the world she love cartoon n her toys teddy bears are her comfort ❤️Help us vote for milla ❣️❣️
Cedric loves the Wiggles, he loves to eat strawberries, and he absolutely loves his dad most.
Cassie Flo
Cassidy loves to dance, sing, and draw. She loves makeup and to make others laugh. She is kind and full of sass.
Talyn is a hyper and spunky 11 month old. He loves when mama and dada tickle him! He can say "mama, dada, and uh oh". He loves his bouncy ball and is currently getting his molars! More big boy food for him!
Jahahreeh Crenshaw Jr
He smiles with his whole soul he’s the sweetest little baby he loves his blanket he is always so happy
My little whinnie is chunker! Loves to eat! She’s a snuggle bug and loves her mommy and daddy ❤️ All smiles when it comes to this beautiful little girl 🥹
Ashton is very energetic. He loves to run and is always on the go.He is the most sweetest most caring person i know. He has the cutest personality, loves to make people laugh and hes definitely a big flirt lol
Nia Aubrey
Nia is a happy smiley baby! She loves to play with her toys and scoot after her cats . Nia just learned to walk and will be one on the 16!
Kaylee loves animals, art and swimming 💜 Her favorite color is Purple and she goes above and beyond to help those in need.
Davina is our little firecracker who came into the world with a bang on the Fourth of July. She’s a fighter and a tough cookie.
Asher is the sweetest boy, who enjoys giving the biggest hugs and kisses! He’s just starting to learn to walk. He’s loves his food and is a chunky boy.
Raina Ann Grimes is a 4 year old little girl with a giant personality!! Raina loves animals of all kinds, including bugs!! She always wants to be outside playing, exploring, and learning about her surroundings. Raina is very intuitive, and is constantly amazing her family with how smart she is. Raina goes to Preschool, and will attend Kindergarden next year. Raina makes friends very easily, always introducing herself, "My name is Raina, whats your name?" to almost everyone she sees.
Carter is almost three months old and the fastest leaner on things he is shown, he loves watching tv and listening to all kinds of music and is the most cuddly koala bear🥰
Miah is a very happy baby! She has such a wonderful personality and loves to laugh, play with her toys, watch mickey mouse clubhouse and has already started talking and crawling! 😁😁😁
Everly Rose
She’s our miracle baby that was born early @ 4lbs but never saw the NICU. She has been slow to grow but she’s getting there with her momma’s milk!
Riddic is 1 year old. He loves going down the slide by himself and likes when we help him ride the bikes because he's currently to short to ride by himself. He's full of love and joy and he has the most beautiful blonde curly hair❤️🥰
Gerald is the third of many furlong charmers he always smiles for photos and loves the attention and has lots of attitude and loves to make tons of faces and really loves a good nap
Luke loves being outdoors.
Loves to look around and is very curious. Likes to smile at momma and daddy.
Rhea loves her laptop and mommies cell phone, she’s the most sassy and happiest baby you’ll ever meet, her hobbies include nap time, Mickey Mouse clubhouse tv time and snack time ! She full of energy and loves everyone around her
Lil man loves to talk walks all over the place his smile can light up the room
Eliana Ivette
Eliana is such a happy girl she loves to run around an watch Sofia the first!💜 She counts up to 15 and loves to give everyone hugs! 🥰
Sicily is one month old on Friday! She is definitely a daddy’s girl. She loves snuggles from her daddy, mommy, and her Mimi. She loves being outside (whenever it’s not hot!). She hates bath time but she loves the nap time afterwards! 💖🎀
Zavien is one giggly, goofy baby and loves when his mama sings to him. He loves to play with his feet and our best furbaby, Harley❤️
Azalea loves kids dancing and giving kisses 😘 her personality is funny , cute 🥰 she likes to clap her hands 🙌
Little miss Memphis Rae is so photogenic, she loves to smile, talk to mom and dad, she loves to swim, and loves car rides!
Hunter is 2 months old! She’s our beautiful rainbow baby! 🌈💛
My name is Zoey I love to play i hold my own bottle when I feel like it and im a daddy’s girl! I love everyone around me!❤️
Stella is 3 weeks old. She was born by c-section due to being breeched. She is such a good and happy baby. She loves baths.
Hello everyone my name is Everleigh Mae and I’ll be 2 months old next week. I love to smile and be held 🥰
Natalia is a very happy baby. She loves taking naps to music on full blast. Bright colors, trees, and ceiling fans are her favorite things to look at! She has been working on laughing this month, she has the sweetest giggle!
Nakia loves listening to music and loves to snuggle
Liam is 10 months old is is absolutely perfect. He learns new things every single day. He loves saying Mama and Dada.
she is always so happy and smiling! already has a great personality and loves being outside!
Madalynn absolutely loves the song “he still working on me”. she loves being outdoors! she is beautiful inside and out!
Tj Jr.
TJ loves his mom and daddy!! He is the sweetest boy and such a bundle of joy. His smile lights up any room he enters. TJs favorite TV show is currently Sesame Place and his favorite artist is Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. Anytime TJ see’s her on TV he instantly smiles from ear to ear. TJ is very observant and is always looking for something to discover. TJs mommy and daddy a very lucky to have such a handsome, well behaved baby. Thank you to all who vote for TJ!! Anything is appreciated.
She’s a happy girl that loves puppy’s
Kaiden Majors
Kaiden was born June 30th… at 7:42pm and weighing 7lbs 11.4oz 201/2 inches long. He loves to eat and loves to be held. He’s a loving, happy baby boy
She's a happy, crabby, girl.loves McDonald's fries,and she's got the cutest big eyes and chubby cheeks.
Hello I’m willow I’m 4 months old and I love sitting up , & laughing at my toys 🤍