Very Smart, intelligent and respectful child. She loves to sing, do sports and activities and love to dance most of all. Her smile and confidence brightens up the room.
Leela is a spunky little diva and a tomboy all in one who loves to pose for the camera but also get dirty playing outside. The best of both worlds with this one ♥️
He's smart and one of a kind he's so sweet and loveable.
Beonka aka BB loves to draw, play soccer and spend time with family and her favorite color is blue. Beonka loves animals and wishes to become a veterinarian when she grows up.
Dylan’s is funny and outgoing and a little go getter. She started her own jewelry business and makes everything herself and went to farmers markets all summer selling her jewelry. She designed her own logo created her own table displays and started her own Instagram account.
My daughter Lani is the LIGHT of my life. She is the most outgoing, energetic, bossy yet loving little diva. She loves music and dancing. At the age of 1 year old. She have a very clear way of showing and telling you what wants you to know what she wants to eat, say, or do. She has some love love to give and she just melts your heart!
He loves to bounce.. He loves to watch nursery rhymes shows..And his favorite thing is to be held, cuddled and noticed with everyone's attention on him..
Lacie is so sweet and also a very witty little gal. She has a heart of gold, she loves animals and she really enjoys riding horses. Lacie is very passionate about school and family.
He loves to go to the park & go on the swings. His a very sweet baby he always helps out mamma
we will do exchanges just ask if we have an opening. we do these for fun and to try to help with stuff Lily needs, however whatever we win this contest we will be using for Christmas. Lily has asked to pick out gifts for her family and she wants to pay for it. she wants to buy for her Nana, her Honey (grandma), Aunt K.K & Uncle Dan, Uncle Matt, and Baby Buddy (cousin) and of course her Mama and Daddy. she truly has an amazing little heart. She loves her family so much and we love her. she came into our life at the right time. we lost her grandfather when I was 6 months pregnant however she helped bring light and hope back to our family. she is funny crazy and very much herself all the time. she likes what she likes and that's just what you get. Our sweet Lily Boo. please like our page and we hope you vote for Lily
Kaoss King Wiedemann
Hes cute handsom n smart hes the apple of my eye he loves to love 7month old navada
Mason loves animatronics and Halloween 🎃
Arie is the baby of 5 siblings. She loves her daddy so much she lights up every time she sees him. She loves spending time with her sisters and her brother. They spoil her . She loves jumping in her bouncer and rolling around.
Deshawn Mcadams
Im deshawn 6 years old and i love to play fortnite and with my friends.
For his age Lucas is always bubbly and giggly, he’s very talkative and a girl pleaser with his bright smile and looks that could kill.
Alorah is sweet, learning new things is funny.
Carefree with no worries!! Travis is an energetic, funny boy. He loves playing ball and with his siblings.
She loves when people show her they care
She loves people, and making new friends She also has a beautiful smile
Ellie is a smart and adventurous little girl she absolutely loves ❤️ people she just learned how to wave and say hi and bye bye! Wont you vote Ellie and help us win!
Bella has scoliosis is n out of childrens n wears a cast around her back n stomach shes the sweetest little girl u will ever a heart of gold meet
I'm 3 months old I like to go walking with my mommy I love to play an make noices and vote for me because I'm a cutie 😊
She is an amazing little girl that loves animals & school..she will go out of her way to help any kind of animal..A very loving child
Jonyah is a sweet little girl who enjoys making others happy. She loves her cat S'mores, spending time with her family and playing with her friends.
Zander loves to go to school and play with his friends, Zander has got the softest little heart I’ve ever felt! Vote for Zander 😊
Hailey Jane
!NOTE WE DO EXCHANGES 10-40 or 40-60 depending on the contest,VOTES A DAY!! ACCEPTING ALL ADVANCES NO MAX ALL WILL BE RETURNED WITH BONUSES AND DAILY VOTES DAILY EXCHANGES/ BONUSES/ IF YOU GIVE ME VOTES/bonuses AND WE DON'T HAVE AN AGGEMENT, IT WILL BE CONSIDERED A GIFT Thanks!! HAILEY JANE IS AMAZING SHE'S A BREATH OF FRESH AIR WITH A LITTLE SASS, I had Hailey Jane at 40 years old I had 1 son at 29 and lost many babies before him just didn't think it was in my future to have anymore children then at 40 I got pregnant I'm so blessed not only did i get a baby, I was also having a baby girl 💝 my son is 10 years older then his baby sister he has autism and is very jealous and not happy about mom having another baby esp since all my everything for 10 years was all about and w/ him its very hard, Hailey Jane loves school ballet and shes so funny great humor 💗 such a love bug 🐛 💗 💖 you're always mommys princess 😘🥰 my kids are amazing and Im so Thankful to be their mom and My mini me Hailey Jane is just loves everyone and everyone loves her she's the light of the party lol she's amazing and adores her big brother even though he is mean she knows brother has some issues But God Doesn't give you anything you cant handle.. Thanks to all the voters and friends I've made, you all are amazing and very much appreciated 😊❤️
As a newborn she was 3 months premature weighing 1 lb 12 oz and she has over came so much she truly is my miracle
Kailei is an energetic 3 years who loves to show the world her personality. She kind lovable and a comedian. Her personality shows in her picture. Please vote for her
I love playing outside, going to school and spending time with my aunts and friends
PSA: Please POST your links so i can VOTE in return, it’s hard to keep up with VOTING and I don’t want to MISS YOU in Return of Votes I Will Exchange votes with ANYONE as long as you BE HONEST and RETURN the VOTE !! , I Can Do 10 A Day until my limit
Lavender loves long walks loves staring at new people observing them. Her favorite song is Michael Jackson man in the mirror she smiles giggles and moves all her limbs dancing with all her might. She will babble for an hour telling you all about her day. She will stare quietly at us in the kitchen but will yell at us if we come back without something for her. She always wins staring contests. Her favorite color is purple the shade Lavender.
Hes always happy loves to play with his toy but manly outside u can tell hes all boy
Kharina is somewhat shy, but sweet as can be. She loves Wednesday Adams and her family. Kharina is a girly girl and her momma's shadow.
Natalia is sweet and loving. She loves Sonic the Hedgehog and unicorns too. Her smile and laugh lights up a room. Natalia lives her family and dotes on them every chance she gets.
Marcus has always turned heads since the day he was born. He has bright blue eyes, curly blonde hair, and brilliant olive toned skin. He is the most polite and loving little boy you will ever meet. Marcus loves his sisters and his mom and dad, and loves the color red. He lives the outdoors. Going fishing and hunting are two of his favorite hobbies. He is very smart and funny, also.
Carriagan is a very affection child. She loves to cuddle and hug. She never meets a stranger. Carriagan loves unicorns andvanything blue.
Savannah has a personality all her own. She loves to laugh and clown around to make others laugh. She loves her brother and sisters, and her stuffed monkey.
Brinlee is a little bit on the shy side, but once she gets to know someone, she's very lovable and caring. She loves llamas and anything pink.
Sleeping on a long trip my sweet little girl
Meet our radiant 9-month-old, a bundle of joy with sparkling eyes and an infectious giggle that lights up every room she enters.
She love to play with the cats, dress up and just loves being cute.
Mr.Shawn is 8 months old. He loves to laugh and smile all day. I love being outside with my mommy and daddy. I like playing with my dogs Kobe and Chloe. I'm growing too fast for mommy only 4 months til the BIG 1.
Liam Wayne
I love people and pets I love to take bubble baths and this is my first Halloween 🎃