Hazel Rayne
Hi I’m Hazel! I love to watch Mickey mouse and LOVE Tub time! I’m a happy spoiled baby girl !
Lanie loves to smile and can brighten any room with her smile and her favorite person is her big brother 💙
Evana favorite food is spaghetti he also loves fruit strawberries, bananas and blueberries he loves regular baths with toys and also loves paw patrol
Eretreyia is a wonderful and beautiful 2 year old babygirl who like to laugh, smile and cuddle everyone❤️
Thomas loves bubble baths, cuddling with mommy and daddy his favorite food is spaghetti!!! He loves popsicles according to Thomas they are called dodos
Rylea is a very sweet and smart little girl she loves her daddy to the fullest let’s just say he is her favorite person. She is 2 years old!
Kiara is a very calm, piece full baby girl!!
She’s joyful Loving Shy She loves her cocomelon
Hes a goofy and just a wonderful baby❤️ he puts a smile on everyones face!
My babygirl can bring a smile to anyone's face. She's always so happy and loves to laugh. She loves to eat and play and have an awesome time with everyone she meets.
Kinzlee is my wild child, free spirit. She has a personality bigger than than life and knows what she wants and dont want. Her smile is just as big and she will make anyone laugh.
Rhett is a 13 month old spitball of fire! he is not afraid to voice his feelings and loves playing basketball with his brother! Vote for Rhett 🥰
Alaina is 10 months old . She loves to eat and play with her brothers. She loves to play with cars and trucks.
Iyana is 2 months old she’s so sweet & loves being talked to. She loves to smile & give her mommy the best cuddles. Her favorite tv show is Gracie’s corner
She’s 11 months old. She’s a mommy’s baby and she loves to laugh and take long car rides!💗
Everleigh is a happy 12 month old! She loves Minnie Mouse and loves to go riding in her power wheel jeep! She also loves to swing outside at the park. Vote for Everleigh. ❤️
She loves her family and loves to eat. Happiest baby I know doesn’t cry unless she’s hungry needs her diaper changed or just want your phone.
Jason enjoys CocoMelon and Rugrats! He is such a sweet boy! Mom was his first word! He loves his Mom and DaDa.
Little Miss Lorelei loves her naps and being held by her dad♥️
Presley is very smart! She also loves animals and being outside.
Well Alani Adelaida Sanchez is such Happy baby despite having a very tragic start to her few months of life. She is always smiling & giggling her personality lights up a room & brightens everyone's day. Just ask her grandparents who love her very Much! Mama-G , Papa-G & G-Ma & Nana !❤️❤️ plz vote for our princess she is so deserving of this ! Thank you in adavance ❤️❤️
Loves cars, trucks, trains, and making squishy faces!
Dustan loves to ride all his riding toys and loves to be outside and run and play ❤️
Jadisen is such a little sweetheart, she’s the love of my life💗 jadisen is a few days past 2 months & she’s growing so fast! She loves to sleep, & eat ofc☺️
Jaylah is smart happy cheerful. She has lots but lots of energy. Enjoys listening to music and dancing.
Corbin is 6 months old , He likes Mickey Mouse , Animals & Cars .
Kaisen loves cocomelon , anything with color . He loves blowing spit bubbles. He enjoys music & playing . ❤️
Max is an amazing kid! He is always laughing and smiling and he LOVES taking selfies.
Declan loves to watch Cocomelon and run around all day, he loves spending time with his mommy & daddy too! ❣️
Elijah is such a happy baby all the time. Love spending time with his brother and sister. Playing outside. Walking and getting into everything. ♥️
My name is Allison I love cocomelon and my pacifer keeps me oh so very happy. Please vote for me I need more teething toys 🧸 We will do vote exchanges 😄
Amaris is very loving and caring. He plays football 🏈 and is a character he very outgoing and loves expressing his true self 🥰
Bentley is 2 years old and loves to play with his baby sister and play outside. He is the sweetest boy ever and loves to give lots of hugs and kisses
Loves Halloween as you can tell
Taylen is a very happy baby. He loves to sit around adults and be nosy. Playing with his cousins always makes him laugh. He loves food but has a special place in his heart for water.
Meet Mila! When she isn’t dancing with her older brother or taking her baby brothers blanket she’s spending all her time in the kitchen eating just about everything!
Kingston is 6 months old and always happy and bubbly. He loves being outside, being around people, playing, loves to "talk", and animals. He brightens up any room just by being there.
Hi my name is Sebastian Benitez I am 9 months old, I have a outgoing personality, I love to smile and laugh all day. My favorite thing to do is to be outside and explore while playing with my two dogs. Also enjoy to watch television while playing with my toys. Love eating fruits not a really big fan of vegetables but I still have to eat them. I’m trying to learn how to crawl but I’m actually trying to walk first instead. Sweetest baby you can ever meet and has the cutest giggles ever. Would really appreciate it if you vote for me thank you.
Hi my name is ashton, im a lil spunk of joy. I love to smile and be hugged and kissed by my big sister! I enjoy belly time & my grandma giving me cuddles. Everyone calls me bubbadoo. ❤
Ryland is a true Florida boy! He enjoys being outside & seeing nature, as well as going to the beach and swimming at the pool with mommy. Hey Bear & Ms Rachel are his favorite shows. In his free time you can find him on his tummy, drinking a baba or fast asleep in mommy’s arms.
Sophia loves to smile at mom and dad, loves her "big sister" (chocolate lab), LOVES bathtime and snuggling with mom!
Sissy , Loves Music , Dancing & Her Numnums .
Olivia Anderson
Very smart talent very creative loves gymnastics favorite food is pizza crablegs her Disney princess is little merimade loves to travel
Tony is such a happy baby who absolutely loves his family. His favorite toy is a soccer or basketball. He also loves to watch Cocomelon.
Hi Everyone my name is Aria I will be a one month old on Saturday April 9th . I was a surprise baby my mom and dad have been married for 21 years I have 3 older siblings Lexi 20 Tori 17 & Max 13 . I’m very spoiled everyone loves me and I get lots of cuddles and hugs and kisses from my family. I’m getting bigger everyday I’m starting to hold my head up all by myself and mommy started doing tummy time and I kinda like it. I have 2 doggies as well that I’m starting to watch and reaching out for when they come close to me . I’m very happy with my family and my family loves me so much .
Hayes is very spontaneous, loves playing video games, playing outside, making art, painting and soending time with family.
Harper Ivey Lu
Hello! I’m Harper, named after my great grandfather and Aunt Lu. I love playing with my big brother, I love bananas, and I love cuddling with my mommy and daddy!