Baby Stories - 82


Kalani is an outgoing 1 year old. She loves Mickey mouse and food!! She could eat food all day no matter what it is. She’s a little Hawaiian baby. Loves the out doors and getting into things she’s not supposed to.
Shawn Allen
Shawn is such and active little boy. He loves to play with his cars and he has to play with my hair as he falls asleep.
Harmony is 2 1/2 months old loves to smile and loves her big brothers so much! She’s such a happy loving baby! She loves to listen to worship music and is obsessed with the ceiling fan and bright colors
Rubie Jean
Rubie is a HUGE mommas girl who loves to dance, play, run and scream. She has a mouth full of teeth. She loves cuddle time with daddy and mommy. She loves to be tickled and loves to laugh. She always has a smile on her face and can always brighten anyones mood.
Likes watching tv, likes to try and sit up/roll over, & loves to talk! She loves her mama so much!💖
The greatest gift and honor is having Juliette for a daughter ❤. She loves to suck her thumb. She has the cutest toothless grin and we love her little baby coos. She is mommy's little monster ❤.
Willow is the happiest baby, she’s always smiling and loves to play and cuddle with mama. She also loves to watch spongebob like it’s going out of style. 💕
Hadley love anything Mickey Mouse, jumping in her bouncer, and okay with her fur babies. She is super photogenic and love taking photos.
Baby Reece is our little miracle baby. She’s perfect in every way and we have been so blessed to be her parents! She’s feisty, happy, and very expressive! Reece loves to nap and is a foody in the making!
Hayden loves to laugh, play pic a boo🙈 Has such a loveing spirt❤
Aaliyah is full of laughs and smiles. Loves long walks down the road in her stroller. And enjoys sitting in daddy’s lap & watching Street Outlaws!
Clara is 4 years old about to turn the big 5. She loves playing with her toys, spending time with her little sister and being outdoors. Her favorite thing to do is going swimming.
Levi Gentry
Levi is such a sweet heart. He loves to snuggled and loves to be rocked. He is a ball of joy! He is such a strong boy and lifts his head up already and almost sleeps all night. Give him some loves❤️❤️
Dion is precious in everyway. He truly is A blessing to me. He is a very happy smiley baby.
Ayla is a loving little girl who is full of sass who loves watching Cocomelon and playing with her babies.
Nova loves smiling, laughing, talking, and blowing bubbles. She only crawls for things she ain’t supposed to have.
Amelia is 4 months old, very happy baby.. Shes our gift from God.. Were gonna open her up savings account.. When she gets older, she will be set...
Sylas is just 4 weeks old and melts everyone’s heart that meets him! He’s starting to smile and really noticing who mommy and daddy are 🥺
Happy baby loves playing with his daddy
Atticus loves to giggle and he loves to make mommy and daddy laugh so much 😊🥰 he is sooo smart! He’s so full of energy he can take on anything!
Hi!! My name is Xavier and I’m 9 month old! I just picked up walking and I love to get into everything I see! I love watching Franklin the turtle and playing with Cookie Monster toy! I crawl up the stairs and go for our dogs to play! My favorite words are mama and dada! Thank you for voting for me! Have a beautiful day!
Bradley will be 2 years old on Jan 20. He was born 4 weeks early and was in the NICU. He loves his big puppy brother, Ludo. Bathtime is a favorite and so is building towers with his mega blocks. His Blue eyes are killer 💙
Presley loves to smile and recently started giggling for mommy & daddy. When he was born they found a defect in his heart and will undergo surgery in a few weeks so he is home on oxygen. 50% of babies with down syndrome have defects in their heart so we knew this was a possibility but there is nothing down about this guy. He is the strongest, most lovable baby boy I know. :)
Tucker is always a super happy baby!! He is always smiling and "talking" and such a easy going baby!!
Thomas is a very intelligent little boy! He loves to get on your nerves, but most of all he is a sweet boy who loves to laugh and smile! He keeps you on your toes for sure! This boy is the sweetest boy!💞
Silas loves his two dogs in the house Rocko and Gunner. He always gets a huge smile on his face when he sees them. He loves his brother Jasper. He loves to watch Hey Bear on youtube. He is just always so full of smiles!
Raya is 2 months old loves talking, rolling over from her back to stomach and stomach to back!!
I love to spend time with grandma and grandpa and I love to play and have fun!
Carter is a very energetic little girl! She loves making people smile and she always has a smile on her own face! She is very smart and playful as well! She absolutely loves her entire family and you cant forget all her blankeys!💞
Brianna is beyond the best baby ever! She loves to eat, smile, talk and have tummy time on her play Matt. Bri loves spending time with mommy and daddy. Mama is her favorite! She is learning everything so quick and early! Vote for my baby girl because she deserves it she loves people💜
Bayden is A happy baby! He is full of life and ready to take on the world 🌎
Jericho is a very smart laid back baby. Mama is his favorite person but he shows pure joy to faces her recognizes. Hes a chunky, curly haired, blue eyed boy 🥰
Jasper is red read, blue eyes, four months old, from Knoxville Tn, and loves coco Mellon. Jasper is a very sweet loving baby he is my world and he’s a very happy baby💛 his smile and laugh will light up your whole world 💛🙂. He loves to laugh, giggle,watch cocomellon ,and listen to his toys that talk. He’s almost sitting up on his own!!
Kamila is just a beautiful happy little soul 😌 She loves princess and the frog and sometimes she cracks up when she gives a little toot (if you know what I mean haha!)
Brianne Ashton. ❤ Born: 11/29/2020 Sweetest little wild flower. 🌺💗🌻
Lilith is two months old. She loves to be cuddled all day. Her favorite hobbies include eating, sleeping and making baby noises 🖤
Astrid Nova Dolin. She is our little blessing. After trying for 2 1/2 years we got pregnant with this sassy girl. She was born with a cleft lip and Palate but she doesnt let that slow her down. Never get between her and her bottle
Nikolas loves to laugh and snuggle. He also loves to play in on his water mat and gym oooing at the fish on it while playing music with his feet. His puppy Molly is his favorite and he loves cuddling with her.
Happiest baby around, catch Bodhi with a smile on his face anywhere he goes! Loves snuggling for naps and pounding some bottles lol!!
Hi im Noah! Im two months old ❤ i love my dad and mommy! I love to move alot and make the sweetest little noises!
Laura is the joy of the house 😍. Our little sunshine ☀ . She's extremely happy, very sweet and smart. She likes fruits, veggies and love to sing. Vote for her please.. 🌞
Vallie Mae is a joy. She has the best personality already and loves it when you sing to her.
Santino is our Christmas miracle baby conceived after we were told we couldn’t have children. He is an Italian baby born in the south...and sings instead of cries!