Katie Mae has loads of character. She is smart and funny and loves to sing. She said her first word at 4 months... Lillie... she was trying to get the cat to pay attention. Katie loves her mommy and daddy and her favorite game is peek-a-boo.
Miss Sophia is a very out going child, smart as can be and just loves riding her bus with her friends to her 1st year at school .
Miss Harmony is very out going love being independent, and loves to be around and play with her siblings
Novaleigh has a beautiful smile! She loves her mommy and daddy! And is a fast learner already said her first word at 3 months old! And can roll over and has a strong personality!!
He is my rainbow baby ! He loves to play and listen to music. He has a favorite stuff animal and he’s a monkey. He love to cuddle and spend time with his family
Zoe’s first college football game with Daddy at 10 days old!
Hi! I am strong and curagious. I was diagnosed with PVL just a few short days after I arrived, while in the NICU. My nuerologist told my mommy I wouldnt be able to crawl or walk but last week, I proved them wrong and started crawling. Now, Im walking along couches and coffee table, I love to crawl up and down the stairs, and I eat everything I can get my little hands on. Im a happy and noisey baby that greets everyone with a giant smile and a big wave! Im learning new words like "dada" and "hi", I love to play patty cake with mommy and I can sign words like "more"! We are making lots of progress in big strides and im always keeping mommy on her toes. Good luck to all the other babies and cheers for giving people a reason to smile! Have a great day! - Elias
Little Ava is a happy baby. She cant walk yet but always wants to be on the go! She loves bananas and frozen mangos. She lights up the room with her smile.
Jase Thomas
Jase is a ball of energy all the time. He loves his momma and sissy. Jase loves to climb and loves to help fix things with his tools. He’s the happiest baby I have ever seen and his smile is contagious
Kameron loves playing outside. His favorite animal is a duck and loves having fun!
Josie Leigh
Josie loves being big sister to her little brother. She’s full of life and her smile will light up a room. Josie loves school and playing pretend, she’s an all around amazing little girl.
Sophie Mae
Sophie Mae is a outgoing ball of energy who loves to do ballet and loves to play hide and seek and put her make up on
Sawyer is a bundle of joy 🤩 he loves to smile
My name is Kai Karter. I love being in mommy’s arms & being talked to.💙
Hello! My name is Eliana. Although I was born 8 weeks early I am mighty strong and adventurous. I love lots of cuddles and meeting new people! If you make silly faces and sounds I’ll laugh until I cry. My favorite thing to do is splash in water and make razz-berry sounds. Please vote for me!
Hello, my name is Kloe’Lynn my favorite thing to do is dressing up and taking pictures! I love going shopping with mommy and watching football games with daddy. Please Vote for Me!!
Kinsley is a perfect 7 month old who loves all things animals and food! Her smile will just melt your heart
Emberlee loves her big brother, mom, crawling, and will eat just about anything you wanna give her. She’s a mamas girl for sure but she’s a happy chunky baby girl! This is our first photo contest wish us luck. If we win we are going to open a savings account!
Briar loves his sister, playing outside, and his dog! He is a ball of energy and never stops smiling. This is our first time entering a photo contest. If we win we’re going to buy a trampoline and start a savings account!
Keenan John
Keenan is such a Happy baby He is always smiling, Talking . His big eyes are literally to die for !! So happy to me his mama
Franklin is 7 months old. He has such a wonderful personality. He is always laughing and happy we never have a dull moment with our baby boy. He loves to cruise around his walker and scoot all over the floor. Our little man is very smart and loves to say dada all day long!
Very Energetic, Loves to Smile, Her Eyes will light up any room!!! She is ALWAYS camera ready.. Kenlynn is definitely a Princess 👑 Please Like & Share 🥰❤️ Will exchange votes and accepting advanced votes. PLEASE ASK BEFORE VOTING. ALL VOTES BEFORE AGREEMENT WILL BE CONSIDERED A GIFT.
Michael is a very happy baby all the time! He loves his bouncer and banana baby food is his favorite! He loves his sissy's very much an is a mommy's boy
Aria Gene is a great baby hardly fussed and smiles so big it lights up a room she loves to talk and smile at her family and she absolutely loves when people sing to her.
She’s a ray of sunshine 💕🫶🏽
Darryl is the sweetest, calmest, most smiley 5mo little baby you’ll ever see. Darryl love to look around and bat his beautiful big eyes and play during tummy time!
I am a sweet little girl i love to smile and play with family and friends i love my mom my sister and my grandma very much
Katelyn Pace
Hello this is katelyn , she loves to get a bath and smell like a pretty girl. Shes likes it when her big sister plays with her abd feed her.. katelyn is 2 and half weeks old
Hi! My name is Raelyn and I love to laugh, eat, and play! I enjoy tummy time and listening to my mom read stories before bed. Please vote for me as I would greatly appreciate it 💖
Claire is super outgoing, spunky, witty climber. She literally climbs our walls and creates games out of anything with anyone! Loves the water, monkey bars, unicorns, books/reading and creating fun for her little brothers. A friend to all!
Adrian has the biggest heart. Adrian or AJ is all about Lego building, puzzles, decorating his room, & making us proud. He’s a sensitive soul. Love this guy.
Edson is a hilarious kid. Excellent baker, hugs his little brother constantly, follows directions, loves memory games and counting!
Cooper is 5 months old. He will be 6 months this month. He loves his mommy & daddy an his other family. He loves his bottle. He loves playing. He is such a sweet baby! You won’t go wrong by voting for Cooper!
This little guy is our chunkiest cheek baby- full of smiles, loves diaper changes, bathtime & sibling snuggles. Just starting to get legit giggles.
Audrey Dee
Audrey is a dream come true! She sleeps all night and wakes up with the sweetest smile. She is determined to be independent and is full of wonder. Audrey is a happy little ball of sunshine and the joy of her mom and dads heart.
Alayna is a 5 month old babygirl. She came alittle bit early but she is a happy little girl..
She is a very smart little girl.. If you’re having bad days she’s the one to make it all better. She also is a beautiful girl that has a lot of attitude here and there.. she loves her family to death. She’s a mommas girl.. she love being around her friends that’s around her age. She’s just one happy little girl.
River is our lucky guy saint patricks day baby is huge for us being Irish ☘️ and we are so lucky to have him. He’s a smiley happy guy. Please vote for River!
Hi my name is Harmony Amelia I'm a joy to be around when I smile I light up a room my smile and giggly personality will make any frown turn into a smile I especially love when my mommy and dada Says "pretty girl" I smile so big I Love my big brother I smile every time I see him we love watching Peppa pig together
She’s just a very happy little girl, loves smiling and blowing bubbles! She’s Nana’s little girl.
Jayde is smart, funny, caring, helpful and is the best sister ever! She loves to play video games, play outside, draw, and color! Her favorite color is purple 💜 She's the best hugger and takes the best pictures. Vote for Jayde!
Raiden Zain is our Rainbow baby and truly lights up our world. We put in a lot of work to have him after losing his older sister 3 years ago. When we found out we were pregnant with him we looked up names that meant light to resemble the joy he brought us. He is truly a blessing.
Ryleigh is such a happy baby loves to be the center of attention! She loves to talk and blow raspberries. Such a smiley baby
Eliyah is full of personality and is vocal about his needs. He has the looks that melt your heart.