Baby Stories - 82


RJ is still pretty young, but he’s starting to do more and more! He loves to snuggle up close and sleep in your arms. He loves meeting new people and spending time with his family. He’s starting to get to hold his head up more and gaining more weight, after we had a little slip in the beginning and had to stay at the hospital. He’s getting so big and just loves looking around at all the new things. He loves to eat and I’ve even caught him watching tv several times.
Carliana Jean
Carliana has a fiery spirit! She is so funny and mischievous! Her favorite pass time is getting kisses and hugs and playing with stuffed animals we would use the prize money to start her savings 💕
Zamaya was born 6 weeks early due to me having pre-eclampsia. She spent 3 and a half weeks in the NICU. Her main issue was feeding on her own. She is such a strong girl. She loves to snuggle with her mommy and grandma and only cries and fusses when she is hungry (like her mom lol) she is very much loved and adored and she deserves the world. She has already changed so much since birth and contines to change everyday. She is also a rainbow baby. I miscarried my first pregnancy last year. She is all I have ever wanted.
My her name is pistol she a very happy loveing 5 month. Old i couldnt ask for a more perfect baby
Jacob is 7 months old and very smart. He is always smiling. His favorite games is patty cake and peekaboo.
He is my chunky monkey who loves his grandma, sister, cousins, and for sure his momma
This was Peyton at 2 weeks. She loves to hold her head up and look around. She’s a big eater and loves to coo at mommy and daddy.
Fiona Renee was born on September 17th , 2020. She loves Dora and Peter rabbit. She also enjoys cuddles with mommy and daddy.
Blake is just a sweet bundle of joy. She loves to be talked to, her big brother, mom and dad and likes to let you know not to forget shes in the room! Shes always so happy and smiley. Shes our sweet baby girl.
Ellora Merida Willow is a very talkative and happy baby. She loves bath time and getting to eat. Her favorite things are to be outside and going in stores, bright lights. She says hi and momma and loves her bubba's.
Hi 👋🏼 I’m Jax and I’m 3 months old! I love bathtime, chatting with my daddy and snuggles with my mommy. I can hold my head up and I’m starting to roll over! Smiling is my favorite and I’m learning to giggle 😊
My smiling ball of energy! He will keep you on your toes and make you laugh with his ornery self!
Cameron loooves to get his hair played with. He loves to meet new people and snuggle up with you! He was born 3 weeks early and is as healthy as ever!
Bentley favorite activities is to eat and finish with some snuggling! He absolutely love his baths! He is a very happy baby.
James surprised us and came 1.5 months early. He spent several weeks in the NICU. He has blossomed and grown so much and has reached nearly all his milestones on time! He loves The Rolling Stones and listening to mama sing (she’s a music therapist).
Loves to play and talk! Smiles for days. Happy beautiful baby girl loves to be in her swing or listening to her siblings and loves to look around. Hates tummy time but we’re working on it! Bath time is always fun for her.
Alya Jean is the happiest baby you'll ever meet. She is never without a smile on her face. Her big blue eyes light up the entire room. She has an infectious smile you cant help but return when you see her ♡
Melody just loves to monkey around. This girl is not about crawling. We love our puppy, our play phone. The bows mom puts in my hair not so much. When I get tired I love to snuggle up. I can wave bye bye if I’m not to shy. Be careful I’m full of stranger danger right now.
Colton loves to jump. He is always happy, constantly smiling. Loves mommy and daddy. He will fake cough if you do it. He loves to play. LOVES being outside.
Shealynn is a super happy baby. She loves bath time and blowing rasberries. She's doing great with holding her head up and learning how to roll over.
My name is Bralynn Rae, I'm in second grade and love going to school. My favorite things to do are watch youtube videos, and ride my bike. I also like to help mommy with house work and cooking.😊 I have a baby brother who I adore. Hes my best friend.
My name is Milo Jaymes, I love to swing and be talked to. I am a very happy baby and I'm always smiling. I've learned to squeal so that's my new favorite thing to do.😊
Mazie is the sweetest most happy baby I have ever met .... I found out I was pregnant a week after my mom past and she truly changed my life in so many ways and if it wasn’t for her I would have prob been in a bad place in my life but she gave me a reason to live again 💜 I love her with every thing I have
Isabella Rose
Hi I’m Isabella Rose I just turned 2 years old & I am a very happy, lovable, relaxed & sweet baby. What you need to know is that I’m very photogenic & I love to be around the camera always camera ready. 🥰❤️ I have a personality to die for & I’m very friendly. I can have a whole conversation with people but in my little language & I have a contagious laugh 😊Mommy says that I love to dance since I got it from my parents 💃🏼 She also says that I’m independent & I’m a very girly girl with a bit of sass + a fashionista like my mommy 💗
Bailey is a twin and is the oldest of the two. She loves her sister and wants to be like her but she also loves her alone time and is very independent. She takes a little longer to warm up to people but once she does they realize she’s the sweetest little girl. She also very thoughtful for her age and worries about her brother
Ellie loves to get dressed up in dresses and costumes. She loves being a big sister and she enjoys going hunting with Dad
Nolan is a twin and is the youngest. He’s also the happiest boy I know, always wanting to play. He loves snuggles and enjoys being outside. He also likes dogs
Alyssa Grace is 6 months old and just loves life. She loves her daddy the most. Y'all vote vote vote for my baby.
William is the sweetest little pumpkin that anyone that knows him ! He loves to watch Elmo on sesame street and play with his assorted toy's and loves being around his family!!
WandaMae is a snuggle princess. She loves her mommy and daddy but I’m pretty sure her papa is her favorite. She loves to smile and FaceTime with grandma.
Beautiful just like her mommy ❤️ Very happy baby and loves to smile. She is my blessing. She acts like she is 1 when only 4 months. Drama queen. Loved by many.
A very happy curious boy :) Always on the look out when he hears his Momma and Dads voice :)
Andrew loves to cuddle! He coos and smiles a ton!! His favorite things are tummy time, feeding time and bath time!! He is so loved by everyone who meets him!
Hi Im Malachi and I am 7 months old. I love music, playing and makin people laugh. I love it when my mommy sings to me, reads me a book, and watchs my favorite movie (How To Train You Dragon) with me. I love to cuddle with my mommy!
Alexandra is a very loving baby loves her papa and he has thought her to spit 😉
Carter is the sweetest baby boy ever. He loves mommy’s milk, his daddy, and a fresh pamper. He is full of joy and a blessing to everyone he meets.
This sweet girl is so happy..smiles all the time..loves to watch football..and has stolen our hearts.
Cooper loves eating, sleeping, snuggling and rolling onto his side (especially when mommy & daddy don’t want him to)
Leilah loves mommys milk, and cooing..
She loves to smile and laugh at daddy , she loves kicking her feet and lifting her head on her own!
Every morning when Emeriella wakes up, she’s so happy and ready for the day. Emeriella loves taking baths, playing with her toys and being outside.
Paige is sweet and funny, she loves bath time, and playing with her brother and sister, she loves being outdoors with her daddy! Shes a big daddys girl! But she's loved by so many
Aaliyah loves to watch Curious George, mommy, daddy, and SLEEPING! As well as walks, and looking at nature in the morning and evenings. She is such a smiley happy baby and changed my life forever💓
My names Micah I love being an older brother big brother mode is my favorite I love playing out side and riding my bike. I also love playing games with my sister and watching movies.
Evelyn is a sassy fun loving two year old that has endless amounts of energy.
Lukas is a smiley baby boy who loves to communicate with everyone! His favorite things to do are eat pears and cuddle with mama and dada watching movies!
She has a beautiful smile and those pretty eyes that we love
Gabrielle Lane
Gabby is truly a little lady.Gabby will stare you down 😊😘