Ma’laysia is a happy baby! All she do is smile and play🥰 unless she’s hungry then she doesn’t find anything funny😭 VOTE for my BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER💓
This little princess is miss Norah grace.First off those baby blue eyes she has will just make your heart melt. And her crazy personality she has they just go together. She likes to talk and let you know all about what she’s got to say. She loves to smile and giggle. The only time she gets mad is when she wants to eat and when she does it’s she’s gotta eat right this second ☺️ She’s such a sweet baby and sure loves her mama and dada💕 and we sure love her more than anything. Please vote for miss nor and any vote is strongly appreciated 💕💕
Bubby loves laughing and giggling with us, and can’t forget how much he LOVES his mickey mouse 🥰
My names Oliver!! I love sitting up smiling at mommy and daddy and get super talkative when hungry make sure you vote for me!💙
Zayde was born at 28 weeks & spent 80 days in the NICU. He loves chatting (to the best of his ability), his animals, & his toys.
I’m Malechy! I love making funny faces, spilling, getting kisses, and being the life of the party! Biggest mommas boy you’ll meet!!
Gio Jacob is my 1 year old nephew, he is the sweetest little baby boy. He loves playing rough with his older sister, he enjoys walking everywhere and anywhere. He loves food, he’ll eat anything literally! His smiles are always so big! He loves giving kisses and hugs.
Ensley Bay
She is the smartest 3 year old I’ve ever met. She will keep a full conversation with you, using big words! She loves playing outside, riding her scooter or riding a bike. She enjoys playing with other little kids. Enjoys playing with her little brother.
Hi my name is Paris I’m 5 months old I love to laugh, play with my toys and smile at mommy☺️. Vote for me ❤️
Legend Archuleta
vote for me legend archuleta
Hey my name is Ma’Tao I’m 1 years old I love to laugh, dance , play and explore. Vote for me ❤️
My name is Kehlani I love to watch extinct and jools tv those are my favorite shows. I am very friendly and love to play with others
She loves to play with her baby dolls loves her big brothers and loves the movies frozen and E.T. shes a very active and full of energy little girl and loves to be outside!
Brantley is our life! He is the reason for me wanting to live life to the fullest. I’m so blessed .
Marceline bean loves playing with her cats and puppy, chewing on her hands, and pulling her daddy’s beard. She’s the happiest baby!
Jeremiah loves swimming, outdoors & tractors!
Jace loves being outside! Food & playing with his big brother 💙
Leighton is a sweet chunky 8 month old that loves to laugh and smile ❤️
JoSiah turned 1yrs old On 7/28/22 he is very observant,and very smart to be just 1 yrs old he loves loves loves Boss Baby and has been watching it since he was 4 months.
Hi, my name is Easton and I’m 1 years old. I am energetic, fearless and very silly. I love making animal sounds and learning new things that mommy teaches me. Vote for me because look at those cheeks😊
Rahmiya is a FireCracker 🧨. She Enjoys having some snacks with her daddy & cuddling with her mama.
Amiri is an amazing and smart baby. He loves to run in his walker, he loves food and he likes to watch TV. He wakes up smiling everyday and showing off those cute little teeth. My handsome baby is such a joy and a true blessing🥰💙
J’lani Is Perfect.She Is Smart an Very Beautiful.She Loves Cocomelon&Enjoy Spending Time Wit Her Family❤️Vote For Her💋
Hello, meet Judy Star Pruitt, and I have big blue eyes, I have long dirty brown hair and I'm the nicest person u will ever meet! I think you should vote for me because I've never participated in an online contest I would greatly appreciate your vote. I love science and participating in new things. I would love to win this contest for me, nd my family.
Meet Trinity Lashae Pruitt, my daughter has a great personality, loves to watch movies esp scary movies and loves playin the pool, ppl say she's my mini me.. lol Love you, Trin! ❤️
Gracelynn Faith Tooley, she has big beautiful sky blue eyes, shes has eight teeth, also she loves being outside and playing in the grass, she also is a mommy's girl!!! Gracelynn just turned a yr old on July 6th, she is always soo playful!!! Love my Beautiful baby girl!!! 😘
Isaiah is loving, playful and fullll of life. He LOVESSS going outside and anything that involves a ball! He is a complete dare devil and has no fear. Isaiah lights up any room he walks in with his big beautiful blue eyes and his contagious smile!
This beautiful Arayah sunshine will brighten up your day on the hottest day☺️
Gabby Athena
My precious 9 month old daughter, Gabby Athena loves to eat. Loves to watch Cocomelon.❤️
Lily likes playing outdoors🌸 Her favorite games always involve balls. 🏀 🏈 ⚽️
Autumn loves her mommy already but for some reason loves snuggles with daddy.
Grayson is just as sweet as he looks. He loves bath time, is SO close to sleeping through the night and is the light of our lives! 🥰😍
This is Emelia Rose she loves to play and make all sorts of noises she also loves watching strawberry shortcake and playing with her pups she is starting to learn more and more everyday she also is starting to walk and she is very unique and smart she is the happiest baby ever even when she is sick❤️
Maliyah is a very very happy baby she definitely brightens up your day when she’s around. My love bug I love/ and Adore her tremendously🥰🥰❤️😘
Ja’Lynn is 3 months Old. She loves kisses! She loves attention! She gives out the biggest smile ever and she will light up a whole room with that smile! She is now starting to talk a little an grab 🥰! Every vote will be appreciated!
Layla is the sweetest babygirl and her favorite thing to do is go swimming❤️ She definitely is our lil summer baby she also cocomelon and loves to sing the nursery rhymes💗💗💗
Sadie is a 4 month old beautiful baby girl. She loves smiling at everyone and just has such a happy spunky personality.
Josiah is adventurous, very playful & full of happiness💙 He loves to talk & will carry a full conversation! He’s So smart.
He love his brother and sissy’s and he love to fun .. he Love to scoot across the floor ..he is a mommy and daddy baby
I love to dance, play with all my sibilings and love to eat.
Ju is the sweetest and happiest little baby girl. She is learning so quickly and continues to impress us everyday. She loves to smile, sleep and eat. Ju also enjoy cuddling with her mommy & daddy.
The Happiest Baby Ever!!! 💕💕💕💕💕
Asharie Dream
Asharie is a very happy baby . She loves gracie corner & abby hatcher . She will wake up out her sleep when she hear Gracie’s Corner . She Loves Her Gerber Food . She Stands on Her own & Takes A Step Or 2 !!!
Our little sweet potato loves to copy what you say. She may be young, but already says "okay" "hi" and "yeah, especially when she's going down for a nap. She also makes the Derek Zoolander "Blue Steel" face sometimes, but we have yet to capture a photo!