Baby Stories - 81


Meet Kynleigh. She was born with a rare kidney condition that she has struggled with for the last 2 years & 7 months. She is such a strong, intelligent, & happy baby. She loves like no other & can always bring a smile to anyones face. 💖
kaydance is a two year old full of personality. she can be your princess or your tom boy. She loves to copy faces that other people make to her. she is full of smiles and sass.
She's sweet but fiesty at the same time. She's also one beautiful little girl who loves to play with her brothers and gives hugs😭❤️❤️❤️
Aaliyah is a 5 month old always has a smile on her face she is crawling and rolling over ❤️ Vote for my daughter
Gracie is such a happy baby! She had a rough start and was in the NICU for 170 days. She is such a fighter despite her medical conditions!
Alex is the best Christmas present his mommy & daddy could ever ask for!
Loves milk and being warm and next to mommy.
A very happy toddler. Very sweet and loving.
Loves to laugh, play with his toys his favortie food is Bananas and Pears he is learning new things everyday he enjoys anything that lights up and makes noise
He a loving kid and I think if he won he would be so happy and his family need it
Emily loves playing. She always wants attention. And she’s starting to giggle❤️
Noah is all about some trucks!
I love car rides, music, holding my head up on my own, sticking my tongue out, kicking my legs, I love to smile and J love when my mommy sings.
Malakai is strong and he loves talking he’s a very smiley baby who drools all over the place
Hello !! I’m Zaria and I love too early and okay and spend time with my mommy and daddy !! I also love tummy time 💙
Oliver is a very bubbly boy who loves to play and laugh. He’s obsessed w his baby food pouches and his sweet fur babies.
He’s a very loving spoiled little man . He loves having conversations with people and his doggie pacifier, can’t live without it 😂
Mila is my little miracle she came into my life at the least expected but precise moment she is a warrior from day 1 she clung to me she loves to have a bad night with mom and go out for a ride in the car.
Hi im sarah im 4 months old my mommy is the best i love to smile and dance when my mommy holds me i smile and laugh my momny is going throughba hard time but i always make her happy please vote for me
My miracle baby, born with 6 fingers on each hand. Happiest little baby bean around 💛
Deborah is a sweetheart, our family's little princess, and a little girl who can get anyone to smile no matter how bad a day they are having. She always has a smile for everyone that she sees, and loves to wave hi. She loves to help out our local community with passing out food as well.
Everleigh is the happiest little girl!
He has had a rough life he was born a month and a half premie but everyday he strives to grow, he is always smiling always loving and always cute lol
Lilly Dawn
She likes mickey mouse clubhouse and playing with her new kitten
Ty is a wonderful baby. He loves to giggle and love to smile.
Ava is the light of my world, she’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. She loves to smile, giggle and play! She also looooves to try new food☺️ She absolutely loves attention and definitely knows she’s beautiful but still loves it when everyone reminds her❤️
My name is Nevaeh Sue Paislee Rose Billiter, I am named after both my Grammy Sue and my Great Mamaw Rose. I am the long awaited granddaughter. Born November 6th, 2020 at 1:42am weighing in at 7lbs and 11 ounces! I love swinging in my swing and watching sunny bunnies and drinking on my bottle as I fall asleep! Vote for me! So I can buy all the milk and toys my little heart desires. ❤️
Wesley is almost 3 months old. He LOVES his golden retriever named Captain. He loves when you call him handsome & tell him he acts just like his papa!
Lucas deserves your vote because he is not only adorable to look at, but he is also such a sweet baby. Lucas loves being the center of attention, and always tries to help others smile and giggle with him!
Liam is two months old and loves all things snuggle time. Tummy time is a close second though, especially when his furry sisters (a husky and a corgi) play with him!
Isabella is a Beautiful 1 month old, loves to smile at her Mommy and Daddy.. Little Izzy Maze is an absolutely Joy is is so loved my her Family and Friends 🥰
Amalee is an adventurous, unique, talkative baby! A miracle baby! After 3 years of trying to conceive we finally got our angel ♥️
Issac Rhodes
Im a 3 year old wild child that keeps my mom on her toes
He is the sweetest little snuggle bug and loves to give kisses
She is absolutely obsessed with Cocomelon! She also love stealing food off plates!
Madeline is our rainbow baby! I went into labor on August 22nd, which is National Rainbow Baby Day in the US, and she was born in the wee hours on the 23rd! She has the sweetest personality but can also be a spitfire when she wants to be 🤪 We are so blessed to have our sweet girl!
On 10-13 we found out we were 26 weeks pregnant and we didnt even know until then. Luke was born 5 days later on 10-18 at 26.5 weeks. He weighed only 1lb 14oz and has now been in the NICU for 81 days as of today. He has been a fighter since day one and still has a long road ahead of him.
Silas LOVES to eat and crawl all over the place! He is very active, loves babbling all the time and says MAMA and DADA. He loves his dogs and when they bark he will clear his throat like his is barking!
Vote for my sweet Bonnie Raelyn! She is full of smiles, giggles, and cuddles, loves to eat, play, and sleep!
Xander is the most happiest baby loves his doggy and kitty and walking around in his walker.
Paizlee is a smart little girl growing fast! She likes animals and absolutely loves her sisters she has a little attitude that is super cute. She like to help grandma clean and doesnt like things where they dont belong.
Hi I’m Keyara, I love reading and I LOVE being in the bath. I also love going on walks with mommy and daddy on warm sunny days. I have the sweetest, cutest little giggle.