Shes 5 months old! Shes constantly full of smiles! No matter what shes going through she always has a smile! Shes extremely vocal! Shes a hip dysplasia warrior, along with other conditions. But shes so happy you would never think theres anything wrong. Her smile lights up the room 😍
Serenity Iyanna is 3 months (soon to be 4 months) she loves to talk, eat & being in mommy arms. She's a sweet sassy baby! Or should I say boss baby lol! That's it for now wish me luck 🤞🏾!!!
James is going on 3 months old. He loves for u to talk to him and play. Everyone go vote for him please
Timothy is a spunky little 6 month old. He is such a happy little boy who has been through so much. The first 3 months of his life he was in the NICU and showed us how strong and resilient he is
William is all boy. He like to hear himself speak. Loves running around getting dirty.
Macie was premie who bet the odds she was given. She loves to be out side or coloring. She is one spunky little girl.
Athena is an advanced learner she loves to be outside playing with the kitties. She is very very photogenic. Oh and if you see us anywhere stop and say hi she just loves seeing people
Kaylene is a smart baby she likes playing with her pets and her toys and trying to skateboard just like her momma
Braylon Lee
Braylon Lee loves eating, cuddles and watching TV!
Vada is a happy baby always smiling and always putting a smile on everyone’s face💗
Waylon loves to smile and laugh and play in his linking logs, but most of all he loves play time out side with mommy and daddy
Lakelynne is a sassy 8 month old from Clanton Alabama! She is literally always smiling & laughing at everyone she sees! She loves her big brother more than anything in this world & she would love your vote!
This is my little Celo, he's such a sweet heart, he loves to eat all the time. He's always putting a smile on everyone's face just with his little smile🥰
He love to blow bubbles and babble your ears off!
Luna is a loving and caring almost 3 year old!! She loves helping people. And loves playing with her little brother and at the park
I’m my mommy’s and daddy’s rainbow baby. Moana loves to play and loves her family
Carter is a precious baby boy born on New Year’s Day!!! He loves to smile and giggle! Also he loves playing with his big sister !
She's 2 she's funny and loves getting dirty vote for susan
Fraya Reign-althea Boatman
Fraya is always smiling and making us laugh
Aliyahna Belize
Aliyahna is a 4 years old girl very energetic, super smart, she love to sing and want to become a bailarina. Aliyahna likes to help her mommy to clean the house and do the dishes. Aliyahna favorite dolls are the LOL surprise.
Kirk Cassius
Kirk is a very happy baby. Fun loving he is so smart and curious. He loves making noises and being talked to. He also has hypospadias and has to have surgery in June. So please pray for him.
Bella is just 3 months old and not very energetic but she will get there when she gets older. Shes the light to my world and i wouldnt change it for a thing. She makes me smile everyday. She loves it when people give her funny faces cause she smiles like nothing.
Kingsleigh loves to play and laugh she's full of joy every day she's such a huge blessing to me and my family she's beautiful and her favorite thing to do it take baths
Addilynn is a very energetic little girl she likes to meet new people. Her favorite food is scooby snacks and she will eat almost anything you feed her. I love her with everything i am. She is the light to my world.
Patricia Grace
Patricia Grace Bryant was a blessing that came into this world. She gets her name from her great grandmother. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and has the prettiest most perfect curly brown hair. She has a smile that can make anybody’s day. She is the most sweetest baby and play’s fair with other little ones. Patricia love’s playing outside and enjoying the nature. Her favorite drink is chocolate milk. She loves some greens beans for dinner. Patricia is a very fast learner and is very smart.
Arland is a sweet baby boy! He’s loves everything that has to do with lilo and stitch and his big cousin. He also loves to give kisses and hugs!❤️
Aysin Brown
Aysin is a smiling happy but serious baby. He is full of personality and loves attention
Neriah is 7 months old she loves her bottle the most lol she loves to play with her trumpet toy and knows how to make it make noise, she crawls and is trying to walk. She’s always happy from the time she wakes up to the time she falls asleep her siblings are her favorite 😍
Zaylynn is 5 months old she loves to smile and laugh learns new things each day and growing ao fast
Hi my name is Eliana, I am 6 months old. I LOVE to be flat on my back while chewing on my toes. Lol my favorite song is the wheels on the bus. If I seem unhappy just let me hear the first few seconds and I’ll be smiling in no time .
Peyton is a happy, smiley baby, with pretty blue eyes.
Very beautiful and smart little girl❤️
Kahlani is a nicu warrior! Though still in there, she improves every single day!
Hi! My name is Dante. A fun little story about me is that I was supposed to be a Valentine's Day baby but I was so excited to come into the world that I arrived on Super Bowl Sunday.. so excited to be born that I didn't even give mommy time to get to the hospital. I was safely born at home 14 minutes after mommy's water broke.
Indyà solè was born 2 month early she is my first beautiful granddaughter . She will be 8 months on 5/12/22 . She is a very happy loving sweet baby girl. She loves the outside a lot . She wear any color well 😘😘😘😘
Shiloh is so sweet loving and loves the barbie girl song her smile brightens up everyones day
Carter loves to laugh and be with people he is a very smart boy and he has come a long way since he was born
Landon loves to be outdoors! He absolutely has the best personality and enjoys family time. He loves to play with his tractors, trucks and enjoys playing in water. Heaven sent and has stole our hearts. We can not wait to see what his future holds.
Drayke is the sweetest kiddo, he’s had open heart surgery and has stayed so strong. Love you boogie
Hi i’m Reign. I like to eat and scream! I LOVE to smile at my mommy and give her big eyes!! I’m very spoiled because i’m the first grandchild. Being held and watching ceiling fans while listening to music is my favorite thing to do. You are my sunshine is the only song i can fall asleep to.
McKinley favorite thing to do is sleep 😴
Rugar Remington
Rugar was born May 2 2021 3 months early 1lb 5oz! Now he is 12 months old & 19lbs! He loves to hang out outside & hang out with family!
Payton is the happiest baby!! It’s a rarity you don’t catch him smiling or laughing. He loves being outside, playing with mommy & daddy, and bath time!! Please vote for our sweet boy :)
Honestly infinity is just a cute happy little baby and she enjoys everything but crackers are her favorite🤍
Tori loves to color, loves her nails and toes painted, she loves her mommy. She loves to play and laugh, she loves bubbles and her toys but most of all she loves her little baby sister Azaria! Also she gave up the binki!
Alyissan is 11m baby who is amazing and sweet she's always happy and smiling
Iylah is a sweet 4 month old little girl! She just loves to smile and trys to do anything to make you laugh! Her little journey of life hasn't been an easy one for her but after tons of work she's finally the happy baby she deserves to be!