Baby Stories - 81


Charlotte is a smiling, goofy little girl. She loves baths and putting everything in her mouth
Beau is our little miracle, defeating all odds, and making every day better. She was premature, Born at 3lbs, and had a lot going against her but she's only gotten stronger, winning the hearts of everyone she meets
Jonah enjoys being outside in his swing, he loves baths, and the sound of the rain falling! He LOVES music and when someone sings to him. 💙
Paisley is a giggly girl , she loves snuggles and playing ❤️
Peyton loves the water and to smile she is a very happy, loving baby!
Echo Lynn
Sassy as can be with a big smile 😁 she is often seen sticking her tongue out😂
Harmony is about to turn 3 in july she loves playing outside she loves going to the lake to swim she makes ur heart mealt when she smiles! If ur having a bad day Harmony can cheer u up
Sascha is loving and kind shes fought everyday to be here on this earth with us as she was born with severe health issues and even after everything shes been through she wakes up each day as the sweetest happiest little girl, as she starts each day she continues to strive 💖
She may be tiny, but she will leave a big everlasting impression on your heart! She will put a smile on your face, regardless of the kind of day you are having. She’s very sweet and has a crazy little personality already! Please vote for my sweet girl ❤️
She is just a sweetheart!!... Loves anomals and loves family!... She is starting to walking and starting to talk!!... She is such a joy!!
The funniest baby you will ever meet his smile will just change your complete mood in a heart beat
Rowen “ roe roe” loves to smile at everyone. she loves to “talk” to mama and her daddy.
She loves to play outside and swim. She's beautiful and extra smart . 😍
Baby girl has the biggest smile with the cutest dimples!
My name is harlan, I love to laugh and play, I only cry when I'm hungry or sleepy, I love my big sissy and mommy , ♥️♥️♥️
Bentley is the happiest little bubs around. 🥰
She’s just a 3 year old toddler who knows what she wants. Very opinionated but out here living her best life. Goofy and always wanting to take pictures with some filters. One minute she’s dressed as a princess the next she’s in her cowgirl boots. You never know what you’ll get from her.
Bryson loves to play with puppies and trucks. 🚒Mud is his favorite place to be. He is a little country boy❤
I’m a wild baby but I love my mommy and daddy and brothers very much I love cars
My name's Liam and I am my mommy's first baby! I love to snuggle, smile, sleep, & drink LOTS of milk!!
Lincoln is the cutest little one year old boy you will EVER see! A true mommas boy! Lincoln loves to smile and play with his toys, especially with his good pals Woody and Buzz! This boy will steal your heart in a matter of seconds! He sure did steal mine! Vote for Linc❤️
Ryleigh is 3 years old, going on 4! She’s so energetic and full of surprises! She loves to be outside, swimming, cooking, or helping her lala with anything and everything under the sun! This girl is spit fire and she deserves a win! Vote for Ry❤️
Kalani is 8 months old. She loves to crawl around and get into mischief. she is a very adventurous little one.
What an EXPRESSIVE 1 month old! She loves to eat and is adding to her repertoire of expressions daily, including some smiles! We are training her to be an outdoor lover and avid reader! Music soothers her soul and momma hugs are her favorite!
Brantley is a Blessing from God that change my life. I always be thankful to God for such a Blessing!!
Samira is a happy, smiling girl who loves to dance and laugh everyday.
She was a blessing just at the right time!
Juliana Is one of the happiest babies always smiling always laughing. Juliana has 3 teeth and a little gap. She loves her mommie her daddy and her aunties. Vote for baby Juju a face to fall in love with.
Greyson will be 2 in September, he just became a big brother and is doing such a fantastic job! Go vote for Greyson Jayce !! ❤️
Go vote for onyx !! ❤️
Serena is almost 3 months old and she has the sweetest little personality. She will steal your heart in moments . She loves to cuddle, be tickled, blow raspberries and steal everyone's attention; which is easy for her to do. She is one of the world's finest blessings.
This girl has been through a lot but has the sweetest soul I’ve ever known. She deeply cares about others and is full of love and also full of Jesus which melts my heart how much in love with Jesus she is.. when I cry she’s there telling me don’t worry Mommy I heard grandma praying for all of us don’t you believe mom don’t you believe Jesus will help us! Love this kid she amazes me more and more every day!
Isaac is happy, energetic toddler who loves his mama, dad, and baby brother
Born 10 weeks early and thriving everyday 🥺❤️
Momma’s big boy was born at 38 weeks and was 9 lbs and 21 inches!
Kamari was born 11:57 am May 14, 2020 during a pandemic. Kamari has the biggest personality in a tiny body. Kamari absolutely loves sports, basketball and soccer preferably. He loves the outdoors, loves nature. He loves animals (dogs) and absolutely adore Cocomelon. Kamari is very independent, he loves to explore and experience things on his own. He’s a comedian. One thing he does not care for is wearing clothes and diaper changes lol. That’s why he’s so care free! I hope you vote for us! Blessings all around. ❤️
John-Gabriel was born 2 weeks early! He loves cuddling with mama and daddy, loves being outside in the sun!
Hi everyone! I’m Jennifer & my sons name is Anthony Philip. My husband and I call him our little warrior. Anthony was born at exactly 33 weeks weighing 4 pounds. I had a beautiful pregnancy until the morning of my 33rd week of pregnancy.. i started to bleed internally and I thank God everyday that I trusted my instinct that morning and had my husband rush me to the hospital. The outcome would not have been a good one for my son and I had my doctor not perform an emergency c section. Anthony spent some time in the NICU since his lungs were no where near formed yet. He is doing wonderfully and just turned 14 months old. If you feel it in ur heart to vote for my little warrior, I’ll gladly return the favor 💙 Good luck everyone! 🎉
Ty’Meah loves to FaceTime with everyone she can. Loves to listen to music
Xavier loves to hear music, swimming and is a good big brother
River is the happiest, silliest, most loveable fun and clever little baby you will ever meet. He makes friends everywhere he goes. He loves his mama dada & cats, music, reading, goofing off & food lol! A fun side hobby he has is peeking out of the window. & Also racing up and down the Halls running with his pack(his cats) and laughing his little butt off as they chase lasers together, and really getting into all kinds of mischief and playing all kinds of games with them(& his other 2 best friends---> mom & dad) He really is such a silly, funny, and sweet baby & the best friend mama and dada could ever ask for💙. Please vote for River! If he wins, we would like to put the money in a savings account for his future college fund, so we will for sure know he will have that opportunity even if we couldn't give it to him ourselves! Dad works very hard , and River is very smart. As hard has dad works though, I'm afraid coming up with college money would be insanely hard. So we would like to use this opportunity, if he wins, to make sure River gets to have the future and start in life that he deserves! So please vote for River!!
Cece was born April 28, 2021. She love her blankie and her swing. She’s learning how to laugh now, and loves to smile. She loves car rides and cuddles.
Zaniyah loves to be active! She’s always on the move 😊 she loves to play with her older brothers and enjoys just about anything. She’s such a loving little girl 🥰
Beckett Suzanne
Hi, i’m Beckett! Here are a few things about me! I love watching sesame street, Elmo is my favorite! I love playing in my play gym and kicking my piano! I absolutely love making funny faces But my all time favorite thing to do is cuddle with my mommy! I love eating my oatmeal cereal and i just recently tried greens beans, peas and sweet potatoes! I love reading with mommy, jamberry is my favorite book! I love going to my grandmas and swimming in my pool! Vote for me!!
Makaveli likes playing with his dogs and being in his jumper. He's always smiling and laughing or trying to give hugs
Cason Cash
Cason Cash is 4 years old. He loves Legos and playing with his baby sister. Cason is so dang smart and the most rad kid around. His family thinks the world of him and we love him so much.
Likes to tickle tickle 🥰