Baby Stories - 81


Lucas is a newborn that loves cuddles, eating and looking at lights
Le Vanna
I love just about everyone who i see. Im quit but when i want to be, im loud. Talking is one of my favorite things, and i just figured out how to grab my big toe and put it in my mouth. Just for fun
I like to sleep and eat and hang out with my mommy and daddy all day. I love my snuggles. I love hanging out and cuddling with 2 kitties all day.
Jaxon is my sweet boy who is the wildest and most loving boy ever 🥰🥰 He loves talking and playing with all his toys & of course eating 😂❤️ (Profile picture was his HALLOWEEN costume ❤️)
Asher Dale
Asher was my first! He is such a happy loving little boy. He could put a smile on anyone’s face. He loves to play outside and LOVES Mickey Mouse, he could sit and watch Mickey all day long if he could. He just turned a year old and on his first birthday we found out he’s going to have a sister and I can’t wait to see him be a big brother!
Ashtyn is full of sweetness. She loves her baby dolls and loves playing in the mud. Shes the only girl out of 3 older brothers.
Cameron is 4 months he loves to talk and smile. He is mommy and daddy’s cuddle bug.
Azriel W.
Azriel is a kind hearted 10 1/2 month old with a bold personality❤️ He loves to make his mommy laugh and To dance and sing. Most of all he loves to brighten everyone’s day with his infectious smile 😊
Preston loves to smile. He's quite a happy baby. He loves his older sister and brother. His favorite show is googoo & gaagaa. 123 race, he loves babyfirst tv. And watching baby songs on YouTube. His fav is no more monekeys jumping on the bed. And lately the googoo and gaagaa Halloween song! He loves music
Krystal Lynn Grace
My Big Girl , She loves to Say Bye lol , Go for Car Rides , Loves Her Movie Princess and the Frog 💚❤️
Gracie Champagne
Gracie is my princess. She is very shy but loves to be outside playing. She loves animals and the park.
My name is Tobias, I enjoy giggles, hide and seek, dancing, and most of all cake!
Amanda was born 2 weeks early, and was named after her beloved aunt that passed away too soon. She's a little sister, a miracle, and the world to her family.
Zoe is a very smart, independent, and very opinionated girl. She loves to dance, sing, and play the piano. Her favorite foods are avocado, hummus, and the Simply White Cheddar Cheetos. She is very small for her size but can do so much with so much more personality.
Paulo is very sweet, silly , super loud and out going. He is very creative .
Hi, I am Elias. I love food and to stick my toung out all the time.
Imani Brielle bring such joy to everyone she meets! She is a little ray of sunshine! 💛
My Nick name is peanut and milli. I like talking and most of all I love you story. Good luck friends. Please vote for me❤️
Jax is a mommas boy and with a huge personality! He is so smart, and loves singing, dancing, and of course playing with his favorite toys
My name is Miana Sherman im a daddy's girl i love to play with my dog boomer my favorite movie is descendants & i love to have my pictures taken & i giggle like gizmo from the Gremlins
Sophia is a sassy girl! She loves her puppy, her family, and she loves playing with her babies!
Onyx Desiree is such a beautiful, happy baby who LOVES to smile & talk. Her big gray eyes & big smile are truly a sight to see. ❤
He like to watch blue clues , paw 🐾 patrol he also like to laugh 😆 and he love when I sing to him
My name is Eian i was born 5 weeks premature july 13th 2020. I love to smile and i am learning how to giggle. Bath time is my favortie! I love kicking and splashing in the water. I love watching football with my daddy on sundays. When its bed time i love when mommy cuddles me and rocks me to sleep. Please vote for me💙💙
Zayllee just learned how to sit up by herself and is working on her crawling skills, she loves when you share your food with her especially if it’s something sweet!
Jadyn Lee
Jadyn likes to play he love’s food his a happy baby your always going to see a smile on his face 🥰
Hello world! I’m Banks, short for Banksy. My parents are huge art nerds, so they names me after one of their favorite artists. I am a Leo and the first, and only, heir to the throne. Thanks for your vote!
Hello everyone! This is Everleigh Rose ☺️ she is 7 almost 8 months old on the 13th... Everleigh has been the light at the end of my tunnel and saved my entire life... Although she has had a rough go the first couple months of her life with health complications and developmental issues... She is incredibly smart and has an outgoing personality. She knows how to say "mama" and shake her head to say "no" loves to army crawl absolutely hated laying down and only wants to either sit up or stand up and act likes she's older than she is😅
Who wouldnt want vote for someone so cute!
Though being 2 months old, Brantley is so inquisitive and active! He loves his tummy time, baths, and is quite the talker! We love to be outside and finding new things!
She like to eat sweet . She like to play alot and make sound like baa !maa !baba !mama! da like that . She just start sit down and play
Makenzie loves to go outside and walk with mommy and daddy. She loves to smile and coo at anyone that will talk to her and pay attention to her.
I am the love of my mama and daddy’s life!
Full of life, very smart, and polite and brings joy to everyone! Also a fighter, so much love she has to give!
Rosalyn is a fun, smiley, overall happy baby. She loves food, she loves to play, and any time she sees a pet she tries to give them kisses! She is very sweet.
When Jameson was a month old he was rushed in for emergency surgery for Pyloric Stenosis. He is doing better now. He LOVES listening to Elvis Presley.
She loves Unicorns and playing dress up. She is loving and enjoys playing outside. She can count to 20 and knows her colors.
Thaddie is a twin, born at 27 weeks. He is still in the NICU, Lungs still aren't developed like they should be. Thaddie has a smile that can light up a room. He is a happy boy! Born weighing 2.7 pounds, currently weighing 9.3 pounds, growing good!
3 yr old that acts like a 15 yr old. Big sis and beautiful girl❤
Oliva is a premature baby! 3 months early!! She is home and under lots of care and has help breathing!!
A spunky little baby
Cataleya loves to lay on your chest when falling asleep, when she’s full she will smile, you can tell when she poops by the way she makes her pushing sounds
She is a sassy 3 month old, she loves smiling, and has discovered laughing. She loves to play. She loves standing and being a big girl. She loves her momma.