Baby Stories - 80


Robin Miracle
Robin is two months old and with the money we would save to be apart of her college fund. ❤️ Please vote and share
Lily loves doritos but only the cool ranch ones. She also loves being with her family and playin peekaboo.
Vote for our sweet baby girl Riley J. She’s the sweetest little baby💕 and full of personality .
Lenora had a tough start in life with an emergency surgery and hospital stay at 3 days old. But it has made her stronger than ever!! She bounced back and is living a wonderful life. Lenora loves animals, her big sis, and her family. You can always find Lenora with a big smile on her face!
She loves to talk and be talked to, she likes to play with her hands. She loves kisses. She is a very happy baby. She loves to fake cough when you talk to her.
He’s such a happy boy, he even smiles in his sleep ❤️
Caysens such a sweet baby! 💙
Carsyn is a very smart and talented little boy! 💙
Im 3 weeks old and i love to smile and sleep. I love to watch and listen to baby shark. I weigh 10lbs and am 22in long and growing fast. I love my doggie and sister.
Mia loves her big brother and bows ❤
Kamora loves to smile and talk :)
My name is Leonidas but everyone calls me baby Leo. I love to be held and will cry if im put down. Love to lift my head up and look around at everything and everyone. My favorite thing to do is give to punch and headbutt momma especially when shes not looking
Raelynn has been nothing but a surprise from the start. She is our rainbow baby and such a huge blessing to our family. She was preemie at birth but is growing right on track!! I can’t believe she is 6 weeks already. We this baby girl so much.
Ella is the sweetest baby. She is still brand new and loves snuggles with daddy, hearing mommy’s voice and lots and lots of naps. ❤️
She loves food and grabbing her toes. She is such a happy happy little girl 🥰
Camreigh is such a goofy, lovable, smart baby! She loves cuddles and hugs. She loves playing with her toys and her puppy(Archie)! She definitely loves food and laughs at almost anything:)
Zelda Jane is 4 months old. She enjoys smiling and cooing all the time. She recognizes her daddys and I voice and gets excited when we walk in the same room as her. She just started rolling over and sitting up on her own. My baby girl and I had a few complications with birth but God was watching over us and I was able to give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl at 4:17 PM weighing at 5lbs 3oz. She’s definitely my little miracle baby 💖
She loves to dance to music, play with her big brother, and ride scooters
She likes taking pictures and getting her hair done
Isabella loves to eat. She loves climbing and spending time with her Mert and papa and nana FaceTime with her papa Morton and Meme. Enjoy’s photo ops, chickens and tractors 🚜 M n M’s and yoohoo her dogs and loves all family time with mommy and daddy
MY handsome babyboy is 14months qnd he is my world. Always happy smiling and being silly loves everyone!!!
My baby is 2 months old. She is just the most precious little girl. Her smile is just affectionate. She loves bath time ànd hanging out with her momma. I love this little girl so much.
Ian is a 1 year old who loves animals, singing and walks at the park. His favorite shows to watch and sing along with are Cocomelon, Dave and Ava and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He also enjoy watching the first 2mins of the movie Bolt on repeat because he’s obsessed with puppies.
The cutest crybaby you’ll ever see ☺️
Hi my name is Oaklynn. I am a month old & am holding my head up, worming around, & rolled over once! i love making many faces & my formula! thank you for voting! #voteforoak
Everleigh is 8 months old, has 2 bottom teeth, and has the most beautiful smile (her dimple is my favorite) she is the most happy go lucky baby ever! She loves loves loves food, she will eat hers then yours! Vote for my sweet girl 💜
My name is Elli and im the most important little person on earth to my mom and dad! This baby girl is not only a princess but somewhat of a little drama queen! If shes unhappy she will certainly let you know and at times fake it just to make sure you're paying attention! She's amazing!
has such an amazing personality she loves ever one and everything cant wait till she talks
I love to snuggle with my mommy and daddy. When im not busy snuggling, eating, or sleeping I love to hang out in my boppy lounger or in my swing.
Memphis loves smiling and spending time with his big brother. He loves car rides and looking at everything. He also loves his daddy a lot
Kyllynn is a very happy, loving, bouncy, 9 month old. He loves his big sister and brother. Before he was born he was diagnosed with hydrophrenosis (inflamation and swelling of the kidney), but he doesnt let that stop him from getting into everything!
Hes such a happy boy always smiling loves toys and food lol and this ends one day before he turns the big #1
Noah loves to eat and sleep....... he is always camera ready, even when sleep! He is starting to coo and smile at everyone as well.
Amelia is a silly girl she loves making funny noises like clicking her tongue and growling 😂
Maddie is 6 weeks old as of October 8th. She is my first baby. She is also my rainbow baby, I miscarried back in 2018. She is very alert loves to talk and is very photogenic!!
Hi I am Maci Lee! I LOVEEE farting, I think it’s hilarious! I do not like being inside pumpkins but my mom thinks it’s cute🤷🏼‍♀️ I love it when people talk to me, it makes me smile soooo much. I love to sleep during the day, and keep mommy and daddy awake all night to play! I love walks and car rides, and I love taking baths😊 If you make me mad, I will give you the finger ! But I’m so cute no body seems to care! Please vote for me!😊❤️
Hi my name is Abel and my mommy thinks in truly a miracle. She says that shes very lucky that she was able (haha get it) to have me due to MS treatments and an uncooperative reproductive system. I love anything banana flavored and for some reason my favorite teething toys are spoons. I also like fry containers from McDonalds. I like them so much mommy has to wrestle them away from me.
Miss Elayna is full of love, energy, and laughs. Elayna loves to try new foods, snuggle with her Daddy, and hang out with Grandma. Elayna can sit up, roll over and stand against things. Elayna is not a fan of being on her tummy and when she is not the center of attention.
Joseph And Jaxon
They love being outdoors, watching dinosaur train, daniel tiger, and basketball with their daddy and older brothers but when naptime or bedtime come they want their mommys cuddles they are big cuddle bugs and they put a smile on everyones face that they meet
Love his smile ! Such a happy boy, he loves to jump and play learning knew things everyday !🥰 Handsome little man I'm so in love with him!!
Lillian loves playing with her toys and walking everywhere. She especially loves hugs from her mommy and daddy!
Athena is very smart, her smile is so warm and heart filling. She's already teething and trying to talk! Also she has been able to hold her head since leaving the hospital.
Uriah was born with a cleft lip and palate but he doesn’t let it change the fact that he’s a super happy baby! He likes sitting in his swing and looking around with his big wide eyes!