Baby Stories - 80


Adalyn Mae
She is so talkative and loves her big brother so much! Adalyn is so smiley all the time! 🤗
Lennox Ensley
Lennox is just the sweetest, happiest baby I have ever met she can put a smile on your face with her smile faster than any comedy, give her your vote for cutest baby contest. #Ilovemyscolibaby
Ryleigh Grace
Hello I’m Ryleigh. I love to smile and I’m every friendly. I also love getting all the attention. Please give me love and vote for me
Ajla is a very loving kid loves to play with her sister and toys
Sweet little Frankie Mae is just 2 weeks old and loves snuggle time with Mommy and Daddy. She makes the cutest faces.
Caleb is such a loving playful young fella. Always on the go, loves his daddy, and making messes. Has a sweet tooth for fruit snacks, and eats anything anybody else has! Please vote for our little ginger snap. ❤️
Kartel loves his big brothers and mommy ! He also is a Pacifier-ologist!! And is a Word Party lover
Joseph was born 12/10/2020 loves to cuddle and be held loves to have cuddle times
Gianna is a very outgoing baby. She loves to squeal, laugh, yell, talk. She loves her daddy & mommy.
Ava is sweet, funny and a very appreciative little girl. She loves The Wiggles and Baby Shark. When she's fussy, she likes to listen to music, such as 'Sucker' by the Jonas Brothers. She also likes the Addams Family and there's not been a dull moment in our lives since she arrived.
Very happy beautiful baby
He likes taking his toy cars apart and fixing it back together (toddler mechanic)😀
Happy playful baby who loves to play with her baby sister
He’s the sweetest miracle baby- he loves dancing with mama and being tickled!
Im new to this world, im a little sister, im the center if attention, and a princess 😂 i look good in yellow but like purples , im starting to giggle and smile 😊
Hi im Nathan. i love to play in mud puddles, draw , dance, play with cars, trucks, and dinosaurs. On rainy days i watch movies with my mommy and little sister , like scooby doo , or ninjia turtles.
Baby Mark has learned to roll over and is trying so hard to learn to crawl. He’s ready to move!
Jaxen is a 2 month old blue eyed boy that is always so happy and smiling. He loves tummy time and being sung to.
Isaac is always happy ever since he came into this world hes been smiling!
Jaxon is a very happy outgoing boy. No matter what he always has that precious smile on his face. Jaxons favorite show is little baby bum & he loves music & to dance.. His favorite foods are bananas & Mac&cheese❤️.. Please vote for baby boy
Little Miss vivienne Rae loves her stuffed lamb that lights up and sings lullabies. Playing with her big brothers! Snuggles from mommy and playing airplane with daddy. She is well on her way. Already having participated in two pageants and cant wait to sign on with a talent agency!
Eden is such a happy baby. She loves music and dancing. She also loves her big brother and copying everything he does! She is a love bug who is big on cuddling and blowing kisses.
Ainsley is a sweet sweet baby and always is the light of the room
Vote for my baby boy 💙💙💙
My name is Stefan! I have two new baby brothers. I love to help take care of and play with them. I love school! I’m good at math and reading.
Brandon Jr
Definitely a wild child but very caring towards his siblings. This handsome boy enjoys his trucks as well and watching t.v😁😚💙
This cutie here is all about his dinosaurs and trucks. He's a shy yet sweet boy.. sometimes 😆😌💙💙
Meet Kynleigh. She was born with a rare kidney condition that she has struggled with for the last 2 years & 7 months. She is such a strong, intelligent, & happy baby. She loves like no other & can always bring a smile to anyones face. 💖
kaydance is a two year old full of personality. she can be your princess or your tom boy. She loves to copy faces that other people make to her. she is full of smiles and sass.
She's sweet but fiesty at the same time. She's also one beautiful little girl who loves to play with her brothers and gives hugs😭❤️❤️❤️
Aaliyah is a 5 month old always has a smile on her face she is crawling and rolling over ❤️ Vote for my daughter
Gracie is such a happy baby! She had a rough start and was in the NICU for 170 days. She is such a fighter despite her medical conditions!
Alex is the best Christmas present his mommy & daddy could ever ask for!
Loves milk and being warm and next to mommy.
A very happy toddler. Very sweet and loving.
Loves to laugh, play with his toys his favortie food is Bananas and Pears he is learning new things everyday he enjoys anything that lights up and makes noise
He a loving kid and I think if he won he would be so happy and his family need it
Emily loves playing. She always wants attention. And she’s starting to giggle❤️
Noah is all about some trucks!
I love car rides, music, holding my head up on my own, sticking my tongue out, kicking my legs, I love to smile and J love when my mommy sings.
Malakai is strong and he loves talking he’s a very smiley baby who drools all over the place
Hello !! I’m Zaria and I love too early and okay and spend time with my mommy and daddy !! I also love tummy time 💙
Oliver is a very bubbly boy who loves to play and laugh. He’s obsessed w his baby food pouches and his sweet fur babies.
He’s a very loving spoiled little man . He loves having conversations with people and his doggie pacifier, can’t live without it 😂
Mila is my little miracle she came into my life at the least expected but precise moment she is a warrior from day 1 she clung to me she loves to have a bad night with mom and go out for a ride in the car.