Baby Stories - 80


Cyrus was born on July 20th at 4:39pm. and now hes almost 2 months and i still cant believe i get to be this boys mom. he is such a good boy. he doesnt really cry a lot and loves cuddles with mama and daddy. i love watching him learn a little more each day.
She loves Walking, Talking, and Yelling. She also loves to Smile and Giggle.
Hi, my name is Elijah. My mommy put me in this contest. I’m currently on oxygen and a monitor for breathing. I’m 4 weeks old and love practicing making sounds and smiling.
He loves to eat , watch cocomelon, crawl around and laugh and play with his baby Einstein teddy bear
She loves to laugh and smile
Loves to crawl around and get into everything. Also enjoys watching coco melon and searching for any food that’s in the area. Full of energy and loves to laugh!
My baby yoona is just my precious girl💖 we love her so so much
Gianna loves to smile and she likes to babble with everyone. She enjoys looking around and loves to see her own hands ❤️😂. Thank you so much in advance for your support God bless you 👏🏻
Addilyn is a very smart,caring little girl! She loves animals, she loves swimming! She loves copying everything you say, she is definitely a mommy's girl, I wouldn't change it for the world! She a wonderful big sister🥰 she loves trying to help
Ayla is a stubborn daredevil, she has the biggest but cutest attitude ever! She’s funny and loves to dance to music, she’s always smiling and just one happy little girl!!
Axel loves to smile, and loves to eat,and play.
Beckett is our little miracle baby! We were told we were not able to concieve and God decided to grant us with this beautiful baby boy. Beckett was born a Micro Preemie at 30 weeks and was in the NICU for 7 weeks. Amazingly he's overcome every obstacle in his path and now at 3 months old is not only surviving but THRIVING! HE'S OUR SUPERHERO and we feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to raise this angel!
Julia is 8 momths old she loves animals of any type except cows. She is a little red head full of laughs and she will brighten your day
Emma is 6 months old and she loves water and she’s a very loving and adorable babygirl she loves animals and her mommy and daddy
This is my little monster Loyalty Samwell Figueroa. He is a true king🙏🏼 He loves his milk and so photogenic.
Stella is such a sweet little baby! She lobes to talk and tell you storys! She laughs at just about anything! She definitely brightens the day!
Victoria loves a good laugh! She is very curious and intrigued by all the trees around her. She enjoys music, and sings to herself when no one else will. If there’s anything she loves more is being with daddy.
Sophie is a very sweet lovable baby girl she surprised me coming into the world 6 days early she’s my life saver thru a lot of things her laugh her smile her loving eyes can fix any anger heart ache that u may have she definitely keeps you on your toes
Noa is 2 weeks old..she is a fiesty little warrior. She has the most beautiful smile and loves to be carried
Not participating, just looking at achievements and what not ,in case one day I enter!
Sebastian is 1 month old! Loves being sat up to view the world, cuddles, being sung too and sleeping on mommy. He’s a super calm, happy, go lucky baby..unless it’s time for a diaper change...then it’s the end of the world 😂
This little guy is 7 weeks. About to be 2 months on the 11th. He absolutely loves staring at the ceiling fan 😂 and mad dogging any and eveyone 😊
Gabby is one month old she’s a great baby ❤️❤️ Daughter of Joseph & savanna Hinojosa.
Holden is a soon to-be three month old baby. He loves doing raspberries, loves milk and enjoys mommy and daddy time.
Erin Amara
Erin is a sweet,loving and thoughtful kid he love to watch chu chu tv love to dance, and sing,she is absolutely daddy’s girl, but a mini me of her mom
This is Lj. He loves to smile & dance. He is definitely the life of the party lol. He enjoys watching Spider-man & Hulk. And he also enjoys going to school.
2months old and runs the show , loves to smile , laugh and eat . Also loves talking and watching word party .
This is Princess Z. She is 5 years old. She always smiling and loves to dance. Her favorite clothes to wear is Jojo Siwa. And she enjoys playing with LOL dolls.
Sofia is 5 months old! She loves watching 5 little ducks! Her favorite toy is a shark toothbrush!! And she loves bath time! She is definitely a mommy’s girl!
She loves to play and talk,She loves her family. She is very opinionated in a good way, loves to roll over
Xoey is Super smart she knows Spanish English and knows Sign language as well she loves bedtime books, dancing and making messes in the kitchen with mommy 😂❤️ But what she loves most is eating!
Our big girl loves anything that shines, just like her smile. A mommys girl and I Love it! You smile, she'll smile! She'll warm your heart with a hug and kiss blown ❤
Jewels loves bathtime and long walks through the house in the wee hours of the night. This sweet girl is already very alert and vocal. Future foodie. Talk to her about food and I guarantee her smile will melt your heart 😍
I’m 4 months old and I love to smile, play, and make new sounds!
Na’Shanti is a beautiful ,smart , intelligent child she love to watch tv (learning shows) love to dance and run around with her siblings
Syncere is full of life happy 24/7 & always smiling he's so lovable and silly he's a joy to be around
Kyla Rose
She’s terrified of dogs 😂 she loves playing with other babies and she’s a very happy baby🥰💕
Alaska Taylor
Alaska is a sassy, Goofy, Talking lil momma
Adrian is named after his father so, we call him “CeeJay”. It stands for Carr Junior, which is their middle name! He is the sweetest mommy’s boy ever💙! He also has the funniest faces in the whole world! He knows some sign language and is slowly learning more! He is so funny to watch, everybody loves him. Fun fact tho, he IS bi-racial. His father is half African American, but he came out looking EXACTLY like me!
Zoey loves to go swimming! She is most definitely a outdoors baby she is most happiest sweet baby I've ever seen even on her bad days she's always smiling!
Alice has a smile that lights up! She likes making faces and loves watching us when we talk. My youngest daughter!
Ruby loves music, playing in the pool, & smiling at everyone she meets! She’s the most squishy lovable baby ever!
Canaan Loves to eat, is very vocal😂 and has amazing eye contact!
He is a happy little guy who loves to smile. He really likes his elephant stuffed animal blanket. Always has his hands in his mouth. ❤
Loves to eat, sleep and cuddle!
Willow Wise
Willow is a almost 9 month little girl who was born after I had a molar pregnancy, miscarriage she was born tiny and is still developing very slow for her age she is a reddish blond with white stripes through her hair a very unique eyes which are it's Gray when she's inside blue when she's outside and every now and then her eyes are two different colors at once
Our beautiful Brazilian Princess is the happiest little girl who loves her family and her puppies.