Loving little boy. Loves to be outside. Makes the cute little faces
I love music , no matter what I’m always smiling/happy and I have a whole bunch of nicknames ❤️
Evan loves watching Paw Patrol and PJ Masks! He loves to pick out his own outfits, play in the dirt, and spending time with his sisters.
Nyomi is a sweet thang with a bit of a ornery side. She LOVES her stuffed animals and seeing what she can get into.
Lucy loves to watch Elmo’s world! Her favorite things to do are laugh at her MiMi when she sticks her tongue out, and drool all over her dada❤️
Brooklynn is a very active little girl. She loves to pick flowers, play on her park, and her most favorite thing to do is dance and listen to music with her Popman on the weekends❤️
Jamie loves trying to stand on his own and loves to chew his hands off! He loves snuggles and his very favorite animal is PENGUINS!
Charlotte Kay
Miss Charlotte is a New Years baby! She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her favorite food is currently applesauce. She is the sweetest mommas girl, loved being outside and getting love from her momma,daddy, 2 big brothers and one big sisters the most!
Hello my name is Ja'Laya i was born three months early and had to live in a NICU for a while. I got stronger and my goal is to go home with my family for the first time. Im very strong and i love to play with my dollie and uni. I also have teeth coming so my journey will be amazing.
Please Vote for David!
Timothy loves getting a bath and cuddling with his mommy.
Khamari is 4 weeks old! She loves to swing and cuddle with her parents! She can almost roll and is very active
My Name is Journee Rene’ Brown. I’m currently 7months weighing 14lbs. I was born on October 17th 2021. I was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 at birth along with an heart condition. I’m a very happy baby. I love minnie mouse , spongebob and tiktok ! I’m very talkative and can make your day in a heartbeat!
Luka is the spunkiest, most daring yet sweet little boy you will ever meet. He LOVES climbing anything he can and will give kisses all day long!
Everlee is a very talkative baby, she loves her dad & chewing on her fingers. She doesnt really like crying or going to bed
Hi, I’m Carter! I’m 2 1/2 months old and I love my Mommy, smiling big, and snuggles. I’d love to have your vote!
Aceton is 1 years old and absolutely loves any kind of music. His favorite shows to watch are Ms. Rachel and Mickey Mouse. This blond hair, blue eyed baby is full of love. He spends his time blowing kisses, waving and giggling to everyone who shows him attention. If you’re having a bad day he is guaranteed to make you smile!
Lilyonna is 3 months old! She absolutely loves her swing and her soft blanket. She has a big brother who loves to help with her. Shes got the cutest chunky cheeks ive ever seen!!
Nickolas is 2 years old. He has been thru alot in the first couple months. But that hasnt stopped him from smiling. There are days where he turns my bad days into good days just by smiling. He has a contagious smile. He loves to watch winnie the pooh, disney movies, magic school bus, mickeys play house, and the looney tunes. He loves to help out with his baby sister and has taken to her like a champ!!! He just amazes me more and more everyday.
Hudson was a premie born at 4lb 13oz. He has had a very rough start but is now thriving! He loves to take showers with daddy and play with other kids. Hudson loves to jump he could jump all day. He smiles all the time and giggles lots too. His favorite word is dada. And loves to babble!
Colt is a rainbow baby who loves to talk away and is starting to learn he has fingers and hands to chew on
She’s a month old on the 21st she loves cuddles n getting help n sleeping
Ethan was my miracle and now the biggest blessing. Very smart, loving and determined to grow and reach his goals
Dustin is a very lovable boy, who is excited to learn and grow daily.
I love to draw and sing. Encanto anything will make me smile. Trucks and toys tend to make me go wild. Give me some music and I will jump around. I love my family they make giggle.
kingston is a lovely happy baby, he loves his naps and when he try’s to laugh it comes out as a squeal, he so funny always trying to make new noises.❤️ light brown hair soft brown eyes and he has a birthmark on his forehead and back of his head so cute he loves to eat and loves to watch mickey mouse cause the colors catch his attention he is my first and the best baby
He Loves Jumping In His Bouncer & Playing With Any Toy Object …..He Loves Dressing Up.
Athena is 3 months old and loves the river! Any water she will find a way to play in it.
Hi I’m RaeLynn, I’m 2 month old and I was born on March 11th, 2022. I love tummy time and to smile when my mommy and daddy pick me up☺️
Hi I’m Emmy I was born Friday may 13 2022 and I love bottles and mommy💜
Not even 2 weeks old and is already trying to hold his head up and crawl. He loves to roll onto his side and attempt to roll onto his belly.
Klinton is a very out going baby👶 . He always has a smile on his face 😊. The only time he cry’s 😭 is when he is hungry 🍼or fighting his sleep 💤 .He loves to watch house of mouse on tv 📺. His favorite baby food is bananas anything with bananas he loves🍌. He can say 🗣 Ba Ba , Da Da , Ma Ma and learning more he is such a smart baby
He’s spoiled lol he loves to eat and play. Very active and alert
Braelynn was born almost 8 week early on December 26th 2021 as a premie. She is now almost 5 months old, she loves standing on her feet with some help, she is starting to get some teeth therefore she drools all over her self and sucks on her fingers, she is just now discovering her feet and grabs them every time she get a diaper change and she loves splashing in the water. Braelynn smiles all the time and is discovering her laugh and voice.
I like to snuggle with mommy an daddy an cuddle with my big sister I am a sweet little boy 💗 who loves everyone 💖
She is only a month old and trys to hold her own bottle
Luxx is extremely happy and playful! He has the cutest smile. Everywhere we go everyone stops to tell him how handsome he is. Luxx loves cars and food lol. He really the coolest baby around. Please vote for Luxx ❤️
Elisha is a sweet boy with a goofy personality. I’m positive that his favorite thing to do is make others smile.
He loves his music, monkeys and playing pattycake. This little man has the joy of life in him. His favorite movie is The Lion King, watch him Roar 💙
Nabella Rose Speck
Shes very happy baby shes lovable
Lainy is a super sweet, super happy, funny character. she loves dogs, swimming, and she walks around like she's the boss. she loves my Little mermaid, 🧜‍♀️she loves giving hugs, and has a super killer cute smile.
Sieanna is a 8 day old baby girl who loves to snuggle with mommy & daddy and make funny faces 🥺
Ronan Andrew
Ronan loves, loves mommy and daddy and cannot go without hugging them every 5 minutes! 👨‍👩‍👦🤍🥰 He loves going on walks and runs with mommy every day and then relaxing and snuggling after! Being outside where all of the nature is - the kid lives for it every chance that he can get. 🌿🌵✨
Miss K’leigh loves to be outdoors. She loves playing with her brothers. She loves learning. She loves helping her papa.
Wylie is such a happy and fun toddler who loves being outside and playing with his friends and cousins! Obsessed with animals, tractors, big machinery, motorcycles, and dinosaurs! 🦖 VOTE FOR WYLIE!
Noel is a 9 month twin to a brother name Nehemiah
Nehemiah is 9 month twin to a brother name Noel