Our goofy,happy-go-lucky, always on the move little girl❤️ She has such a bright personality and a contagious smile. We are so glad she chose us❤️
Emberlynn is a growing 2 month old baby that loves watching cartoons, she loves swimming, she is extremely smart, etc. She is truly a blessing.!
Elijah is a very sweet loving little man!! His favorite things to do are go outside and chase his sisters around! He’s got quite the healthy appetite and loves noodles and fruit!
Augustus is one of the sweetest boys! He loves being outside, loves him some John Wayne movies and will give endless hugs and cuddles
Cherokee is a happy, fun, loving princess who loves to laugh and play with her siblings, her favorite movie is finding nemo. I hope you get a laugh and smile from this beautiful spunky girl.
He likes to make all kinds of little sounds. He loves eating and sleeping. And he’s a big cuddler
She is a miracle baby Loves to be in her swing And playing with mommy
Turner is such a happy baby! He loves EVERYONE!! He loves to laugh!
Meet Reece-e Roo, the most happiest baby boy!
My perfect baby girl Hensley Grace born June 3! Weighing 6lbs 13oz 19in longs she loves cuddles and being snug in her swaddle.
She is 9 months old she loves to play and be held her favorite word is dada.She loves her older brothers...Teagan is a sweet baby she loves to play with her brothers and loves to eat mac and cheese
LouAnn is smart, sassy who loves playing outside and with her brother and sister
Luna Blaze is a big burst of energy and love, she loves making friends and always says hello to anyone she sees. she adores her dog beaux and loves pretend racing her strider bike :)
Lorelai is a spunky, sassy, smart 19 month old who loves her mommy, daddy, grandparents and Bailey! She loves to be outside with her pool and water slide. She reps for Everlee Blayke Bows.
Khabeli is such an outstanding kid. As my first born he has taught me some tough love. And has shown me what it really takes to be a boy mom. He loves the outdoors, you cant keep him in the house without him destroying something! He definitely keeps me on my feet but also makes me cry to see him grow up to fast. I am so proud to be this little boys mama. He has saved me from a rough patch and has brought light into the dark shadows.
Remington is the sweetest baby you’ll ever meet. He loves to swim, swing, bathtime and play with his two fur sisters. Remi loves his teething giraffe out of all his toys. Remi is the only child and he teaches him self and us parents every day!
This is nova she is a very happy baby. She loves to yell/talk, She is almost sitting up by her self,And is almost crawling.
This is Kai’san, he is a happy little boy. He’s definitely a daddy’s boy although he does love his mommy. He loves playing in the pool or just about any type of water. He loves animals and he likes to be very independent. He’s my little sweetheart. ( It wouldn’t let me write his name correctly. It’s spelt Kai’san with the apostrophe)
Kobe is a very sweet 9 1/2 month old little munchkin. He loves anything with turkey or sweet potatoes. He loves to swim, play with his toys and talk his tushy off. Please vote for him we will return the favor. 💕💕💕
LeyLanii loves toys that talk back to her. She love the talking tom cat! Shes such a jolly giggly babygirl!
She’s bout to be 6 months old loves mommy, daddy, baths, bottles her juice and Cheeto puffs 😂she says dada and mama and is all around a happy baby 💜🤞🏼
Sarai loves to sing and dance. She loves to make people laugh by telling knock, knock jokes.
Archer is 8 months old and is just always so happy. He’s always smiling and it puts a smile on our faces too! He loves doggies and is just starting to crawl and never stops moving!
Our Delaney is literally the sweetest! She is so happy and only cries when she wants to eat! Right now she loves cuddles with Mama. She loves staring at her brothers, trying to figure them out. She loves when her Daddy tells her she is a pretty girl! Her obsession is the ceiling fan and trying to get hand in her mouth! Our little girl was born with a Hemangioma on her right cheek! Basically it’s a strawberry patch. We are trying to raise awareness for Hemgiomas! Not enough people know about it! She is our Angel from Heaven 💕
Jax is a happy little boy. He’s claim and loves to be cuddled.
Lilly has the best personality . She’s always smiling and laughing she loves to growl at everything and copy her dad 😊❤️
Samuel is a happy, smiling, cooing baby. He brightens everyone’s day. Just the perfect addition to our family.
Charlie is Happy!
Zahbier is the happiest little boy! He wakes up laughing. He’s calm and laid back and loves a good tickle.
Ayden is the happiest baby on the planet, he is constantly smiling and giggling! He loves food and is obsessed with his mama! He was born 10 weeks early and has thrived from a little 2.1 pound baby to a happy healthy 17 pound monster
She’s loves to cuddle with her Momma.
Presha is very advantageous. 💪✊🏽 She is mixed with Native American & Irish. The most happy baby. 🫶🏽 She’s gorgeous & very adventurous, she comes with such a big personality she’s a tiny comedian. 😂 She’s breast fed but also loves food. She’s got an insatiable appetite. 😊 Hers a happy chunky mammas 🥹🤍 She is NOT shy 🙈 loves attention especially new faces. 😊 she’ll just melt your heart 🤍🫠😍
Grayson is a very loving, rambunctious little 2 year old. He is our world and a blessing. He loves anything to do with dinosaurs and big trucks and sometimes believes he himself is a Dino ❤️
Annabella or as we call her Annabanana is very fun and outgoing kid. Annabella love to draw, paint, write, and create anything she can!
Zowie is a sassy queen. She always has some interesting things to say and ways to say it. She loves swimming, drawling, LOL, and spending time with her little brother!
Nathaniel is a silly little boy..... He love to play and run. He is always so full of energy and never slows down. He has three older sisters he loves to play with and torture.... He likes Paw patrol, Monster trucks, Superman, and Batman!
He’s 1 month almost 2. We just learned our smiles n voice! We love our older siblings and rolling over already we broke our arm at birth. So things have been moving right along
I love being in the water, mac and cheese, and animals. 🥰
I am 17 months old. I love eating Mexican food!! I love to be around my family and my puppies. I enjoy walks outside but I would rather walk around myself and watching cars.I am a daddy’s girl!!
Ellie Lynn
Ellie Lynn is 9 months
Xavier is mommy’s miracle baby born at 31w 5d 3lbs 13.7oz. Such a happy baby, loves to eat just learned to walk, and loves to be outside! ❤️
This is my 4 month old Xavier! He loves everyone he is such a happy baby and loves to watch Mickey Mouse. He is always smiling at anyone who talks to him ❤️
Bentlee loves to get into everything he is not supposed to be in lol. He’s a very happy baby. He’s also very active always doing something!
Azrael is 8 months old he loves babbling, Eating and sucking his fingers. Azrael also loves playing with other babies Vote Azzy 🖤
Jameson was born at 26 weeks. He is such a strong little man and has come so far. Jameson definitely fills a void. He is our rainbow baby ❤️
She's 11 months old loves her snacks waving hi and laughing at everything she loves attention too for sure and she's the cutest little girl I've ever seen and definitely a sass queen 👑 💕