Baby Stories - 8


Hi, I’m Juliana Rose. I have 2 front bottom teeth. I love to giggle and play with all my toys. I refuse to crawl, instead I get on my hands and feet and bear crawl😂 I love to use everything to stand myself up, I am ready to run! 🏃‍♀️ Please vote for meeeee! 😊❤️
Easton is the smartest, happiest, smartest 2 y.old I know. He loves Baby Shark & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. His favorite food is beans & rice or pizza. Please vote for my baby.
Camden is 9 months old he loves eating crawling and getting into all of mommy’s stuff
Lamar is a 3 month old who loves talking and smiling. He likes spending time with his older cousins and kicking anyone he can. You should vote for him because he always brightens any room he’s in.
Blakely loves to eat puffs and drink her milkies. She also loves smiling and laughing with her mama ❤️
She is a sweet baby. Very chilled. Loves music. And enjoys her time with mommy amd daddy.
Mae Rose
Mae Rose is so cute and Sassy to be three months old! She loves to talk(gibberish)and she loves to try and stand already!!
Emmett loves to eat. He smiles a lot, tries to hold his head up and rolls himself over on his side.
Blake is my 11 month old little princess! She is such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing, and ALWAYS wanting attention 🥰 She loves her big sister more than anything. But mommy and daddy come in a close 2nd. She has such a sweet soul, it makes your heart absolutely melt!
Hi my name is Divine Royalty and I was born at 32 weeks. I spent 38 days in the Nicu and got stronger by the day. I’m a preemie princess 👑 with so much love to give.
Dagan is a wild child with a hig heart he loves to hug and hold you tight he never meets a stranger
Samara is a very photogenic little girl who loves to please everyone she is always happy
Brayden is a very special boy who had a hard start in life. He was in the nicu for three weeks from birth due to having heart and lung problems. Hes a very special loving little boy who just loves to laugh and smile at everyone
She is a dream come true.
The funniest, sweetest, animal loving, jesus loving girl around 💗
Hi My Name is Isaiah,im always smiling i love my brothers and sisters im spoiled by mom dad and my siblings i love the outdoors
Alilah is 2 months she is a very chill baby loves to laugh make noise with her tongue and loves to talk.
Little miss blue eyes . 💙 Youngest of three girls . One of the happiest baby. She smiles at you no matter who you are .
This is little Shay, he loves to nap, loves his best buddy Penny our dog, and loves to look out the window at birds.
Cartier is 3 years old he is in headstart he is a very loving and caring big brother also a momma boy. He is very smart, playful and silly if you are having a bad day Cartier will make your day.
Jace is a happy 4 yrs old he loves paw patrol playing outside going to school saying his abc is main activity is 🕺very independent lil guy 😘
He just an amazing baby boy handsome at its best 💙
K’hari is a sweet baby boy , he loves eating and sleeping and loves playing with daddy . K’hari is a rainbow miracle baby .
She is an absolute wild child! She loves water,playing,running around and is always up for games
Lyrical is very energetic she loves playing with blocks and puzzles. She’s very caring and kind hearted and loves Elmo.
Braylon is a loving boy. He is always willing to help. He loves the Lord and just want to be happy! He says he will be a basketball player and buy mommy and Nana a truck! Let’s start here ❤️ Meet Braylon aka Brayski
She is 3 months old , she loves to eat , sleep and talk to her mawmaw. she is a great happy baby
Braylee Is A Bright two year old who enjoys chocolate milk,ABCs Colors And Shapes😍
Baby Ava
Baby Ava loves to eat ,She loves when you talk to her she smiles for you. Everyone should vote for her because the money will go to her college funds when she gets older.
Xavion Malakai 💙 always smiling & giggling & turning heads 💙 October 16th is my big day!! I’ll be one years old
She’s super sweet and even more beautiful ❤️❤️
My first born Eliana Herlinda,a little back story it was very hard for me to get pregnant both tubes were blocked and also struggled with cysts on my ovaries I was told I would never get pregnant until last year jan27,2020 is when I had found I was pregnant boy I cried with joy and feb 2 day of my birthday is when I found Out I was having a girl Eliana is my miracle baby she’s such a smart baby already singing to abcs starting to count she loves cocomelon she sings to the wheels on the bus ,says hi and bye gives kisses says mama papa and loves her baby sister savannah milagros she is the sweetest most loving baby definitely a daddy’s girl but I’m glad both my babies chose me to be there mama
My second born savannah milagros definitely unexpected but a big blessing what can I say already two months and smiling all the time definitely brightens up my day love my girls with all my heart
Jaiden is almost 3 months old. Building up his own little personality, while also being fairly content with himself. He's already sleeping through the night like a champ, and rollin over like it's nothin. We're so darn lucky!❤️
Rivers favorite movie is "The Secret Life of Pets"! He loves to play with his toys and sing with his mommy to Cocomelon songs. He's such a little love bug and loves to laugh and giggle💙 Vote for little River!😊😊
Love to sleep, 3-4 hrs sometime, love to listen when spoken to. Somehow managed to coo himself to sleep
Jacob has been a true blessing! At only 5 weeks old, he has taught us how beautiful a little baby of no words can re-teach us real love!
❤️ PLEASE RETURN VOTES AT THIS TIME ❤️ ADVANCED VOTES WELCOMED ✅ I HAVE A FEW SPOTS ON EACH SITE OPEN FOR EXCHANGES💜 PLEASE LIKE MY PAGE AND I WILL LIKE YOURS ( leave your link) IT WILL UNLOCK ACHIEVEMENTS FOR BOTH OF US! Kylani is 9 months old. She is a bossy little girl with a lot of attitude and the sweetest smile 😊 Her favorite pastimes include chewing on stuff, eating, sleeping , playing and watching Bubble Guppies, Baby Shark 🦈 and Dora. Kylani uses her eyebrows to let you know how she feels 🤨 lol it’s super cute.She is crawling all over the place and pulling herself up on furniture and cruising around. She knows how to wave bye-bye and clap her hands. She loves bath time and enjoy trying lots of new foods. 🥰Please consider voting for Kylani ☺️Thanks 🙏🏼 If you’re interested in exchanging votes I will do 10 a day - just leave me a message! Good luck to all 🍀 all babies are beautiful 🥰
Jeremiah is our rainbow baby ❤️🙏🏼 He has been a blessing to our family since we first knew we were pregnant. He loves Mickey Mouse. He loves music. He’s a very happy baby. He has the most beautiful bond with his big sister. And he’s definitely a mamas boy 🥰 if we don’t win that’s ok, we just want to share with the world the perfect blessings that God does, and just how beautiful my baby boy is! 💙💚
Jaden is 8 weeks old. He loves to be held and cuddle, he dislikes carseats and strollers. And he loves to sleep and eat..
Kaylyn is an outstanding little 2 year old she loves just about everything, her favorite color is green, she loves her baby brother, her favorite word is telling you no.
My baby boy Ezio loves to talk and giggles a lot. He’s very active, moves his legs and arms like he’s swimming lol. He also loves looking at the camera. Please vote for him!
Philip is 7months old. He loves eating food and He loves watching tv and he trying to walk, and saying dada, and He is very smart only cries when he’s hungry 🥰🥰
Declan was born with Ptsosis(weak eyelid muscle) but he is the cutest, sweetest boy around 🥰
Isaiah Antonio Hernandez 💙 Is our lil Angel sent from above he likes to make his Mama Laugh in his Lil Funny Character Ways 🤣 He likes to Say Make the sound (Uh/Uh ) the way in words would be (No/No) when she takes the bottle 🍼 out of his mouth to burp him 👶 or when she says time to change your Pamper then he'll Smile With A Bashfool Sideways one side Cheek up Big 😊
Lincoln is a big boy who loves to eat, play with his big brother and LOVES "dog dogs" as he calls them 🥰
Aubreigh is 3 months old, she has such a little personality. Lights up any room she’s in 💛