Baby Stories - 8


Loves being a cowboy!!
Miss Hazel is a happy little girl. She's always smiling and laughing. She absolutely loves to crawl around. And she loves her sweet potatoes.
Bennie is a very handsome little man He loves smiling and he’s coming into his personality.
Laylani is very smart, and beautiful and very funny and outgoing she is the joy of life..
Very flexible loves cocomelon and paw patrol.
Oaklynn is 3 months old she loves cuddles and smiling at everyone,She also enjoys staring at lights and making noises
Evan Jacoby
Jacoby is a sweet snuggle bug who loves his mommy and daddy, has the sweetest softest cry. He really just enjoys sleeping right now
Zayden is always happy and smiling. He loves playing with the wipe bag, love his cats, and loves to watch football with his granny!
She is a sweet and precious little baby. Who wouldn’t want to vote for her?
Lillyana is the most precious baby girl. She’s sweet and lovable and such a good baby!
Delilah is the happiest baby. She loves to “talk” to her Papa, play with the dogs and laugh out loud.
My name is Francis and let me start off by saying I love my parents very much, I’m always smiling at them the second I wake up, I’m always telling stories more now than ever. I don’t think you should vote for Francis but you can if you really want to. I mean He is CUTE! 🥰
Royalty loves school work which gets her suprises. She is 6 years old and doesn't have a mother. She is a great kid and is very smart and out going. She recently won a kids modeling event.
LilyJo is 2 years old! She is such a sweet heart and loves to play and be silly! Her favorite thing is babies!! She wraps them up for bedtime and feeds them their “bottles”! She’s definitely a mommas girl!
Sweet Gracie was born 5 1/2 weeks early! She survived a internal bleed, my high risk pregnancy & she is getting stronger everyday! She loves snuggles, napping with mommy & big bows! Meet my NICU warrior!
Sammy is a very happybaby! He smiles big all day! Sam is VERYYY special to me, as all of our babies are special To us. But he was brought in this world For me,for a very specific reason! My Dad, who was my best friend, unexpectedly died the morning after we were released from the hospital to go home for the first time . Dad never got to meet him, other then a quick minute on video chat! He reminds Me of my Dad in so many ways . Looks and personality! My Dad was the most excited for me to have a baby. He told Me he waited YEARS for me to have one. And he couldn’t wait to meet him. His first grandson! And the only person to truly feel his kicks when I was pregnant with him. … Dad and Mom were not allowed to visit us on delivery day when they arrived at the hospital because of the new Covid rules, only allowing one person in the room . It breaks my heart everyday that he never got to meet my baby.(He would’ve been able to if it wasn’t for Covid!)And that it was the morning he was supposed to meet him that he passed away. Just Hours before actually. If I didn’t have my Sammy, I would be in a dark place right now. He is my Savior, my reason to push through everyday. My reason to not go “dark” my reason I’m still smiling . I know dad is watching over us, but to not witness him loving this little boy, or even get a picture of them together breaks me heart everyday . But I do get to see my Dad in Sam and that fills my heart with more and more live! He is my heart, my soul, my entire being, my reason to live and my reason to heal. I love you baby boy! With my whole heart ❤️ And mama is so, so sorry you won’t ever get to meet your Pop-Pop! But I will, without a doubt, make sure you feel like you know him! As Pop-Pop did for me with his father, my grandpa! I did get 4 years with my Grandpa. And I’m so sorry that you won’t get any time with yours. But your Pop-Pop/Grandpa will live on through my stories I will always tell u. And will live on through you! ❤️❤️❤
Bryson Blake loves smiling and laughing at everything and everyone! He’s a little chunk weighing in at 15 lbs! He also loves going on walks, music and most of all spending time with Mommy and Daddy ❤️ He is the light of our lives
James was born November 30th at 36 weeks 4lbs 14oz and perfect he's a very happy little boy always smiling and loves to eat and sleep
Very handsome and smart he loves to share
The most sweet handsome baby always happy very much like my mom after she pass I had him a little peace of joy and a peace of her 🙏
Janae is my one and only grandbaby. Shes almost 2 months old She is the calmest baby. Shes so tiny and precious.
Hi my name is Zabella! My name unique and unheard of. That's alright though i love my name because im a special kind of unique. My mommy and daddy came up with my name when they first got together. I wasnt even baking yet. Means so much to me.
Brynleigh aka Binnie is a very smart determined little girl with a warm heart who comforts anyone who is sad she loves playing outside and with her baby dolls. Vote for Brynleigh aka Binnie
Azora was born @29+6. Spent 6.5 weeks in the nicu & came home at 36 weeks. She has recently started trying to roll over and loves tummy time. She has overcame so much! She loves sleeping with mom & dad. She’s just the sweetest!
Hi I'm Albert. I am 5 years old. I'm in pre school this is my first year. Things i like. I like to go to school. Play with my friends and siblings. I like to play Pokémon. Watch spongbob on my new Gameboy. I have a dog named Anna. Please vote for me. I'm handsome 😌
Markus is a very active baby, he loves cocomelon, pays close attention to it. His Smile brightens anyone's day. He is a very happy baby even while he has to go through a few hurdles as a baby he loves to smile.
Hi my name is Hephaestus. What was that? Where did i get my name from? Well ill tell you i got my name from my father. My names is a person that was the king. I'm name after a black Smith king. I'm 4 months 11 days old I love to be talked too Played with held well you know big boys got to eat! Please vote for me I'm new at this into this world.
She is a happy smiling baby!!!!
He is the happiest baby you will ever meet he knows how to bring a smile to your face he loves laughing and to play with his toys
He is 3 months old he was born a month early he loves to play with his brother and his family he always has a smile on his face everyday
She is always happy. Her giggle could melt you out of your shoes. She LOVES butternut squash. Jumping and flying around like a spaceship is her favorite thing to do. Her eyes are the prettiest grey/green.She is the sweetest strawberry in the patch. PLEASE vote for my Ellie belly ❤️
She is the most happiest baby i ever met, she is my whole world and will always put a smile on any one’s face 🙂
William has adhd,autism, and bipolar depression. Its been a long road of medication and councling
Skylar Frye
Skylar she’s 5 years old and is a sweat heart! She is tender hearted and full of sas! She loves going to school and playing with her friends, and loves the outdoors
Isabella Frye
Isabella is a wild and rambunctious 3 year old, she is not afraid to stand up for herself from her older sister, she loves to climb around and loves to play outside and with her fur baby’s
Addison Frye
Addison rose, she’s the baby sister of 2 other girls, and a preemie at that she was born at 35 weeks and was in the nicu for a week, she’s a sweetheart and loves everybody and loves to play with her sister, she loves food and crawling playing with her sisters.
Charlotte Aka Charlie
Charlie is SO sweet and SO calm. Always sticking her tongue out and smiling. She loves lights. The christmas tree, watching tv with her brother. She already loves manicures and massages like her mom.
Little ms Marley loves to explore and learn new things every day
Carter is the most happiest 3 month old in my opinion! His smile is to die for and he even smiles for strangers! Vote for my little boy so I can give him everything he needs and deserves! ❤️
THE ABSOLUTE HAPPIEST BABY🤍 she never, ever fails to put a smile on your face. she absolutely loves everything about life! she’s joyful and a strong little girl! she fought and kicked covid’s butt! she’s full of giggles and loves attention!
Maylee is the happiest, smiley baby ever! She loves her veggies and crinkle toys. Part of her name, May, is after her grandmother May and, Lee, for mom's middle name. Maylee is very social, loves her bath time and carries on conversation with the best of them.
Funniest baby in d world 🌎 🤫 and also the cutest 🗣💙‼️
Ashton is a sweet and very cuddly almost 3 month old. He is an extremely happy baby and smiles all the time. He enjoys looking at moving lights and anything colorful, he also loves soft blankies and cannot sleep without one.
Hand picked by his brother and sister in heaven 🌈💕 He loves to talk, talk, talk and is always smiling 🥰
Our God Daughter is finally home with us....she has the most beautiful smile.
Andre is loving. He loves to explore into things. He’s the most precious gift I’ve ever received from God himself 🥰❤️