Adonis is a very lovable child that loves to smile. He brings nothing but joy in everyone heart. He loves strawberries, kiwi, beans and rice.
She has a real bubbly personality and loves smiling and trying to talk to us
He is a very happy and full of energy baby. He’s loves homemade sweet potatoes. He is just realizing he like to wear no pants so putting clothes on him is a challenge. He always gives a big smile to every person he encounters. He loves walks. Just seeing his smile just makes your day better so to keep seeing this happiness just hit vote.
Oaklee is such a sweet and happy baby, she loves her big sisters and mommy, she's my lil boobie monster ☺️ y'all vote for my precious baby to help a single mama out with their Christmas 🎄💜
Khazi is a sweet and loving little guy. He loves smiling and laughing.
Ms. Kaori is a sassy but smart princess that everyone loves💗. She loves to watch Gracie’s Corner by learning her ABC’s and etc and enjoys singing along she also likes playing with her older brother. What she hate the most is getting her hair did she have a head full but hate to get it did every time 😂. Kaori is an adventurous young lady we have to keep a watch on her at all times!!
Skyler is very advanced at her age she loves watching coco melon and baby Einstein and she loves sitting up on her own and jumping in her jumper and she goes everywhere in her walker and loves talking
willow is such a happy baby. she loves her mommy and brother. an is always smiling an laughing. yall vote for my sweet girl👸🥰
David is such a crazy little boy! He is so goofy and is always smiling. He loves his mommy and daddy and loves spending time with his family. He is mommy and daddy’s whole world 🌎💙
Im a super happy baby! love to kick my feet! mommy is my favorite place to lay when i fall asleep
Oakley loves her big brother. She loves sweet potatoes and yogurt bites. Loves her bouncy
Gunnar is a very energetic and talkative lil man! He loves to bounce and make lots of noises! We got blessed with such a happy smiley boy! He loves the camera and brightens any bodies day!
Legend 💙he is 1 month old , ever since he was born he loves to smile & is happy all the time !! Makes everyone around him smile !! he loves music nd also when you sing to him !!! He is very special , heaven sent ! Very alert with his surroundings , overall the happiest baby ever !! 🫶🏼🤍 he finds Anyway to Warm your Heart forsure !!!
Baby Easton is a little firecracker. He is a very happy baby. He has started dancing and attempting to walk. He is also very stubborn. And very loved.
I love my mama my dead grandfather and my mommy and my Rob rob and my nana and my John and my Chris and my daddy
Happy as all get out even under the weather! My smile lights up the room and I never meet a stranger!
Alyiah is a very interactive toddler. She loves her animals, loves her family and especially her Mickey Mouse. Alyiah is a caring and adventurous girl. She’s always curious about things and she always goes on her own little adventures.
Payten I call her Granny Sweet she is my first Grand! Payten is so spoiled by her Granny and Papa❤️Payten loves to go to McDonald’s after school (daycare) and get her kids meal chicken nuggets meal she calls it (chicken fries) lol. Payten is so playful and VERY SMART! She is Loved by her Mom, Dad, Grands, Aunts, Kemyia and sister cousin Lani(Granny M&M) and all her family!
Dior Ne’vaeh ❤️🥳 is the best heart warming loving baby 💯 she is every smart she loves 💕 to talk ,eat everything she sees
My handsome, sweet, loving boy💕If you know Jax you know he is the sweetest smartest little boy💕
Marie love her siblings she very very smart she love to watch Diana and Roma or Gracie's concer && Marie so silly
Mike And Cash
It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins🤍My blue eyed boys🤍
hi i’m chyna , i love to eat and say dada ❤️
I may be small but I’m full of life! 👣 I love to cuddle, listen to music, and drink my mamas home made milks 🍼 If you read stories I promise to listen until I fall asleep that is 👶🏻
A little girl with a big personality, always smiling and laughing never a dull moment with her she can definitely light up the room, shes sassy and loves cuddles❤️ she loves her silly big brother, nothing but all happiness from her ❤️❤️
Ella is love,carrying,and loves to be outside exploring Mother Nature. She is 2 years old and loves spending time with her dad and mom and tearing up the house with all her toys
Jacey is a spunky 8 month old baby girl. She loves to talk and dance. She is standing up alone, not sure about walking yet though. To know her is to love her.
Raven is 4 months old and the happiest baby I've ever seen! She's always smiling and giggling.
I will be 3 months old on 24th. I'm very curious and loveable. I love the sound of my mom's voice and I'm a very happy baby.!
Nathan is my one and only sweet baby boy. He is only 1 month old at the time but is one beautiful boy! He was an unexpected little miracle 💙😇
He loves to sleep and eat he’s smart to be his age and loves his mom and dad a lot
Emersyn Rae is our sweet baby girl! She loves her momma and her daddy more than anything!💗💗 She loves to listen to the rain and bathtime!🌧☔️🫧
He is a very silly boy. Love outside and running around making people laugh and smile
Rhylee is very smart, her favorite color is pink.. she loves watch jojo siwa. She have a little brother name ralyn she loves to play with outside
TRE is the sweetest! He can turn a rainy day and make it shine!! He loves very hard!! He is very smart and has came a very long way!! He enjoys playing basketball and on his Xbox! He loves a cell phone and if he has your number he will call you definitely one thousand times a day!
Aria is a twin aria is funny 🤣😏 warm and loving she so smart already a ray of sunshine
Greyson is 13 months, he loves to walk & play! He’s a mommas boy!! He has the most amazing personality & is such a character!
Very happy and easy going baby. He went with Mommy to vote, starting early to learn the importance of having your voice heard. He was very effective at drooling all over Mommy’s license, and talkative to the adults in line.
Barbara is an outgoing six month old who has the attitude of her daddy she’s always on the go and loves her big brother and sister
Zariah Rigsbee was born on May 30th 2022 at 39 weeks, On a early Monday Morning at 9:27am after 24hrs of labor & a emergency c section Zariah entered this world🥰❤️. She has the chubbiest Cheeks and the most precious smile & giggle, she loves all the attention and she gets super excited to see mama & dada🥺.
Caden has endured so much already in his short life, but his smile never fades! From his infectious smile as a new born, to his forever smile as a toddler, he can always manage to light up a room!
Queen is approaching three years old. She’s energetic, smart, and talented. She’s currently working to build her modeling portfolio ❤️
Colton loves to eat. Play peek-a-boo. Loves to talk to his big sister.
Hello, My name is Knox! I love to laugh and talk to mommy and daddy. Im always a happy baby when I’m getting all the attention!