Elijah is most definitely a character within himself. That boy can tell you how he is feeling just by his facial expressions 🤣 he didnt get the nickname the "grimlin" for nothing 😉
Ravan loves her Grandparents, Loves sleeping and food! Loves laughing and picking on her cousin!
Juniper Thompson
Miss Fussy Buns
Hudson is an energetic and amazing big brother who love lightning McQueen and jumping on his trampoline. H loves playing in the dirt and being on binkie duty for his little brother Henry. Hot wheels and all things cars are his passion, he wants one day to go to cars land and meet the real lightning McQueen.
She loves to sing and dance. She's so goofy and always happy.
Jai is amazing loves animals, music and loves her family
Very independent and she loves to smile
Hey I’m damri and I have a twin name Darryl and we loving playing and having fun love meeting new people
Erianna is 5years old Her favorite food is rice&seaweed Her favorite color is blue And she said she wanna be a mom when she grow up 😆. She likes gymnastics/dancing and sing.
Thalia loves giving warm hugs. Sometimes if she feels like it she’ll throw in a kiss too. If you’re lucky. She’s so active I can’t even to get her to stop bouncing around, running etc….
Zeus Noah
Zues is just one month he is a Premature baby, Always smiles, he have a cute laugh when he is sleeping ♥️ my baby boy is my whole world.
Hazel is happy all the time, especially when she’s outside. She’s smart, curios, funny, and the sweetest girl💗
I love to sing and dance. I love the camera!
She love to sing and dance play with her big brother she loves dogs and she love playing princess
Nora Jean
Nora is 3 months old, and loves to laugh. She is a beautiful baby, and such a blessing. She I growing everyday, and growing a personality each day💗
Serenity is an 12 year old girl whonhas a big heart and big dreams she wants to go to Harvard or Princeton to get her business degree she loves helping the homeless when she gets ilder she wants to buy a hotel renovate it and use it to help the homless get back on their feet she loves to play soccer and basketball wants to go to the Olympics for soccer she cares for everyone and wants to make everyone happy she loves horror movies and musicals she will love your votes thank you for voting
Kai decided to show up into this world 4 weeks early, and already he’s taken charge on what he wants.. that is, milk.. all the time. He is expressive in how he feels and loves to give us a smile
Sjay is 9 years old he loves to play football and basketball he loves to dance he is Obsessed with the back street boys loves horror movies he loves to help out his mom and dad at work with taking care of people with cerebral palsy and helping with the elderly with memorie care he is an outstanding student he loves to pull jokes/pranks he loves animals and he would really appreciate your votes thank you all
She is very outgoing, smart, independent and caring.
Jason is absolutely amazing,caring, creative, intelligent, honorable young man. He enjoys soccer, drawing, and creating comic books.
Aurora is almost 5 months old. She is a very happy, smiley girl and loves attention and being talked to. She likes grabbing at her feet and sucking her thumb.
He is a sweetheart and loves playing games and dancing and has every cocomelon toy and a lot of friends for his age 😍🥰
Miss Rory lights up a room with her smile and has a huge personality 💛 She loves snuggles, eating, music, and dancing! We spend most of our time giggling. She truly is heaven sent. A former preemie by 10 weeks, you’d never even know it! She’s the biggest blessing to everyone who knows her. 💜💜💜💜
Foundation DJ,1 year old ,registered for lulla panda’s photo contest win up to $3,000
Shalom Mina
She loves playing in the water, watching Ms.Racheal on youtube, playing with balls, and playing with her 8 years old sister. She loves cuddling as well. Lil Mina is a happy girl, she smiles alot and play alots. There are so many things that Mina loves. Her favorite things to do are walking outside and running around our yard. Mina hates staying inside all day. She is an outgoing lil girl. View her photos for her photos say more of what personality she has. And lastly vote for Shalom Mina
Macie Williams
Macie is a fun loving outgoing toddler, and she give the absolute best hugs. The perfect mix of sweet and salty, there’s never a dull moment with my little rugrat 🫶🏼
Loves to learn. Knows his abcs forward and backwards. Can identify each letter an the sound each makes. Loves to try n teach his infant sister how to count. He can count to 100. Its crazy how much he knows it surprises me daily. He's a mommas boy for sure but daddy is his favorite person in the world.
Hi is my baby boss
Will be back in December……. Ryder is happy, healthy, and has already discovered that his favorite place is to be is all snuggled up while being held.
Henry is two and a half months old. He has Spina Bifida and is truly an amazing gift from God. He had fetal surgery for the lesion on his back while still in the womb, and is absolutely thriving at home. He is so loved and we are so grateful for him. Here is Henry at his first bath home from the NICU.
Ms. Skylynn has a strong beautiful personality already for her such young age. She is very loving and is already wanting to sit up and be a big girl. She loves her Daddy and loves to watch tv and cuddle with mommy or daddy. ❤️
Noland is a huge daddy’s boy and loves to be outdoors. He sure knows how to make you smile even on your worst days ❤️
He is a special guy, and he's kind and always worried about others than himself, he likes Roblox, dinosaurs, and he really smart. He is Autistic, Epilepsy and several other, but he loves caring about others and even with all his medical problems, he always worried about how everyone else is doing, and like I said he's a good person and a brave through my eyes his been through a lot, and still dealing with a lot of things to be a kid
Aleah Is Such A Spunky 2 Year Old. She Loves Her Baby Dolls And To Be Silly!
I’m Avy! I love music and talking with my mama and daddy💗
Joshua Anthony
Joshua is a bright and full of life little boy, he turns 6 on the 4th of this month.
Marilyn Anthony
Marilyn is a wonderful little girl, she is 7 years old as of this Oct. she is a high energy little girl that loves to play and have fun.
Zoey is an amazing young lady. She is in third grade and on the A B honor roll. She loves to help others,ride her bike and play with her cats. I had a stroke last year and she has been a big help around the house.
Yokwe/Hello, my name is Samiel T. Aimokai Jabjulan. I am 5 months turning 6 months in 10 days. I love to eat, sleep & watch Ms.Rachel🤍.
Layla is such a happy baby always smiling when she wakes up! Her nickname is lay lay! She the cutest when she smiles and you see her teeth! He loves to babble! She started having seizures at 3 months old like her sister! Her seizures are based off fevers! Even though she has seizures and going through that she always smiling!
Paxton is a very happy little boy, he loves eating anything mom and dad are eating and loves to flirt! Hes very vocal and is always smiling 😃
Jasper is a two year old boy whose personality is far bigger than him! He loves singing and playing his guitar and he doesn’t like to leave the house without a hat! If you think he is as cute as we do Give our sweet Jasper a vote! 🙏🏼
Jymair loves play time with sissy and warm baths,and most of all snack time 🫶🥰
My Mr.Krabs , My Babbay , My Papa 💙 he is smart for his age his just now learning how to roll over and he keeps his legs in the air now attempting to play with his feet he has two teeth coming in at the age of 4 months . He loves to eat 🤣 he loves ms rachel cause he loves to talk and he also loves Elmo he loves to sleep & also loves bath time (he’s in love with the water). Baby cancer ♋️ Just like mom , grandpa & his big sister 🫶🏾
Kaylee is a very fearless courageous smart 1 year old who also likes doing her own hair while say cuteeee