Lovable, silly and the best baby sister ever! We love our Dyl Pickle 💕
I’m Colby I like watching tv with mama and I love baths but I’m at my happiest when I hear my daddy’s voice and I like to FaceTime my ReRe
Kennedy is a wild child she never slows down. She has a very big personality and she isnt afraid to show it. She might be small but she is fierce.
Luna is super chatty and loves to make new noises
Even though Emmet is a troublemaker, he’s a true sweetheart and will make your life an adventure
Morgan is a smiley little boy who will be w months old next Wednesday please vote for him
He’s an active baby who loves to read books and do some outdoor adventure.
Mayble has the prettiest blue eyes and she can capture your heart with those eyes
Qlways smiling. Qlways making sure that he os making me laugh. Little karismqtix character. Never have a dull moment with him around he just lights up the room everywhere qe go aomeone is constantly complimenting me on how xute and handsome he is. Hes my. Light and i qould be lost with out him. His soul is unique hes really special and smart and handsome and funny
Montero is such a curious baby, he loves laughing at mommy and daddy and loves playing in his jumper.
Aleyshia is 2yrs old ,she like to do her hair very caring, love to give hugs,
Evanna has such a joyful, bubbly personality with a touch of sass. She loves to hug and blow kisses but only when she wants to. Otherwise, she’ll straight up tell you no if she’s not feeling it at the moment. Bubbles are one of her favorite ways to spend time, all the while chanting pop, pop, pop! She’s just such a beautiful child in and out and puts a smile on everyone’s face.
Ryker Kezar
Our handsome boy is the happiest most chunky monkey you’d ever meet🥰 vote for him❤️❤️
Tristan loves it outside he loves the sand loves watching the train go by the house loves me and his daddy and his two older brothers he isn't real thrilled about getting a baby brother but I know he will be a good big brother ☺️❤️ he got COVID at 6 weeks old and fought it off my baby is definitely a fighter and very strong he is always smiling 🥰☺️ he is my entire world he was my first baby and was a miracle baby 💕
Tobias is a active baby. It always seems he never stops. He absolutely loves water. Being outside I'd have to say is his favorite or having a book read to him.
Baby Mylo.V is a chubby giggly little man definitely needs to be a gerber baby for sure but let’s start here first ❤️
Anthony is 5 months, he loves to smile, drool, & be on his feet!
Vote for my beautiful princess Sofia she is funny very beautiful she been through a lot she's only 6 months she's just everything vote for my daughter y'all won't regret it
Oaklynn is the happiest little baby, she’s such a blessing to her moms & sister!
Waylon loves to play outside with his big sissy & daddy, tending to the dogs and chickens. He loves trucks and tractors, Mickey Mouse and he loves to eat! He’s always such a happy sweet baby, never without a smile on his precious face🤍
He is so curious about the world and it’s so cool to see how he looks at it. I live the baby snuggles and just giving his cute little chubby cheeks kisses.
Hi Guys, I'm Londyn Bleu. How are you? Can I have you vote? I'd greatly appreciate it (:
She loves for someone to talk to her! She makes my heart smile so big. My little sunshine.
Zachary is my first born grandson and the light of my baby girls life! The spitting image of both his mama and daddy and just the greatest little human alive! Loves playing in his swimming pool and filling it up with dirt lol…. We love him so much!
Blaze was born at 31weeks and he loves his feet and he loves to smile and laugh he loves his turtle 🐢 and most of all he loves his maw maw he loves dancing with her he loves playing basketball and running and he loves food
Brixton is one with such a big personality! He's very outgoing an loves to play outside. You never see him without a smile, such a happy baby.
River loves his nana and he loves his stuffed animals he is starting to get more sassy by the minute
Rynlee Mae is 4 months old and is the sweetest, strongest little girl. She has a rare form of epilepsy called early myoclonic encephalopathy from a rare gene mutation called STXBP1 and shows signs of infantile spasms. Show our little princess some love. 💜
Desmond Jr
Desmond Jr Is A VERY Happy Baby He Is Always Smiling Or Sleep 🥹🫶🏾
Noah is the most happiest an sweetest baby boy he is 5 months he love to watch Cocomelon an love to kick an play with his tiny toes ✨💕
This chubby buns is a sweet kid. Not so chubby as his baby pictures but. I still love him. He LOVES taking pictures and modeling for the 📷 😃
She loves dancing in the rain 🌧 🌂 but yet brightens my day. She's my lil' sunshine 🌞
Kat is eating anything and everything! She blows kisses, dances, waves, claps & points! She knows where the nose and eyes are and can point out any baby! Our girl walks around furniture and loves to hold onto our hands to help her walk around! Oh she’s also been VERY sassy this month + MAJOR daddy’s girl!!!
Anyone who knows Jaxsen knows he’s a smart, happy, silly boy! He loves his family, especially his sisters and loved loves loves water!
My sweet Ta'biyst will bring joy to your heart , will light up a whole room full of smiles VOTE VOTE VOTE
My little princess is a girlie girl… loves pink and play Makeup
Loves the color blue and playing on her swing set and with her brothers and sisters
Roman is an extremely happy baby that has already mastered the skill of melting hearts with his continuous smiles giggles and coos
Isabella is our world. She loves going for a walk, bath-time, eat, talk and be outside. She loves mommy and daddy. She is ticklish. She loves to watch Elmo and muppets.
Duncan is 2 months old! He loves to try to talk to mom all the time already! He’s loves his baths and when mom sings to him!
Hi my name is legend ☺️ Just a three year old learning and growing .
She is a fun and loving baby. She always knows how to make someone smile and for a 2 year old she can already say her ABC and count to 10. She is always is a positive mood and always smiling and laughing. She is such a precious baby and she does everything with the purest intention if she accidentally hurt you where are you get her she’ll kiss your boo-boo and tell you she’s sorry what do you lay down at night with her to go to sleep you stroke your face and play with your hair. And she tells me I love you there’s a better day tomorrow it’s my heart😘😘😁
Colton loves his kitty's and is such a happy baby
Jaleel is a happy 10 month old baby boy. He loves to laugh and smile. He loves to talk. He is so loving and sweet. He loves his mommy, daddy, and two older brothers.
Jacqueline loves to sing Itsy bitsy Spider. She enjoys running around outside playing with her big sister and other children. Her favorite word is "Uh oh"
Hi My Name Is Alannie Rose Im 1 Years Old I Love To Laugh & Smile
Amelia is 15months she loves playing with her 6year sister & watching her favorite cartoons 🥰