Hi everyone my name is Isabella but you can call me Bella✨ I am 8months old & I love to play/ laugh and roll over. I also like to take pictures and smile for the camera! Vote for me so I can pose for the cover of magazines!✨❤️
Hi i’m mavern, the spunky little 8 month old with the worlds biggest smile that warms everyone’s heart the second they lay eyes on me. I love waffles, bath time, standing up in my wagon, and the park 💗
Leland Adair is 1 week old. He loves to sleep and would rather sleep than eat lol. He loves it when dad reads to him or when music plays. Leland has already changed people and made hearts grow in ways we would have never thought.
My sweet girl has the biggest personality and we hope she warms your heart like she warms ours 🤍
My son is my rainbow baby after an ectopic and losing my left tube then two miscarriages I was blessed with my lil Angel he's very smart and could use the money for college when he gets older may God bless everyone who will vote for my son
Giovanni is very charming always smiling and laughing he loves toys and SpongeBob and very colored cartoons ,he loves talking and jumping 🥰
Yazminn was born August 20th 2018!! She was 9lbs & 1 ounce. My baby is currently 3 years old & starting preschool this year! She is very outgoing & loving! Her favorite color is pink & blue and she loves kittens!!😊
Thea is a happy outgoing baby! She loves to talk and play with her sister.
Hope is my miracle baby born with turners syndrome! She’s 1 to every 2000 baby girls born with it. She is a fighter and beat a 2% chance of even making it to birth.
Eliza is a month old! Loves to nap and loves her bath times!🤍
Traesean loves to watch paw patrol, he loves riding his bike, playing with toy cars and definitely loves being with his family!!
Darla Rose
Vote for my baby girl….she needs some love…
Peyton is a wild, outgoing, red hair, blue eyed , perfectly rotten baby girl! ❤️
Carson loves going outside for walks and going to the park to play with his friends and love car rides and he loves watching Mickey Mouse and he loves taking baths and playing with his toys and he loves playing with his mom and dad and Nana
Little Paul the 3rd is named after his dad and grandfather, he loves playing with things that arnt toys and loves to help even if its moving empty buckets around to different spots for you!
She is a ball of sunshine with a spice of attitude 💖
She is 5 months old and was born prematurely. She loves her nana and her daddy. Her favorite thing is her Monks and lights. Rose Bug is definitely a fighter.
Kace is all about making everybody smile! Kace’s favorite foods are fruit, and not green beans lol. He loves smiling, and lots of nap times!
Leo’s 11 months old, he’s always smiling! Always happy! Starting to walk, full of energy!
Israella loves Music and dancing! She’s funny, smart, and sweet! She’s her mamas baby💖
Hazley Mae
will be 10 months the 17th, def a mommas girl🤍
He is always happy. Love to talk and play with his brother and sister. Loves watching shrek and how to train your dragon. Favorite cartoon is mickey mouse.
Smart. Loves her animals and books.
Sweetest little boy 💞
Kenai is such a happy & smart baby! He loves his snacks and his mama and dada he is close to walking at only 9 months old! He is just excelling like crazy! And he would love every one of his votes ❤
Keshawn is such a happy baby and loves to smile and can pull anyone out of a mad mood.
Hes a smiley little man. He loves to go on walks and play with his cat lilith.
Maelynn Raine loves to learn & play! She’s loves playing with her sissy & her friends, being outside or going fishing is her favorite thing to do!
Alyana loves to dance 💃🏻 She has a twin brother , Alex. She loves Olaf, any music she can dance to and snuggling with her mommy
Hadley was born on Twos-day 2/22/22 in room 2222! She is a blessing to our little family! 🥰
Kamilla is a little sister to one. She is the craziest happiest little girl you will meet. Her favorite person is her uncle and her great grandpa! Her favorite food is avocado and secret bites of ice cream they sneak to her.
Meet randy he’s such a happy go lucky little guy and loves playing with his older brothers and eating🥰
Liam Ray Lovejoy
Well where to begain. Liam loves his fur babies an loves to watch dad play the game.. He like's to play mumble an drive daddy crazy some times but most of all he loves his mommy an daddy so much. So plz feel free to vote an vote for my son he sure is a handsome lil fella
My grandson is amazing and is doing very well in his studies!❤️ He is 6 going on 20, curious and very adventurous!
Miss Chevy Rose loves being outside, near the water especially. She loves getting dirty, spending time with mom and dad , eating lots of snacks and playing with trucks and Dino’s. She has a big crazy personality to match her big crazy hair ❤️
Gemma loves to meet new people and won’t let you pass by without a wave and the cutest “hi” you’ve ever heard.
Alex is a twin, he has a twin sister named Alyana. He loves Paw Patrol and playing outside. He is the sweetest little boy and loves to follow me around asking what I’m doing now
Eliana is such a sweet girl she definitely loves to eat, she’s spoiled and, loves a lot of attention. 🥰💗
Devin Llanes
Devin is a rambunctious, funny, loving big brother. He loves dinosaurs, and if you say the word he roars as if he is one. He loves going outside and running around, and just for rides in the car. Put on some music and you will see some dance moves. Devin also loves the water, whether he is in his swim class pool or even just in the bathtub. He has no fear in him at all and is ready for anything.
Rory is hands down the happiest, sweetest, most snuggly boy around! He loves everyone around him and would love to have your vote! 🥰
Iyanna is the most calmest baby I ever met. She is always giggles and smiles and makes your heart feel so warm when she stares at you with those beautiful glossy eyes. She is loved by her momma daddy and two older sisters. Iyanna is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. She is just the perfect little baby.🥰
Riker Hunter
Loves hanging out with his brother and loves being around friends and family and love going to park a playing
Hes the happiest baby! Nothing bothers him, and he's always laughing!
Mr. Shane absolutely loves food! He is an amazing eater. He is starting to walk! He’s a whopping 22 lbs 6 oz big boy! He’s got baby blue eyes and is for sure a ladies man❤️
Camryn is very aware and sassy with a full head of hair 🙆🏻‍♀️