Vote for my sweet baby boy he is such a happy baby he enjoys twinkle little star song and ,coco melon he is starting to sit up and enjoys trying to say dada and mama he is trying to sit up and crawl around . He is always laughing and smiling when you talk to him. Like and share
Avery love to explore everything and anything he loves to crawl and walk! And he loves to find new things to touch and explore what they do!
Addyson adores her brother and dog Ziggy
Jaxzyn love to watch paw patrol and he love play with is cousin and kicking his mama
What can you say about a 20 month old?!? Little wind up toy that just goes and goes. 😊
Hi my name is Dayvion im mommys miracle baby. I was a twin which mommy lost very early in the pregnancy. Meeting me will make you fall in love with me. Im is such a happy baby with the cutest little smile. I loves to laugh and talk with so much to say. I will sit there and have conversations with u. I love to clean everywhere I go and such a big help. I really love bowling it brings me such joy. I love to slobber on my mommy. Please vote for me. Thank u so much
Huston 🖤
Hello I'm Scarlett..
Hi I’m Linzie I don’t know what I love more my mommy or my 2 fingers 🤣 . .. I enjoy all the adventures my mommy drags me on & being with my cousins 💙
Graclyn is 9 months old. She is very happy baby fun loving baby girl. She has learn how to make different noises. Graclyn likes for someone to tickle her and sing to her. She loves cartoons. Graclyn loves for her Nana to play patty cakes with her.
My name is Oakleigh Reign. Born on September 30th. I love being outside and on the go. I love playing in water, running, watching bluey, and shopping. I love my red hair and blue eyes.
Winter loves bath time and tummy time! She can officially roll all the way over on her own. She loves picking her head up and looking all around. She is working on sitting up and crawling. She loves inching her way up her tummy time mat
Xavier is a happy talkative 3 month old whose full of smiling and cooing . He loves looking at light toys , looking in the mirror and being outside ☺️ I’ll return votes!
Miss tamberlynn loves to dress up and play with jewelry and make up but don’t let that fool you she has 2 brothers so she knows how to wrestle she’s not a picky eater and loves to sing
Hi! I’m a little bubby to lilly and Isiah. I loooveee to be held, and I squeal like a pterodactyl! Thank you for voting!
Jozic is baby number 7 of a BIG family! He loves to play and eat! He loves bread! He’s such a loving and independent baby! Vote for Jozic because he’s authentically beautiful!
Clint Jr
Hi my names clint but every one calls me cj i love to eat n sleep. I can roll over now im trying to walk im also 9moths
Braelon Cole, is the most smartest little boy ever he love to watch Gracie's Corner he can say momma, dada, he loves pickles
Yasiel is the sweetest baby boy❤️ He loves to give kisses & fives! He loves bath time, playing with his kitty, & his mama! He also loves to jam out to Gracie’s Corner
Hi, My name is Dakota. Koko for short. Im a very sweet, little girl who is spoiled by my family. I love napping and being held. I am the baby out of 10 children!
My Joshua ❤️ the sweetest little boy with a spunky personality. He likes to play with his toys, go out on walks to the parks and dates with mom and dad 🫶🏼 I return votes JUST WRITE ME ON MY PAGE 💜
Hello! My name is Parker. I’m chunky, and absolutely adorable! Your vote would mean the world to me! Thank you; love, Parker. ♥️
Hi , I’m Grayson ! I love showing my happy bubbly energy! I love mommy and daddy so much and they love me!
Hi my name is Joshua , I also go by baby J I love to play with my puppy Teddy . I love to go on car rides and clap my hands to nursery rhymes . I always want to spend time with my mommy ,daddy and my “gamma” . Please vote for me 🫶🏼
Sebastian was born 11 weeks early but is proving to be an extremely strong little boy! He loves kangaroo time with mom & dad! Any money won will be used for travel expenses to the NICU
Jr loves to talk to you, laugh and pull hair. Hims a happy baby. Vote for Jr!! 💕
Urijah is a 4 month old little boy. He’s the joy of his momma and dadas world. He’s super goofy as his personality is starting to show. He’s constantly smiling , always showing off his dimple. 🙂
Cora-Beth is a fun, loving firecracker she has made our world complete❤️ She loves everyone she meets and has to tell them Hi!
Tyler is the happiest baby I have ever met! He loves smiling and laughing. His favorite thing to do now is blow raspberries and giggle.
Hello my name is Noah Wesley Copas and i am 3years old i really like the color blue and singing with mommy please vote for me
Charli is an all around happy baby! She loves to play with her big brother, eating, being outside,and napping ❤️
Waylon is almost 14 months old. He loves playing with his older brother. He loves fries and spaghetti. He loves anything that makes noise or plays music. He’s a very lovable and happy baby.
Laura is the sweetest, happiest baby girl. She loves to play, being out side, and cuddling. She always has a smile on her face.
Weston is 4 years old. He is in preschool. He is wild and very energetic. He loves pizza and spaghetti. He’s very outgoing. He loves anything involving the outside.
I am a very happy and loving baby. I love to cuddle with mommy and daddy and my favorite thing to do is giggle with my big sister
Nevaeh is the most sweetest baby! She loves her mommy and daddy and her baby food! She is growing like a weed!
Brycen is the sweetest boy ever! He is the youngest of 3 boys and loves his big brothers so much, almost as much as he loves bananas! 🍌 He is our little baby bear. 🐻💛
Kali loves watching lilo and stitch and is a happy baby who smiles and laughs at everything
Nova is such a big girl! She’s learning fast and knows what she wants already at 7 months. She loves her mom and dad like any baby. She loves to smile and have all the attention she can get.
Tatum is always being silly and making everyone laugh! She loves Mickey Mouse with her whole heart and loves to wiggle and dance when she sees him! She also loves bathtime and eating lots of yummy foods! She’s a mama’s girl and loves to read her favorite books and play with her mama❤️
Kagan loves to be held and smile and laugh in his sleep. He’s our blessing and I’m so glad god brought him into our lives ❤️