Eli was born 2 months early and is doing great now. He was an unexpected blessing 12 years after our last. He loves his daddy and Cocomelon.
Telani Tinalynn
Iakwe/ Hello! My Names is Telani Tinalynn Aless, i am 8 months old, I love to eat and sleep and bonding with my brother Theo Helmy .
MJ is one of a kind type of girl she loves to sing, dance and help anyone out. Mj has been awarded multiple times for her kindness So let’s help her get what she always has dreamed of!
Jades likes jumping and going to the titty bar(mom)
Silas is 7 months old he loves playing with his toys and his puppy dogs and watching Minions. He is always smiling and happy whatever he may be doing.Silas loves watching his brother play soccer and playing video games.
Love everyone any going love meet new friends
Sweet baby boy that loves his Mommy and Daddy! He loves being outside and starting to smile now!
Gage loves to play with his siblings, loves to play and giggle 🤭
She loves the ocean and swims like a little mermaid. She brings sunshine and leaves a huge impact to everyone she meets!
Paislee is the most unique and the sweetest 5 year old with a heart has a big as Texas. She loves to sing dance and do gymnastics♥️
Sesame street and Ms. Rachel are life. Unicorns and giraffes are a close second.
Isabella loves cheer, softball n dancing. She is a big sister 2 a brother. She has a big heart. She is sweet caring n she will help u. She is a very loving young lady.
Talk about heart of gold. This girl has it all. She loves working on cars and trucking with her dad. She does it all and loves everyday
She is the most sassy person ever and she loves her big brother.
Tracey is an outstanding 11 year old. She loves to dance and take photos. She always loves to be the center of a photo or any group of attention.
Jaxon loves baths, family and his dog Fin.
Ellyanna is 18 months and she likes dinosaurs and growls when she gets flustered so I call her Ellysaurasrex 💕 She loves to play peekaboo and be talked too. She has quite an extensive vocabulary for such a little wee. She is my very bf in the whole world and loves to sing and dance to Miss Rachel songs for littles.
Jonathan is the sweetest most silliest baby ever. Very loving with a huge personality, and loves to play also very advanced for his age. His favorite food is macaroni his favorite thing to say is dada he's a daddys boy for sure. Jonathan loves smiling and laughing even when hes not feeling well. Jonathan is a little sunshine that can brighten anyone's day. Vote for Jonathan!!!
He love to spend time with family playing woth his big sister learning how to do new things ges a very smart little boy who os also on the move never still
Grayson is imaginative, intuitive, and inquisitive. He loves to learn, try new things, and explore. He has the best sense of humor. His laugh is simply contagious. Grayson has a wide variety of interests that include being read stories, building with mega blocks, swinging on the front porch, and visiting family and friends. He is a lover of the outdoors just like Daddy! Most recently, he developed a love for Bluey. He also absolutely loves his sweets. Cake, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, milkshakes, you name it…Grayson loves it!
Vote for Miss Everly!!!🩷🩷🩷
Madylynn is a twin to her brother Mathias. She is very funny and outgoing. She loves to play with her siblings and be outside in the barn or the yard riding toys. She has a laugh and grin that will make you smile evwn on your weakest days.
Mila Quinn
Mila and Quinn are just shy if 5 1/2 yrs old and are the spunkiest, lovable most energetic girls ever! They love their music and sings parts of almost every song on the radio!! 💚💜 They so sweet, spicy and definitely always has so much to say!!
Atticus Ezra, was born August 14, 2023 to . He loves to take walks with his papa, Josh, and listen to his mama. Tell him stories.
Jacob Josiah is a very happy baby, he shares the same birthday as his Uncle Devin 7-08- who has the same birthday as Jacob Josiah. Jacob’s sister, Wesley Rose is holding him she adores him so much. Jacob Josiah was born in Spokane, Washington, where his daddy Jacob was just assigned to the Fairchild Air Force Base. We missed them all very much.
She is so loveable, sweet, beautiful, and perious
Miss Payton loves to smile and interact with people she also loves to learn and watch what you're doing.
Ensley is only 4 months old and loves to smile!! She loves talking to everyone, loves being outside watching her daddy race, and loves watching softball and football !! Please vote for my sweet girl!!
Livi is about to turn 7. She love Pokémon and horses. She’s very silly and smart .
Zyaire love hugs and kisses. He smiles and frowns all the time. Makes for great photos
Luca loves to play pretend spidey and his amazing friends he loves to run and play soccer ⚽️ and play with his cousins and cooks his own eggs 🍳 for breakfast
Joel is very bright he loves to play laugh he enjoys bright lights and noisy toys he loves to laugh he loves tasting smashed up fruit he loves being with the Bible he loves to love
My sweet little miracle baby ♥️ Gabriel loves playing with his big brothers and roars like a dinosaur 🦖 he is a loving little boy always smiling and giggling! Such a tiny dude with a big personality! And cute dimples to go with it!
Shy’or is a beautiful bright smart active 4month old little girl she loves to smile and watch ms Rachel and Gracie’s corner on YouTube
Jakx Andrew
Baby Jakx was my survivor, he had a twin that didn’t make it and we had a rough delivery with an emergency c section! Baby Jakx was born November 2nd and the most precious little thing! He has a very happy family and his older brother and sister adore him!!
Component is playful smart and a handsome little boy who loves church and loves hollering amen
Olivia is a sweet 10 month old baby. She loves mommy, bath time, playing and army crawling around. She loves her toys and playing with mommy
Nevaeh Brown
Nevaeh Brown she is very happy and has two big brothers that love her
Jahlani is two months old she loves cuddles and smiling 🥰
Ashton is a very happy baby! He loves bananas and his stuffed lion!
Im Elijah I am 7 years old. I have been having fun with my mommy since my daddy passed away. He was always and did alot of fun things with me. But mom is teaching me to fly thats awesome. I also like building lego sets.
Brentley Pena
He is obsessed with trains and tractors. He is my little country boy and loves to smile all the time
Kensley Dunn
She loves playing dress up, and bringing the fire to any room. Definitely loves her baby brother
Gretchen is a bright, happy, loving, caring, honest, smart lil girl she love her family and help out in any way she can she loves to help others and play with her cousins and most in portrait of all she love school on Gretchen free time she is a Girl Scout and that is who Gretchen R is
Fast learner, Only 5 months old and can scoot and just about crawl all over the place. The most captivating smile I have ever seen.
Ava loves smiling big and being tall on mommy's shoulder. Right now I’m learning how to talk and roll onto my tummy, practice makes perfect!
A talented little artist with a contagious smile and a big love for dinosaurs, sonic the hedge hog and Pokémon.