Recently She had surgery on her kidney.. She is my miracle baby and the most amazing thing I've ever had in my life. Alayna is usually relaxed 24/7 just chilling with her momma. She thinks it's funny to clap her hands and has a blast playing with her feet. She never crys. Praying if you read this then you go vote for my babygirl!! God bless YOU & we hope u have a wonderful day. ❤ Little Miss Alayna Marie
Catrina Andrade
Catrina loves dogs she loves to play in her pool everyone loves her beautiful big eyes ♡♡
Kehlani loves to swim,laugh,and play. She is very independent, intelligent, Opinionated as you can tell by her facial expressions. She loves to go on walks in her stroller. Kehlani doesn’t really care for nap time to much or riding in the car. And she will let you no it. She is very lovable and sweet. Always has a smile on her face.
Glenda was a miracle. I was told I couldn’t have babies. But, I never lost faith. And God blessed me with a gift.
Preston Anthony
Preston loves to laugh and smile. He loves watching sensory videos of dancing fruits and vegetables and is very engaged when we read books to him and make him feel different textures/objects. Preston also loves his two Mommy’s 🏳️‍🌈
Aria Lee
Aria Lee is our spooky little October goblin. 🦇 She was recently diagnosed with ASD but she doesn’t let it stop her from having the time of her life. She LOVES monster trucks and the Beastie Boys as well as anything crafty & of course cookies.. 😂 She’s got the cutest smile I’ve ever seen, and a huge personality to match. My favorite spooky little monster. 👹 She’s my tiny genius and she makes me more proud to be her mama everyday.
Aubree is cute, sassy and fun to be around. She loves bath time, food, swimming, and snuggling with her mama. Her smile will brighten anyones day! This is her first time in a competition like this. We’re excited to see what this little journey has in store! Vote for Aubree!
Just A Handsome Fresh Little Guy Who Loves MickeyMouse Basketball ToyStory Mommy & Daddy & Food Coolest Kid On The Planet Can Hold A Conversation With The Best Ready To Take The World By Storm
Jaxton loves to sit up crawl backwards and scream he loves to go outside and loves to eat🥰
Raiden is the baby on both his mommy and daddy’s sides of the family. He’s all boy… he loves anything with wheels/tracks, animals, outdoors, dinosaurs, dirt, etc.. He’s a huge fan of four-wheeler riding. He was hospitalized with RSV at 15 months and has had breathing problems ever since. He’s always in a happy mood even when he’s sick. He waves to everyone he encounters, even when they don’t even acknowledge him. He’s one of the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet. You should vote for Raiden because… well, why not?! The red hair and blue eyes with the chubby cheeks and adorable smile would melt anyone’s heart.
Wesley is a sweet, chunky little boy. He is a boy/ girl twin and loves to be the center of attention. He has an umbilical hernia but it just adds to his unique personality. His favorite time of day (many times a day) is when he gets a bottle. He is happy to be here and cannot wait to try real food. 💙
Luke loves to read books, Blue’s Clues and loves the water! He’s learning to stand up on his own and enjoys being around his loved ones!
Kane loves to laugh with his mama 💙 and play with his daddy 💙 literally the sweetest most happy boy and we are blessed to call him ours!
Olivia is 6 months old and loves the outdoors. She gives Mommy lots of kisses and loves to express herself in many ways.
Bailey is a sweet and smiley little girl. She loves laughing at mommy and daddy and hates snuggling with her twin brother. Her favorite place to be is outside. She will not drink any formula except her sensitive kind and gags and yells when trying anything new. She’s a gal who knows what she wants ✨ 💕
I love snuggles with mom and watching Elmo ❤️👸🏽
Shes a fun loving baby, she loves to smile. She very aware of her surroundings and will let you know shes a happy baby.
Kennedy is a bright 1 year old girl ! Favorite shows to tune into are : Coco Melon , Akili and Me , Gracie’s Corner ! Favorite foods are : chicken , mashed potatoes , fries , and salmon . Favorite fruits are : bananas , watermelon , and GRAPES !
He is an outgoing little boy that never meets a challenge.
Julien is a daddy's boy, loves his motorcycle time with daddy, and loves mommas snuggles. He enjoys drinking milk, and nap time. Vote for Julien! He is going to own everything one day😘😍
He loves to eat and laugh most of all he loves both of his moms adores his big brother and big sister you can be the sadest person in the world once you hear his laugh u cant help but smile and laugh with him
Joseph V
Loves cartoons and saying dada, always happy and super flirty(; best son anyone could ask for
Venice is a happy bouncy baby girl in every sense of the phrase ! She loves to dance and watch her favorite movies which include Rio and Rio 2 Moana and her all time favorite Encanto .
Elijah was a premie baby. Also My rainbow baby. That makes Elijah my miracle angel baby💙 he was 3 lbs at birth and stay in nicu for 2 weeks. Hard 2 weeks of our life. Now he is about 1 and have accomplished so much!
Jewel loves to eat, she loves her big brother, to swim, and be outside! This little girl is a ray of sunshine, and will steal your heart with her contagious smile. ❤️
Alan is the happiest baby EVER. He loves to run around outside and act grown. He loves to dj on his board. He laughs at everything and is always trying to tell stories in baby talk.
Kinsley is a super Smart lil girl she picks up anything people do and figures it out her own way, she’s also ready to get up in the mornings and go go go! She has the most beautiful eyes that have definitely got my heart ❤️ she will put a smile on anyones face just by her looks and attitude
Louis is the most amazing little boy!!! He can put a smile on anyones face and lights up a room as soon as he walks in. He is full of love and laughter!!!! Has the biggest most beautiful blue eyes and has a face full of all kids of expressions lol 🤣
Queen is the sweetest little girl. She loves to dress up and sing and dance. She is a ball of energy and has the most amazing personality!!!!
He loves to smile and giggle..favorite show is PJ masks and Mickey Mouse! he’s such a smart boy for being 3 months. Happiest baby I’ve ever met🫶🏼
She’s a Happy loving outgoing and vocal little girl with an attitude that would blow your mind 😍
Hi my name is ZAYNE ! I am one month old officially! I love to sleep eat a lot and make loud poops and farts! My Nemo play mat is my favorite!
Damian Asencio
He is a twin the baby of the 2, a year old a premie baby born one month early a fighter just like his brother sensitive loving loves to smile mamas boy
Jhon Asencio
Hes a twin, hes a year old... born 3 lbs was born a month early was a premie baby a fighter... loves to laugh... and is just adorable handsome 😍
Ruby Renae Scritchfield. The cutest little girl and full of personality. She is always laughing and smiling just like her mamma. And she can brighten anybody's day. She loves giving hugs and blowing kisses
She is smart and loves playing pretend shes always prtending to be a teacher or docter
She is a happy go lucky little girl with a heart of gold she lives spending time with family and friends
Kayden Lee, born 05/25/2022. This little boy loves to cuddle with his mama & sleep his days away. When he wakes up, he gives the most beautiful smile that lights up mommy’s whole world. He likes to coo and lift his head up while laying on his tummy. He loves looking around and focusing on objects! He is the center of mamas world, let’s show him some love!
Nataleigh loves paw patrol an cows. She loves to steal everything that mommy has she loves giving loves and never meets a stranger 💕
Charlotte loves dinosaurs! Her favorite one is the Triceratops! She loves giving hugs! And she loves stealing mommy’s iced coffee when I’m not looking haha!
Leoric is a blonde hair blue eyed giggler who loves playing with his puppy Sarge
Promise is a loving soul with playful and gentle spirit. She has the chubbiest cheeks ,brightest smile ,cutest laugh and the biggest personality 💕🥰 the best gift god gave me
Hi! I am Matthan Noel, I am a rainbow baby of my loving parents. I love cuddles, kisses, nap, and milkieess of mommy. We are a military family. It’s my first time joining here, I hope you will vote for me!
Robert likes belly time story time bath time he likes to see new things and people he loves to snuggling with his mom and dad
Hi! My name is Bryson! My mom calls me BryBry for short! I am 1 years old!! My favorite foods are sweet potatoes, animal crackers and spaghetti! I enjoy playing outside, dancing, and coloring with my mom! Please vote for me!!
Paisley Mae 🤍
Asiaonna is half American and half Filipina baby girl. She is a happy baby. She loves music and dancing. She always try to talk to other people in the table next to us in restaurants. She always grab my phone and take pictures of her. ❤️ Please vote for my baby girl.