Baby Stories - 78


Kenneth is our newborn son and he loves his cuddles with his mommy and daddy!! He has 5 siblings and he loves them all!! It would be greatly appreciated if you voted.for him.
My names dom, I love to laugh at my puppy and watch Elmo 🥰
Layla. S
Layla is very observant and she adores her family. When her dad enters the room she lights up with so much joy and it is just the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed! She enjoys watching Cocomelon, singing and dancing with mommy, and enjoying her teething toys. During the last few minutes of labor with Layla she shows signs of distress so they really had to get her out. During the process she fractured her humerus bone and inhaled Meconium(babies first bowel movement) Layla was hospitalized and had to be put on a ventilator she needed 100% oxygen she could not breathe on her own her lungs was filled with fluid and thick tar like bowel movement. She had wet lungs they even told me she might suffer from brain damage. Layla was diagnosed with Meconium aspiration syndrome. Layla’s dad and I was with her every step of the way he used some of his vacation time. It seems like the more she heard our voices she started to get better and by the grace of God she made a full recovery she was able to come home after 12 days. Layla is a survivor she has lots of personality you would never know she experienced that in the first few days of her life. We are blessed to have her.
She is also known as Princess P and she knows it LOL! Our sweet funny sassy little girl. She loves watching Cocomelon ( on repeat ) Also that smiles of hers lights up any room she’s in 🥰♥️
Juliana is the older twin sister to her brother Joseph by one minute! She loves swim time, being read and sung to. She has the brighter smile that shines through her eyes! Her daddy is her favorite person but she loves her mother equally.
He loves to ride his for wheeler his bonus dad Justin got for him he loves to play with his brothers an help take care of his sister he loves to go riding and enjoys the water lol my sweet baby boy
My beautiful baby girl my first daughter she loves to swing and listen to her daddy sing to her she loves to lay across mommy chest and takes naps
Cuddly Little Daddy's Girl who loves Curious George and loves her stuffed unicorn
Ayden is such a funny boy, he makes everyone around him happy and laugh. He loves waving hi to everyone and loves blowing kisses. He loves his cars, and the baby shark song.
He’s charismatic & whiny. Loves every food but baby food. & even though he just turned 1, he’s so considerate.
Hello, my name is Khaleesi I’m 7 months old! I have a wonderful big sister and I have the best parents ever💛 I just learned how to blow and give kisses💋 I’m a little difficult when I have to do tummy time but I learned if I roll I can get to where I need❣️ I hope I win your votes!
Robert is an active little guy. He's 11 months and loves to be with his momma. He loves dinosaurs and playing with his tonka truck!
Bentley is 7 weeks old. He loves to poop a lot and loves his mommy and daddy so much! Also loves mommy’s milk. HATES the hiccups ♥️
Eliseo is a sweet boy that loves to have fun with his big sister and cousins.
Brynlee loves to smile and talk! She’s learning how to sit up
She’s full of laughter and smiles . Loves to cuddle 🤍 she’s the sweetest!
Chance loves to watch tv, stand up, and bouncing.
Hi, I’m three and love the outdoors. I also love helping mom with my baby sister 💖 thank you guys
Jackson Thomas is the light of our lives. He is the happiest baby and constantly learning knew milestones way before his age. He is such a smart baby and definitely the cutest baby around! We think so at least, how about you!
Emma-Leigh is a bright 2 year old. She knows her ABC’s, shapes, colors & can count to 10! She is so smart and sweet and I know she will go far in life. Winning this would go straight to her college fund that way nothing (especially money) can hold her back from reaching her goals.
Bowen is a sweet simple boy. He loves his big brother and gives the sweetest smiles
Rion is my miracle Rainbow Baby!! 🌈 I had 2 miscarriages and it took my husband and I 6 years to get pregnant and I was told several times I would probably never be able to have a child and then God blessed us with this perfect angle!! God’s blessings are always right on time!! I am complete!
I’m a very happy baby! I’m almost 3 months old. I love my family and my pets! I love my night light turtle too!
Remington is an outgoing , hyper , crazy crazy toddler ! He loves cars and jumping on his trampoline ❤️
My name is Daxton, I’m 5 months old and I love my mommy, daddy & big brother. My favorite thing to do is watch Cocomelon, play with my toys and eat. Vote for me 💙
She has a big personality! She loves to smile and be just 1 big ball of sunshine!
Hi guys, my name is Aamirah and I love cuddles and my big sister. Thank you for voting me me 💖
Hi my name is Xavier, my mommy and daddy call me xavi . I love looking at colorful lights and playing with my toys . I also love to eat. My favorite two people I love the most is my mommy and daddy.
My name is Amiya Rachelle. I love my mommy, daddy, & big bubby ❤️I am the happiest little girl ever & so smart ☺️
Hi! My name is Dustin Thomas and I’m 9 months! I’m named after my Uncle and Daddy. I’m learning to walk and I have two teeth. I know how to play peekaboo, patty cake, and I think I can snap my fingers 😂 I love animals, my toys, and everyone I meet! Thank you for voting for me! 💙😊
Hi, I’m Amaiyah! I’m a very happy girl that loves to use my beautiful voice, show off my beautiful smile and to play with my parents. I would like to thank you for voting for me as well🥰
Lucas, is always a happy baby. He loves to cheer up anyone with his little gummy smile. No matter what the problem is Lucas will try his hardest to brighten your day up with his coos and awhhhhs.
My name is October Raine and I love my mommy and her snuggles. I love being on my belly and playing with my toys. I’m growing so fast and mommy doesn’t want me to. Vote for me! 😊
Lane is the youngest of three, he is a very happy baby with lots of love, he playing and eating
Bryleigh is a sassy threeanger! She loves taking care of her baby brother and helping mommy. She loves doing her makeup, playing with Barbies and taking care of her baby dolls!
Braydon is an amazing little boy with lots of energy. He loves anything that deals with cars and nerf guns, he is excited to start school and can’t wait to watch his baby brother grow up
Haisleigh is happy little girl. She loves to giggle and smile. She loves everyone she meets and is learning new things every day. Sweetest personality a child can have! And of course has a bow for every outfit 🎀
Eli is our rainbow baby after three losses. She is the happiest, smiliest, sweetest soul.
Arkyn is growing up so fast, he's already rolling over and almost can sit completely up from a laying position all on his own! He's so strong and smart. He is scheduled to have his lip correction surgery in March. 🤗🙏
Hello my name is Blaine, I am one month old. I love bath time, snuggles and listening to music.
Amavi is the light and the love of our lives. She's 6 months old and thriving everyday. She loves being on her feet and walking with her daddy. She loves to talk with her hands and tell us about her day. She loves ducks, reading books with mama and laughing at daddy's mickey mouse impression.
Our sweet Jaxson is 4 months old and such a happy little boy he has brought so much happiness to our life during these hard times it would be great to win cause it would help our family out so much thanks for voting ❤️
Miley Jo
Please vote for my little Smiley Miley ❤️
Remington is full of laughs and very curious 🧐 I am currently teaching him sign language he enjoys it so much as a matter fact he signed milk for the first time yesterday 😍
Adlee loves her pre-school class mates and teachers and loves playing with Barbies and Frozen and her little sister Zoey
Ryatt is all Boy ! And he’s a Mama’s boy too . He loves Paw Patrol and loves playing with trucks and riding in his Jeep
Hayden has had a lot of struggles early in his young life, but he is always smiling. He is the only surviving triplet and was a micro preemie, but he is thriving and meeting all his goals!! His smile is infectious and lights up the room
Hi, my name is Ryleigh but everyone calls me Ry. I love Peppa Pig and spending time with my family and friends. My mom is committed to her recovery today, so we go to a lot of meetings, but my life is so full of love and laughter. I love going on adventures and trying new things with my mom, she’s my best friend EVER!!! Please vote for me.