Baby Stories - 78


Hello Everyone Liyah Love being around family especially Mommy Daddy & her siblings . Liyah is growing wonderfully, she’s pulling up on things she enjoys going outside and loves the pool.
Watson is a bubbly smart and out going toddler he loves his family and his ducks and chickens
Shemiracle is a angel sent from god. Shemiracle is very respectful and very smart to be a 2 year old. She loves outside and to be under mother. She love to watch cartoons.
Loves his momma and his food!
Keith LOVES being outside in his stroller or being carried in his pouch for walks. He loves looking at all the trees and hearing all the birds chirp and planes fly overhead
Lilleth is 2 months old, born April, 25, 2021 she's a very happy, smart baby! She loves spending the weekends with her grandparents, and she definitely loves taking baths and splashing in the water! 🤗🚿 She loves when I sing to her, and she loves going outside and enjoying the sunlight 🌤️🤗💕
Vega is a fun, loving 6 1/2 month old baby girl! She loves food, anything from sweet potatoes to pizza! She also loves the races and fireworks! Her nickname is chompper cause she will try to put anything in her mouth! But she is also called Darth Vega cause she likes to growl🤣 Please vote for my little cuddle bug🥰
My little Jax Bear has overcome so many obstacles since he's been born. He's proven many doctors wrong, & keeps overpassing each obstacle that hes been anticipated to have. He loves allll of the attention, & tons of snuggles. Music is a favorite for him, & dancing with him gives him the most joy; his little smile is contagious. 🥰 He senses when he's not being physically held & let's you know that he doesn't approve. 😏😇 He was 2 lbs when he was born on April 2nd, and he's now pushing over 8 pounds. He eats like a mad man! I can only imagine what the grocery bill will be in the future! 😅🥰 He surprises me every single day with his achievements & I'm so proud of him already. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🤞🏻💖
Baby Helen McKenzie is currently 4 months old. She is such a bundle of joy. Loves to eat and sleep but most of all smile! Kenzie is learning to turn over and hold her bottle. She had her sisters won over and daddy too.
Olivia Iris is the rainbow to any storm🌈⛈ She is the chattiest girl who loves her family👨‍👩‍👧 3m/o and is already saying dada’s did has the cutest giggles🥺💖 and most of all she loves taking baths 🧼 💚
Lux is the happiest little baby. He loves warm baba's on cold days, relaxing flute music and long walks around the block by his house. And yes his eyes are really that blue!
Ella bean is the happiest little babes who loves to smile 24/7 and get into everything 😩 she’s my little sour patch sour but sweet
Madelyn is the sweetest baby girl! She loves her big brother so much (just look at the pictures below💓)
Very out going always smiling 😃 loves to give hugs always trying to help loves playing hide and seek and a amazing Big brother
Zayquon is a amazing lil guy hes about to be a month old he love music loves to cuddle up with mommy and tql naps loves to eat and loves to get his bath time n hair brushed is a very happy baby boy and just keeps everyone laughing and in a good mood
Our lil Chunky Monkey as we call her loves her 3 brothers and her sister. She loves her unicorns that make music and flash lights. She does not like to be alone she just loves everyone around and paying attention to her.
Haisley is our little rainbow baby, and brings our blended family so much joy. Her middle name is Ryan after her maternal uncle whom took his own life in October 2018. He would have loved her unconditionally, and it’s another way of remembering him every time we look at her.
About Sylvester. He is a fun loving caring baby he’s so calm and enjoys being with His parents you should vote for Sylvester because he can always put a smile on your face and make you happy when you’re having a bad day
She is sassy and vocal. We love her to pieces. Our fighter
Alexander is my grand-baby. My daughter is a statistic of having a baby as a young mother & she is doing an amazing job at raising him! He’s definitely a mamas boy & is a fun, happy & loving baby! He will always keep a smile on your face! Please help show him some love & thanks for the support! ❤️
Jordyn is a very Loving, kind, and smart girl!
Addylynn loves to smile laugh She loves spending time with her Grandma
Zeon is one of a kind, he’s unique and he’s so lovable and he could melt your heart with just one smile ! ❤️ Best gift from God that we could ask for.
Luther Burnham
My little man smiles at everyone! Loves to watch boss baby tv show. He does not like the heat. And he is so close to rolling over from tummy to back🥰
Gemma is 4 months old and she loves swimming an playing with her toys an her big brother.
Jacen is our blessing. He loves playing with his older sister, his dogs and cat. He’s always smiling and loves to make people laugh. He is truly one of the happiest babies around. He loves climbing, saying Uh-oh!, and doggy. He loves playing “Boop” on the nose and will actually push his nose to your finger if you just hold it out and make the Boop sound when they connect.
Fun loving 2 year old that enjoys playing and pretending to be a doctor
St. Xavior
Our little bundle of joy is a handsome baby boy who we call SAINT 😇 All of God's grace in one tiny little face 😍OUR little MILK MONSTER has the STRETCH of a LION 🦁 The touch of an ANGEL 👼 And A smile of PURE GOLD💛 He will cuddle for some MILK and Grill you with his ANGRY EYEBROWS 😂❤️ His first breath took ours away.
Baby Zackary loves playing and snuggling with his mommy and daddy🥰🥰 He loves to smile and lovessss trying to talk❤️🥰
Legend is 6 weeks old and love his milk, his mommy and daddy and sleeping so far
Arianna loves to talk and from the moment she wakes up she all ready has a smile on her face
He is always smiling, giggling and talking! He loves to be outside. And man oh man, this dude can eat!
Loves playing with his trucks and any musical toys🥺 waffles are his favorite breakfast 💕 favorite word at the moment is hi😊cats are his favorite animals ❤️ Great at sharing his food🥺such the sweetest , cutest little guy around🥰
Ermias Joziah Leon is my name. I have 1 older brother named Seyveon, he is my best friend. I am always happy and I love to just smile and laugh.
Aryah is the sweetest most fun loving babygirl. She loves loves loves to eat and her favorite thing in the whole world is playing with her cousin. Her goofy personality shines through everyday
He likes to talk, he has the biggest, most beautiful smile, and he loves to eat.
Vote for my sweet & sassy girl. She’s full of energy, loves to run in her walker and yell dada all day long— plays with her 4 legged siblings, shows them love 24/7 + enjoys eating her snacks and bottles!
Mad Maddie !!! Was a winner a year ago , so thought why not try again . She’s a crazy, spunky , little drama queen 👸 and I love her so much
My beautiful Sunflower such a gentle soul. Fresh to the world born at 36 weeks and 1 day with a light that will brighten any room! Loves to smile and be talked to 💛🙏🏾💛gods blessing strong and fierce as ever! She’s a true healer and lives up to her name Asherah-Serenity 🙏🏾🌻💛🌻🙏🏾 Asherah-Serenity is adored by her two big brothers who calls her boss baby 🥰🥰 She loves to be in mommy arms bonding with mommy with the Good Milk 🥰🥰!!
Hunter is my biggest acomplishment without him i would be nothing i love this boy to death. Omg hes so great the way he smiles the way he laughs the way he talks just so amazing everything about this little boy is amazing
She likes music and play
Isla is always smiling and she’s full of love and giggles. Just trying to share and spread the joy and light she radiates!
She loves LOL.dolls she a very creative little girl...she's very shy at times...loves playing to self. And she loves to eat..
Abraham is a blessing baby that loves to eat and play already. So far he enjoys reading time..for ten minutes 😊. He enjoys being held by family and friends and he is loveable 💙
Hmm what can i say abput my lil smarty pants. He is very smart even with speech issues. He is all around American Boy. Dare-devil but also with a very tender and sweet loving side
Avienuh is the most sweetest adorable lil girl. She loves everyone and everything. She even love tackling her older brother. She has just a perfect amount of sass that makes her even more adorable.