Hey im Zay'Den, im 11 years old my birthday is September 12,2011 so i am a ♍️ virgo, Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. I am a earth sign and definitely a little perfectionist at heart and im not afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY COMPUTER AND PLAYING ROBLOX I ALSO LOVE LEARNING NEW THINGS AND I LOVE MY SISTER ZOEY'REIGN AND MY BROTHERS AND MY MOMMY PS. DONT FORGET TO LIKE. VOTE AND SHARE MY PROFILE PLEASE 😌😌😌 LESS
Indigo is a happy baby that spreads joy wherever she goes. She loves story time and taking rides in the car 🥰
Loves to smile and laugh a lot, he loves to be held by literally anyone, loves to eat and loves to make fart noises with his lips. He has a ton of personality for someone that is only 7 months old. Started saying da da at 6 months. He has a lot to offer this world already.
Teddy is always so happy! And loves cuddles and smiling at anything and everything!
Josiel loves screaming, laughing and trying to talk especially with mommy! He’s still growing but has so much personality already
Emmah has a heart of gold and is willing to help anyone. Emmah competes in All- Star Cheer and Hip Hop and is also a cheerleader for little league football. Emmah works hard at school and made Honor Roll.
Wyatt is our miracle baby. He is only 2 months old and gets cuter every day!
Memo love being outside on his baby swing, loves to talk ,love cuddling with mama he loves sleeping in my arms every night .
Oaklee is the happiest and sweetest baby she loves playing in her jumper and with her toys with mama 💗 vote for me 🥰
Harlow And Freya
3 month old twin sisters born in July. We love going outside on walks. Our cutest characteristic is our dimples and big smiles.
Hey yall heyyy👋😁 im ZOEY'REIGN, my birthday is July 23,2021, im a ♌️ 🦁 LEO and rightfully so because i am a dramatic 🎭theatrical🎥, and fiery🎆 vibrant little lady🥰and im always fashion forward 👗📿💍🩰, i love to watch and sing along with Gracie's Corner learning to count along with learning my numbers, colors and more 😁i enjoy riding my bumper buddy as much as i like sitting at my vanity putting my bow bows on 🪞🎀, i love anything to do with minnie mouse and i love my big brother and my mommy to pieces💘💘, i have so much personality packed into this little body of mine, im just simply a joy to be around ❤️ 💖 🥰🌈👑💎 ps. I love celery 🌱and bananas together🍌 😋 ♥️ 😍 DONT FORGET TO LIKE AND SHARE ALL MY CUTENESS PLEASE LOVE ZOEY'REIGN 😊😊
The happiest little tubba pumpkin you’ll ever meet 🎃
Paisley was born early at 26 weeks and spent 103 days in the nicu. She has fought hard to be here and is thriving. She loves any and all food, blowing kisses, and has the funniest personality. Her best friend is her dog Duke (even if he doesn’t know it). Please vote for Paisley!
Kezeiah Chloe
Everyone call’s her Ziah, she likes to dance, loves to eat fruit and veges. She loves to watch Miss Rachel on YouTube. Ziah is a sweet little girl.
Killian is a sweet growing little boy. He is so happy and funny learning the world around him. He loves cuddling and talking with his Mommy & Daddy. He is loved by so many family and friends
Hi! I'm Lexin i was born on July 31,2022. 💙
Amara was born 5 weeks early! She was born August 10 and she has been an over achiever every sense! 😩 she did so well in the hospital when she was born. My second time having a c section and I was so blessed to be able to bring her into this world 🌎
Ms E loves to sleep , she’s the sweetest little baby you’ll ever see ! She loves her pink paci and loves to look at anything colorful, she’s very outgoing with a lot of personality already , also she loves her mommy and daddy lol
Ariel was a late preemie, but has thrived since birth! She loves to be held and loved on! And she’s easily calmed by Disney music and her mama singing!
Hi my name is Rylee. I love watching television and listening too music. I enjoy napping and hearing noises
Happy Halloween from Luka!! 🎃 👻❤️ He has a smile and personality that could light up anyones day 🥰
Maria loves to be outside and playing with her kitties. She also loves playing with her cousins and coloring with them.
Hi world! I was born a bit early at 26 weeks, but I was just so ready to see mommy and daddy. I’m still in the nicu but hopefully get to come home soon.
Amelia Pearl
Happy Mexican, American baby with porcelain skin
He’s 9 months old and He likes saying mama and daddy he likes going walking and riding in his power wheel jeep he loves to eat everything ❤️
Analeah 3 years old She is the most girly girl Tom boy you will ever meet🥰
LaNaiya is such a happy baby loves to talk and loves music her favorite movie so far is Monsters ink
Loves dance volleyball and her family
This is John, V for short since he’s the fifth generation 🖤 He’s decided to make his entrance into the world a month early and had been a firecracker since. He loves playing with his toys and mom and dad. He’ll talk your ear off if you let him. He’s definitely a smiley happy baby.
Journnie is a bundle of bliss, with an shining smile, that will warm your heart. With a mighty big personality that will draw you in! She loves people and demands attention every where she goes! Her heart is her treasure. Journnie puts the goof in goof ball! Shes always laughing or trying to do something to get a laugh! She loves music and any excuse to boogie! Her rhythm is as natural as her breath! Her favorite things in the world is her mommy&daddy bananas, Coco Melon, going outside, her bouncer and naps!
My name is Chloe I’m just a lul baby. I love to play and love making funny faces. How can you not adore my pretty face? 👶🏾♥️❤️‍🔥
Zaylee is such a smart, sweet, loving cuddle buddy! She loves to provide bear hugs with sloppy kisses and enjoys touching faces and deep stares 🥰 she has the perfect amount of chunkers and cheeks☺️
My little Graham cracker loves fall fashion like his mama! 🧡🍂
Kelaya is the sweetest baby ever, with the biggest personality 💕
She likes pawl patrol :) and snuggling :)
Tristin is a vary energetic 2 year old boy he’s so smart and his favorite food is definitely fruit snack he’s the best big brother and he’s so loving and sweet
Tahara loves cuddling with her mama and brother she’s super sweet and so beautiful with her big blue eyes
Milan loves bath time, he’s loves when people talk to him, he has the biggest smile. He’s enjoy long walks and car rides.
Addison loves pageant and is full of life!!!
She's a fun loving girl who loves to be outside and loves music
Ocean I sweet heart you have love him 💓
She's a beautiful baby. All the nurses when she was born was coming into the room, because they was talking about perfect and pretty she is.
Magical Sahir is a Rainbow baby Magic love to cuddle with lots of smiles Magical gives lots of joy to his family he came into our life’s at the perfect time
Ariah is such a Daddys girl - she gets so excited when she hears him come home. And her big brother is her idol! She loves being outside and playing with her toys.
Kali is a first generation twin! She’s from the east coast but definitely gives west coast vibes!
Kenya is a first generation twin!