Baby Stories - 78


7 months old full of smiles and laughter!
Rylees a year old, loves to cuddle is as wild as can be and always keeps us on our toes
Very sweet boy who loves his mama.
Rosalie is a sweet, vibrant and happy little girl! She loves her family, especially her doggy, Jr.!
Teahney is a very special baby,who loves“baby shark song”.Her favorite tv program is “Go Gabba Gabba”. She love to dance.
My name is Hudson and I just turned two months old! I love to smile and laugh and get so excited to go on car rides! 💙
Lailyn has been a fighter since the day she was born. She was born six weeks early because I had preeclampsia was in the hospital for a month before they induced me said labor would take three days but lailyn wasn’t playing she was born in 22 hours. They said she would be in the hospital for a month she was out in two weeks. My little girl is a fighter and so strong she’s going to take over the world
Ayva is the sweetest baby girl mommy could ever have dreamt of, of course mommy is biased but honestly who wouldn't be with such a beautiful one as this. I love cuddle with daddy and grandma and love my swing! I sleep so well and am growing so much for being a premie at 5lbs birth weight! I'd love for you to vote for me! I am so much cuter than Biden or Trump! 🤪💜🥰
Gabriel is such a sweet boy he enjoys too play & be outside 💙 He is a happy boy & loves too smile 😊 Gabriel had too be born at 34 weeks & stay in the NICU for almost a month .
Hi, my name is Kai! I love to stretch, look around, have bottles, and cuddle with my mommy! I try to be awake and aware during the day, and sleep well for my mama at night!
Noam loves to eat and play with mom!
Cant escape his flirtacious smile!!! 💙Always a happy baby and so expressive since 1 mo old! Already trying to build words and communicate since 2 mo old!!! Also tries to sing with mama 🎼🎶🎹
Ryder’s favorite thing right now is bath time! He also loves his little feet rubbed and loves to smile big for everyone he meets! He’s a very lovey baby and needs to be snuggled all the time! I hope you all love him as much as I do!
He loves cuddling, listening to Tennessee whiskey. Love playing with his twin brother
He loves his musical skeletons and loves dancing/jumping around to music
Noah loves being outside. Hes a happy baby and always smiling or laughing. Im pretty sure his favorite time of day is when there's food involved. Not a fan of nap time.
Rileigh is the sweetest and cuddly baby! We are now one month old! She loves getting belly kissed!
I’m 1 month old and LOVE to eat. I also love kicking around in the bathtub. My favorite things are music and car rides and obviously cuddles with mommy!
Greyson is 9 months old. He likes scoot crawl, play with toys, and loves animals. He’s a very happy and ticklish baby. He loves loves loves table food.
Karmella is the life of the party! She loves being a big sister and is so helpful. 😊 Dancing is her favorite thing to do and she loves learning new moves!
Bowen has his own little personality! He loves when people talk to him and make faces at him . Bowen is always smiling and giggling ! He loves SpongeBob & ceiling fans! He loves bright colors and loves to cuddle ! Bowens favorite things to do is eat , smile & bath time !! He loves meeting new people and showing off his shine ! He’s such a happy baby !
Lyric is a happy smiley baby! Loves to be read to and talked to. And loves her mommy and sisters! Lyric was born with a smile.
Mason is the sweetest and loving little boy. He does not mind sharing anything he has. He loves throwing kisses and giving plenty of hugs when u are feeling down.
Dawson is a busy boy! He’s is constantly doing something. He loves to learn and is always building things with legos.
Oaklynn is constantly smiling! She loves her big brother and all animals!
Owen is my pride and joy. After I had a miscarriage last year And was super depressed and lost everything., I had my beautiful boy Owen. He is loving, he’s a great baby! He loves to get milk drunk and smile everytime mommy talks to him. He loves to swing in his baby swing and get spoiled by momma!! I’ve never loved so deeply and so much. He’s only 16 days old and I get a lifetime with him. I feel like the luckiest person ever!!
She likes looking at the ceiling fan
Olivia is 7 weeks old! She loves tummy time and her vibrating swing! She has an infectious smile and is a perfect baby :)
Sawyer is a sweet loving 2 year old baby boy, he is a farm loving boy and loves his puppies. His favorite cartoon is Dino Trux💙
Cameron is a miracle baby after 6 years! He decided he can’t wait and came into my life at 32 weeks! Cameron was in NICU for 3 weeks and manage to beat using a respirator in less than 24 hours beat and E. coli infection and is on the verge of beating a cephalohematoma all on his own! He loves to smile and cuddle!
Everest is a type of baby where if she is dirty she will throw a fit but other then that she is quiet and she is the cutest little thing when she's asleep she's so perfect even though there is a saying that no one is perfect but in are eyes she is perfect
Hi I’m Hadley! I’m 3 and I’m suuuper sassy. I love playing outdoors, and I’m definitely a daddy’s girl. My favorite color is purple. I hate being told no, but what 3 year old doesn’t? 😂
Mama’s little heartbreaker!! This super adorable, handsome 20lb chunker who loves chewing on everything listening to his voice& most of all wuvs his big sissy oh so very much!🧡 VOTE for more pictures!!!!!
Hi I’m Kayson! I just turned one whole year! I’m the happiest, most calm baby. I loooove taking pictures, being in the same room with mommy, dancing to ANY and ALL music. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?
JocLynn is two years old and loves to have fun with her older sister she is really funny and has a great personality and she loves Peppa Pig
Lilly Coker
Lilly is named after her great great grandmother as well as her oma and her recently passed pawpaw, she can roll over and tries her best to sit up. She already recognizes me and my boyfriends voices very cleary
Kh’Lani loves music... and she likes taking pictures
Eli is a happy, calm, and handsome 3 month old who loves to look around, listen to mommys voice, cuddle on mommys chest, and he also loves to eat.
This boy loves Mamaw! His favorite toy is anything he shouldn't have! He is so cute and funny! His nick name is baby Cash! He's working on walking but it is exausting.❤❤❤
Alexander is 1 years old! He loves babyshark & loves to sing the song. He loves eating food, especially his cheeto puffs. Really likes to walk and run everywhere! Yelling and shouting around all the time 💛
Kaisyn enjoys looking at everything around him and long naps right now. He also likes to be held more then lay down by himself.
Hes just a handsome piece of work.... He loves to smile and has the cutest lil personality
Hunter Lou is a blessing during a pandemic. In a world so divided, his smile is the purest thing in life.
Please vote for miss Scarlett!!
Deyaa is 3 months old. Loves to laugh and talk to people. She is a very joyful person. Enjoys cat naps and eating. Loves the outdoors.
Richard was born at 39 weeks and been he the biggest blessing to our lives. He loves the outdoors, going on walks, and bonding time with his parents.