What Roselia likes is when you sing to her and rub her back . She is a happy go lucky baby that likes when mommy and daddy talk to her and rock her back and forth .she's a happy go lucky little girl
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Alexander loves vegetables but hates fruits. His eyebrows tell his mood so well. He hates sitting but loves to stand tall.
Teagan has CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia), has been in and out of the hospital but still the happiest baby ever, always smiling and laughing🥰
Kyler was born at 30 weeks. He’s the sweetest little guy ever🥰
Ezran is pronounced as Ez-rin(?) So far his favorite new foods to try are: Apples, bananas & sweet potato! 🍌🍎🍠 Ezran is such a sweet baby. Every-time he looks at you or vice verse, there’s always a big smile waiting to be put into your face. 😊❤️ We wish the best for everyone!
Am amazing smart funny wonderful little lady!!
Milan’s 4 months old. His favorite things to do are watch Elmo, listen to Bob Marley with mom & Pink Floyd with dad, make loud noises and eat a bunch!
He loves to eat and is learning to crawl
He loves dinos and his pets
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Rowan will be 4 month old on April 8,2022! He loves to look around at lights and loves SpongeBob and Elmo
Dayton is a precious jewel Born this past Christmas she is nothing but smiles such a happy baby 🥰
Jack is the happiest 7 month old you will ever meet. Jack loves his bananas and enjoys snuggles. And he’s got the cutest snore
Little miss Charli truly is a sweet heart! She was even born on Valentine's day and is our rainbow baby. 🥰
Arlo is such a smart boy! He is currently trying to walk but he thinks about everything before trying. Opens baby gates.
Melodi loves tummy time & rolling over! She spends most of her day laughing & cooing at mom & dad. She’s a real people pleaser!
Landon loves people and loves to smile 😊 he’s my miracle baby as I thought I couldn’t have any babies 👶
She just learned how to growl since I’ve been watching the walking dead😂 She loves teething toys but no lil teeth yet and she is just a super giggly baby with tons of energy. Her favorite snack is pickles❤️
Jbug loves to smile, stand tall, and cuddle with his favorite people🥰 He’s a heavy boy, almost 20lbs! His favorite food is any form of potatoes just like his mama❤️ My strong boy was born 2 months early and you can barely even tell!
Hudson loves to talk, eat, read books, watching his Ollie’s, and sleep!!🤍
This is Avery. She is a very sassy twin. She loves playing in her ball pit and watching cartoons.
born at 31 weeks and spent 49 days in the NICU! loves to snuggle and eat, eat, eat!
Cayson loves all the attention!! Loves bath time. Mommas boy for sure!! He loves to jump in jumper
Ozzy is two months old and his favorite thing to do is drink milk! He loves to snuggle with mom or dad when he’s tired and loves spending time with grandma ❤️
Azaiah is just over a week old and already holds his head up and tries to hold his pacifier and bottle all by his self!💙💙 he was born by c-section Saturday March 12 2022
Ace is super active and loves to smile all the time! His favorite person is probably his pop pop. He loves to blow spit bubbles and stick his tongue out. Ace is very energetic and loves to play with his (dog) best friend bender!
She is a spunky lil one. Loves standing, laughing. Her smile definitely lights up a room!
Ellieana is 2 months, she loves mickey mouse, and loves to be held. she’s the goofiest baby with the most personality
Cash is the happiest baby ever - always smiling and sticking his tongue out. He can brighten anyone's day in seconds !
My little handsome is about to be 1 next month he loves teletubies. He is standing up on his own. He brightens every room just with a smile. He os simply the best baby anyone can ever ask for. He deserves the world and more❤
Essence is the most loving and happy baby. She is always smiling. She loves to roll around and eat. She also enjoys going for a walk in her stroller and being outdoors!
Hallie was born on Valentines Day! She came 5 weeks and 4 days early! She was such a trooper and only spent 7 days in the NICU! Eating and sleeping are her favorite things!
Silly girl, loves riding bikes with her dad and dancing the night away
Lil Franky G
Just waiting for my daddy to get out the pin
Sweet baby girl, loves the outdoors and jumping on her bouncer.
Very happy little boy ☮️💙
Lucca is a happy little man !! Who love annoying his brother and bouncing
Kai is almost 10 months old and loves loves loves food! He has blue eyes and blond hair and his favorite thing to do is take walks with mom & dad!
Malakai loves to jump in his bouncer, loves banana rice cookies, and is super hyper!
Cassius loves to sleep and eat misses his grandmother he just lost
Aria is 5 months going on 6. Beautiful and energetic. She loves being around people and playing. She is always so happy and playful and loves to smile
He was born a premiee.He is such a cute and sweet baby boy.
Sweet sweet child of mine
Kamiyah is momma’s everything! She is so smart, loving and caring for her age. Her favorite snacks are Cheeto puffs and otter pops (she can eat 20 if I let her lol). She loves to be outdoors.. walks with mommy and daddy, and she can’t get enough of the swing at the park. Kamiyah loves other kids, her two dogs Marley and Duke and FOOD… this kid could eat all day long! She has such a beautiful soul, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her!