Isaiah loves to giggle and smile.
Bellamy loves to smile, give hugs, and play!
Raelynn loves to chew in everything since she’s teething. Her favorite foods are stuffed peppers and spaghetti! She’s saying mama and dada!
Raelynn loves to say mama and she’s obsessed with her little bows! Her favorite food is spaghetti (she gets it EVERYWHERE) She has 4 little teeth and loves to chew on everything
Juno is smart and wild I love her she is my cutie
Mommys sweet boy loves cuddles, food, dinosaurs, trucks, and playing dress up with sister.
Mommys silly girl is full of spunk. She loves swimming, makeup, and miso soup. Shes just as smart as she is sassy and shes not afraid to let you know it.
Chaylynn is a very outgoing kid, she loves to play and play hide and seek. She is very smart for her age, she is always on the go and learning new things everyday!
Autumn Reign
Autumn is a very happy baby always smiling even in her sleep. She loves spending time with mommy and daddy and her 2 big brothers
Ember is 2 months old. She loves smiles and being outside along with music and funny time! She is the sweetest babygirl 💗
A cool little dude with a cool country name to match! Ladies man at heart and loves mommy and daddy!
Kenlynn is 23 days old and just home from the NICU, she’s our very active blessing 💓
Loves playing with her brother and getting into everything 🥰
He loves rolling around and laughing ❤️ He’s just started crawling and he loves watching his baby sensory videos of dancing fruits and veggies on the screen for nap time
Waylon is a very happy baby who loves his mama & daddy. he loves eating & napping whenever he can ! he enjoys going on walks with his mama & playing in his play mat.
He loves cuddling and he loves looking at colors and spotlights. He loves when you talk to him too
Georgie is three months old! She loves her Grammy, and her doggy. She also likes sitting in her swing and taking naps all day❤️ I sit up on my own, and I love pears! Please vote for me, every one counts!
Hi everyone, I’m Oaklyn! I love to laugh and play and especially love my fluffy siblings! My family’s favorite thing about me is my bubbly personality and my beautiful blue eyes.💙
Raelynn is a happy, loving 4 month old! She loves being outside, her mommy and daddy, and squealing!
My name is Donnie Jackson I'm w years old I love singing and dancing, riding my bike, frog hunting, wearing my boots and playing with my little brother!
My name is King Jackson I am about to turn 1 on April 16th 2022! I love talking, trying to learn how to walk, eat and most of all play with my big brother outside!
Hudson is almost 6 months old! He loves to watch Go Dog Go, he always has a smile on his sweet little face, and he loves mashed potatoes!💛
She’s such a energetic 2 year old always wanting to go somewhere. Shopping is her favorite thing to do🥰
He loves to Praise the Lord, he loves his family, baby shark, and Cocomelon
Dallas is 7 months old! He loves to sit up, roll over and his favorite thing to do is smile! He loves attention and is such a happy baby!!!
Esmerelda is 4 months old and loves watching tv while swinging. She enjoys watching her brother and sisters run and play, loves to kick and laugh!
Kasen loves to be outside when it’s nice and warm. He has a full personality already. His favorite thing to do is to be with mommy wherever she goes!
Sauyer is the happiest, most spunky two month old ever! Don't let the fact that he is only two months old fool you, he has quite the sweet little personality already! He is very flirtatious. Sauyer has a sweet, calm, and happy demeanor about him. This boy is just as sweet as they get.
kinslee will be 3 months old on the 30th of this month. she is starting to set up on her own. she loves both her mommy & daddy, but definitely a daddy’s girl. she coos a lot! her favorite word is when you say beautiful 🤩
Cayden is the sweetest boy. He loves being outside, loves all kinds of food. He’s always happy and loves being with mommy and daddy!
Averlyn is a spunky, sassy and very happy girl! She loves her mama & daddy! She loves to play and spending time with her bestie Rae! She’s the sweetest and happiest girl ever!
Brendlee loves to eat & kick back with me(mom) or her sister and watch the bright colors on the tv! She enjoys bath time and when you talk and sing to her!
Carson is a very chunky boy who loves his food and talking to anything and everyone ❤️
Hes a sweet baby, makes his cute baby noises, learning how to make them wonderful giggles! Everyone loves him ❤
Saylor loves to talk and play with her older sister, she is just about got crawling down pat
Roya is 2mos old and she loves to cuddle. Her smile and coos just fill my heart with nothing but joy. She is learning to scoot and is a very smart lil one
Julien is a beautiful sweet and chunky baby boy! Laughs a lot and is loved by everyone who meets him! Precious addition to my family ❤
She’s 7 months old and loves to eat. She’s always smiling and playing with her brother
He’s four years old. He loves his little sister. And he thinks he’s Spider-Man. He also loves our pet snakes and trying to teach his friends about them.
She loves to rest and watch tv while laying with me🥰 or she likes to be awake and watching what everyone else is doing!
Riley is my sweet girl all around good baby happy most of the time has a smile that just is so bright . She smiles and laughs and give kisses .
Grayson loves chewing on everything and screaming when he gets excited. He’s learning how to roll and pull his daddy’s beard
What Roselia likes is when you sing to her and rub her back . She is a happy go lucky baby that likes when mommy and daddy talk to her and rock her back and forth .she's a happy go lucky little girl
WE VOTE BACK!! 🥰♥️ Thank you everyone for the support!
Alexander loves vegetables but hates fruits. His eyebrows tell his mood so well. He hates sitting but loves to stand tall.
Teagan has CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia), has been in and out of the hospital but still the happiest baby ever, always smiling and laughing🥰
Kyler was born at 30 weeks. He’s the sweetest little guy ever🥰