This is binev! He is a sweet boy full of imagination and Love!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️
Julian is a very loving but temperamental young boy who is sentimental but won’t take crap,lol. Julian loves to help people and show how kind hearted he can be. Julian likes some sports and really seemed to enjoy soccer this year! Julian is a smart boy! Julian also loves his Minecraft! Julian would love your vote and would be very appreciative! Vote for this handsome guy! God Bless!!!
Haley is a very high energy, free spirited girl who loves art and loves to paint! Haley has her very sweet loving days and of course her bad days where you just don’t wanna get in her way,lol! Haley is still trying different instruments out to see what best suits her, and likes to be in her school plays and has been in softball and soccer and will do whatever sport she is able to! Some day Haley would love to be a… makeup hair stylist that models! Haley has big dreams and we root for her every step of the way! Your vote would be much appreciated! Thank you and God Bless!!!
Roxanna loves llamas she loves staying places with family, she loves toys, she loves shoes, and she's a very special, sweet little girl
Isabella likes stitch Jojo siwa. She loves pets, and she's a very special, sweet little girl.
Bradley likes rider bikes, he loves animals He is a very sweet special boy
He love playing with his brothers and loves cocomelon liked yelling dada and loves to cuddle and give hug and kisses he loves to be in his jumper jumping
Born 3 month premature came home from nicu at Brigham and woman’s hospital in boston! The strongest lil girl 👧🏾 to make it out that nicu in less time then what they said!! Now she has grown to a loving sassy highly intelligent lil queen 👸🏽!! Vote yess please for her!!!!
Freyja is the cutest little Valkyrie. She has a war cry that can call just about anyone to battle.
Hudson is my first and he is always so content loves cuddles and hanging out.
He likes to smile and talk alot and loves to eat
Oakleigh is 17 weeks old. She loves to be held, she loves to sleep and eat! She is such a happy and smiley baby 💜🥰
He loves to climb and sing!!! He’s a very sweet little boy
Meet our delightful 2-year-old, a ray of sunshine born in the challenging times of 2021. Despite the odds, he radiates joy and curiosity. His favorite playground is the great outdoors, where he effortlessly becomes the star of the frame. With an insatiable passion for photography, he learns the art from his siblings, family, and friends, capturing moments that melt hearts. Soon to embark on his pre-elementary journey, his lens is set to capture the wonders of the world. Get ready to witness the world through the eyes of this talented, young kiddo! 📸✨
I’m 11 months old. 11-16-23 I love to laugh and smile. I’m the happiest baby in town. He loves to dance. I like to sit up and roll around. I love to play with toys! I have 8 teeth already and more are trying come in. I’m definitely a mommy’s boy.
Liana loves to watch tv , loves to to swaddled , loves to eat , and sleep She Is the sweetest baby girl ❤️
Happiest, sweetest little boy
She loves Halloween
Shey es una niña amorosa y tierna !
Mariah Lynn
My beautiful peanut will forever be my peanut ✨💖
She loves her family and loves animals to no end and now loves her baby sister even more
He love's to snuggle and sleep
He loves to sing to all kinds of music. He gets along with alot of people. He helps out people if they need help. Everybody loves him. Please vote! I love to sing and dance
Layla is a lovely little girl always running around and finding something new to do, she just turned 3 and loves to be seen, shes the first grand baby and first granddaughter, shes very smart and loves to learn new things so please vote for babygirl❤️
Nova is the happiest little guy you will ever meet! He loves to blow kisses to anyone he meets and loves his zippy cup!
Memphis is a big goofball loves to be a jokester he sure knows how to irritate but laugh at the same time but he has the sweetest soul ever . Loves video games and wants to be a NFL football player for the chiefs
Micah is a sweet big hearted very smart young man loves video games and loves his brothers. He is such a big help and great role model when needed to be .Micah loves video games .
Dawson is a little chatter box and is definitely like a sour patch kid he has such a kind soul loves his big brothers . He wants to be a YouTube star when he grows up loves video games.
Jonah is your go to guy for all the avengers and marvel characters.
Destinee just turned 9 years old she’s a bright outgoing little girl with such a big heart she loves going and helping the homeless she see on our streets pretty much he’ll anyone in need she’s bright smart and just a joy to be around!
Little Hesston is the 2nd boy out of 8 kiddos.
Ty is a very active baby. He loves to sit up, and he loves his rattles and toys, so please vote for him!
Sierra loves to play teacher. She also loves to cheer and play with girls her age. Sierra likes to play video games and go swimming. She loves to dress up and be a beautiful princes.
Trinity likes to play with her dolls and fix you some food in her little kitchen. She will sure be the doctor if you need help, and has a lot of bandaids. Trinity to also play outside on her swing. Give her a chance at exposing her talent by voting ..thank you.
He's loving, sweet , down to earth. He loves superheroes.
She is the most precious little girl ever. She loves to play with her brothers!
My name is Xolani and I love to brighten everyones day with my big smile!
She loves being held by mommy. She knows when mommy walks into her room and leaves. She is learning to baby talk! She laughed couple of times so far! She loves smiling when i call her beautiful 😍 she is learning to almost finish her bottle and next she'll have a car seat test. Then she'll be ready to go home! I love her all so very much!
Laiken is 6 months weighs 20 pounds and is always smiling and loves taking pictures
Charlotte is the happiest little girl! She loves hanging out with her friends, watching sesame street and laying on the couch with her daddy🥰
Landon is a very happy baby.he loves to look at you and smile.
Lilly Faye
She is full of energy, she has already found her personality. She loves her big sister and her fur brother. She loves taking tpys from her sister and her sisters best friend.Shes a mommy's girl but she does love her daddy
Ace loves to laugh and smile a lot favorite shows are Mickey Mouse and bluey
Very cuddly cutie pie he loves his momma an his sister an daddy very much xoxo
Sophia is a big sister loves her family an her cat she loves to hangout with herom an do girl things but she loves dress up an playn with her dolls she wants to be a police officer when she gets bigger
She’s a year old next month. Sweet as can be