Heyyy Guysss…. welcome thanks for the vote 💙💙 he really appreciate it💕 come back to vote again 🥰✅
Walker Benjamin
Walker Benjamin loves to smile!! He is one very happy little boy!!! He absolutely loves his binky, He crawls all over and loves giving his mama and dada cuddles and kisses!!!
My name is Lilah Lynn Jones and I was born in July 23rd 2022. I love to smile and get tickles. If I win I will put my money towards a Disney trip in the future! Thank you to everyone who votes!
This is Olivia Renee she’s 3 months old and loves looking at her brother and smiling at everyone
Hi my name is Michael I love riding my dirtbike and helping mommy and daddy work on the project truck that will eventually become mine when I am old enough to drive.
Cece is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. She loves her brother, her toys, and her freedom to rule the household! Full of adventure and curiosity to fuel her dreams of wonders.
Anastasia will be 2 this month!! She loves donuts and puppy’s and playing with her cousins and giving baby sister hugs and kisses while she’s growing in mommy’s belly
Maverick is the happiest boy. He is always smiling.
Ben is happy baby with a big beautiful smile!
Khalil Jr
Loves Mickey Mouse , food and school. Fruits and veggies of any kind. Loves to give hugs and kisses . Dada is his favorite word.
Lyric is a very happy baby she love smiling and watching cartoons. Lyric was born 2 months earlier and thriving very well and she is friendly
Doing advanced votes for April 2023…. Starting November 12th
He’s full of smiles
Mason is a such a sweet boy with an even sweeter smile. 🥰 He was born at 36 weeks and only 4 lbs 7 oz, he has fought and come a long way to the big boy he is now 😍 Mason is a very happy boy, always laughing and cooing at everyone. He loves to swing and jump around and daddy and his brothers are definitely his favorite people ❤
He loves to play soccer and wrestle and he absolutely adores his baby sister!
Xavier was born 2.22.2022 and is now 8 months. He’s the happiest baby we could’ve ever asked for and loves everyone. He loves to eat.. everything!
💛🧡🎃Pumpkin Cutie Pie🎃💛💛
Apple is the most sweetest, outgoing, fun, little girl you’ll probably ever meet!! She loves playing outside, the camera😅 & watching Moana. Singing & dancing id say are her most favorite! 🫶🏼 👑࿎We appreciate all of your votes!!࿎👑
Neaveh is the sweetest little girl with the biggest smile you’ll ever seen . She loves her baby sister and is good at being a big sister . We love her so much she’s my big love bug ❤️
Braden Dwayne Deese
Hii I’m Braden I turn 1 on December 5th 💙 I have 6 teeth 🦷 I can crawl
Hi everyone I’m Jessiyah and I love to play with my momma and dada and my toys. I love to go on adventures. Thank you for voting.🫶🏾
Skylah is my spunky little girl who LOVES to smile ☺️ & enjoys looking outside with momma In the early mornings 😴💕
Izayah is my first love, the one who made me a momma! 🥰 he loves singing the ABC’s & holding his baby sister because “I just miss her all the time!” 💙
Kanyon Shane is A very unique he loves playing patty cake and looking outside. Kanyons's eyes are beautiful when he looks around and catches eye contact it is so previously Angel like. When he is ready to take A nap he touchs your face with his sweet little opened palm as if to say lay your head down with me.
Happiest baby ever! Always smiling and laughing! Pure love and joy!
Theodore loves play time with his little sister! His enjoyment is making her laugh!
She’s sweet and loving I love her laugh she’s trying to walk it’s so cute she blows kisses I love her so much
Jaylen is a very smart and outgoing and eager to learn baby boy 💙. He loves to laugh and he adores his family! His latest achievement is learning to walk ! All votes are appreciated 😊💙
Rosalina is a very smart, active little girl. She loves her cats and turtles
River is the cutest msot smiley baby you will ever meet!
Zander is almost two! He absolutely loves cars and trucks! His favorite movies are any toy story movie, and monsters Inc! He loves candy and pizza!
Hi, I’m Brayleigh I love my mommy and daddy (I also love drooling everywhere). I like to laugh and smile, and I just started using my voice and talking to my mommy and I laugh at my daddy because he’s so silly. My favorite thing is my blankey it has a bear on it I slober all over bear sometimes but and I love my milk but sometimes I get milk drunk and mommy, daddy, and my titi, nana, and uncle bobo think its so silly! But my most favorite is my gigi, I love my gigi!
Kari (Car-e) Is such a happy baby always smiling! He is 2 months old as of the 3rd!💕 He loves books, Lights, and Milk of course!
Harmoni is a 3 month old ball of fun!! She loves talking to her great grandma over FaceTime. She enjoys watching Garfield, ruff ruff tweet and Dave, and Alvin and the Chipmunks (something about those talking animals lol)😉 Harmoni loves kicking on her play mat and eating at her fingers.
Lana is a happy little giggle monster. She loves watching our animals play and she recently just pet her first cow at the Texas State fair, she thought it was funny. Shes my adventurous little Angel.
Rafael loves to watch bluey, talking with daddy & shopping with mommy 🥰 he is sooo nosey and loves to sit up and look around.
Jaelyn loves to play with his doggies and laugh. He is now walking and tripping over everything lol Jaelyn loves people and his favorite thing to play with is water bottles. He is definitely a mommy’s boy but loves daddy too
Joella is such a smiley and cuddly little girl! She loves her bath time and kicking her feet.
Beau loves playing with his toys and looking at colorful things! He’s the sweetest little man.
Brynleigh is our second baby girl who loves to eat and sit-up and play with her big sister . She is always smiling and sticking her tongue out
Little miss milly as we call her is a fun loving beautiful babygirl starting to walk talk and just little miss sassy
He is a fun loving little country boy whi loves cows and horses and happy all the time
Leo is non-stop smiling all the time! He enjoys roaring like dinosaurs and playing peek-a-boo. His favorite toy is the broom 😂
Chesa is a very wild 3 year old. Her favorite character is peppa pig. She loves to play, color & watch her iPad❤️
Coralynn is already wild as can be, she learns from the best (her big sister)😊. She’s spoiled, don’t you dare lay her down!❤️
Zacari is my only blue eyed blonde hair baby! He loves to sing and dance. He’s very sweet and entertaining! He’s definitely the life of the party!