Baby Stories - 77


Hello, I’m Zi’andon l love to eat, sleep and, I also love to stare at my mommy and watch Cocomelon!😄
Paxton Dwight Morris. 13 months old! And although he was born as most people would see as different, he is just like the rest of us, and he will never know any different. He is so smart, so strong, and so handsome. He is such a happy baby! He can say dada, mama, thank you, hello, uh-oh, dog, and dede(that’s his phrase for every word he can’t say😂) he can shakes his head no and wave bye-bye. Definitely a momma’s boy. He is walking anywhere he can go. His favorite show is Blues Clues and Thomas the Train!
Reid is 7 months and loves his momma very much! Has 2 deep dimples on both sides! Loves to smile and laugh
My name is Jameson, I am a year old. I love my mommy and daddy. I love to play outside. And I am ALL BOY!
Alexis loves to listen to music and dance! She would stay outside all day if I’d let her and loves to explore. She has a big appetite for a little lady. Pasta and fruit are her favorites. Shes got a big sassy attitude from her mom and the strongest will from her dad. We are in trouble
Levi is a very active 20 month old who loves climbing, running, being outside, animals and tractors!!! He is a country boy for sure! He is a total ham and loves making people laugh! His favorite show is Paw Patrol and loves music!
Hi, my name is Ramona! I love bubbles, food and animals. Things I enjoy are swimming, play with my cousins and to go on adventures. Most of all I love to spend time with my family and soak up all the love and laughter 💚🌼
Elias is our mircle baby! He has saved our lives in so many ways already, he such a joy filled baby at such a young age he loves smiling grabbing at his feet and story time🧡🥰
Calianis Sofia
Calianis loves playing and watching movies. She is A super energetic baby. Always smiling and making mommy and daddys world more brighter every day. She loves bananas, juice and rice the most. She very happy, healthy, kind, smart amazing little girl. Gets along with others well. Loves running around and messing with her older sisters. She is the younges of 3. Knows how to say hi bye love you mommy daddy and my favorite of all " ¡Que Rico! " gives the best hugs ! ❤ love my baby girl and im sure you all will too! Vote and share please ❤
He’s almost a month old. He loves playing with his dad. He loves watching his dad play games and loves his meme 💙
Alfonso Jr
This is Jr.! He has a highly addicting laugh, with a knack for getting into mischief. He is a dinosaur fanatic and an overall happy boy!
Reigna loves to smile and giggle at mommy, and daddy. she enjoys playing with her feet and sucking on her hands. She never wants to be out of mommy’s arms yet always loves to sit up in daddy’s lap. She is our little bundle of joy, our little sunshine. ☀️
RD is a very stoic baby, but when he smiles you can't help but be happy with him.
Lucas is happiest when he’s being chatted with. He’s always a smiling little guy and loves to spend time playing with his singing keyboard and bouncing around. Vote for our happy little bundle of joy!! 😊
Jackson was born at 33 weeks and 5 days. His best friends are my 2 cats and he loves kisses from his mama ❤
Baynx is a very happy little guy who loves his chicken noodle baby food! He has the biggest heart for such a little guy! You will hardly ever catch him not smiling! 💙
Solëë is a fun loving active child. She loves to play and is super precocious!!! Solëë is still working on walking but has this standing up thing nearly down. Solëë enjoys Charlie's coloroform city and the new magic school bus and movie nights with mommy. Solëë is a foodie and will definitely explore different cuisine. Solëë dislikes green beans and mashed potatoes but loves rice cakes and dehydrated fruit, ohh and ice cream. Mommy doesn't know what solëë will be in the future. However no matter what solëë will be loved
Nate is a ball of energy and always has a smile on his face. She’s learning how to crawl and pull himself up on things. He’s always talking and rolling everywhere.
She loves to roll over on her back and love to play
Hi, my name is Karson. I am 2 months old and definitely a mamas boy but i love daddy too, I am a happy baby all the time and i love to look at myself in a mirror and i like to watch ceiling fans. My favorite thing is when i wake up and my mommy talks to me and tells me “good morning karson” and i smile so much and laugh.
My baby girl is four months she love to laugh watch TV and play
Kannon Loves to Eat And just started Smiling More and Loves being talked to! His Personality is Amazing
Jaylyn is a smart girl. She learns really fast on things . She makes everyone lace and surprises you every day with a new thing. She will always make you smile 😊
Isaiah is a twin. They were born 6 weeks early. Isaiah is a heart warrior. He has ToF. He had his first open heart surgery at 1.5 months old. He loves to smile and play. He hates the beach but loves the water. He is fearless. He is a true miracle.
Izabella is a twin. They were born 6 weeks early. Izabella loves to play and eat. She a mommy's girl. She loves to be outside and to play in the water.
Shes a Joyful baby, always.💙
This cuddly little Squish has the biggest personality at only 6 months old. He's constantly smiling and loves playing outside, taking tubbies, and exploring everything in site (with his mouth!).
Malayiah was just born she was a surprise baby . I didn't know about her whole i was pregnant but when i finally seen her i feel in love . She is a premature baby who is strong and growing so she can finally come home to be with me and her brother
Charlie absolutely loves his family !!!! He loves to smile, talk and eat. Please vote for our little man
He is so loving. He also has a smile that would light up a room. If your feeling down his smile will make you feel better.
Little miss Tinsley is such a sweetheart! She can roll over and crawl! She loves her mommy and daddy!
Kolt is truly our miracle baby. Being born at 27 weeks weighting 2lbs is challenging but he fought his way through and continues to strive everyday. His personality out of this world, and he has a smile that will melt anyone’s heart. he loves loves loves music, loves to eat, baths, being outside, he most definitely was our missing piece.
Sweetest 5 month old baby boy. Loves to smile, play and EAT 🥰🥺
The most happy and outgoing baby you would ever meet! Loves being outside and getting kisses from mommy and daddy!
Walker is a truck fanatic and all about his family!
Na’leena is full of life she always has me smiling 🥰❤️.
Kaleb is a fun loving boy who is never without a smile on his face. He was born with T21 but that hasn’t stopped him from anything in his life. He loves music, singing, smiling and his parents❤️ Give him some love and vote...
Baby Griffy is suuuuch a good baby! Right now all we do is mainly eat and sleep but we smile like crazy and we love the lovins! He is our first little man and we couldn’t be happier parents!! 💛💛
Jayme loves to crawl, play, and give kisses 😘
His favorite song is BINGO and screams/sings with me when I sing it Apologies for the sideways picture, I’m unable to adjust it for some reason
I'm Jaynee and am a month old. I am full of sass-my daddy says I get it from my mommy. I like to snuggle and enjoy sitting in my swing while I watch disney movies.
She is smart and sassy and strong just like her daddy we are always very happy she loves her animals she is verg talkive.back when she was 2 month old she was disgnosed with a neck issue and we are slowly getting it fixes with pt
Hi! I’m Wesley and my favorite things to do are eat lots of food, play with my toys and sisters, nap, bath time and snuggle with my Mama and Daddy!
Bexleigh loves to play with her big sisters, loves her dad the most. enjoys cuddling, riding horses with mom, and traveling