He loves to eat his toes. Hell stop at nothing suck them.
He loves to eat his toes. Hell stop at nothing suck them.
Sweet Remy is the calmest baby ever ❤️ She loves to be talked to and has the sweetest peace about her she loves to snuggle and mama is her favorite person!
Preston Luke loves playing with his kitty. hes is a very silly little boy, and can make anybody laugh. He loves his momma, and he tries so hard to do everything by himself. Hes a very sassy little man. Full of joy 24/7. Couldnt ask for a better son❤️
Viola Campbell
Likes to smile, starting to roll, and finding my voice, holds head up
Adysen is 2 months old. She loves to smile and be outside. She is almost rolling over.
Kenlo is the most vibrate, energetic and fun loving toddler I know! He loves reading and he loves waffles!! One of his most favorite things to do is play with his siblings. He keeps everyone around him laughing and going, going, going!!
Marley's calm spirit makes home feel warm and peaceful. She's a sweet baby girl who's smile will instantly brighten your day!
Royalty Dakota Staley
Royalty Is Amazing cheerful baby she loves to coo & smile & swim she is full of joy
Hi!, I’m Grayson I love fishing with dad and playing outside :)
She's Beautiful & Very Active Loves To Laugh & Play Crawl Trying to Stand
Jordyn is a spoiled princess ❤️ Loves her family. She’s a chunky monkey💖🥰
Brantley loves to talk, he loves riding dirt bikes and playing outside
Brooklyn is a very intelligent baby. She is always smiling and loves to meet new people.
Khloe loves baby dollars loves to sing and dance
Caroline loves baby food and fuller house and loves just about everything to eat
Emma is 2 loves blankets and cocomelon
A happiness that will take your breath away 💖
Fun outgoing happy baby smiles at everyone he sees, very observant likes to look at everything inside. Love being around other babies. His smile will melt your heart I think for me it does!
Maddox loves the outdoors and his puppy dogs! He loves the water along with his toys! He’s 11 months old and just full of life and laughter
22 months. Blonde/brown hair. Brown eyes. Love being outside and playing with my older brother.
4.5 years old. Blonde/brown hair and brown eyes. Very active. Love being outside.
Everleigh is almost one she can almost walk she can talk she loves food and playing and water, she also loves loud cars and dirt ❤️ She is gonna be a big sister soon and she’ll be the best one ever she’s so good with other babies and she loves to play!
He loves listening to music with his mom and dad and loves going on drives
She is my daughter and she beautiful and I love her so much
Hello my name is Leroi. I'm 6 months old, & enjoying everyday. I'm learning lots of new things. I love food, and playing with my family. Outside is my favorite place to be i love to see all the cars, animals, and watch the sky. I've almost mastered sitting alone but i may just crawl before that!
Tallis is 8 year old. Smart. Funny. Best big brother. Has two younger siblings: brother and a sister. Would do anything to protect them and make them laugh. Loves video games and Fortnite.
Freya is a 7 month old little Beauty Queen! She LOVES attention ❤️
Holden Scott is new to this world. He loves laying in the sun, car rides, drinking milk, listening to Morgan Wallen, and laying with mommy.
Henlee is 4 years old. She is a a little diva and a real life princess. She loves dolls, make up, anything shiny and sparkly. She has an older brother and a little brother. Spoiled. Will do anything to make you smile and laugh. Loves people.
He’s 7 almost 8 months old. He has an older brother and sister. He absolutely adores his older siblings. Everything is his chew toy. He loves to eat. Loves to laugh.
Very sassy loves being out doors
Hi I’m Alejandro, I’m a active and happy baby, I like to play and move around 💙
Brody loves to smile and play with his mama, daddy & Nini! He's learning new sounds and responds so great to them!
Hello everyone my 3 yr old is a super energetic boy who lives to play outside and ride his red mustang. And loves to play with his favorite animal toys which, so happens to be a shark he absolutely loves sharks and water. What a given huh!
Hello my name is taylee and I love my gogo that is my horse .. I love my dog belle and I love to eat cookies
I’m a loving 4 month old that is very happy! I love laughing and smiling at my momma ♥️
Jack is the HAPPIEST boy! He loves to give kisses, play with his big brother, eat all the foods and is the biggest mama's boy!
Ryleigh is a 1yr old that loves Frozen and Blues Clues. Her favorite foods are spaghetti, pizza, MASHED POTATOES and she loves any fruits and vegetables. She loves going to the park and likes to go on the swing she also likes to watch the ducks and try and chase them. She also likes to watch us fish 🐠. Her favorite toy is her toy sloth that she named stinky.
She’s a little fighter Likes to talk and tell the world about it
Malani is about to turn 7 months!! She is so smart and has so much personality! She loves saying dada, chewing on everything, loves fruits and veggies and is so close to crawling!
Hi my name is Jerry Wayne masterller I was named after my great grandfather and I love to cuddle my momma and eat I love to play and watch tv with my family
Paisley is the baby girl of my sister, Melinsey and her fiancé Brandon. She loves Peppa Pig, Baby Shark, swimming and bath time. When she comes over to play with her cousin, Liv, she gets on the mini trampoline and yells, “jump, jump!”
Kye is 9 months old, he loves water, his favorite word is mama. But his first word was da-da.😩 He is full of life, has 4 teeth, & will eat anything.
All around awesome kid. He is so full of energy and silliness. He often says thank you and loves to roar like a monster and is an awesome big brother. He loves his new baby sister and they are already quite a pair together.