She's such a happy baby. She spends most of her time sleeping.
She is a rainbow baby. I had a miscarriage before having her. She is not shy she loves people.
Hi I’m na’riyah and I never stop smiling and I love to eat my feet and hands
Alayna is a two month old nicu graduate! She loves to snuggle with her family and she enjoys annoying her twin brother!
Hi this is Elliyannah. She’s 9 months old. She is the happiest little baby ever. She loves her mama and her best dog friend (a rottie named Amerya). She loves outside and putting stuff in her mouth she knows she’s not supposed to.
Keaton loves smiling and his puppy siblings ❤️
Fernando Lucas
i’m 6 months old, and i’m one of the happiest babies❤️
Anthony loves being a flirt! He also loves reading books with mommy, he loves meeting new people and over all just being goofy
Beckham Joseph thinks his mama is everything & that his daddy is pretty funny. Beckham loves to be outdoors and loves to hear noises especially his daddy’s music! He likes going swimming in the pool. Beckham newest favorite thing is smiling at everyone that walks by ! Our boy is so spoiled and loved!
I’m Ayla, known as happy feet. The happiest baby around, despite my many teeth coming through. I’m loved by my whole family, no matter how much they tell me to stop putting random specks of dust I find on the floor in my mouth. Vote for me!! 🙂
Aleksander is our chunky 2 month old baby boy. He is the completion of our small family! Aleks enjoys napping, laughing, and smiling. His favorite person is his dad! He’s really funny when we change him, he always has a big grin on his face! Aleks is named after his grandpa and his name has Polish origin. He is so so loved, thank you for voting!
Easton is 3 months old. He loves his mommy the most. He loves his hands and bright colors. He loves when people talk to him. ❤️
Colt Allen
Colt Allen thinks his momma hung the moon & that his daddy is pretty funny. Colt loves to be outdoors and loves to hear noises especially music! He likes going to the gokart races to watch his family do what they love most. Colts newest favorite thing is smiling at any girl he sees and batting his eyes! Our boy is so spoiled and loved!
He’s a very loving, happy baby. Loves his family and is always smiling
Oaklynn is such a fun loving 11 month old girl. She loves being outside, loves four wheeler rides, and loves her brothers. Please vote for my baby girl
Madelynn loves waving hello, giving kisses, and smiling at everyone she sees!
Leighton brightens our world with her contagious smile and sweet giggles! She loves to play outside, Peppa Pig, and all the snacks she can find!
Harper loves all things outdoors and playing in water. She just became a big sis and loves her brother so much! She is our dancing queen and light of our lives ♥️
Hiii, I’m Ella! You can always find me smiling and being the happiest little baby! I love to *try* and eat everything in sight and steal moms popsicles and pet all the animals! ;) vote for me!!! ;)
Ollie loves water, all animals, trucks & laughing at the word “no”
Shai'kel is a rainbow baby, who likes to cuddle but she mean and don't like to be bother. She so loveable tho
It’s this sassy girls birth month and we would love to see her celebrated by voting for her! To know her is to love her 💕
Say Say is a fun loving little girl with a smile that can light up a room! And she is the best big sis to her little bro!
Emerson is our sweet, loving, funny baby boy. He is the best big brother to his sister, Ella, and puts so much heart and emotion into everything he does. He loves dinosaurs, fishing, karate, and playing outside. Love our bubba!
Malik is 2 months old. He's such a smiley little boy. So little yet so strong and adorable. He loves to be held by mommy and loves to admire his big sister. Such a nice little boy
She was born 10 weeks early. She has been a fighter. Her likes is watching Mickey Mouse and spending time with her family she is just the sweetest
Camilo loves to eat and sleep a lot still. Is a month old and weighing 12 pounds already!
Lance is growing big and strong, being an nicu baby he has a lot ahead of him but he can achieve anything he sets his mind to. Mommy and daddy love you 🥰
She is the happiest baby ever, loves cuddles, food, and her bouncer Eileen. ❤️
Very calm! Loves loud noises! Loves the sounds cars and trucks!
Athena is the sweetest firecracker ever! Goes 0-100 real quick! But her parents love her sweet smile and all the cuddles she loves giving them!
She loves her mommy and daddy 💗 She also loves being held!
Kolston is super smart and the most happiest and loving little boy.
Colton loves cuddles and smiles :)
He has had a really rough start to life and what he likes the most right now is me his mommy
This is Nikolai, he turns 2 in Aug. He loves to be outside, run around, playing in water!
She is very happy baby loves laughing and smiling no matter how sick she is she still smiles she likes watching Thomas and friends she a Daddys girl she hates when her daddy has go to work she very smart baby she brighten up every room she goes in she trys her best to talk up a storm she loves attention loves when people talks to her or palys with her
Vincent's 8 months old an vary outgoing he loves being outdoors hes 19lbs an loves food an all animals an coming December he'll be a big brother!
Juliette loves bouncing in her bouncer and laughing with daddy!
Ellie is a sour patch kid. When she wants you to make her smile, she will let you. But if she doesn’t.. she will give an attitude and she’s only 3 months! But she’s the sweetest baby. If she smiles.. let me tell you, you will smile back.
Annslee is a miracle! She was born at 25 weeks and has fought for everything she has. She spent her first 93 days in the NICU. She is full of attitude and smiles!
Bella is my beautiful baby granddaughter and has her own personality 💗. She puts a smile on every persons face she meets 💕
Jaxon is 2 months old. He is a very happy, very goofy little boy. He loves to talk and smile, snuggling and taking naps, and being outside. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and perfect little smile. He is loved so so much!
Harlo is named after both his grandpas, he loves eating and pooping while doing so! He is a daddy boy to the fullest. Harlo is so calm and most of time such a happy baby!!💙 He has made our life 10x better!! He was born on June 6
Our little Graham cracker is the miracle baby that was never supposed to be. Mommy was supposed to be infertile and daddy wasn’t supposed to be able to make boys but here he is! He loves water and gets as many snuggles as he can!
Happy child loves her sister, she likes to play, dance and have fun