Baby Stories - 76


He likes Daniel tiger from pbs kids and loves drinking milk
Judah is always smiling, he loves everyone and he thinks everything is so funny! His smile is contagious!
Colin is a sweet smiling happy boy! He loves tummy time & snuggling his mommy! His smile is heart warming.
My happy baby!!
Aldo is such a happy baby. He loves when you talk to him and loves to laugh. His happy face is so pretty even his mean face
Baby Wyn is an adventurer and loves being outside in nature to take in the world around him. Filling hearts with love since 2021!
Monroe is an inquisitive, cheerful little girl. She loves her Jolly Jumper and her mama. She brings joy to everyone she meets.
Finnegan loves to eat and nap mostly at the moment. He enjoys car rides and cuddles with mommy and daddy. 💙
Jordan loves to talk, play peek a boo, play with bubbles and love the water!
Russell was born two weeks early and weighed 4 lbs 12 ounces and was 19 inches long. He is growing perfectly and is definitely a Mama's boy!! He loves feeding time, tummy time, and bath time!
Grayson is always happy and smiling and enjoying anything outdoors. He loves to tske pictures of himself and spending time wiyh all his aunts and uncles
Kai was born at 28 weeks 6 days due to HELLP Syndrome! Born at 2 lbs 12 oz, he is now 8 lbs even! He escaped the NICU after 54 days and has been thriving!
Little Miss Madelynn is sassy and strong! She’s as adorable as a China doll but as independent as those ladies that Destiny’s Child be talking about. She loves being tickled and laughing at “The Ants Go Marching.” Her big blue eyes melt everyone’s heart!
Raelynn is 9 months old and love to crawl to her puppy and give kisses to momma and daddy. Raelynn tries to walk but is falls down, she is a very smart baby and loves nothin more than the camera.!
Asher is a happy, vibrant, energetic little tornado, He loves to swim and play with his big sisters! He loves being outside and coco melon is his all time favorite show, he loves music and dancing!
Justin “JJ” is a bundle of joy! He loves playing and learning with his big sister. He’s a very happy baby, you’ll never catch him without a smile on his cute little face!
Amina likes to cuddle and hear music, she loves to listen to me sing 😊
Lennix was born at 34 weeks at 6lbs 13oz 18.5in and only spent 9 days in the nicu... He is so far ahead of where he was projected to be. He's always smiling and happy he studies your mouth and facial expressions while you are talking and often mimicks the word "HELLO"
Sean is “ Native Indian “ from the Mono Indian Tribe of North Fork , Ca . Sean loves dinosaurs and loves mimIcing music . He loves helping out the elderly . It’s draws attention to him .
She smiles so bright it'll light up a lighthouse Giari loves her binky, eating her feet and fingers, playing with toys, she's been holding her bottle since 2½ months, COCOMELON AND NUMBER/LETTERS ARE HER FAVORITE...
Hey Y’all This is my Sweet darling Jha’Mori. She’s a month old & Enjoys tummy time & morning Talks are our Favorite!! This is her very first contest So it’ll be fun for the both of us!
Brooklyn is a fun little girl that loves to get down to la bamba and loves to watch blues clues
Everleigh Lynn
Everleigh Lynn is always full of smiles and is our little squeaker 🐁 she loves snuggles and when you talk or sing to her .
He is such a cuddle bug but can be such a boy loves to talk about poop!
Devin is a miracle baby, he has the best smile ever, and also very serious, he can melt anyone’s heart.
Avaya is such a sweetheart. She loves to smile, play, and watch cartoons. Being outdoors at the park really brightens her day. She melts my heart with a big smile every morning.
Nolan Anthony-Edward was my angel from above brought to me by a very special person who will always have are heart. Nolan Anthony-Edward is smart and very intelligent handsome baby boy he's to smart for his own britches sometimes. He absolutely loves to be outdoors no matter if its playing swimming, dirt track raceing or even with family. Nolan is a very energetic 9 month-old full of life and love he makes my days worth living for ❤️ I'd be lost with out him he's so unique and charming.
Our sweet boy is almost 4 months old, loves cuddles saying mama & hi.
River Grace is the happiest girl. Always talking & smiling. This goofy girl brightens everyone’s day.
lanni is 6 months, she’s so outgoing and joyful. she loves trying new foods, loves popsicles, loves eating cheese of goldfish and doritos. she’s rolling over and scooting. she’s just a joy and will always put a smile on your face.
KC Is the most happy lil man you'll ever meet, smart funny and joyful. Love this kid.
Everleigh always has a smile on her face, she has her daddy and big brothers wrapped around her fingers. She loves being outside, and everyone who meets her falls in love 💕
Ares loves to get into anything and everything. Now that he has started walking (something he’s wanted to do since he was about 4 months old) he is unstoppable. He loves throwing the ball, and dad is his favorite person in the world. He can make him laugh like no other!
Everett Vandenbrook
I had Everett prematurely at 35 weeks and he spent 2 weeks and 4 days in the NICU. His birth mark is the big red V on his forehead for VandenBrook. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when I was only 24 weeks pregnant with him. He’s the light of my life and my reason to keep fighting! He loves listening to momma sing and being swaddled.
He is 9 months old with a very outgoing personally of his own he loves his big brother and food. He was born 9 pounds and is a rainbow baby. He loves playing with toys and crawling around being observent. His favorite food is sweet potatoes. He is a people person, every where we go he gets attention and loves to give out smiles. I would love him to win so that way when he gets older i can show him how everybody voted him the cutest baby.
Maddox is a crazed sports fan. He loves baseball and basketball the most! He loves his dirt bike. He is all boy!👦
Reagan is my chunky monkey. Born at 9 lbs 15 oz and currently weighs 15lbs. Love to laugh and snort and thinks her mommy is the funniest!
Charlie is a happy baby boy who beat the odds at birth. He has come a long way and makes everyone around him smile. He loves to make silly faces and show off his dimples.
Audrie is already a little animal loving country girl. Farm raised
Gianna is 10 weeks old and absolutely perfect. She only loves her mamas bed and her mama. First baby for us and we’re all quite obsessed 😍
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael is a Month old.. loves being held and having people around.. sleeps alot but loves to eat.. starting to be awake more often as he gets older.. and loves his Momma
Giana is a smart and vibrant young lady. She loves learning, helping her Great Grandmother around the house, she helps her parents with her siblings, and she is just an overall joy. She is about to start cheerleading and is excited about the new school year.
Kaitlynn is a sweet and sassy little girl... she is sooo smart and amazes me with how fast she learns new things. She loves her big brother, minnie mouse and unicorns as well as everything her brother likes lol...
Ernest is a sweet little boy. He likes to eat a lot and he has red hair he likes to steal your food and he likes paw patrol. He likes to make you laugh. Ernest likes to give lots of kisses when he gives one person a kiss he will go around and give every one a kiss. At birth he was 6lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. His butt fit in the bottom of my hands. He is the SWEETEST little boy you will ever meet.
Kylie is a little ball of fire who loves dancing, climbing, and playing with her siblings.
Derek is a smart little man who amazes me every day! He's so loving and an awesome big brother... he loves meeting new people and making friends. He loves dinosaurs, playing in water, going to zoos and aquariums, etc...