Baby Stories - 76


This little dude literally always has a smile on his face ! And just look at how beautiful it is. If his smile dosnt make you smile then i dont know what could !
She loves stuffed animals 😍 and she loves attention 💜 Such a love bug 💜
Hes always so happy. He loves our two dogs, he loves playing with his toy, and he loves his momma and daddy
Ricky is a happy baby! He loves his mommy and daddy. He has been through alot in his little life but prevails like a boss. He also makes the best funny faces
Avyanna is a sweet loving happy baby she loves watching tv and talking anyone’s ear off she’s a fighter always has her fist up,all in all Avy is a bundle of joy and a sweetheart 💕🥰
Amara is barely a week old but she loves to sleep loves her two kitties and her puppy and loves to be held! She’s just started opening her eyes and gazing in wonder at everything around her!
Hunter is my very energetic "step son". He is almost 5 and likes books and going to school. He love Marvel and DC superheros alike and is obsessed with building with his legos.
Freyja was born breech, 6 weeks early. She spent exactly 3 weeks in the NICU, making everyone she met fall in love with her. She loves late nights with mom and dad, sleeping during the day, swinging and eating copius amounts at a time
About sj, he is a very happy baby believe it or not! He was born in the pandemic and was also a preemie. As of right now, his favorite thing to do is watch crime and mystery shows & movies on Netflix!
Lila is still new but she smiles all the time and loves her little feet kissed.
Hudson is our miracle rainbow baby! He has a contagious smile and laugh, bringing joy to everyone who is near him!
Kyleigh loves running around playing and screaming! She loves making faces at people and she has a lot of them to go around!! She loves her food and dancing all the girl does is dance she hears music and her shoulders start and then her hips! She is full of life!!
My sweet little princess loves cuddling, smiling, and laughing!
Alexa is a silly, loving 19 month old! She loves Minnie Mouse, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Peppa Pig. Alexa loves to color and draw.
Axel is a super energetic, spastic & full of life on the go non stop handsome man! He keeps us on our toes & definitely keeps us laughing!
Millie is a sassy almost 6 month old who thinks she runs the house & is such a blessing to me, daddy & her big brother!
Shaun is a fun loving autistic and he loves hugs.
He loves his mama and daddy and cannot help but smile all the time. He says Mama, Dada, and meow. We do not own a cat lol. He is walking already which it bitter sweet. He is growing so fast but I cherish every moment with him and enjoy to watch him grow.
My name is Mason, I love to watch my dog and cat play & smile at mommy and daddy. I enjoy sleeping in mommy’s arms and don’t like changing my clothes. I sleep a lot but when I’m awake I like to sit up so I can look around and see everything ❤️
Da'shon is the most lovable and precious baby ever!! He is so sweet and definitely a flirt with the ladies😇😅! Vote for him because....I mean look at that Face🥰
She love music and she only 3 months old
Nora is literally sunshine everywhere she goes. She has been a huge blessing to everyone. She’s my rainbow baby and I couldn’t be happier
Avery is the sweetest and happiest little girl. She loves giggling and loves her Mommy and Daddy!
Carson loves cuddling, watching cartoons with mommy and daddy, and smiling.❤
Roland Montgomery
Roland loves snuggles with his family, and hearing his mama sing to him. He's already holding up his head, cooing, and following people with his big blue/gray eyes.
She likes long walks in her stroller loves to take rides and keeps us all in a splended mood with her smiles and loves to watch Street Outlaws with her dad
Emily is a sweet girl who loves to giggle when you blow on her belly. She loves giraffes and any toys that make music.
Holden loves his beagle pups talking to mommy and daddy and kicking those strong little legs!
Miss Elaina is almost 9 months old. Just learned how to walk, and yell at the cats lol. She loves food, going for walks in her stroller and cuddles with mommy and daddy.
She loves to say hi She loves her mommy She loves to smile and laugh
Elaina smiles all day and night she loves animals and loves cocomelon and mickey mouse
Sooo i like to try to sit up and i love to stand. I coo alll day long dont ever stop talking. I also love to eat my veggies.
Mia loves talking and cuddling,she will crack a smile at anything she thinks is funny 💕
Theodore loves to smile and being talked to. He is such a happy baby, he is starting to talk and trying his hardest to roll over.
Hayden is the most adorable lil chunk anyone could ever meet! He’s very vocal and constantly on the move! He walks around furniture and has stood up all by his self so anyday he should be walking!
Ryeker is just a handsome lil dude! He’s such a happy lil guy! He always has a smile on his face and has learned to sit up all by himself and gets on all fours so he should be crawling anytime!
Ravyn is a sweet little baby who hardly cries and always smiles, especially at corners of the room- at her guardian Angels, we like to think! Her favorite things right now are trying to sit up, licking her shirt, and touching EVERYTHING.
Neziah is 4 months old. He’s the sweetest little baby anyone’s ever met. He loves laughing and his gramma. He loves to jump and stand up and yell. He definitely thinks he’s the boss lol.
Hi, I am Noah. I am a fun, loving kid who enjoys playing with his friends. I attend pre-school but I love to spend my time on the farm with animals and 4wheelers.
Huttsyn was born a fighter! He is a preemie born at 27 weeks at 2lbs 10oz, after 91 days in the NICU he came home. Now at 6 months he weights in a 14lbs and stronger than ever. Huttsyn loves to smile and watch hhs sisters play around him!
She loves to smile, knows when it’s picture time, loves to play with her sister and dance.
He's a sweet, sensitive soul. He loves a curious guy and loves to observe his surroundings. Definitely a mamas boy
Hello my name is Ryan. I'm a month old. I like to eat, sleep and pull on mommy's necklace.
She loves music, mommy/daddy, and her big brother!