Santino Cruz
Her nick name is Purdy bird and she absolutely loves watching baby shark
She is a wonderful 3 year old who love to sing and dance. She loves to play outside and play around. She is a wonderful princess 👑👑 Please vote for abcidy❤️
Cannon likes to eat chicken dumplings , he likes his vegetables!!!! and wants to be back in his walker afterwards! he likes to be outside all the time and loves dogs!!!🥰 he is also a smart baby for a 7 month old. he also likes picture☺️he loves his daddy so much when he’s gone to work he screams for his dada. he says mama and it melts my heart. we love you Cannon Jay Mayes💗
Kymber loves to be outside, and also loves to go on walks with me in her stroller. Cutest little girl
Jerriko Stone
Jerriko Stone is strong, silly, smiley and SO happy! always smiling since just a few minuets old!
Salem loves his mommy and mom mom! He is so sweet, loves to cuddle, and he smiles so big with his first two little front teeth!
Jaxson likes car rides and nap time. He loves getting snuggles from dada. Hes super goofy and very lovable ❤️ Hes the best wittle hooman ❤️
my sweet charlotte loves to say “hi” to everyone who walks in the room. her personally grows more everyday<3
Jessica is a very happy baby she is always smiling. She loves her visits from her grandma and aunts and uncles. She loves riding on the tractor with her daddy feeding the cows. She loves her visits to the fire house seeing the big red trucks.
My name is Mason Reese. I really like to go outdide on walks with mommy, and cuddle in bed with daddy. I love my paci, tummy time (I can even roll now), and my puppy.
Scarlett Benjamin
Scarlett was born on March 22,2022, she really loves to cuddle. She’s my little cuddle bug🥰
Addison is the most calming happiest baby. she is realizing how loud she can get. she’s eye changing color girl
Tyler is one happy little boy, never a dull moment. he is funny, caring, loving, loves to cuddle. he is also a big fan of paw patrol!
Sweetest and wildest little girl! So beautiful ❤️
Sweetest baby girl you could ever meet❤️ So much personality and her daddies twin!
Hello:) my name is Aynzlie Jo Vogt I am almost 11 months but still really tiny for my age🥰I am so happy all the time, I love applesauce and Bananas, I love cuddles with mommy and daddy and I KNOWWW I kill everyone with this smile😁
I like to watch Mickey Mouse and play patty cake🥰
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is always smiling & dancing! Her favorite person is her daddy & she loves her siblings.
I’m autumn, I was born March the 1st. I am almost a month old. I’m already trying to hold up my head by myself. I try to hold my bottle. I’m always hungry, and always like to sleep.
Tyler is a junior, but he's definitely just as much a mama's boy as he is a daddy's boy. 💙 He is a little monkey man, always trying to climb or flip. He loves to dance and listen to music. He absolutely loves anything Ed Sheeran.
He loves bath time it’s his favorite place to be and he always being a goof ball and having fun. Vote for him ❤️
VIEW Stevie (after stevie nicks of course) has the most contagious laugh and the sweetest smile. She looooooves sweet potatoes, and swinging in the sun, and keeping eyes on momma at all times!
Katherine Juliet
Hello my name is Katherine Juliet. I love smiling, Enjoy car rides very much, bath time, making silly faces & taking pictures. But my absolutely favorite thing is to cuddle with momma.
A dog lover with a bright personality. Intelligent for a baby and always smiling.
Karmin Noella
She was born January 6th loves to smile her favorite is her dada !!!
Bentleigh loves dressing up, taking pictures, bubbles, and spending all her daddy’s money at Target.
📣📣📣📣 Thank you all for your support🎈🎈🎈
Loves to be outside,loves his walker,definitely a mommas boy,just for 7 months I’d say he sure does a lot❤️.
Hi my names preston! I love to laugh and giggle and my smile is very contagious ❤️ I appreciate every single one of you!
She loves cartoons ands her mommy and daddy. Her favorite vegetable is sweet potatoes 🍠. She has the brightest smile and smells like fresh baby powder. Bath time is her favorite time of the day and she loves to Float around and splash .
She is the happiest baby. But just like any other lady, she doesnt like being hungry and also doesnt fancy wearing pants!
Hello there! I’m Emery im the kindest little girl in the whole world ❤️ Im always smiling and giggling. I can be shy than smile into my blanket and hide from time to time. If you’re sad I love to cuddle until you’re feeling better. ❤️
Hello, my name is Xavier. I’m the goofiest little boy, I love to laugh and make the people around me laugh as well. I love attention and snuggles❤️
Our Adrianna, or “Stink” as we fondly call her, 😊 is almost 10months old and enjoys sunsets and long walks to the fridge for some snackies! 😂 She is smart as heck and knows exactly how to grab specific family members’ attention. Music 🎶 with bass and cartoons with some good tunes 💃 are her joy & watching her inquisitiveness 🧐 makes mom and dad smile from ear to ear! Don’t overthink! Vote for Stink!
Jacob And Elijah
Most handsome twins I know 🤍
my new years baby🥺❤️
My name is Rashawn and I like holding my head up and playing with my mommy and daddy. I enjoy having my belly rubbed and drinking my milk
Korbin is such a sweet baby! He’s still so little but holds a great big piece of our heart already!
Aria is the sweetest little girl there is! So funny, smart & cute as a bug :) Vote for our precious little Angel!
A’Deija ArNaye, loves to be on FaceTime she’s such a big girl doesn’t like help holding the iPhone or tablet lol, she also LOVES looking at herself in the mirror
Hi my name is Genesis, Which also refers to the “beginning of” . I love cuddles and love being fed. I also love being outdoors. My mom and Dad love me unconditionally ❤️
Hazelyn is 7 months old! Very sassy and loves to smile! 🥰
My name is Breighlee and I’m only a month old. I love trying to hold my head up on my own and love being outside! If I win I can start my savings and also buy as many bows as I want without Daddy saying no 😅
Amora loves to smile she’s a very good baby she don’t cry a lot she’s a happy baby she loves eating💕 she loves being outside she loves baths
The most happy girl she loves food, toys, and mommy. Violet is calm and happy 90% of the time and such a sweetheart
Heidi is 9 months old, she loves stuffed animals and toys that make noise, she loves food and loves attention, her birthday is in June, she loves watching cartoons and listening to music. she’s a goofy girl.