Baby Stories - 75


Shanaya the name itself describes her as first ray of the Sun. She is just 2 months old and a big time attention seeker who tries to talk all day long and is always ready to get clicked. She has already started rolling over and even tries to do a little bit of plank Lol 😆 in short she is a entertainer and can keep you engaged with her all day long.
My name is Kieryn! I am just a little over a month old and I love to laugh! I also smile all the time and love taking naps!
Drennon James is 4 months old. He loves sitting up to watch TV, cooing at mommy and daddy, and getting milk drunk ❤️
Liam loves dinosaurs, cocomelon, and sunggles! His favorite song is you are my sinshine sung by johnny cash and he LOVES to eat!
She loves being able to sit up on her own and playing with her toys. She loves watching paw patrol, dora, cat in the hat, spongebob, and umizoomi. Her favorite song is Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. She has her papal and gigi wrapped around her little finger. She gets so excited when she sees her big brothers, gigi and papal, and of course mommy and daddy.
Sophia ROSE ❤️
Born on the second day of Covid lockdown the holes in my heart don’t stop me. I’m fierce, playful, funny &love to learn and talk. My favorite word is dada,but bubba and hey are right up there. I count on mommy’s fingers 1-5 love to dance and my favorite songs are pets by Blippi and anything by Andrea Bocelli. I love animals and all kinds of food! Please vote for me ❤️
Wynter Dior
Wynter loves to watch Minnie Mouse and play with her toys
Hello! My name is Nicholas David Carroll, I'm a little over a month old and I was born in Colorado. I'm a very good boy and I'm my mommy's first born. I was due on the 3rd and came on the 7th to a mother who was sick with the coronavirus! I tested negative when I was out though!
Hi my name is Alexander. I am two months old. I love to look at ceiling fan, and I like to laugh and talk. Ohh one more thing I also love car ride.
Ryder is 17 months old, loves paw patrol his mommy and daddy, he has red hair and baby blue
Zailey is the happiest baby. Her hobbies are eating and sleeping. She loves it when mommy sings to her and when her daddy makes her laugh out loud. She also loves her furry brothers and furry sister. <3
Bradley is a super giggly baby blue-eyed munchkin!
Our blessing ♥️
1year old , loves candy, very playful, and loves to laugh
Addison is a happy, outgoing little girl who loves to shop 'til she drops!
Jyi Is A Blessing To His Family❤️❤️
Ava is my niece. I've had her since birth. She was born in an unfortunate situation. She brings so much light to our family. We are currently going through the adoption process to make it permanent.
He loves to sleep, loves to be cuddled, and loves tummy time 🙂
AvaLee Ra Lyn Graber 🥰 She is one of the cutest, and most happy little girl I’ve ever know. She loves tummy time on mommy’s chest, feeding, and sleeping. Her smile melts mommy’s heart 💞 Like any little lady she’s a handful but I wouldn’t trade her for the world🌎
Randell is his father’s twin his miracle after wanting his own for more than 10 years. Randell Jr is very talkative happy and is loved by who ever meets him.
I like to smile more than anything on this earth! I smile from the moment I wake up in the morning till the moment I close my eyes at night!
Amirah is always so happy and content with her little smiles and giggles. 💗 sweetest baby ever 👑
This is Nova Starr. Shes tiny, cute, and just the sweetest little girl.
Dallas is one month he has had a rough first month to the start of his life in an out of the hospital for so many resons alreday but yet Loves to cuddle smile laugh an loves to give hugs an kisses
Amelia is 6 months and has a heart of gold! Her smile just warms your heart and turns a bad day into a good day.
Yohance Bruce
He loves to bounce his favorite show is pj masks Yohance is a very happy Lovable baby please vote for him!!!!
Juniper already has such a wild loving soul at just 4 months old and it presents itself with every smile that is brought to her face. She is showing signs of advancement by trying to sit up by herself and gets mad when she can't see everything that's going on. She absolutely loves her big brother and sister but makes them aware immediately when they start bugging her lol. Please vote for this precious little girl. Come on, How could you say no to a smile like that? (;
He is a very loving and kind sweet boy. He enjoys drawling and singing and PlayStation
Valentino is 2 months old. He’s a Sagittarius with a big ole happy smile. He loves his tummy time and loves his dotted sensory stimulation. Loves when mama sings our favorite song to him.
James is an adventurous mischief making 8 month old who has a fierce attachment to his siblings. He is eager to learn quickly and has the most amazing smile. He loves his blankey buddy and his teethers!
This firecracker is just that & some. This sassy diva is super intelligent and the most perfect little person in mama's eyes! Peace, Love & happiness
Playful/beautiful/pretty eyes/ She loves to play 💖
Poppi is so loving that she’ll pat your back while hugging you!! 🥰 She is as funny as she is sweet. Always laughing and she laughs the loudest if she can make YOU laugh! 💗
I am a very cuddly baby i love talking, and giggling when mommy scares me i am a very big cuddle bug
Evra is 2 months old! She loves music and we found out she especially loves the Pentatonix voices! Her favorite song by them is Hallelujah. She couldnt wait to get here and surprised mommy and dayyd 3 weeks early! We like to say she didn't want to miss out on being in the world for Thanksgiving!
Ezra is 9 months old baby and he is my whole world. he likes to put everything in his mouth. Ezra has a best friend Dog name Fluffy.
Noah loves outside! 🌳🍁 He attempts to try something new everyday!🏃🏼 He is literally the funniest person I’ve met! 😅Spontaneous, caring, and funny is the 3 words to describe him! He’s amazing 😌🥲
Miya is a baby full of joy, likes acting, posing ,dancing ,and singing ,she think she’s a superhero, and also a model as you see in some of her pics! She makes her own pos :)
Hello my name is Piper. I am a happy and spunky 9 months old. I love my big sisters, mommy and daddy. I love to climb on my English bulldog Mo and say daddy all day. I love my Milk like there is no tomorrow and don’t play about my food!! Please vote for me
Siah Ray he just turned one a couple months ago and is very smart and handsome he knows how to say his ABC’S 😂💙
Giovanna Is My Rainbow Baby Right When I Thought I Wouldn’t Be Able To Have Kids God Blessed Me With Her. Giovanna Is A Happy And Intelligent Baby She Is What Keeps Me Going Everyday❤️
Taislei Shepard
Taislei is 3 years old she is a little sassy ray of sunshine ! She loves the outdoors and loves to go fishing and love helping other and love playing at the park with all her family
Ry’Iana is such a sweet loveable, happy baby she is such a doll and I love every moment of it 🥰😍😘
Just a happy little girl, living her best life in the country.
Malibu is a crazy little girl whom loves elephants and momma and daddy. She also loves bananas and to crawl everywhere and is working on getting her balance to walk without her walker
Olivia is such a beautiful smart baby she’ll be 2 months 1/25 and she already rolling over and holding her head up and trying to hold her bottle she’s a sweet angel I’m very grateful to call my daughter ❤️
Im almost 3 years old i love my mom daddy my brother nd my sister. I love to run play nd watch TV. My favorite things r baby shark, paw patrol, pj masks, scooby doo, bubble guppies