Julian is a happy talkative baby. He enjoys cuddles with mom and dad and playing in his bouncer. He also loves puppy dog kisses from his chocolate lab fur brother and sister.
Vote Baby Amila she's fun she love to laugh play and enjoy toys and eat on everything lol im Amila vote for me im a Pretty girl.
Perri Jo is the life of the party! At 10 months old she is learning and doing so many new things, my favorite being her kisses. PJ thanks everyone for the votes and hopes y’all have a good day!
Gracie girl is my sweet NICU baby she's a fighter and such a happy baby. She loves SpongeBob she smiles and giggles as soon as it comes on. She's my little miracle baby that's why she deserves to win
Jaxon is the sweetest, most caring little boy in the world! Jaxon loves Spider-Man and is so silly! He loves playing football, playing Fortnite, and going fishing! “His favorite person is his baby sister Jaelyn!” Help Jaxon by voting, liking, and sharing his page!! Open to Exchanges/Advance! Please just let me know on his page! ❤️🫶🏼
Saliastina is a very beautiful lil soul her love for her family words couldn't say, she love to dance to Michael Jackson's music videos,and will take a stuffy over any toy,and she is a squishmello fan as well and her smile will make anyone's heart melt.
He love people and meet new friends
Ashley is a very happy eight year old who loves her dad and mom and brother
Daniel is a happy 1 year old loves his sister loves to cuddle and loves to watch Daniel tiger
I love stealing everyone's food & my sister's toys! The Mickey Mouse Fun House song makes me dance, and I HATE socks!🤘🏻🩵
Quest is a very expressive baby, already laughing when he was 4 weeks old, and full on smiling at 6 weeks. Here he is at 8 weeks, just loving the world and everything and everyone he meets!
He is a very outgoing smart little boy loves to play outside with his dump trucks, loves going to school and learning new things and play with his friends.
She is a sweet girl, she loves horses. She is a little miracle baby, looking at her you wouldn’t know she struggles daily with ADHD and a seizure disorder along with sensory issues! She was diagnosed when she was 2 and she goes day by day proving us she is strong and out to take on the world!
This is the most fun loving and special little boy, he loves hard and keeps you laughing.
Ashlyn is an old goofy soul who brings happiness and joy to everyone she encounters.
Will update this when we actually compete
My baby is always willing to help others. He has such a big huge heart. He's loving, funny, helpful, kind, spontaneous, energetic. This is why I would love for you to vote for him Thank you
Amiyah loves her baby brother, cooking, and everything yellow! She wants to be a doctor, because she says it's not boring!😅🫶🏻
Kerryleeann Louise Wittman
She is very smart, beautiful, and even though she is two she already has an award winning personality!
Bentley is a very smart and loving boy. He loves to play outside and ride his tractor..
Jacob loves fishing! And he also loves helping anybody, anytime. He’s the sweetest🫶
Kind, loving, smart, beautiful girl who loves music, laughing, takes hip hop and ballet, plays the drums and piano. She is a music lover and a high achiever!! She loves to make people laugh and lightens up the room. Shes alot of sunshine for people on a gloomy day with her spunky, fun personality...!!♡
Montana is a mother hen and has politness overload with manners better than most grown folks. She's the happiest girl in TN!
She's a beautiful happy little human!!!
She's a beautiful girl inside and out and has an old soul. She is baby brother's favorite person!
He's the happiest biggest little man and loves his sisters. His favorite person is his 5yr old sister!
Graesyn is a hot wheel, monster truck loving boy! Graesyn can be sweet and loves to bounce off the walls. He never slows down. This boy loves his role as a big brother and he’s rocking it!
Dawson was born at 36weeks and 4days weighed 9lb 3oz. He stayed in NICU for 3 days. Dawson is sooo loved especially by momma, daddy and his big brother! Dawson loves to be spoken too, loves his snuggles and loves his mommy and daddy and bubba.
Shes 10 years old and in the 5th grade!! She is an honor roll student. She loves footbal..and plays for a flag football league.. plus she plays on not 1 but 2 flag football travel teams..including an all girls travel team.. which she is team capitan!! Im very proud of my beautiful little girl!!!
Ragnar is crazy about dinosaurs and loves loud trucks. He is a very big daddy's boy, and is about to be a big brother to his new little bro.
James is all boy, he loves to test his limits and for sure loves the outside. There is never a dull moment with this boy💕💞
Lucille is an adventurous girl. She likes to ride her bike and play with the pups at home. She's a happy child all around. Votes will be coming from myself and my husband Tony B Thank you for all your support in Lucille's contest! 😀 We appreciate your time for 🗳 voting! Happy Veterans Day & Happy Marines Birthday!!! 😊 ❤️ from our Veteran and military family! My family and kids respect all you have done for our country and the sacrifices you have endured! Thank you for everything!!
Our sweetheart is almost 4 he loves to help with his baby brother.
Jaxson just turned 4. He is in preschool and loves school. Jaxson was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder last year. He struggles with speech,behavioral, and ADHD.
Elisa is my miracle baby. She is very smart and has the cutest fat cheeks. Elisa loves to brighten the room with her beautiful smile.
Octavia does not like to she sleep she likes to be apart of everything going on around her. Octavia loves to pet animals.
Haiven is 6 weeks old loves taking naps and loves visiting her family and loves cuddles
He loves to play on his tablet or phone, he likes wolves and Minecraft and Roblox
Daluka is my loving, energetic ball of sonshine. He’s loves to watch Gracie’s Corner, he loves to eat and really loves cuddles with mommy.
Mariela is a unique little girl she loves to color and her Barbies she love the park she'll make you laugh vote for her because she beautiful and a bright for her age❣️
My youngest baby Kaycee❤️❤️who’s smile brighter turns into a million lights
Ryan David Rose
Ryan Rose is our miracle baby. Jayson wanted a brother so bad. Ryan loves playing with his big brother, bouncing in his ice cream truck and zooming around the house in his walker.
Jayson Neil Rose
Loving older brother to Ryan. Jayson loves his family and friends. He enjoys Lego and Jurassic World. He also loves Avengers. He is a sweet boy (when he wants to be) and kind hearted.
My beautiful daughter she is so sweet she love to give you hugs and kisses she always ask everyone how they feel she love to help out in the kitchen 🙂
Hello from my identical twin daughters they are 12 years old they love to sing dance, cook and more they Have ADAD but that stop them they are so smart and sweet
Myklen is an energetic 5 year old young man that loves basketball, dancing, and singing. He’s full of love with such a kind God giving heart.
Brooklynn is the sweetest little girl you could ever ask for, her little personality will have you rolling on the floor 🤣🩷 she’s a big mush and loves to eat 24/7 🙂