Baby Stories - 75


Hi I’m Mikiel! I love to eat and sleep the most! I’m learning new things everyday and the other day I just learned to roll over to my back! I can almost roll over to my tummy too! I love to screech when I’m happy and excited! I also love to laugh and giggle all the time! I love tummy time and laying on my back on the floor, and I love snuggle time with mommy and daddy!
She's just absolutely and She's my hero cause she truly saved me from myself she loves to dance and make funny faces and loves her baby thats inside of mommys belly sooooo much😍😘😍
Derez is such a happy boy. He wakes up every morning with a smile and laugh that brightens up my day!!
I love sleeping an drinking my milk A daddy's girl too 🥰
Laken will be 2 next month on the 21st! She LOVES to play outside in some type of water! She loves playing with he babies, and she loves her doggy shorty!
Sariah is the youngest of 4. She has a smile that will light up a room, the softest and sweetest disposition, and the best contagious laugh. She has a great sense of humor and loves petting her dogs Duke and Emma.
She has come a long way. She was born 2 months early. When she was 3lbs 9.9oz and now shes over 15lbs. She is 6 months old about ta be 7 months on the 19th. I love her ta death.
Coheyn is 2 weeks old! He is very alert and knows momma and daddys voice. His smile is precious and his eyes are breathtaking! We are enjoying watching him grow💙
Addison is our happy grand daughter...She loves her parents so much and steals everyone's attention!!!
This is Chrissy she is 11 days old she smiles everytime I kiss her and she loves car rides and has the cutest laugh and chubbiest cheeks
This little guy loves the outdoors and watching the sky! He loves when his brother and sister talk to him.
Avery loves to swing in her swing , she likes swimming in a pool , she loves stuff animals she loves watching tv .
Alaina is a social buttery, she loves to smile and loves playing with her baby cousin 💓
Hi my name is jaycion Langley, and I am just a ball of love,fun an laughs. I only been in the world for 6 months but it feels like I been here before 💞 I have 5 older brothers an I spend my time trying to keep up with them if I'm not hungry or messed up my dipper. I also love outdoors like to watch my dad clean out my mom's car lol
Silas is 4months old, and he loves “ talking” to you
She can make you laugh when your felling down she is very independent at being only almost 3 she loves her pancakes, ice cream , Barbie dolls and baby dolls she is very lovable
Carson is a sweet heart. He loves to watch Luca and play with his cars. He loves spider man and breadsticks. He’s so smart.
Journei is a energetic 1 year old. She loves dancing, water, being outside swinging or playing with her kitten Niko!!
Charlie is our happy handsome little man. He loves his mommies, and his big sister so much. And beauty and the beast!
Brantley is such a smiley baby, he loves to take our phones and tv remotes. Loves to sit up even though he can’t by himself yet and practice his crawling skills.
Dean or heavy D as he is known to us was born 9lbs and 13 oz all natural! He smiles all the time and is very chill according to all the moms I know. He is my first child so I am feeling lucky. He actually loves tummy time and he has been able to hold his head up since he was three weeks old. He is big into his baby friend aka the mirror and his pointer finger.
Waylon enjoys long walks to the bath tub and doing Cowboy stuff to live up to his name!💙
Max is such a happy baby who loves ceiling fans and his older brother!! The doctor told him he won best smile of the day today 😍
Zoey likes trying new things and exploring. Shes a happy girl.
Camilla is a doll,always smiling and filled with love. She enjoys hanging out with big bro and sis.
A crazy, sassy aura little girl who loves Kitties, fish, and her cartoons. Her favorite snack is bananas 💕
Shelby is the life of the party! She truly is god’s greatest blessing
Caysons’ favorite food include apples, bananas and peaches. He loves watching bluey and playing with his teething toys (he loves his keys the most) he is a happy, energetic 7month old, working on 5 total teeth. He loves his Pooh blanket, his swing and his bumbo. He was born on his due date of December 6th and spent 4 days in the NICU. He loves his brother and sister fur siblings. He loves to go on walks in his stroller and loves spending time with his great grandma and grandpa! He is just now learning how to sit up on his own! ❤️
Isiah is 5months and 2weeks old. He likes chocolate loves his mommy,daddy,nonna,mamaw. He's always a happy smiley baby boy. He goo up a storm and loves to spit bubbles.
Octavia is most definitely a water child 💦 She’s got such a personality, and the attitude of a teenager even though she’s just two 💕 Loves to say “yeah” it’s like her all time favorite word and the way she says it brings a huge smile to anyone’s face 🥰
He is 5 months and a week old today. He likes cartoons, songs, toys and rolling over.
Journey has a very strong and determined personality. She is a very adventurous baby. She loves the outdoor day and night, warm bathes, one on one personal attention, watching the ceiling fan turn, watching the dog, and watching Bluey, Moana, Frozen, and her favorite Mickey Mouse Club House
Aubree is our 8th child and she is so Sweet. Diagnosed as failure to thrive her first 6 months but with the help of goats milk I would say she is thriving well now!
Reignon is a fashionista and loves to dress up and get into makeup 😭 She also loves to perform and sing the alphabet song 🥰
Beautiful ray of sunshine likes to smile very alert likes music and is smart
Zaiden is a fun,loving baby,who loves to talk and cuddle 🥰and did I mention he’s bossy🤪
Our cute little Chunky Monkey enjoys trying new foods, and crawling around every where. She’s always happy!
A cuddly little mamas boy who loves watching his dada play games. 🥰
This is zayden he is 1 month old and is the happiest baby ever 💙✨ he enjoys tummy time and cuddling with mommy 🥰 he can already hold his head up and trying to crawl 🤩. We appreciate all the support from our friends family 🥰
JT is 3 years old, he is our youngest of 8 kids. He is the most happy, silly, very smart, and generous little boy! He loves to laugh and play. He enjoys playing with his siblings and friends. He wants to be a cop when he grows up!
Jayla is 2 years old, She loves to play , laugh run around .
Brantley is a happy sweet and loving baby. He is definitely a mamas boy lol. He loves playing in the water and most importantly he loves to eat !