Bites on everything, sweet and loving!!! learning new things...loves his daaddy...
Josèphine Alyvia
She is 10 months old and a beautiful bundle of joy. She is truly a very happy & loving baby girl. 🌸
Ma’Sye is 5 months old he LOVES to laugh and smile. He is a playful and loving baby who can make you smile with his goofiness. He’s truly an eye catcher and a very sweet baby.
Baylea is my first child, shes a gemini ♊️ born June 18th 2022!!! Loves being outside and listening to mama talk but i think she loves her grandma more! 😂🥰
Ryver loves to play like he’s spider man. He’s very smart and outgoing and loves motorcycles!
Daisy loves to smile. She loves her toys, chickens, and her dogs. She loves riding on the golf cart. She loves watching semi-trucks go by her house. Daisy is overall a very happy and giggly baby. Hope to share her cuteness with the world!!
James likes to hang out with his friends hes a very caring kid that loves the outdoors. He has 3 older siblings he adores. He is a very caring boy he loves his family and friends. He loves to play soccer and has found a liking to baseball. His favorite disney character is Mickey Mouse. Beginning of his life he had a rough start he had lead poisoning which affected him a lot he seems to be doing better. Hes been picking children on here too that he wants me to vote for. He is hoping one of these contest to finish in the top 3. Hes says good luck to all. Also thank you to anyone that has voted for him at all we appreciate you. Happy holidays and good luck everyone I CANT SEE ANY COMMENTS FOR SOME REASON URRGGHHHH:( I HAVE NOT BEEN ON HERE I HAVE HAD SOME SERIOUS VIOLENCE STUFF GO ON WITH ME EX HUSBAND PLEASE FACEBOOK MESSAGE ME. POLICE INVOLVED AND COURT.
Little yoda baby, too smart for his own good, just learned how to walk, loves playing with his big brother, and learns so much from ❤️
Rambunctious, very bright, has so many manners, independent but also loves playing with his baby brother ❤️
My daughter is the sweetest girl in the whole world doesn't cry often and always smile. She loves the word square and will talk to you for hours about anything. :))
Aidan is just the sweetest ray of sunshine.
She’s 7 weeks old , she loves to try to talk , she loves kicking , and she loves to hold her head , she try’s to hold her bottle . If you aren’t talking to her or playing with her 24/7 she throws a fit , she loves white noises , she loves car rides , and going on walks , and she’s definitely both mommy and daddy’s girl .💞
Easton is 3 Years old. He loves race cars, trucks, trains, & anything on TV!
Everleigh is 9 Months old. She loves hollering for Mama & Dada & Bubba! She loves crawling, playing, swimming, & most of all EATING! 😍
He’s the coolest lover boy ❤️🥰
Loyal is a goofy baby who loves to play. He’s always smiling and trying to say new words.
Miss Raylynn is 4 months old and so full of joy. She loves to swim and play with her toys. She’s a hard core mamas girl but loves anyone that’ll talk to her.
Jermeriya is 4 months old she loves to laugh and smile . She was a premature baby born 3lbs 14 oz. She a joyful and playful and loving baby who can make you smile just by looking at her.
Emily was an amazing, beautiful little girl who sadly lost her life at the age of 5 to cancer. We still celebrate her life everyday.
Christian is such a happy, outgoing baby. He loves to play, laugh, and have fun! He also loves cuddles
Hi I’m Kai! I’m 3 months old! I love mommy and daddy and my blankets❤️
Hi, im Isaiah, i love to swing. And always a happy baby. I love mommy and daddy. And love to talk.
Leliana is our crazy little girl who never stops smiling, she loves pickles and enjoys being in her bouncer!
Dalaéna Rose
She's Everything,Always Smiling, You Just Can't Get Enough Of Dalaéna Rose ❤️
Liam is 3 he is full of energy and has a lot of love for his friends and family. He absolutely loves cars and to swim :)
Ace’zen is the nicest funniest toddler ever. He is 3 years old and loves to play basketball🏀 and soccer⚽️.
Coltin is full of life and energy. He put himself to bed after a busy summer day. His dino in picture was his dad's as a child and it's his comfort. Sometimes we all feel the need to climb in our beds n hide from the world.
This is Chloe. She is 6 months old and came into the world with her twin sister Caitlyn just in time for Christmas! These precious twin girls have completely opposite personalities. Chloe is the calm, mellow twin. She is very patient and independent and most the time she can stay content and entertained for a while. Her laugh and huge smile will melt your heart.
Rose is smart and sassy. Her first tooth just popped up not to long ago and I’m pretty sure she’s gonna learn how to walk before she fully crawls! She surprises me everyday with how quickly she picks things up.
She is such a happy baby so sassy and smart and lovable silly
Love to go swimming, playing outside, and hanging out with my mommy and daddy
Hi my name is Oliver and I am 3 months old, I love watching Backyardigans, head rubs and listening to records and dancing with my Mommy and Daddy! My Mama says I have a very contagious smile and the most kissable cheeks in the world. I don’t know words yet but I love to talk back to you and pretend to make conversation. I also love to eat, sleep and move my legs! Please vote for me!
Anley is everything an 18 month old should be. She is full of wonder, joy, love. She is easily amused and is a little dare devil! She always has a smile on her face. There is nothing in this world my baby can't face!
Damita Bella
A true to life Diva! She is a fashionista and loves to act! Look out for her on a television near you!!
She is as animated as one can get! She loves dressing up and wearing hats.
No caption needed
Sophie is the happiest baby and almost always has a smile on her face! She is a huge daddy's girl and loves to pull on his beard, along with the dog's tails.
Vote for my sweet, sweet girl. She is four months. She loves to watch Mickey Mouse, and listen to crabby step, she loves fireworks, and to eat.
Damien loves toys and phones (blippi/coco melon). He is such a cutie ! He is the sweetest little baby ❤️
Jayson loves to play with his little brother and his dog but most of all he loves to play outside and help around the house
Jayden loves to play and watch TV, he loves school, and he loves to play with his dog and he loves to color, but most of all he love to help me and his dad
Preemie Princess Azari🤩... aka "Tiny Buns" ... She may be small in size but her personality makes up for it... Believe me! Tiny Buns is most definitely a piece of heaven on earth 🌎
Loves being outdoors and enjoying our beautiful nature. Which is no surprise considering my name means Earth!
Blayke has such a HUGE personality ! She loves to make people laugh 💗 she has the most precious smile and gives so much joy to others 😁 she likes - standing up on everything - giving mommy powpows🤣 and crawling around 🤍
Donathan loves Watching the fan and following peoples voices.
Azurè Kay
Azure loves to try and be independent 🥺❤️ And loves smiling and laughing!!