Ariya is a funny little baby girl she loves her tongue and makes faces when you make faces at her
She Is Energetic She loves school loves to learn And she Loves Her Daddy And Mommy She Is A Big Daddy's Girl and Also Loves To Work On Trucks and go shopping
Hungry man at his finest, love my mornings with Gracie’s Corner as much as I love my sleep. Smiles for mommy camera😁.
Hevnlyn Soul
This is Hevnlyn Soul, her favorite things is to keep mommy awake and fall asleep on daddy’s chest. She loves to smile when you say you love her and she’s very much a fashionista!
Joseaugusto is very sweet, he loves photos, he is always smiling, he is a very happy baby
Intelligence❤️, Joyful😄,Sweet😘, Handsome😍, Loves eating 🍽, loves making funny faces🤪,Very Talkative🗣, likes to sleep😴, Loves every Holiday season🦃🍁🎅🏼🎄👻🎃🇺🇸❄️☃️,Shopping🛍🛒, School🏫, Loves spending time with family & Friends👩‍👩‍👦
Liam is a very happy baby. He loves cuddles and when you sing to him. His sweet smiles will light up the room.
🌈 Meet Jaxon Leslie Raye Pacheco! My rainbow baby!!! Jaxon loves hiking and being outside, Mickey Mouse, going to watch drag cars, cuddles and bath time! He can crawl, sit up unsupported & recognize the difference between a circle and square! His favorite food is mashed potatoes! He has blue eyes and blonde hair. 💕
Jaxon is one year old he loves everything/everyone as long as he gets attention he is an amazing loving happy baby and would love your votes
Caspian loves the outside air and absolutely loves his big brother Auggie he spends most of his play time with him and loves his sweet potato and carrots, I’d have to say attention is his favorite because he loves to practice his vocals with an audience! He is loved by every person that meets him and brings a smile to everyone!
He is always a happy baby no matter what, he had rsv at 4 months old and had to be put on life support but that didnt stop him from being the most happiest baby ever 💙 he loves tummy time and loves talking 💙 please vote for him
My name is Julianna but you can call me juju or Ju! I looove to eat and play with my baby dolls! I love to play with my brother, he’s my bestfriend! I like to paint fingernails with mommy! I’m very adventurous, bright, and sassy!
Lainey likes to make screeching noises and talk to her mama and all her family. She loves big bows and bell bottoms💛
Isabel loves animals and figuring out how things work! She is a Daddy’s girl, and loves being chased and giggling!
He’s a very happy baby he loves for someone to talk to him he loves to watch coccomellon he is such a bundle of joy inside and out his eyes are so amazing everyone falls in love with him soon as they see him he’s my pride and joy such a sweet loveable little man
Hi, my name is Layla and I am 6 months old. I love to smile and giggle especially when my mommy takes pictures of me. This picture was taken by my mom :) please vote for me
June is our third and final baby. She is also our MIRACLE. When I was pregnant June was diagnosed with a CPAM, which is a tumor on her lung. We were given the news that she would need surgery to remove it within her first year of life. She was born prematurely at 35 weeks and spent 12 days in the NICU. Two weeks after being home, June got RSV and had to be intubated for 16 days and hospitalized for an additional 12. She is having surgery on the 13th of December to remove her CPAM. Even after all of the things she’s gone through, she is still the sweetest baby. Our strong girl. 🖤
Kayla Is 1Years Old , She’s Very Smart , She Has Lots Of Character & Loves To Dance 🫶🏾
Hi , my name is kayson im a very active baby , i loves tummy time and when you play peek a boo with me . I am a early bird I love watching ms.ranchel every morning.
My name is Samir. I love to eat, play with my brother and get lots of love from mommy and daddy. ❤️
Hi, my mane is Josiah Benjamin Chavis and I love my family and I Love my Milk it helps me grow and makes me strong💙
Oaklyn is 7 months old, she loves anything that food and LOVES suckers, she loves cats and coco melon, she is a fan of bouncing up and down and she loves singing toys, and her rice cookies
My Liam loves his big brother, Liam Loves to roll on his tummy and eat his toes. Nothing but cute baby things.
He enjoys grabbing his feet , playing with his toys, laughing but most of all he loves his fur buddies and reaching out grabbing them .
My name is Rickie, I’m a year old. I love outside activities, laughing, eating, and playing with the people I love. I was a 2pound baby when i was first born I’ve come a long way truly just want to share the joy I bring to others
Aisha and her bright and beautiful eyes is the most independent and fun loving 4mo that anyone could ever ask for! Her smile is contagious and her laughter, infectious! She’s half American and half Pakistan and all LOVE! Hehe😅 I know I’m cheesy but I love this child!
Hi I’m Aubriella! I’m 3 months old, my favorite things to do are to smile, eat my hands, & to kick my feet!
This is Lucas. Born in the middle of the highway inside our Jeep last December. He was diagnosed with trisomy 21 at the hospital. His nickname became The93boy or Extragostosura. He is one of the the sweetest and happiest baby ever. He loves to eat, play and gives the best cuddles. We love him so much, Please help us with your votes. Thank You
Amelia Barton
My name is Amelia Barton and I’m 4 years old, i love my family.
Zyaire is full of personality and sometimes acts so much more grown than what he is. He has the biggest heart and shows me and his dad on a daily that he wants to be a sports star 😂 he loves the beach and dirt bikes ❤️
Alysin Barton
Hello everyone my name is Alysin Barton, I’m 3 years old and love to spend time with my family.
Valencio is 8 months old & loves stuffed animals, being tickled & bath time. ❤️ If a water bottle is in sight might as well hand it over cause it’s now his.🤣 His favorite movie is Luca.
Hello this is Giovonni. He loves to smile and watch tv. Gio is 2 months ❤️
Summer Mariè
Hi my name is summer mariè i am 2 months old and love watching football.
Hi, my name is Honestii but you can call me Honii like my mommy does. My birthday is coming up and ill be 3 💗
Colton is the best thing that has happened to my sister. He loves to be outside and make everyone laugh especially when someone is sad. He is the most kind, outgoing and loving kid I’ve ever met. He loves to play basketball and football. Colton steals everyone’s heart as soon as they meet him
Hello this is milani paris , she is 1 month old . She’s jus starting to smile n her smile is so pretty☺️.
Nova is 2 months, loves smiling and very alert for her age 🥰.
Aurora is so fun and loving! She loves babbling and smiling! At three months she is already so advanced.
Victoria M Nunez
My name is Victoria marie and i am a happy baby alway smiling Even in my sleep. I love watching my little pony and i came to this wold to bring joy to the family.
Skyler loves Minnie Mouse. She loves to baby talk haha. She’s very strong for her age! She loves to stand with momma support & loves to sit and watch her tv shows on Netflix for kids❤️ she’s always smiling even when she’s sick or cranky🥰 She’s overall a happy baby!!!
Maverick is one of the happiest baby boys you’ll meet! He always has the most precious grin on his face. He’s a joy to be around! We prayed so hard and long for this miracle. Vote for my little stud!!!
Nathaniel Aka Bry Bry
Bry Bry is the happiest baby always has been. He loves the outdoors, riding his little fourwheeler (with an adult of course), wearing his little cowboy boots, taking pictures, playing with his toys, listening to music, looking at books, and watching cocomelon!! Bry always has a smile on his face! He’s the sweetest❤️
My sweet baby Chance is always full of laughs and smiles.
Kylen Jade
Kylen is 10 months old and loves smiling and her favorite is cheerios!
Kayden is almost 3 months old. He is a very happy baby who loves to smile and loves doing tummy time.
Hi I’m Kayson , I’m a very happy baby always smiling and laughing ❤️. I’m a very curious baby always checking out new things! I love bubble guppies and bouncing!