Parker is 15 months old and full of life!
Eren is a smart funny little boy who loves to laugh and squeal. He loves his cars and his animals getting ready to walk if he could get his feet to follow fast enough.
She is the world's happiest baby she even wakes up smiling
Laney is the sweetest baby girl. She’s 3 months old & the happiest little baby. She completed our family 💗
Taylin is 3 months old. He loves his momma and dada and loves him some food ! He’s very playful and loves to jump and smile.
Elijah loves to read books, play with his siblings and give mama lots of kisses. He is the sweetest most handsome boy ❤️
Elianna is our rainbow baby girl. She brings a smile to everyone she meets. She is the happiest baby and brings joy to our lives❤️
Michael is a month old and shows so much personality already! He loves to smile as you can see in the picture! He loves tummy time and giving mommy and daddy kisses💕 overall MJ is just the happiest little bundle of joy!
Dreyleigh P
Dreyleigh is the best little girl she is so smart ,respectful ,loving and a happy little girl she love to play with Barbie dolls and color.
Joanna is 4 weeks old and cute as could be. She has the sweetest smile with a short temper.
Owen loves to crawl everywhere and anywhere. he loves talking to his mommy and enjoys playing in the grass outside. he enjoyed is fur animals and loves watching them play together.
1 yr old such a happy bright baby!Just started crawling has one tooth second one coming in atm! He’s trying to walk 🥺🥰! Very lovable and bubbly! He Is loved by his big sister and brother! Such a smart boy started walking at 9 months very intelligent has his own set ways to do things and will tell u what he wants!! Spoiled by his aunts and uncles! He loves to bounce in his bouncer and bath time!! This is his very first ever contest! Let’s see what the future hold!! Let’s get those votes! 💕💙💙😁🙌🏼
I’m my moms rainbow baby and I love her so much she’s my world. I love crawling and holding on to things and being cuddled up next to my mom.
Mack is my sweet 2.5 month old that loves to be held by her momma 24/7, and started smiling and cooing every time you talk to her.
Harmony is a bundle of joy. Shes a very happy baby for the most part. Loves her food and her family.
She Is Such A Sweetheart Filled With Smiles !❤️She Love To Play With Her Big Brother🤍She Is Just Getting Into Crawling☺️
This little guy is the sweetest most lovable baby. He loves cuddles, giving kisses and hugs. Malakis personality shines bright his smile lights up any room he’s in.
Jackson is two months old! Born February 10th, he is the strongest most handsome little man in the whole world. He started lifting up his head at 2 weeks. He loves listening to Johnny cash, loves cuddling mama and dada and will watch the blinds all day if you let him!
Armani loves to watch Elmo, play ball, and EAT! He likes to meet new people, fist pump and say “hi” and “bye” to every person he sees! This boy knows he’s cute!
Daisy Rae
My darling daughter has made my life a happy place🥰 I love you Daisy Rae🌼💕
Archer is the most lovable boy! He loves soft blankets, car rides, kisses from his daddy and mama, cuddles from whoever is willing to give them to him, and especially bath time!
Loving and trying to run around already. He was born early for being too small and not getting what he needed but there is nothing he cant do! Newborn 5oz to 16oz now at 6 months :)
She’s very lovable and funny. She loves coco melon. She bounces and dance to the rythym of the nursery songs. You will always see a smile on her face
Indi was born November 12th. He’s a very happy and smiley baby! He’ll laugh at anything.(when he’s in the mood) He loves to taste anything you eat or drink! He’s weighs 18lbs! He’s a very chunky and healthy baby❤️ He loves jumping in his jolly jumper. It’s his favorite thing to do! He also loves being outside and watching his papas chickens!
This is little my wiggle butt, Marcus. He was born at the beginning of this year, 5 weeks early after I went into hypertension, besides him coming out with out of the blue unexplainable issues causing an unfortunate 2 week NICU stay he was an otherwise healthy pregnancy up until the end. Through that and since, he's been such a strong little boy who's so full of life and he has fought so hard to turn his health around to be here today. He's 25" and wieghs about 13lbs he loves being sung too and getting milk drunk and he is finally learning how to smile responsively when spoken too after having to play a little bit of catch up❤️
Apollo our little chunkybutt
Coo is very hardworking and loves long walks on the beach
This sweet boy loves snuggling with his mama and is starting to babble with a big smile on his face. He’s definitely spoiled being the first baby for mom and dad.
Chase enjoys playing outside. He loves to p oh at football and t-ball.
Livia is a sweet girl with a big personality. She works hard to overcome the challenges she faces and never ceases to amaze her family. If you meet Livia she will quickly make you smile and laugh.
Cutest little girl and she snores while sleeping
Hallstyns the sweetest smiliest boy ever. Born premature at 32 weeks 5 days he’s advanced everything. Loves laughing and playing ALL day!!
She is at the age where she knows her personality, she’s funny, sweet, and loves to play in her ball pit
Elena is our sweet Valentine’s Day blessing. She is almost 2 months old and absolutely loves to smile at momma.
Milani lights up everyone’s world ! Born 03/12/22 @3:41, she’s a rainbow baby which makes her so special, always got a smile on her and laughs with everyone ☀️💙
Jaxton has a big personality for a tiny little man!🤍 He was born just 5 lbs 13 oz. He is one month old now- he rolls onto his tummy + he makes the silliest faces! The very first picture taken of him after he was born he was already smiling! 🐻
Jaxson is the smiliest boy. He loves his kitties and his mommy.
James loves to show off his teeth! He is crawling and loves walking along the table & crib! He says mama, hi, good, and yummy.
Shes such a happy baby hardly ever hear her cry!
Indyá Solé
Indyá Solé is a special baby she was born 2 months early WITH NO COMPLICATIONS ... my daughter loves talking and most definitely LOVES SMILING ....
Everette loves grunge rock and prunes for some reason! We just learned to laugh loudly and roll over!!
Hudsyn is almost 3 months old! He loves his piano mat, swings, standing and grabbing things. He has now found his face in the mirror or video chat and loves to stare at himself and laugh. He loves to watch Winnie the Pooh and the faces he makes are the best thing in the world! Vote for Hudsyn!!
Maraya was named MISS SOUTHERN REGAL in her very first pageant at 6 months. She is already turning out to be her very own super model. She is definitely the real definition of a “DADDYS GIRL”. She also loves the outside and adores other kids.
Gunner is 9 moths old loves to eat, Play, sleep, an poop. He loves his mommy, daddy, an doggy. This is his 1st contest. Hes just as cute as a button. He just has the kinda smile that will light up your day. Hes a mamas boy for sure.
Madison Grace
She’s the sweetest thing! ❤️And happiest baby ! ❤️
Eden is cool dude who loves to wear his sunglasses!