Baby Stories - 74


Xander is the happiest little boy. He is always wearing a big smile and is very proud of his two bottom teeth. He loves cuddles, music and dogs.
Charlie L Walker 💙 He an amazing baby , he likes when you play with him and roar 🦁 he loves his teddy bears & toys ! He rolls from front to back and also, he starting to scoot . He’s a loving baby !!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!
This beautiful little girl is so incredible! She has her own amazing personality and is just the sweetest little girl! I’m so lucky to be her mommy! I couldn’t have asked for a better or sweeter baby! Mommy loves you Kieriana Chevelle! Good luck!!
Leilani is super funny and lovable🥰she loves to watch word party and cuddle with mommy❤️❤️
Asher Lindsey is my first grandchild. He loves his mom and dad, when they walk in room his face lights up, he also loves his gigi and nana cz he gets what he wants, when it comes to food they ain't nothing that he don't like. Lemons are his favorite right now. Very happy baby.
Isaiah Lee
Isaiah is a bright little boys love to play outside Enjoys his only sister and three other brother he is just a happy little 2 year old
Jeremiah loves church as you can see!!!
Harley is the light of my world.
Bubbly and full of smiles ❤️ She brightens up anyone’s day who sees her and melts there heart ❤️ She loves to laugh and play with her toys 💕
Blessing is a happy goofy baby that loves to laugh and laughs about everything. She is such a joy to be around. She love attention & affection, She loves to watch Bubble Guppies & any other cartoon that has singing. Her nickname is Suga, BabyDoll or BlessyLou!! We would greatly appreciate your vote for our beautiful baby girl💜💜☺️ #PandemicBaby
Nyomi is a such a happy, spoiled beautiful baby girl she lights the room where ever she goes & very photogenic lol I just wanted to share my biggest blessing with you all
Hi, my name is Mason. I love to cuddle and sleep and I am always happy. I love my mommy and daddy and all of my family and fur friends so much already. So far I can roll over and I am trying to crawl and my favorite person is my mommy. When I'm not napping exercising or eating I love to video call all my family since were not able to visit right now.
Brielle came 10 weeks early and is a Nicu warrior. Though still fighting she’s the strongest, most precious little girl I know. Her favorite thing is when her head is rubbed.
My beautiful jhoni butt is 3 months , she’s very smart at this age , she loves to laugh and mean mug at the same time lol
Hello, my name is Malakhi and I’m the King of my house! My smiles can brighten anyone’s day. Wait until you catch me talking to myself, it’s crazy but in a cute way😁 vote for my handsome self❤️
Asher is 10 months and walking! His favorite things are his toy cars, and singing songs and playing with his older sister!
Dominic is a sweet fun loving mamas boy. He loves food, music, and warm baths.
Emmura is a loving, sassy, very-animated, unique, and friendly babygirl who is also our Rainbow Baby! She is so smart and loves to learn all the new things! She loves books, animals, and taking selfies!🤣😍 Her favorite game is Peek-A-Boo and will play for up to an hour and will just be nothing but non stop giggles!
Aleah is a very easy going low maintenance child she is an only child, she loves to play, Aleah is always happy and smiling she is truly a one of a kind
Patryk is a four month old baby boy who loves watching sports with his daddy, cuddle with his mommy and chew on everything he can.
Our beautiful baby girl Adalynn 🥰 Shes one of the most happiest babys alway keeps a smile on her face 😇 She forever lights up mommas n daddys world 🌎♥️
AddieBear is five months old. She loves to eat, laugh and play with her siblings. She’s learning to sit on her own and hates tummy time! Please vote and share her beautiful face ♥️
She loves popsicles and to eat lots of fruits. She also loves piano toys, play with dogs and besides adorable she is very strong.
Marley Ray is 7 years old she is the oldest of 3 kids! She loves her little brother and her brand new baby sister so much! She is so good with them and is a great big help! She is very smart has been on the honor roll since kindergarten A and B honor roll ❤️ She loves math and loves being with her family and friends!
Angelina loves listening to music, she’s a go getter and always on the go. She loves playing with her toys and mocking mom and dad with sounds. She is now determined to start walking.
Ty is a very sweet and smart boy. He loves riding in tractors and being outside.
Hazel Mae loves unicorns and any kind of food! Her favorite people are mommy, Nana, Popi, Isaac, Aunt Brittany and the rest of the crew. Hazel can sit up for a couple minutes at a time and loves all eyes on her. Hazel says vote for me!🤞🏻
My beautiful princess she can brighten up a rainy day her smile takes over the universe looking at her is like watching the sun rise I be ready to start my day to provide and make sure she has the world I love my princess one day she can be the first female president
She is a beautiful little soul she loves her mommy and making little farting noises with her tongue
Paxton is 5. He’s my brainy child. LOVES learning, loves building things and taking stuff apart just to put it back together. He also likes superheroes, transformers and Pokémon. You should vote for Paxton so he can win and fill up his piggy bank (he loves to save his money).
I love to cuddle I’m a happy baby I crawl and try to walk already ☹️🥺🥰 I’m full of surprises
Ellie is 2. She is our wild child/tomboy. She loves motorcycles, Spider-Man, and playing with her big brother. She’s also every bit of a daddy’s girl. You should vote for Ellie so she can win and get herself a dirtbike she’s been asking for.
Rocco was born August of 2020. Loves Winnie the Pooh and is such a happy baby.
Levi gives the most smileys Ive ever seen. Hes a carefree loving baby, whos favorite thing to do is fly like an airplane and give kisses.
Would swim the ocean blue with Nemo ❤️ Loves books and bath time!
Hi my name is Rosalie and i love swing in my swing!😊
Very smart , bright , tall , intelligent and outstanding!! I couldn’t wish for a better child ❤️Her dad never gave her a chance he’s missing out on a beautiful Princess
We call him Baby J. He loves playing basketball, riding his four wheeler and he loves playing with his cousins. He is a wild child but sweet and the same time ❤️
Céline is perfect in every way. From her whitty personality and her bold attitude. 🤎
Ezekiel is the most love able boy ever & he is so smart & intelligent. He loves to watch power rangers & lavagirl n shark boy . His favorite hero is Spider-Man .
Anais is the most caring big sister & she loves to share with others , she loves to help on cleaning , sweeping & moping & she even wants to help make her baby brother his bottles .. she’s is very smart & intelligent. She loves to watch jojo & do tiktok.
Mikel is a very smiley baby he loves bath time and is always eating
Zariah is such a happy baby and absolutely loves Minnie and Mickey mouse as well as Elmo❣️ she brings joy and happiness to everyone that knows and meets her . Sassy just like her momma and big sisters 👑
She by far is the best thing to come out of 2020!
Blue Eyed - Red Head, she steals the hearts of all who see her!
Sweet blue eyed baby boy loves getting into the kitty’s water and his older sister 😍
Full of personality, this little sweetheart is an absolute joy to be around. Her coos, babble, and little giggles make for great days.