Kambrie aka ducky, is an outdoor baby!! Her favorite thing to do is play with mommy and eat her snacks! Don’t let her sweet smile fool you though, she is a terror!
She loves going on walks she's an outdoor little girl she love car rides she loves her animals
Quinn is 4 months old she loves singing and dancing with mommy
She loves snuggles, sleep, baths, & kisses. She loves her soft blankies. She loves her Daddy & her big brothers.
Eleon is such a happy baby boy. He’s definitely a lover, not a fighter(unless you don’t give him his milk in time,lol!). He never fails to brighten anyones day:)
Paisley is a light of sunshine, and loves to laugh and giggle, she loves her puffs and toys, she loves cuddles and to play with animals, she is the light in a dark room, my happy girl ❤️
My emmie is 2 months old and has the special 2/2/22 birthday! She loves listening to music & just lying around & kicking her little feet! She's such a fun baby & we are loving having her "earth side" 🤍✨
You should vote for my sweet little girl cause she’s a miracle baby! We both died during delivery! She’s six months and very smart. She says daddy and mommy and can hold her own bottle! She’s a very happy baby and full of sweet smiles. She’s been holding her head up and cooing since birth. She’s a lil explorer loves to be outside
Kathryn is currently 1 week old ! She is so excited to be in the world. She is very active, her personality is amazing! Don’t let that cute face fool you though she’s a little firecracker!
Kyler loves to play ! He love laughing and smiling at everything ! And loves the outdoors !
Ryder is 7 months old love to play, and roll around and has a smile that could make anyones day better ❤️
Oliver will be one in June! He has beautiful blue eyes that make you smile every time you see him. Oliver loves being outside and exploring nature.
Max is super sweet little boy,he loves to eat and love being outdoor.Being in the hammock is his favorites,He is Our little bundle of joy at home.
She loves being outside,smiles all the time, and is a very smart 9 month old!!! She would love to have your vote!!!
•she loves to be held ALL THE TIME •loves to eat, take naps with mom, and bath time(until it’s time to get out! •loves tummy time(as long as mama is down there with her) •smiles on occasion •Hates putting lotion on •likes to go for car rides but doesn’t like to get into the car seat
Zuriyah loves looking at lights anything that shines bright she stares at.
Karter is one month old and the sweetest boy ever!!
Deondray is such a teddy bear very sweet gentle and caring.will give u the shirt off of his back.
Mason is a very happy baby that loves the outdoors, music, and cuddles with his mommy and daddy.
She’s a happy baby ! 💞
Sylas is the sweetest most helpful young man.very caring and loves outdoors!
Dreshaun is the sweetest baby boy he loves to cuddle and has the biggest smiles ❣️
Caroline Paisley
She definitely has a personality like no other. She’s smiling and knows mine and her daddy’s voice. She is C always ba daddy’s girl she’ll call down and be very easy going for him and b loves snuggle time. Definitely our pride and joy❤️❤️
My name is Israel I’m one week old and I love my swing and sleep 💙💙
Tara loves to listen to music and dance she is a sweet girl and loves to cuddle and play
Loo loves babbling and smiling while she plays with her mom and dad and tummy time so she can roll over and practice holding up her head!
Saigey LOVES cookies and playing with her baby cousin
Evelyn was born on 12/24/21 she was 7lbs 1oz when she was born and is currently 15lbs 2oz she is growing so fast! She has such an amazing personality already. She is a really easy baby and is always happy!
Aniyah is four months old now. She was born on thanksgiving day weighing 6lbs 10 oz and a length of 20 1/2 inches. She loves to stand and she’s already trying to walk. Of course with help. And she’s such a happy baby.!❤️🥺
Gianna Lindsay
Hello, I’m Gianna and I am 6 months old ! I love to cuddle with mommy, I just recently learned to crawl and say dada :))
Carlos Daniel
Baby Carlos loves to laugh and lovessss his momma❤️ His an amazing little boy ❤️ So handsome ❤️
she absolutely loves standing and talking! she also lovess showers!
She's just the sweetest baby ever! She's always happy and smiling all the time!
Axel love love loves bathtime ! He loves cuddles and best of all loves to smile. He can light up any room with his cute little smile. He’s the sweetest
Meadow is 8 months old and has the most beautiful bright blue eyes 😍 she is such a happy girl and loves to laugh and play all day!
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae was born with CNS Dysplasia, infantile spasms, global developmental delay, and poor eye vision. Being admitted at 7 months, she is the strongest little girl while still holding a smile on her face. She still has a long road ahead❤️
Liam is always smiling and very happy. Loves to laugh, yell and babble. Calls out mom or mommy for nearly everything.
Lucy is the sweetest little babe. It’s not hard to get a smile from her. She loves her toys and her daddy! She’s the best gal.
I love standing up with help, laughing is one of my favorite things. My mama is my best friend in the whole world!
Danielle is such a happy baby, always smiling and being her silly self. She loves cocomelon ! 🤍
Her name is Jossely Aylen and she is 4 months old, she is the best baby in the world and she is a very happy baby, you will love her🥰 vote for her i will aprecciated so much❤️
Parker is 15 months old and full of life!