Baby Stories - 74


My daughter Beryln . She loves to play outside. She is happy and full of life. Her favorite movies are Maona and Frozen. She loves mashed potatoes. She will be 2, January 15.
Mommas little strawberry🍓
Abigail is a happy, confident baby! She loves to pick on her older brother and cuddle her stuffed animals.....and she LOVES kitties!
Luca is my precious little squirrel with adorable lips and who loves bath time!
Zoey is such a happy girl, she absolutely Loves her brothers and sister. Her favorite things to do is play in her jumper and chew on anything she can get her hands on.🙂
She loves other children. Even loves to eat her veggies 😋 thats her absolute fav food..
I chew on everything I can. I’ve started eating some solid foods. I love talking on the phone and getting all the attention from everyone around me. I’m a happy baby and smile all the time
Noah is 8lb 9oz. At this age he just likes to sleep.
Ryder loves spending time with his sissy and mommy! He loves watching TV. He tries to hold his head up on his own and can stand (while holding him of course).
Gunnar is always in a good mood. He’s always smiling. He love to play in his jumper and being rocked by his Gigi
Hi Im Milan. Im 2 months Old. I love my mommy and daddy! Im just now learning to smile at everything I think is funny and I coo like no ones business☺My mommy and daddy laughs at my faces when I poop but im just doing my business👣I am just your all time goofy and funny 2 month old boy who is learning more everyday! I would be so tickled if you'd please vote for me☺Thank You
Austin loves to be outside and loves everyone.. his beautiful smile never leaves his face.. he loves watching little baby bum ALOT... loves his big sister to
Kallaya is a bright, sassy, outgoing, redhead. She loves playing games, dressing up, collecting LoLs, and when she's older she wants to be an artist!
He loves his momma and his swing and is an amazing baby
Inquisitive, intelligent and wise beyond his years. With love for all things spooky and small. 👻❤️
Sassy, spunky and so full of personality. With a love of animals, unicorns and food 😍❤️
Jaxson is a very happy little boy. Always has a smile. He loves to play with his rattles and cuddle with his mom..
My name is Remi Amaya, I like to play with my sensory toys, crawl to mommy and daddy and talk to everyone (:
Lailah is so calm and always got a smile on her face even when she’s sleeping!
Zeke is a caring loving little be 9 mos he is very independent he like to use his walker eat tons a food and love all his car toys
My name is Ayla and I’m 6 months old! I love to smile, laugh and play! Vote for me bc my mommy said so! Oh! & I’m gorgeous too ❤️
He loves to be outside and to cuddle! He’s goofy, sweet and very playful! He sure does love his grandmas and grandpas😊
Kyrie is an incredibly happy baby who loves attention and cuddling!💛
This dinosaur obsessed kiddo loves sports and all animals. 💚
Vincent loves to listen to music and sing! He has autism and learned how to talk through music.💙
Taner is about 6 weeks old. He was named after his great grandfather on his dads side whom past away not to long before i found out i was pregnant. He can sit on his butt, He can hold his head up really well. He enjoys tummy time. Loves fuzzy covers! He smiles all the time, he can even stand for a few seconds with help when he pushes his feet down. He has just discovered his hands and i cant wait til he discovers his feet! For the most part, hes pretty calm and quiet. Loves to sleep or stare at people and when he lays on my chest he just loves picking his head up and showing off haha 😄
I love to eat, I love to crawl and grab things. My grandpa is my favorite person. I’m very photogenic, I love my dogs Lou Lou, Mino, and Dixie. My mommy & my Truxie are my best friends.
Sophia Elizabeth
She is almost 2 years old. She is a sweet little angel who absolutely loves helping with her baby brother.
Timothy Lynn
He absolutely loves being called sugar bear. He is currently recovering from a broken femur. He is one of the sweetest children ever
loves to smile, make funny noises, and absolutely loves cuddles!
Delilah loves to smile and watch daddy play his video game. She loves sweet potatoes and carrots. Her favorite show is spongebob. Any winnings will go towards investing stocks for her future. 💕 Vote for Delilah.🥳
Hi! My names tucker and I’m the cutest baby in South Carolina!! Vote for me❤️
Paxton just turned 1! He loves to play with his big sisters, also loves to walk everywhere! Vote because he is the cutest baby boy ever
Lucas is a very happy and funny boy! He loves dancing, jumping and trucks!
Jaxon is a very active vocal little man hes been loveing to get into everything. I am a first time father an i do believe im doing a great job or atleast i hope
Amelia loves to play with family and friends and to go for car rides. Her favorite activities involve playing with her toys and playing with her momma💕
Camila Benitez
She loves to stick out her tongue. She loves to smile and play with her fingers. She has the most beautiful eyes and smile. Oscar and I couldn’t be any happier to be this little sunshines parents.
Kazleigh is such a sweet and lovable baby, She loves to wave to everyone but loves to talk to mommy and daddy about everything! Her smile could melt anyone’s heart! She is 6 months old and sits up on her own and is teething like crazy. She LOVES big bows just as much as mommy does!
Jensen is the sweetest little man, hes the last Fletcher to carry on our name. He loves falling asleep in the arms of the people that love him. Hes always smiley and in tune with everything going on around him. He saved his mommy & daddy and doesnt even know it. 👪
Im Elliot and I love anything that has to do with food! I'm one of the most biggest trouble makers and keeps mom on her toes when I decide to tear threw the sock drawer
Giselle is a baby that is always smiling
Kaiya is the most goofiest, happiest baby, and mostly the biggest mamas girl! ♥️
Braelynn was born on Oct 19th, 2 weeks early. She always smiles in her sleep and she loves to keep her eyes open and play peekaboo to see if you're paying attention to her.