I love to crawl. I think everything is funny. Im very out going. Very loving boy. I love my naps. I am definitely a mommas boy
Princeton is 6 months old and had been sticking his tongue out since I got his 3d ultrasound at 28 weeks pregnant
Hi im Paisley. I just turned 2! I love to play outside, being in the pool, and cuddling with my mommy. I love minnie mouse and octonauts!
Venice Talulah
Venice is a bouncy bubbly happy baby girl in every sense of the phrase ! Known to her loved ones as Vennie Girl , bumble V, and Vennie Pooh . She melts the hearts of every person she comes in contact with . Lighting up the room with her smile . Her favorite pass time is watching her favorite movies which are Rio , Rio2, Moana and her all time favorite Encanto, she has also become fond of Sesame Street ! Vennie loves to dance and play peek-a-boo . Her favorite foods include bananas, avocado, ravioli’s and string beans also boob boob Vennie likes kickin it with her favorite stuff bunny -dog named Bop-Bop. her favorite people are mommy ,uncle madi and mima she can say mama, mmm-ma (for mima) stop! And not nice she also likes to shake her head no venice is a fashionista on the rise her signature piece is a bow you hardly ever catch her without one vennie has a bow to go with every outfit
Daniel loves to play with his trucks. He is very kind and talkative. He loves to watch his brothers play sports and is pretty good at keeping up with them when they play. He is tough and ruff but sweet as pie.
Kinsley Young
She a little diva. She takes a lot of things funny when it shouldn’t even be funny. She loves her big sissy so much. And of course she’s a mommys baby. Her favorite thing is probably taking my phone over and watching my tik tok.
Sweetest happiest baby you’ll ever meet❤️
She is buety within herself. She loves her nana thats for sure.I am blessed and she is a true blessing.
Ziahn Reed
Ziahn was born 2 months from from preeclampsia from emergency c section. Ever since he graduated from the nicu he has continued to achieve his milestones. He is the happiest little and loves everyone. I am so blessed to be his momma
Zanaya is one happy baby , she’s always laughing , she loves loudness, she only 3 months this little girl does things you wouldn’t think she would do at her age , she’s so beautiful I love my baby .
Amari is 3 months old & ready to make the world his! He loves watching basketball with his daddy & spending time around new people. He’s such an outgoing & smart boy ready for whatever!
She is 3 months old now she loves to be talked to loves to play
This is Winter and yes she was born during the winter season , but that is not why her name is Winter. Winter loves spending time with her family. She loves eating bananas . She loves attention of course! One of her nicknames we call her is “Winnie” , like Winnie the pooh!
Smart little young lady
She loves spending time with mommy and daddy she also likes her naptime but she’s also vocal and likes banana baby food in her bottle
Strong little lady)
Hazel Mckenzie Marie
Hazel is 11 months old she loves anything Minnie Mouse, She also loves the water, she can walk say mama and dada she’s such a sweet loving little girl
Aviōn is a very loving baby with a lot of energy. He has recently won his first photo contest and little mister pageant. He knows how to please a crowd and keep everyone with a smile on their face.
Jordan Koi is such a sweet baby. He loves cars and trucks. He also loves the broom and mop, he likes pushing them around the kitchen. He absolutely adores his brother and sisters.
Beau is always going! He loves helping with his little brother and Mommy make cookies! Can tell you everything about cars, trucks, equipment! He just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels and is trying baseball in the fall! He is everyone’s friend and will say hi to every person we see!
She’s a sassy almost 2 year old , she loved ice cream and swimming and she’s obsessed with cocomelon 💕 She gives the best hugs and kisses 💞
Luke is always smiling! He loves his big brother and trying to keep up with him! He’s 7 months but already pulling himself up-to stand and wanting to walk. His favorite thing by far is water!
Jackson is the most outgoing little baby I know! Super loving and has a bubbly personality! He loves to laugh and smile❤️
Caden is a sweet, caring, smart boy! Absolutely loves monster trucks and dinosaurs! Caden loves being outside!❤️
She is 9 months, she crawls, she starting to learn how to walk, she says momma,dadda, uh oh.she a happy baby🧡she smiles she laughed she loves to eat people food wit mommy. She learning so fast💙
He is a great baby he loves to play and smile 😃 he like Rattles
Ambitious 💕 she LOVES food, and running free 💕 always smiling and laughing about something!
She loves attention and being held. She loves being outside.
Liam likes to swim, playing with his animals, and spend time with sissy, and loves to nerf gun fight
Oakley loves to smile, eat, and coo at her brother
She’s a chunky lil girl, she’s only a week old and is already so strong and can hold her head up for awhile on her own. She smiles a lot and it melts my heart.
Daniel is almost 3 years old and loves everything to do with cars, trucks and big equipment!! He was born on Friday the 13th, on a Harvest Moon, during a thunder and lighting storm!!! He came into the world with a bang!! He is the sweetest, most kind, polite and loving little boy!! He loves doing things with his family, especially going to the zoo! You can always find him with a car in one hand and an applesauce pouch in the other!! He definitely keeps us laughing and full of so much love!
Layla is a very loving happy baby. She is starting to walk and growing teeth. When she sees another baby crying she goes up and hugs them her personality is so funny.🥰
He’s the sweetest baby boy and starting to come into his personality. He is super strong and has learned to blow bubbles🥰
The absolute sweetest baby ever. Always happy and smiling 😍 he’s our Golden Child
Sawyer is almost two years old! Loves saying “no,no mama” or “no,no dada” she also loves to give random hugs and kisses 😘
Evelynn is a happy little girl who loves playing ball with her daddy. She also loves gabbing to her aunt and cousins on video call. At 4 months old she got a DOC band that she had to wear for a little over 2 months that gave her a nice round head now.
He's a very kind soul. He loves gaming. He's very smart and creative.
Kain is a loving, happy, handsome boy! He loves to swim, play with his big sister, and give kisses.
Luke is an amazing, sweet, generous, and he is a Big helper. What makes him quite unique is he’s my little Jedi many people may not understand but his name is Luke Skywalker and he definitely fits his name.
My name Christopher I’m 7 years old. I love playing with my friend I love my mom and daddy kris
My name Alexander I’m 1 month i love my big brother my big sister my mommy and daddy I love to eat eat and sleep
Kingsley just turned 3 months on the 7th, she loves to smile & she just learned where her hands & arms are she like to suck on them lol. Kingsley also loves cuddle time with mommy and loves watching daddy! 😊
Miss Lillian is my 2 month old granddaughter who loves to cuddle and smile. She is so precious in every way.
This is Paul, other known as peewee. He is a pistol, he’ll have you laughing in the first couple of minutes of meeting him. He loves dinosaurs, Jurassic world is his all time favorite movie. He loves to play outside barefooted and when he does have to wear shoes it better be his crocs. He is such a sweetheart with the biggest blue eyes that will melt your heart and smile that would make the stars jealous.