Baby Stories - 74


Sophia And Julia
My beautiful nieces they are double the trouble there personality is very lovable they love to laugh they are very smart and intelligent twins ❤️❤️❤️
This little lady is so full of love and joy she always has a smile on her face and filled with laughter she truly is a bundle of joy🥰
My little preemie who is now as happy as can be! loves smiling and loves getting attention!
A happy baby that absolutley loves being outside more than anything. He's a momma's boy and really likes spending time with his sister!
He a Miracle baby he almost died twice but is still here ty god and u a happy baby and a love baby
Jackson is so sweet, he loves to cuddle and listen to you sing ❤️
Jordan is a fun loving handsome little man. Every where he goes he makes people smile. He loves to give out hugs and will kiss u on the cheek when carried
He’s amazing in every way his my blessing he love to smile everyday and his very sweet
Arianna is 4 years old and she is very smart and intelligent she is a super model she is also very creative stuff Arianna likes to do is go to the beach 🏖 she also loves to be with her family as you see in the picture she is daddy’s girl she loves to go around places with her daddy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kristen loves crawling, talking, and playing with bubba, she has so much sass and love to eat she things she is the boss and knows she is beautiful ❤️
Look at that smile.
The name Sloan means warrior, and that she is! This 3 year old is intense in everything she does. She loves life. She is brilliant, a comedian, an empath, lover and adventurer. She makes her presence known to the world through her joy. Her favorite things to do are climb and dance. Her favorite food is pizza because “pizza is life” If I had to describe Sloan in one word it would be fearless. She loves to learn and is very independent. To know her is to admire her grace and joy as she dances through her best life.
Isabella is a happy, beautiful, energetic little girl with the greatest personality 🖤💗🤍
My name is Royalty Marie and I love to listen to everyone sing to me and talk. My favorite song is Apples and Bananas. My favorite food is squash. I love my Mommy,Daddy, and Mamaw. Outside time is the best. Vote for me and I will be smiling a million smiles.
Ethan is a very happy baby! He loves being outside, playing ball, his drums and with his dogs and cats! Most of all, he LOVES his mama!
Memphis is 2 months out and loves to smile and chatter. He spends most his time being cute and listening to music.
Aaron loves to cuddle with mommy while she hums and watch Baby Einstein in the car! He loves waving and laughs when daddy swats at flys😂❤️He has 9 teeth through! He is our little rainbow baby after 3 miscarriages and brings happiness wherever he goes 🥰 July 30th is his birthday!
Fishing & Cars are what I love most. Please take a moment and give me vote!
She love to laugh and play ‼️ She loves to dance and clap 👏 vote for kat ❤️
Arianna is a very smart little girl she is very active and loves to explore she is also a daddy’s girl
She is my little lady bug. The happiest amd sweetest little thing. She loves to cuddle and adores her big brother ( the feeling is completely mutual)
Aminah is a spunky, energetic 5 month old baby girl🥰 she loves to talk, eat and be the center of attention! She lights up a room with her laughter and is always playful☺️
Asher David couldn’t wait to get into this crazy world coming a day before our scheduled delivery. He has been such a bright light in every dark time. He loves eating and sleeping in mommy’s arms. He’s a true mamas boy but this mama is loving every minute of it. Loves music and watching the ceiling fans. Always smiling or mean muggin’. Loves when people smile and make funny noises. Loves playing with his family. We’re new here, but we’re gonna try it out.
Loves mommy and Daddy, and snuggling with his fox.💘
Amelia never ceases to make anyone who meets her smile. She loves her jolly jumper and being very vocal. Loves kisses and snuggles with mommy and daddy. People don't stop saying how cute and adorable she is.
Kinslee loves to try to sing and dance. She is all around the happiest baby that I know.
Emmanuel is so sweet and funny loves cocomelon and baby shark and playing hide and seek and just running playing outside he loves his mommy🥰 and his big sister
Anaikin Aleksander
Everyone meet Anaikin, Andi for short. It's never a dull moment with him. He LOVES to smile as you can see with the pictures below 🥰 he's only 3 months old. He's my April Fool's baby lol he loves to jump in his jumperoo, play in the swimming pool, watch Tom & Jerry with his 3 year old brother, play with mommy & daddy, he also LOVES a good bubble bath too. He never really cries unless he's hungry, tired, needs to be changed or just wants to sit up. He loves sitting in his sit-me-up. He also enjoys sitting on the counter in his sit-me-up and watching me cook. He loves cuddles, snuggles & kisses all day. He is a very happy baby especially since he's teething as well.
He’s bubbly and cheerful almost all the time. He loves his mommy and grandma most.
Loves Music and Cocomelon
Dylan was born 8p on April 7,21. He’s loving and handsome. He smiles a lot and drools a lot. He loves watching tv, listening to music and people talking to him. He’s just a little bundle of sunshine. Vote for my handsome son.
Brooklyn loves exploring now that she can crawl. She likes all food and is super silly. Her favorite thing though is playing in water.
Almost 4 months and he loves cat in the hat ❤
Most happiest baby who loves Mickey Mouse and Pooh. Waiting for the day to dance to the Hot Dog song. Veggies are his favorite. Loves people and loves to make others smile.
Oliver is a very happy content baby.  He's the most brightest sweetest loving little man. Who loves to smile, laugh and of course eat and sleep. He has such a personality and is a complete snuggle bug. Oliver is the light to our dark and the warmth our fire. He makes me want to be better and do better. Oliver has been nothing but a blessing to our life.
Mason is the happiest little mama’s boy! He loves having a good laugh with his daddy :) His smile can make any bad day good!
Addi is the happiest baby ever she will warm your soul with the sound of her laughter. Addi was born just 4 days after my birthday she is the best gift god has ever given me.
Hello my name is Makayla and I'm 13 years old I wanna be a obgyn when I grow up and I wanna run my own daycare because I love babies please feel free to vote for me just ask to esxchange and i will exchange with you😘😘😘
Aasahn is our “Chocolate Drop” he is loving, inquisitive and has the most amazing eyes ever. He is loved by his parents My Niece Meka, Nephew Dereky, brothers and sister. Please put a vote in for Aasahn My Nephew/GodSon🥰
Morgan is such a happy little girl! She loves fire trucks, elephants, cocomelon, and the color yellow. She loves to dance, read books, and play with her big sister and german shepherd.
The sweetest little sweet pea! So funny and charismatic, loves to smile, loves to drool, loves to dance.
Josiah and Kaiden Henry are identical twins boys who were born May 3,2021♉️
Ayva is a very happy baby. Shes gonna be a big mber 1 this momth. She loves smiling and playing with her sister. She is a joy yo be around.
Sebastian, aka Bash, is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met. He loves music, being outside, and his stuffed animals!
Kendall loves cocomelon and playing in water! She is a blessing to so many!!! Happy, beautiful, and such a funny little babygirl 💜
Love to stare at daddy when he gets home. Love mommy’s milk, Always happy, cutie with lots of smiles
I’m now 3 1/2 love spending time with my Pawpaw .
Name: Lani Scieneaux Birthday: November 28, 2020 Favorite Food: Strawberries & Bananas, Fries, & Red Beans Favorite Beverage: Mommy’s Liquid Gold, Enfamil-ProSobee, & anything sweet! Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies & Milkshakes Favorite Movie: Princess and The Frog First Word(s): Dada & Hi/Hey Lani loves her dad and big cousin Micheal probably more than anyone else (including her mom, lol)! However, she’s extremely loving and always happy to everyone!