Dallas is a very happy baby. He is always smiling and full of joy! Also, he loves to take pictures daily. He would really appreciate your votes. Thanks!
She is the sweetest baby ever , she loves playing with her tongue. 🥰 And she loves sleeping a lot.
Saige is 2 months old. She was a blessed surprise, as we have 2 older kids. She loves to smile and is a very happy baby.
Dynestie is a very sweet girl she loves to smile, and play she is always full of joy she likes to talk and very smart I just love my baby girl!
Spencer will be 6 months next week! He is super cuddly and always a happy baby!!! Always smiling!! He loves the cat in the hat show lol! He is such a sweet boy!! He is 19 pounds and 27 inches long!! He’s my chunk🥰
Spencer loves Cocomelon, kisses and smiling. I haven’t seen one person that Spencer doesn’t like. He’s little smile always lights up the room.
Raelynn Nova Juarez Chennells is 2 1/2 almost 3 months old born Jan 27 2022.. weighing 6lbs 3oz. She loves talking to her mommy and looking at every person who walks into the room, she is a very alert and warm baby. She loves to stick her tongue out and kick her legs til her hearts content!
Weston is the sweetest little baby the little guy has been so sick but that doesn’t stop him from being so happy and full smiles.
Lainey is the sweetest and friendliest little girl, she loves to make friends and have fun!
Alesia loves to smiling, rolling over, playing with her toys, sticking her tongue out and all the attention. She brings joy to everyone around her.
Kaisen is a very happy baby. He loves to laugh and be aware of everything. He has the whole families attention and first grandbaby so very spoiled.
Avaliegh Burton
Avaliegh is 7 months she loves eating and laughing. She is full of smiles and laughter she likes beating up on her daddy and making everyone around her laugh. She loves playing in the tub when she has her baths .
Ky’mere is a chunky loving babyboy! Learning new things day by day! Ky is such a sweet heart always a happy baby!❤️
Emmett Dean was born a month early and stayed in the nicu for 3 weeks. When he came home he got RSV a month later and stayed in the hospital for a week. Though he had a very hard time coming into this world he never stopped fighting and his personality grows with him everyday! His favorite thing to do is eat he wants any food near him all the time and loves getting tickled by his mommy and daddy! He has had a large personality since the day he was born and never fails to show it off to everyone around him.
Kahleesi is a very smart,beautiful baby girl. She loves to smile at mommy,daddy and grandma. Khaleesi is always a happy cheerful baby she loves car rides and going on little trips.
Adley is a sweet loving baby!! She love to laugh and smile at everyone!! Her favorite thing is to watch Mickey Mouse club houses and play with her toys on tummy time! Her best friend is her big cousin Lucas! Please vote for our sweet,beautiful and loving baby girl 🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️
Vincent (aka Vinny) is one month old and loves to be alert and see new things. He loves his food, tummy time and getting his hair brushed.
Sebastian loves SpongeBob, loves eating love Lightning McQueen, and hot wheels, he is a rambunctious little boy.
Novalynn has 2 big sisters and 2 big brothers
Nina loves to play, watch tv and take a stroll on the outside❤️❤️
Phoenix is very photogenic loves his older brother loves scooting around on his tummy. Is just a cuddle bug.
Sofia Deckard
Sofia was born on Cinco de Mayo she is full of personality and her cutest thing that she does it still turn head sideways put her hands together and smiles she loves to take photos she is very adventurous and a little bit of a troublemaker she is 11 months old and loves to try to sing along with the music playing and is a very happy baby
She likes colorful lights, loves tv, cartoons are her favorite.... Always smiling very happy baby. And she loves to cuddle.
Bentley Is three months he’s a water loving boy , his smile and laugh is contagious ❤️
Lenny is 2 months old he was named after John Lennon. he’s so full of smiles and loves his daddy so much
Bryar is 1 years old and his birthday is on New Years! He loves playing with his trucks in the dirt and getting into anything he can reach his level. He’s the sweetest and most funniest baby ever. He loves people and his favorite thing to say to them is “AYEEE” He can say just about anything you tell him to say
He loves to swing and laugh
Stella is 8 months old! She is the sweetest doll, and loves to laugh! She can say “mama” and “dada” and LOVES to crawl around and get into things! Her favorite activities are: playing outside with her big brother, bath time, and cuddles from mama!💗
Kendra is a blessing from the Lord, a true miracle as mommy was going in for pre op (full hysterectomy) after having two losses that ended in funerals, and found Kendra.. God has blessed us. Shes a very happy going babygirl.. loves to smile...she's a daddy's girl since day one, she loves bath time and splashing in the water, she was born on Halloween, she's stole our hearts, please vote for our miracle.
Liam was 6lb 13oz and was born at 9:05 he is my everything and he love to cuddle 🥰 here are the three pictures I love about him
My name is Javion. I'm going to be turning two. I live to dance when mommy or daddy play music. My favorite thing to do is walk around & play cars with my brother. I love to Hum myself to sleep while mommy plays with my hair. I have a best friend named spot he has 4 legs. 💙
I have bright blue eyes love my mama and dada 💙
My name is Oliver Jay Stanley, I’ll be 3 months April 26! I love to stand, kicking my legs. I’m very interested in watching dinosaur baby shark it makes me smile and I love to smile!
Theo is a ascending child he sits up by himself, loves his mommy and daddy, and is growing like a weed!
Paisleigh is a goofball all she does when she’s with mama and dada is smiling ear to ear and laughing so much that it just brights your day! This girl loves to eat her favorite is banana!! She is just the sweets little chunky butt ever and a just a beautiful blessing!!!
Sweet out going and love his mama
My sweet boy is almost 5 months old!! He is very ticklish and loves to laugh....he will talk to you when you talk to him. He is full of energy and personality and we would love for you to vote for him
Ava is 6 weeks old! She loves to cuddle and loves her baths!
Lilyana is a cheerful happy smiley little girl always has a smile from when she wakes up till she falls asleep. She brightens up your day!
Katana loves getting her cheeks squished and talking to mommy and daddy! She’s a very happy baby for such a young age. The absolute light of my life!
Aria Rae
Meet Aria Rae! She’s almost 3 weeks old! She mostly sleeps all the time but just look how adorable she is! 🥰
Amora is such a daddy's girl. She is a energetic and playful little girl. She is beautiful and has the cutest dimples 😍
Delena is the sweetest baby girl. She loves her Mommy, Daddy and 2 older brothers the most! She’s the highlight of the family at any occasion and she is a blessing to say the least!
Ahh my crazy Ava, I would love to start a savings for her ❤️ She’s so sweet and beautiful and deserves the world!
Beautiful blue eyes! Always happy smiling boy. Would love to start a savings for him ❤️