Hiiii 😊 my name is Maddox!! I LOVE playing with my toes and sticking my tounge out 🤪. I’m a mamas boy but I say DADA at least once everyday and mommy chooses not the believe it ! I also smile at everything , love snuggles and bath time 🥰
This is Everest ! He loves warm baths, sticking out his tongue, and playing peek a boo !
Little sweet Emma loves exploring a world ❤️
elias is a very happy baby🥰 he loves to eat, tummy time, and to sleep!!
Asher just turned one. He has a big brother that loves him Asher loves playing with tractors and loves chasing his brother around and then look at those beautiful blue eyes
Chunky butt branch is our blessing !
Hi , I'm Kingston ! I’m one years old !! I love cars , and my mommy ❤️ I am always smiling and laughing ! I enjoy swinging outside and playing with everything that’s not a toy 🥺
Darnall Jr
Hi, my name is Jr. Im 4 months old and love to eat, sleep, roll over and sit up! ❤️
Baker loves to smile and hang out with his big sister!
Hi, I’m Atreus Legend ! I loves smiling and laughing 💙& i am obsessed with toys and my walker 😂
EverLeigh is the sassiest one year old ever! She is very smart, beautiful & one of a kind. She absolutely loves animals & her mama & dada 💗she loves to go “out side” as she says it, she loves her little brother & she loves taking baths! You should vote for EverLeigh because any money won will go straight to her piggy bank and used for when she’s older, any votes won will go to helping others
Ronan is the sweetest, most loving 4.5 month old baby, he loves his momma the most , but definitely loves being talked to and held. He was a NICU baby & is exclusively breastfed. You should vote for our baby boy because any prize won (money would go in his piggy bank for when he’s older) votes won will be used to help others potentially win.
Leila is 4 months old and just starting to develop a personality! She loves to go swimming in the pool and cuddling with her mama!
Hi, my name is Zakai Del im 3 months old love to smile and talk 💙
Madison is our middle second born baby we call her madie mayhem! She’s adorable beautiful and very outspoken and sure of every instance in everything and any idea she is involved in it’s hilarious and her energy is unlike no other hence the beautifully most accurate nick named madie maehem spelled such like her middle name and beginning three of her last it suits her perfectly she loves her brothers to no end and is constantly in thought via her mind and heart for her brothers it’s majestic we love her and she loves with her entirety she’s our princess
Malachi is a bright child. He loves everyone. He is friends with everyone he meets. He is very outgoing and on the go all the time.
Ethan is the first born of three of our babies he’s a strong sensitive but tough little 8 yr old boy who loves his family and video games and football! He’s a great big brother very majestic in his and our other two childrens bond he is loved very much and he loves with his entirety such a happy boy we love so much
this is kingston, kingston loves to jump & scream!🤣🥰he is such a smart baby already & loves to laugh and talk🤭he changed my life forever, & i’ve never been more happy in my life to have this boy as my SON.🥹🫶🏼he is a nicu survivor going on almost a year old!😞💞
Elijah is our 3 week old absolute bundle of joy love and what has brought en such strength to our lives perpetuating a much needed transformation of values, morals and a much brighter prospective and enlightenment that was very much needed for the structure and togetherness for our family
Trenten is 8 yrs old , love sonic the hedgehog and has absolutely loves dinosaurs 🦖 but his huge heart and kind soul is one of his best qualities ❤️
My name is Ka’Leah , I’m 5 months old and mixed with beautiful blue eyes ❤️
Baby Love is such a loving baby doll ❣️
She loves TikTok and she wants to make a doggie she’s for stray dogs ❤️
Mason loves to play ball 🏀 he’s an active little guy and gives the best cuddles! So cute!!
Octavia is goofball that loves to laugh, cuddle, and explore
Hello, I’m Nova and I love watching Curious George and eating sweet potatoes.
Khloe loves Pepa pig and bubble guppies and blue's clues. 💙 And she loves being with her dad and she only asks for mama when dadda tells her no 🤣🤣💜
Evelynn is the sweetest and gentle soul! Evelynn loves to sit up and watch her favorite shows! Evelynn is 3 months and already has so much personality!
He is a little bundle of wonder and joy he loves watching his two puppies play outside he's full of laughter and smiles and oh yes he loves chocolate donuts 😍 🍩
My name is Everleigh & I’m a complete mommas girl. I love to roll, make people laugh and LOVE SWEET POTATOES!🥰
She is the most perfect rainbow baby ever!! She brings so much joy to our family and friends. She loves peekaboo playing with her big sister and her doggy.
Christian is almost one years old! It has been the best year with him. He’s funny, smart, always smiling or laughing, and continues to do things that surprise us everyday! We love him so much! ❤️
Syaire Very Happy Baby He Love Watching Baby Shark Playing With His Toys Playing With Older Babies His Favorite Thing Going In The Kitchen Eating All The Food 🥘
Abigail’s personality is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! She loves her cookies & Minnie Mouse. She loves taking baths & swimming. She absolutely hates when you make her get out of the pool lol. She loves playing out side & exploring all kinds of different things. The things that catch her eyes the most are ceiling fans, dogs barking, and her cousin Lexi. She has to see mommy and daddy, she can’t leave their side or has a fit lol. She’s most definitely mommy and daddy’s girl. Since she’s the only child at home, when we go to our families house with other kids she lights up you’ve never seen before.
She loves playing with her brothers, walking in her walking, and eating
My sweet, photogenic girl❤️
Greyson is a fun, adventurous little boy. He loves trucks and mommy and daddy. Sweetest little boy you'll ever meet! 😊♥️
He’s such a happy baby all the time.
Aiden is a ball of energy. He likes to be in the move and he’ll let you know when he’s bored. He’s brought so much joy to our lives. He came to us at a time where everything was looking so down, but he makes everything a little more bearable.
Phoebe is going to be 7months here soon she is the biggest daddy’s girl and is such a smiley baby her favorite this is her baby mobile she’s also going to be a big sister in December ❤️
💙🌹 Grayson is 2 years old and one of the happiest babies ever! 💙🌹 He loves playing with toys, musical instruments, and running around outside. His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins! Grayson is such a smart little kid and picks up on things super quick! He loves learning sign language, are currently knows almost 15 signs and counting! Cows are his favorite animal, he loves carrying around his stuffed cow with him everywhere he goes. 💙 Please vote for our boy!
Amina Young
She is very pretty and loves to say momma when she is mad or sad so please any Ody vote for my beauty💓💓
leilani just turned 5 months. she’s the happiest ray of sunshine. always filled with smiles and giggles
Kohen love outdoor and love to sing !!
Kamerons 8 weeks old, he loves smiling, swimming, tummy time. Bath time. He loves music , car rides & definitely his mommy, daddy & his fur brother, Thor.
Our little miss sunshine Harper! She is such a happy baby. She has 4 beautiful and loving sisters. She loves her mommy and daddy. She’s already smiling the biggest smiles! Mommy loves to dress her up and show her off. At almost 2 weeks old she is so spoiled! Please vote for our little miss!