Baby Stories - 73


Hello My name is Catalina Marie Sans I am 6 months old I am My Mommies and Daddies miracle baby I was born On April 2, 2020 my mother is 31 years old my mommy is Half American🇺🇸 and half Cuban🇨🇺 she had me at 37 weeks my Daddy is 30 years old and from Honduras 🇭🇳I am the royal princess of my house little miss Diva My favorite thing to do is talk time with my Mami how is my grandma I also enjoy when you read to me stories and cuddling with mommy and Daddy I come from a big family. I have learned to rollover and I love to suck my finger sometimes lol I love to Giggle and laugh I’m asking friends family to support me on this contest like share and comment
Jazzly my little angel she’s very alert she loves to play watch t.v standing straight up she loves to look all around
No words necessary, we will let kenlee do the talking.
Nevaeh is 8 years old and the most loveable sweet girl ever. Her favorite thing is gymnastics.
Addiel Hernandez Diaz
Addiel is a very happy baby, he's one year old, he's very sweet
Braxton is 7 months old, he loves paw patrol,crawling around, pulling up on things, he loves playing with animals, and loves bath time
Kayliah Victoria
Kayliah is a very smart... she loves cocomelon,Sofia the first, mickey mouse...
Gemma is a beautiful and sassy firecracker. She loves beimg ourside running around and going on adventures. She has a love for animals no matter what size or shape they are. She wants to grow up to be a "doctor that fixes cars and people"
Lyla is the most happy baby I’ve ever seen! She loves clapping and laughing when mimicing mommy, daddy or NahNah & BahBah
Ezra Miles
Ezra is 10 months old and loves to play on dad's skateboard!
Shes funny ,loving,energetic smart..She loves to read .She loves out doors .She loves her parents and sisters..She sings all the time .Think justice is going to be a singer.Justice loves puppies She has a smile that will melt your heart..
Hunter is my grandson and he is a very good baby. He hardly cries and is a very sweet baby. Grandma likes to spoil him. He dont like to get his diaper changed but does like to pee on things. Vote for him as he is such a cute and wonderful baby.
Theodore Stilton
Theodore is smart, silly, caring and super strong. He loves to give kisses and lots of smiles.
Always smilin, enjoying cuddles with mommy and loves to be read to ❤️
Aleaha is a little over a year old and is walking attitude 🤣❤ she was born with a bilateral cleft lip and pallette! #Cleftbaby
This is Brixx (little man) he is 5 months old and weighs 22 1/2 pounds .. His favorite thing to do is eat and mack on the ladies he really likes all women lol :-) he also loves pizza crust and cheetos he will attack you if you interfere with him eating lol seriously and his all time favorite game to play is kiss the BAby
Emberly loves kisses! She’s a huge bundle of joy who giggles all day long! ❤️ And loves spending time with her big sister Kaelynn 💕
Axel loves too run and play and explore
Hello! I am 8 months old, I love to play with my toys, and crawl everywhere! I’m the happiest baby!
Adam is a very energetic baby!! He is now in his walker & is ALL over the place! He loves to be loud & is always in a happy mood.
Hello my name is Icarus I’m 1yr and a month old ! I love to eat just about everything and anything , my favorite words to say are “bird, sky, mom and dad and bobo” I bring a smile to my family’s face and I’m sure I’ll bring one to yours as well!
Levi is always smiling and has surpassed so many milestones in just his first 8 months of life. He loves to cuddle and is trying so hard to crawl. His smile and laugh justs melts your heart
Jordan will be 10 months old this month! He loves trying different kinds of food, crawling everywhere and getting into things. He loves to explore and loves his snuggles with his mommy daddy and family! Jordan has two teeth with more on the way:)
I love to give kisses and watch The Wiggles with my mommies❤️
She loves to talk and kick she’s a happy baby
Zurrian is 8 months old, he loves playing with dogs! He loves to watch boss baby❤! He also loves to be outside and enjoy the weather and walks with mom and dad! Please go vote!
Brycen love watching tv with his mommy and daddy and is not happy unless he is getting snuggle time, he recently just started learning how too make different noises and his new favorite thing too do is keeping us up all night talking too us🥺❤️
Kaison is probably one of the most happiest babies you’ll ever meet 🥰 he’s extremely photogenic and loves talking, smiling and laughing. He’s also a little crazy and loves loves loves fingers and holding hands with everyone 🥺
Max Jameson
Max is one chunky baby! He is a very happy baby all the time!
Katrina was born on September 14th 2020. She loves listening to lullabies and being in her baby swing.
Hunter is the sweetest little bundle of joy since he was born. He has brought many tears and smiles!
Hi I’m Brinlee Anniston Oliver! I’m 4 months old and I love my mommy and daddy I’m a very happy baby girl I like being silly and laughing and playing
I am almost 2 months old & I love my mommy, cuddles, staring at the light, making squeaky noises and most of the time car rides! I look just like my daddy. I weighed 6 lbs and 11.9 oz when I was born and was 19 1/4 in long.
Avalyn is a 3 year old. Who as a big heart for animals. She loves playing with her little sister who’s 1 and her cats Nola. She loves playing outside. She very sassy and loves to do her makeup. She’s a very soft person and enjoys cuddles and movies.
Carter is a very happy baby boy who is always smiling and loves to talk even if he does know what he is talking about
Jaxon is a sweet little man you loves tools and helping daddy!
Amelia Laverne
Amelia is a very happy baby and she is my whole world 💕💕
Ellington loves to sleep and get into everything. He loves to giggle and play with his toys.
Kayne likes to smile and giggle at daddy and mommy and sleep.
Evelyn is spunky, adventurous and loves her family!
Jakoi is the baby of the family. He loves his siblings. Likes taking baths, playing with his siblings. Hes crawling everywhere and climbing all around.
Lincoln is the smiliest baby you'll ever meet! The first grandchild on both sides & the new family favorite.
Kayson is 5 months old. He love his mommy and daddy, chewing on anything he can get his hands on, babbling, smiling, and sticking his tongue out!
He has the brightest smile. His eyes actually sparkle! He loves playing with cars and trucks and making all the sounds that go along with it. But his all time favorite toy is the kitchen broom! He is always trying to sweep something!
I’m almost 2 months old. I love my big brothers, they make me smile. I’m a good sleeper and love to look around at everything
Maison has a laugh that will make you melts into a million drops
Malachi is 7 months old and is so full of life 💙. He’s the happiest all the time and loves donuts and to roll around on the floor all day & and spit bubbles as big as him Vote for him💙