Baby Stories - 73


Aubrey is 8months old and happy as can be !
Thank you all this is the last contest she will return in Oct anyone I owe votes plz message me on messenger cynthia Lopez thanks again and see u guys bk in oct 😍😍💜This lil girl is my rainbow baby she was born on my birthday Nov 29,2016 she is a lovable lil girl fiesty lil thing lol she love to dance help mommy take care of her big brother tht was in a car accident she loves to play in the water,I wanna say thank you to all tht have supported my princess and voted for her I hope you all could plz like ,share and vote for her we appreciate each and everyone who is here for her thanks for your support
Aubrey loves her cuddles, rolling, bath time, and daycare. She is such a happy baby. She is a bundle of joy 💜
Elie loves pets, her best friends and her baby sister. She is adventurous and thrill seeking, and not afraid to take chances!
Dahlia is currently 9 months and loving it ❤️! She’s always smiling and so happy with any and everyone she meets! She can sit, crawl and is currently trying to stand. She’s such a great eater she’s already on solids and is not picky! This is my happy little October baby 😍
Hello my name is Zayden. I was born with a rare heart disease. I had my first surgery at 4 days old and my second one at 4 months old. My parents think I am awesome and just cute as can be.
Paelyn is a fun loving, adventure seeking little one, with a heart as big as she!
Very calm and such good baby. I have to wake him up to eat and change his diaper since he is a very sleepy guy.
Raelynn loves to be outside. She has such an outgoing personality.
Liam loves balls. Everything is about a ball with him. We have every kind of ball you can think of under the sun. If it’s round Liam thinks it’s a ball lol 🏀 ⚽️ 🎾 🍎🍊🍇🎈he’s a stinker😊
Howie loves bath time, rubber ducky’s and smiling with his double dimples for his mama.
Rayna is the ROK (Rayna Olivia Kwan) of her family. She is the happiest baby ever, even when she’s sleeping there’s always laughter that comes out of her. She loves to cuddle and make conversations with everyone. Currently her favorite activity is napping and bath time.
Mason is a very mellow baby that loves the outdoors, music, and cuddles with his mommy and daddy.
Gabby loves to smile and blow bubbles she also loves her doggies :)
Madisyn Grace loves the outdoors and being in the water. She loves to eat food. Madisyn doesn't have a shy bone in her body she says Hi to everyone.
🎃 baby.
Jaxon loves swimming, girls and grandmas, blowing bubbles, and short naps.
This is Paislee Coda Wallace!!! My little Sweet P and my rainbow🌈 baby!!! She loves her teether toys and to snuggle with momma!! She is the brightest little girl and her SMILE is so perfect!
Jamila always smiling sweet 5month baby she loves the camera going for a ride in her stroller and Elmo oh and her bottle!
Axyl blessed us 6 weeks early. He has been a fighter from day 1. He loves bath time and being outside.
Loves playing her foot piano, looking in the mirror, and eating.
Laelynn is a beautiful, active babygirl. Shes so sweet & loves being outside! She has PCDH19 EPILEPSY.
She is a natural and has great imagination n smart
Elise is beautiful inside and out! She loves to push herself already. She has minor hip dysplasia amd has to be in a harness 23 hours a day, but when she gets her hour of freedom, she kicks and tries to crawl and has already figured out how to roll over. She loves tp share her smile with the world.
Kinsley And Harper
Fraternal twins that love to smile
Hally May
Hally May is always smiling! She’s 2 months old and working on rolling over by herself! She loves her three big brothers.❤️
MaeLynn is my mircacle babygirl. Happy and healthy, all smiles and just absolutely adorable. She was born 6lbs. 9ozs.
Chianne is always happy and she has beautifil hazel eyes and a smile that is contagious and lights up a room. I had her after suffering a miscarriage in 2014 and ever since she entered my life it has been so much better. She is my motivation
I’m Robert The 3rd... A.K.A RT3. I like to poo and pee. I also enjoy the occasional boob every hour or so.
Fourth Of July Baby 🎇, loves being with his mama, dislikes tummy time. Breastfed baby 💙
Aroya is a sweet 6 month old girl, who loves to eat & play.
Alexander is a little firecracker! He loves bottles, swaddles and snuggles from his mom and dad. He loves to explore his world by being carried around or taking stroll in his stroller. He is truly one of a kind❤️
Colton is all smiles! He loves his papaw so much already! He recently figured out how to blow slobber bubbles(too cute) and loves telling you about everything!
I love to sleep and eat!
Baby Zebie likes to smile and is mostly happy, but he struggles with gassy tummy aches and hiccups that make him mad. He loves his big sisters and being outside!
Baby Rosalyn is 4 months old She is very observant! She loves to jump on her jumper and is the happiest when you hold her . She is always smiling & giggling,She loves to talk & have all the attention to herself
Kobe is a sweetheart. Named after the great Kobe Bean of blessed memory. Not fussy at all…he’s God sent.
Asheir, also know to us as Mr. Potato or Shay likes pj mask in português, screeching like a pterodactyl at 3am just because, and wiggling until he can’t wiggle anymore.
Cassius is a very sweet and engaging baby 😊 he could sit with you and talk for hours if you let him! Although he may look very serious about 85% of the time, he is a very happy, silly and friendly baby.
Aurora is a very happy little girl. She loves her best fur buddies Alex & Draco. She loves her Disney channel, hide and seek and Grandma’s house. She waves hi to everyone and is learning new words. Her walker is her independence and she’s on the go.
Grayson loves being outdoors and loves watching Mickey Mouse
He likes to make you laugh even when you're in the worse mood ever and he has a very rare spirt uplifting others just to keep them happy 🥰
Elliebug as I call her is jabbering all the time saying Moma, dada, no and a couple other small words. She leaves a fire trail behind her in her walker and I'm sure Will be walking soon!! She's the sweetest baby ever!!
Jaxson loves to smile and talk! He just started exploring his hands and feet. He's obsessed with his blankets and can't get enough of his auntie nanna and his Grammy.
Ezekiel Kai is a cutie pie!! He is a happy baby that loves long naps and pooping in clean diapers!!