Baby Stories - 72


Isaac loves playing outside, taking baths, and playing with the vaccume. He can say dada, bye, hey and love you
Liam is 4months old and the happiest little boy, he loves hearing his own voice and playing on his tummy and with mommy and daddy
Jason is 1 month old and the cutest, sweetest little baby you’ll ever meet. We love naps and cuddles from mom and dad!
Tgler Jr
Tyler Jr.
You should vote for Ryder because hes so sweet and friendly and all around the happiest most outgoing baby ive seen. Ryder loves paw patrol and he loves his little kitten he has.
Linux is a 10 month old baby boy who loves to watch Masha and Bear, play with his little toys, clapping, screaming, and he loves to eat. He loves to eat anything that is sweet, or whatever mommy is eating. He can crawl, say a few words, and pull himself up. We are working on the walking, but he hasn’t exactly got it down yet.
She loves to giggle loves to sleep and loves her milk she also likes to play in her minnie mouse jumper i am just the happiest baby ever and has a family that loves me
She loves to smile. Loves tummy time. Loves her family. she was an early baby due to some high risk in me they induced early but she's a blessing and so beautiful and photogenic
Sweet baby Joseph is such a blessing he loves kisseys and cuddles music and toys. He has laugh that is contagious and eyes that will melt your heart.❤️
Little miss Chesney is a strong little one who made her arrival at 35 weeks and had to stay at the NICU for a while but she has been a fighter since day one! She is home now with her family and loving all the snuggles and attention by all her family members.
Sarah is beautiful and loves to smile,and giggle and she loves attention. She is a good baby. She has beautiful full lips. She is just a wonderful little person to have around ❤
Liberty Ruth
Liberty is a sassy little girl. She is a child that marches to the beat of her own drum! She loves to dance,sing and being the center of attention.
He is a super happy boy! He has his mommy and daddy’s heart. His aunts are his favorite people and they love him just as much!!❤️ His grandma’s spoil him oh so much and they think he’s the most beautiful baby.❤️ His favorite thing to do is jump in his jumper and laugh at the fur babies. :)
He loves his blankets, smiling, and his floor play mat.
Athena was a preemie but she is now 6 months old and strong. She loves to eat sweet potatoes and bananas. She is a roller and she loves her fingers and getting kisses from mommy and daddy 💓
Ryker loves being around his mommy and daddy and chilling in his rocker. He’s a quiet little baby.
She is such a happy baby that just loves everybody...the type of baby that practices trying to walk before she can crawl in her everyday life
Maycee is an amazing little girl who sleeps through the night and loves to hear daddies voice when he gets off work. She’s already trying to hold her head up and knows how to roll almost completely over
Kylan loves watching cartoons and he loves to be sung to loves cuddling anytime smiles all day long
A happy fun loving 19 month old baby!
A precious little girl full of spunk and so much love! Always happy!! She has a contagious smile everyone loves!
Sabbath is 2 months old and was born with down syndrome. He never cries, sleeps through the night and is just the best little dude.
Glena is a happy, spunky very vocal baby. She learns and picks up on things very fast. Her favorite word is uh oh. She loves to play with her big sister and Dada is her world.
Kaiden loves to smile & giggle constantly! He’s likes sticking his tongue out. He is a very happy, active baby.
He’s very happy,smart,and has the biggest personality for a baby he loves to coo at everyone as well as try new foods his best features include his beautiful blue eyes and big bright smile.
My sons name is Kayden White, he’s a very energetic outgoing child that loves being outside. He loves his momma daddy brother and sister and is always happy
Arington was born at 29 weeks and is now 7 weeks old she wasn’t due till December! She loves to smile make noises and smack those lips. She love to be cuddled and she just discovered her tongue,she is just a super happy baby!
Nyah is about to be 6 months old on the 9th!! She is geowing so fast and is getting a little personality already! Sassssy!! She sleeps ALLL night and takes very good naps throughout the day! We love watching her learn new things. She hasnt gotten any teeth yet but they will be breaking through soon! Thanks in advance for voting for her!!
Not doing it again. It should of saved the first time because those words were from my heart and I can never write them the way I wrote them the first time. You can't replace the words that I had here, very disappointing. I am sure a lot of you wrote something that got deleted from a hit of a button, and I know you were mad and highly disappointed because what you wrote was great and time consuming, maybe I will come back to edit this but not now I won't
Stella Grace
My name is Stella Grace. I love tummy time, eating and of course sleeping. I am my mommas whole world!
Taizley is just full of joy!
Penelope is 3 months old. She loves to watch what everyone is doing, really enjoys being outside and looking up at the trees🌲 loves being tickled & always has that lil gummy smile on her face 🥰
Bailey is a spunky, rambunctious little girl that is full of energy and love. Her favorite thing to say is "I love you" and she has the best manners. Her favorite toys right now are baby dolls and hotwheel cars and her favorite TV sow is Pj Mask!
Adriel Gerson
Adriel is 2 months loves talking and getting attention at all time he has the biggest smiles that make my day.
Noah is a mommas boy 100%! He’s very outgoing & loves to play!
Jane is named after her grandmother that passed away. Jane is Six months old. She loves being outside and looking around. She enjoys cuddling with mommy. Love Garfield. Loves to make noise.
Bentley is a simple baby, when he’s not puking on mommy he’s busy napping with daddy or playing with his fingers!
Le’lani is a very happy & smiley baby who loves her mommy and daddy and LOVES her food and naps !!💜
This little one loves to play with her feet and hang out with mommy! She enjoys the oudoors and watching the world around her.
Heavenly Grace
Heavenly Grace is such a blessing, she is a happy baby full of laughter and smiles
A newborn who loves to smile . A great baby who hardly cries . Happy baby
Saphira is a sassy baby girl! She is full of personality! She loves talking(babbling), and playing with her pups! She is a happy baby that wants all the attention!
Lovable, loves Mickey Mouse and dancing. I true gift
Trevor is so funny,sweet, and smart. He is also pollite aways says please and thank you. He has blue eyes and blonde hair. He loves loves DINOSAUR'S. He like animal's and being outside. He loves his family.
Jase is a fun loving happy baby, that loves to be outside and discover new things daily. He loves his dogs, and all the farm animals. Riding the golf cart is also one of his favorite things to do.