Baby Stories - 72


Princess love to smile
Bennie was a surprise diagnosis of Down Syndrome at birth. He has had many complications in his first year. The specialist at one point started to prepare me for the worst but I knew my little miracle would pull through!! He has fought hard every day to be able to do the things an average baby can do easily. He is one of my biggest blessings and touches everyone’s heart who meets him!!
Jenson loves Mickey Mouse and loves his feet! He is the most content and happy baby all the time!
Vote for this beautiful little lady! She loves taking naps and tummy time. She will laugh and smile when you talk to her.
Zayne is a bundle of JOY n the cutest and most cuddly 7 month old ever we’re all children of GOD Christian family ❤️🥰🙏🏻 I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me 🙏🏻❤️
Head bands with bows are Zuri's favorite accessory. She loves music, and cuddling with mom and dad.
Lilliana just turned 6 months today, she is a smiling ball of joy she loves to kick and roll around like a rolli polli and loves to chew whatever she can get her hands on she surely livens everyones day with smiles and giggles!! She loves going zoom zoom on car rides with daddy and loves his music, she likes to babble and loves bananas!
Avaya Rose Marie loves eating and is always smiling at everyone! She is starting to get her own little personality! 💓
Hi my names Bentley! I was born on June 15, 2021 my favorite thing to do is watch the ceiling fan and people watch.
Kylan’s favorite music genres are early 2000’s and late 90’s music! He loves to dance with his mommy and daddy and to play. He loves baths, and having his hair brushed! He loves having his hair in mohawks! He loves fireworks, smiling, daddy, mommy, being outside, eating, cuddling, going on car rides and walks! He is fun, loving, smart, strong, and absolutely adorable!
Mysti is a beautiful 3 year old and she enjoys rolling around and smiling and shes bables
Kinsley is such a happy baby! She loves to smile, play with her crinkle books and listen to music!
Isaac is my little Grump Face. He’s a happy little guy with the attitude of an old man.
Oliver is the happiest little man! He smiles at everyone and just enjoys life.
Vote for Elijah because he is simply just a straight heart stealer! He is such a happy baby, and loves to laugh!
Diego is such a smart toddler who loves to read and learn. He knows his ABC'S, colors, shapes, and how to spell his name. He is adventurous and enjoys keeping up with his siblings! Please vote for our sweet boy! If he wins the money will go in a bank account for college!
Nevaeh is a beautiful, outgoing, and very smart 3 yr old! She loves to play outside and be surrounded by all her family and friends.
His name is Stephen Jr. He was born on April 22 2021, he was a week & 3 days early. He is our Miracle Baby after a couple years of trying we was blessed with this handsome fella. He enjoys a stroll in the sun, love car rides, loves taking baths, enjoys trying to talk to his momma, daddy, & big brother & is just so stinking adorable! ✨🙌🏼❤️
Cairo is full of energy, one of the happiest babies to ever meet. He enjoys tummy time, car rides, music and sleeping. Vote for Cairo because he is adorable and because he is very photogenic this would be his early exposure for modeling.
Jameson is a sweet boy who loves his parents and big sis bunches.
A beautiful one month old babygirl whom is loved by many, So soft & delicate, She loves sleeping and the boobie !
Kase Dewayne Mcginley
Kase has 2 different colored eyes one blue one brown. He loves watching the ceiling fan and being talked to. He can hold his head up perfectly fine and try’s rolling over.
Otis is the joy of my life . Always happy go lucky and loved to give people his biggest smile 😊
Maliyah Valkyrie was born on June 12th weighing 6.13lbs. She loves cuddles and mommy's kisses. Eating and napping are her favorite hobbies. She is so strong! She is able to roll over onto her tummy and can almost hold her head up! She has 3 older brothers who wanted a baby sister so badly. She is everything our family ever wished for!
Rhonin is my sensitive dreamer! He enjoys to snuggle and have family movie nights. He loves math and reading. He will randomly bust out a dance move he just made up. Rhonin Is super talented at video games and inspires to be a video game you tuber one day!
Henry is my miracle child, he’s such a smart curios little guy, who is always the happiest baby. We have been truly blessed to be the parents of this wonderful child!
Mason loves to play on the swing, being outdoors, and loves playing with his sister. He's got a bubbly personality, bright blue eyes that sparkle, and a smile that can light up the room.
She loves Cocomelon and swimming in her pool❣️Chuggie❣️
Sapphire Rain is the sweetest most happiest baby ever a little shy sometimes but she has a smile to die for ! She is the biggest blessing I could ever ask for!
Shes a sweet out going baby she loves to "talk" to you and smile at you shes always a happy baby shes a miracle for sure I had so many complications during my pregnancy and we almost died so many times but here she is a month old and a happy healthy baby
Tydus was born via c section on June 30th 2021 at 35 weeks 6 days gestation. He was put In the nicu on oxygen and had a feeding tube for the first few days but got weaned from all that started taking bottles and came home on July 4th. Our family is now complete
Karrie is six years old going on 13, she’s sassy and smart! She has cerebral palsy but has never let it slow her down! She likes to color, paint, swim and play with bubbles! She loves school and her little sister!
Zoey is four months old, she likes tummy time, micky mouse club house, green beans, and fireworks!
She loves making noises and all kinds of different facial expressions 🥰🥰
Sophia is a happy baby always smileing loves to laugh!!!!
Mariely is by far the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. She’s always smiling and giggling.At 11 months she’s already saying Mama and Dada, and says little words here and there. She loveees to wave hello and goodbye and to dance to all Music! She eats pretty much everything, and definitely shows she enjoys it by doing a little dance. She’s had it a little rough lately health wise but she’s doing way better and is back to her giggly, happy self.
Memphis is 2 weeks old...he is a very happy loving smily baby...
Nicky has a heart defect that causes blood to flow backwards into his lungs as well as there are three holes; two in his Aorta and one in his Ventricle. On top of his heart issues his left hand only has four fingers, his thumb and forefinger never separated before he was born. Also his left wrist is missing a bone that helps hold his wrist in an upward angle, and helps lift and function his wrist/hand. Despite all these health issues, he’s still such a happy perfect little angel. He nearly never stops smiling, he never cries, and he just content to be around. He doesn’t care what it is him and whoever he’s with are doing, from just sitting on the couch watching TV to going out and for a walk or to the store, as long as he gets to go he’s enjoying the time.
This Branson he was born 5 weeks early. He loves to snuggle, and sleep in his belly. He also loves music of any kind but prefers songs with hard bass drops.
Her name says it all. She is my miracle baby after 5 years of trying. She is a true blessing. God chose her. She is the chosen one!!
Ahleem is a fun, happy, loving baby. He’s always laughing and smiling
Jada is a very sweet and loving girl. She loves to sleep eat and toot! Please vote for this cute little buddle of joy, she lights our day with her smile!
Our rainbow baby after years of infertility and loss 🌈👶🏼
Zyker loves puppies, dinosaurs, and helping his mommy around the house. He’s a little guy with lots of personality.
Ocean is a sweetheart loves to cuddle loves to laugh and smile and babble. She sleeps all night and wants to play all day.
Leon is 8 year old he was diagnoes at age 3 with autism. He almost 5ft tall love minecraft and legos.