Jesse is a twin. He's such a sweet boy. Very energetic and happy all the time.
Brayden is a twin. He loves to crawl everywhere and bouncing. Sweetest little boy
She loves outside play in the mud hole,sand creek or river,rain and etc. She's funny and very friendly last but not least so talkative 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Hi my name is royal Starr I love school because learning brightens my day. I love playing with my teddy bears and wrapping up in my blanket.
Valerie is a sweet baby girl she loves to talk well more like babble. She’s a chunk butt and loves to chew on everything. Her favorite movie is Sing 2 I assume all the colors catch her attention. Overall my beautiful baby should be picked for this contest!
Presley is a spunky, fiesty, sweet little sour patch kid who loves all things GIRLY. 🤍
Kingsley is a happy, smiley baby that loves to be outside or play with her siblings!
Brenda is a very sweet little girl she loves to play with her friends she loves to go to school she loves to spend time with family and friends
She's a very sweet girl that loves to dress up and play with her little sisters
Reynaldo Reyes
Loves bananas peaches mangos giving hugs n kisses he loves to swing n go down the slide
Reynaldo Reyes
He loves to play,yell,he most definitely loves his Tia's n tíos..He loves bananas, peaches,mangos..He is a loving little boy who loves to give and receive hugs and kisses on the cheek.He loves to swing and go down the slides.If Reynold was to win the money would go towards his allergy treatment's
Hi I’m ka’yhlani I love to watch tv with my big brother my I love being outside and even love playing in water I have the highest smile to brighten up the room💙 my favorite person is my cousin miracle and my big brother Julian
Skylar is a sweet little girl who loves everyone and loves all animals around her
She is a very sweet baby girl about to be adopted into to a forever home.
Yahaira is very wise, you’d think she’s been here before. She loves music no matter what kind. Dancing and singing would be at her top list. She’s a sweet child and loves too teach everyone.
Ahmaria is wise beyond her years and very advanced. She holds her own bottle, she crawls, very active child as well as happy to. She loves to kiss, stand up to try and walk the most lol
Harper is the youngest of 3 siblings and is absolutely adored by her brother and sister. She has the best smile to go along with her beautiful eyes and her gorgeous hair. She loves splashing in the water and being around family.
My angel loves books, hugs from mommy and cocomelon. Shes the cutest baby ever and speaks emotions with the faces she make lol.
Leyla has beautiful blue eyes and a smile that warms your heart. She loves her big sister and she can't wait to start exploring with her.
Luke is the most sweetest and social baby I’ve ever known. Not to mention he’s adorable ☺️ He loves meeting new people, going outside, and of course a Momma’s boy.
Calliope is the sweetest little girl, she loves to cuddle ans to be talked to. Nomatter qhata going wrong her little smile can make it all go away!
I am loving and loved. I love to nap. I sleep during the day and stay up all hours of night with mommy. My favorite people are mommy, daddy and my puppy Sugar (:
Karsyn is almost two months old and is a very happy boy. He loves smiling, talking and laughing. Since he’s so young it’s hard to 100% tell what he likes.
Born on January 15, 2022. Our little blessing from God. What a Joy to Have in Our Lives. Emmanuel Armani Bowles. The lil GOAT 🐐☀️💙❤️. He likes music and sports and he loves his sleep and he can be active and playful as well. He is a Great Son.☀️❤️🥰
Bella’s laugh is contagious! She so smart, and athletic. Already dribbles a ball, knows her alphabet and has basic reading skills already! She loves to play, and loves to get everyone involved in playing. True GEM ❤️
Hi, I’m Kaine!! I love my mama and dada almost as much as I love Mickey Mouse and Ms. Rachel. I enjoy spending my days doing tummy time with mama, learning how to reach and grab, and drinking milk!
Thomas is the next gerber baby
Hello I’m is Aileen. I’m 9 months. I love chewing on my hands, play with my toys, eat and being cuddle 🥰 I would appreciate if you would vote for me 💗
After a year of trying to conceive and a miscarriage, we finally got our rainbow baby ❤️ She is the sweetest. She loves hugs and her vegetables. We would be lost without her!
Gabriel is a happy and energetic 1 year old! Loves to play with his brother and sister. Also loves to give hugs and kisses to mommy and daddy.
Oliver is our perfect little miracle baby. After 5 years of trying to conceive we went through IVF. With one failed transfer, Oliver was the little embryo that could! He had a very hard time in the womb and was born with a heart block. Just one day after he was born he needed a external pacemaker. Two months later he was able to get his second surgery to get the pacemaker internally placed. He is now home and thriving! He loves his bath times, staring at mommy, and watching his favorite show on Netlfix, Trolls: The Beat Goes On. We are so fortunate to have our sweet boy home with us. 💙
Hello 🤗 everyone! Well for starter Melody is my only girl 💓 with two very protective big brothers ! She's always been a happy and energetic baby since birth and it is just so adorable 🥰 to me !!! So with that being said if you Vote For Melody 👍 she will vote for you ☺️👋 !!
Hi I’m jaylee mei. I was born June 11,2022. I was born at 37 week but it’s okay because I’m thriving now .I have a big brother that is 2 and I love to eat sleep and play
I love horses and fish.I have a little sister and I live in Texas. My mommy is 18 and my daddy is 20 I love playing hide and seek with them .I was born on march 23, 2020
Michael loves sitting up, his favorite show is Mickey Mouse, he likes to talk and to be talked too. His favorite thing to do is nap!
I’m Sahar I love my Mama the most & then my Baba 🤍 I love to smile & set up ❤️
Loves trying to sit up and talking. Likes to laugh at her big brother King.
His first word was car. I think that's my name. When it's close to time for me to pick him up, he repeatedly asks for "car". He's my great nephew and a big brother to his 4 month sister that I also have.
Gazi I. Khan was born on April 7th, 2021 in Southern California. His parents met during the Pandemic due to business to donate PPE (with Mom based out of LA and Dad based out of NY) and fate lead them together. Gazi is one of the most special gift that has been given to both parents by the grace of the higher being.
Tariq is a Thanksgiving baby. Very smart , adorable and loving.
He very Active and handsome He likes to crawl around He love to eat and drink
Ivey is the youngest of 9 and the fiestiest, rottenest, sweetest, happiest baby of all of them. She loves balls, bananas, and crackers
DeArra loves to swim and spend time outside. At 3 mth old she is on the fast track to high achievement. 🥰
Jaxon likes to be outside he’s adventurous and loves to ride dirt bike
Very spunky little fellow
Oksana is mostly nonverbal and does sign language. She loves to say hi to everyone, everywhere she goes. Oksana also loves to dance when she hears music, pick flowers to smell.