Baby Stories - 71


St. Xavior
Our little bundle of joy is a handsome baby boy who we call SAINT 😇 All of God's grace in one tiny little face 😍OUR little MILK MONSTER has the STRETCH of a LION 🦁 The touch of an ANGEL 👼 And A smile of PURE GOLD💛 He will cuddle for some MILK and Grill you with his ANGRY EYEBROWS 😂❤️ His first breath took ours away.
Baby Zackary loves playing and snuggling with his mommy and daddy🥰🥰 He loves to smile and lovessss trying to talk❤️🥰
Legend is 6 weeks old and love his milk, his mommy and daddy and sleeping so far
Arianna loves to talk and from the moment she wakes up she all ready has a smile on her face
He is always smiling, giggling and talking! He loves to be outside. And man oh man, this dude can eat!
Loves playing with his trucks and any musical toys🥺 waffles are his favorite breakfast 💕 favorite word at the moment is hi😊cats are his favorite animals ❤️ Great at sharing his food🥺such the sweetest , cutest little guy around🥰
Ermias Joziah Leon is my name. I have 1 older brother named Seyveon, he is my best friend. I am always happy and I love to just smile and laugh.
Aryah is the sweetest most fun loving babygirl. She loves loves loves to eat and her favorite thing in the whole world is playing with her cousin. Her goofy personality shines through everyday
He likes to talk, he has the biggest, most beautiful smile, and he loves to eat.
Vote for my sweet & sassy girl. She’s full of energy, loves to run in her walker and yell dada all day long— plays with her 4 legged siblings, shows them love 24/7 + enjoys eating her snacks and bottles!
Mad Maddie !!! Was a winner a year ago , so thought why not try again . She’s a crazy, spunky , little drama queen 👸 and I love her so much
My beautiful Sunflower such a gentle soul. Fresh to the world born at 36 weeks and 1 day with a light that will brighten any room! Loves to smile and be talked to 💛🙏🏾💛gods blessing strong and fierce as ever! She’s a true healer and lives up to her name Asherah-Serenity 🙏🏾🌻💛🌻🙏🏾 Asherah-Serenity is adored by her two big brothers who calls her boss baby 🥰🥰 She loves to be in mommy arms bonding with mommy with the Good Milk 🥰🥰!!
Hunter is my biggest acomplishment without him i would be nothing i love this boy to death. Omg hes so great the way he smiles the way he laughs the way he talks just so amazing everything about this little boy is amazing
She likes music and play
Isla is always smiling and she’s full of love and giggles. Just trying to share and spread the joy and light she radiates!
She loves LOL.dolls she a very creative little girl...she's very shy at times...loves playing to self. And she loves to eat..
Abraham is a blessing baby that loves to eat and play already. So far he enjoys reading time..for ten minutes 😊. He enjoys being held by family and friends and he is loveable 💙
Hmm what can i say abput my lil smarty pants. He is very smart even with speech issues. He is all around American Boy. Dare-devil but also with a very tender and sweet loving side
Avienuh is the most sweetest adorable lil girl. She loves everyone and everything. She even love tackling her older brother. She has just a perfect amount of sass that makes her even more adorable.
She is very sweet adorable lil girl with jUst perfect amount of sass. She loves tackling her big brother. She loves just about anything and almost everyone
She's a honor roll student who loves running track loves to dance and loves her electronics lol
Waylon is the sweetest, and most calm baby ever ! 💙 He loves to sit up and look around at everything also being outside with Mama&Daddy.
Adrian is a very happy baby that loves to cuddle up and be loved all the time.
He's a very loving lil boy.since day one daniel has been very alert,always smiling and cooing.he loves conversation especially with his dad.he loves kisses and he likes to be entertained.he's just loveable. he's a rainbow baby. He's the best...
Hendrix is the sweetest 5 month old around. he loves to snuggle and grab your face to try and give kisses. He wants to stand and jump ALL DAY! He is the greatest gift ever to his mommy and daddy♥️
Calvin was born last month!! He loves being read to and held.
Brynnlee loves dancing and babbling along to music. She also loves to eat A LOT! Her favorite foods include pasta, watermelon, and blueberries. She is super silly and always needs an audience.
Zoey is the sweetest girl, she is starting to eat food and we are enjoying every minute. She is an only child, mom and dad are not planning on having anymore children. She has 14 cousins.
Jivonteah An Devionteah
These two are twins just 5 minutes apart but cant go even that long without each other. They love sports and love math. The twins have the most fun personality
A’Vel loves pictures loves people and his favorite thing to do is swim. He can make anyone smile😁
Sassy but sweet, she loves to greet everyone she has manners and loves her vegetables
Business baby by day, party animal by night. CEO of our hearts 💕
I love her so much she is very smart 💗and she is a happy baby she loves her mommy and daddy
Johnielynn is very outgoing can be very stubborn but very sweet Johnielynn only wants to watch youtube and play on the phone🤦🏾‍♂️
Karina is the happiest baby☺️ she loves to Play with her cousins and love making people smile she is everyone’s sweetheart🥰
A little boy with a big smile💙
Super smiles all the time, loves making others smile, he will look at you and as soon as you look back at him he squeals like you just made his day! Loves forehead kisses and music to wiggle to, even though he still needs help staying upright still lol. He's just our little ray of sunshine.
I’m a mother of five kids four boys first then came my princess she’s such a sweet and beautiful little girl. She’s into colors riding scooters and she’s good at it might add. She’s just a amazing smart sweet little girl who just so happens to be mines.
Braxton is my first son , he loves to snuggle with mommy and has been a stubborn little boy with trying to find things he likes ! He loves it when you talk to him and make noises , it makes him talk back. He’s just the cutest sweet pea you’ll ever meet and is just a complete bundle of joy 👣💙
My sweet girl was born on July 1st she is so precious and loving . Her 2 big brothers just adore her
A’Lani only 3 months but she is full of energy! Loves to laugh and talk all day! She loves her naps & tummy time!
Demi Rae Calkins
Demi is a very happy baby! With the cutest dimples!!!
Alice-Eve is such a joy to be around.
She’s such a happy baby!! She’ll be turning 5 months soon. She just started laughing and her giggles are the cutest thing ever
Lucas is such a sweet baby! He loves to laugh, smile, and watch his dogs play around.
She has grown alot. She was 2 months early and was born at 3lbs 9.9oz. now shes 15lbs 3oz. She has come along way. I love my baby girl no matter what her situation is
Kingston was a blessing 💖Hes the little handsome thing that keeps my head above water👣