Aurora has the most beautiful eyes 😍she’s such a happy baby , aurora is currently teething , she has the best smile, laugh ever 💞she also has a beautiful hair and has a beautiful personality .
Brooklyn is 3 years old loves to take selfies and loves to be silly and play with her sisters and cousins! Yall vote for Brooklyn
Jaxon is a very happy boy. Always smiling,laughing,sticking his tongue out.
Rosalie is a spunky fun loving little spirit. She’s got a special place in everyone’s heart she meets and loves to talk and play. She’s always on the move and never fails to put a smile on your face! I love my little bean.
Baby Aubrey is 3 months old she is a happy go lucky baby girl always makes you smile when your down she's a awesome little bundle of joy this is her 7 days 24 hours always smiles never frouns
Halo Grace
Raustin loves monkeys, cats, dogs, loves to be outdoors! Hes got the cutest smile and giggle! He giggles at himself alot of times!
Yukio loves to be silly and fun!
4 months old and loves to sleep, eat, talk to mama, try to sit up so she can see what’s happening, oh and take pictures of course🥰
Liam is just 2 months old! He loves smiling and laughing. Enjoys tummy time and loves having anybody full attention ! He’s such a sweet baby boy
he loves to play and smile! best baby you will ever meet!🫶🏼
Ramses is 6 months old and is such a happy baby always smiling and laughing. Loves other kids and loves his 3 dogs. Loves to watch cartoons and anime with dad lol.
Arabella is a very happy baby . She loves playing with her toys , rolling around and trying to pull herself up to sit up and get to her toys to play with them ! She is an all around Wonderful baby and will make your day in a heartbeat !
Timothy(Timmy) loves to be outside! Swings, slides, driving cars, kicking/throwing balls everything and anything outside is his favorite! If Timmy is not outside you can definitely find him inside taking a bath! He also loves being a big brother and is always trying to help sooth his little brother🥰
Knox has the cutest personality and loves his sister the most! He thinks everything is so funny. He thinks it is the coolest thing that he can stand up by himself now and will just laugh like crazy!
Pyper is a bundle of joy! She absolutely loves to cuddle and constantly with a smile.
Kashlin is the sassiest toddler I have ever met! This little spit fire is a big daddy's girl. She absolutely loves to play outside and loves her animals!
Iyleh is a sweet,caring,energetic little 3 year old.She Loves to play at the park and swing and slide down the slides like a big girl.And She loves to play in the sand at the park
My chunky butt is 9 months old, loves to climb on things, crawl everywhere, Say mama. He loves chicken pot pie, he’s got a smile that will light up the whole room and a laugh that will melt your heart. 🤍🥰🦋 he’s the happiest baby!
Evalynn Smoke
She is the sweetest baby girl ever.
he loves dancing fruit, elmo & adam sandler 💕
Baby Ezekiel was born on April fools day. He had complications that led him to a helicopter ride to the children's hospital. After spending 10days in the NICU he is was definelty fooling me, thinking he was a sick baby , but he is well and healthy and happy as can be.
The happiest, most peaceful soul you will ever meet.
Kyriae is smart, kind & loving. She loves playing with her sister & watching Cocomelon.
Royalty is a sweet , polite & loving toddler. She loves Pocoyo, Cocomelon, Baby Shark & The Little Mermaid🤍
Hi my name is Layne, I recently just turned a month old. I love when my daddy talks to me, I love cuddles with my mommy, and I enjoy being outside. i also finally started to smile and i’m starting to find my voice
Vinny is super sweet loves to cuddle hardly cries is a mama's boy
I’m Rinlee I’m almost a month old and I love my mommy and daddy and big brother.❤️
He’s very talkative and loves car rides being outside with the horses and his dog pearl. He loves playing in his swing and play pin he is also always happy to hear mommas or daddy’s voice even gg and papaws
Kolston is a funny, very smart toddler who is into all things boy. He loves trucks, tractors, playing outside.
Nolyn never fails to put a smile on someone’s face. ❤️
Serenity is a beautiful, fun, silly, baby girl with a huge personality!
Her name is Ka’sia. She’s a daddies girl & precious as they get.. VOTE HER PLS
I love to run and play and mommy is my favorite person
Super Smart and very Funny her vocabulary is amazing just all around my amazing lil granddaughter
Hi my names Bryley! Mommy and daddy love to call me Bry Bry as a nickname, I have a big brother whom I love very very much and look up too everyday. I even try to copy him sometimes! I’m starting to walk slowly I can pull myself up but that’s about all I want to do for now. I can definitely crawl I’m allllllll over the place and I drive my mama nuts because of it! Please vote for me my mommy’s had a rough time at work the past couple months she’s been struggling in pain not being able to afford a doctor to go an get her taken care of🥺 she’s in a lot of pain and me coming into first place would reallllllly help her out!
Jagger is the most handsome,chill, happy baby❤️ He will lighten the room wherever he is. He is 7 almost 8 months old and very upbeat ❤️
This is my sweet Emillia she loves to smile and laugh she is the sweetest
Ja'yaunna is my beautiful, most precious lil' grandaughter, she is 5 months old, her mother, which is my daughter, which was recently shot, and now is paralyzed from her breasts down, my lil' grandaughter now lives with her aunties, who are my other two daughters, if my lil' grandaughter was to win, it would help out sooo very much for things she needs!!!!
Grayson is very playful and happy, absolutely loves to be held and talked to. Sometimes he lets us get some good photos of his bright blue eyes💙🥺 please vote for baby Grayson!!
Jayden Shae was 5 weeks early,, but to our delight he is already 11 lbs. He love cocomelon and his mommy and daddy! He is a very loved, very alert happy baby. And very cute as you see!
Such a kind hearted baby, very sweet. Only a week old❗️
One of the STRONGEST preemies I seen
Grayson is 5 years old. He is full of energy, loves playing outside, & going wherever mommy goes. He is soft hearted & is very genuine. He has a heart of gold!
Kenzlee is 3 years old & loves competing in pageants! She enjoys her time playing with her brother, baby dolls, & puppy. She’s a big mommys girl, but she’s daddy’s Angel. She’s super sweet, compassionate, & outgoing!
This is our sweet baby girl Emerson. She is definitely an outside kinda girl. She loves to shop with mom. She is the prettiest girl to me. 💗💗
Ethan is such a happy baby. When he smiles, you just can’t help but smile back! He is very curious and loves to play peekaboo.