Summer Raeigh
She loves playing peekaboo ♥️
My name is Isla and I love to smile for the camera! My favorite past times include cuddling with momma, talking up a storm, and watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse for the Hot Dog dance 💃🏽
My name is Everly and my mom says I am very squishy. I love to be snuggled and am learning about myself and surroundings each day. I recently discovered my voice and love to coo and smile and make all sorts of noises that make my mommy and daddy happy. Napping is my favorite especially on Sundays with my parents and furbaby brothers
Fun fact - Violet was originally due on Mother’s Day (May 8th) but this stubborn girl decided she HAD to be born on Friday the 13th!
Javi loves smiling! He is the happiest little boy and loves his dog sisters 💙
Loves to play tongue play you stick out your tongue he sticks out his
Luca is the happiest boy! He’s always smiling, laughing, squealing. He loves to chew on his hands and he is just now getting into holding & playing with toys. We’re so blessed to have him!
Kristyn is a very happy baby. She wakes up with a smile and goes to sleep with a smile. The happiest disposition I've ever seen before. She is starting to walk and she loves to sing. She is an absolute joyful addition to our family. She thinks everything is funny and loves to be tickled. Her laughter makes me cry with tears of joy.
Lots of smiles and even more gas. Loves her cat big brother and Jurassic Park’s theme.
Mariana is really cute and she is adorable and cute and she loves drinking her milk
She loves smiling love being around her brother very spoiled after her daddy and mommy
Karson is an amazing child, he never cries and is always smiling. Although he doesn’t play much with baby toys he LOVES balls with his whole heart, no matter the size even if he can’t carry them. He doesn’t care if it is a Christmas bulb he will make it his toy. He’s always yelling ball at our concrete ball we have. Karson is absolutely upbeat and one of the happiest little boys you can meet. He also loves water, he will just sit and let you pour water on his head and then he just laughs about it and wants more.
She’s a sweetheart💕loves to run around and climb everything,she’s always happy🥰
My name is Liam I love to play 💙I have a big brother 💙
I love my family and I love to play with all my toys I have a baby brother 💙
Calvin is a very happy little,he enjoys going on walks and getting into everything and making messes lol .He loves Mickey Mouse and playing with his big sister
Aitonna is a fun loving little girl she loves playing and entertaining her little sister playing barbies and doing make up she enjoys the outdoors fishing swimming and traveling she is a very kind fun loving little girl vote for Aitonna
Karter, handpicked for earth by her grandma in Heaven. Our 3 day NICU warrior, and our smiley, snuggly princess. She loves spending time with her family, they all make her laugh and smile, especially her big cousin Eli. She loves her cow-sister Stormi, and her pup-sister Khloe. She’s a big mommas girl, but has her daddy’s heart too!
My name Ariah im 4 months old im so tiny but im sweet and lovable
Hi I'm Ryse. I love to cuddle with my family, and kick my legs while wiggling around. I smile big and when that's not enough I give a big happy squeal. Mom says I'm the sweetest/happiest baby she's ever seen and most people I meet would agree 😁 Definitely a cutie 🥰
Ryland is my wild child! He is goofy and loves to make you laugh and smile!
Camryn is a sweetheart she loves attention and to be talked to. She loves to smile and overall just a happy baby.
This little guy is not only my world, but he is my rainbow baby. I have waited so long to have him! He is so perfect ❤️❤️
Remmey is a happy baby he loves to be outside 😍
Arielle love to talk, play and take pictures her smile will light up a room, with her cute dimples she enjoys watching Gracie and tummy time ari also enjoys a little outside time but if she isn’t doing any of those things she is sleeping, and laying up underneath mommy she is the most joyful baby she just turned 5 months and we are working on her crawling skills and rolling
Ky’rie is 2 month, he can already lift his head up and can roll to his side loves to be outside or watching the ceiling fans😂
Ni Siah
Ni’Siah is 6 months old. He loves to kick his legs and bouncer💖. He is growing each and everyday..
Luna Rose Garcia
Luna is a very happy BBY she loves to play with her toys n obsessed with her feet
Jordan has been an extremely good baby from birth. He is legitimately a poster child. He plays extremely well with other children. He has always slept on a schedule and soundly unless he is sick. In that case he sleeps more. He eats everything. He enjoys watching golf and Gunsmoke with his grandfather. He is obsessed with the guitar, remotes, and phones. He loves to swim, riding boats, his grandpas golf cart, atvs, and pretending to drive. He turns music full blast when he can. He doesn’t hear a song he can’t dance too. He makes everyone smile. He’s affectionate and shows mature signs of compassion. He has people fight to keep him. It helps he is sooooooo cute. Oh yeah and he counts to 3. Well he finishes for me. If I say one because he’s about to be in trouble he says two three. Then he grins really big and runs towards me.
This little guy has recently starting to give ear-to-ear grins to everyone, even the nurse at the pediatrician office before they give him a shot! Poor little guy. Luckily, he is spending plenty of time with his parents and grandparents to make those smiles come out regularly.
Rosie loves being outside and playing or swimming! She loves playing with her brother. Her favorite color is pink but if you ask her it’ll change😂 She loves watching Paw Patrol, Sofia The First and Barbie. Vote for Rosie💜
Meet my precious Alaiya Jasmine 💞 she is almost 2 months old. She’s started to smile & baby talk! She’s so smart and growing so much every day, she truly is the most calmest baby. 🫶🏽
She loves her mommy and daddy and she is just my princess and she will make your day so much better just looking at her
Henry loves to swing in his swing, go on walks, watch paw patrol, and be outside. He really likes being in the water. He tried to put anything and everything in his mouth and loves to stick his tongue out at people. Vote our little hank!! 💙
A’Zariah monae Mickens is a adorable 1 month old baby who’s full of nothing but smiles her On you saddest day her silliest will brighten it
Kerryleeann is a 1year old, beautiful, happy, and bright little girl. She really enjoys listening to oldies music 50s,60s, ext. (her favorite is Elvis Prestley's song Hound Dog ) and she loves to dance. She is always smiling, and, laughing, and everyone is always complimenting on how amazing her smile is and how she brings joy to the room when she enters. She loves to go on walks outside with her daddy, and swing in her outside swing.
He loves everything "papa" #raceday
Sweetheart with a sense of humor
Olivia is 4 months old and loves to laugh and smile. She has always been a happy baby. She loves to coo alot!!
The rainbow baby 🫶🏽 Loves to crawl and explore everything , mamas girl for sure , says mama & dada , she loves to play w. everything EXCEPT her toys 🤣
Ronin loves playing in the water and always has an adorable smile on his face!
Ashlynn is a very very happy baby, she loves to dance, sing along with Encanto and loves to be outside!
August is full of energy and the toughest kid I know ! He is also the sweetest.
Blessyn Nyoami-rose
Bles’Syn Was Born @35weeks a whole month early her set due date was April 8th but decided to come march 4th 2022. Bles’Syn spent two weeks in the Nicu and became a strong advance premie! She’s 5months can sit up on her own a little bit. She loves to smile! Very alert! Can be very feisty at times😭. Overall she’s a good baby!