Baby Stories - 71


Hi there! I am a 7month old named Louis, but people like to call me Louie! My favorite thing to do is crawl and explore with my fur sister, Rosie. We especially like to explore the places we shouldn’t be! (Shh, don’t tell mom!) I also love singing, playing and chewing on anything I can get my hands on!
Asher loves his older brother and sister. Loves his pup Luna. Loves to sit and chill 🥰
Evryone loves those cheeks, his eyes and eyebrows& that smile.
Hi my name is Hunter! I love to smile and to eat! And I am completely rotten!
Bruce is the silliest, most cuddly, loving baby that could ever come into this world. He is nothing short of a blessing, and beautiful soul to be around. He loves playing with his mama, and his siblings. His first word is dada, because DADA is his super hero🧡
Hazel, loves to play and mimic songs. She is growing fast
Harrison is 4 months old. He loves to play with his toys and is such a happy go lucky little boy.
Beau has the biggest personality! He lights up a room with his loving smiles and laughs!!
Novah is 4months old and happy as ever she loves to jump in her bouncer and loves to try and crawl.❤️ Vote for my beautiful babygirl.
My sweet smiley blue eyed boy will light up your world 🥰🦋
Novah is our sassy blue eyed girl. She loves rattles, her daddy, and her puppy. Please vote!❤
Be a Maverick wild and free like the ocean for which he was named. Maverick is 2 months old, he loves his family the most! This little boy is everything to mama and daddy! Everyday we are seeing more of his personality shine through!
After being told by Dr.s i would Never have any and 17 years with my hubby... Meet Rosalie my miracle baby!
Henry Templeton
Henry Templeton is named after his great grandmother Shirley Temple. He loves playing music with daddy and cooking in the kitchen with his MS warrior mama.
Harlee is the happiest, calm baby. So alert and curious. You almost never see her without a smile on her face.
Always full of laughter! He is by far one of the happiest babies you will ever meet.
Ellie Rehm
Ellie is almost three months old, born in NYC in the height of a pandemic. I love to smile and talk to my mom. I’ve learned how to click my tongue, suck my thumb and I hold my head up super well!! I am extremely sassy and love snuggles!
Zoey loves to snuggle, eat her hands and coos all day long. She's got the most pinchable cheeks too.
Emberlynn is the calmest little content angel. She loves car rides and going on walks in her stroller. She likes to play peek a boo and swinging. She enjoys people talking to her and always has a smile.
Janiyah is a 17month old she loves to take pictures she likes to play and run around
Otto is a very busy boy! Knows what he wants when he wants.
Raegan is amazing good baby girl. She loves to be held and feeding time. She also loves mermaids and watching tv. Growing so fast and sleeping more at nights. She would love your votes!
Lettie is the light of our life, she is always smiling, laughing, and eating🥰 She hasnt had the easiest 2 months due to hurricanes, but her fire still burns bright!
Atreus loves tummy time, he enjoys giggles and tickles. Atreus also loves dancing with his momma and being rocked to sleep. Atreus favorite part of the day is waking mom up FINALLY and smiling first thing as soon as he sees me.
This is my sweet little man Anthony (Tony). He's a May the 4th be with you baby and loves to giggle, play with his feet, scream when excited and loves to take naps on mom.
Wyatt is a giggly boy who loves his mama and adores his twin sister. He loves jumping on mommy's legs and his paci is his favorite of all.
Waverly is a sassy 4 month old. She loves her mommy and twin brother. She is always babbling and happy.
Addy is a very full of life 5 year old. With a laugh that’s contagious and questions that will keep your on your toes. She loves being a big sister and is such a helper. Addy has loved taking pictures since she was a baby and now she especially enjoys doing her “makeup” for them.
Nicolas loves to smile. His favorite toy is a flush crocodile. He is a happy baby.
RaeLynn will be 1 year old on November 1st!!! She has a pitty puppy that she absolutely loves and she is getting a baby sister in December!!! She is super outgoing, happy, giggly, and intelligent!!💜
caleena is a very playful baby. she loves hanging out with her mom and dad and She likes to chew on her hands, she likes to eat, sit up, stand, she likes taking baths and she likes when people give her attention
Maliyah is my a sweet, loveing baby that loves Blues clues, bubble guppies and peppa pig. Her favorite words are blah blah and dada
Ella Natasha Jean D.
Ella was born November 15, 2019 she loves to laugh and cuddle. She’s obsessed with her four legged sisters scooby and Bella. She loves to play and eat anything she can get her hands on❤️ She’s already so smart and has such an amazing future ahead of her
Jason is a very sweet boy who loves smiling, his froggy blanket and ESPECIALLY his Gramma.
She loves toy story❤️ always happy, & loves to give fist bumps👊🏽 so playful an loves playing with others🥺🥰
Alisa is a wild child! Very independent and loves to explore her surroundings!
Isabelle, aka Izzy is a spunky 2year 7month old girl. She is all sorts of sassy, but can be the sweetest little thing too!! She loves playing and being silly!!
Elaina is a very happy little girl who loves to eat and play with her toys. She loves the Bubble Guppies and has the cutest dimples.
Xavier is an excited little one, ready to take on all the world offers. He’s crawling, standing, eating anything he can get his hands on and taking small steps. He will follow his sister anywhere and the sound of her voice always gets him to stop crying. Not as into taking pictures as his older sister but will always put on a good show.
Haislynn Kay
Haislynn loves to smile, she is definitely all about the lovings!💛 She can’t wait for your votes❣️
Raelynn loves the outdoors, naps, feeding time and play time with mom and dad. She is a daddy’s girl. She has many facial expressions that shows her bubbly personality.
Michaela has such a huge personality! She loves music, & car rides. She never fails to amaze me everyday.