Baby Stories - 70


Kristiaunna is 4 months old she loves snuggles,loves watching cocomelon and playing with her siblings.
Vote 4 Pedro! Oh I mean Raven!!
Myles holds his own bottle and binki. He loves his lion binki. He can rollover. He coos a lot. Sure loves to eat and sleep.
We never thought that we could have a baby, Until one day God gave us her! She is the most precious and sweetest baby ever! Mommy & daddy love you so much!
she loves to smile and is super sweet! she has so much personality for a 3 month old
Colt Scott
Colt is the happiest sweetest baby I know! He loves jumping and spending time with his mama & dada. He could make any bad day good.
Luke loves outside and playing with his big sister.Hes always has a big smile
My sassy babe loves to dress up and pose for the camera ❤️
Hi my name is Paisley Rain i am a vary happy baby. I love spending time with mommy and daddy, I love bath time and car rides. I have 3 furr puppies that love and protect me. I am a vary spoiled little girl & love to be held. She is our little miracle baby 💕
Hi im 2 and love to be adorable all the time 🥰🥰
Gabriel is the happiest baby in the world ! He’s very social and loves to watch his coco melon
Bentley loves to stand, crawl, play with toys, babble, yell, && is a big fan of food! He loves playing with his puppy and his mommy and daddy and is just a high spirited baby!
Berklee is an early bird. She's so happy when she wakes up every morning😁 she loves to smile,laugh and roll over💜
Lou loves his bulldog Shelby, playing outside and helping daddy do yard work. Lou is a smart little boy with an infectious smile and a heart of gold.
Jacks ♥️
Miss Alaina was my preemie baby born at just 34 weeks with a one week special care stay. She is vote home doing amazing and growing like a weed. She had 2 mommies and a 8 yeast old sister. She loves to rest, sleep, and smile. She don't like to be burped at all. We appreciate all her voters and would like to thank you in advance ❤
Nova Moon
Nova moon loves dancing to Elvis 🕺 and is so sweet and unique always a joy to be around
Kalani loves everything to do with nature, lovable babygirl💜🥰
Valerie (Valley) smiles super big at anyone & loves to look at lights! Fun fact about Valley: her middle name is Love!!
Veronica is just the absolute happiest baby she brings light to everyone she meets! She’s my miracle baby 💜
My names Kinsley! I love being outside, smiling and cooing, and most importantly getting attention from everyone that loves me.
Super sassy and sure to steal your Heart❤️
Ashtyn Dawn is our beautiful and outgoing 3 month old! She loves chewing her elephant toy and giving it weird looks 🤨 She is a BIG daddy’s girl!!! ❤️ She also loves watching all the bright colors on Trolls!
She loves ice cream and is learning to walk. Her favorite word is "look". She is a happy girl and is always smiling!!
Angel is very fun loving and full of life, an adventure.
Ayvan birthday is 7/1/19 he is 2 years old and is very loving and likes to explore.
Bryson is beautiful inside and out he was born with the scariest of unknown health complications ..Thank God he was so strong to fight back and win over all issues to Grow,Thrive he's a Survivor 🙏👼To Proudly take On his role as a Leader! There's nothing holding him back Today..Bryson loves the tractor the country cooking and playing with his sister Savannah they're only just about a year and a half apart inseparable as they've had a rough start from get go..But Angel's guidance whispered!! Just keep pushing onward. saying Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world"
Zildjian loves to hang out with his 3 older sisters while they teach him all the cool things they know. He can’t wait until he is big enough to get on his skateboard and start riding with his daddy.
Sweet and Sassy and loves to be outdoors!
Im back and will resume returning votes... THANK YOU! Timmy really is the sweetest, happiest, just best baby!!! He is so chill and patient and happy all the time. His voice, smiles and giggles will brighten any room or anyones day!!!
Jerri Rhea
Jerri Rhea (Pronounced Ray) she is my sons twin!!! My 2 littles were born on the same day 2 years apart. Almost down to the exact hour. They are twins 2 years apart! My sassy little princess 💝
Hi I’m Navayah Renee🥰. I’m very energetic and love to dance and sing 🎤. I like Cheetos preferably and I make a great cuddle buddy. My favorite hobbies include swimming and eating. And did you know that I love to sing baby shark and my ABC’s? I’m a miracle baby. When I was in mommy’s stomach mommy was told the bad news when they checked my gender that I would come out with Down syndrome because I had a spot of calcium on my heart. Then at her last check up before she was getting ready to have me, by the grace of God IT WAS GONE.
I like going on adventures, being creative, and learning everything I can!
Gianni personality is the cutest!! He makes you smile on those rough days and is the reason why i keep going to this day !!! Hes such a happy baby and sometimes stubborn but what baby isnt !! He loves just about everything !! Help my little boy win !! 🥰🥰
She's a spitfire with the red hair to match! Momma and dada have been said since she was 4 months, the latest addition is no with the headshake. Her big sister is the only one who can make her giggle while every one else gets the cackle. Definitely a child with a big personality!
Hi I’m khianna I’m 4 months old and my favorite thing to do is sleep i also have to have my blanket every where I go. I love water, my dog, playing with toys my Mimi got me. I also love all my family and being around them they make me happy.❤️
This little guy loves his mommy and riding on the tractor already! Smiles like crazy and makes lots of noises
Ja’Zara female name of African - Ethiopia origin that means Princess
Meet our sweet wallygator 😍 He LOVES all the attention & snuggles he could possibly get! So let’s show him some 😍
Extra chromosome cutie, she loves to make people smile, likes to est some puff puffs cheetos.💙💛
He autsim spectrum and has sezuies and termors
Azaela Danae Grace was born July 12th of 2021! She loves to cuddle & lay on mommys chest while she gets her beauty sleep! Help us win by voting once a day!
Mariah likes to watch coco melon ang she likes ball,and color shapes cups she likes to play outside in the house.
He is so handsome, kind, smart & sweet he loves to play outside with his’s sisters & brother
Creed is 12 days old so he doesn’t do much just yet but he is absolutely perfect and so precious to us 💕
Brooks loves his bottle! He was born with a head full of hair and has the cutest grin! He hobbies include sleeping and eating and cuddles with mom, dad and big brother!
He is all personality and loves his racing
This is my sweet boy William 💗 sometimes we call him lucky wills. When i was 8 months pregnant I got in a really bad accident flipping my car over an embankment and bouncing off three trees. I walked away with wiplash and bruises and my baby was perfectly happy and healthy 💗. A little less then a month later my prince was born July 4th 🥺💗. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by his beauty 💖 and I want to share that with others 💖