Jasper Reid is An almost 10 month old baby boy who has been through so much already, at 27 hours of life the doctors walked up to me stating that he wasn’t going to make it but I asked them to continue trying and shortly after 8 minutes he regained a pulse. Soon after arriving to the childerns hospital near us we found out he has a rare severe genetic disorder which has to large fatty acids and metabolizing them. Jasper Reid has overcome and will continue to overcome some of the hardest challenges in life with his strength and dedication we all know he can do so, he is so funny always babbling back, making the darkest of days extremely bright, and making everyone around him fall In love with him each and every day!
Nina Grace
Nina Grace loves to laugh, and her favorite things are food, and toots.❤
My name is cameron, im 4years old. I love my family and. Love being outside. Im a proud to be a big brother to my sister.
My little new years baby is almost 5 months old, he has started holding his bottle, he rolls over all the time!!! he’s trying to crawl and trying to sit up by himself. he love bananas and green greens, he knows how to drink out of mommy’s water cup 😳.
Our sweet boy Ryan is a Jr & goes by RJ , he is 3 months old & striving he is the happiest baby & is all smiles he is starting to play & giggle. His personality is so cute he is shy at times but always giving smiles & little laughs ❤️
Sweet baby Landon is the most adorable precious little man ever!!
Emily is so loving and caring. She has the biggest heart and has everyone's best interest at heart for such a young lady!!! She is wise beyond her years and so independent.
Hello! I’m Kolter Dawson! I love good, mommy and daddy and my doggies! Oh and of course can’t forget Mickey Mouse!
Sebastian is a very happy , outgoing, and loving baby. He loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse and any Disney movie ❤️
Atlas Cole
Atlas sweet and loving. He likes to snuggle, and every morning when he wakes up he giggles at you. He is only two months and has a huge personality.
Romeo Mateo
Romeo is one of the sweetest feistiest boy you’ll meet! He’s curious, wondrous, without the milk he’s furious and thunderous lol! He is everything he LOVESS running around outside!!!! First time he played in the rain a few weeks back he was loving it didn’t stop until the rain stopped, he sees an ant he don’t crush it he laughs and points at it an filled it crouching with his hands on his knees he loves life and I’m thankful I was able to help him have the opportunity to see what life is! Also thank him everyday for giving me the opportunity to be a loving father ❤️
He’ll be three months on June the 8th He’s already teething he makes silly and goofy faces and noises all the time He loves to eat,sleep,throw fits especially when I walk away from him to go do something he throws a bigger fit bc he can’t look at me lol
Babygirl Nevaeh, loves naps, cuddles & definitely eating lol. She is 1 month old! 👣
Happiest boy around. Chunky and cute this guy is always up for something fun to get into to!
My little sunshine is one month , he came early, but he’s a warrior and fighter . He is my heart and soul. If you were to hold him he’ll give you the biggest smile 😊 with a side of adorable dimples .
Gives the best hugs and kisses! His favorite word is “ba-byeeee” 🥰
This 5 month old chunky boy loves to chew on anything he can put in his mouth and is the happiest baby ever!
Stella is a very smart little girl that loves music and dancing. She loves to watch Mrs. Rachel on YouTube and learn. Stella is a very bubbly ball of energy!
Neighla is my rainbow baby girl, since she was born she has been nothing but happy! 😊 she loves cuddles with her daddy, and tummy time. ♥️
A little camera shy, loves animals, and a adorable flirt 😘😍
ayvion is 2 months old. he loves to eat 🥰, loves to just stare at daddy 🤍, loves to sleep on mommy & overall a very very loved baby boy. we’d appreciate your votes 🥰
Paisley Mae
Paisley Mae is mixed with a little bit of sweet and a whole lot of sass . She loves everything and she’s the most happiest little girl I have ever met .
Liam was born at 31 weeks but hasnt let that stop him. He loves to smile and giggle, but he loves to talk to everyone he meets(: He puts a smile on everyones face!
Clifford Ray Pope Jr
He is funny, very smart , handsome , loves to walk and play in the pool.
My bib says it all.
Bryler LOVES to smile for the camera. He’s such a sweet little boy, with a fiery attitude!!
Andrés is literally so sweet (when he wants to be) he loves water and the cat in the hat movie🤎
Gracelynn is a 15 month old hunk of love. She loves given lovens and an absolute comedian! Everyone who meets her loves her ❤️
Raelynn is a 2 month old baby girl who loves to be held and is the sweetest girl 💗
Very happy and loving boy. Jayden loves basically anything with water including boat rides.
He is the happiest, sweetest little boy.. he loves dirtbikes and four wheelers. He loves being outside ! Vote for him ❤️
Atlas loves to make angry faces, talk to you, and his favorite thing to do is stand 💗
Dominic is 4 months old loves bubble guppies and music . He was born four weeks early and was in the NICU , but today you would never know ☺️
James Matthew ❤️ He loves watching cartoons. Especially Bluey🙃
Born at 5lbs 13oz. She is such an angel.
Ayla Jai is named after her mommy and daddy. She loves to be held & loved on, go outside to feel the warm sun, eat, sleep, and spend time with her family!
Wrennlynn is one of the sweetest babies you could ever meet. With any interaction she keeps the cutest smile on her face. Wrenn also has the deepest dimples that make her smile 10X better!
Fynlee is a very happy baby, smiles at anyone that she sees. she loves to be talked to and she loves to blow bubbles. Definitely a light in any room 💗
We name our daughter aleeah because we wanted to name her after my brother in law. She loves to be handled, animals, her brother, mom, and dad and grandparents n uncle and cousins and aunts
I am a rainbow baby🌈 I love naps and giggling 24/7!
Scarlett is a Happy Baby who loves to be talked to. She loves to cuddle and babble. Balloons are her favorite thing to watch and play with.
Arie is one of our greatest treasures from God! She smiles and giggles all the time! She loves animals and tv. She is a very happy baby. God has truly blessed us with her!
This is our son thomas he such full of life. He such sweet kind kid. He has smile that will light up your day. Vote for our son thomas payne locklear!!!