Baby Stories - 70


Bella loves to eat and most importantly be cuddled by anyone ❤️
Legend is learning how to laugh and is having fun trying. He’s a happy baby all the time we think he’s prefect in every way and I we hope you vote for our little legend❤️
My baby is a laughing ball of joy that will keep you on your toes. She loves tickle time and bouncing and Doc Mcstuffins. Her smile can light up a room. Her diva attitude is funny and she is a real sweetheart.
Hi, my name is Oaklynn Marie. I am 3 months old and full of life! I love everything to do with daddy, except mommies snuggles are the best! Outside is my favorite place to be, I get so happy.
Kai is always such a happy boy. Who doesnt love curly blonde hair.
Kai loves Cheez itz & Cocomelon. He is always smiling & has a big personality.
Bella is one of a kind , so happy and loves to be tickled and play peek a boo. She is an angel with a beautiful laugh that lights up the room.
Macy loves fall clothes and front porches. 🍁
Novah is a sweet little bean. She loves to be close to her mommy and daddy and constantly loves to be held
Kamari is a very brave & adventurous baby. He loves to eat fries & his favorite show is Puppy Dog Pals. Kamari is the sweetest baby you will ever meet 🥰.
Brooks love to jump and play. He's always smiling and so happy to see his big brother and sister. Such a sweet and carefree boy!
Smiles for miles, she’s little miss sunshine lighting up everyone around her with her joy. She delights in exploring the unknown and shows an acceptance of everyone.
Mattie is a simple baby but an extraordinary one at that she is soft and warm and loves cuddles from an early age you can tell she will be an adventure based on her curiosity in her environment
Avery is a spunky, happy, chatterbox of a cuttie bug!
Elijah is a silly, happy, talkative 4 month old. He likes the u haul boxed man, and loves to cuddle with his mama. He likes to listen to veggie tales songs while he plays. The Jonah song makes him laugh. All in all he is a fun, loving, adorable baby boy.
Myles is 10 months old and is a ray of sunshine. He is always happy and has a big smile on his face and makes a new friend everywhere he goes.
He’s 1 year old! He’s a mamas boy! Loves Mickey Mouse! Cutest baby I’ve seen 🥰
Camie lynn loves to be outdoors
Legend is a very handsome happy baby boy he loves to play with your face he’s very touching vote legend
Zoe loves people and dogs. She thinks that she is a lot older than what she is. Shes always 😊.
Lennox is mommas girl, she loves her daddy but is 100% all about mommy. She's such a happy baby! She loves paw patrol and baby shark. She loves her big sister so much. Loves to pick on the dogs and she brings a smile to everyone's face.
Lailah is such a smart beautiful little girl who enjoys coloring, laughing, and anything Minnie Mouse! Lailah is an aspiring brand ambassador/ baby model. Follow her on Instagram @Lailah.Alexander Thanks for your support 💕
Ja Liyah
Ja’Liyah loves to smile and eat her little fingers🥰
Rayden loves to watch nightmare before Christmas. He crawls backwards and tries to sit up by himself. He loves his hands and get mad when he can't his feet. He loves to smile, laugh and give you all kinds of faces. He's a sweet baby
If you want to exchange votes 10/10 a day, please comment below!! Meet Linkin Jayde! She has the biggest heart I’ve ever met & loves everyone she meets… but mainly babies & animals 🤣 She is free-spirited, silly, a daredevil, sympathetic, and most of all.. a diva! She spends most of her time taking care of one of her many baby dolls, sipping on strawberry milk, or terrozing her kitties in an effort to show them love 🤣♥️
Donald is a 3 time heart surgery survivor, he loves to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse, he gets tickled every time the characters say his name ( Donald). He is the sweetest, happiest baby ever!
This cute and happy lil boy loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
He loves to scream with his mommy! Loves watching tv and playing with his toys! Absolutely loves to eat and sleep💙
She is an adventurous, animal loving little girl with the sweetest personality. This girl never stops smiling!
Noah is our little cub! His our baby bear 🐻 Calm Baby with a beautiful smile! Sleeps all night has a lot of energy during the day.
Hi! My name is Jaxon Wayne and Im a miracle! Me and my twin brother are micro preemies! We were born at 25 weeks! Brother was much healthier than me, but I had a harder time. I spent 334 days in the NICU away from my mommy and brother. I’ve had several surgeries and the doctors kept telling mommy my chances of survival weren’t very good. But I showed everyone how strong I was! My scars remind mommy of how much I fought and how brave I was! My favorite thing to do is chew on my oxygen tubing! I can’t eat food yet, but I love to try to steal mommys! I also love chewing on my thumb and bouncing in my activity center! I can’t walk or crawl yet, but I’m trying! I love to rock back and forth on my knees and move my hands around to turn and roll around! I also love playing with my brother, he makes me laugh! I may not have had the best start to life but you wouldn’t know it with how happy I am! I’m always smiling and laughing! I can’t wait to keep taking big steps in my milestones and show mommy how smart I am!!
Ka Miyah
Ka’Miyah is such a happy baby and loves to smile!
Nicolas never had a bad photo in his life! He loves cars and knows every single one of them even European rare models. Now he is into an old movies and old cars of those times. His favorite movie is James Bond
He is a very happy baby, who will smile at anyone he also; tries to talk back to you if you talk to him!!! Everyone always tells me he so sweet and adorable.!
Paisley love eating and nap time ,and she also love snuggling with mommy and daddy.
Waverly Simone
Waverly was born 6 days early on Wednesday, September 29th 2021! Weighing in at just over 6lbs, she’s our little peanut! 🤗❤️
Happiest and Sweetest Little Soul ❤
Nasír loves to play, sing, give kisses, and talk on the phone! He has so much character that he can turn any bad day into the best! His smile alone lights up a room.
Hi! My name is Elijah Grey! Me and my twin brother Jaxon are micro preemies! We were born very early at 25 weeks! Bubba had it harder than I did, but I still spent quite some time in the NICU! 131 days until I got to go home with my mommy! My favorite thing to do is eat! I’m slowly learning how to eat by mouth to get rid of my gtube, and it’s great! I want to try everything mommy has! I also love playing with my bubba! Don’t tell mom, but I help him play with his oxygen tubing! It’s shiny! I also love talking! I don’t know a lot of words, but I’m making up for lost time! I have a weak left vocal cord but you’d never know it with how much I have to say!
Azalea loves the mornings and smiling at her Mommy and Daddy!🥰🥰🥰 Now that Azalea has discovered her voice, she is one goofy little girl that loves to scream (of joy) her little lungs off! 😆
Hi I’m Ma’Jarhi , im very active and goofy. I’m attracted to the light and music calms me I like listening to music most of all I love to be in mommies arms ❤️✨
Mariah is a small and super fierce girl! Born at only 5 pounds, she has grown and learned so much in a short, 3-month period. Mariah’s favorite activities are breastfeeding, laughing with mommy, and being outside!