Baby Stories - 70


Ayva Cicale
Miss Ayva is ten months, lovers her books and chocolate cake. She giggles all day and we are so blessed to have her 🌺❤️
First day of school. He loves fire trucks and the snow.
My name is charlee belle. I enjoy boobies, sweet snuggles!, rocking and bouncing, practicing standing and walking(w help), my stars on my swing, mommy and daddy, tickles, diaper changes, bathes w mommy, boobies, o and boobies!!
Jahzmynn started out small and was born two weeks early, but she is doing amazing and getting big fast :) glad to be apart of this cute baby contest! Here is my cutie! Good luck everyone!
Piper is my very first granddaughter. Born Dec. 28,2020. She is so precious. She's a great baby. Very alert and smiles that light the room. She is my Lil honey 🍯 🐝 bee. She's makes your heart melt and your days so much brighter. She is pure sunshine 🌞. Love can not express the feelings inside I have for this lil girl its so much more..❤️
Aeris is happy little miss. Always smiling and laughing. She is always looking for entertainment through her siblings. She is always up for play time.
Such A Hapy lil Man... Loves his own Sounds... walks backward in his walker... Sits up all by himself...Loves Peek-A boo, and Loves watching Finding Dory & Nemo movies.
My sweet baby girl was born almost 3 weeks early and was born at 5 pounds 12.7 ounces. She dropped to 5 pounds the day before we left the hospital and now at just over two months old she is just over 8.5 pounds! She is so sweet and is just the cutest! She has 4 guard dogs here that love her and are big teddy bears but if anyone tried to hurt her they would get to that person before they could touch a hair on her head! She loves her fur-brother Chief the most though! She is getting so strong and works hard on holding her head up all the time and is trying her best to start crawling! She loves to nap all day and eat all the time. She also loves to watch “Cocomelon” while she does tummy time!
He is a very happy baby who loves his baths.
Jair is his name. I chose him. I am my third son and the last one we waited for him with much love, He is a naughty and shy affectionate loving child, he is very intelligent and thanks to God he is healthy every day is like living an adventure with him we laugh a lot with his inventions and we are very happy that he is part of our family we love you Jair and you are a full baby of light and peace God bless you always 😘🙌👏❤️
She is a very happy baby, she loves cuddle time. Loves to be talked to. She loves everybody. She is a very sweet girl.
Nehemiah was born a month early. Due to mom having diabetes. Nehemiah has come a long way and is very strong. He was diagnosed with CMV and we were told it's worse in him then the doctors have seen in others and they told us his life was 50/50 chance.
I consider Bryce as my angel baby. 1 month before I was pregnant with him, I had a miscarriage. I thought I couldn’t have a child, and I’ve always wanted one. Luckily, I was blessed with bryce. He ended up becoming an emergency c-section because his cord prolapsed when my water broke. Bryce is now 2 months old, and absolutely loves cuddles with his mommy. He also loves going on road trips and watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse ! Bryce needs a new stroller, and this money would go towards a new one; as well as diapers and wipes ❤️ Please share this, and give him a vote! It would mean the world 🥰
Layne was born at 22 weeks she was in the nicu for 10 months. She’s thriving more and learning so much.
Giovanni , The beautiful bouncing baby boy is full of life and character. At 18 months he keeps the joy and spice in my life lol. He loves to sing, dance, jump, read, interact. He loves Madagascar, Mickey Mouse ,blues clues and peppa pig 💙. Please take the time to give my sweet boy a vote
Such a cute happy baby who adores her older sister.
Little Angel
Tristan is one of the smartest little girls I know, She is a big helper and loves to play with that kitty we have.
Greysen is an adorable little boy, He came into this world a fighter and has been able to progress so much in these last few months. He love his big sister and always wants to be where she is. He loves to be with his family and loves to smile and laugh at everything. You should vote for Greysen because he is a bright little boy after being stuck in the NICU for the fist week of he life and being born in 2020 was rough anyway.
Dallas is one month old an he loves to eat sleep all day long .he loved it when mommy sings to him an cuddle him . he loves to be on his belly an he loves to move he rolls over in his own an he hold his own head up he loves to smile he is such a sweet baby boy even thou he has been throw a lot hes health is not the best he cant gain weight nor keep his milk down they doctor thinks he might have a heart problem too
He's a Cute charasmatic Pieace of my Heart who can always make me " His Mommy" Smile, He hasn't been here Long But he loves watching his Daddy play Ark❤
Karter Kymir Gray
He is supper advanced for his age . He loves to talk , play and smile . He even thinks he can play with his older cousins. He is one of the happiest babies 💗
Kaleb is the most cheerful, loving, caring baby I know! He is always telling mommy and daddy he loves them and my goodness at the smiles he gives!!
Elijah is smart little guy. He loves pizza and he Can say some of his abc’s. He is outgoing and loves the outside. Give him a fishing pole and you won’t hear from him for a while. He is his daddy son. ❤️
Adelynn also known as Addie Mae loves to coo and smile at everybody. She’s the sweetest baby
Hi! My name is Addison Rae, I am 5 months old and full of energy. One of my favorite things to do is eat! And I am continuing to learn new things everyday 🤍
The smiliest and cutest little man youll ever see.
Sebastian is 10 months old Things he loves is mommy, daddy his 2 sisters an brother, loves talking, cartoons, giving kiss, standing up, loves to be held an is the sweetest baby.. Always smiling an trys to talk to everyone...
Willow loves music and dances when she hears what she likes. This little peanut is full of sass and curiosity.
Sweet baby girl. Always happy and loving, starting to walk around she likes ducks and loves her daddy..
Levi is our rainbow baby. He is such a blessing. Such a sweet and happy baby and he’s so smart he’s learning so fast for only being 3 months.
Adrian, born Dec 30th, 2020. Loves his mommy and daddy. ❤️
Edith is an extremly happy and silly girl. She loves music so much! She doesnt talk quite yet but she does try to sing and dance!
He’s an only child, 8 months, such a good, happy& healthy baby. He enjoys playing with balls& cars . He loves listening to me read him books. He’s so perfect! 😍
Jasper is the sweetest and happiest baby there is!
Oden is my miracle baby after being told I’d never be able to have children 💕 He is so smart and loves to giggle. He rolls over and is starting to crawl. His toothless smile lights up any room he’s in 💕 Please vote for him!!
Everleigh is such a happy girl. Her favorite things are playing with her toys, eating food, exploring, walking and snuggling with mommy, daddy and siblings. She loves to laugh, give kisses and the color pink. 💕
My name is Addison, I go by the nickname addy. I’m 6 months old I love to smile and laugh. I was born in July. I can say “dada” “mama” and “hey”.
Our little miracle baby came to us on 12/05/20 and weighed only 2.5 pounds. She is a very patient soul and hardly cries when she's frustrated. Lyric loves listening to her mommy sing to her and loves looking at pictures of baby animals in her favorite book.
He is amazing he's loving affectionate his personality is out of this world and he's the 13th out of his siblings... MEXICA LUPE GONZALES one of a kind...
Makenna is the youngest of five kids and the newest addition to the family. She loves spending time and laughing with her siblings.
My name is Jamie ☺ I was born dec 8th 2020. So that makes me 1month old! Im already starting to rollover and have been trying to sit up. My favourite people are my mommy & daddy and my favourite baby food is Bananas 💙
Im 8 years old i love my sister baby brother nd my mommy im in 2nd grade at school i love to play my favorite characters is pj masks paw patrol nd spider man
Im 7 years old i love my 2 brothers my mommy nd my daddy i love to play wit my toys my favorite character is paw patrol peppa pig pj masks im in 1st grade at school