Royalty loves talking baby talk and smiling . She just learned how to bend her knees to jump so it’s her favorite thing to do now with help from mom and her older brothers.
Olivia is a really happy baby. She has a beautiful smile and it can make anybody's day.
He is just the cutest.
Jaxx loves brights colors. Started teething at 3 months old, & has two bottom teeth that popped through already 🦷 Always has a smile on his face especially when he is watching his favorite cartoon the fairy odd parents. Adores bath time & is a complete mommy’s boy 👦
Aunaliyah Grace
She is the sweetest loves to laugh and suck on her fingers she loves to be talked to. My pumpkin.
Romello is such a joy to be around! Everyone who meets him says he’s ahead of his time! He loves the outdoors!
Sadie Mae
She is a lil doll such a cutie pie
Zohara Wadlington
Zohara ( Zo bean) is a advanced, smart 14 month old baby girl that loves to laugh, play, eat & dance on Tiktok .
Hello i was born on May 19th 2022. My name is Arthur Lee, i have a brother that is a dog and we love chasing each other around the house. Please vote for me i would be honored to come into at least 3rd place!
Noah is a handsome devil full of personality and always on the move. This Mama’s boy has a very sweet heart and loves to cuddle. He loves his big sister Ivy and their fur brother Kaiser.
This is my sweet Adeline. She is a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) baby. She was 8lbs. 4 ounces when born and is our Halloween baby. She loves Mommy, Daddy, and 2 brothers. We are super excited to have her in this world and would love your support to give a vote if you feel she is simply the cutest like we do. Thanks in advance. <3
Aalayah is such a happy beautiful baby! She loves tummy time, music, & eating her teething rings ❤️
Zen’ari is such a happy baby.🥰 She loves bath time, car rides, and smiling at her mommy all day long. She has the biggest personality even at only 3 months old.🫶🏾✨
He's just the sweetest.
Eden is a Cancer 💞. She is very a smart,sweet,beautiful funny last but not least special.Eden is very alertive and talkative. She likes to be talk to,watch tv and love to go on walks in her stroller.
Hi my name is Camden. I’m 6 months old I love to smile and give kisses and say dada :))
Deklen is a SUPER fun boy. Always smiling and always making everyone around him Smile.He loves outside and messing with his two older sisters!
She's a beautiful little girl very active love's to dance color paint grandma Walls lol Love this little cutie pie bundle of joy
She love her GG and loves to dance and sing she is a lil diva princess
Eli'yani is a happy baby. she wake's up happy and loves to laugh and yell
He is the happiest, most chill baby you will ever meet, which is perfect with his energetic big brother. And those dimples 😍
Chason is a very sweet boy. Loves to snuggle and play outside and adventure.
Happy 6mth baby always smiling loves his mom, dad, sister and brother
Love playing outside and watching t.v and on his phone
He love playing football and hang out with his friend and play on playstation too
Hi my name is Santiago, i love laughing and when people talk to me. I am a very calm baby, i love taking baths and drinking a lot of milky. I like watching cocomelon. I am growing little by little🤍
De’monii will be 5months this month. He is such a happy baby that love to sit up and see the world. Many calls him old man because once he’s sitting up he rests his hands on his chest just like one. He’s not your typical 4months he’s also holds bottle, grab and place pacifier in mouth loves to be with his older sister Alanna. To know him is to love him.
Little Oliver (olibear) is outgoing loves everyone.. wants to give everyone 👊.. he has hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. And is about to start the process of have dentures or implants.. he has no teeth of his own! But he is definitely our blessing
Justin likes laughing with his sister and brothers
Baby Z is the happiest baby, she laughs and smiles like no other 😁 There was some worries before she came into this world with the pregnancy but she pulled thru and has been a blessing ever since! 💕
Desmon Jr
DJ is a charming lil fella whose smile lights up the room and lifts any spirits that may be down.
She loves being on a farm with all the animals!
Kaiden is the happiest little baby and will get the biggest smile when you call him handsome or stick your tongue out at him. He is the sweetest little boy who loves to snuggle and steal all the soft blankets 💗
Sage Alani is a Gemini baby 💕 she’ll be 5 months soon and loves to play with anything she can get her hands on! She loves to laugh and her favorite show is Doc McStuffins!
Alexander is 5 years old and fun & energetic, he loves to dance and is very outgoing also he just won king for sunburst ❤️ Thank you to everyone who votes and supports us! I am more than willing to vote for your child in return 🫶🏼
Teala is a sweet loving little lady, she loves to play with her lol dolls and sing! She just did her first pageant and had a blast. Thank you to everyone who votes and supports us, I more than willing to vote for your child in return 🫶🏼
Synai is a mommas baby she likes to be kissed on hugged on laughed at. She loves to be nurtured feel like she safe in any and every situation. Synai loves assurance, stability, happiness in her surroundings. As long as she has food laughter and love she will always be happy go lucky. Consistency is KEY!
A very happy boy
Daniel is a very smart,caring,loving boy, very aware of people’s feelings and how to brighten someone’s day…
Mia is a spunky, fiesty ,independent girl who loves to speak her mind and be her own person ,she’s very unique in that way
Alani is a warm loving being .. she smart and witty already Alani has a twin name aria who is also loving what a treat to our family .
My name is Kamdon, I am 3 weeks old. I Love to eat, sleep and cuddle with my mommy and daddy.
Easton is the smiliest and funest toddler i know. He loves to ride his bike and loves to play outside with his cars.
Rylee is a very loveable young lady she loves to dance and sing and she loves her favorite singer jojo siwa...and she loves her little boy so much ...
I love to cry and mommy 😂💗