Baby Stories - 7


She’s cute loveable when she wants makes everyone laugh outta nowhere can be stubborn but cute when she is. Copies everyone so she acts older than she is she’s the best little girl to be around.
Baby Jacob was 7 weeks early ...... hes five months now 💙 he’s teething so he likes to shove everything in his mouth.... hes very vocal and a sweet as can be
Hi , I’m Zaydin. I’m a month and a half old ! I love my mommy’s cuddles 🥰 and to laugh & smile at everything 💙
My got to have it her way girl! Loves getting around and her big brother!
Brooklyn is a good baby she is 2 years old she sings her ABC'S she tells you when she has to go potty and she likes playing with baby's and she loves watching cocomelon
This is my handsome son Axl Dean he's 7 months, he's the most smile, gigglest baby he love to meet new people all thou he is super shy at first but warms up pretty quickly he loves to bounce and play so please vote for my little man.
kobi is the most wonderful little boy. he loves his toys and learning new things, such as kisses and highfives. he's also such a goofball if you couldn't tell! <3
Kai’Brionna is 8months old ‼️ She is such a happy smiley baby 😁 she crawls, stands, and is on the verge of walking , she has two bottom teeth 😆 she LOVES HER DADA and can say mama, baba, and her nick name Na na 😎 Vote for my Girl ♥️
Kind, sweet and most polite 2 year old, she very energetic and loves animals, thanks in advance for your votes, we appreciate it.
She is the sweetest baby. she goes to bed smiling and wakes up smiling!
Donovan is a one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. He's my first child, and I love him to pieces. He loves tickle time, music, animals, and cuddles.
Serena is a sweet, beautiful and sassy baby. She brights up everyone around her lives.
Benny Is 11lbs 4 oz 1 month old baby boy! He loves him some mommy milk and bouncing in his bouncer
Xavier loves to smile and talk to everyone!
Alice is by far the happiest baby I've ever met. She is always smiling and giggling. She spreads so much joy to or little family and everyone she meets. She has finally found her feet and playing with them is her favorite thing to do.
Sammy Jammz is a big boy who loves mommy and daddy, his favorite time is bath time, Sam loves the sound of his own voice and saying mama baba dada and Gaga all day ❤️
Onyx loves cuddles, tickles, and most of all eating.
Hi I’m Zy’Dae And I Know You Wondering How I Get My Eyes Well Today Is My Lucky Day Please Vote For Me 💙
Our sweetheart, William loves eating, bathtime, kicking those legs, and is learning some sign language to better communicate. Don't let his handsome smile fool you, this little Mr. gets a big kick out of pooping in a clean diaper. 😂🤦‍♀️💙🤟
Hi , my name is Imani and I'm 4 years old. I love baking with my mommy and grandma , cooking with my daddy , and playing with my baby cousin . But , my favorite thing to do is help take care of my new baby sister ! I really love Frozen and Barbie toys/movies . But most importantly , i love my family .
Jillian has been a survivor from the beginning along with being born in the world as it is today. Especially with this whole covid pandemic. She is strong and sassy already at 2.5 months! She loves to be held and to bless us all with her beautiful smile. Shes our princess.
Louey's favorite thing to say is mamamamamama all the time and now since our bottom 2 teeth have popped through, he is saying all kind of things. The drooling is insane 🤣 but the little bubble noises are so cute. Louey my sweet boy is just so funny and always smiling!!! I love those baby giggles so much!
Michael Scott
Kristopher And Kristin's Krazy Kreation 💖 He's Big And Bold With A Heart Of Gold!!
Davara is a sweet, happy, and curious baby whom is just as photogenic as can be! She took her first steps at 10 months and there no stopping this one. She’s going places! She’s a climber too so she’ll most likely be going up mountains! 😍😍😍 Vote for Davara! THE most photogenic baby of all time.
Loves to smile. Such a happy baby!
Kendra Andi
She’s adorable, she loves corling at anyone. She’s the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet
Perfect little girl💕
Eli is a very independent little boy. Always wanting to help do house chores and just be a boy, playing outside and getting muddy. He’s all smiles with a little bit of an attitude.
Benjamin And Lincoln
Lincoln and Benjamin are brothers they're baby pictures look like twins these are two happy loved little boys.
Lincoln is our 2nd grandson and such a pleasant happy 2 year old his laugh is infectious. He loves Mickey mouse and cocomelon.
Carter is our first grandson and is all boy. He loves spiderman and one happy boy
The happiest 4 month old girl, loves bath time, drinking bottles, and playing with her toys and pulling hair.
Valentina is a ball of sunshine she loves bouncing to music she also loves watching cartoons on the tv , and playing with her toys .
Ellias is a cheery little boy that loves food and playing!
Zayne is almost a month old he is a sweet baby boy he sleeps most of the day sometimes will even smile in his sleep
Jezzamine prefers to be called jezzie. And she loves fortnite playing outside minecraft and watching YouTube!
HazeLee is the most Caring, Outgoing and Joyful little girl I know. She loves to help others!! Her favorite things to do are play blocks, Build with play dough and care for her baby dolls.
Edward Jr
Edward JR is a Sagittarius who enjoys spending time with his family, long naps, food and music.
Xavier loves to dance. Xavier is very energetic and happy. Xavier is always smiling or laughing. He loves kisses and hugs from mommy and daddy
This Beautiful Little Beast Is Carti'Ae Ti'Onna & She Is The Most Sweetest Little Girl But With A Mean Streak Lol She Loves Doc McStuffins & French Fries "What Is You Talking Bout" Her Favorite Catch Phase There's Never A Dull Moment She Keeps You Laughing With The Biggest Smile Even If My Baby Doesn't Win She'll Definitely Know People Cared
Never a dull moment with this little guy. Always active and never turns down food.
She is so such a happy baby, she loves Mickey Mouse and smiling at people and her favorite song is Cruise.She is my little Princess and I love her so much , she loves learning new things and she is growing up so much 💕
Zymere is a happy bouncy 6month old. just looking at him he will smile and put a smile on your face. He is a little jokester for his age. He enjoys listening to music a really tries to hum the song, to where he will hum himself to sleep.
Hi my name is Alaina I’m all smiles and fun! I love my mommy and daddy! There’s never a day you won’t see a smile on my face!
She loves music and going for car rides! and is always smiling :)
Tomasa Stella Marie
Tomasa aka (masa) is 11 months and soon to be 12 ( a year old) I’m so happy to be this lil girls mommy, she puts a smile on my face everyday all day 🥰she loves spending time with mommy and playing with her toys and she LOVES to eat😊she’s a hyper girl with a smart personality, she maybe lil but her heart is big♥️