Baby Stories - 7


Kyrie is a loving happy baby he loves to smile, laugh and loves music show some love to Kyrie
He loves his brother and loves playing with him to he loves to cuddle and play with all his toys
Eloise is the nicest baby!! She already rolls back to belly, and belly to back! Loves to talk and have stories read to her!
Corben is a 4 month old NICU baby. He was born 4 weeks early and has come such a long way!! He’s extremely happy!! Loves blowing bubbles with mom and gets so excited when dad gets home in the evening!!
Robert loves music loves to dance favorite thing to do is play outside
Tessa is a beautiful little girl whose smile lights up a room. She loves tummy time, cuddles with her mommy, and her toy sloth 💕
Ramey is a sweet baby. She has a very beautiful smile and she shows it all the time. Ramey has the cutest personality and she is full of joy.
Hello! My name is Zyrik Chandler Lumetta. I love Boobies, My binky and when mommy sings to me, and you cant forget bathtime. Its my favorite! I smile so big!! my mommys been waiting for this opportunity cause me and her both know im the cutest baby 😉
Riella is the sweetest and most intelligent baby ive experienced! She truly is a little queen. 👑
Bianca is a happy baby girl, that looks like her mommy, she loves tummy time and she also loves cuddles
Little El loves to dance to Elmo and be silly.
Colton is our miracle baby after a miscarriage and losing his twin. He has his two bottom teeth. His first word is dadda he loves to laugh..He's such a happy baby. He loves when mommy sings Elvis for bedtime
This is Noah! He is 3 months old. Loves the ceiling fan and his big sister Stella🐶🐾
Sylas is 10 months old. He is a speed crawler and loves his dogs and eating new foods
Karter is a very lovable child who has lots of energy lol.He loves to dance, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and he adores his big brother
Jd is a 8 month old baby, who loves the outdoors loves fire trucks cars dinosaurs and singing
Brynlee is a very happy baby who looks just like her mama💝
Brantley is the happiest and chunkiest baby in the world. He loves his dad, snuggles, and naps! he has a huge smile but doesn’t like to show it when you pull your phone out
Kinlee loves Rolling over, cooing a lot 🤣❤️, grabs her feet❤️
Loves her mommy and daddy
Declan loves kisses. Whenever he sees his big brother he smiles and coos.
Damon is a very active kid. He loves to play with trucks and help out with his baby brother.
Idalia loves to sing, and dance..
Serenity is the light of her mommy’s worlds, she loves listening to her mama sing, and laying on mommy’s chest for cuddles. She loves tummy time and holding her head up on her own!
Amari is full of smiles and loves her family,big sister, she loves veggie straws
Emberlynn is 6 months old she loves to sit in the grass she loves bananas she loves her dog and her mommy and daddy she’s very spunky she’s very smart her favorite words are hey I’m good and momma and daddy.
A very happy child loves the outdoors!
William is a very jolly, smart, talented and well behaved kid. He loves to learn different things everyday. He loves to play basketball and soccer. Pls vote for him ☺️
Waylon was born 3 weeks premature and had blood sugar problems in the hospital and was in the nicu for 10 days. He was born only 4 pounds and 15 ounces. He is now 10 pounds. He is our rainbow baby 🌈 He loves watching coco melon and loves when mommy and daddy play with his cheeks and tickles him.
He loves to get kisses and snuggles and recently discovered his feet ❤️Every time he see his big sisters he smiles and coos😊
Makenna is 4 months old and love to play with grandma & grandpa. She likes to walk around the house. She loves her bath time every single night before bed. She’s the funniest little thing ever. She’s probably the most observant 4 month old and definitely wants everything momma has. Makenna is a heartbreaker for sure, just has the sweetest smile and laugh.
Rosaria is 4 months old she loves warm bottles an cuddles she’s very sweet and loves everyone! She enjoys bath time an food along with dress up! 💖
Ryleigh was born on 1/12/21. She is the happiest little baby! She loves to talk, play with her toys, and have books read to her. She is my angel!
This is my youngest kiddo she likes unicorns princesses got the personality of a diva
Braxty is our miracle baby, i was always told my whole life that i could never have babies and then we were suprised with the biggest blessing of all him.. He is literally the best thing that has ever happened to our family and we adore him deeply.. he is such a happy baby, he loves to dance, giggle, talk an eat his favorite food but most of all he loves his family ...
Cora is 4 months old. She loves learning how to use her voice, laughing, being outdoors when it's nice, sucking her thumb and most of all bath time! ❤️ Vote for my daughter, Cora Reine Deanne.
Charley is 3 weeks old! 🥳 she love bath time and to snuggle with her momma! 🥰
Avantaé is 5 months old... he decided to come 2 months early, just couldn’t wait to be with his mommy and daddy! He’s the sweetest most handsome happy little boy! He loves his food and loves laughing! Learning how to move and enjoying life!
Irie Marie is the sweetest little baby with the cutest smile! Her favorite thing is bath time and talking with mommy and daddy by saying her oooo and ahhh! She is such a silly baby and she knows it!
Harper is a happy little baby with the cutest red hair!. She Just turned 2 months old. She loves smiling! And always loves looking at people with her big eyes💜
My little nugget is 3 months old. She's quite a talker but stinking cute! She loves to watch cocomelon and Disney movies.
Kasen is happy very bright eyed curious 3 month old who always smiles..and is always happy..He also loves to eat!!
Sammy is all boy all the time! He has a great laugh and he loves his baths
She likes to play peek a boo and enjoys taking walks outside. She has a funny sense of humor as well.
She loves to be talked to! Not much that she cry’s about except when she don’t get her bottle when she wants it!!