Baby Stories - 7


Stephon is 2 years old he’s smart funny & helpful he loves spongebob & love music he likes to sing & dance
He’s very adventurous and curious.Positive individual that loves sharing 💕
Kali is such a happy baby! Her favorite toy is a cover and she loves outdoors.
Adelynn is a very active little girl she loves to eat and play patty cake and peek a boo she loves cuddles and loves her mommy 💕
Youngers is five months old he loves his brother and his sisters he’s the biggest mamas baby and he’s always so happy unless he’s in the car seat that is😆
Aniyah is my lil fighter. We had a rough start but now she is a very happy lil girl. All you have to do is look at her and she will brighten you're day with the biggest smile. She loves playing with her brother's being in her junper and trying out foods.
Adalynn is a very happy , adventurous , & loving baby ❤️ She loves watching cocomelon . Likes to go outside and see the horses she is always smiling ,and knows how to turn your frown upside down 🥰
Amelia loves to sing and dance She also loves to play with her dogs.Amelia is a very active and happy.
Marcellus loves his momma and daddy so much! He is army crawling and sitting up like a big boy! Love his contagious smile!!!
Corbyn is 7 years old. The best big brother. Love video games, riding his quad and playing outside!
Aziel is a happy baby who will be three months old. Drink 4oz of milk, he loves his gym and his pacifier. He likes to sleep and be with his brothers. He weighs 15 lbs and is 24 inches tall. It is a beautiful blessing.
He loves to sleep , and loves cuddles 💙
Ka'mya is very smart for her own age, she loves to play and clap her hands. She adores funny faces and she has the cutest smile ever. She's from Warner robins ga and her nick name is butter bean because of her juiciness 😁😁
Johnathan Jr
Hi, I’m Johnathan Jr. I love to sleep and stare at mommy and daddy. I’m starting to smile big and even chuckle in my sleep at times. I also love mommy’s milk and my paci. Vote for me. Happy votings! 💙
Hey Everyone my name is Bankston Amir and I’m exactly one week old ! I have the cutest Fat cheeks and dimples. Vote for me .
Bubbly, adorable, smart... loves Blippi
Joy Ivy knows how to get mommy’s attention when I’m giving too much away to her older sisters. She has a set of lungs for sure! 💕
Lucas Dewayne
Hi my name is Lucas
Wide-eyed, curious, and thinks alot. He makes the funniest faces. Pretty much only cries when he's hungry, and he loves car rides. He's got a fierce little personality, and makes the cutest sounds - squeaks, growls, and coos - the Declan symphony.
Theo is the best/ sweetest little rainbow babe. He brings so much love, fulfillment & happiness to our lives. 🤍
Raelynn is a smart beautiful baby & she’s full of life and laughter ❤️
He has an energy about him that is so unique he loves water he smiles no matter what he’s always smiling he’s got a kind heart is very outgoing And has a very unique personality he’s an amazing baby boy we love him so much
Cody is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. Every morning he wakes up smiling. Ready for the day. Loves watching TV with his big brother and enjoys bath time and massages before bed time. His mommy is Dominican and Daddy is Italian German
Winnie is going to be three years old next month. She is the light to my darkness.She is very smart and advance for her age. She is full of energy. She likes to smile.She enjoys singing. She loves watching Cocomelon and Badanamu. Her favorite cartoon movie is Home By Rihanna. My dream is to see her growing and be successful and happy.
I’Mara like the most is her baby dolls and her car
He is my rainbow baby, a blessing. He likes to look at you with those gorgeous eyes he has, and he just lovess being held and snuggled.
Chaotic, adventurous, and insanely sweet, I introduce to you— Miss Maci Renée. 💛
Chyna comes from a family whose names have been uniquely & creatively thought out. Read below :) Chyna's mom: India Chyna's brother: Dakoda Chyna & Dakoda's Aunts: Asia, Sydney & Britain
Elaina is our beautiful rainbow baby. She loves to smile, giggle and chat. She’s already got her first tooth and loves to nurse and cuddle with momma. Daddy is her absolute favorite person in the world.
I would love everyone to vote for my miracle because she is a beautiful gift from god she is a real miracle the name fits her an of course she is beautiful
Hi I’m Jacob I’m 6 days old I love to make funny faces and play with my mommy daddy and older brother I love music and my family
Eliza Layne is a southern belle who just loves her walks outside. She absolutley adores any and all attention, and you can catch her watching toy story or enjoying a warm bottle of milk. She suffers from a bad case of FOMO, but when 9pm hits, the dreamworld beckons her name.
Julian aka cookie bear is a big blue eyed wonder baby , I wasent suppose to have kids but he was a maricle baby born 2 months premature he's doing excellent reaching all his milestones and loves to dance when music is turned on , with his curly lil blonde hair , And loves cookies he loves to play with his first teddy and loves giving kisses winning this competition or not , he's wonderful and I'm so happy to have my beautiful bundle of joy, Thanks momma Nissa , Thanks for the votes we only just joined this contest 7 days ago and we're over 300 votes 🙏 thanks kisses from jujubear
Our Shya sugarbear is very high spirited, loving , and full of life! She enjoys playing outside, and her favorite show is coco melon. She is always laughing and very eagar to learn.
Eva is an adorable energetic baby girl she absolutely loves to laugh and cuddle!!! Her nationality is half Irish and Cambodian
He is so happy. Smiles and coos constantly. Is gonna be a ladies man when he’s older !
Lunna is a sweet and very nice baby, she is a smile for everything and she likes water and going for a walk.
Wuraola is just a month old baby, loves to eat and sleep and look at mamas eye, shes just a sweet and happy baby💯❤💖
She’s such a happy baby girl all of the time! Pretty long eye lashes and beautiful eyes
Dray loves to sit up all the time, He try to talking every chance he gets, and smiles all day
She is such a sweet babygirl 💞 is such a happy baby and always has a big smile on her little face 💜🐞
She’s cute,quiet,smart and alert!
Halo loves mommy's milk 🍼🥛 and sleep most but most of all he loves to smile and giggle with his family. He is such a goofy baby. We're loving every moment with him
Mazikeen was born August 26th and already has a diva like personality. At 2 weeks old she has already rolled over twice and tries to pull her self up when you hold her hands. She has 2 older brothers and 1 older sister who adore her.
She is a happy kid, she is very friendly and loves to keep smiling