Baby Stories - 7


Tommy likes to talk stand and play pick a boo he also likes to play hide and seek
Happy girl!
Hi my name is Arya Faye, I am 2 months old and I am the sweetest little girl. I love watching dad play his games and I love taking naps with momma. I love spending time with mawmaw and pops. But I love food the most!
My name is alaina I am raised in a small town. I love playing outside and playing with my little cousin!
Aiden is just learning to crawl and he has 2 teeths! He is a very joyful kid and he is always happy and loving
I like to run around the house like a madman with no pants and my rain boots on. I like to call diapers tapers and I prefer calling fingers mingers. I'm always a tornado leaving a mess wherever I go, but I'm also very sweet and helpful. And I love my baby brother. Oh and don't mind me if you catch me picking my buggers.
Mav is such sweet little guy! He loves his cuddles and his food! He enjoys bath time and smiles at everything!
I am a happy outgoing baby and I look up to my brother a lot. He takes turns acting out his favorite cartoon characters and I like to watch him and smile. I like to wake my mom up in the morning making funny noises until she opens her eyes and I smile at her.
Tristan is 5 months and is the biggest sweetheart! He has the best sense of humor, loves playing in his jumpy and reading! He is also a new found foody as well!😂🤗
Our little miracle baby. ♡
Serena loves smiling for the camera and her favorite photographer is Mommy! She loves her big brother and she is definitely Daddy’s little girl!!
My name is Wynter my favorite thing to do is ride my pony remi and play with animals and reading books etc
Ofelia is my only baby girl, she's my princess. She's spoiled and loves to take pictures and videos. Ofelia loves to eat.
She’s the absolute happiest baby I know and just so beautiful! So blessed to be her mommy
William is a strong baby he has been through so much for just being 4 months old. He loves rolling off his belly he smiles and giggles so much. William is a joy he makes everyone he meets smile.
I am 5 months old. I am a cuddle baby, I love to lay under my mom! I love to eat and I enjoy watching cartoons!
zander loves his happy meals and loves to watch coco melon and play with his sissy and his puppies loves chasing you around the house laughing
My blue eyed handsome baby boy is the happiest baby! Absolutely loves people and food. Favorite color is blue!
Mason is a spunky little man . His big blue eyes just capture you in and his big ole smile with his 2 little teeth. He loves to play, walk in his walker and chase the cats , obsessed with his feet , loves to bounce and roll around. His favorite thing is to blow raspberries all day long .He loves to smile and talk to everyone and anything.
Kash loves dogs, playing in the kitchen drawers and most importantly food! He is full of life and smiles and all around a perfect lil guy!💛
Isatu is not your basic two years old. She loves fashion, family and food!!! Her beautiful brown eyes and personality will have you captured in seconds! Satu has her own mind and she’s not afraid to express herself through fashion. Fell free to follow her on IG at Miz_bangz
This little guy has quite a personality. At 3 months old, He is inquisitive , loves his cat Mr Fluff and absolutely loves it when you blow kisses at him.
Penelope is 6 1/2 months she loves to watch word party. She loves to say dada! She loves food and is learning how to swim!
Graison is a NICU baby ! he was born at 33 weeks and 5 days due to me having preeclampsia ! Graison was 3 lbs 15oz at birth and around 10lbs now !!! He loves cuddles and naps with his mommy and daddy !! LOVES to eat !! He’s very alert and smiles very often ! He also farts like a grown man 🤣
Xavier loves his cat babies🤞🏻& his mommy 🤞🏻 He’s a little love bug
Wrenleigh is the youngest of 6 she loves to eat and babble she a ball of sunshine and loves everyone she has two older brothers and three older sisters she is a daddy's girl and her smile will melt your heart
Hi, i’m Troy:) i’m 6 months old and i’m always a happy baby. everyone calls me Fatman because i love to eat and i’m chunky😂 i love bouncing all the time even when i’m not in my bouncer😂
Hi my name is Olivia I’m 10 months old. I live in Michigan with my mommy, daddy and my fur sister Annie. I love frozen, the little mermaid and boss baby. My family always makes sure to tell me how special I am and how beautiful I am so I never lose my spark! I really hope you vote for me cause with the winnings my mommy and daddy plan on giving me the best 1st birthday they can and put the rest towards my college funds! Well thank you for taking the time to read this and I really hope all of your holidays were as special as mine ❤️
Hi thanks for visiting Abigail’s profile Abigail is 6 months old and Abigail is a very happy baby! She loves to watch Sofia the first and eat cookies🍪 🍼
He is awesome he loves playing games on his phone he lives playing with his toys especially hid watergund he use to love to collect frogs and crickets y'all go look at my pictures then vote for me thank you
She is the sweetest she smiles just about all the time and when her mama skylar talks to her she just talks away she is just precious y'all go look at my pictures and vote for me thank you
Abel Perry
My sweet Abel is about to be 3 months old and, he’s already picking up on a lot. He’s recently discovered his voice and he’s been trying to talk since. He’s the sweetest, happiest baby ever but can change that real quick when it’s about feeding time. Help my baby win!!
She’s very funny 😁 She has my attitude 🤩 Serenity is silly 🤪 She’s my little baby 🥺 and she’s adorable 🥰 Serenity is loved by many! 🦋 She has her grandpa wrapped around her little fingers 🙂 She’s her grandmas little trickster 🤓 She can make anyone’s day! 🌞 She’s always one happy girl 🦄 She loves to watch some cartoons 🎈Serenity is a little country girl who loves her chickens and feeding the fishes in our pond. She loves to dance when someone is scrolling through TikTok she cannot help but to bust a move! Serenity also loves her little brother David! 🥺 Please vote for her ! 🥳
David is adorable! He’s a mommas boy 🥺 but his favorite word is “dada” ! He is a chunk ! He loves his Dino Ranch 🦕 🦖 David’s nickname is Dozer because he loves to doze his head into everything! David also is known for his alligator 🐊 roll ! He will use the alligator roll when it comes to his diaper being changed or stealing food or toys from his sister! He’s granny’s little man ! And papaws little buddy! David is named after his papaw (they are two peas in a pod) ! David also loves his naps but refuses to sleep without holding onto his daddy’s finger ! David also loves his big sister Serenity! 🥺 Please vote for him ! 🥳
Sandra Rose
Sandra is a very determined Lil baby girl she turned 8 months today and although she just had surgery on both of her hands that has not stopped her.she definitely is my Lil spunky redhead .
He loves to play with his puppy sisters He loves tv He likes to always be in the conversation Very noise Blowing bubbles
Roberts a very outgoing, energetic, smart, sweetheart that enjoys the outdoors. His role model/superhero is Spider-Man. He also has an obsession with pancakes, bacon, and strawberry milk.
Phonenix rise the amazing little guy i ever had! He loves exploring, eating, most of all camrea taking! My little guy loves it all! He talks, he laughs, makes anyone smile just with one click!
Scarlett is a very spunky, bright, beautiful little bundle of joy & laughter 😍. She brings smiles to everyone who runs across her ❤️❤️❤️
This is Gabriel. He loves nap time, eating, watching tv, sitting in the sun, and cuddling mommy!
He wakes up happy, has the cutest laugh and loves to sit in your lap.
Aria is the happiest baby you will ever meet! She loves her family and dancing💗👑
Rayleigh is a sweet little bug she has been through a lot but she loves to play and we love to see that wonderful 😊 smile each day
Hi! I’m Samael but my mommy likes to call me Sam. I am 5 months old, I was born on Friday the 13th (my mommy thinks that’s pretty cool 😄) I really like playing with toys, especially the ones that have music and light up! I can now stand… of course only when mommy holds me up. I watch cool educational cartoons on YouTube that are Spanish and English… mommy and daddy are bilingual so that makes me bilingual too! I have figured out how to do a lot of things now. I can pull my feet up to my mouth, I chatter a lot, I’m really smart, and I recently found out I can roll over!
Makenzie loves to play with her 4 older brothers, listen to music and play with her toys 💖
Tobi loves to smile, especially with those little dimples! he loves cooing and snuggles with mommy and daddy
Ezekial is the happiest baby ever and loves being with mommy! He is always fighting over her with his twin brother Tobi!
Ryan aka bro bro. Loves to be a super hero , cutest voice in the world and huge cuddle buddy!