Kyra is very independent and intelligent little girl everyone loves her she loves to dance and sing she loves to go shopping she also loves to help cook
William aka BJ is a happy fun loving little boy. He has downsyndrome and was 3 months premature and had been through multiple heart surgeries but that doesnt stop his constant smile. He is a blessing to the world
Kasey Jr
My name is Kasey Jr! I am 3 months old. I am the happiest baby alive. I love all kinds of different music, I love all the bright colors and I absolutely love to laugh at people. My favorite thing to do at the moment is stare at my hands in awe and eating my bottle!
He is a beautiful soul. He has the best laugh Very energetic He is autistic but not different. And he is just a easy boy Loves dogs and any animals really. ❤️
Augston, He's a very attractive 2 year old little man, Augston enjoys going to the zoo with his sister Kiley and playing with her and doing activities with her and with their little friends in preschool and church. Augston is a very lovely and sensitive and caring person just like her sister Kiley. He just loves to finger paint and color on the walls and painting on his toys and loves to eat chicken nuggets and kids meals with his sister and playing on the playground with his toys. Augston is a very special fella he just loves his sister . Kiley calls Augston Augie . Augston call Kiley sister. He has so much love in his soul to be a 2 year old little man.
This is my cheerful almost 2 year old. He loves coco melon and baby shark. He’s very shy around people until he warms up. He is definitely a momma’s boy he is stuck to my hip!
She can make you laugh when your felling down she is very independent at being only almost 3 she loves her pancakes, ice cream , Barbie dolls and baby dolls she is very lovable she loves to talk about everything
My name is Aalayah I’m 3 yrs old I like to have fun, bake, and watch my iPad!
Draven is 1 years old, he love the outside!! He is such a happy baby an loves to laugh!! 🥰
She is a prima ballerina beautiful blonde hair blue eyes she is a miracle baby she drowned when she was three and survived nothing would make her happier than to win this
Meet Mr. Stratton!! He is 3 months old & is the happiest guy! He's the sweetest fella & loves to laugh & get squeezes!!! We appreciate your vote! ♡
Jamarcus Iove playing with his toys & Big Brother n he just turn 1 all he do is smile n laugh n love ever bit of it💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️
Maryjane Camargo
Maryjane is always a happy smiley baby
Wrenlye is such a happy beautiful baby that loves bubby so much.
Im Autumn-Marie, im very unique i have 2 first names! I was born 3 days before Halloween weighing 6lbs 7oz. I love to blow kisses everyone! I can light up the room in a heartbeat! Im a very happy girl and in just another week my baby brother should be here! My favorite foods are avocados and Mangos!! I love to show off my bottom tooth with my big smile!!
This is My smiley guy Percy! Hes always sharing his contageous smile with everyone and his silly giggle to boot. His favorite person is his mama. And his favorite show is bluey! Hes five months old and officially attempting to crawl and now on the move! He is such a big boy already and mama is just doing her best to keep up 💚 we will share the love as much as we can for all of your adorable little ones! WE VOTE BACK 💚☺
Jocelynn gives you a run for your money! This little girl not only has beauty but wits! She’s super smart with an extremely comical attitude! She will test you at every turn! She has me wrapped around her finger as she does everyone she encounters!!
He learn so many things. He like school, he like making friends and always love to make everyone laughs. He got a good heart of gold to make everyone happy. He will play with his toys, learn his ABC, 123 and etc. He also like watch tv enjoy. His favorite is Paw Patrol, T-Rex, Cars Mcqueen Lightening and like to ride bike.
Korbyn is a happy boy. Loves watching trolls movie and playing with his toys
Jaizalynn is the baby of 11 kids an loves having a big family She is a 3 rd yr south texas strutter and enjoys dancing
Koda is such a handsome, caring, and most of all WILD, little boy! He loves playing in the water, play fighting and wrestling his little sister, & watching youtube!
Alyza is the most happiest sassiest little girl ! She brings joy into everyone’s day ❤️❤️ she’s so funny smart and sweet 🥰 she’s loves to sing and cuddle with mommy . She loves learning new things and she’s also very independent! Can’t tell her nothing❤️
Cory James
Cory James is super loving, he loves giving hugs and kisses all the time, he loves playing in sand, dirt, and water. He loves to dance with his mom and play video games with his dad. He most favorite toy are the pop it toys
Augustus is a funny, smart and pawpaw loving kiddo.
Elias is very happy very curious and he loves to dance !!
Brinley is such a smart, beautiful, outgoing baby. She loves being outside and LOVES meeting new people 🤩
Elijah is the sweetest caring little boy. He loves his daddy and mommy brothers and sister and everyone he comes in contact with. Strong-willed but also very sensitive.
This handsome little boy loves tractors, lawn mowers, and anything with wheels. He loves to be outside and always eager to explore!
Ms.A’riya was born premature at only 5 months but she exceeds at learning new things daily! She’s Almost 2 and now a big sister!
Hailey is a funny happy little girl she loves animals and her little brother. She likes to color, draw, and read books
This handsome little man can brighten up your day with his contagious smile and dimples. He's always in a happy mode he LOVES GOING FOR WALKS AND BEING OUTSIDE. Anyone that's around him can't help but smile.
Rome Love
My beautiful boy!! He loves smiling
He is the baby of three boys he loves dinosaurs playing outside he is a daddys boy
Kayden is a colic baby but a happy baby
I love gone school I love church as well in gone with my tete n I love the lord🥰😍
I love gone church with my tete in I love the lord he head of my life🥰😍In I love hot chip in am cute pie
Loves her snacks 🍓and loves watching Moana and coco 💗
Lariah Ronda Dennis
Ugh she's one amazing babygirl she's always smiling no matter what shes only 6 days old shes outgoing she don't cry she's my pride of joy please vote 🙏❤️
He loves to watch paw patrol, feeding time ,n someone to talk to him he's a very happy little man!!!
Angelo is the happiest boy! He loves Ms. Rachel, playing outside and playing peek a boo! He makes everyone laugh.
Kayleigh is an amazing young lady, she is such a good hearted kid and she is so down to earth and easy going she cares so much about everyone she can be sweet and she can be goofy shes awesome to hang out with you definitely enjoy every minute of it
She is a good girl and she loves to play with her dinosaur toy, and she is so sweet but is a really fast crawler
She has the eyes of a angel she also have the cutest smile ever she a good baby girl she do not cry alot only to be change or feed that's it and she's the best baby I could ever have
Rickyia is a very smart, she has a great personality she love to watch Gracie’s corners she already a dancer lol she is really like a Bestfriend I never had Rickyia will also be 1 on Sept 24th