Oh where shall I start... Amayah, is a handful for sure. Her sassyness will have you crackin up laughing. She has a heart of gold and loves everyone that comes into contact with her. Oh, and EVERYONE is her "best friend". 😂 She loves watching "Bluey", and she loves getting into her sister's make-up. And while at school she loves being the teachers helper. She is super smart.
He is an energetic and sometimes chaotic child, but he is really kind. He loves the minions movie and lightning McQueen!
Brooklynn loves her big sisters so much! She loves happy and you know it!
Jaxson loves watching Mickey Mouse! He babbles and laughs to you all day long, he’s my 16 lb chunky baby. He’s also learning how to sit up and turn over! :)
Kam loves to laugh and play with her brothers and sister.
✨YOU CAN VOTE MORE THAN ONCE A DAY ✨ Maverick loves eating, sleeping, being snuggled, and his mommy, daddy & big sister. 🤍
declan loves to play with his toys and hang out with his huge family. he giggles constantly and is never mad unless he’s hungry. he’s such a calm baby
Olivia Grace is 8 months old with beautiful blue eyes. She loves her brothers ❤️. Her favorite thing is chasing her brother down the hall in her walker.
Braxton is 3 months old and has cleft lip cleft palate! He will go in for his first surgery on Feb 1st at 4 months old to get his lip and nose corrected then at a year will have another surgery to get his palate corrected! He loves to smile and laugh, and has the most amazing support system! ❤️
Layton is 18 months and full of energy. He is the sweetest little boy.
Gracelyn is sick a smiley girl. She is always so happy, never a dull moment with her. She can point, say hi, get, get it, okay, thank you. She loves to zoom in her walker and with walk behind walker. She loves rubber ducks. She eats all foods we give her. I’ve never seen a baby so smart before!
She’s such a sweet and lively baby. she loves watching Elmo’s World, Sesame Street, and Bluey❤️
Mason Mikhail
Mason is adorable, bright little boy with a lot of fun. 🤩 we’re open for vote exchange.
Ny'Robi is a very special baby who made her grand entrance into the World in a very unique way. She is a very sweet baby with a gentle soul. She loves laughing and will mimic facial expressions and spoken words by babbling the sound and tone. She is very curious about different environments and people. She loves Mommy and Daddy so very much.
He is always helping others his heart is so big he always puts others before him self now its his turn
Lucy’s new favorite activities include, blowing raspberry’s, squealing, and bouncing in her exersaucer. ☺️ she’s got sass, and snuggles too boot, but will make you laugh so much your ribs might start to hurt.😂
Ezra is a blast to be around he has a smile that will melt your heart..he enjoys playing with his new bumper car and loves food..he loves his mommy and daddy very much..and absolute blessing..
Ayana-Marie is a sweetheart. She is such a happy baby, always smiley and just lights up your eyes when you see her. She is beautiful
He is almost 7 months old , he loves chewing on anything he can get his hands on , he thinks everything is so funny , he loves his walker and jumper , very happy baby ♥️
Olivia Grace
She came just in time. We were about to sign the IVF process when God gave us this sweet little girl.she's truly a blessing.
Baby Oakley is a fighter for sure!!! He was born at 29 weeks due to momma have severe preeclampsia and they found 2liters of fluid in my abdomen!! So they had to take me to the OR for an emergency c section. He is a very good boy he is very quiet and doesn’t make much a fit unless he wants his diaper change or he is hungry or uncomfortable !!! Come vote for my son !!!
Laelyn continues to grow into the most beautiful little girl Ive ever known! (Of course Im bias because Im her mom). Her sweet & silly personality shines bright. She loves her jumperoo & showing her brothers just how strong her little legs are. Laelyn is always happy & smiling especially when someone is singing to her. She has been an absolute joy to our little family these past few months.
Handsome playful little baby loves to laugh and giggle
Zari Grace is a ray of sunshine! ☀️ She is 2.5 months old. Fun fact: She’s a uterus transplant baby. 😍
She’s such a babydoll and happy all the time, she’s a dream come to true and everything I ever needed
Handsome little playful boy loves to laugh and giggle
Beautiful playful little girl very funny and sassy
Elaina is a fun, shy, silly little 10 month old. She survived a month in the NICU. To save her and my life we had to do a procedure at 26 weeks in order to fix her heart in utero, and from the very first day she lifted her head up and wouldn't stop being feisty! She hit milestones super quick and I didn't even get to hold her until the 2nd day post partum. I'm so blessed we made it please vote for her! I'm doing this all by myself, as her father didn't want her before he assaulted me for being pregnant. These days Lil Laina loves to eat and dance with elmo and has 4 teeth(which she uses on everything!) She's always giving me raspberries on my tummy and is a very independent and super smart lil booger! please vote for her! She deserves it with how much joy she brings everyone all the time! She doesn't even cry anymore unless she's tired. It hasn't been easy being disabled myself barren until now with no help at all. Please send help for this lil angel! God bless you all!
Mason has the most infectious laugh anyone will ever hear! He is full of smiles and giggles. He loves his turtle 'Reggie' and his favorite place is his tire swing. He is autistic and nonverbal but he doesnt let that slow him down. He is my American ninja warrior in training. He is the bravest and sweetest person ive ever known. His affection is unbridled and his happy demeanor knows no bounds. You will walk away a better person once meeting this handsome little man. Share the love and vote every 10 minutes. Share and like his profile on your facebook account for more votes for this ball of cuteness!!!
Gabriella is such a sweet and happy baby! She loves playing with her toys and tickles!
Savenzo loves when we smile and compliment him, he likes tummy time where he laughs and has so much fun! Voting for Savenzo will be much appreciated and will also be super helpful!
Shona shona❤️❤️
Ashley loves the baltimore Ravens and is a big sports fan,she loves arts and crafts and is very good at using her imagination to create art.
My name is Jovannie Jay but you can call me JJ I’m a happy little October baby🎃 I would love it if you DO ME AND HUGE FAVOR?🥹 PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TOO ME🌎
Joshua was born 3 months earlier, he just recently got home from the NICU. He loves sleeping on mommy's chest and doing his fake cries.
He like to sleep and giggle 🤭
Phoenix is a happy baby . She loves to eat and bang her toys. She is 7 months old .
She loves to sing and dance she also loves to paint and do arts and crafts she is a Daddys Girl and loves to play basketball with her Dad
Henry’s a laid back little one who loves to eat and sleep
Rylee Nina Comstock
My name is Rylee and when I'm not sleeping I'm at the baby gym getting swole. I also enjoy reading books with my mom and dad
Remington LOVES to follow his older sister around and rawr like a dinosaur! he loves playing outside and getting dirty
Lillianna Elizabeth Mae
Hi, My name is Lillianna Elizabeth I am A month old and I'm in the hospital for the next 3 months I had surgery yesterday afternoon and My Mama had me at 23 weeks and 6 days she had me by emergency C Section so I'm hoping that I get a lot of votes so my Mama can pay my medical bills for me
Hezekiah is named after King Hezekiah from the bible.
Esther is named after Queen Esther from the bible.
Maysn sounds like a tuba & loves snuggles. ❤️