Cole is 12 weeks old- he loves mommy & daddy, smiling, and sitting up to check out the world 🥰
Amberly loves her family, pets ❤️ loves to smile😊 Very sassy 💕 Shes a very smart baby and im one proud mama ❤
His smile lights up the room!
This sweet fiesty ball of energy is the apple of her Daddy’s eye. She’s a social butterfly and melts the heart of anyone who meets her. She loves laughs and cuddles with mommy. She is the brightest sunshine on a cloudy day ☀️
Hazel is such a happy girl and love’s to dance
Penelope is a stubborn, fierce little savage. She loves to scream her head off for fun, poop in a newly changed diaper, and giggles when she toots in her sleep. She’s full of fire and sass and is already giving us a run for our money. #sendhelpandsnacks
My name is Jordyn but I go by stinka... I’m so sweet that I bite, it’s my way or the highway! Sometimes mommy calls me lil man which is more like it cause... I run things around here!
Kamari Ioves a good warm bottle along with a dry Pamper..He loves the camera.
She is a very strong baby she was born as a premie at 30 weeks she weighed 3lbs and she came a long way she has two brothers and she loves to Torture her brothers she is an amazing little girl that is why I think u should vote for her
She is a very strong fighter she went through liver and kindney faliure Bck in December and now u cant tell it she likes to crawl and walk to aggravate her brother i think u should vote for paisley because she is a smart beautiful baby and a fighter
He’s an absolute joy and a baby with many expressions
Hudson is a very smart baby, he gets many compliments on his chunky cheeks. Baby boy loves any type of foods; mainly beans and cake! He loves everyone and cracks a smile at anyone that notices him, he is a very good baby and hardly ever cries. that being said Hudson says "Vote me, I smile bigger!"
Larken is my 4 month old son, he loves to roll, laugh, and just started baby food. He loves his big bubby, and his momma!
My daughter is the most loving, and caring little girl. She loves to snuggle in bed with me, and loves to dance. She's one little blessing I tell ya.
Smiles at first sight!!! She likes to observe nature.💚
Islyn Liz
Islyn is 3 Months Old. She Loves To Eat, Sleep, and Laugh at Mommy. She Tries sitting Up By Herself, And Gets Mad when She Can't. She Is Very Vocal and Loves Music!
Miss Eva is an absolute joy to be around- her smile will brighten your day! She is a goofy little lady who loves to laugh and stick her tongue out. Eva’s favorite things are her 3 dogs and going swimming!
Kyrie is one of the Most loving smartest babies I've ever met His sweet charming personality will def have your baby fever on a 1000 😍
Jack is a super sweet boy with 3 sisters. He loves dinosaurs, tractors, trains, monster trucks, semi trucks and paw patrol. His favorite season is summer because he loves being outside and playing in water!
This is my daughter Brynlee. She is 7 months old! She loves to laugh, play and eat sweet potatoes!💕
Aniyah is a spunky little girl. She’s very loving and so kind. She also knows the ABCs🥰 She absolutely loves music and dancing💗 Aniyah is an animal lover for sure and hugs are her favorite thing to give🥰! She has the sweetest smile. She really saved me and is the light of my life <3 Her smile could light up any room:)🤍 She is the sweetest girl i know💫🥰
Meet Ivy Evelyn 🌺 Sweet, smiley and oh so baby soft. Little miss loves a good cuddle and a warm swaddle. You’ll never want to put her down!
Mariah will be 2 December 28th. Wow how time flies! She is such a smart, sweet, caring beautiful princess. She loves playing with other kids and babies. She loves mommy and daddy the best! And her older sister is so great with her. She has big hazel eyes that change colors daily with long eye lashes and she sure can give a good “ mean mug” lol
Hi, I'm Tauren. I was welcomed into the world by my 6 older brothers and 1 older sister. I love watching SpongeBob and Paw Patrol. The soothing sounds of water help me sleep soundly at night. My favorite place to be is snuggled in my mommy's arms💙
Hannah was born over a month early and has proven to be the strongest, sassiest and loving baby. Her persistence and kind demeanor can brighten any room and turn your whole day around.
Rylee loves to babble and coo! Her favorite show is Cocomelon, her favorite place is snuggled in someone’s arms . We think she hung the moon 🌝 and ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!
My Beautiful 1 & Only Daughter Malana Rose Is Everything! She Loves To Play With Her 2 Older Brothers & Her Toys She Loves To Eat! My Baby Is Just A Bright Loving Lil Girl Her Smile Makes You Smile Her Laughs Would Make You Laugh She’s A Funny Lil One. I Adore Her Soo Much❤️
Liam is a very gentle kind hearted soul, he always has a smile on his face. He never really cries unless he wants to be played with. He is all about loving on momma. His beauty comes from the inside out he really is a rare soul. No matter whos around him he makes them smile.
The light of our life. Thomas is constantly showing us joy in the smallest things. ❤️
Such a happy baby loves the cameras and loves to just smile and be cuddled
Aashi means smile and she has one of the sweetest!
Ava is the most happiest baby I have ever met before all she does is smile and scream with excitement ❤️ My baby makes me a better person
Ayala Rae was born premature at 4 pounds, but don't let that fool you! She's got an attitude bigger than herself and she's the happiest baby I've ever seen. She's got so much energy and she's full of love. She loves watching Bluey and playing with her mommy 🥰
She Is A Adorable Baby Girl That Will Light Your Life Up With Her Pretty Smile And Laughs
He loves to play with other people laughing and smiles all the time 💜
Tracy Griffin
he is a very active and happy baby , loves to laugh and play
The cutest little baby, my little butterfly🦋💗
Aria’s the cutest baby on earth,makes everyone smiles and loved at first side ❤️🌸
Aubriee is adorable and her personality is out of this world.
Easton is our handsome blue eyed baby. He’s very independent and loves to play outside and run around.❤️
Lakleyn is a beautiful bright blue eyed baby. She loves playing with her big bubby & our puppy! Lakleyn loves when she’s being talked to or played with❤️
I am small but my personality is HUGE, I am very energetic and silly.
Haisleigh is bright eyed goofy girl and will make you smile with her glow
Addilyn is full of silly and comes up with something new to make you laugh every day and livers her cousin Haisleigh