Baby Stories - 69


So far she just loves to smile, dance, and coo
Always such a happy baby, well behaved and so funny. & She is a miracle baby!
Raven is a lover and a dreamer. Our baby bird is a free spirit with an old soul and a heart of gold — seeking happiness and light, Raven has an intense understanding of emotions, using love as his superpower and spreading love to others even more. Born on his due date, and on the summer solstice, Raven Maverik was a true gift from the universe, sent to us as a star, manifested out of true love as 2 souls have now become 3.
Hi, my name is Ava and i am a month old. i love cuddles with mommy and daddy! I’m still figuring out how to use my hands and i love to kick my feet. Please vote for me!💗
Scarlett is such a babydoll! Born a month early as a preemie buy cha can't tell now. She is healthy and a very happy baby ❤
Pablo jr loves being outside , he loves watching Elmo . Is a very smart and handsome baby boy 🥰😍
Fernando is 3 years very inteligente he loves to play with his cars, and animals loves to watch cartoons knows his ABC'S, 123's and his colors in both english and spanish
Bella is a ray of sunshine! She loves animals, dancing, singing, and performing for her family on a regular basis! She loves frozen and loves to sing “Let it go” all the time!!
Samuel loves to be outside and collect rocks, leaves, and pecans that he finds. He is so funny and smart. Samuel laughs all the time and his favorite food is bananas. 🍌
Lux loves being outside💗 She loves watching Cocomelon and watching her cousins run around! She loves playing with her kitten and her two puppies! She also love to snuggle her mommy and daddy! Fun fact: she said her first word today “dada” 🥰💕
Willow loves golf cart rides, holding hands, falling asleep with daddy watching movies on the couch and has the cutest laugh!
Jaxon is a sweet loving, side smiling, heart breaker of a guy. He loves to play with his doggies and watch them play together.
Artemis loves music and when mommy and daddy sing to him, he loves cuddle time and bath time, he's a happy baby and laughs all the time! Please share the love and vote for my handsome little man 💕
Fun loving child who is obsessed with all animals. She loves to wave at everyone she meets
Fun loving child. Wonderful personality who loves all animals and waves to all she meets!
Adalynn Mae
Ady Mae loves to sleep with her puppy. She is constantly eating 😉 & loves her sleep!
Kamila loves to be outside or in her jumper ❤️ Or being loved on by anyone 🥰🥰
Gabriel is the sweetest boy! Giggles constantly. Loves mickey mouse and spongebob. Loves to bounce and is almost crawling! His smile will melt you're heart💖
Phoenix loves to play with his big brother, he’s the sweetest, happiest little guy I’ve ever seen! He’s sunshine on a cloudy day for sure! Vote for him!
I like to go to the park and swing on the swings. If I have your vote it would very much appreciated. Love everyone very much. Hugs and kisses
Elijah is an adventurous 10 month old, who loves to eat EVERYTHING ! He spends most his time hanging out with family. Thanks for the vote ❤️
My name is Ansley I love to eat, get snuggled and looking around outside.
Analeah is 13 months old she loves her blankie and to laugh an play her favorite food is everything Please vote for my lovely lady🥰🥰
Amaya is a bright eye baby girl, with the biggest smile ever. She steals the hearts of everyone around her. She loves to be held and watching her sister.
Big blue eyed cuddle bug❤
Kylo: $#!& Mom: What did you just say? Kylo: I don't know, I didn't hear me.
She’s her mamas girl big heart even bigger attitude♥️ She’s my rainbow baby♥️
He loves watching tv and never fails to put a smile on your face
Tj is very active! He likes to run, jump, and play all day. Tj loves cars, trucks, and anything that goes fast.
Justyce aka Rosie is a fun loving funny girl who enjoys playing with her cat and dog
Shirley is a bright and happy baby, rarely fussy, she loves to eat, play, snuggle, and loves her doggies. She's our little short stuff and I hope you enjoy the pictures!
My name is Adrianna. Im 6 yrs old. I love going to school and learning. I always want to help everyone even when they are strangers. I want to be veterinarian when i grow up so i can help all the animals. My favorite animal is horses. I enjoy being a big sister and love my family. Please vote for me.
My name is Adrianna. Im 6 yrs old. I love to help everyone even when they are strangers. I love going to school and leanring. I want to be a veterinarian when i grow up so i can help all animals. My favorite is horses. I love being a big sister. Please vote for me!
Jameson loves to watch Disney movies. He’s learning to crawl and he loves to have conversations with you if you can understand baby . He’s the happiest baby always with a smile on his face.
My name is Treyon, im 11 months old as of 10/14/2020. Dont let my picture fool you, im sweet and cuddly but im also ornery and like getting into things, and love digging in the dirt. My favorite TV show is Sesame street. I love mommy, daddy and sissy. It would mean alot if you could please vote for me. 💙
Isaac loves to smile at anyone and anything! His favorite thing to eat is carrots! His favorite show is Let’s Go Luna!
She is almost 8 mths old she loves mommy n loves being the center of attention she's a happy baby most of the time. She has two teeth trying to come in and scoots really fast to where she wants to go and her favorite is zebra cakes.
Hello my name is Emersen! I enjoy cuddles with mommy and daddy, rocking/swinging, and listening to music. Vote for me!
Nova loves to eat n she loves to smile in her sleep. She’s absolutely beautiful ✨💜
Leo is a sweet and curious little boy! He is always smiling and is rarely upset! He loves being sung to and read to. He’s such a snuggly baby and so loved
Roman excels at sticking his feet in his mouth, and chasing the cat. His current projects include biting everything he can, and drooling through as many bibs as possible. He is very excited about his next venture, working on his first tooth.
sophie is a 8 month old preemie baby who is so strong and smart she loves to sit up with mommy on the bed and watch tv she also adores her grammy
Amaya loves watching her little show “canticos” she smiles and laughs alot she just so 😍she’s so loving and calm baby .
This is Jasper Kaid, and he is such a cuddle bug. He loves to be close to you, and loves sleep!
This little Moose is a brave little boy. He loves to play outside and tear things apart. He’s a mommy’s boy. And all boy!