Aslee was born on May 5th. She is a sassy little girl already just like her big sister. She loves looking around what ever room she is in including the living room from the wall with the deer heads on it to staring at the ceiling fans. She is definitely a mommys girl.
♡ Harley is thee most funniest, smart , goofy little girl. She loves Unicorns and Drawing. Her nickname is Harley Bug ♡
Desiree goes by Desi for short. Shes my little diva. She plays Volleyball and has and has the cutest laugh and most beautiful smile.She loves school and fashion.
I love food and my toys, especially my baby doll. Vote for me so I can get more toys and get toys for my cousins too!
This little beauty loves to smile and laugh. She loves mirrors and cuddles. She is a love bug. Her nickname is chunky monkey baby. And she laughs and emailed when you say it to her <3
Araya loves being outside and being close to family.
Autymn is precious and loves to smile with her family. She’s already making cute little sounds and her little “who” nose is the best. :)
Khloee is 6 years old she will be 7 August 27th. She is very energetic and has a personality of her own. Shes very shy but once shes opened up to you she is very talkative and outgoing and will keep you on your toes. She recently became a big sister her baby sister is only one month old her name is karlee and khloee is so in love with her baby sister its the sweetest thing ever.
The cutest thing is when she gets excited,she moves both feet like the penguin on the happy feet movie❣️
She’s my daughters rainbow baby!!! Always smiling and sweet as can be
Loves to play and always helping others always making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. Best big sister in the world🥳
Hippy happy baby 🐥 he loves the rain, and his nickname is storm
Lanie loves to laugh. And loves to watch t.
She's sassy ❤️, she chase what's she wants. Shirley Temple look alike
Lil cowgirl is growing and loving her donkeys! She has a horse waiting for her and loves being outside and loves the water. She’s gonna be a natural like her momma and g-maw!
My name is Addisyn Kay! I love to play outside with my friends and dance to the gummy bear song. My favorite thing to do is play at the park with my mama and daddy. 🤍
My name is Noah Allen. My favorite things are rolling everywhere on the floor and watching my sissy dance. I also love listening to rainforest noises when I’m falling asleep and when my mommy feeds me mangos!! ☺️☺️
Smiley baby who loves making people smile and laugh, and loves him some food😂
NikNik loves to talk, his favorite word is Mama. He loves to watch tv, tries to hold himself up so he can stand, loves to cuddle with Mommy and loves to watch movies with Daddy. He loves walks outside, looking at the nature. Such a sweet loving little boy.
Such a loving, sassy, strong, squishy girl. Loves staring at the ceiling fan and clawing mommas cheeks! An absolute snuggle bug 💜 but can and will break her hands and arms out of any swaddle!
a beautiful baby girl
Pls vote for my Bella shes the sweetest baby ever
Joshua Jr at a week old 💙
She loves her swing and her peak a boo unicorn and stroller toys
Octavia loves to go outside to play in the grass. She also loves mac and cheese. Octavia also loves to dance to music.
Hello world 😊 I'm Luna Rayne! Born 5-20-22 so I'm only a week old! I'm such a content baby I love to look around and see the world that Soon ill be able to explore ☺️
Loves to scream, dance and smile🥰 absolutely adorable! Super sassy!
Matty James George II. *Rainbow Baby🥰 My lovely little human. Likes to cuddle with mommy, take long walks, and bath time!
She loves being held and eating. She hates getting dressed and the dark.
He loves his brother and playing with his big brother and Mimi and papa
Jocelyn Rivas
Jocelyn have a smile that will light up the room, & so full with joy, she like to run around, & play with her toys
Remani is 2 months with the biggest personality! He loves to talk, kick his little feet and squirm around oh and he loves a good nap💙
Brenda’lee is in a process of been adopted by me I just want to give her a bright future. She is a smart, happy, lovely baby girl since she was place in my arms she has bring happiness to the house. Brendalee love pictures, love music.
Colter is a tiny sweetheart with a huge personality . He loves to smile at mom and dad and loves to scream when hes hungry. He also just discovered his little toes.
Loves life to the fullest
Scarlett loves to be held she love the you are my sunshine song and she love her clothes and loves to see everyone
Madelyn Jae
Madelyn Jae is the Daughter of Makayla whitaker &Roydarious Byrd !! She’s the Apple 🍎 of her GiGi Jonarial eye !!!
Connor is such a happy, sweet baby boy! He loves playing with his toys and his puppy dog. Vote for Connor because he is such a precious joy to be around!
My boy is the cutest little bundle of joy! His smile can brighten your day. His giggles are adorable.
She beautiful smart amazing 4 year old girl
RyLynn is a very happy baby girl. She loves the movie Trolls. She will watch it and talk to the tv. She loves her blankie.
Jasper Reid is An almost 10 month old baby boy who has been through so much already, at 27 hours of life the doctors walked up to me stating that he wasn’t going to make it but I asked them to continue trying and shortly after 8 minutes he regained a pulse. Soon after arriving to the childerns hospital near us we found out he has a rare severe genetic disorder which has to large fatty acids and metabolizing them. Jasper Reid has overcome and will continue to overcome some of the hardest challenges in life with his strength and dedication we all know he can do so, he is so funny always babbling back, making the darkest of days extremely bright, and making everyone around him fall In love with him each and every day!
Nina Grace
Nina Grace loves to laugh, and her favorite things are food, and toots.❤
My name is cameron, im 4years old. I love my family and. Love being outside. Im a proud to be a big brother to my sister.