Baby Stories - 68


Jaxon is always smiling and laughing. He’s such a happy baby! 😁
She’s 1 year and 5 months she is such a caring person loves her baby sister.🥰 she try’s to talk but no words just yet. Shy at first but then she is so loving and sweet.
Kyla is a very happy little lady. She is just finding her smile and learning how to use it. She loves her sleep and isn't a fan of getting her cloths or diaper changed.
Ryder Braylee= Beautiful,Precious,Sweet an most of all Sassy!! She loves to coo an smile her sweet face can make a room light up!
Everlee loves to smile and listen to mom talk! She can’t wait to get your votes!
Only vote in bidiboo
Lottie is a big ole’ one month old, that is showing size doesn’t matter (;
Avier is such a happy baby he loves to dance and watch his favorite show cocomelon ,he always loves to play peek a boo
Serenity is 5 weeks old. She loves food, sleep and cuddles, and when shes awake she loves looking around and being in her swing.
Hia'Leah loves her eggs and fried rice...she likes couch diving and watching her cat and dogs play...she ❤'s watching Moana and dancing.
He loves to smile, look at you with his colored eyes, make silly faces, and loves bath time!!
Legacei loves to talk, smile, laugh and play with his family but his favorite of all is to EAT! He is a healthy, beautiful nursed baby!
He loves airplanes and anything with a steering wheel. But mainly airplanes
Future USA Women’s Hockey team member :)
Addison is our rainbow baby, we lost a baby in 2018 and she has made our lives an absolute joy in her 5 months of life and she is the happiest baby, she loves her big brother and sisters so much and loves when they play with her, Addison is eager to start eating baby food and has loved most of what she had tried so far. Please vote for miss addy
Happiest baby ever!!!!
Kailor is a super cuddly boy that loves his momma and tummy time!
Im Olivia Rae and im almost 3 months old.
Hi I'm Dalila I'm a month old i go through a can of formula in 5 days, i poop alot, and i swing at my mommy. 🤣💯
Ace wanted to be a gnome for halloween 🎃 this year 😂🤎
Hey i'm ace 🤗 i like to make big poopies for mama and watch my paw patrol 🐶 and i love my mama so much 🥰
He’s the absolute sweetest baby. Doesn’t cry much and has been smiling since a month old 😊
Jackson Merlin is 4 months old and is the size of a 12 month old and is the 100 percentile for his height and weight. Jackson is dearly loved and he is such a blessing to our lives.
My beautiful baby girl as my 7 year old son says “the princess of the house”
She is a light to everyone she meets. She was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, her strength for her “new way of life” has been incredible. She loves to play with her dolls. And loves to be outside.
Ava is such an amazing daughter this was her first photo shoot for fathers day.
Hi my name is Mia I’m a bubbly sassy diva baby girl. I love to smile and giggle. I can screech and yell from the top of my lungs. I’m my mommy and daddy wish come true.
Forrest is a very strong and happy little man! He lights up the room whenever he enters! Hes a mommys boy for sure🖤
Melanie is my second daughter. Born on August 28 2019. Melania is definitely strong willed, if she doesn't like something then she will let you know. She is also a very happy soul though and always smiling and laughing. She can be a bit of an observer in large crowds and tends to look round the room trying to take it all in. Very affectionate as well, when she is tired she will snuggle into me for cuddles and when she is having her feed her little hand strokes mine Grin makes my heart melt! She's sweet, loving baby. She enjoy listening to the music and dancing.
My baby girl 💜 she’s a miracle baby😘
Lillian is 4 months old and loves to rollover and talk
Amyri Jane
She is the sweetest little baby . LOVES to sleep & loves getting cuddles from her mommy 🥰
My names Christopher but I go by Topher! I just learned how to crawl a couple days ago! I love naps, being tickled, and playing with my toys. My favorite foods so far are bananas, apples and sweet potatoes! I’m a huge goofball and I love to laugh and smile at everyone.
Our little girl she loves attention she loves to play and loving she is a great big sister to her little brother and she loves to help around she loves making friends
Our Sweet baby boy he loves to play and most definitely loves to eat he is always active and always smiling but most of all he is a loving little boy ❤️🥺
Im Mariaunna I'm so lovable and sweet . I love cuddles and hugs and to ride my scooter around the house 😊
Hi I'm Aubrey I love to eat and crawl around . I'm so lovable and sweet . You'll always see a smile on my face .
Daekwon Is A Happy Baby. He Loves Being Held. He Likes To Watch Johnny Test And Hes A Loving Baby!
He is such a wonderful baby, just started smiling and he is my first grandchild ❤️
Amara was born on Easter. She loves playing outside, trying new foods and learning new things ❤️
Keagan was born a joyful baby. He has a silly sense of humor and happiness ♥️ Started walking at 9 months and no one is going to stop him now!
Even though he was born a week before covid you could never get sick of all these smiles!
Abel is very advanced in baby milestones, he has a gentle soul, lovable and my sunshine
Angelica Jones is a very smart, sweet, wild and adventurous little girl. She is 10 months old but thinks shes 2 lol. She is in to everything she can find. She loves to pull the DVD Cases off the shelves and throw them in the floor. She absolutely adores her big sissy. She is talking like crazy and trying so hard to walk on her own 😭😭 I'm truly blessed to be her mother. ❤❤❤
Gauge love dinosaurs, outdoors, trucks. He is a courageous and isnt afraid to try anything.
Thiago loves to be on the floor crawling all the time. He loves his mommy and daddy💙 He’s a super loving baby🤍
The happiest bubbliest little girl. Shes my go with the flow baby and everything makes her happy :)