Baby Stories - 68


My pretty girl is 9 months ❤️ she’s the happiest baby ive ever meet. full of smiles and love 🥰
Titus is the sweetest , most talented little boy there is! He loves to give hugs and his favorite pass time is to play with bouncy balls! He loves the pool and asks “pool please!” when he wants to get in.
Charlotte “Charley” was born 8 weeks early as a result of me getting really sick by HELLP syndrome. She spent 4 weeks in the NICU. She came home for a week and ended up back in the hospital for another week. It was a little rough start but now she is doing great and healthy.
Brantley is such a sweet boy and heaven sent ❤️
Sweet as sugar.
Princess Legacie
Legacie love playing sweet girl and love her baby dolls
Hello my baby is 7mths....he love to and such a handsome lil boy!!! I had him early but he was healthy...please vote!!
Lucas is one of 3 boys, and no matter what is always smiling and happy. He started out his life with a stomach problem but after having surgery at just 2 months old he had started growing and gaining healthy weight like he should now. Lucas loves his brothers and rolling around. He also loves sweet potatoes and grabbing at any plate of food he sees.
Cayden is full of energy, he is 5 years old and loves ice pops, he can add his numbers, write his name & sing his alphabets and count his numbers up to 20. He’s about to start pre k & he loves Tik Tok his favorite games to play on his phone are “roblox”, “Among Us” & fortnight. He loves chicken and fruits 🍉
Ayra is my first child and she is my miracle child, she is One month old and growing very fast as she born premature. She likes to talk all the time and she wants to play but its too early for her..
He is an identical twin, but they are already showing such different personalities.
He is an identical twin, but they already have such different personalities.
Journee is a 3 month old twin to her brother, Jaxson. She's got the prettiest ocean blue eyes. & loves Minnie Mouse, she's mesmorized by the cartoon whenever it's on. Journee loves to be involved in anything going on around her.. if she can't see her surroundings, she makes it loud & clear that she wants to be in the mix. 😅 She loves tummy time, and being rocked back & forth in your arms; a swing just doesn't cut it for her- she insists on having human touch. She's come a long, long way from being a preemie in the nicu for her first month & a half of life.
Brynlee loves music, food and hanging out with her big brother!
Kalon Von
Kalon Von is a happy baby boy with bright eyes and a contagious smile. He lights up the room wherever he goes! He loves school and making new friends! He is a corn fed size baby that really enjoys playing with his farm animals and eating snacks!💙💪 🕯
Miyana is a pretty little princess who loves music and playing with mommy she loves cuddling and she loves the flash her big smile
Marina is very happy baby. She loves to laugh and scream happy screams. She loves to watch the movie Angry Birds 2. Her favorite person right now is her uncle and momma. She eats baby food and is teething. She has 2 teeth that are coming very soon.
My little baby girl love's baby dolls make up and big Minnie Mouse bows
Abby Ayleen
Can't say much about Addy ayleen she four months, shes a happy baby, she loves to eat and cry when shes not sleeping lol🥰😍
She is such a happy baby, and has such a unique attitude already. She loves to roll around and blow bubbles at everyone. Her favorite thing to do it rawr at people!!!
Ollie is turning one this weekend!! He is by far the happiest smiliest kid ive ever met. I dont know how i got so lucky to have such an easy baby! This boy loves practically everything and definitely everybody and their attention. Please vote for my sweet lovey boy!!
Lilly is a 2nd year competition dancer but has been dancing for almost 6yrs now!
Isolde is the second granddaughter in our family. She is 9 months old and we are sooo blessed to have her. She's celebrating her 1st Birthday in October
Brayden was born 2 months early at 3 pounds 13 oz. He spent 22 days in the NICU. He loves smiling, baths, and his family.
Jonah is 5 months old and loves Pooh bear and watching cartoons, along with reading books, laughing and constantly being silly
He has a strong live for animals especially chickens. Will act like a mamas boy but really want to see his grandma all the time. Hes energetic and silly. He loves to make everyone laugh by doing tue most rediculous things.
Wyatt arrived 10 weeks early and spent 42 days in the NICU. Although he is almost 6 months old, he’s still a sweet tiny little nugget who loves mommy and daddy.
Addi is a happy, bright and energetic 2.5 year old who loves spending time with mom and dad and her whole family! She is very talkative and loves making friends with strangers at the store and absolutely adores other babies. Her favorite things to do are to go swimming, 'make lunch' for mom and dad on her little kitchen and color! Thank you in advance for voting for our Addi girl!!
Red head cutie!! Katie Pooh loves coco melon, going to the park, and taking pictures.
Riley is already charming everyone she meets. She loves cuddling with Mommy, playing with Daddy and being rocked by her Nana. She loves listening to music and smiles when she hears The Wheels On The Bus. She surprises us with her giggles when she’s on her playmat.
Eian is a very active boy he loves the outdoor and loves to play.
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Hello Everyone Liyah Love being around family especially Mommy Daddy & her siblings . Liyah is growing wonderfully, she’s pulling up on things she enjoys going outside and loves the pool.
Watson is a bubbly smart and out going toddler he loves his family and his ducks and chickens
Shemiracle is a angel sent from god. Shemiracle is very respectful and very smart to be a 2 year old. She loves outside and to be under mother. She love to watch cartoons.
Loves his momma and his food!
Keith LOVES being outside in his stroller or being carried in his pouch for walks. He loves looking at all the trees and hearing all the birds chirp and planes fly overhead
Lilleth is 2 months old, born April, 25, 2021 she's a very happy, smart baby! She loves spending the weekends with her grandparents, and she definitely loves taking baths and splashing in the water! 🤗🚿 She loves when I sing to her, and she loves going outside and enjoying the sunlight 🌤️🤗💕
Vega is a fun, loving 6 1/2 month old baby girl! She loves food, anything from sweet potatoes to pizza! She also loves the races and fireworks! Her nickname is chompper cause she will try to put anything in her mouth! But she is also called Darth Vega cause she likes to growl🤣 Please vote for my little cuddle bug🥰
My little Jax Bear has overcome so many obstacles since he's been born. He's proven many doctors wrong, & keeps overpassing each obstacle that hes been anticipated to have. He loves allll of the attention, & tons of snuggles. Music is a favorite for him, & dancing with him gives him the most joy; his little smile is contagious. 🥰 He senses when he's not being physically held & let's you know that he doesn't approve. 😏😇 He was 2 lbs when he was born on April 2nd, and he's now pushing over 8 pounds. He eats like a mad man! I can only imagine what the grocery bill will be in the future! 😅🥰 He surprises me every single day with his achievements & I'm so proud of him already. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🤞🏻💖
Baby Helen McKenzie is currently 4 months old. She is such a bundle of joy. Loves to eat and sleep but most of all smile! Kenzie is learning to turn over and hold her bottle. She had her sisters won over and daddy too.
Olivia Iris is the rainbow to any storm🌈⛈ She is the chattiest girl who loves her family👨‍👩‍👧 3m/o and is already saying dada’s did has the cutest giggles🥺💖 and most of all she loves taking baths 🧼 💚
Lux is the happiest little baby. He loves warm baba's on cold days, relaxing flute music and long walks around the block by his house. And yes his eyes are really that blue!
Ella bean is the happiest little babes who loves to smile 24/7 and get into everything 😩 she’s my little sour patch sour but sweet
Madelyn is the sweetest baby girl! She loves her big brother so much (just look at the pictures below💓)