My rainbow baby ❤️💛🧡💚💜💙 I’ve waited 2 years for and she is all I can ever ask for 🌹🍷❤️‍🔥
Emma loves pink, she is a Barbie girl
Luca is a playful, friendly, happy, & funny baby who observes everything & tends to make faces that make you feel judged but also loved all together. He has two best friends who are raising him & they are both learning day by day but he continues to make them feel unconditionally loved & purposeful. Luca loves RNB music & the sound of laptop keyboards. He is constantly laughing but can make any human laugh a little more.
Joseph Jr
Joseph jr also known as JJ was born a premie at 27 weeks and he weighed 2 pounds 8 ounces. He graduated from early intervention where he received physical, developmental, occupational, behavioral and speech therapy, and is now currently in preschool. He has overcome every obstacle in his way so far and has become a very smart 3 year old. JJ loves preschool and is very loving and friendly. His favorite Disney characters are Mickey Mouse and Bluey.
Natalie Rayne
My One and Only beautiful baby love. She's the sweetest thing ever🥰🥰
Hi everyone! I'm fifteen months old and I love watching Bluey, Super Kitties, Mickey Mouse, and Ms Rachel. I prefer to spend my time in the bathtub or playing with my toys and books. I just started walking and I have six teeth! I'm a happy and ornery little boy. Don't forget to vote for me please!
The moment his sweet little fingers wrapped around mine, I knew I would love him forever. Keyshawn is full of life. He is curious, adventurous, and independent. He loves to watch his Russian cartoons and listen to his daddy sing to him. He is definitely a mama’s boy.
Autumn is a kind hearted girl. She always tries to make people smile. She loves the color purple and playing Roblox.
Braylynn is a gymnast and loves to sing and dance! She also really loves Roblox❤️
Hii my name is shyla I love playing with makeup && being with my brother❤️‍🩹
Steven is a little heart warrior! He was born with TGA a heart defect. He had open heart surgery at only 2 days old to correct his heart defect. He doesn't let CHD stop him. You would never know by looking at him that he had a heart defect he is such a little fighter 💙 Steven loves anything gaming wise 🥰
Ryleigh is the sweetest and kind hearted. She loves Roblox and anything barbie and anything pink 🩷
Bellamy loves taking care of her baby dolls and loves listening to music!
This little girl is three she is the happiest can be she loves a smile and she loves to play
Hello World! My family calls me Avi I am 4.5 years old, and am in kindergarten. I am a super girly girl & my favorite color is Purple. VOTE FOR ME PRETTY PLZ 💜
Loves laughing and eating and playing with everything
She loves playing outside and playing with baby dolls and she loves her brother
Everleigh Klair is 11 months old. She loves to play outside, and with her older siblings. She is the most sweetest, happiest, loving baby ever.
Faith is 9 months old and spreads joy to all who meet her! She loves her rubber duckies and snuggles with daddy!
Kaytlynn Rose
My baby loves attention, and is a very happy baby 🩷
My sweet boy was so excited to announce that he’s getting a baby sister. This picture melts my heart because of the happiness brought to my baby boy. Jaxson loves to dance and be outside, he’s very adventurous and has such a kind heart. He is so smart and so handsome. We love our babies endlessly 💙
Camdyn is a sweet loving 16 month old that hasn’t had it easy he has a lot of issues and a gtube placed to help him eat he has been like this since birth and after many hospitals and different doctors nobody can give us a answer on what’s wrong with him but he has came such a long ways
She loves her momma & daddy! she loves trying new foods! 🥗🥰
Jeremiah loves watching his favorite show Emlo he likes playing with his toys .and he can be curious most of the time
Alaiya Arlo Rose
This is our sweet Lai Lai bug 🥹🩷 She is absolutely the sweetest girl! Her favorite things are walks in the park, snuggles with mama and daddy, milkies, warm baths, and smiling! 🥰!
McKinley is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. She also has a really good RBF… 🤣 She’s loves her brother and sisters and is really starting to use her voice.
Anastyn Green
Vote for my sweet Ana Lee she’s the best cuddle bug I could ever ask for and loves playing she’s so amazing
Shes funny always smiling she loves watching Minnie mouse she loves cuddles she loves to sit up she loves to talk and she likes to sit in her swing shes out going her favorite thing to do is smile lol 🫶💗
Welcome little miss Wrenley into the world! She loves eating more than anything ever and lots of sleep 😂
Winter is so smart and loving. She continues to learn more and more each day! She can speak so well to me and her daddy, and she's the best big sister ever🤍
Carson is .. well lets just say, Carson. Outgoing, wild, funny, just a different type of 3 year old 🤣 He loves tow trucks, dinosaurs && police cars.
Hi, my name is Luis! Everybody calls me LJ! I love yo ride my four wheeler, play in the dirt on my tractor, and ride my spider-man bike!
Anastasia Grace turned 5 months on Christmas🥹❤️ She’s a very happy baby and loves to smile at everyone!😁
Jocelynn is 16 months old she love to adventure to see new places and things,she is full spirited and has a smile to light up the darkest of days ❤️
Indie is a sweet baby girl that loves her daddy, loves too eat, and loves her brother Draco (dog)!
The sweetest baby you will ever meet ❤️ Kyomi loves to smile and play with her big brother Amari 💕
Alivia loves to do flips, cartwheels. She inspires to be a gymnastics and make it to the Olympics. She absolutely loves her big brothers
Liam loves his stuffed sloth and finds it funny to bite ur toes lol he waves at u and it melts ur heart. Barney and bob the builder are his favorite shows.
Jayce is a very happy and busy baby! He’s very handsome and loves smiling. He acts as if he’s been here before lol!! He’s one of a kind and stays on the go!!
Amelia is 4 months old and she’s already so out spoken and so energetic!
Eli's favorite thing to do at the moment is watching the Masked Singer with his mom and playing with an empty tortilla chip bag.
Mason is 12 years old and loves sports. Masons ambitions in life is to play for the nba or to play for the nfl. Mason spends every second of his spare time playing sports
Averie is 7 years old, an avid dancer and dances competitively. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She currently holds Mini Majestic Princess of Onslow County.
Oakleigh is one of the happiest babies I know! She loves to yell dada and chew on anything she can get to her mouth! She’s learning to crawl and also has recently learned to wave, she loves her bananas and is definitely one spoiled little girl
He loves to swing. Watch his sister and brother play.