Chance is the sweetest and calmest baby! At only 5 weeks old he has already developed a personality. He is a very happy baby. At my last ultrasound he covered his face with his hands because he wanted a big reveal of his beautiful face! Hehe His name is Chance because he gave me a 2nd Chance at life and gave me a Chance to finally be a mother at 37! 😁
My lovely Santiago is an adorable cute little explorer. He loves taking baths, playing with water and eating fruits and vegetables.
Shiloh Kleiboer
He loves his mommy and daddy, and also the rest of his family. He loves to play, like kick his feet and make noises.
Myleen loves all animals and has the sweetest smile ❤️
We love Lizzie so much! She loves to do tummy time and walk around in the baby carrier with Mom.
Hi my name is Scarlett, I love sitting up and chewing my hands. My favorite thing to do is watch movies with mommy and smile 😊
He like watching tv , he love to stand up and look around at everything, he’s such a happy baby , always smiling ☺️
Jayceon is curious and likes crawling everywhere. He loves fruits and giving kisses. Ms.Rachel & Peppa Pig are his favorite shows.
Gia’Vohna is 10 months , very jolly & friendly. She loves food , hide and seek games with her brothers , tag and outdoor adventures.
Easton loves eating, crawling and hanging out with his mama.
Journee is quite advanced she loves trying to stand up and lift her head up and she likes to try to talk and is so sweet🐻❤️
Tatum is so observant and wanting to know everything. His favorite food is green beans. He loves the water. Ms.Rachel & Mickey’s Clubhosue are his favorite shows.
Paisley love's music and dancing. She always has a big beautiful smile on her face she is very intelligent for her age and has this loving Aura around her to where she always puts a smile on anyone that she see or comes into contact with. Paisley is the youngest of five and she has the biggest heart.
Smiley and what she likes most when I make silly faces at her.
Spunky little 2 month old ❤️ I have a big sister and mommy and daddy who love me so much❤️
Kammy is such a smart, happy, goofy, and energetic baby boy 💙 He likes dancing, enjoys playing outside, and he loves being in the bath. His favorite foods are french fries, bananas, and chocolate chip cookies 🍪
Fun, loving 2 YO BIG SISTER, with a whole bunch of sas!! Loves to laugh and sing and Learn new things!
My 3 month old son is Jahel is very cheerful, energetic and full of chunky rolls. He loves to smile, listen to music and play with his older brother.
Mia is very vocal at only 8 months. She is mixed and has hazel eyes with a pinch of green. She knows how to stand and definitely knows how to be sassy.
Isabella is a amazing 2 year old. She is very smart,she can walk wave clap and say over 15 words. She loves being outdoors and going camping.she is a daddy girl.her favorite show is bluey she just giggles when she watches it
My name is Asher Reed! I am a pie day baby!! I love water and love to be talked to!
She makes cutest noise, she danced very well she is so adorable charming loving s, she makes different style faces , she steals anyone’s heart ❤️
Logan is a crazy boy who loves his toys , trying to walk, cars, and playing in the outside dirt 🤣❤️
Adilynn Grace, likes to laugh, just started rolling over❤️ and loves winnie the pooh🫶🏼
Hi I am Layton-Daryl I’m super cool I have 2 first names , I’m 8months old and I love to laugh , eat ,cheesecake and nap
Eat, sleep, poop, repeat!
Hiii my names genevieve and I absolutely love butternut squash and my brothers can be a pain but I really do love them and oh don’t get my started on my dadas. I absolutely love him and I love my mommy too she’s the bestest in the whole wide world
My first and only baby he’s such a sweet baby 🥰 loves to laugh and play
This is Greyson, he’s 1 years old. Greyson loves Cocomelon and a Mickey Mouse. He has 6 teeth and growing. Please Vote and show my baby some love 💙💙
Roselily loves to be around people who make her smile and laugh. She enjoys tummy time and rolling over!
She so adorable and loves to laugh🥰
Sydney is our rainbow baby, she loves hanging out with daddy and mama💕
7️⃣ Months👶🏼
This is miss Elliansai who happens to have a birthday august 31st. My girl is so smart and beautiful her favorite shows concludes Bubble guppies and Mickey Mouse. She loves being around her loved ones and as sweet as can be.🫶🏽🫶🏽
Indika Marie
Indika marie is 9 months old she is playful,Advanced for her age &Loves to smile.Shes walking and talking..
Ermias is a happy smiling baby he loves attention and his bottle
Jack love to eat strawberries and Jack like to play with his cat ( names hella).
Hey! I’m Franklin. I love smiling, laughing, and snuggling my mommy and daddy.
Lexie is a fun loving girl! We have our first two teeth ready to pop ☺️ can't wait to see where this life brings us as a family
Angel is just a happy baby and likes to laugh watch his favorite show harry and Larry and plays with his toy cars and loves to eat 😍😆 and say mama and his ada and he even saids his name aj 🥺
She is so much fun! She loves to dance, sing, and paint and color! Shes really silly sometimes. We love her so much
Jacob is 7 months old and is just the happiest baby, he loves to play with his poppet toys, laugh at mommy and daddy and brings so much joy to the whole family.
Grayson has taught me so much in life! He is my pride and joy, I wouldn’t trade him for the world❤️ He saved my life. God knew just what I needed 🙏 Vote for Grayson! 🥺❤️
Rudy is a new little guy to this big world. Not even a month old and he's already lifting his head and looking around -curious as can be!!