Baby Stories - 67


Aster has the best personality! He’s super silly and is always laughing! A few of his favorites things are music!🎼 His doggy Magic🐶, Bananas 🍌 !And afternoon strolls through the park with me❤️
This girl is the happiest, silliest, and attentive baby. She loves everyone and getting into everything!
Olivia's eyes can say it all! Those big wide blue things stare right into your soul. She is a very happy baby with an inquisitive mind and is always observing everything around her. Although this makes it a little difficult to put her down for nap without a fight.
Lyric is a outgoing 1 year old who can light up any room.
Collins is an Irish twin! She loves to sing, dance and play with her dog! She’s a laid back southern girl!
He is a sweet boy that loves to smile and be around his family.
keeland loves to eat, sleep & smile at mommy 🥺🤞🏼
Omyria is a happy active beautiful baby💕 , she love playing , & eating …Born february 10th 2021
Sophia Rose is a very happy and smiley baby!!! She is super smart and loves playing with family and friends!!! She is the best Christmas gift we could ever receive!!! Sophia loves playing with her Whoodle Penny, trips to the park, visiting the farm, and living everyday to the fullest!!! She is a complete joy 🥰
Proud big brother to Memphis.Loves to hang out with his sisters playing dress up and video games. Favorite things to do watch youtube and movies with grandma. Have sleepovers at Patrick's, go to church on Sunday. Eat snacks, go shopping, go swimming he can finally touch the bottom standing up. Doesn't like when his sisters make him do tiktok. Likes helping feed the cats and rabbits.Loves giving hugs.
Katie Layne
Katie Layne is the happiest baby ever. You will always find her with a smile on her face!💗
Little Mama came into this world a month early astonishing us all with her strength and beauty! She loves dancing and smiling, and is every bit of what happiness is made of!
Mari likes to blow raspberries and smile at everyone. An she also likes to munch on her tootsies. Them lil piggies are good to her. She also loves Red Bone-Come and get your love. That song can calm her down after getting three shots from the doctors. She absolutely loves the 60,70,80 music. Most of all she is a very happy baby
Caleb will be 6 in a few short days. He loves to sing and dance as well as making people laugh
Prince Makai loves attention. He likes being propped up so he can see everyone and demands attention! He loves looking at balloons! Makai has a Star personality! He has cute dimples like peanuts.
Leonidaz G
6 months old. He's hitting every mile stone for his age. Almost close to crawling sits up but tips over sometimes he's Good with tummy time loves baby food grabbing all toys that are put in front of him his smile brights up any room. His snuggles are the best and he's very observent with his surroundings hes Such a good and happy baby ❤️
Freya was born during the pandemic with 10 beautiful birth marks! Shes always full of smiles and such a happy girl. Her favorite show is Cocomelon😊
She loves to smile and hang with momma and watching cartoons
He loves to laugh and smile all the time
Kehlani is just shy of a month old. She loves talking with daddy, cuddles with mommy, and of course eating. (She’s a chunk now) Her loves her swing and napping, and sometimes keeping mommy and daddy up all night 😅
Brianna Castillo
Brianna is only 3 months old she loves to take pictures and loves to smiles she is a happy girl
She’s a happy baby 🥰 she loves everyone , loves eating , sleeping and playing ! 💗
Loves food, coco melon, and her big brother Leland 🖤❤️‍🔥
EllieMae is a bright and beautiful 7 month old baby. She loves to jump and babble about dada. She loves all kinds of foods. Shes always happy. Her smile seems to never leave her face. She may be little but she has many opinions and shes not afraid to express them lol. I think you should vote for Ellie because shes beautiful and shes just the happiest baby ive ever known.
Elijah is a very actives smart 2 year old, he enjoys bugging his sister, laughing and being the clown he is. He loves everything outdoors and coloring and music and dancing. Please vote :)
LilyAnne is a smart 9 year old, whom loves to build legos and do art. She also enjoys music and being outdoors. Please vote.
Loves cake and is very independent
He is a big mommas boy he is so sweet he loves to roar lol his favorite word is mama/dada he love when his daddy makes him giggle
He’s so sweet, loving, smart ... he also speaks his own kind of language 😂😂🥰
Baby Tim
Loves his big trucks & wants to go to the moon 🌙 🚀 💓
sweetest lil’ mama ever 🥰 She’s loves smiling, she’s such a happy loving baby girl 💓💓
This is Ezio he love video games and sports cars and can talk for hours
Little Miss Willow is 2 months old. She likes to cuddle, smile and take naps
Loves animals and talking she’s quite a smiler too☺️
My son xavier is one of kind, he's one of the most chllest kid i know. He's so alert and loves to roll on his tummy, always smiling and giggling. Whenever im sad he's right there smiling, making mommy happy, xavier loves to spend time with mommy and daddy he loves watching tv with daddy and loves long truck rides with daddy as well. This little guy means everythimg to us and we appreciate every vote we receive for him. This little guy deserves it ❤ 💚 He makes every morning so special
I'm just a bundle of love and cuddles. My favorite food is sweet potatoes and i love the sound of banjos
The vision for our lil man is kindness, acceptance but also to be strong willed. He is being raised by two moms so it’s so important to us for him to use his brain and his voice to stand up for those who have trouble doing it themselves.
Ander is 6 months old. He loves hismommy amd daddy add his big brother he likes cocomelon, baby bum, baby shark he loves playing with his brother
Ilana is a twin who was born a month pre mature but beats the odds every day with her sassy attitude
Frankie loves the water and going to the beach! He loves reading his books everyday ❤️
Mackenzie is a very independent little girl. She has her saying, " I got this" and will try her best to achieve it. She loves to help and always says hello to everyone. She loves to learn and read books to her brothers.
Kaylee will 9 years old on July 14th. She loves to read. She enjoying playing outside. She likes to spend time with our puppy. She is about to enter 4th grade.
Leilani is a shinning star that loves to sing songs help with her younger brother and sister and dress like mini mouse.
Tuff is almost 7 months old and he loves his dogs , and all his farm animals . He loves to laugh and smile
Happiest baby in the world with a smile that lights up the room and the biggest brown eyes that sparkle.
Corey was born 11 weeks early due to IUGR. He weighted 1lb 14oz and spent 71 days in the NICU. He has had 3 hernia surgeries and ear tube surgery. Through all this he has been happy and brightens up everyone day. At almost two he has taken on every challenge head on and beat it, he has also deceloped a reputation of being a ladies man. He lives chasing his cat dash and reading books with mom and dad.
Zayn is 10 months old, he was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect Hypoplastic Heart syndrome And has had 2 open heart surgeries already. He has been inpatient most of his life but is so happy and full of life! He loves Dory and Cars and Mommy❤️ Daddy and siblings bring him lots of smiles!!