Hello 🤗 everyone! Well for starter Melody is my only girl 💓 with two very protective big brothers ! She's always been a happy and energetic baby since birth and it is just so adorable 🥰 to me !!! So with that being said if you Vote For Melody 👍 she will vote for you ☺️👋 !!
Hi I’m jaylee mei. I was born June 11,2022. I was born at 37 week but it’s okay because I’m thriving now .I have a big brother that is 2 and I love to eat sleep and play
I love horses and fish.I have a little sister and I live in Texas. My mommy is 18 and my daddy is 20 I love playing hide and seek with them .I was born on march 23, 2020
Michael loves sitting up, his favorite show is Mickey Mouse, he likes to talk and to be talked too. His favorite thing to do is nap!
I’m Sahar I love my Mama the most & then my Baba 🤍 I love to smile & set up ❤️
Loves trying to sit up and talking. Likes to laugh at her big brother King.
His first word was car. I think that's my name. When it's close to time for me to pick him up, he repeatedly asks for "car". He's my great nephew and a big brother to his 4 month sister that I also have.
Gazi I. Khan was born on April 7th, 2021 in Southern California. His parents met during the Pandemic due to business to donate PPE (with Mom based out of LA and Dad based out of NY) and fate lead them together. Gazi is one of the most special gift that has been given to both parents by the grace of the higher being.
Tariq is a Thanksgiving baby. Very smart , adorable and loving.
He very Active and handsome He likes to crawl around He love to eat and drink
Ivey is the youngest of 9 and the fiestiest, rottenest, sweetest, happiest baby of all of them. She loves balls, bananas, and crackers
DeArra loves to swim and spend time outside. At 3 mth old she is on the fast track to high achievement. 🥰
Jaxon likes to be outside he’s adventurous and loves to ride dirt bike
Very spunky little fellow
Oksana is mostly nonverbal and does sign language. She loves to say hi to everyone, everywhere she goes. Oksana also loves to dance when she hears music, pick flowers to smell.
Aurora aka Ro Ro is such a happy baby she enjoys being outside and playing with her hands on vtech toys. Her smile and happy demeanor is contagious. People just love her ❤️😍🥰
Mason is such a happy, sweet little boy!! He loves to play with toys and he really loves animals. He just brightens everyone he comes in contact with daily. Mason has so much happiness, love and joy to share with the 🌎!!
Memphis Grace
Memphis Grace is a ball of energy. She likes to spend her time shopping with Mommy and Gram or out in the shop building classic cars with Daddy and Pop. She is our ray of sunshine, bringing a smile to everyone she comes in contact with. We named her Memphis because it means "enduring and beautiful" and to us she is both of those things, Grace came from my grandpa, her great grandpa, we could not decide a middle name and he called one night and suggested Grace. She has been our Memphis Grace ever since.
A sweet loving girl who loves everyone✨
Zoey shanell is a very happy, lovable baby. She was our rainbow baby ❤️She loves to play and talk with everyone
Cameron is my 4 month old beautiful blue eyed boy who has such a contagious smile and laugh! He loves snuggling with mommy and daddy and we can’t get enough of this sweet boy!
Sirius is a very goofy, happy baby. He loves his older brother nick jr. He is a little food monster. Sirius is also a major water bug. Sirius is the most determined baby i know, when he sees something he wants or sees one of his favorite people he will not give up to get to them. EXTREMELY hiper, first thing he does when he wakes up is start jumping in his bed while yelling for no reason. He is a bug cuddle bug but mostly with his daddy. He is both mommy and daddys boy.
Miss diva Tiani. Likes to watch her brother sing and loves Elmo. She's a sassy little thing already at 3 months.
She is very sweet and outgoing and have a smile that if ur having a bad day she will be sure to brighten. She is full of energy and love to eat anything!
One smile at a time
Smile more. She lives to spread smiles.
Greyson is 5 months old and is the sweetest baby. He has such a huge personality already and is always such a happy boy. He loves his toys and to lay in the floor with his fur friends. A Straight daddy’s boy.
Aurora is one very smart little girl. She is so sassy and loves the words no,stop it,dadda,momma,and uh oh. She loves her dog siblings🐕. Show my baby some love and enjoy alittle sneak peak of her first year!
I love all animals and anything to do with food and outside activities!!
Kaison is my sweet but wild child
Kaislyn is 7 month old little girl who does what she wants lol
Keelyn has a bright beautiful soul, he loves to play, blow kisses, and clap him hands while singing.
Hello everyone my name is Everly Mae! I was born at 38 weeks due to IGUR and a subchronic hemorrhage. I spent a week in the NICU and came out stronger and braver. 💜
Fun loving smart out going beautiful
Tilen is an amazingly handsome little guy .He loves his milk bottles and his auntie lol. He should get your vote because his cutness overloads!!!
Alijah Blue is a music loving bundle of joy. The baby brother of 4 boys he’s a ball of fire. He loves to dance and eat! He’s always so happy
Zaniyah is the youngest of 7 she really smart loves to dance and sing and really lovable
Oakley Grace loves to smile and giggle. She brightens the room when she smiles. She’s a mamas girl and loves to snuggle!🥰
Mi’kaja is an intelligent 9month old growing girl who loves fruit, colors,music,laughing, & of course the CAMERA… Every since she’s been born the camera has always caught her attention!! I think we might have a STAR ⭐️
Out of 7 kids she is the only girl. Such a blessing from up above, Ahsha is the star of the family...she is a very happy baby and she loves to smile. you can't help but to love her. World meet My baby girl Ahsha.P
Yovana is shy at times, but has true natural beauty. She loves to sing, dance, and practice her letters. Yovana is an animal lover and always eager to help any way she can. She is like a shooting star. This Girl Is On Fire!
Xitlali thinks she is a Princess Queen Lollipop. She loves singing, dancing, and modeling. She has an amazing personality and she is very outgoing. Xitlali lights up the room when she walks in it.
Always smiling, very happy, loves singing, dancing, and playing guitar and keyboard!