Armani Simmons
Armani so happy and sweet. She is always smiling and loves meeting people. She really enjoys exploring and learning new things. Our very silly little girl loves to play peek-a-boo and being outdoors. Her favorite things are picnics, going to the pool, and spending time with her family but mostly her teachers !
Oakley is a happy smiley baby. Shes spoiled by her family and is such a daddys girl. She loves animals and being outside. Shes currently trying to get walking by herself down and loves talking
She's an amazing outgoing little girl. She's amazing with animals and enjoys helping her mama and daddy around the house. She enjoys playing outside and loves the water.
He likes dinosaurs and blippi and pj mask please vote for him his smile is one in million
She always has a smile on her face, she loves to be outside, she loves animals and she is very sweet... she loves to say thank you and loves to blow kisses. 😘
Elliot is a sweet baby boy. He’s 7 months old.❤️ He started to stand up at 2 months old! Crawling at 5 months old . Holds his own bottle since 1 month old! He has 2 tooth! He loves to explore and meet new people. He loves to say mama and dada❤️He loves to play with dogs and crawls to them ❤️. He has the sweetest smile.
He’s a funny baby. He makes a lot of funny faces.
She’s Adorable, Sweet Sassy and Full of energy. And loves to play outside and swimming. She loves to snuggle and give warm hugs.
Baby Boss was 2 months early. He is the HAPPIEST baby. He feeds himself, sits up, pulls himself up & is crawling! He ADORES his brothers & of course never takes his eyes off mommy♡ his laugh is contagious & is growing faster than ever! Super proud how fast he is learning considering how eaely he was! Boss would be very appreciative for yalls votes! We've got SOOO many pictures , we jusy didnt know what to choose. This desqcribes his personality beat though! Has that smile on because he was chowing down ; like always . ♡
Copen loves to pattycake and loves to hear momma singing. He loves to watch our puppy at the glass door and just laugh sooo much. He gets a kick out of the puppy for some reason lol. Copen is the sweetest baby and most of all he loves his big brother. His big brother makes him smile the most❤
he loves using his voice to get our attention, loves bright colored things, loves snuggles
Nora Angeline
Nora loves playing with her big brother, watching veggietales, kisses on the cheeks, teething toys, being sang to, bath time, naps and, being called pretty!
Anthony is 4 months, he loves to smile, drool, & be on his feet!
Renley loves to laugh and smile, she loves mom and dad, and watching little baby bum in her swing. She has blue eyes with brunette hair.
She is a very smart one happy baby ,her smile will make your down days happy ,full of joy and silly in her own way you'll love her
Josiah loves to play with lots of toys. Especially any kind of ball! He has a beautiful soul. He constantly smiles and laughs at anything! He is always a happy chunky boy!🥰
My pooter loves to play outside. She loves me. And her papa She. Likes to eat. And not picky just a happy baby even if she’s sick
James benson is 9 months old And is the most precious and loving baby. He loves strawberries and his banana puffs. His favorite things to do are play with his puppies and swing on the swing set. ❤️
She loves kids and animals. She has brown hair and brown eyes.
Graesyn is 6 months old, he is a very smart little boy. Loves to jump and dance to music. Absolutely adores anything that moves and lights up.
Our girl likes sitting outside with her big brother, watching CoCoMelon and playing PattyCake. She’s such a happy girl and loves to smile!
He is very active and he is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet
Praislyn comes from Praise, like Praise God and lyn. She is a beautiful girl inside and out. Valentine's Day baby definitely makes her super sweet.
Corriea Rose
Corriea Rose is a beautiful 3month old baby girl who loves her mommy , daddy & sisters & brother . She loves to eat , laugh , & sleep 😴
She’s due Aug 4 and this contest is kinda stupid all babies are cute even if there on the way or not I only made this thing to show everyone on here your child is adorable all of them are don’t let a contest tell you other wise don’t vote for me but I’m just saying this is dumb this whole contest is
Hey I’m Iliana 4 months old. I love to smile and giggle. My favorite thing is to eat my fingers.
Jaxon is such a sweet brown eyed baby
So out going 🥰 always happy 😊 loves people❤️ He’s simply amazing ☀️
Maylee Monroe
Maylee is a very outgoing, happy baby . Enjoys her feet & laughing all the time .
Shane is 3 weeks old born on Mother’s Day, he loves his mommy and daddy! Help Shane get some votes! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gracie is our miracle baby girl 😍 my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and we were resolved to not having our girl. When the doctors started treatment for his tumor they also fixed a side effect of the tumor, infertility. She has her daddies eyes and complexion and my whole heart. Just the greatest blessing!!!
Ophelia is 2 months. She enjoys her baths and naps on mommy and daddy’s bed. She’s recently started smiling and has 3 older brothers who adore her.
Ava is 7 months here. She loves her mommy, daddy and Mickey Mouse. She’s full of smiles all the time and makes goofy faces all the time.
She loves school and playing with her brother. She is so smart she aready knows how to say momma and hi and bye and eat
Riley Horton
Riley loves watching Cocomelon, she loves when her brothers play with her those boys are her whole world. She a tough little girl that likes being rough up by the boys she laughes when they are being rough with her 🤣. She is so sweet she loves mama and daddy so much she always give the best hugs.I hope you enjoy much sweet little butterfly she will appreciate all the love you give her 🥰❤️.
Sierra is my rainbow baby 🌈 i had to have a c section when i had her i waa scared but we are all doing fine now. My grandparents died before they could met her....
Peisleigh Imogen came a week early on New Years Eve. By 2 months old, she’s wanted to get up and go. She’s the most happy baby, and she just loves to be held. There’s not a person in this world that can’t make this little girl smile. For almost five months old, she’s got a heart of gold.
She is my granddaughter i am her gammy an she is so beautiful an such a great baby an she has amazing parents
Elijah is 10 months old, he has eight teeth! He loves to be outside and play! He also loves being rocked to sleep 🤍☀️
Hi I’m Nijah and I’m 7 months old, I just got my second tooth and I love coco melon ! I’m a happy baby please vote for me💖
Riverlynn is the sweetest baby ever she is always a happy baby and always smiling when you talk to her she loves being held by mama and loves tummy time with her big brother please vote for Riverlynn 💕
My baby erza skarlet simons she sweet girl she loves to watch TV or go on walks. Her favorite show as of right now is Lilo and stitch and she was born on the island of Oahu so no duh she likes it.
Rambunctious 4 year old with the cutest giggle that comes straight from his toes.
Mommy’s little rainbow baby. So many smiles, from a beautiful, precious baby girl. 💕