Baby Stories - 66


Hudson loves his mommy and loves to chat all day long! He loves lights, sounds and just learning new things!
Billy is the SWEETEST blue eyed boy around. The kids in the neighborhood scream his name and come running when they see him because he brings joy everywhere he goes. We like to call him Mr. Billson, Silly Billy and Wildman for fun. He is a frequent nudist around the house because pants just take too much effort, and he loves coloring and painting in his underwear hence his known alias as “The Underwear Artist”.
Ava for short, she is a ray of sunshine ☀️ loves her big brother! Has eyes that melt your heart 💜
Baby Elijah is a three month old happy baby. Always smiles, giggles, and loves to cuddle 🥰
I’m Energetic With A lot Of Love To Give My Favorite Person Is My Nana I Love Spider-Man &; Baby Shark I Sing Dance Rap I Know My ABC’s But Still Learning My 123’s VOTE FOR ME
Callie is a tiny girl with a big attitude. She loves to pose and have her picture taken! She had such an amazing and silly personality.
Ruby loves to dance, eat and spend time with her family and has a smile they lights up the room!
Such a happy baby I have he loves to giggle and play and he’s the light of my life !
Abigail is a hyperactive, crazy little girl! She loves kitties and gives them big hugs & kisses! She can light up any room!
Elijah loves to eat, go potty, and play with his momma. He has a silly sense of humor and can make you smile with his infectious laugh. He also loves his cat brother Tiberius.
Cash Giani
Cash Giani is our sweet rainbow baby, who smiles and laughs with angels in his sleep, he’s almost a month old, and the most precious baby boy in the world 💙
Loves sleeping and smiling!💯
Anariie Darby
A Character, Spoiled , Very Respectful , Talks Very Good At Her Age , Smart , Talented .so much more
Elijah is a very entertaining little man!~ He can light up the room with his contagious smile!~
Malachi Loves playing with his 5 yr old brother. His favorite thing is food he’s our loving chunky man as his siblings call him 🥰 he was the missing piece to our complete family. His smile laugh and many faces will make your day better he’s always a ball of sunshine! ❤️
He is my widdle rollie pollie ollie ❤️ He could hold his own bottle at just 4 months old. Now he is 5 months old and he is a force to be reckon with!! ❤️❤️❤️
Phoenyx Lou
Phoenyx is 3 weeks old and is a precious gift from God.
Scarlet is a very smart little girl, she loves nature and animals so much ! She’s already so fascinated with the outside world . She’s one of a kind! Always kind and smiling! :)
Emilio is an absolute wild autistic child that loves his baby brother ArJa. His favorite color is purple and he loves unicorns. We hope to raise any money we can to get their daddy here from Mexico!
Loves playing with Colorful Bouncy balls , loves ducks , birds and playing with his daddy.
Weston loves being outside, he loves to play, being talked too! Hates car rides an not getting enough attention! And Definitely has a goofy personality, and He loves everyone an his favorite movie is the bee movie 50 times a day !
Harmonie is 2 months and she loves music and love having her lil talks she’s very aware for her age❤️
Blakely is 11 months old he will be 12 months in November 8th. He loves to give kisses and he's walking so good. He loves playing with his toys. And he lives his doggy Winter more than anything!
She is a super sociable smiling lil luv bug! Loves dogs, baths, jumping in her jumper and singing
Holly is fun to be around she will make you laugh. And she loves to listen to music and she loves to dance to music.
Joshua is 13 weeks old, he loves his muslin blanket and lamb pack 🥰 he is a huge fan of breast milk and his momma! Joshua love bright colors and loves to see you sing and dance!
Skylar is a precious ONE year old.🥰 who loves oatmeal & peanut butter sandwiches.
She loves to smile and laugh
Rainee loves being outside, Dancing, Watching Tv & Eating her Favorite foods!
Tidus was born 5 weeks early and overcome a significant amount of battles in his short 5 months on earth. Not only is he adorable and strong but he is the happiest cuddliest and smiliest baby you’d ever seen! He laughs all day long when he’s not eating or cuddling up with momma! Vote for this little miracle baby!
Fiore John
Fiore John is always such a happy joyful baby !! Every morning the moment he opens his eyes he has a smile. This little boy is our rainbow after the storm. His smile lights up the room, and his giggle warms our hearts. Fiore John is such a blessing to our home and family.
Adelina can crawl, stand for 10 seconds, say no by nodding her head! She loves to laugh , smile and play. Shes very energetic, lovable and attracts attention everywhere she goes!
Royalty just turned the big one years old! She loves being tickled and playing patty cake! She loves being the center of attention and loves showing off her two little teeth! She’s very vocal and her favorite word at the moment is cat! Everybody, this is Royalty Rose 💕
Donovan is a one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. He's my first child, and I love him to pieces. He loves tickle time, music, animals, and cuddles.
My goofy sweet boy 😹
2 year old sassy little girl! I like eating oreos and watching all my favorite shows with my mommy. Some of my favorite shows are Dora, Peppa Pig, Puppy Dog Pals & Max & Ruby! I love baby dolls and I love my doggy brothers and sisters🥰
She loves mommy and daddy! She loves passing gas like her mommy and daddy! She loves baths!
Aiden likes to play with his toys, loves to laugh and smile at everyone. He loves his bunny that goes with him everywhere.
Austin Farris
Austin is my second child...he's premie and a healthy baby....
Xander-James is the most fun little boy to be around. He is absolutely hilarious, and such a sweet boy. He makes everyone smile just by being around them ! He is just a ray of sunshine in every room, he walks into !!
This is our miracle boy JJ 💪🏼 Youngest of our 8 children and was a preemie born at 34 weeks and so so tiny only 4lbs. He’s now 9 months and a whopping 20lbs and just LOVES to smile 🥰
A sweetie pie, who is already a great sleeper. She loves to smile and wants to sit up and stand to see the world around her better. Is already a music lover. Her favorite song at the moment is Aerosmith's 'I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing'.
Lydia is the smiliest baby! She loves the song Girls Like You by Maroon 5. She’s obsessed with facial hair and girl’s hair!
Braelinn is a 16 month old that likes to play with her toys, talks alot, loves food and get into everything! She is definitely smart for her age and is a good little girl💜
Spencer since day 1 of being born loves to show how adorable he is to everyone just by looking at his face. Really enjoys sleeping in a plush blanket when cold.
Josiah is a very happy baby he loves cuddles from mama and papa.
Shane is 2.5 months old! He loves his snuggles! He was blessed with the baby blues and loves to smile and watch movies with his family! He adores his sisters as well!