Baby Stories - 66


Waylon was born on July 15th,2021 weighing 4 lbs 11 oz, 17 1/2 inches long! he is currently 3 months old & enjoys smiling at momma, trying to talk, and looking at himself in the mirror but i can’t blame him there. this sweet boy has brought so much joy to so many life’s in just his short 3 months of being here.
Elijah is the most outspoken toddler you could meet, he enjoys car rides karate and school. His dream is to become a basketball player.
Lexton is a very happy baby always smiling, he is so sweet and loves everybody.
Malakai Booth
Malachi is always smiling and he loves to eat he was born he was in the NICU for 40 days he's a survivor
La’Ky is always happy and always puts everyone in a better mood with his smile🥰
Everything is his favorite & he will test it out! Teething is the only awful part of his world!
Monae is such a blessing! She lights up the room. Even though she looks so mean when resting her face she is the most happiest baby ever! She’s always smiling! My chubby baby was 9 pounds 3 ounces when she was born😳! My baby girl changed my life in so many ways and I could not live life without her! 💜
Melody is the sweetest girl, but with a lil mean streak when she gets mad! 🤷🏽‍♀️ She’s a great big sister to Harmony & they love being around each other. Melody loves to sing, play, act out certain cartoon characters & lots more… she really loves putting on a show 🥰
Nayeli is a bright happy and very smart baby girl also very sweet and loving to others she loves watching cocomelon and smurfs and LOVES food not picky at all.
Harmony is the most sweet, lovable & friendly lil girl you can ever meet! We almost lost her back in July 4th of 2019, when she took a 2 story fall! It was the most scariest & stressful experience! But she pulled through & she’s back to being her lovable self 💞 Harmony loves playing with her big sister, Melody, & watching videos while she sings along w/them! If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Harmony, you’d instantly fall in love 🥰 VOTE for “Harmony Rainbow”
My name is Isabella and I love to smile, especially when I get to see Grandma. My mom and dad love me so much and are so fun to play with too.
A’Kanie is 4 Months , he was born a early baby but a happy baby .. he likes toys that make noises and his older sister he’s such a sweet baby boy ❣️
Beautiful baby girl so happy and always smiling 😃
Jayce loves when you sing to him and he’s such a good baby, I wish my other 3 kids were just as patient and calm like he is.
Hi, I am baby Cyress and I love sweet potatoes, going on hikes with mom and dad, and music ! I don't like sitting in the same spot for too long, and want to do something new every 10min. Mom and dad wish they could keep up with me! I still love them very much though (even if they aren't as cool) :)
Hello !! I’m Liam Valentin 🥰 I am a very Sweet Calm baby I’m about to be 5 months old ♥️ And I love bath time 😜😜
Luna is a sweet smiling baby girl, she is always happy. Luna loves living in the mountains and observing all the wonderful wildlife around her. Luna has strawberry blonde hair and grey eyes.
Evanjelynn is such a sweet little girl. She is loved by so many and can brighten anyones day ❤
Ryker is a nicu survivor I had him 6 weeks early now he will be almost 2 months old on the 31st of this month he loves his fur sister Layla and his family and loves to cuddle with me his mommy and loves his deer pacifier.
Khalil, is an Charming , Handsome , An Intelligent Baby Boy at The Age Of 1 , He’s always happy and loves smiling for every occasion😁
Hii my name is Jazmin and I love to play a lot with my mommy and daddy. My first word was mama but then decide to start saying dada so now that’s all I say. My favorite thing to eat is blueberries.
Brinleys is the sweetest baby, who loves to cuddle, hug and lots of kisses! At 9 months old, she already has a very big personality and loves to make you laugh, her newest facial expression is the squinch face! It's hard to get her to smile in pictures cause she's too busy trying to figure out the phone. Shes likes patty cake and showing you how she can stand on her own.
Braiden is a very sweet boy who loves his sister. He LOVES to go EVERYWHERE with his Poppa. He also loves Blippi, Spiderman, Captain American and Hulk. He is extremely smart and always has the best come backs. Has a huge personality!! Keeps us laughing til tears on a daily basis.
Ryder Nicholee
My sweet little miss ryder nichole here is gonna be 4months as of the 28th of this month.(alrdy🤯😲😭!??) She is such a sweetie and bundle of joy. Ryder just loves anyone she comes into contact with. Shes such a laid back baby. Smiles all the time and usually even wakes up with huge smile on her face. Ryder loves when i read books to her and super interested when momma sits just babbling way to her. Shes all around a very sweet and loving little girl. So plz vote for Ryder Nichole.! And also smash that like and share button as well 2 Plz and thank you all 😊❤ god bless.
Julious is a very happy baby. He’s playful and very affectionate. He loves mickymouse and he loves cuddles.
She loves bright colors loves Disney movies loves her mommy be dad has the most beautiful smile and is just a happy little girl
A’mare has a smile that lights up a room he loves for someone to talk to him he likes watching tv
Kovi Jayce is the most happiest and sweetest baby! He loves tummy time, Cocomelon & bananas!
My baby is only 7months...she loves to laugh and play and most definitely eat... She loves cartoons and princesses....y'all show some love and vote for baby girl
Isabella is a very imaginative 4 yard old who loves Elsa so much that she believes she has Elsa powers! Her favorite food is gold fish and Alfredo noodles.
Brooklynn loves playing and talking and watching tv! She loves cuddling with mommy!
Jayden Martinez
Fun loving caring baby happy and outgoing love the outdoors tummy time etc
Heyy everyone this is my gorgeous daughter Lai’lani Lynn🥰this beautiful little girl of mine loves to watch tv and listen to music and Is also very sociable ,she is always smiling and being really goofy ❤️This is Lai’lani’s first time competing and we are so excited for all the love and support from family and friends!!
Mani is almost 1 year old and boy is he smart! He loves crawling and he can stand in his pack n play! He say mama, dada, baba, and no 🥰 he loves to walk in his walker and watch his Bluey ♡
Rondell And Rockell
Rondell and Rockell are my awesome twin boys!! They are very loving and caring sweethearts! These boys are great big brothers and they are definitely momma boys! And their Halloween babies!
Here is our babyboy , Michael the 3rd! He took his daddy's name and looks right along with him. He's learning new things everyday and sure is an energetic little guy !
Our little goddess is 9 months, born a preemie at 5lbs.. now shes grown so beautifully! She was born deaf, her left ear happens to be better than her right but that doesnt stop her from being amazing! She loves bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, carrots. She loves playing with her toes, Minnie Mouse. Her favorite thing to do is to be our alarm clock and do her happy screams because she wants to play! She honestly could do no wrong! The sweetest, happiest baby you'd ever meet❤ Anything she wins will go straight to her college fund🤞🏻
Andrew Jr
Andrew Jr loves to play with his toy cars 🚗, loves to sing if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands 👏, and absolutely loves walking around yelling DaDa ❤️ He’s such a smart little boy and seeing him grow everyday is truly incredible 🥺
Bennett is a lookie loo, always checking things out in his environment. He enjoys meeting people and pets and eating all the time!
Jayden is a very smart handsome little boy he’s loves his animals he’s very energetic when he wants to be lol he’s definitely a mommas boy he does have a speech impairment but he will still try to have a whole conversation with you, he’s loves his tablet and last but not least he loves to go swimming
Sophia was a premie who is still trying to be the bossiest lil baby ever. She loves to eat and smile big She has 15-16 pounds for the past 3 months but eat like she grown. She is the strongest little baby I know.
Remiro is the happiest, most cheesiest baby I have ever met! :) he love to crawl around and explore. He loves to comfort and cuddle his family and pets. He’s such the sweetest little thing!!
Aziel loves crawling , standing , talking and laughing & playing 🥰
Kyrie is 18mos and is such a smart lilttle person that thinks he can out smart all the big people and knows all the cool dances
This is little Teegan, he is 4 months old about to be 5, super active, loving, outgoing, and very strong! Hes very giggley and loves everyone he’s the most sweetest boy in the world!!! He loves his stuffed duck and loves covering his eyes with it when he’s trying to sleep he loves hanging out with all his uncles and aunts he has a very beautiful soul!
Izabella is a smart growing little baby. She loves her stuffy. She found her feet and tries to eat them. Her favorite activity is bath time.