Maddi Rose is super social, loves doggies, and is always, always up for a snack!
Azalea love to blow kisses, play outside, she is such a happy and loving baby!
She loves to be outside all the time. She love jumping on the trampoline, playing in the dirt in the backyard. Swimming in the pool with an adult and life jacket on. Please vote for her.
Ivie Rose
Ivie rose is the happiest baby ever she is so lovable and excited to see anybody walk through our door!!
Alexandra is only alittle over a month old but already has so much personality. She loves the camera & the camera loves her.
He likes watching Mickey Mouse, riding 4 wheeler and spending time with mommy and dada
Achilles is a happy little guy all around! He loves to get kisses from his fur-sister and play, as well as learn new things. His smile is super infectious and he could cheer up anyone's day !
Liliana Cotton
She is beautiful she loves to smile.
Loves Cocomelon,kisses, and cuddling ♥️
Chris is very lovely, He love play with puzzles.
Kaiden is the happiest goofiest baby!! Always laughing and smiling 💖
Arlow is 20 months,his favorite animal is a cow! loves to fish with daddy and help his Mamie mow the yard! He’s such a big ball of happiness. The second he wakes up he’s the happiest, most smiley baby. He's waking talking & into everything!
Emmett is the sweetest baby boy who enjoys playing with his two year old brother. There’s never a moment he’s not giggling and happy. (Besides when the chunker is hungry) he enjoys to dance and crawl around and explore.
Braelynn is a very sweet caring girl with the biggest heart of gold she never meets a kid she dont like she has a spunky sweet positive attitude about everything loves softball and nature and also loves ever animal she sees she is a bight light waiting to shine and share her shine with any boy or girl she meets. She even loves bringing joy to the elderly loves reading books or coloring them pictures she is such a joy to be around.
I love when mommy walks me around the house. So much so, that I fall asleep and smile so big! I also love when my daddy holds me and moves me around to help my gas… I’m a big eater, but not a big sleeper. I’m the cutest they come!
Okay hand down well let me tell you about this handsome little man that you see in the picture, First his a miracle baby to me his mom born at only 24 weeks, Frederick is the most sweetest, lovable baby a person could only ask for, you could just feel his love the way you look at him with those big bright eyes. He smiles all the time and he’s very nosed he would watch everything you do lol. He enjoy people in his face and talking to him. The way he look at you as if he understand every word you say. little Fred enjoying talking to family and friends of his mom and day on FaceTime. Fred is such a sweet pie
Tresor Oleko Jr
Tresor Jr is a peaceful baby boy who was born unexpectedly at home. He loves attention and smiles, he loves his elephant and he love fruits.
Meet Reese. His favorite show is Bluey.He likes to play with his hammer tap and turn bench,the shapes that you put into the bucket.His favorite toy is the xylophone.He’s a really good eater. He loves food.His favorite snack is goldfish and cookies.His favorite fruit is bananas he doesn’t really like strawberries.He enjoys being outside & he loves going on walks in his stroller.His favorite time is bath time.He loves to splash and play with his bath toys! He’s learning how to walk! He babbles a lot but is learning how to talk! Here are a few facts about Reese. He was a preemie born at 34 weeks,He has a lot of siblings,He is a rainbow baby. Reese is such a blessing we love him so much!💙🥰🥺
Gray has a twin sister Poppy! He is vibrant and just incredible! His smile lights up the room! He loves to holds his sisters hand and adores his older brother!
She loves animals, her brothers, Jojo Siwa, and Dresses! She is a ham for a camera as well.
Poppy has a twin brother, his name is Gray! They are rainbow babies that have won so many hearts!
This is izik he loves spending time with mommy and daddy.! He loves bath time and to take naps 💙🥺
Liam is a sweet energetic 3 year old who absolutely loves the outdoors!
Aubree is a sweet smart loving little girl who loves her bubby. She loves to eat weighs 24 pounds and is turning 1 on June 4th
Aria is a very happy, always smiling baby! She has a silly personality and her favorite thing to do is wave at others and clap. Her older sister makes her the happiest of all🤗
He loves baby shark loves to kick while it’s on. He is always a happy baby
Jaxon is such a happy baby 🤍 always smiling and laughing ☺️
Braylonna is growing so much she knows how to say momma,dada,bye bye,hi, and yeah. She is learning her voice. She also can clap her hands and give you five.There is so much more to this sweet beauty ❤️
Dixie was born 5\25/22 Premi She spent a day in ICU due to not being able to breath on her own. Dixie is a big blessing to her auntie. I was so scared of losing her. God was defending looking over her. She love's to be held and cuddle with her auntie
Hey, I’m Blake. I’m about to be 8 and going to the 3rd grade. I enjoy playing video games, baseball, playing with my pets, and spending time with my family. My best friend is Destiny.
When you just look at her. She brings a smile to your face. Even when your having a bad day she make the day better. That smile of her will get you every time
Jeremiah loves to go to church and watch parades his favorite fruits are bananas and apples he also enjoys family time as well as playing with his dog autumn
Hi I am Dominic! My favorite food is pineapples and oranges! I am very loved by everyone I meet! I am a huge blessing in my parents life! My favorite TV show is Micky mouse which I call hot dog. I love dancing to the hot dog song!
Amelia loves to swim
Hey y’all!!! My name is Raeleigh. Nice to meet ya. I love chicken and fry fries. My absolute favorites are my baby brothers.
Kyree loves to smile, and overall he’s a really happy baby. He adores people that just do the simplest thing; talk to him. Kyree enjoys taking baths while chewing on the washcloth. He’s a good 21 pounds and so easy to fall in-love with.
Hey, I’m Connor. Pleased to meet you. I love to “talk”, laugh, and watch Mickey Mouse. I absolutely love my big sister.
Hi I'm Jesslynn, I'm 7 months old and I'm about 21lbs. I love watching Cocomelon, and listening to George Jones with my Papaw! I love cuddles with mommy and daddy! When I smile I love showing my new first tooth! Popsicles are my favorite thing to eat, besides my baabaas! I love to gabber and play with my toys! Vote for me❤️
She likes peek a boo and her favorite song is fly away and she likes to blow kisses
Ryelan loves to dance. Instead of walking, she usually dances and hops her day away. Her favorite person is her big brother. We hope you’ll vote for our little princess.
Luka is the spunkiest, most daring yet sweet little boy you will ever meet. He LOVES climbing anything he can and will give kisses all day long!
Olivia loves animals and is always ready to help and have fun!
Mason is the wildest but most lovable little boy. He cares about everyone and everything. Absolutely all boy with this one.
Nolan is the absolute happiest baby ever. He always has a smile on his face❤️
He always smiles and can make you laugh. He loves to throw balls. He also likes to kick a lot so think he be a pro Soccer player when he’s older. He’s just the sweetest boy ever
Harper Sage 🤍