She's so loving, sweet an so full of life! She loves more than anything playing with her brothers an sisters 💕 an dancing 😁
Ablle Mae Grace Cunningham
Ablle is like an open book if you talk to her she always smiles back at you no matter what you're saying it'd be silly she always smiles and she giggles she always has a smile on her face no matter what she does especially when her daddy talks to her she just giggles and giggles and giggles my daughter is a reincarnation of my mom I had my daughter the 4th and my mom died on New Year's this year I wouldn't have anyone greater than a daughter than the daughter I have now she's 3 months old and she's my joy she's very special and so many ways
Amara Wonder is our beautiful 1 year old baby girl. Mommy chose Amara’s name because it means everlasting as she was already bringing that before her birth. Daddy came up with Wonder originally from Wonder Woman but she is our wonder baby being born prematurely. Amara has shown us the true meaning of strength she leaves such a heart warming impact on you with lots of love smiles and giggles. She has definitely brought so much joy to everyone. She is truly an angel.💜
Ah’nor Abel Dennis is the happiest baby i’ve come across & no i’m not just saying it because i’m his mom LOL. His smile brightens the room and his eyes are as bright as his future ✨ At only eight months now he’s already achieved so many milestones and i’m glad to have birthed him. Big Leo Energy and that’s just a PLUS ! Oh & he loves Lemons 😂
Amelia is always such a happy baby! She loves smiling, naps, baths, car rides, and strolls in the park.
The best big sissy to a sweet boy❤️
Just a sweet baby boy who wants his mama to spoil him and his big sissy 🥰❤️
Zayden is a sweet loving little boy who makes everyone smile around him!!
This is Keyuan, he’s 2 months old, And he loves to sleep and laugh/smile, but most importantly he’s a milk monster!!! He loves to eat lol, everyone meet my Chunky Monkey!🥰
Saint is the biggest blessing, he’s a life changer and saver, he’s always happy and calm. Mr. Saint loves to smile and play around 🥰
Kynlee Mae is my life she was the little sparkle I needed to make everything complete she has such a loving family
Tucker loves his puppy, Archie, laughing, snacks, and being outside :)
Ariella Juliet
vote for the cutest lil japanese doll🎎💕💕
Draylen Taylor
My name is Draylen Taylor I’m 7 months old . And I’m always smiling and happy baby I love been outside. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers 1 of my brothers god called home when he was 4 months old 2021
Azariyah loves her mustang walker, & the very hungry caterpillar! Shes really smart for only being 6 months old. She can sit up by herself, drink out of a sippy cup by herself and say “mama”.
Flynn loves to be outside, loves to eat, sit with his puppies and definitely loves his cuddles! He has the cutest little smile as well 🥰
I love eating lots of food & being sassy 😚✨❤️
Hi! My name is Josefina, and I love smiling at my mama and dada. I love to talk all the time and eat all the food i can!
X'zambrie is 10 months old she loves to smile and giggle at just about anything! Xzambrie loves bieng outside and likes to swing in her baby swing!! Her favorite part of the day is when she gets to interact with her older siblings!
Paisley loves to scream, pull hair, bounce up and down. Paisley also enjoys taking her diapers off, makes it a task to do so!
The sweetest baby!
Riley has been my right hand since the day she was born. She motivates me to keep going with her heart melting smile.
Laelah loves to smile and giggle. She loves to cuddle. Her bestfriend is her puppy and ofc her momma. She loves to watch colors on phones and TVs. She’s overall just a super happy baby.
Hello! My name is Declan I love playing with my toys especially my cows and getting books ready to me. My favorite books are Mr. Brown Can Moo and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!
Elijah is three months old now. He is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. His personality is so big already I love his smile and his little laugh. He loves watching paw patrol and sending time with his family.
Kynslee loves to be around family, loves to hear singing. She smiles when you call her name and love to eat❤️
Leticia means “Happiness” 💜
Nicole is 8 years old shes smart she loves dancing and skating and being on tiktok shes very outgoing and grown lol she makes you smile or brightens your day as she walks into your presence
Remi is just now starting to walk everywhere and getting her first tooth. She loves it when mommy and daddy are both home. Also remi is very good a laughing and making you laugh
Layla loves -Taking Baths -Eating her Veggies -Biting on her toys -Making people laugh at her
Gabriela is a happy little girl who loves being outside and dogs.
Raelynn Shephard
My name is Raelynn. I love to smile and make everyone around me smile. I’m funny, smart, and loving. I love peppa pig , being outdoor and especially loving on my mommy.
Jo’Ziyah LOVES talking and playing!! He loves Elmo and try’s to dance with him! He loves to go on walks at the park & loves eating he’s my chunky man💙he’s just the cutest, happiest, and funniest little man ever!
Spunky baby with the biggest blue eyes 😍
Jayden is an energetic 2 year old little boy who loves animals, singing, and finding peoples belly buttons. His favorite movie is Toy Story. He loves going for car rides.
Sweet baby Easton was born in September 2021, he was 8lbs 15 oz and 21.5 in long. He loves to play in his bouncer, watch tv, spit (toot with his mouth), and be out side. He was a surprise baby, but the biggest blessing to our family. He is so smiley and happy all the time (except when he’s hungry), he loves to eat apples, bananas, pears, peas and carrots, prunes, blueberrys, and mashed potatoes.
She loves playing peek a boo, very happy baby, extremely happy Lil girl when she sees her daddy
She's as cute as a button and lost her daddy almost a year ago
Damien is the my little country boy. He has the sweetest most loving personality and he loves to even clean and be outside being the wild dirty little boy he is!!! He is so intelligent and can light up any place we go into !!!
Baby girl is about to be 6 months old❤️ She rolls around and loves to laugh and smile with her older sister ❤️☺️
Nathan is most definitely a mommas boy. He likes cuddling anyone that holds him, he especially likes our dogs. Nathan likes when his aunts plays with him, he smiles at the little things especially when people make funny faces at him and loves the attention he gets from family and friends if he don’t get enough attention he sure does let us know.
Charlotte Joy
This bundle of joy would love to gain your vote! If she wins all the money will go to start her college fund! ❤️
Ava is the sweetest baby , she brings joy and light into everybody’s heart. Ava love cuddles and plenty of kisses and hugs and let’s not forget her naps , her giggles and smile makes the world brighter ❤️.
Ezra is mommy’s and daddy’s pride and joy. She is a sweet 6 week old baby girl who is very vocal and lets you know she wants your attention.