Baby Stories - 65


Hi my names baby Gabriel !! I'm almost 6 months old . I love blabbering all day long but I already have a 5/6 word vocabulary, mumma and dada says I'm a baby genius, I know it's because I eat all my vegatables . I love to play hide and seek with mumma &I love to fight dada . I've been sitting up all by myself since I was 4 months old .. don't let me fall over I can't get back up yet . I'm mastering the high five & also learning to clap my hands !!! Im one of the happiest babies I know .. lighting up the room is my favorite things to do
Little miss Adalind Claire is 3 months! Loves momma singing to her when she’s sad. She is definitely going to be a drama queen with her attitude and she can flick her emotions on and off like a button ❤️
Kingston is almost 2 weeks old. He loves snuggling with his mommy and daddy. He gets distracted by music or colorful pictures on the tv. Kingston is definitely a heart stealer ♥️♥️
Hello! My name is Luke! I'm a proud NICU baby! I was born at 28weeks gestational and spent 60 days in the NICU! Although, you wouldn't even know it to look at me, because i am filling out and looking just like some of my besies born full term. I have two older siblings. Lillian is 12 and Emery is 7! They are both girls who love their "little" bro! I love long baths, warm bottles and napping! My hobbies are, sucking my thumb, looking at my mommy & "cooing"! Please vote for me! Love you guys!
Melchizedek is a strong, cute baby boy who loves to cuddle and explore his surroundings.
Everett is 3 months old. 😊 He loves to smile. His favorite thing to do is eat. 🍼
H-happy A-adorable R-rowdy P-perfect E-excited R-really sweet
We struggled for two years to conceive, Louis is our miracle baby! His favorite color is purple, He is working on crawling at only 6 months and playing with the dog gets all the giggles out of him!
Kairie-Lyn was born on Oct 24 2019. Her Daddy & Mommy are Koa & Brandi.She is the little sissy to her Bubba Kaeden Hawaiian & Big Sissy/Mommy Karlie-Rose. Kairie-Lyn is such a happy, smart and loving Baby who enjoys playing outdoors & loves her wow wow(Doggy) U’i❤️❤️❤️
Adley is the happiest baby and loves to smile! He loves bathtime and watching his dog Satchi play ball :)
Violette is a strong little girl with the will to grow quickly. She is greatly amused with her big brother and enjoys squealing at him
Amara big personality and contagious smile!
Shaylee is full of fun and is always happy !! She loves dogs and cows and her family !
Leela loves smiling and trying to talk and mirror her mommy and daddy ❤️ Already rolling over on her own and and her favorite past time is talking to her hands 😂
Sassy little princess 💕
He is the sweetest baby. Loves naps, snacks, and talking who ever will listen.
Hi my name is Andrew I'm 18months old, I love animals and the outdoors. And if you wanna climb I'm there. I am such a little dare devil with scarring mommy by climbing on things where I shouldn't be👀😂
Hi, I'm Joel! I'm 4 months old and just started eating oatmeal. I love to eat, sleep, and play with my big brother.
Aiden is fun, loving, goofy and always a very happy baby! He loves to cuddle with his mother.
Always loves to smile and can brighten up anyone's day.
My name is harmonie I’m a very happy baby I like to eat,laugh,talk,and sleep. I also like to FaceTime my grandma and play on TikTok
I’m almost 4months. Loves smiling and laughing! I love to eat I’m mommy’s world but a daddy’s girl got sure.
My sweet girl is full of sass and character. It’s never a dull moment with her around. She always has a smile on her face and i love watching her grow everyday ❤️
Amari is my little miracle baby he came 6 weeks early and via c section because he was breech. This sweet boy has stolen all of our hearts with his precious face and demeanor.
Nosiah Brown
Nosiah is vastly approaching 2. He loves his dad and follows him everywhere. Cocomelon is currently his favorite show and he loves to eat and ride in his car.
Lydia is the most smartest, most fiestest little girl. She loves Minnie Mouse, Cocomelon, and doggies! 🐶
Issac is a wonderful 3 month old he loves to smile and laugh he loves his mommy he enjoys being tickled he enjoys music and people singing
Avahrie Kicking-bear
Yá'át'ééh!! My name is Avahrie Kicking-Bear 💞 My name means "From the Heavens". I am a proud Navajo Native American. I was born five weeks early, but I am finally catching up in weight and growing out of my preamie clothes!! I am sweet, cuddly, and love to be held. Please help me win this contest!!! 🥰🥰🥰
Azlynn is a happy little girl who loves her brothers, loves to play, and loves to eat. She is 10 months old. She loves to stick her tongue out. She has 4 teeth can crawl all over the place. And she is trying to walk. She is very smart. And a quick learner.Azlynn loves her momma and loves getting into mischief. She is 8 months old. Her favorite thing to do is watch Looloo Kids and dance. She can take up to 4 steps. She's almost there.
Elaina Jo loves to kick, coo, giggle, smile and cuddle with mommy. Her new favorite thing is making bubbles, grabbing items, and laughing with her daddy. 😍
Hi I'm Dax! I love being held and cuddling! I army crawl everywhere and love to stand up. I can say Mom, Dad, Toy (doy), Dog (bog) and my best friend is my older brother with paws Tahoe!
Elliot is a smart spunky little toddler ! He loves his sister and his pets ! He is my rainbow baby!
Matthew Alexander
He is my little peanut. He enjoys his swing and his loving family. His nick name is peanut because of how little he is but he is mighty...
Killian loves the color blue. He enjoys talking with his mommy and when his dad sings to him ❤
Cordell is my last he loves to eat... He always smiling at the angels. He is advancing quick. He loves to be held and talked to.
She's always happy and hyper she loves unicorns and cats her fav color is pink & she loves her family
Baby Ro loves to stare at the ceiling fan, stand with mommy, yell, giggle, smile and babble and he’s already trying to say “i love you”! He also loves to facetime mimi and is full if serious and funny faces
She is so smart and very happy
Loves meeting new people he loves food and talking a lot lol 😂
Matteo is a ball of energy and is super smart for a 3 year old. He loves being a big brother to his baby sister, playing doctor, fireman and dinosaurs. His favorite shows are Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, T.O.T.S, and Puppy Dog Pals. His smile and unconditional love will melt your heart.
Alanna is the happiest, sweetest, smiley baby! She loves to watch what is going on in the room and be part of the conversation. She also enjoys snuggling up close, playtime on her floor mat and watching TV with her big brother.
Everleigh not even 2 weeks old, she loves to snuggle mommy and eat of course!
Eleanor is a happy baby, she loves Veggies Tales, lights and designs. She loves music and dance, She's learning fast and growing even faster it seems. She had a tough start but has fought hard to over come her obstacles. She is our miracle and blessing.