Annalise is such a precious good baby since day 1🥰
She loves her mom and her dogs. She loves to be in water. She loves to be outside in the grass playing. Her favorite person is either her Mae(her grandma) or her Nana(her aunt) or her Ashy
Miss Eva loves tummy time, cuddling with mommy and daddy, and visiting with family! She is the sweetest❤️
This Is Eriana Known As Princess E😍. She Love To Watch Cocomelon😂💕And She Love Eating Up Everybody Food. Her Birthday Is Coming Up October 3rd & YES I CAN NOT WAIT🥺🎈! Mommy Loves Uu My Baby Doll.
One word to describe Ka’niyah dramatic lol but she love smiling and sucking her thumb she doesn’t like baby food SHE READY FOR ADULT FOOD. She’s a breast fed baby and she loves falling asleep on walks and drives
So bright at just 6 months‼️ Everyone loves them some Legacy‼️ She’s so smart, & funny! She Loves her brothers, sister, mommy, & daddy‼️ Can’t forget being outside, the out doors is truly her happy place‼️I promise if you meet her, you’ll love her too‼️ It’s impossible not to! ❤️
He loves putting his feet in his mouth lol screams like crazy he loves smiling and also carrot baby food
Waylon is 4 months old ! He is a Pisces ♓️ Waylon loves to laugh and blow bubbles!! His favorite show is Mickey Mouse 🐭 Waylon LOVES eating pumpkin baby food
Paisley Elaine loves being a big sister! She loves playing with her dolls, and loves playing with others.
He is almost 7 months loves to eat and climb up everything to try and stand up
Tucker Wayne is a happy little boy! He loves army crawling, and playing with others!
Khyler was born at 32 weeks! Our little fighter spent 2 entire months in the NICU. He would be 5 months old if he was full term, but he is 7 months! He is the happiest little boy! 💙
Valerie loves to swim and do cartwheels. She enjoys being outdoors and meeting new friends!
Armani is a happy happy boy. He loves to smile and coo and just loves to be loved!
emelia is a 2 month old little princess! she is so smart, so strong, and so beautiful! she loves to do tummy time and hang out with momma!
She can melt even the grinches heart with her spirit. A very happy baby . She loves her toys !
She’s a loving little girl . Loves to talk & tries so hard to explain with her hands and motions when she’s talking . She is really sassy too 🙄 always likes going shopping for clothes and shoes, but she will make your day with her funniness 😍 and cuteness
He's smart, almost walking love his dog. And can crawl real fast.
Levi is a very happy baby with so much personality. He will light up an entire room with his charming smile.
He likes to sleep most and pet my dogs
My rainbow baby 💕
Elian Charles
I’m 6 weeks old, I love to smile and sleep. I love to sleep on mommy and daddy and my favorite cartoons are blaze and paw patrol.
Hi I’m Austin, I’m 2 months old and I love to smile. I love to eat and I love belly time. I hope I made you smile.
My name is Cedro! I LOVE cars and trucks, and I LOVE to play with my big sister. I am one year old today! I was born a little early, and I am #PreemieStrong! I am the sweetest and happiest boy you will ever meet ♥️ I love to dance with my sissy and my mommy. I love when my mommy reads me books and teaches me new things. I get so excited and so proud of myself when I learn something new! I can stand up by myself, say “mama”, “dada”, “baba”, and “hi”😊 I can take up to five steps so far, and I’m very good at making everyone around me smile. I am such a happy and loving baby boy 🥰
Braylen is super silly and always laughs hard loves to eat and play with his big sister
Fun and loving..loves to eat very well behaved he rarerly cries and i have never seen a baby this little be able to laugh so hard hes a silly boy 💙
Don’Trice is a micro preemie born @27wks 4days 3months Early @1pd 9oz .She stayed in the NICU for 60days as she faught her way to survive and with that being said she’s a fighter now weighing 5pds 6oz
EVERLEIGH is a baby that has alot of personality already. She always smiles and will definitely make it known that she wants her mama.
Jasper is a happy little babe who loves to laugh and be silly 💙
Paris is a super sassy little girl . Who loves anything from Spider-Man to doc mcstuffins . She’s a super smart cookie who will be starting VPK this year . Please vote for Paris .
Brynlee is a very loving, wild, an curious toddler! 💗
Mr. 4 going on 30. Very smart, adventurous, sometimes shy, silly, and happy kid. If you ask him he has a job and is fast as sonic.
Hi, my name is Huxlee! I’m almost 6 months old and I have 2 teeth coming in! I love to give momma & daddy cuddles and I love chewing on my toes and fingers! I’m just learning how to roll over and crawl! I’m a happy baby overall and love all attention!
Hello Mr. Personality with a bright smile! Greyson is a joyful and happy boy. When he isn’t getting into everything, he is being his big brothers shadow and giving you faces for days.
This is baby Ricardo (ricky) , hes now 4 months old , and was born 2 and a half weeks early due to his plesenta not functioning properly. But thankfully he was born healthy as can be 4pounds 17inches , and now weighing 12.5 pounds and 20 inches. Hes such a joy and hes always smileing 😊❤ #VoteBabyRicky😊❤
Raelynn is a happy baby who loves to dress up and play 💕
Braxton is a 2 month old old who loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy and love watching hallmark Christmas movies with mommy and loves listening to amazing grace by Elvis Presley
Ace is very outgoing happy little guy ❤️. He is a mommas boy.
Savannah is one strong, beautiful almost 13 month old! She is full of personality, and not afraid to tell us and her big brother what she wants and when she wants it. She is amazing in every way, and will brighten up any room with her big voice and even bigger smile.
Jamesetta is one of the most kind hearted , outgoing, fun filled , and gentle people you will ever meet. She loves animals, nature, and playing with her sister!! She loves going on adventures as well as learning. She loves being around family and other kids as she’s very affectionate and very social. Her laugh is contagious!! Please look through the following photos to get to know her better an give her a vote 💛 !!
Khloe loves to go for walks loves playing in the walker swimming and playing with her brothers
Maddie is a very happy baby !!! She loves her cartoons & she loves trying to grab her feet . She officially can sit up unsupported & is learning to crawl .
Emersyn is always happy! She loves to eat and explore everything. Always on the go!
Gabriella enjoys playing with big sister, laughing with her.
Oaklynn loves playing with her doggies, rolling around & being outside! She always has a smile on her face and is always giggling 🙂
Evelyn Maddox
Best Little Personality ❤️