James likes to sing and dance
He loves outer space & making friends! He also loves to read & do math. He works great independently or in a group. His memory is unbelievable. He loves his family! Jaxon has a puppy, 2 kittens, a brother, a mom, & a dad. He's very blessed! He's 7 years old & an angel. He's growing like a weed, he's so tall!!
Thea is 2 and is bilingual in ASL and English she isn’t deaf but our goal is to be the difference in the world and help people in every way she loves to sing and dance and loves strawberry shortcake and drawing she loves makeup and getting her nails done she loves bath time and cuddling she has the best smile in the whole world and the sweetest heart you could ever meet and she is the goofiest silliest person you will ever come across
Spencer was born 6 weeks early at 34 weeks so we are NICU STRONG she is 2 months old but almost 1 month old corrected she loves to swing and she loves to be held she loves to smile and loves her big sister
Jaylan is a cuddle baby she loves to be cuddle by someone at all times just like her mommy. Jaylan loves her family specially since she gets most of their attention.
Kora is a sweet and sassy little chatterbox who loves her cows and hanging out with her big cousins 💕
This is Memphis! He’s our little bundle of sunshine! What he loves most is hanging out with his family, bathtime and of course smiling and laughing!
Gabriel is a real life Angel. Born with a rare birth defect called Gastroschisis, lived through a brain surgery, and still manages to smile all day every day. He is the definition of pure love and joy. He is the toughest, most curious little bean who lights up every room he’s in!
Christopher is 4 months old, he loves sucking his thumb and talking.. he makes lots and lots of noise and his smile is to die for ❤️❤️
Brayden likes to listen to music and likes to dance with his mom watch TV with his Dad
Aria is 2 month old and loves to snuggle, and sleep. She has also started rolling over and loves her big sister and her doggy brothers.
Hi! My name is Jackson! I am a cancer warrior and survivor! I love to play with my trucks, be outside on the farm, and hang out with my big sisters! 🎗🎗
Khaius is 2 and has a speech delay but you better believe that doesn’t stop him from talking lol 😂. Khaius is a huge daddies boy and loves his brothers to death. Khaius is super sweet and loves fruit and yogurt. Khaius enjoys every last one of his toys . His favorite thing to do is laugh and wrestle.
Khaiel’s Favorite Hobby is smiling and laughing. He’s rarely ever in a bad mood 😇. He just started solids and he lovesss that also.Khaiel crawls everywhere since he learned how 😭.His favorite people right now are dad and big brother .
Lola is a spunky little girl with so much personality and attitude. Her smiles are contagious and she brightens up our world everyday!! She laughs at funny faces and is trying to make them back at us. LOVES crinkle toys and the Pocoyo show. She’s kinda petite but you know what they say. Tiny but mighty!! And I think she likes it that way
This is Amiri, he's the cutest little man (at least to his mama). He loves to sleep, talk, and he definitely loves his milk!
Elias Giovanni
They are 1 years old funny full of energy and completely attached to each other.
Brayden loves his paw patrol sippy cup and playing with his basketball his favorite food is spaghetti go go squeeze is his fave snack
Kareem is our miracle baby after two miscarriages we were blessed and extremely excited for another life to Love the youngest of 5 with a 10yr separation between our youngest boy. He is so energetic sweet and so full of life, he is mommy and daddys rainbow baby 🥰
Nathan is my little mijo 💙🫶 he has the cutest little attitude and sass and so energetic 🥰 he loves his two big brothers so much ! He climbs on everything and crawls everywhere! He is the sweetest creation ever 😍
Even though this baby girl is technically still newborn, she loves to make the funniest faces and loves her milky. Please Vote! 🥰
Sebastian is my middle child. He's a daddy's boy. And he for sure keeps us on ours toes.
Christian is my oldest of 3. He's definitely a mommy's boy. He loves his kitty and he loves dinosaurs. 🦕🦖
Amera Leanne is such a happy baby and always smiling! She is very loving, loves snuggling, and having mommy read books to her!
She is the happiest baby I know and she already has such a beautiful personality. Her mommy is her favorite and she loves bath time.
She loves dancing and is very unique child so much like a diva lol she always plays in make up and my hair weave she just a cute kid 😊and smart this girl is funny why should u vote for her she. Sweet heart who loves to make people laugh my tru diva
Deandre loves to sing and bounce up and down. He loves Elmo and most of all, he loves mommy.
😎Robot lover, brightest smile 😊brain and vocabulary of a 12 yr old 😂& has heart of a lion 🥰 If he could have it his way he would eat his “Specialty” everyday ….cheese eggs and bacon 🥴 he is so full of love and laughter. Kareem was sent here to show us there is a such thing as pure unconditional love 🌞🍭💕💓💝
Ya’sir is The Most Happiest Baby I’ve known . Very Smart , loves Food ! , Being kissed and being talked to ❤️.
Talia loves letting people take her pictures she loves the attention ❤️
Remington is 6 years old, she loves to sing and go to church. She is the first sibling out of 5 total. She has a very kind heart and loves to do anything adventurous!
alayiah is very outgoing , she loves being held & w people. she loves to chew on her hand & she loves her big brother ❤️
Mr. Colby is a new born but has an amazing personality and steals everyone heart when he meets them. He is amazingly smart and has many different face expressions. Mr Colby was born 3 and a half weeks early and he is already following u with his eyes and listening. Voting for colby will show people that no matter how small or early u have a baby they will still overcome anything that comes their way and it will be ok.
She is a lovely baby , loves to smile and spend time with her dogs
My little girl was born 5 weeks early and graduated the nicu early too. She’s my little drama queen and loves when all the attention is on her. She can already roll from her front to her back. Her favorite time of day is bath time.
Jalen Elias, 8 months old, loves mommy and daddy, favorite thing to do is smile 😊
Finley is on the go 24/7. She loves animals and playing in water. This girl keeps us on our toes 💛
Braylee is the most happiest, sassy little girl you’d ever meet!💖 She can truly light up a room with her precious smile!☺️ Her favorite things are her momma, her brother, and anything to do with Winnie the Pooh🥰
Roman is our rainbow baby. He knows it too, he’s always been a ray of sunshine on anyones cloudy day. Full of color and life, smiles & love, this boy will steal your heart.
Callie-Ann loves Minnie Mouse, playing with her big sister, and participating in beauty pageants.
This is Jakari he love eating and laughing and playing with he love watching bluey and sleeping his day away he a very smart and funny baby he love giving hugs and love spitting everywhere his favorite thing to do it to eat his twin brotha hand and play with his toys.
She is full of life, and full of love, she loves kisses, she is a goofy baby , she loves to smile , she is so happy all the time we are a blessed family
Jaxton is a super smart loving boy! His laugh would melt your heart.
Colt was born premature and spent 5 days in the nicu due to his breathing. He is the most sweetest, spunky 8 month old you’ll ever meet! He LOVES people!
Enzo is the sweetest most adventurous mommas boy you will ever meet! His bright blue eyes and contagious smile will light up any room!