Baby Stories - 64


Hazel is 4 months old and the happiest baby ever! She loves to smile, laugh and hear her own voice. Quite the chatterbox she is! Hazel is 5 months old today! She is full of smiles, laughs and raspberries lol! She has found her feet now and they have became as much of a play toy as her toys have.....she's just amazing in evey way possible love her to the moon and back😍
Brooklyn is a miracle baby💫 She is always a happy baby👶 like to smile🙂 she loves people 💗
Hello world, My name is Amelia Marie and I love mamas boob juice and being sang to. Singing relaxes me. :)
Kylie is the sweetest little girl and so smart. She’s always laughing and making everyone smile 🥰. She loves to jump, kick, talk up a storm, and feed herself new foods!
Willow is almost 6 months, she LOVES to growl, smile, and now laugh!! She’s a mommies girl and sure enough is nothing short than perfect!
Just a baby boy full of smiles and loves. ❤️
Karsen is a little diva but she is so sweet! She LOVES all things food wise and her family ♥️
Hayden is 4 months and she is such a joy to be around she has filled our hearts with so much love! She likes to play and kick on her play mat & she loves to talk to you and smile back ♥️♥️
Hi everyone, my Grandma put me in this Contest, to help my mommy and daddy. My mommy is sick, and my daddy had to quit his job to take care of me and my mommy. Please like my page and i will return the like😍😍. I love trying to walk, playing with my toys and puppy. My favorite things are Minnie Mouse , veggies, bath time, my mommy, daddy, and my Grandparents.
J.E.T.T. laughs, talks and entertains!!! 4 months old and happy as can be.
Terrell loves creating short commercials, playing Fortnite and entertaining family members with his upbeat comedy
Mommys Mighty Mouse
Isaac loves to smile and talk, he is always smiling. His favorite thing to do is eat 😂
Londyn loves to hear the words “pop goes the wiesel”. If you want to see her smile just say that!💗
Brayden is the sweetest!! He loves to eat, wave hi to everyone, stand up to everything and play with his two sisters. He’s a mommas boy but loves dada too:) he’s a blessing and we love him very much. #Mylilman
Noah likes to eat sleep and be in mommas arms 247. He is such a good baby he loves his momma!
Iley is now home from the nicu and happy as ever! She loves bath time!
She is most deff a daddys girl, her first smile was to her dad, her calmest times are with him,
She's my miracle baby she's full of life she loves to dance she's got a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor ❤
Gabriella is most definitely a daddy’s girl. She smiles and coos at him endlessly! Her favorite things are snuggling with mama, eating, and spending time with her Mimi’s and papa’s. She has stolen the hearts of so many people and continually amazes us with her growth and her little personality!
She loves talking, eating them toes, and lives in her bouncer! She’s is quite the character and the happiest baby ever. We also call her chonkers and baby butt ♥️
She's an active 6 going on 7 month baby. She's talkitive and Will talk your ear off. Telling you stories and etc. She is a happy baby. Will put a smile on your face.
Christopher James
CJ is a great little boy so happy enjoys playing outside everything that normal kids like to do but he's a sweetheart loves his mommy and his mommy loves him.
Scarlett is a verry loving little girl with a big personality! She has such a big heart and loves her sisters. Loves to dance 💃 and sing verry full of sass and spunk ☺ thank you for voting for us !!!!
Logan is 7 months old the sweetest little boy you could ever meet always has a smile on his face loves other little kids has some beautiful blue gray eyes please vote for my little boy. He's the biggest cuddle bug and just wants to lay with his mommy for his bedtime and is nappies. He's getting so big so quick he even eats adult food and absolutely loves it his mommy's little chubby bubba. Show my baby some love
Iker loves to smile at people to brighten their day 🌞
Kaydence is a pure ray of sunshine. She is so smart and is always happy. Vote for her because she is going to grow up and make a huge difference for this world. She’s so full of love.
This is Lucas! Such a fun loving, mommas boy!
She fills everybody's heart with so much love. She enjoys baby talking to her big brother n big sister.
River is the happiest, smiliest baby! He loves to jump in his jolly jumper, watch Mickey Mouse, and cuddle with mommy.
Brooklyn is full of joy and will bring a smile and melt your heart everytime she is in your presence.
Peighten is a sweet little girl who enjoys spending time with her mommy and daddy, being held, “playing” with her two dogs, looking at the ceiling fan, and smiling! She is such a happy baby and a joy to be around, her smile is truly infectious. We would love to do vote exchanges, please leave a comment if interested! 💜 I’m not good about writing on walls when my votes are completed, but if you check the “who’s votes today” you’ll see me and my votes 😁💜
Xavien is 3 months old, born on April fools! He can hold his head up very well, he rolls over, loves to blab and loves his mommy!
Sophia And Julia
My beautiful nieces they are double the trouble there personality is very lovable they love to laugh they are very smart and intelligent twins ❤️❤️❤️
This little lady is so full of love and joy she always has a smile on her face and filled with laughter she truly is a bundle of joy🥰
My little preemie who is now as happy as can be! loves smiling and loves getting attention!
A happy baby that absolutley loves being outside more than anything. He's a momma's boy and really likes spending time with his sister!
He a Miracle baby he almost died twice but is still here ty god and u a happy baby and a love baby
Jackson is so sweet, he loves to cuddle and listen to you sing ❤️
Jordan is a fun loving handsome little man. Every where he goes he makes people smile. He loves to give out hugs and will kiss u on the cheek when carried
He’s amazing in every way his my blessing he love to smile everyday and his very sweet
Arianna is 4 years old and she is very smart and intelligent she is a super model she is also very creative stuff Arianna likes to do is go to the beach 🏖 she also loves to be with her family as you see in the picture she is daddy’s girl she loves to go around places with her daddy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kristen loves crawling, talking, and playing with bubba, she has so much sass and love to eat she things she is the boss and knows she is beautiful ❤️
Look at that smile.
The name Sloan means warrior, and that she is! This 3 year old is intense in everything she does. She loves life. She is brilliant, a comedian, an empath, lover and adventurer. She makes her presence known to the world through her joy. Her favorite things to do are climb and dance. Her favorite food is pizza because “pizza is life” If I had to describe Sloan in one word it would be fearless. She loves to learn and is very independent. To know her is to admire her grace and joy as she dances through her best life.
Isabella is a happy, beautiful, energetic little girl with the greatest personality 🖤💗🤍
My name is Royalty Marie and I love to listen to everyone sing to me and talk. My favorite song is Apples and Bananas. My favorite food is squash. I love my Mommy,Daddy, and Mamaw. Outside time is the best. Vote for me and I will be smiling a million smiles.