my super cute princess that loves to eat!🥰💓
Carson loves playing outside, he also loves cats and dogs, especially cats. Carsons favorite thing is anything that has to do wit Mickey Mouse...
Miss Arylann Kay is all smiles even though she spent the first 13 days of her life in a NICU. We worried about loosing her my whole pregnancy as I was considered a double high risk. She was born at 37weeks and was taken from me right away. I wasent able to hold her or anything for the first 5 days of her life. We are home now and trying to get back on our feet. We'd love for everyone to vote just to show her support. Weather we win or loose we are just happy out babygirl made it home💯❤️
Mia is such a happy baby. Always picture ready with an infectious smile! 🥰
Logie Bear is always smiling unless he's hungry. He loves everyone and makes everyone's day with that sweet face.
Happy 😊
When life gets you down ,think of of this face.
She's likes to go for walks. she love being outside.
My 2nd beauty queen❤️❤️
Annika is one of the most chill babies I've ever been around. She's definitely a mommy's girl right now! She loves bath time and being outside! Please vote for me!
She loves reading time, stickers and playing with her friends.
Zaiden King
Zaiden is a very energetic little boy. Zaiden loves being outside and playing with his bike. He loves mac n cheese and fruit. LOTS of fruit. He’s also a very stubborn little boy just like his mom. Zaiden has had huge feet since he was born and long legs. He’s sprouting so fast. Vote for my little boy❤️
Vote for Elijah he is 6 months and is a happy lovable baby he is now sitting up on his own and loves to eat his feel
Roseanna loves to dance, she loves to sing
Brooklynn is my granddaughter she loves to play with her toys she always so happy her smile lights up a bad day
Carson saved his mommy and daddy from a lot of things he doesn’t understand yet how much he is loved he likes watching forged in fire long naps he stayed through mommy’s surgery when she was 7 months pregnant and continues to thrive he’s growing so strong so fast his mommy and daddy are very proud of him
Hayes loves being talked to when he is alert and is the sweetest when he coos at momma
Harper loves watching tv and cuddling with mommy and she loves playing with her daddy
Ellie Jaymes is always full of smiles and brightens up any room she is in.
Brooke loves to smile especially when she is being social like her mom. She’s a party girl who always stays up and never naps!
This is my baby boy cairo asher ! He loves to cuddle w his mommy and hang out w his brother and sisters !! 💙
Born on Thanksgiving, she gives me a blessing to be thankful for everyday. ❤️
Whitleys favorite thing to do is eat, she loves all food.
Kaleah Lashae
Kaleah is the sweetest and happiest 1 Month Old ever! She loves to babble and smile at mama and dada. She loves her bows and looks the cutest in every color! She’s a big chunka butt with an even bigger attitude! Vote Lele!❤️
Emery W
My sweet Emery Else loves to smile, laugh, watch Mickey Mouse in her swing and kick those tiny little legs around☺️ She can just brighten your day up! You will never catch sissy not smiling. She is mommy’s sweet little blessing.❤️
He Is 21 months old and loves to dance and sing to Christian music and loves blippi he’s so energetic and loves being outside
Ryder blaze is our newest addition and the youngest of three boys. He LOVES being talked to and called by the nickname name his brother gave him "ryyree". He smiles so big and will full on, belly laugh at you!!! He's our cuddle bug ❤️
Little miss marilyn is named after her grate grandmother who passed for she could meet her also my marilyn is such a happy baby always with a smile on her face marilyn loves her mama her dad and her big sister marilyn loves to make alot of noises she loves watching strawberry short cake marilyn love to be talked to marilyn is a very good baby for 4 month old please vote for my little miss marilyn
Alicia is the most sweetest baby you’ll meet, she will smile at you and capture you with her eyes and double Dimples. She’s energetic, and always on the move. 🤍🤍
She loves to blow spit bubbles, roll over, and play with her sister and brothers.
There’s not a smile out there that brings as much joy as Benjos.. he’s the cutest man and to see him laugh will make you melt everytime!
Micah loves his paci and his boppy seat and to cuddle with his mommy ❤️
Emily is the most sweetest toddler ever. She loves to dance around and walk around like she owns the place. Always giving hugs and kisses to all her favorite people.
Little Axel is 10 months old, he loves his Cheetos, Mac and cheese, ANYTHING to do with mommy and daddy. He says dadaaa, baba, hey, ahhh. He pulls up on things and scoots around, he does this one legged scoot(I'll get a video!!), Toys are a must anything that makes noises he adores. He loves to go on walks and just admire nature!! He loves to meet new people and to take pictures, he has never met a stranger, and flirts hard with his eyes!! He is the most happy, loving, outgoing baby ever!! Literally everyone that See's/meets him says how handsome and chunky he is, he weight 27.14, and is 25inches and some change long!!!
Owen loves to scream and laugh. He knows how to climb everything. He has the biggest brown eyes and the biggest smile.
She’s got plenty of spunk! Ellianna is the happiest little girl, she smiles constantly and will warm your heart in seconds!
She’s funny happy and a very loving baby.
Elena is a mamas girl she loves her big sister and isn’t sure about baby brother because she has to share our cuddles she loves seeing our goat, and playing with her blocks. She could spend all day in the water if we would let her she has the biggest smile could light up a room with those dimples and bright blue eyes she’s the sweetest little girl ever💗
Trinity Grace
Trinity Grace is a happy, busy little girl. She’s just learned how to take her first steps and excitedly exploring the world around her. She’s a girl that knows what she wants and she’s gonna get it! Her current likes are anything not banana and oatmeal.
River is almost two and the second of three boys. He is all about daddy and anything outside. He loves to go fast a ride daddy's motorcycle, loves fishing, and playing ball. Absolutely loves dirt bikes and his baby brother ❤️
My angel on earth. I was told I would have a hard time getting pregnant. Infertile. But possible with medical help. Well this little monkey came to my life after I met her father, my blessing. She loves to stare at mom and dad. Is holding her head up for longer periods of time, and rolls from side to side. She is vicious when it comes to her bottle or when breastfed. She squeaks all the time and it’s adorable.
Mayah smiles all day long. She loves watching you talk shes trying to figure it out. She loves watching her big brothers play and hearing her daddy sing.
Baby J , he is the most happiest, energetic, sweetest, and intelligent baby! He brightens everyone’s day with just his presence , his chunky cheeks , and his precious smile. He’s very photogenic. He loves watching himself on the camera ,and spending time with his family! His favorite tv show so far is Dave & Ava. He try’s to sing-along.
Cam is 4 and is the oldest of three boys. He is the best big brother. He loves fishing, riding dirt bikes, and has jokes for days ❤️
She's an amazing little girl that I wouldn't trade for in the whole wide world. I love my baby and she has been a big blessing and have changed my life for the better.
Alli’Yonna is 2 weeks almost 3 weeks old , she’s such a sweet loving baby and already has a sassy attitude . She loves her daddy and her momma so much , she’s all smiles . 🫶🏼 And the prettiest princess . 👑💖
She was born with a complete unilateral cleft lip and palate, she could care less about it. She's never let it stop her or take away her shine. Never a dull moment with her she is nothing but smiles ☺️