Baby Stories - 64


Jonah loves bath time and FaceTiming his grandma every morning. He also likes his tummy massaged and listening to Spotify baby lullaby’s and stories. Everyone that meets him can’t help but adore him and his cuteness!
Taylar is a special little girl. Shes the very best big sister.
A sweet little squirmy worm who loves to play and give big smiles!
Marley is 9 months now, born the day after Valentines Day, two weeks early. She loves to be outdoors, spend time with our kitties, and crawl everywhere:)
Selena is an active little fairy, so loves to stand, is trying to do so without holding on more and more. She thinks daddy is perfect for sleeping on, but mommy is better for feeding her.
Harper has been proving the “Preemie curve” wrong since day one. She laughs and smiles more than anyone we’ve ever seen, and is so happy and loving. Harper loves animals, music and loves to play. Her favorite people are her Marine (dad) and her firefighter (grandpa). She plays and shares her toys with her cousins and loves to give them kisses
Peyton is the sweetest little girl! She is a firecracker born of the 4th of july!
Lily is silly and cuddly. She brightens our days.
Russell is a very strong, loving, happy boy who loves to play and have conversations 😁
RaeLynn is 2 months old. She loves her grandparents very much. She has so many face expressions. She laughs a lot, she also loves dogs. She already rolling over on her own. She's a very beautiful little girl. We all love her very much.
Nandi is new only 6 weeks old! She is sweet and loves to cuddle!
Baby Nolan is two weeks old who was brought to me by and angel from above.He loves when you sing and talk to him. He specifically loves cuddles. Please vote for baby Nolan and help us win to show him how much hes loved.
Micah is the most happy happy ever. He always has a smile on his face. His favorite thing so far is food and bath time. He loves going for walks outside. He is in love with the Wiggles.
Kyson is an extremely outgoing and happy little guy that loves his friend Mickey!
Kason is a super happy baby that loves to have all of the attention
Ender is very happy baby. He loves sucking on his hands, And tunmy time.
Gabriel Alexander
💝👶🌈 Gabriel 🌈👶💝 aka Baby G, is my 2 year old Rainbow Baby. He is ALL boy. He loves to laugh (and snort!) and his favorite things in life are food (especially Chinese or anything with ranch!) his daddy and our dogs. He’s a big guy for his age who is always passing his milestones ahead of schedule. He likes to go to sleep listening to Chuck Mangione’s “Feel So Good.” His Daddy means everything to him and when he’s away with military duties dad does everything he can to video chat with him and play his song. We know he’s going to do great things in life!
Elaina Jo, born on her great grandmothers’ birthday, loves her milk and hearing mommy sing. She loves kicking off her socks and has the cutest smile!
Brooklyn has the biggest heart of anyone you will ever meet. She is smart and knows how beautiful she is. You can’t help but just love her!
In June this year we were blessed with our twin boys. Zackary and Elijah they were born 16 weeks premature. We sadly lost Elijah but Zackary held on and fought a very long and tough battle. He is finally home and thriving his loves cuddle time with mommy and daddy and he loves flashing lights and colorful objects. He brings his mommy and daddy so much love and joy!
Baby Z
Hi my name is maddy and I love to eat and sleep and play with my siblings🧒🏼👦👩🏼👩🏻‍🦰
Xavier was born 3months early and is a really big fighter. Loves to watch football with his family and is the sweatest little guy
Chandler is the happiest and easy going baby! He loves outside, his older siblings and Momma! He is a very good sleeper and already crawling everywhere! 😍 Chandler is such a big blessing to our family!
Zaylen is a sweet smart 5 month old baby who is very much spoiled and he loves his mommy to pieces! Please vote for my sweet boy
Beyond beautiful and a very happy and smart baby❤️
Your smile lights up our world ! Happy boy, loves eating, playing, music, and getting into everything !
Karson is 7 months old and is a big mommas boy hes very loving and active and loves playing with his momma
Waylon just turned 5 months old & is cutting teeth already He enjoys; Napping cooing at ceiling fans Trying to crawl Smiling at EVERYONE that talks to him
Harley is an amazing kid, that’s advanced for his age. He loves playing on his computer, and photobombing pictures.
She absolutely loves her momma and all 3 of her big brothers!!
This is Alonna, she is 3 years old loves the snow and the beach! Sheknows how to count to 20 knows all her ABC’s and knows most all her colors! She is sassy and loves her mommy, daddy, nene, nena, papa, aunties, uncles, and all her cousins!
Kairi is a happy baby, full of laughter, smiles, and sass. We were told that I could never have kids. She showed those doctors.
Violet Rose: my heart, my soul, my life ❤️
Austin loves taking pictures and spending time with his two brothers
Myles is 6 months old. He has a older brother he adores. He is always smiling. Loves Mickey Mouse and friends. He crawls around or in his walker going everywhere lol.
Emmerly Alexandra also called Emmy is one of the happiest babies! She is a daddy's girl and mommy's world!
Tatum is a very active and talkative happy boy😊
She loves her mommy, daddy, and baby brother. Absolutely loves food. And loves giving kisses to everyone
Ryder is such a good baby and is very vocal already he’s loves his mom Dad and his fur sister 💙
Kinsley is very outgoing girly girl! She loves anything that has to do with high heels dresses are makeup!
Leon loves to fall asleep to Deadmau5. He can do special tricks, like pee on you when you least expect it. His smile can light up any room, making him such a joy to be around.
My name Elija, mommy and daddy call me JaxJax (Middle name Jaxon) I love to laugh && giggle with my mommy on the daily. My happy place is in the bath tub where I love to float around kicking my feet, mommy says it’s because I’m getting ready for the Olympics when I get older. Oh && I love to pee on mommy when she is changing my stinky diapers lol, it makes me giggle!
Iris is my first baby and she’s 3 mouths old.She loves her daddy and will try to talk back to him when he say I love you and she always has the big smiles for him.
Named after my Cuban great grandmother, Alicia, I'm 1/4 Cuban, 1/4 Ukrainian, Native American and English. I love music, animals, and bugs 💜 My birthday is Halloween! Please help me win the November contest!