Baby Stories - 64


He's the happiest little guy that loves being sung to, watching Cocomelon and going for long walks in his stroller.
Jakob Jr
I love my Mommy and Daddy so much. I love to play, take baths and I’m obsessed with my bottle! My favorite thing to do is climb, bounce around and snuggle my mommy on our couch! Vote for me please 🧡
Willow is such a happy 6 month old. She is always smiling and giggling. She loves her sister and brother more than anything. Also is highly fascinated with her animals ❤
AspenTide, 8 months and loves anything food and is happiest watching Pokémon and being held by mommy
Ryan loves to be snuggled by his mommy and daddy especially his daddy sometimes when he’s mad he likes to grab daddy’s beard followed with a smile. He also likes to snuggle his Grammy and papa and nana and his aunties and uncles This handsome guy is just loving life❤️
Kennedy loves to eat her toes and avocados! She yells all day long to herself.
Chariah is 3 months old and learning how to sit up and put her fingers in her mouth.Chariah is her mom little Princess.
Damon, (aka Dj), is a very fun loving, energetic, lovable, squishable little 1 1/2 year old. He’s always on the move and very clearly isn’t camera shy!! He loves all things trucks, mostly fire trucks and playing with his mega blocks. He loves telling the craziest stories and he’ll tell anyone who will listen to him. He LOVES talking! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out, much love💙
Averie is fun loving rotten little one year old and her mama is her biggest fan! She loves animals and loves snack time!
Hayden loves Mommy and Daddy snuggles, food, bouncing up and down and rocking back and forth. He loves to scoot backwards and in circles. He adores his husky, Willow and loves getting puppy kisses from her. Vote for Hayden!!! LET’S GO PENS!
Maeve loves to smile and learn about the world around her!
Isabelle is a lovable caring 2 year old. Loves to sing songs and talk and have a whole conversation with you. She loves Minnie Mouse and her big sister she is an amazing little girl
Quinn is an amazing big sister. She loves to help with her sister and mommy. She love barbie dolls and doing hair. She is in gymnastics And loves it.
Axel is 5 . He’s a wild child always full of energy. Loves the outside.
Jayden is 1yrs old! Hes very active and smart! He loves watching anything musical. He enjoys playing with his blocks! Hes the cutest baby ever! Vote for him!
Sierra is a spunky 7 year old who loves to sing and dance! She has a smile that will light up a room!
This sweet 2 month old is just learning the world around him. But he loves when we sing and read to him.
Something interesting and amusing about this little guy is he crawl’s on his back he looks like a lil inch worm, kash loves to dance and his favorite fruit is a Mango ♥️
Ezra is my happy little boy from Greenville, South Carolina! He loves rolling on his tummy, playing with his toy piano and cuddling with Mom and Dad.
Aurora is 1 month old and she was born 8/31/2021 was suppose to be 9/26/2021 but my water broke at 4am and she didn't come till 4:48pm. I'm glad to have a baby human like her and her 11 month old sister as well. I love my girls and my snuggles
Quinton just started sitting by himself along with pulling himself up on things. He’s an outgoing sweet little man💙
Carson loves playing with his puppies, bath time, and playing with mommy and daddy!
Stratton loves being outside, eating, and crawling all over the place!
Makana is a very energetic toddler. She enjoys watching Cocomelon and dancing to the beat.
Everyone calls her riri 💕 this little girl is the meanest, funniest, but most beautiful baby ever 😊 she’s obsessed w/ Minnie Mouse && food!! Also LOVES dancing and music 🥰
Kylie is such a happy baby. Always smiling and laughing when she is awake. She loves the attention. She loves to be held and loved on. She really enjoys bath time and kicks her feet in the water playing.
He is such a mommas boy. Loves dinosaurs and puppies.
Mommas little girl. Loves peppa pig, blippi, and minecraft
Hi! That was Madison’s first word. She loves greeting people and high fives.
Killian is such a sweet boy and all around smiley and happy baby! His favorite things are being outside, rolling over and anything he can put in his mouth.
Ailynn is celebrating 2 weeks of exclusively breast feeding! 💛 She is the last baby to our family of 4 kids! 💛
Kole is a happy baby he wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy! He loves our dog hulk and food lol!!! He will make anybody having a bad day better! He loves music!!! He has the most sweetest smile!
Grayson loves cocomelon and going outside.
Hi I’m Hazel but, people call me Angel Face. I like cooing and watching Barney. I am very curious and, love the company of people especially my mommy and daddy! 👶🏾🌱💕😇
Jessa is in kindergarten and is very talkative! She is very sweet and wants to be everyone's friend!
Dior sleeps and hiccups in his spare time♥️ His favorite thing to do is nose snuggling with mommy♥️
Jaden is a sweet baby even though he does like to pull his mommas hair 😝
EmberLynn loves to sit up and watch tv, loves watching her daddy play games. And her favorite thing is to cuddle with momma and daddy♥️
Gavin is a very happy little almost 3 month old. Loves to smile and laugh, if hes crying and the second you start talking to him he stops crying and starts smiling and making coo noises. He was born at 5lb 15oz 18 1/2 inches long. And almost 3 months later he is now 10lb 12oz
Josiah Antonio born 9-29-2018, 9:16AM, 7.5pounds 19.5inches . I love my mommy and daddy. I love spending time with my cousins, my grandparents, and my uncles and aunties. I love Spider-Man, all super hero’s, I love dancing and being silly. Also in a contest at: Please vote!
He’s 3Months old an love to play & Dance his favorite show to watch is Elmo he’s a cancer baby & he’s so perfect 🤩 VOTE FOR JONAH !!
Riley is a wide open boy he loves to run and play outside
My name is MaKenna I'm 2 months old! I love to watch Mickey mouse and play with my big brother! I also love to smile, get my picture taken and laugh and coo!
He loves his Mickey ears
Veronica is the happiest smiling amazing baby she is truly a miracle
Xylei loves her family and pets. She has a huge heart, is rambunctious, and can make anyone laugh with her shenanigans. She is shy when she wants to be, but the most lovable little girl I know.