Baby Stories - 63


Gracie is a happy little girl and incredibly smart.she knows her colors and can count to 10.
Nylah loves playing video games with her brothers&Dancing,she also loves other kids she never meets a stranger!!
Hello, my name is Gianna. I love to talk, smile & giggle. I am a very loving baby who truly brightens anyone’s day. I love my mommy & daddy. Thank you for your vote ☺️💞
Jeziah Velazquez
He is the light to my day he is a happy healthy baby. All Glory be to God!
Sadie is loving, energetic, playful, and smart little girl.
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Julio is such a good baby! He love to be around his family and to take naps and enjoys to hear his sister songs!
Anijah loves socializing with everyone. She loves the outdoors and doing everything on her own. She loves Coco Melon/Barney and spending time with her brother and sisters. She is the life of the party. If you are feeling down she’ll definitely put a smile on your face.
Archer loves hanging out with his Daddy and his puppies. He has six of them! He is already so strong, even at just three weeks old. He is such a good baby, he hardly cries or fusses.
Corrina is the best thing that happened to me.
Miss Stella is the youngest of 4! She is definitely the wild child, tomorrow is her birthday!! The Big ONE! Stella loves playing with her brothers and sister and also is obsessed with her daddy!
Effrom is the sweetest boy. He loves when people talk to him, loves his giraffe that he can chew, and loves telling stories. Mommas milk is his favorite thing, and he loves his big sister!
Hi my name Atticus Allen Mundy. I love cuddles with mom and dad while watching everything - my facial expression says it all
A’Riyah is very smart , playful, goofy, & loving. She love toys that light up, colors, snacks(ice cream/cheese puffs)and juice. A’Riyah is very helpful as far as waking me up for work lol she’s already a big helper & she deserves any generous vote/gift that’ll be given and we will be thankful 🥰
Easton Connor is 3 months old loved to laugh and smile all day . He is such a smart and loving baby .
Once Mizael walks in the room he has everyone cracky up. He has the funniest,smartest personality ever. He loves traveling and going to a lot of different places. Of arcades and trampoline parks are his favorite ❤️
She loves to run around bare foot. With her dress spinning hair all over the place an her play makeup on. She is a girly girl. But likes to also show her whiled free side. She has an infectious smile. This picture represents everything of who she is.
Miss Nirvanna loves to sleep and laugh with her Daddy! She is already starting to try to crawl and roll around♥️
William Lee
He is now almost 4 months, we like to squeel chew on our hands and find our feet. We love to watch elmo, his favorite is cookie monster. We love bathtime and smiles
Meet our bundle of joy Rahyan who loves some broccoli!
This is Baylee she’s 6 months old, she loves cuddles from mommy, loves her puppy dog, and loves playing with toys❤️
Azariah rose is a sweet beautiful babygirl
She loves to talk and smile. Shes such a happy little baby.
Eliseo was born 6 weeks early, the week before my baby shower to be exact. For being a preemie baby he sure does not act like it! Eliseo loves cuddles and he laugh is so contagious. His favorite things to do are cuddle with mommy and daddy and go for car rides! Please give Eliseo a vote !💛
Rhett Brooks
Rhett is just so sweet, look at that face! He loves to grunt when he’s hungry, he hates diaper changes with a passion, he loves bath time, and tolerates tummy time!
Tony is as his shirt says it all. He coos, grunts and growls every morning. He loves tummy time and his warm baths.
Johnathan loves blueberries, cuddles and dancing!
Colton is the happiest baby! He loves his mommy and daddy, laughing, playing in his jumper, swimming, and being out in nature.
Merritt is the sweetest, happiest baby, he is always smiling and loves to play right now. He constantly is kicking his feet 90 to nothing and his dad and I think he will skip walking and just run everywhere. We’re in trouble when he becomes mobile 😂😂 please vote for us!!
With only 3 short months on this earth precious little Harper Grace is such a happy little bundle of joy. She is just full of smiles and little baby giggles.
Waylon is so precious , his smile can light up you’re whole day ! See the pictures below of our precious little man ❤️❤️ Don’t forget >>>> VOTE WAYLON FOR TN !!!! <<<<< hit the share button listed below and hit the like button please !!
Drayson is full of life! Loves to laugh and play, he's very affectionate and loves the show puppy dog pals! He's definitely a momma's boy! But loves his poppa! 😍💙😘 Also a daddy's boy!💪🏼 Show my baby some love and vote 💙💙💙
Izzy is one of the adventure girls she loves going to new places and exploring
Marshall Outlaw
Marshall was born on St. Patrick's Day, loves watching Blaze and The Monster Machines, he loves to be outside, he is a smiley, giggling, happy baby, he loves when i sing to him!!
She graced the world 🌎 with her arrival. Decided to come one day after her due date, just like mommy. Brilliant, curious, opinionated, strong baby girl Nilah Melanie🥰💗. Sweet as can be! A blessing from God indeed! 🙏🏽 6 months going on 6 years lol 😆
Lacey is the sweetest baby, she will absolutely melt your heart. She wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling. She is super silly and loves to play with her baby brother
Dylan is a sweet, loving little baby. He loves to sing and play with his big sister. He also loves dancing put on a good song and he will put the biggest smile on your face.
She loves he getting kisses from her big brother and snuggling with her daddy
Michael is the sweetest baby. Definitely a momma’s boy! He LOVES hats 🧢 of any kind, playing outside, FOOD & his family of course ❤️ He’s super protective of his mommy & his cousin Ayvre Rose, which he adores. He puts on his own shoes, brushes his own teeth & feeds himself. He has a smile that can light up any room he’s in 🥺🥰
Aushiaonna was a 23week old premature baby who’s big and healthy now she loves to read play outside with kids at the she loves chicken nuggets she sweet kind and just all round a great kid and big sister
Emma is my rainbow baby. She’s such a happy baby she loves when I sing to her she wakes up with that beautiful smile every morning and reminds me that I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Fun loving 5 month old babygirl!
Kynzie is a happy energetic loving little princess that loves her mommy and daddy. She is very very smart and very photogenic please vote please ty
A’Keeda is such a focus baby she loves to see my face and her big sister she loves to pitch her cheeks out of love 💕 and set up and talk baby talk with us when she’s not sleeping
She enjoys hanging out with big bro n big sister.
KeAzjah’s smile can brighten anybody’s day!😍 she is so smart, outgoing and has the cutest sassy attitude. Her personality is everything and she LOVES meeting new people, she definitely soaks up all the attention she gets from anybody that comes in contact with her💕💗
Hi my name is Leo but my parents call me Mimi! I am a pro at making unique noises and making mommy and daddy laugh! I love to giggle and I have the biggest smile!! I would love some votes!