Baby Stories - 63


Ella loves when you sing!
Holden was 4weeks early weighing 8lbs and 15oz. He's always a happy baby and loves to talk. We find he is interested in everything and loves everyone.
Well he decided to come 5 weeks early an right after his mommas baby shower but hes healthy an loves to smile . He never cries an is a absolute joy.
Layla’s my wild child! She loves playing outside and getting into EVERYTHING she possibly can. She loves coloring and dancing to baby shark.
Ava 💗
Michael is my beautiful mixed Guatemalan/ Caucasian 2 month old. I’m a single mom living in a tiny house raising him and paying bills off of one salary but he’s such a good baby and he makes it all worth while. He loves his cheeks being squeezed and he loves the cool weather and soft things to lay on, and he has a smile that will hopefully win your heart.
Bray bray is our silly boy he’s always trying to make people smile he’s our Fatman he loves music and dancing and his brothers he’s crazy bubbly and has the best little smile
Ashton is our little crazy man he is very loving , he loves his brothers and papaw is his favorite he loves superheroes and mommy and he’s full of fun and smiles he’s the light in a dark room.
Ashton is the sweetest boy ever! He loves to roll over and tries to crawl. He likes anything with the colors red and orange. He was born 21 days early, but was perfectly healthy. He’s my little pumpkin!
Hi my name is Everett! I enjoy car rides, my toy (Mr. Sloth), and going to grandmas house. I’m told I have the cutest smile, and I can get pretty talkative sometimes. Conversations about my day are my favorite! I like meeting new people. Let’s be friends!
This is juju she’s learning things so fast and she starting to talk to mama and dada she the sweet and cuties little thing ever she is also becoming a strong little girl for a 2 months and two something weeks she already tryna sit up!! Her laugh and smile would make your day ❤️❤️
Luke is a farm animal lover or any type of animal lover he is a very energetic little boy 💙
Hi !!!!! My name is jaxon brown ❤️. I’m two months old🤩. I’m really strong , extremely happy all day long.
Skylar loves to bring smiles to everyone’s face :) always wants to be up exploring. Definetly full of joy
Mia Aldridge
Shes full of energy and will brighten anyones bad day....cause u cant be sad when ur around mia its impossible she is full of love and loves her siblingly especially her brother
Loves to look at everything and be held. Tries holding his bottle already
My name is diesel and I love trucks and being outdoors
I love helping with my baby sister, driving my cars in the dirt, and running with my puppies.
I love watching my big brother, smiling, and kick my legs.
I love to say “momma”, jump, and my favorite food is pumpkin.
Hello, i am 7 months old now. I love learning how to crawl and eating my oatmeal and bananas. I love my 4 older siblings to pieces. Despite having some major tummy issues that may require surgery some day i am healthy and gaining weight! :-)
I am 8 weeks old and 16lbs. I love snuggles with mommy and my older brothers!! Future heavyweight champion like daddy!!
This little guy is incredible. He can light up any room with his smile. He loves everyone❤
Hi everyone, I’m Shawn! I’m super smiley & love to give lots of kisses! I’m as cool as a cucumber and my favorite thing to do is just kick it and chill with the fam!
This is Emma Rose. She is 3 weeks old and new to this crazy world, she is our lite rainbow baby. She is very active and attentive. Loves watching videos with her daddy and loves to sleep next to her mommy. She does some funny faces as you can see. And everyone loves her to death. And hope she gets lots of votes.
Nevaeh is 15 months old and a great baby she loves to play with her toys and likes to smile alot shes full of joy and happiness and can be a trouble maker and loves boss baby she sure is a mommys girl she loves walks. And running around ☺
Luna is a very loving little girl with the BIGGEST personality! This red head is ALL beauty. 💜
Matteo James Thomas
Matteo was born October 12, 2020. He is the greatest baby ever. He only cry’s when he gets hungry, but other than that he is perfect.
Kabriel is 5 months old and he’s mommy and daddy’s world. He loves talking, laughing and eating EVERYTHING he can get. Thank you for your vote! 💓
Bentlee is the happiest little man! As soon as someone walks in a room he lights up with joy and runs over to greet them. He loves coco and soft blankies to cuddle!
Beau David
This little boy is our rainbow baby. Always puts a smile on our faces and warmth in our hearts! I true gift from god and proof of his love! We like you Beaubug! He loves His family. Play outside, and wrestling with his daddy. If it has wheels and a motor it’s for him!
Colton loves with all his heart, and it shows in everything he does! Love dinosaurs, captain America, and hotwheels.
Grayson loves bath time and smiling and eating! He’s the chunkiest around and lovesss his mama!
Kolton is 7 months old. He loves sweet potatoes, blues clues and to snuggle. He is such a happy baby and full of smiles and giggles.
Eric is 3 months old. He loves to laugh, smile, talk, eat, and ride around in his Ford F150.
Natalie is the happiest baby. Her favorite thing to do is to go outside and play in water.
Meet Rayne! She is a little squirt, born at only 3lbs 3oz she had grown like a weed! She is spunky, she is fiesty, but can be shy and loving too. She's already very independent and curious.
Maizey Jane just one month old, has the chubbiest cheeks, the cutest smirk, and the best hair! Vote for Maizey!
Hey you should vote for dessie because she one cutesy sweetest baby girl ever she likes to watch backyardians and she likes when her big sister plays with her. 🥰💗
Elliot is 4 months old and advanced for his age. He sits up by him self, he has 2 bottom teeth coming through. He’s tall for his age, and he loves pumpkins we found out lol.
Carter is a fun energetic 4 month old he will always put a smile on your face... he loves for you to talk to him and please if he trying to talk to you don’t ignore him cause he gets very upset...He follows you with his eyes until you acknowledge him and oh my God he has such beautiful eyes that I adore sooo much
He is a Ray of sunshine on a stormy day! Bored easily if his mind isn’t being stimulated enough! He’s amazing and oh so very smart. What I love most, are his smiles and how loving he can be!