Jasmine is a sweet, energetic 2 year old with a big personality. She loves to play in the water and her very best friend is her husky, Apollo. She came from foster care and has been a huge blessing to her family.
Aiden loves being a big brother, hes also q big helper. Hes autistic so he loves his alone time but he loves comforting others.
Makayla loves animals and writing. Her favorite show is Miraculous
He likes listening to worship music and watching mickey mouse. Enjoys tummy time, perfers being on his stomach. Loves watching his siblings play and makes noises to get their attention.
RiverLynn is a sweet, happy and loving baby! she is only 8 months and already on the move, everywhere!
Mariana Ann
Little miss mariana ann is a little fireball with lots of energy!!! She is sassy but loveable when she wants to be. She has the most gorgeous smile and prettiest longest hair!!! She loves her baby sister and to horse play with her aunties!
Camilla Jade
My mila is only month old and she shows so much personality already!!! She's her daddy's twin. My girl was born premie but not so small! She loves her big sister and lots of attention.
Damien is going to be a Big Brother! His baby sister Mia Marie will be here in November 🥰💕😍 💕💕 Mama Squad 💕💕 Damien Matthew is a year & a half old! He LOVES to laugh and smile, he's such a happy boy! He loves playing with his toys, he loves Mickey Mouse, and climbing & exploring everything
William is just a ball of energy. Never wants to be sitting still or laying. Loves to hold your hands to walk and tries to run. Going for walks and being in water. Will watch and mimic sounds and facial expressions for hours . Favorite things to watch are Babybum and Rugrats. Nickname is "Chomper" cuz when you try to give him a kiss he will gum your face🤣
Ameyaa is very loving and wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves ridding her scooter, dancing, singing, hosting tea parties, dressing up by pretending to go to Paris and playing with her sibling. She has a great imagination while playing with her favorite toys. She likes to watch Scooby-Doo and wild Kratts. She enjoyed camping being outside, playing soccer, watching airplanes taking off, enjoyed being at the zoo, going to nanna's, and being with her family. Her favorit animal is cheetah.
Jordyn is such a happy baby all she do is laugh she think everything is funny she is a great baby she loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse and she sometimes goes to sleep to lullabies.
Alahna is young but has the most personality I’ve ever seen in a baby. She loves to laugh at funny noises or faces, and she adores everyone who interacts with her 🥰
Rynlees the happiest baby! She loves when you call her pretty!🥰
Patrick is an out going little guy already. He loves being outside and helping his daddy work on cars.
Olivia has been watching her favorite movie since six months old. It is called Sing 2 she absolutely loves the music. Olivia will sit through the entire movie and not make a sound it blows my mind.
She is a blessing. She smart strong and beautiful. Just gorgeous 🥰. Very photogenic
Meah is a fun loving baby! She loves being outside and feeding chickens. Bananas and Mac and cheese is her favorite foods. Cocomelon and blue clues is her favorite shows
Makayla loves to dance and being a pretty princess👸
Kannon is a really good baby he needs 2000 dollars because it is very cool and
Weston loves playing outside, playing with his dogs, and dancing!!
Emaria is 6 months old. And she loves Banana blueberry Gerber baby food!🥰 Loves to play with toys, and laughs a lot
Nathan is the sweetest most happiest little baby ever! he is the greatest blessing our family has received! Bluey is his favorite show, he’s an animal lover for sure and isn’t a picky eater at all
Cody Jr
He loves watching paw patrol,swimming and fishing.Love playing in the sandbox
Na'Lah is a 10 month old firecracker she has so much personality and attitude already and is always camera ready
Steven is so silly, very active and think everything is funny. He loves to suck his thumb. The happiest baby I know.
Hi my name is Braizley I’m 3 years old and from Louisiana I love to fish in the lake and ride 4 wheelers in mud my favorite cartoon is Pinkalicious and blues clues I love to eat a lot but my most favorite snack is gummie bears, also when I go outside I love to play with my puppy dog and run and laugh while he chases me it’s just so funny this is my wonderful life if u could please vote for me 🥺❤️
Monty loves kisses and he loves to smile! He’s very smart and is starting to take his first steps already. He’s very lovable and such a good baby boy. He is just picture perfect to me! Vote for Monty Joe!
Javon Lavon
These aren't twins brother they both loved eat n sleep they smart funny sweet when they want loved mammy and daddy
Christian loves his brothers and sister. He loves to crawl , and be held. He's very smart, kind and loving. He's a mommas boy fr. ❤️
Landon is 3 months old!! He is such a happy baby always laughing and giggling!!🥰 always making all kinds of noises trying to talk to his mommy and daddy❤️
Charleigh is 5 months old and LOVES to smile and laugh 🤍 She likes when you talk to her and loves to watch her toys sing and dance!
Malachai Is 9 Months & Walking. He Is Very Busy & Curios. He Loves To Play And Laugh
Kaziyn is the sweetest, chilled, and relaxed baby. He loves being held and laughing with his big sister. Kaziyn haven been through hardship every since he been born, but he is a fighter and everyday he getting bigger and stronger.
Eleanor loves giving hugs and kisses! She likes sweet potatoes,playing with her older sister and dancing to music. Everyone that meets this sweet girl adores her!
My name is Addison im the cutest baby around! I'm always so happy and everyone loves me!! In my free time i love playing with my toys and spending time with my family! Of source i love my mommy and daddy and my grandma too!!
Kynzie is a sweet funny sassy little girl who loves to talk & dance & loves music she is very advanced for 2 yrs old very smart please vote
This is Nami, a very sweet and loving girl and makes me smile all day! She is very very shy around new people but also very kind, you would love her if you met her!
Khloe Ella is my little sour patch girl. First she is crazy but then she is sweet lol. I say her two different colored eyes make her crazy lol she is sassy. But hilarious.
Beautiful girl with a fun personality. Loves to give hugs
James is very active during the day, loves to stare at lights of any color, and absolutely loves to watch hey bear! He loves bathtime along with spending some time outside looking at the trees. And of course can never go wrong with cuddles
Sophia is a whole vibe lol, enough said🤍🧿
Tysen is 8 months old loves chettos, showers, talking, and trying to crawl 🤗 💙💙
LETS EXCHANGE VOTES !! 😊 Heyyyy this is Janessa better known as Nessa 💕 She’s full of life and leaves an impact on everyone she meets. From a young age she’s been extremely smart. She’s super independent and strives to help with whatever is needed. Her favorite color is pink 💕 and dreams of doing ballet and being a princess. She enjoys painting/drawing, practicing ballet off YouTube, and singing. Never a dull moment with a girl with a such a big personality and full of love.
LETS EXCHANGE VOTES !! 💕 Hi there! This is Azulaena or Zula but her family calls her Potato. She’s full of babbles, laughs, and smiles. She enjoys mommy’s milk and bananas. Her favorite time of day is jumping in her swing and splashing in the bath tub. Turning 5 months has been exciting for her as she’s learning to crawl and take in this big world with all she’s locks eyes on. When the day is over cuddles are a favorite for her sweet dreams 💕
Colton is a feisty, witty, and sweet 10 year old. More often than not you can find him playing video games with his dog butterball, who is always by his side. His favorite things to do aside from games is hiking, especially to waterfalls, football, and baseball. Please consider giving this spunky little boy your vote❤️
He is a sassy 5 year old that will tell u off lol he loves cars things that lights up and enjoy being outside
Ulanni is a smart happy baby girl who loves to play and eat everyone's good 😂 she loves to talk your ears off and sing