Baby Stories - 63


This little girl wants to talk, walk and and dance so badly she’s ready to do it NOW even if her legs can’t support her yet. Her spirit will get her there sooner rather than later because it is truly larger than life at this point 🤣
Leilana is a very smart little baby girl she loves to listen music and dance to it she loves talking and is a very lovable baby and loves to cuddle
Hello my name is Lyla lee and I'm a premie I was born at 33 weeks I got to come straight home from the hospital because I was healthy just tiny my favorite thing to do is cuddle with my mama and try to play with all my brothers stuff before he can lol 😂
Malcolm just turned 1, he loves to dance, and talk, and loves running! His favorite toys are his cars!
Xander is 6 months old. He loves to play, smile and say “dada”. He loves to roll and is learning to crawl.
Kyomi is my oldest of 2. She is only older by 10 months so she’s an Irish twin. She was born 5 weeks early and was only 3lbs 14oz. She spent 3 weeks in the nicu and seemed so helpless but now at almost a year old, she is a feisty little diva. She is my Mighty Mouse and I call her Omi bear.
Jorell is my second born and first boy. Even though he is a month old he is already very rambunctious. He is my little angel and I call him Juju bear.
As our sweet Kendrix has recently flourished in his eye sight development, hand-eye coordination and physical development, he has been delighted with discovering the world around him. Kendrix loves to grasp both hands together, open his fist and play with his fingers. His most favorite thing to do with those fingers is eat them 😊. With all this new discovering he has found those sweet little feet and toes that he so desperately is determined to stretch to reach his mouth soon. He will succeed! Stay clear if you have long rapunzel-ish hair, Kendrix loves to reach out and touch object close to him. Big sister has gotten her beautiful hair pulled a time or two already! His smile, oh that smile of his is to die for!! And he will try most days to tell you he is oh so so good! He’s such a good boy! ANd can we just say, there is no better sound in the world than that very first baby belly laugh!! Oh that little laugh❤️ His little ears and those plump little lips are so adorable and fit him just perfect. Our sweet Kendrix is perfect in our eyes. Now let that sink in!! Those eyes! Those looks! If we look at him this way imagine this must be the same way he looks at us? To him we are perfection and so when he see us every time he opens his eyes, all is right in his new world. So we know as we show affection to him by stroking his little face, this is him imitating our behavior in showing us his love as well. Our once sweet little swaddled bundle of joy is now smiling, laughing, cooing, discovering, playing, warming our hearts and learning to love. We love him dearly and would appreciate your vote! 💙
Maci Jean
Maci Jean is the happiest little human with the biggest smile. 💖
He's a sweetheart smiles alot already smart sets in his walker rolls over and so strong very tall for his age and he loves everyone
Teegan loves to dance and sing to basically any song. But baby shark wins the game at that. She’s always happy and so spunky, smart, loving, and caring.
She is such a fireball with the cutest smile!
He love for you to talk to him. He love to eat.
He is so loving and sweet. His favorite thing to do is watch cartoons.
Kylie is the little sister of 2 crazy boys! She loves napping on her momma and going on adventures with her family! Miss Kylie is a stubborn girl already causing her momma to be in labor for 36 hours before finally making her appearance!
He’s a very happy baby loves too talk too nana on FaceTime he’s got the most amazing eyes and smile
Jordyn is almost 5 months old. She was 2lbs 4oz when she was born. She stayed in the hospital for almost 2 months hooked on machines. She is now over 11lbs. Look how she has grown!!
Sebastian loves to cuddle and stand at just 5 months old! His favorite show is Octonauts and he is the sweetest, sassiest, little boy. 💙
Bryson is 3 months old. Loves to smile and is a mommy’s boy!
I’m Dallas! I’m a 4th of July baby🎇 I like chewing on my hands, trying to stand up and cuddles with mommy and daddy. Vote for me☺️
Ezra was born 7 weeks early and with an extra chromosome making him extra cute! He loves snuggles, tummy time and naps!
Jay’Lah is a energetic baby for being just 3 days old. She loves to watch T.V and smile at her older brother and sister. The sounds of nursery rhymes puts her to sleep in no time.
Alena loves to try new foods, she loves crawling and standing herself up on things. Alena is a very happy and playful baby ❤️
Aniyah is my wild child she’s super friendly and funny she loves to dance and she loves to eat 🥰
This is my granddaughter !! She loves to explore the world around her. And she loves her puppy Stella !!
Isaiah is a very happy baby. He recently had his cleft lip repaired, but he still keeps a smile on his face! His favorite things are playing peekaboo and eating snacks.
Best baby ever
Rose is a sweet soul with dance moves!!
I'm Zakota, i like singing, giving kisses to my mommy & especially love the ladies !!! I'm mr steal yo girl so keep her close fellas 🥰😘
Royce is 15 months old. He loves watching Go dogs Go. He loves dancing to music, going for walks, and he loves cuddling his baby sister. ❤
Jaralynn is 1 month old. She loves to cuddle, and going on walks❤
Simberly loves papa pig and blaze !! She loves to be outside !! She is one of the sweetest babbies ever! She loves her twin sister so much .
Finn loves to smile and cuddle with his mommy and his great grandma.
Prince is the most outgoing baby ever. He loves to play, read and looks forward to dinner time every night. He’s the smartest baby ever surpassing milestones for his age. He is just crazy and full of energy ready to play at all times.
Hello this is lil Ms. Adelita. She us 3 weeks old. She is a very content and happy baby.
She’s A Chill Baby When She Wants To Be But She Loves To Eat And Loves her sleep 🥰
Ms. Kylann is quite the little love bug!! She is 2 months old and capturing attention EVERYWHERE we go!
He is mommy’s big old big old boy! He likes to eat his feet and his smile MELTS HEARTS! and his laugh!? 🥺🥺
Liam Wayne
Liam Wayne is such a good baby!! He loves to sleep but when he’s awake he loves to stare at mommy!
Noah is a happy and chubby baby! His favorite shows are, Mickey Mouse and Cocomelon! His favorite snack is, cheerios and baby cheese curls. He loves all kinds of animals and being outside. His favorite animal is his cat smokey!
Nova is 3 months old, loves mommy and daddy, and cartoons! Her favorite thing to do is eat and go on car rides.
Marco Andrés
Marco is 14 months old . He loves Blue axles , Baby Shark and Coco Melon. Marco loves to smile and be around people specially other children . He is a happy baby. Never fusses or fights. He is almost Saying full clear words . He is super excited to start speaking . Mami loves him!
Ivy Joy
Ivy joy is the light in everyones life! Her personality is so fun to be around and her smile is contagoius. She loves to sing , dance and always has a say in everything. She loves making new friends and is super excited to become a big sister!
Kamdyn is and out going little 3 1/2 year old. He loves to have fun play out side. Live his animals. Love to be with his mommy daddy and brother and sister. Please vote for my handsome little man.
Leo absolutely loves to make people laugh 😃 His best friend is our senior cat 🐈 June. Thanks for anyone who votes for Leo!
Callie Rose
Loves The musical Hamilton, Mommy,Daddy and Green beans are her favorite food!
Hi, I’m Legend I’m 1 month old! I love my dada and momma! I love warm baths and a warm bottle and listening to white noises!
the most smiley baby i know, loves her bananas and new people. loves tv and music. such a talkative baby.