Baby Stories - 62


Oliver is almost 2 years old. He’s smart and fun and absolutely crazy! He loves to do animal sounds. The sheep are his favorite(BAAAA!)
Already so happy and almost 2 months old. She loves to watch ceiling fans spin and stare at pictures. She LOVES to listen to steve wilkos as she dozes off to sleep. Had to be forced evicted a week late lol and was well worth the 26 hours of labor.
Blaze was born at 31weeks and he loves his feet and he loves to smile and laugh he loves his turtle 🐢 and most of all he loves his maw maw he loves dancing with her
This sweetheart will light up a concert with his smile he loves windchimes and watching birds fly in the sky.... My little sweet pea!!!!!!
Daken is a wonderful and happy baby boy. He loves his movie coco and cocomelon he also likes trolls world tour. Hes already trying to walk. He enjoys talking ( cooing) and staring at lights and cieling fans. Hes got an amazing laugh you cant help but smile at
Mario, or Mars, is a strong little lion. He was born at 24 weeks, and is very healthy regardless of being born so early. He is a true miracle baby. Today he loves to smile, laugh, and snuggle.
Fischer Bleu
Fischer Bleu is one special baby! He loves to play, loves to be read to, loves music, loves to be active, and recently started walking at 9 months. He is the sweetest, most loving, cuddling baby ever. We are amazed at all of the things he has achieved so far, and can't wait to see what he does next😊
Penelope is about to be 8 months, crawling, yelling and a happy loving baby. :)
Jayden Anthony
Jayden Anthony was born at 30 weeks, and was a complete surprise! He has grown into a sweet 2 year old and is full of energy! He loves our Husky and likes to play in the dirt!
Zoey is a happy energetic baby. She love to try stand up by herself and eat all of mommy’s food.
Nakiera Lee
She a very happy baby and smart for her age
She is so very loving. She loves to share and helps anyone who needs help. She loves her great grandparents and grandparents. When she first saw her little brother she had a hard time but now she loves him very much. She checks on him and kisses him every night before bed. She loves swimming and going to the beach. Outside time is her favorite.
Elijah is super smart, talkative, a very silly baby! He loves his tubby time splashing is his favorite. Cuddling with him is the best! ❤️
3 months old and such a happy baby!
I am Luis, I am 2yo and I am Autistic. I love to listen to music, dance, and jump around. I also love coloring, popping bubbles and playing with my cars!
She loves to talk,eat and loves to make you laugh and watching her favorite movie Animal Crackers.
Ashlee Aldridge
She's a little cuddle bug great at given lovens ..loves to smile ....happy bb....her nickname smiles alot ...
avery is a very sweet little girl who cares about everybody she likes playing an runnina around outside an especially playing with her baby sister Brynlee an nanny. Avery is the boss around our house but a sweet an caring little bossy pants.
Bennett is a smiley bundle of joy. He has big, beautiful, blue eyes. Talking to his big brother makes his day !
My name's Luna and I'm a super sweet princess for my mommy and daddy even though I give stink faces all the time.
Kira is very wiggly, sings to herself and loves her sister more than anything.
I like to play with baby dolls, and I love my cousins they’re my best friends. I love watching Scooby Doo and Disney movies. Playing with my little brother is the best!!
Whylee is smart and caring. She loves to read and play with her dolls. Small shops are her favorite! She would love for you to vote for her! ❤️
I love to take Tubs! I love crawling after my 2 older cousins! I say Mama and Dada. I’m excited for every adventure. And i never cry I’m the best boy my mommy could have asked for 🥰
I’m learning new parts of my body everyday, I’ve been playing with my tongue recently and my parents have been helping me to walk!
Nalaya is a 7 month year old full of sas. She loves to hear her voice and won’t stop until she’s heard ❤️
I am the Jughead to my brother Archie. I love to snuggle with mommy and daddy. In fact, if they try to put me down, I SCREAM!!! But they alwayssss come back for me ❤️ I love to talk!! Mommy says my brother will be an athlete, but I will be the straight A student. Daddy says he could talk to me for hours! Im kinda lazy... I like to observe the world, talk about it, smile about it, and play. But I leave the physical activity to my brother. Vote for me?
My name is Archie. And before you compare me to Riverdale, my parents named me in the womb. But I chose to come out with red hair. I love mommy, daddy, and my little brother (by 2 minutes) Cameron. I was born 5 weeks early, and felt I had something to prove! What better way to live up to my personality in the womb, of kicking and flipping, then to roll over just shy of my 2 month mark. I will give mommy and daddy a run for their money! After all, they spent A LOT of money at the Doctor to try to make me!! Vote for me?
I am 3 month old. I was born on the 4th of July & love going to the beach.
Jaece Allen loves momma and blowing raspberries, he enjoys tv and is a super smart and alert 5 month old!
Morgan loves sticking her tongue out and laughing at mommy and daddy :)
She’s a newborn and is always happy! She melts my heart and brings much joy into our life❤️💋
I am only 3 weeks old but boy am I strong! I hold my head up and love cooing at you all day long. Snuggling and mommy's milk are my favs!
Jeremiah is a very happy 5 month old baby boy . He loves to play with his toys 🧸 , play with his sisters,& try new foods.
2yr old princess sassy smart funny sweet and so much fun Marina is her little sister
Vincent is such a happy boy! He’s such a good baby I couldn’t ask for any better, he laughs and constantly smiles 💙☺️I love to smile at everything and I love to eat my fists
My sweet baby is 4 months old and a big boy now, but was a tiny 4 lbs NICU baby that came a month early. Winning this prize will help our family give him a better life as it will go straight to his account I have that I’ve been saving money for 💙 every vote is a help 💙
Addie was born 2 months early and spent 48 days in the NICU. She’s such a happy, smiley baby!
Isabelle loves to smile an coo. She has one heck of a personality already! Always wants to sit up and is very curious. She loves watching Scooby Doo and animal documentaries; coos the whole time until she falls asleep. She loves attention and will steal your heart as soon as she smiles at you.
He was born a day before Christmas Eve and is the best Christmas present ever! When daddy and I speak to him to loves to talk back, it just makes our hearts melt to hear him try to talk, and his beautful smile! He loves hearing music.
Colt is a sweet little boy. His daddy and big brother are his best friend's. His favorite thing is icecream. He does a litter dance when you make him a bowl!
Amenadiel is a very happy loving baby. He loves to cuddle and be sung too. He was born with 3 disabilities and were slowly learning together how to adapt to them! He’s my miracle baby. He loves to sleep and he definitely loves his food
Scott and his twin brother were born prematurely and while his brother had no health issues at all, Scott has had a challenging start to life with very serious health issues. Despite all the hardships he had went through so far in his short time he is always smiling and such a happy boy! I learn from him everyday to face life’s challenges with a smile like he bravely does.
Elsie is the happiest baby I could ever ask for. She loves watching bar rescue and ridiculousness. She loves playing with her linkimals and sitting in her frog chair.
Jack is ALWAYS smiling....he is the happiest baby and his smile is just infectious....he loves jumping and never stops moving his little legs!
Ian is a Very Happy child with an out going personality always trying to make everyone feel welcomed around him.