George love fire trucks and police cars and big truck and he loves to play games and all that. Watch the parade on TV. Love going church . .he LL over play game bon phone and play at park and water balloons his birthday 🥳🥳. Ome up July George love pizza and chicken are in green beans. He loves motorcycle to he likes girls to and he loves playing games.
eric’s a energetic 4 month old blue eyed babyboy, who loves playing with his mommy & daddy. he also loves going on walks in his stroller, playing with his dog gracie, and smiling at everyone and everything he sees. his favorite toys are his bouncer and his stuffies.
This is Tyler he is 4yrs old he loves paw patrol, marvel superheros , Batman ,Blippi and much more and he is mommys pride and joy please vote for my little man
Arianny loves being a big sister to her brother cesar! She is amazing little girl with lots of sass!
I love night baths and I love taking pictures with my mom and family. I also love to go on car rides and look outside my window
Curtis is 3 months old! He loves to smile and has now found his voice so he cues all the time!! Loves his paci and his daddy is his bestfriend! He has big blue eyes that are to die for and the longest lashes ever!! He loves getting cuddles and sitting in his swing!
She’s a Princess. She loves to be outside or cuddled up to mommy. Shes a daddy’s girl. Loves food so much she takes her mom’s food.
Jackson is 4weeks old. He loves looking around, especially at colorful lights & kicking his legs back&forth💛
Arianna Grace
She always has a smile on her face, she loves to be outside, she loves animals and she is very sweet... she loves to say thank you and loves to blow kisses. 😘
Zariah Is So Energetics And Love To Run Through The House With Her Furry Brother 💜
Raven is such a happy beautiful little baby, she’s a year old , loves to smile & make noises at people. She loves her older siblings & loves to cuddle. Please vote! 💕
Aurora is such a sweet, smart, loving girl full of energy!!!
She is the quickest 5 month old I’ve ever seen she learns very quickly and, she is funny and full of energy, Lilith is awesome and you should definitely vote for Lilith !!!!😀
Hey guys! My name is Preston Lee. I am 7 months old. My mommy is my favorite person. I love all furry little friends. So go ahead and vote for me please!
Osiris loves water and being around people! he’s such a happy baby!
She loves her doggies, Playtime, loves attention and will let you know she’s in the room by her cute little laugh!! I’m her grandma and love her to pieces!!
Allison is a silly ray of sunshine! She brings joy to everyone especially her 3 older brothers!
Hudson is our rainbow baby his big sister lived a short 7 weeks and he is everything we could’ve asked for he LOVES to laugh and smile A LOT!🥰 and he loves to eat! 4-5oz every 2-3 hours! We love watching him grow and achieve his milestones
Loves to smile!! ❤️❤️
This little girl is so sweet and ornery, she's the most amazing thing that has ever happened to her daddy and me!! She's almost 15 months shes walking everywhere and getting into everything!! I love her so much!😍💗
Lily Rose
Lily loves music and she loves water. Her personality is strong, her laugh is loud. I adore my smart beautiful baby girl!
Gracie is a curious 8mo baby, learning and exploring everything. She's in a happy mood almost all the time unless her mama is out of her sight. She loves her elephant blanket, can't separate the two. Her favorite hobbies include swimming, playing with her animals, and being a cute baby
John J V
Hi my name is John J the 5th and I love to chew on my hands both at the same time !! He lights up the room with his smile he is always so happy, He is the youngest of 5 and loved oh so much ♥️ His favorite movie is The Lorax he just can’t get enough
Loving little girl, thats loves to be outside, loves her doggys, she is the best big sister to her little brother
He loves to stare at the fan and smile, chew on blankets, goes cross eyed a lot, and he’s very talkative.
Briar is 10 months old and such a happy baby. She's learning everything she needs to. She also loves watching her brothers & sister. She is so sweet🥰 Help my pretty girl get votes❤️ Thank you🤗
He likes to be adventurous and explore but and just over all loves his sister and family
I love water, being outside, being with family. I smile, laugh a lot and I am ticklish. I love the pool. I splash and kick even in the bath. I love going on walks and I love being around my family and I love my mama
Briella May
This is miss Briella May she loves fishing with her daddy sitting by fires and she loves her little sister ❤️
Shes just a month old and shes absolutely adorable.
Lynnlea Quinn is 5 months old, her eyes tell us everything! She LOVES her bouncer, and watching fruits & veggies dance on T.V. Her toes are her new favorite thing. This girl is FULL of personality!!
Hi, my name is Leilani i am a two month old baby girl 🥰 i am always happy, love to smile and laugh at my mommy and daddy😁
Hudson Dale
Hudson loves to cuddle, he just started to roll over. he loves to laugh and loves his puppies . he is definitely his mommas boy. his favorite thing to do is lay with his mommy. hudson is out miracle baby. he loves to smile and just started to laugh. he likes to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.
I love to smile , laugh , spend time with my family and I love animals such as lions and dinosaurs. My favorite shows are Bluey and Paw Patrol.
Daniel is a very happy baby and always has a big smile on his face. He loves to stand and bounce in his saucer with his puppy Oreo right by his side.
Masary Is 1 Month. He Loves To Sleep And Drink Milk. He Loves His Big Sister Vivian. She Makes Him Smile All Day.
Meadow is such a really happy baby. She is 7 months old and is super smart already. Don’t be fooled by the faces she makes because on the inside she is really a loving and sweet girl!
Theodore is almost 7 months old! He loves sweet potatoes, bath time and being outside! My sweet little chunky monkey!
June Bug loves animals! Her favorite is a monkey 🙊
Chasen is very active, loves going on walks, it’s a very fast growing baby, and absolutely loves his family. He loves wearing dads hat, being outside in the sun, and playing in his pool
Isla loves to dance, go to the beach and lounge with mommy and daddy! She is always such a happy girl 💜
This is Darla! She’s a very happy & energetic baby! She loves Mickey & Minnie Mouse, and she loves her favorite stuff animal Elmo! 💖She’s always talking & smiling & she loves hugs!!🥰
Carly is my miracle baby. At 41 years old I had her my first child that I never thought I could conceive with PCOS and only a half of ovarie. She’s my parents first and only grandchild, with my sister having uterine cancer in her early 20’s
Hi my name is nova. I love to eat an play with my toys. I’m a very happy baby an I’m a giggle box please vote for me ❤️
Nora Jean loves to talk to her momma every morning of course with smiles. She is such a happy baby and loves showers, her toy zebra, and of course her big fluffy dog Wallace.
I have no reason for why you should vote for my daughter. I just am so in love with her and my life is filled with so much joy. She is the sparkle in my eyes. She is a smart and sometimes smiley baby. I just want to show off my baby like any other momma or parent would with their baby. If you vote then thank you but if you don’t then it’s no big deal.