Hello my name is Sawier and I love playing outside with my big sister. I am full of smiles and laughter
Hazel is 3 months old, she loves watching tv and loves to cuddle, she’s a chunky butt, she loves being in the bath that’s her favorite time of the day, she loves to flip people off
Axelle Monica
GOING INACTIVE , thanks to all that voted 🥰💜Axelle Monica likes to start her day with a smile, and end it with giggles. She is a very happy baby! she enjoys watching 2 and a half men and her favorite toy is a musical submarine that came with her swing. She really likes to GRRR and likes to pick up everything in her reach to try and eat.She knows how to hold her bottle ,roll and sit up.
She is the love of are life. Everything is mom mom and dad dad. She smiles from ear to ear when she see her uncle Zach and her grandma, her great grandma and her dog Arl. She has the prettiest blue eyes
He is smart boy.gud in puzzle making games.
Cooper is 5. Nonverbal autistic. Loves school, dinosaurs, dancing and legos
Nickolus loves his older brothers and playing math games! Nickolus is full of curiosity and really loves to laugh. He enjoys family time and coloring, when he’s not playing with his puppy. He loves going to the children’s ministry group twice a week and learning about God! You should vote for him so I can afford to send him to Multiply Christian Academy next year!
I think its time for my son to be recognized in the world hes smart for his age and a bright light in the room hes a lover
I love my Christmas lights and anything with wheels! I'm all boy , nothing can stop me!
I think its time for my son to be recognize in the world
Ezra loves the outdoors. Just started walking at 11 months old. Ezra always has a smile on his face.
Is sweet and loveable and is mommy's boy. He loves his mommy daddy older brother and and sister. Enjoys napping, loves Mickey mouse and Bluey
Cayden loves to play with cousins and toys and is very smart and loveable
Tanner is very energetic but very well behaved little boy. He is very smart and he shows it by his wide range of vocabulary. He can carry on a full adult conversation and comprehend it all. Due to his outgoing personality, he lights up any room he enters.
Javia is the smartest 5 year old she can spell, read and her fav is math she is now working on division. The top in her class and top kender in the school with a his test score. I can say Im a proud mom. We do are own little study everyday for 2 hours and she does the best Everytime. She is almost collage ready just give her 3mos.
True is the most caring ,happy, loving 2 year old there. He is always asking everyone is they ok and loves to give out hugs. He is staring to become more independent and love to travel and I can go on and on but let see what he is going to do.
Domenick is nine months cute boy, super especial and comic, he likes dance and he’s always smiling for no reason. The he has the cutest eyes.
River is the youngest of 4 but can hold her own. So don't let all that cuteness full you.
Loves to make people laugh. Has a heart of gold.
Damian is very happy boy, who loves pizza, truck, digging trucks, tractors, and Loves cats so much. Please vote for him. ♥️
Hensley is a beautiful little girl that is full of energy and love. She loves outside and loves playing with her dogs. She’ll find anything and play with it. She loves her baby sissy and always gives her kisses and hugs. She loves her Gigi and bug
Elsa is a very sweet girl she loves to help people and voting for her would make her so happy and she is so funny she loves baby yoda and being w her momma
I keep telling him that he looks like ed sharen😀😂
Miracle is an intelligent young lady loves a variety of activities, including math.
Jaimee is adorable love to play around and chase people and she loves to watch coco
Cayson Ron Sederholm. Always smiling and giggling. We are learning where our feet are, we love to eat our hands and play with noisy and light up toys. We love the cold teethers and getting close to saying dada dada!
He loves to play
She is a beautiful 8 year old little girl that is very kind-hearted to everyone she loves going to church and she loves learning about Jesus
Valerie is a month old she has a big beautiful smile loves to be held
Jj is so playful and is very energetic and loves to play with toys watch cocomelon. Shee loves to chase us around
Kali is my grandbaby and she has so much character she is silly and so adorable and sweet she is my love bug
Kind, sweet hearted girl. Loves video games, movies, playing pretend. So smart and the best big sister!
Brooks loves cars and dinosaurs, he’s super smart and absolutely hilarious. He has the biggest personality.
Gabriel loves music his favorite song is " steal the show" from elemental. He loves bright colors and his green dinosaur that we named Petree. He has a bubbly personality and loves just about everyone.He is very playful and outgoing. His number 1 fan though will always be his precious Nana
Peyton is happy and always on the go. Always loves playing and always kind to others. She is representation of how we should treat others.
She is as sweet as she looks, always a happy baby
Khloe is loving and always wanting to help others
Hello! I am Hanan and please vote for me because I am such adorable little person who loves strawberries. Also I want to buy a plane ticket for my grand parents to come see me from Africa.
McKayla is shy but yet sassy child. Very smart, funny. Her personality is out of this world. Amazes me everyday. Loves movies, music, her friends and of course hello Kitty. Unique in her own way.
Charlotte Cho
Charlotte is an IVF baby who brought us hope and made us believe that miracles do happen. She loves to smile and laugh. Her smile is so contagious and her presence makes you feel at home.
Zozo she's smart ,funny,quiet sometimes, sometimes she antisocial she likes to observe her surroundings. She's adorable 😍 she loves her big sister 💗 she can be protective as much as her older sister too, she's ♋ but she's just herself.
She's a wild flower for sure she's smart ,funny , goofy,down to earth,she's caring,she loves babys,she loves to help clean etc,she's sassy 🙃 she's a Taurus,she can be stubborn but sltbh she's a total sweetheart ❤️
Karsyn is an outgoing and kind girl. She loves sports, football being her favorite. She likes to try new things and prove people wrong
Dayton is a goofy and sweet boy. He has a love for all sports and music, including guitar, saxophone, and beatboxing. He enjoys learning new things and is a very loving and helpful older brother.
Jensyn is sometimes a diva with a loud personality. Shes a lover of all animals and people. She loves to be outside, inside baking, and cuddles.