Baby Stories - 62


Milo is a sweet bundle of joy. He’s 5 days old and adds nothing but love to the family ::)) thank you all who vote and/share.
Blake is a very happy child and so funny he loves to play and have fun
Ember Rose is the sweetest, happiest, little girl and is always brightening everyone’s day with her giggles and smiles 💗🥺 she loves bath time, her momma, and playing with her puppy 🐶 she has so much personality and is just such a cutie ! 😍
David loves to crawl around, snuggle with mommy and daddy, he loves to eat his puffs, his giraffe is his favorite animal ❤️
My name is Gracelynn Ann. My birthday is 02/07/2020. I love baby shark.Everyone loves to take pictures of me. I love to dance and argue with my family.
This little love bug is named after my father, David who passed away January 9th, 2019. During Covid quarantine this little boy grew, when I went to the OB to see what was going on I was informed that my due date was January 9th, 2021. I knew instantly that this little gem was going to be a boy and decided to name him David, I felt like that was my fathers way of looking out for me and letting me know it was alright and he was safe and happy where he is. This little handsome being enjoys his naps, usually falling asleep on mommys chest or in my arms. Being just over a month old he enjoys being held and having his bottom patted and is learning to coo.
Karter was born 3.5 weeks early. He is now 4 months! He got to go to the beach for the first time! He loves his momma oh so much.
I’m usually happy very active I love my dogs swimming riding my gator going by by Papa is the best I’m independent and hard headed
My name is Ollianna. I am 2 years old. I love music, dancing, and playing outside.
Remington is such a happy & smiley baby, but don’t let that fool you he’s got a good mean mug! He’s has such a funny and cute personality! He tries to be super independent already.
Hello my name is Xavier and smiling is my favorite! I love attention from my mommy and daddy, I am very photogenic and my favorite food is rice and yum yum from hibachi! Vote for me :)
Hi im Rosalie im a smiley bouncy loving four month old. I love to burp in mommy and daddies face after eating. My mommy and daddy added me on here so everyone could see my cute smiles that i love to give.
Kiera loves playing outside running around she also love the movie frozen. Loves to flip an tumble around like a cheerleader most of all she loves spending time with her mom papa an maw maw an dad.
He is the sun the moon and the cloud of our life
I’m Everleigh I am almost 8 months old, I love to laugh and smile. I have two teeth coming in and I love to eat and cocomelon is my favorite show. ❤️
Eliana is sassy and smart! She loves being read to, playing games and loves to feed the dog with her scraps!! Ice cream is her favorite dessert🍦 She’s a beautiful child who loves to give kisses!
Annabelle loves to laugh and play. Her two furry siblings can never get enough of her. She loves tummy time, and loves hearing her mommy sing.
My name is Isabelle, I am 3 and I love to play with my siblings and love on my momma and daddy. My favorite activity right now is Tumbling!
Emma is 8 months old .. Right now emma lives with grandma , and brings smiles to all whom meet her .. Emmas first few months were rough , now healthy happy and loving her aunty hannah and fur baby charlotte.. Emma is a true blessing... Can't wait to see what the next 8 months brings..❤💚💜
Meet my grandbaby Atsavin!! He is 6 months old. He loves to eat and try different foods. He loves hanging out with family and watching Elmo!
Holden was my miracle for many years not thinking I was going to beable to have kids, his birthday October 22nd at 4:44 am & he is the most happiest and energetic baby I have ever seen even going through what he has went through. He was premature and had some complications but never stopped him from smiling, so advanced for being premature has been holding his head up on his own since he been born, He loves his snuggle times with mama but also loves Mickey Mouse he gets so excited and kicks his legs as hard as he can go, still so new to this world but seems so normal for him, Smiles so much when he hears my voice and see’s me he melts my heart every time & I couldn’t be more blessed and greatful to be his mother ❤️
I’m 6 months old, full of personality, always super happy and playful. I love books and bathTime.I’m very independent.
Sevyn loves to help with his baby sister he loves playing outside and he likes to dance
Serenity loves to cuddle and suck on her fingers she loves her big brother
My name is Jaxx! I’m 10 months old! I love to crawl everywhere, when my mommy sings to me, making my silly faces, eating, books, & bath time!! VOTE FOR ME 😊
Aleigha Nicole is a sweet 13 month old girl. She's always happy she loves watching TV her favorite shows are Peppa Pig and Elmo. She is in love with Cheetos that's one of her favorite snacks.she loves playing with her toys and likes taking pictures she's the most sweetest baby you will ever meet.So please vote for Aleigha
Siyah is alway full of smiles, cuddles and giggles. She gives the best kisses. She loves rolling over and trying new foods. She is my everything ♥
She an over all happy girl! She's goofy and loves to make you laugh and laugh with you!
Raelynn is less than a month old but she is already blooming and so happy! She loves her parents cuddles and her daddy’s beard. 💕🌸 So blessed to have such a sweet baby to lift our spirits during these crazy times!
Camden michael 23lbs hes my big boy hes amazing craying takig steps loves his big sister loves to cuddle and go one crawling adventures
Little baby Odin came early but is doing great! Loves to eat, sleep, and poop!
Lilly love to explore new things and get into the cabinets in the kitchen
Ryland is 11 months old. loves playing with his doggies and watching Blues Clues and you. He can say hey, Dada, momma, and Nini. He’s favorite toy is a linkable Sloth.
Wyatt is 2 months old, almost 3 months, and has already stolen the hearts of so many, mostly his momma❤️ He’s smiling lots and loves to move around. Bath time is his all time favorite currently. He is truly the light of our lives(:
Hes better known as Hank! Hes the SWEETEST little brother and toughest big brother! He just started pre k and LOVES the school bus!
Liam is our greatest joy and such a happy baby!
Jaxson is 7 months old, hes always smiling about something. He is learning to crawl and is very curious. He loves to talk to his mommy and loves being played with.
My sweet Leilani Kay is such a smiley baby! Her sassy but sweet personality is what makes her the best lil baby ever! 💜
Jack loves to watch your every move especially exercise so you better get moving!! He is a super happy baby 😄
April Alexandra Perez
April is a sweet baby. very calm and that makes mom's life much easier ☺️. Love love
kayleeAnn. Love to learn and loves to smile and laugh.. she is growing up so fast. I can't believe it.. if you love our beloved daughter give her the show her some love.
Kinsley is so sweet and smiley! She loves snuggles with her momma and daddy!
Kalani loves watching cocomelon. She also loves spending time with her big cousins. She is a very happy baby always laughing. Vote for Kalani.
Dixie is a 3 month old who loves her family, She loves to be cuddled and eat. She is her mommy and daddys rainbow baby
Bia is the most precious happy baby. She is so loving, playful and happy baby. The only amazing event that came to us in the horrible 2020. Our Beautiful Baby Girl
Brixton is my miracle baby and very precious to us.