Scarlett Rose is our long awaited rainbow baby! Scarlett is such a beautiful, smart, loving baby girl who loves watching Baby Shark, playing, and snuggles with mommy! She is a dream come true!
Carter was born a premie and 2lbs and now he is over 20lbs Loves his thomas and really loves pizza And is a huge mommas boy
This is Delilah. Delilah is an outgoing beautiful baby. She is always happy. She loves to play. She loves her little toy kitty cat. She loves to smile, laugh, and talk.
I love my mommy smiling is Wht I do most and my daddy is my best friend 🥰
Owen is the most sweetest and caring little boy. He makes a friend in anyone he meets. He loves T-Rex’s, all kinds of animals, and his chocolate milk! 😂
Loves her big brothers and loves to eat and cant wait to be running and playing with her brothers ❤
Kamila loves to dance and reach goals that she sets for herself. She is such a happy baby.
hi, i’m joseph. i am 7 months old and my favorite things to do are sleep, eat, and hangout with my mommy and daddy 😂❤️. i have 7 teeth and i know how to crawl. vote for me !!
My name is Liana Jaylah Padilla I’m 1 years old 🥰 i have an older sister who’s 2 and a twin brother. I love music and dancing , playing with my brother & sister. I love getting my hair done by mommy & I love bath time . My favorite food is Mac and cheese & strawberry’s . Vote for me 💗🎀
Hiiiii. I’m Aiden and I’m full of personality. I will steal your heart with one cheeky smile and eyebrow raise. I love laughing and playing with my puppers. I steal the show in swim class and everyone is sure to fall in love with me, especially my mom… she’s head over heels and sometimes won’t stop kissing my cheeks and tickling my feet but I don’t make a fuss, just like I’m her world… she’s mine too.
Our little man Brantley is such a blessing
Amelia is 4 years old she has the most beautiful eyes and her personality is something. She is so girly and loves dressing up and doing her makeup
Bubbly, loving and adventurous human who loves dinosaurs more than he loves anything else in the world.
RaKeima is literally a doll ! She’s everything && more! Wouldn’t you agree ?! Just vote for Babii Piink 💕😘 we thank youu in advance 😩💕😘
Addison is the sweetest, energetic, loves to talk in her own language little girl. She loves her bubble guppies and food.
Morgan is such a happy little girl! She loves fire trucks, dinosaurs, elephants, & the color yellow!! She loves to dance, read books, and play with her sisters -she is an amazing big sister & has an amazing big sister to learn from! and german shepherd.
Sweet. Caring. Loves art. Loves dolls. Loved school. Loves to help her aunt around the house.
Maxton was born on December 30, 2021. He is quite the miracle baby, entering the world after 4 consecutive miscarriages. He's got quite the head full of hair that has gotten him a ton of attention in his first weeks of life. He's a sweet little guy who loves cuddles, eating, getting into everything and sleeping. I think he deserves your vote 😉
Hi. I'm Athena Sage. I'm my mommy's miracle baby. I'm 3 months old and my daddy and paps birthday twin. I love bath time and swimming and car rides and walks, as long as the car and stroller stay moving💕 I love looking at anything that moves and rolling over for tummy time.
Aliza loves playing outside. She has a big heart and loves her family and friends.
Ansley Lewis
Ansley is 3 years old. She is full of sass. She has a huge heart for animals & her family🤍
Khrystal is 6 days old today almost a week and she has been so calm
Kyler Lewis
Kyler is 3 months old. He LOVES bath time & watching tv with his big sissy. He is full of personality 🤍
Seb looks like an angel but he will shock you with his devilish poopy messes! He loves to bounce in his bjorn and enjoys warm baths and long walks in the country. His favorite hairstyle is a baby mohawk, which he was born with!
A beautiful addition to our family.
She is such a sweet princess but she is always hungry.
Daniella Analia
Hi, I’m Daniella. I am 8 months old and my favorite things to do are sleep, eat, and hangout with my mommy 😂💗. Vote for me !!
Davien is my wild child. He is so protective over his baby sister. Always telling jokes and trying to trick people. Loves to play outside and do new things. So very sweet when he wants to be. So adventurous. When board will get into the most random things you could ever think of. He is one of kind and so full of life. ❤️
Little miss Nina is 2 month and 6 days old! She’s a happy baby, loves to look around, be In mamma or daddy arms, she loves outside, loves to sleep,eat,roll over, already tryna pick her head up! She’s grown so much since she was born🥹
Amira is a girly girl but is not afraid to play in the dirt with her brother. Their bond is unbreakable. 2 peas in a pod being only a year and half apart 🤞🏼 Her brother is her protector and also the one to teach her how to be naughty 🤣🤣she is the baby out of 4 and the oldest say she is spoiled rotten 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 Her giggles are contagious. Her smile will melt your heart ❤️ Her personality is so strong and wants to be so independent. She will go big places in her life. 💪🏼 We want to Thank everyone for your time and votes. We appreciate it! 😘
Baby Nina is 2 months old💜 She’s a crazy one! She’s def a mommy girl 🥰 She sleeps through out the night some times, she smiles so much more, she likes to eat, she will give you a crazy look lol 😂 I’m coming ten toes behind her 💜🫶🏼
Emersyn is so full of life. This curious little girls loves being outside. She has a smile to light up a room and a laugh to get you through any day.
When our little sunshine Addalynn was born she had to spend 2 nights in the nicu for not breathing on her own. She pulled through it like a champ and now everyday is a blessing to have her. She is 6 weeks old and so strong she is our beautiful spitfire!
Miss Hayden is honestly THE HAPPIEST baby ever!!! She loves her big sisters (3yrs & 13yrs) and pets. We are extremely blessed.
Naomi Grace is the youngest of 3 girls, shes a very happy & content baby. Definitely able to put a smile on anyones face!
Colton is a wild card! He is very loving, ornery little boy; loves Dino’s and all types of cars and trucks.
Lizzie is a sassy 3yr old that loves with all her heart💖 She is currently doing gymnastics 🤸‍♀️ and Soccer ⚽️ Lizzie never has met a stranger, she loves to wave and say “hey” to people❣️
Amos Dean
Amos Dean is a very energetic, wild but compassionate little almost 2 year old! He loves trucks & dinosaurs! He loves to show off & loves being outside! He is about to be a big brother as well! Even if he doesn’t win - he’s perfect in our eyes. He’s my rainbow baby. 🫶🏼💙
Kinsley Lynn is 5 years old. She loves makeup, riding her four wheeler, and being a diva. She is always smiling and has started school this year and loves it so far. She has big beautiful blue eyes and the most beautiful long brown hair. She loves being a big sissy to her lol sister and brother. She is so kind and loving and her mommy’s world.
Kaisley Jane is 1 year old on 9/8/22, she is a Cystic Fibrosis warrior as well as a multiple VSD warrior. She has a blue eyes that light up my world and the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen other than her big sissy. She is always laughing and smiling and now is walking everywhere. She loves her paci, food, and mommy. She also loves coco melon and baby shark. She loves to dance and clap her hands.
Zerenity is 3 months old and loves to smile! She had recently discovered her voice and loves to coo at everyone! Her laugh we are still working on, but when she does it’s absolutely precious and you can’t help but to laugh with her. She’s such a blessing and so sweet:))
Maverick is the spunkiest little boy, if his personality doesn’t win you over his smile and blue eyes will. We love our lil cowboy 🤠 ❤️
Caleb Murphy
Caleb is 5 years old , he is the most loving funny caring little boy you will ever meet he was diagnosed with down syndrome at birth, we have had our ups and downs sence but we are always happy , and so full of life, a few things about me , i have 4 siblings, my mommy and daddy have been together 8 years, i love all kinds of music , i love to dance and sing , i have a dog named gus and 7 turtles each named after a member in my little family vote for me
Skylar is 10 months old and is constantly smiling!! She can brighten even the darkest day! She loves being outside, the pool and being on the boat. We’ve been absolutely blessed with the happiest and best baby ever!!
Hello My Name is Aidan Am 3 Years Old . I Love Spider-Man and Hulk . Love Chocolate Milk and Chicken Nuggets .
Kaidyn loves to be outside, looking at everything he possibly can. He’s a very talkative little boy & smiles everytime you call him a handsome boy 🫶 He loves watching movies and gets very intrigued by our fish tank💙(not to mention) he’s so handsome with those chubby cheeks! We would appreciate your support & vote. Thank you in advance to anyone that votes for Kaidyn!
John loves playing outside loves playing with is trucks an Dino.