Baby Stories - 61


He is mini but mighty and is almost always smiling and giggling. He has helped his mommy through a lot in his short life and he is his mommys little miracle ❤
Everleigh is so full of life! Her personality is one to beat! She brings so much joy and love to people! She loves trucks and or anything with a motor! ( just like her dad). Her favorite tv show is Minnie Mouse boutique!
Stella loves to eat and listen to I’ll fly away, she loves to cry and smile
Hi my name is Eli! I’m 4 years old. I love playing sports and playing video games. I’m also a big brother!
Scarlett is the happiest little girl. She loves to make you smile and loves to put her hands in her mouth. A lot.
Erik loves food, giggling, and playing all the time.
I enjoy the sound of Gordon Ramsay’s voice. I love my Mommy and my Rainforest Jumperoo©️ Vote for me! Love, Luca Paul
Loving and Smiling about life everyday ...
My first and only child Areys ,pronounced (Aries) is the happiest baby ive ever seen he LOVES to eat and he loves his tummy time . He smiles with his eyes and his dimples will melt your heart ❤
Jackson loves animals trucks, cars, and spending time with his grandma
Jaylee is a smiley talkative baby who likes to do a wiggle dance and loves he sister and other kids to be playing around her she was born with hip dysplasia and has been wearing harness for the first months or so of her life and now she is wearing a brace at bed time hoping her hip will improve so we don’t have to do surgery or go to the cast options but she is a funny baby girl still.
Libby Mae
Sweet Libby Mae! Love her so much. Sweet, Sassy, Silly Self!
LOVES to poop, eat, & sleep!!
Rylee is such a happy baby!! She lights up our life and is always such a good baby!! She’s got the cutest smile and giggle!
Mia is irresistable. She is the center of every gathering. Her smile is contagious...her laugh, infectious. She is a true blessing to us.
She's are sassy red head! Loves cars and books!
Delaney is a happy, silly girl who loves her dog sisters and her mommy and daddy. She is fun to be around and always has a smile.
Cade loves to be outside, nothing scares him. He’s outgoing and loving and full of adventure. He loves to play pretend and loves sports already. He’s incredibly smart and has the best sense of humor. He’s a wonderful little brother and amazing son! ♥️
Cayden is almost 2 months old and he is the most precious baby boy! He loves swinging in his swing and loves trying to talk. He smiles lots And loves to make different faces. His great grandma thinks he looks like a gerber baby and his grandma calls him her shining star!
Hailee is a sassy, smart and sweet little girl who loves to talk, cuddle with mommy, and play pretend!
Justin is our true miracle boy! He loves to change his outfit several times a day, loves shoes, and really knows how to melt mommy and daddy’s hearts❤️
Absolutely loves to talk and wiggle around!!
Loves morning giggles and afternoon snuggles.
Hello everyone this is Miss Kayzlyn Rhae, our sassy little blue eyed babygirl. She love to smile , be naked & eating. We are almost able to roll over & we LOVE big bows 💗
Lennon is a sassy redhead, that is full of personality!
Very brite happy babby my miracle baby 3 weeks early 7.9 ounces know a year next month and 24 pounds and loves church
Emma Monroe is 2 months old! She loves to do Tummy Time and enjoys cooing and learning to make her own noises! She is our precious rainbow 🌈 Baby! She is very loved and has 3 big brothers!
My husband and I tried 5 and a half years to conceive, little did we know his was baking us something so perfect! ❤️❤️
Ezreal's my pride an joy! He just learned to roll over on his own, much to mommy suprise. He's always been strong and healthy. Holding his head up and following mommy where ever she moves.
Beautiful brown eyed baby with an adventurous personality.
Ezekiel goes by zeek. Little ginger baby loves to sleep , eat , and to mean mug 😂 smiles in his sleep and is all around the sweetest baby ❤️ Loves his fur bubby Milo and loves his sissy Amara 💙
He loves his swing and snuggles with his mommy and daddy! ❤️ My perfect boy
Sophia is one, she’s such a sassy pants little girl and loves everyone she’s around she loves playing outside and loves her two dogs pepper and caca. She’s 50 percent girly girl and 50 percent Tom boy. She loves her food and her mama!❤️
Luke is growing up so fast and loves exploring the world around him.He has the greatest spirit and curiosity. Some of his favorite things are peekaboo and food.
I love playing and laughing with my mommy!💙 I like jumping in my bouncer too! These days I’m trying to sit up on my own and be a big girl 💗
Brentley is a happy, outgoing,personality filled,giggley baby boy he’s always smiling and laughing trying to steal people’s hearts and he also loves to cuddle ♥️
Our rainbow baby! She’s very alert and loves to smile and look around when she hears mommy or daddy. We love our cuddly girl 😚
August is the sweetest,happiest little boy. He is always smiling and trying to talk and laugh
Zaiden is a sweet loving baby ! Always all smiles and loves to cuddle . He also loves baths !
She loves her milkies and music, especially calming music or that has piano in it.Her doggies Dukey and koko She smiles allot already, we love suger water at our echo for cardiology, we need surgery but i am strong, beautiful and loved . I am brave .
Our baby boy is a little miracle and we love him more and more each day with his beautiful blue eyes and easy-going personality he makes being a parent the best job I could ever ask for.
Ethan is the happiest baby! He loves to eat, crawl, cuddle, and listen to “Baby Shark.” He’s a little boy with a BIG personality! His dark little eye brows make every facial expression dramatic. He can make anyone smile!