Remington is 1 year and 4 months old and loves cats and dogs. Remy also loves to play outside. He is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet 🥰
Teyanah loves taking pictures and being pretty she loves playing with dolls and lip gloss she has an amazing personality to be so little.
Halston is our bundle of joy. Definitely is a ladies man for sure. He loves spending time with his family, an making funny faces at everyone. My furry kitty siblings are my bestfriends.Vote for our Baby Boy!!
Described by family and friends as "the most calm, chill or laid back baby". He soothes himself to sleep holding his feet, peacefully soaks up any activities alongside his family and loves observing every new experience with a quiet, deep gaze; always smiling at everyone who looks his way!
Ian loves his canine friends, especially our big dog Milo. He loves being outside on our hammock as well with his pawpaw and sometimes his mommy - he'll even fall asleep on the hammock sometimes!
Meadow is a happy, outgoing, and sassy little baby. She loves cooing, laughing, eating her feet, rolling over, cocomelon and snuggling. She has the meanest stink face you will ever see, i love it. Oh and this girl loves ice cream!
She’s mommies miracle and perfect. At a month she smacks her lips to send a kiss when you do air kisses. She’s tiny, beautiful and observant. Everywhere we go they say how beautiful she is. She loves to talk and stare into your eyes.
Loves to smile take cute pics eat and sleep. She loves her mommy and daddy the most and can always put a smile on anyones face
Arietta is such a happy baby she loves smiling and trying to talk. She has been holding her head up since she was 2 weeks old and trys to stand and sit like a big girl❤️
Levi Alexander
Levi loves bath time and snuggling with mama and daddy. He’s a chill baby, but always has fists ready in case he has to throw hands
Remi is a bully … with a pretty face !
Markus loves being outside, listening to music & being with family & friends!!
Alan love the water. Once he hears it, he starts run to play with it. His best friends are our cat Carmelo and his grandpa. He has dimples when he smiles and his favorite word is mom.
Aubrey loves her snacks, absolutely adores her big brother, enjoys listening to music & is always such a happy baby!!
He loves trucks and tires. He adores elmo and loves to say baby shark. He is all boy and amazes this momma everyday. He is my rainbow baby and he shows his 🔆
John loves playing with cars, playing outside, and loves popsicles!
Ellianna (Elli) loves her big brother and is definitely a mamas girl. She loves to cuddle and coo and smiles all day long. She is the sweetest girl ever!
Khi’Liya is a very happy and silly baby she finds everything funny she is the sweetest baby and very smart she is 5 months with a big personality she brings so much happiness and joy wherever she goes anybody that meets her will fall completely in love.
Jordan (JJ) loves baby shark, playing with his baby sister, Elli, and dogs. His favorite treats are popsicles and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He is a wild card and lots of fun to be around and is sure to always make you laugh.
Mathieu-Lee is a very sweet baby boy is always happy loves to smile and loves to be talked to he loves to play,and go for car rides and is loved by everyone 💙 ❤️
Roseleigh loves apples and bananas! Watching Mickey Mouse club house, and playing with her dog boss! She enjoys cuddle time, and swinging in her swing.
Jamila is the happiest lil baby. She loves the camera and momma kisses. Just turned 3 months and getting smarter and stronger everyday ❤️
paislee loves the outdoors🌳loves animals🐶 & is definitely a water baby💦. she enjoys being sang to & likes showing off her sweet voice. happiest baby in the world❤️
Braxton is a sweet loving baby boy, he loves dogs and being outside. He loves to talk and likes to watch dancing fruit videos. He has a big personality and a huge heart ❤️
Amias likes to play with lots of loud toys since he is blind! He loves cuddling with his dog Monty and of course mom and dad💗
Paisley Grace loves her snacks, taking bathes, and her mommy and daddy! Her favorite tv show is coco melon and her favorite movie is shrek.
Draven is 9 but looks like hes 12, hes my gentle giant and loves everyone especially kids younger and smaller than him
He's all boy, balls to the wall and full of life and energy
She loves smiling. She likes to listen to music and watch cartoons. She’s a good baby. She loves being around her friends and family.
Little miss is grown, learning new things, love to laugh and smile!!
Crazy little girl who know how to enjoy life!
Laylah is my little miracle I had my twins at 22 weeks and her sister Savannah passed away but Laylah is beating all the odds and doing so amazing and making new milestones everyday her smile is contagious and she’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met
Jolan Miracle
Jolan was only hear for a short time. But the impact she had, has on my life will forever be in my heart and in the kind of person I am and will be.
Divine is 4 months old and is already on the move. He rolls around and will probably crawl before he learns to sit up at this rate. His laugh will melt your heart and his hard headed self will drive you wildly insane. He loves to eat and to watch you eat!!
Graysen is a 7 month old little boy full of joy❤️ he loves to be talked to and loves to laugh with you, he loves to eat and adores his daddy🙂
Bellamy is the funniest girl, she’s very smart and the joy of our lives. She’s better than anything we could have ever dreamed of and her beauty is just a plus.❤️
Araia is 6mo old and the happiest little nugget! Her 3 favorite things are Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and all kinds of music
She’s a fun outgoing little girl who loves to crawl around and she loves food her favorite thing is pizza sauce and she likes ice cream she loves to hang out with her sisters and brother and she loves to put a smile on peoples face She likes to play with her musical toys if it lights up she really likes it and she’s always on the move crawling all around
Marley is the most happiest little baby girl ever ! Her smile always melts your heart . Shes so sweet ! Shes so smart . Her sassyness though ! Shes full of so much energy . Shes full of laughter 😃
Sophie is my first and only child (so far), and is almost 5 years old. She is a very smart and funny girl! She absolutely loves any and ALL animals, and loves playing with other kids. She is such a sweet and loving girl, always wanting to help others! She also loves to sing & dance!
Kenslie smiles and laughs. It’s so cute! She has the brightest eyes and smile.
Abigail’s smile and laugh light up a room! She is so energetic and caring. Her little curls bounce as she walks. And her blue eyes shine as she comes into rooms.
Baylee is full of personality, shes smart, goofy and a ray of sunshine 🌞 she loves cuddles and her mama 💗
Jeffrey was born March 29th 2022 and had a rough start at life. He was losing weight dramatically and spent the first two weeks in the nicu. As he continues to gain weight he continues to get cuter and cuter! He loves to be outside, eating is his favorite activity and he loves an extra long nap!
Loves music and land her big sister is her favorite person 🤣😂 laughing
Lonnie is 10 months old. His smile and laugh is so contagious for such a little boy, he absolutely is obsessed with his big sister and loves his bink. Lonnie knows how to roll from back to stomach and can sit up and just took his first steps. He loves to yell and make sure hes heard. Dont let that fool you though he will steal your heart in seconds.