Baby Stories - 60


Gregory is ahead of his time! Pandemic babies are like no other, and I love to watch him grow. He loves his warmie 🐻, talks more than the average talk show host😂😂 and it’s like two babies his size!
Lucas has 4 older sisters that adore him. He was almost born on his oldest sister’s birthday after already being a week late! He loves taking naps in mommy and daddy’s arms and absolutely loves bath time!
Miss Paislee Mae is my one & only babygirl she LOVES to dance to cocomelon songs, any GOOD songs on the radio lol . She is the sweetest child in the world & loves her family & her "dog dog" :) shes my world .
Miss Lynda loves to snuggle! She also has a smile and giggle that would make your heart melt!
Eriene is such a happy,advanced baby! He loves for mommy to read him bed time stories, his favorite meal is apple sauce and eggs. He loves his mommy the most🥰 he loves to laugh & smile and be around funny people. VOTE FOR ERIENE🤍🤍🤍
Ocean is a smart and happy baby he loves everyone and loves to eat strawberries
Christoff is a sweet and adorable le baby boy. He loves to smile; he will even greet you with his big smile every morning. Loves to listen to mum’s not so beautiful voice 😃 and appreciates what is going on around him.
She’s the kindest sweet most alert baby you’ll ever meet her face makes your heart melt. She brings joy to everyone
Camilla Rose
She enjoys hanging out with her siblings,she loves to talk to daddy. She's a smiley and happy baby.
Amelia is such a happy baby and loves to smile 😊 she loves being outdoors and loves being around dogs and children ❤️
Very happy baby, always smiles and laughs with anyone! He was a premie weighing 4 pounds 13 ounces he was in NICU for a week, but my baby grew up to be a healthy strong baby boy , a blessing!
DaMaurie is 2 months old! He talks and laughs so much his smile can brighten your whole day! He loves watching tv with mommy and chillin with his papa:)
She’s very very lovable, loves to smile & enjoys laughing ☺️
Asher loves the outdoors, laughing, and eating anything and everything! At least that he can get his hands on at the moment lol, his nick name at the moment is stretch!
Mylen is so full of life and smiles he will smile at everybody he crosses paths with, with his big dimples. And how could you not love his big juicy eyes lol
This little boy has been strong since day one entering the world 2 months early at 4 lbs 1 oz! He is now on the growth chart and thriving 💙
Georgia is the sweetest baby I’ve ever seen & the most well behaved. We often joke about her being a unicorn baby because of how perfect she is. She loves talking, giving koala hugs, & her puppy Wiley.
Madyson Rose
Madyson loves saying daddaadda and loves talking on her lil phone
‼️if I don’t click the like on your post that doesn’t mean I don’t see it, I’m just really busy with voting and Xavior because he’s in everything‼️We❤️All you loyal voters‼️ Your supposed to teach your children to work for what you want, and to never cheat your way through anything, also every baby in this contest is cute ! There’s no “that’s the cutest baby”This contest is not to hate people , or put people down, it’s supposed to be supporting eachother because everyone deserves to be 1st place! We should literally all come together and whoever’s been trying the longest let them get it and the chain can keep going, that’s the only way I know each one of us can actually win without wasting money to win and everyone knows it🤷‍♀️ but That’s my opinion on it , also the buying option is technically for OTHERS to buy not yourselves to buy your way through the competition to win. There’s no fun in that and if you really look at it you didn’t win if your buying all the votes🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🥰❤️ I still Wish everyone the best. Xavior has almost all his teeth,he likes to bite everything! He loves baths,Mickey Mouse and learning sign language he currently knows how to sign (please, thank you , sorry, milk ,eat and a new word “potty”! ❤️ He also knows how to walk but always runs instead 🤣he likes to use his functional kitchen for being independent as well.He smiles for everything and everyone especially the GIRLS 🤣 this handsome little man gets smarter everyday! Thank y’all for voting!!!
She loves singing
She loves cuddles and listening to mommy talk. Shes always smiling and loves moving her little legs!
Gracie is a happy, easy-going baby who loves to nap on Mommy and take walks around the neighborhood. Her favorite channel is food network and loves Bobby Flay. This future chef has a budding palette and loves both warm and cold breast milk.
He so cute and loves tummy time and he has the most beautiful smile he’s very affectionate everyone vote for our sweet boy
Jocelynn is 7 months old and the happies baby ever! She loves coco melon, soft blankets, and hanging with her family/friends!
Hendryx is such a goofy little man already! He loves to laugh and smile and fake you out with his whines! He wants to be on the go so bad but hasn’t quite figured it out yet! He’s the sweetest little boy with the sweetest heart! He makes everyone around him fall in love with his cute self!
Zoey loves animals, book, and playing with family. She just started sitting on her own and loves to sing along with mama! She's a daddys girl at heart!
Roe's favorite thing to watch is the wiggles, and anything her big sister is watching. She loves to eat her snacks, and mashed potatoes. Her favorite thing to do is play with her sister, and her kittens! 💜🦄🌼
Joseph is 3 months and loves tummy time, smiling and cooing. He likes to play with his rattles and stuffed animals. He has also entered the teething stage and makes funny faces while doing so.
I’m one years old almost two and I love my mommy and daddy
Willow is a my rainbow and miracle baby she is was born tiney and as not learn as fast as baby's her age but she is a happy little girl she as little grayish green eyes and whitish blonde hair she is a very sweet little girl
Mila is a sweet, happy, cuddle bug who loves when you dance with her and sing along to the music. She loves her brothers and lights up whenever they walk into the room. Her middle name, Flor, means flower, and to me, she is the most beautiful flower in the world!
Kristiaunna is 4 months old she loves snuggles,loves watching cocomelon and playing with her siblings.
Vote 4 Pedro! Oh I mean Raven!!
Myles holds his own bottle and binki. He loves his lion binki. He can rollover. He coos a lot. Sure loves to eat and sleep.
We never thought that we could have a baby, Until one day God gave us her! She is the most precious and sweetest baby ever! Mommy & daddy love you so much!
she loves to smile and is super sweet! she has so much personality for a 3 month old
Colt Scott
Colt is the happiest sweetest baby I know! He loves jumping and spending time with his mama & dada. He could make any bad day good.
Luke loves outside and playing with his big sister.Hes always has a big smile
My sassy babe loves to dress up and pose for the camera ❤️
Hi my name is Paisley Rain i am a vary happy baby. I love spending time with mommy and daddy, I love bath time and car rides. I have 3 furr puppies that love and protect me. I am a vary spoiled little girl & love to be held. She is our little miracle baby 💕
Hi im 2 and love to be adorable all the time 🥰🥰
Gabriel is the happiest baby in the world ! He’s very social and loves to watch his coco melon
Bentley loves to stand, crawl, play with toys, babble, yell, && is a big fan of food! He loves playing with his puppy and his mommy and daddy and is just a high spirited baby!
Berklee is an early bird. She's so happy when she wakes up every morning😁 she loves to smile,laugh and roll over💜
Lou loves his bulldog Shelby, playing outside and helping daddy do yard work. Lou is a smart little boy with an infectious smile and a heart of gold.
Jacks ♥️
Miss Alaina was my preemie baby born at just 34 weeks with a one week special care stay. She is vote home doing amazing and growing like a weed. She had 2 mommies and a 8 yeast old sister. She loves to rest, sleep, and smile. She don't like to be burped at all. We appreciate all her voters and would like to thank you in advance ❤
Nova Moon
Nova moon loves dancing to Elvis 🕺 and is so sweet and unique always a joy to be around