Stephon Payne
Stephon is the happiest baby with the most personality! He keeps a smile on everyone’s face
My sweet girl, Rhian, is one of the smartest 5 year old kids that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is absolutely hilarious and there is never a dull moment around this child! She loves Gabby's Dollhouse, playing with her big sister and big brother. She likes to write and draw, and has a huge imagination and the sweetest heart!
Oliver is a happy and smiley baby. He loves cuddles and playing with mommy and daddy.
She loves trying to sit up all the time already at 3 months old. She’s always smiling and a very happy baby!
Sylas is an adventurous giggly baby who loves dogs, the outdoors and playing.
Javion loves homemade pickle sickles and can say "Momma".
Elyana Leonard
She love to go fishing
Walker is a very energetic little boy who has no time to wait for anyone. He loves playing with his toys and laughing at his older brother
LaVeya loves cookies an her brothers 🩷
She is the sweetest little girl you will ever know. Has the biggest jeart woth so .uch love to give. Looking the most adoreable at that also
IM WILLING TO TRADE VOTES!‼️! IM TRYING MY HARDEST TO GIVE MY KIDS A MERRY CHRISTMAS. Now we don't get to have a Christmas, because people are to greedy. I put the last of our money on 12/11 so my kids could have money an for Christmas gifts. Now we're broke, so NO CHRISTMAS FOR MY KIDS!!!!!!!! HOW DO YOU GO FROM 10TH TO 35TH IN 5 MINUTES. THIS HURTS. PLEASE VOTE FOR MY BABY, HANNON AND WE WILL GET YOU BACK. IT WILL BE FROM TONYA OR LES M. THANK YOU SO MUCH, IN ADVANCE. HOPE EVERYONE HAS A FABULOUS DAY/NIGHT!! ♥️😊🌞🌜⭐🌚 Hannon loves to learn. He loves to write, draw and play games with his brother. He's very smart. He loves to go for drives. He's always Happy!! Hannon and his brother Ryan are my world. If you vote for Hannon, we'll return votes back. Thank you 😊
Caleb is a smart, sweet boy. Joins in grace at dinner meal. Has great disposition. Extremely friendly
Leiana is our little shining star that has so much love for music, once she hear the sound of a beat she starts to dance & sing even when she doesn’t know the lyrics. She is full of energy, personality & love. Leiana is truly a blessing & brings so much joy into our life ! Pls vote for leiana :), thank you!
Joseph is almost 3 months old. He loves his older brothers. He is the youngest of six children. He is an amazingly happy little boy. He loves his Nana. He loves his turtle Bethany and he absolutely loves going to church.
Anko P. Motuahala
Hi My Name is Anko Motuahala . I’m 2 years old . I love to eat and play with toys . I love playing with my big brothers & sister.
Xavier loves been in the swing but also loves to cuddle with his mama
Kinlee Hethcox
Kinlee is my minnie me she is so loving and enjoys being a big sister she helps me do everything for her baby brother she is always smiling and love to play she is my little ray of sunshine ☀
Anne Rose
There is nothing Anne likes more than to dance, sing, and be happy. Anne is very beautiful, and she is leaning every thing fast
Theresa loves music and dancing very smart girl who loves to be around other people, very talented little girl. She loves to act, and likes to know she has viewers and people who like her photos, she loves her pictures tooken.. she wants to be in ballet 🩰 or dance 💃 class, she loves school and her friends.. she’s a growing girl almost 7 Jan 11th.. so mom is very busy trying to get everything ready for Christmas and then bringing in the new year with her birthday 🎂! And Ty she loves contests, and trivea . The heart ❤️ is the birthmark was on her stomach when she was a baby,
Just a beautiful 4 year old who loves taking pictures . Just won most festive at her first pageant. With a character and personality to keep you laughing all day .
My baby was born 2 months earlie from that day she fights everyday n she is a stronge baby i hope n pray she wins this would just be amazing n a blessing to us. My baby loves eating dancing playing but most of all she be trying to cook lol she is my rainbow baby
Jordan enjoys school and fortnite he lights up if u engage in a conversation about it
Jaxen is a very intelligent young man eager to help a lending hand and luvs to make u smile
Hi my name is Hunter, I love playing with dolls, Barbie’s, babies my friends at school and my little brother! I love going outside and getting dirty too!
Levi is funny sweet caring playful happy he bring smiles to everyone around him
He is very smart, lovely, energetic, happy and blessed!
He loves to dance!:)
Lathan is a cute, funny, and a very active 4 year old. He loves bikes, dirtbikes, and airplanes. He’s literally a human dirtbike 😂 braaaap braaaap all day. He’s one of a kind 💕 He really does deserve to win one. We never can because the buyers who are way more fortunate and well off financially than I am. I’m a single mom of 3 who works as a class montior for children with autism on all ends of the spectrum. It’s hard work, doesn’t pay too well but it’s sooo rewarding to see the impact I have on all different levels and the difference I make 🧩 ❤️ But hey, we give it our best trying like heck 💕 Vote For Lathan ❤️
She so adorable. People said she look like both of us.
Loves his hotwheels and his chickens
Axel loves to crawl around and play with his toys and just thinks his big sister is the most amazing person on earth he loves to sit and watch cartoons he also loves to be cuddled and give kisses
His an awesome baby very happy boy always smiling and very foto genius lololo
Remington loves to fish all day an night 24/7. He loves the outdoors an working on stuff with tools . Loves to be Rotten an joke around always with a big smile on his face . Always has been Mommas lil helper.
Raylan is my little Country Boy ! He loves fishing , hunting, and the outdoors . His smile an personality will melt your heart. His best friends are his Papaw an Brother. He is selfless an very kind hearted. Very proud momma here !!
He’s my miracle baby! He’s been through so much in his 14 months of being here! He loves to listen to music, be talked too and his bottle
Loves to dance act goofy really loveable
Yennifer Royland
She's a beautiful loving sweet child glad and happy to be here
She is smart, adorable and so much fun
The sweetest boy I know. He is a handful, but loves everyone. He says something and makes everyone laugh.
Like to sing,loves to play with her dolls and listening to stories
Kayson is always happy and smiley. He loves chewing on his crinkle book and looking at himself in the mirror.
Rian is a very bright outgoing boy. he loves to play outside and is quite a charmer. He is very independent.
miyu is a very bright and happy baby. she is very curious of the world around her and loves to interact with people. She has the biggest eyes and a heartwarming smile that lights up the room.