Baby Stories - 60


Karson is an outgoing 3 1/2 year old who is obsessed with cars & woody.
Zho is the happiest baby ever! He loves paw patrol and Mickey Mouse. Loves to laugh and play
Oakleana is an amazing bright and happy baby. She loves to sing, and she loves to dance to humpty dumpty. She also just got into dinasaurs and loves to watch the good dinasaur.
She likes to play with her brothers and her two cousins and she absolutely loves spend time with her nana and papaw and her smile is one and million her favorite song is pretty heart mommy and daddy loves you baby girl
Gabriella is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous! Her smile is heavenly & her heart is gold!
Aiden aka Buck is a very energetic, lovable little boy. He's full of LOVE and brings nothing but joy to those around him....LOOK at that smile, it screams HAPPINESS!
Neo is a happy little baby boy, who is overcoming spina bifida encephalocele and stridor. Neo is still currently in the NICU and has been since birth. He is a little warrior💙 he likes music and loves his mommy. Neo is a favorite at Luries NICU
Harper is 6 months old she loves to eat and play with her book and loves to be in her walker and her favorite is her bows she loves all of her bows. She loves her big brother
She might look blonde and have blue eyes but she’s more Hispanic than arepas, mofongo y tacos together 😁 she’s the sweetest but the most sassy baby too.
Hey this is Jackson he loves cuddle and kisses and spending time getting spoiled by his pawpa
Jayda is my life size Barbie doll. She is sassy was sweet as gold. She loves outdoors and loves to dance. She already loves TikTok.
Matthew is a little red headed spitfire. He’s a little daredevil who thinks he’s invincible. He’s a mamas boy and a special little rainbow boy who loves his grandparents deeply.
Christian was born 5 weeks early and weighed 4 lbs 4 ounces. By the grace of God he is thriving! He is literally the sweetest baby ever!
Naarah is so full of sass and personality!!! She is such a joy to be around and lights up the room wherever she goes! Naarah loves to sing and dance and simply make everyone smile and laugh! Such a beautiful blessing!
THANK YOU ♥️ TO ALL WHO HELPED MY BABY FINALLY GET FIRST IN STATE!! We TRULY appreciate each and every one of you! 🥰🙏
Sienna is a spontaneous bubbly and sassy girl! She’s a diva!
Waylon is a happy little handsome man who loves hearing his mommies voice. He also loves to watch his big sister and smile at her.
Addilynn is a smart, goofy and loving girl. She loves helping mom clean, her stuffed giraffe “raffee” and loves her little brother.
Elton may be four months old but he has the biggest smile that will warm anyone’s heart
Teo is such a happy lil boy! He’s all smiles and giggles, no matter who he’s with! He loves his gator lovey, Mickey Mouse, and baby purées! He’s truly a ham! Happiest lil bean you’ll ever meet
Zanders favorite movie is Home! He loves animals; anytime he sees an animal he smiles and laughs! His favorite place to go is to the grocery store so he can jump in the cart!
Jaxon is 1 yrs old 🧸, he loves his mama and dada ! loves to play with his toys ! he loves dinesours, cars, books, balls etc... cocomelon is his favorite show ! he loves helping mama clean 🥰
I love to try talking! And will hold a conversation with you for ever. I do not like baths 🧼 I love my sister! I like to try to walk. And tummy time! I am a mamas boy! And I love going on rides in the car.
Journey loves taking pictures.. she has been smiling since she came out of the womb and gives “face” in every picture
Hi everyone my name is Princeton Thomas. I love cuddles and my milky. Please vote for me! I think I'm the cutest baby around. (So does my mommy) 🤣
Blake is a very outgoing polite energetic and gifted little boy❣️ He’s very outdoorsy loves playing at the park in the pool in the snow❣️ He knows all his colors and can count to 100. I love his life.
Javaeh loves watching Princess and the frog movie. She is always smiling.
Jasper is a going lovey baby boy! He loves his PBS Kids little baby shows. Loves to bounce, eat his food/snacks, loves walks and loves his dog/cat, mommy and daddy. Mommy’s boy and Grandma’s Schmieder boy! Loves spending in the nature. Trying to walk and trying to work saying word now. Vote for Jasper! Please and thank you!
Kyleigh is very lovable ! She loves giving hugs and loves to play with her cousins
Oaklynne’s a very bright happy baby ! She loves to play with her sister and cousins!
Sofehia is almost 1 month old , she is the youngest of 4 girls ! She likes to be cuddled . She’s a All around happy baby
Enjoys long naps, eating and making little noises. He loves being with his two sisters💕. He can melt your heart with his smile
Little Lucian is very warm towards others and loves to be bounced/walked with. He likes tummy time and is growing like a weed.
He loves to eat, sleep
Tyson has an amazing spirit that can draw anyone towards him. He has such a sweet and charming soul. He loves fruit and playing with legos!
Ava is such a happy baby, she loves smiling at her family members and eating.
Kimmie has the sweetest smile, she loves playing with her stuffed sloth and elephant. When she looks at you with those big blue eyes your heart melts.
Kayla Belle
She loves to smile, look at you, and hold your fingers. She definitely a Daddy's girl.
Elliana LOVES her sleep and food, she is definitely a daddy’s girl, she’s such a happy and good baby!
Adonis loves food and is a baby boss impersonator. He's a super lover with ice blue eyes!
Hi. I’m Kashtyn. I’m 3 months old (almost 4) I’m a healthy breastfed little boy who eats and sleeps all day but when I’m up I LOVE watching my brothers play (they make me giggle) and I love educational sensory videos!
Hi! I’m Quintyn. The goofiest little boy! Seriously. My personality is like nothing you have seen before! I love playing with my big brother and snuggling with my mommy and daddy. Oh and RAWR! Dinos are my FAVORITE!
I’m a 4 year old smart little boy! I LOVE food and my papa is my BESTFRIEND! at home I’m a happy full of energy little boy! I enjoy playing outside OH! and nerf guns are a BLAST!
Theodora is such a happy girl. She loves spending her time outdoors and with her best fur friends Mowgli and Barney.
My beautiful babygirl is 1 years old
Asher loves bath time! Climbs on everything! And loves being outside!