She loves to eat and sleep and be held. Her smiles and chuckles in her sleep are so endearing. She's a feisty little miss and brings us so much joy
Julienne Penate
My Lil man knows, exactly how to be very convincing with all his cuteness.
Amelia Pizano
Amelia is a beautiful happy baby, who loves all the attention she can get!
Remington has learned so much! He loves standing by himself and taking small steps. He loves climbing the stairs. He loves car rides, all foods, juice and MILK of coarse! He’s breast fed and loves his mommy! But daddy is his ultimate best friend :) Vote For Remi ♥️
Mila is really sassy and smart, she loves pizza & ice cream and she's very family oriented
Sariyah is a sweet and loving baby ! She loves to smile, laugh, and blow bubbles.
She loves music,animals (her pitbull)eating and playing outside 🫶🏾
Stellan is such a fun-loving, caring, outgoing, smart, big hearted boy! He LOVES making people laugh! He doesn’t care how goofy he looks, as long as someone laughs, he is happy! If you are hurt, he will hug you, kiss your boo boo, and try to bandage you up to make you feel better. Everyone who ever meets Stellan falls in love with his personality and his piercing blue eyes ❤️🥰
Octavia is the happiest girl I’ve met. She’s smart and extremely lovable ❤️ always over achieving all her milestones making me one sad but happy mama 🥰
She has been through so much , she's a fighter, she fought to enter this world she enter at 8months. When Foreva’ 1st entered this she was 7months. She is a daddies girl and she love's her big brother, she is now 22 months old and also a big sister that she love’s sooooo much …..
Taegan is very friendly, and outspoken. She loves playing games, and going to the park. She loves making new friends. Sonic is her favorite at the moment.
Likes: smiling, giggling, eating, being outside, trying to walk before crawling, making noises of joy!
My name is Derryk Reginald Porter Jr. Mommy calls me Mr. Sweetface I love to play and dance and get piggyback rides all the time. 💙
I’m MaLeah But My Family Calls Me Sunshine Because I’m Always Smiling And Laughing! I Enjoy Watching Gracie’s Corner And Attempting To Sing Along!
Her favorite words are good morning. This is the smile you get when you say them to her. She is a rainbow baby with a lot of personality.
Aiden Joel Wirtz
He likes cuddles and dinosaurs
Arianna Grace Wirtz
She loves dinosaurs and unicorns and mermaids. Vote for her because she loves to help other
Rhyland (A.K.A. Mr.Big) is a 6 month old HAPPY baby boy! he LOVESSSSS to eat anything he can get his hands on🥰 he did not want to leave moms belly and put up a fight! & came out at 8lbs 5oz & 22in!
Aries is my little blond headed baby he is 16 months old. He loves his dogs and his bumper car. His favorite show is cocomellon, and he prefers to be outside. His favorite word is dada, but he prefers mama lol. Vote for my cute little blond boy. 💙
Ora Jade
OJ loves to watch Moana and play with her daddy’s beard❤️
Zaiden loves all things to do with his daddy and toy story💕
Kevilynn is my beautiful 4 year old granddaughter. Her daddy, my son, passed away in October before she was born in she is a very special little girl to our family. She is definitely Granna's girl. She absolutely loves all things unicorn and princess.
Hi, I’m Skyla. I love to smile, laugh at my sister dogs and roll all over the floor.
My sweet Nevaeh Marie is almost 3 months old, mommies first baby. She loves to smile in her sleep and loves her daddy because he spoils her. 💕
Even when sick, Owen still manages to be his smiley, happy self!
Leo is 12 days old and he was 9 pounds and 10 oz 22 and half inches long
Mackson is our 10 month old sweetheart. He's on the smaller side for his age because he had some troubles when he was in moms belly. Mackson had Fetal Growth Restriction and ended up being induced because his body was simply not growing like he should've been. He is under the 1% for just about everything, but he is our might guy and we love him so much! :) <3
She just turned 1 she loves to dance to every kind of music her favorite shows to watch are Mickey Mouse, paw patrol and SpongeBob she loves to be very active and will always keep you on your toes
meet Aubrey, she is so full of smiles and giggles, she loves to talk and play with her toys!
Jr, loves Paw patrol and Spider-Man 💙 Very smart baby, loves to smile! Very intelligent for a 2 year old💗 give some love for my boy, he’s got a baby sister due this month and he’s excited🥹
Adorable , Cute All in One 🫠💕 My Smile Will Melt Your Heart 🥰
My name is Elaine I’m 3 months old I’m my mommy’s and daddy’s pride and joy I laugh and smile a lot love mommy’s kisses and hugs I love I am first baby mommy and daddy’s princess 👸
Colton is an outgoing baby, he loves to make people laugh. He loves his Elmo and cocomelon. He’s the child everyone loves to be around. There’s not a day or time he isn’t smiling. Meet colton
Hi my name is A’siyah Royale but you can call me Siyah Sunshine ☀️ my favorite color is purple💜💜 My mommy is my bestfriend 🤞🏾I love to watch Elmo , and Doc Mcstuffins 🥰 I am very smart, sweet and loving please VOTE FOR ME ! 💜💜💜
Isabella Wilbourne
Hi my name is Isabella and I love food and to dance and to follow my brother around and annoy him I love my brother my favorite word is dada my favorite song is baby shark do do do I love to dance to any type of music
Wesley Wilbourne
Hi my name is Wesley I love animals especially dogs I also love Sweets and to play outside Also being able to ride the lawnmower is fun I love my sister but I don’t really like sharing with her all the time
I love my cat panchito mom and dad of course and love to clap with my feet 😂😂 my nickname is Mr. Mayor!
This snuggly girl loves the water and being outside! She also is a huge fan of mommy and daddy!
Dilán(Dee-La-On)Is 6 Months Old , Loves To Laugh &&’ Smile A lot , Loves Bath Time , His Favorite Movie Right Now Is Minions, Favorite Show Is Paw Patrol , Loves To Be On His Tummy , Loves To Play With All His Toys , Is Jumping/Bouncing Now &&’ Soo Much More.!! 🥰
Such a sweet baby and loves being talked to.
Jordan will be 2 next month he loves his big brother and little sister more than anyone and is always such a playful happy loving little boy 💚
Hello I’m Sophia! I am always smiling, I am a happy baby! Smile!!😀
Jacob is 8 months old and loves to make everyone laugh he’s so silly and has so much joy his favorite food is CARROTS 💕
Cade is as wild as her curls, but she is so sweet and kindhearted. She absolutely loves animals, singing, and dancing...and shopping at Target 😆
Hi!! I’m Nikolai, but you can call me Niko too! I love my family and all my furry friends!! I love to run around and climb everything! My favorite thing to do is spend time with family and playing outside! I love everyone, I give lots of hugs and kisses! And I'm always laughing because life is a blessing and it’s so much fun!!!
This Ashlynn lila skye 🥹she’s the most kind loving baby ever she also the best eater 💗she mommy little chunky monkey ❣️
My name is Ezekiel, some people call me Zeke, but my mommy calls me boogie, I love my Mimi! I love bubsie baths, and I love my four legged sibling's please vote for me.