Baby Stories - 60


Peter Mathew Jr
Peter Mathew Jr loves to Smile , he also loves to be talked to and held , his nickname is Pj and he is a very loveable baby ❤️ He looks just like his father and has the sassy personality just like his mother 😂
Parker is a silly adventurous little boy, who loves to play catch with his daddy, and enjoys eating with mommy. He is very entertaining and loves everyone in his big amazing family.
Hi, my name is Jiana, i’m 5 months old! :)
Hes the first baby we have had in our family in awhile, we just adore him ❤
Adelynn loves to sing and dance to just about any music,Her favorite movie is Moana, & she loves playing with her older brother.
Prentice Oliver is full of love and snuggles. His favorite thing to do is bath time and loves eating 💙
Laila has such a beautiful personality. She loves pizza and her soft blankets. She never leaves home without a blanket. Enjoys daycare and being social. She does not like house guests lol just wants mommy, daddy and her brothers and occasionally grandma lol. She's the best!
Danny loves all things Mickey Mouse. His favorite food is candy thanks to last Halloween. He's into cars right now, videos, hot wheels, the movie Cars.
Hi I’m Amore I love being with my family sharing smiles and laughing.
This is my niece, she is always happy and loves getting into mischief.
Marley turns 1 year old this month on the 15!! She enjoys playing video games with her dada, and playing outside when weather permits:) She’s walking like a champ and could dance & talk her heart out all day.
I’m the first Albino in my family ❤️❤️ I love Mickey Mouse n coco melon my eyes are very sensitive to the light but other than that I’m full with a lot of love energy
Cayde is a wild, rambunctious, yet loving toddler boy! He is always on the go and he loves playing with his hot wheels and train sets! He loves watching Tom n jerry, spongebob, and pj masks! But most of all, he absolutely loves his younger baby sister!
Anya loves to splash around in the bath tub! She absolutely loves having bath time and is the happiest baby you will ever meet! Our baby girl loves it when mommy and daddy sing to her, tell her stories, and having cuddles! She loves her older brother, Cayde, very much! And the feeling is mutual with him!
Jacob loves watching the ceiling fan & our LED lights! He is always smiling & found his voice recently!
This monster loves food and his brother!
Arianna Rose is 2 months old, loves to talk and cuddle with her fur babies 💕
Lyra is 5 months, she's definitely mommy & daddy's little princess! Her smile just lights up the whole room!
Just look at that face! 😍
Kasey is a ball of sunshine, always laughing and smiling. She loves pulling her daddy's beard and playing with her brother and sister. And is a major mommy's girl 💜.
My beautiful sassy sweet funny baby girl! She is the best big sister anyone could ever ask for ❤️ 3 years old, she loves baby dolls, and spending time with her baby sister, she is definitely a big helper, loves making everyone smile.
AvaLeigh Summer Rose is our little fighter baby ❤️ She was a premie baby but has grown quickly. At 3 months old she got rushed too ICU due too medical issues but she’s a fighter and everyday is improving ❤️❤️She’s a baby sister too a 2 year old sister 😘
Hello, my name is Adalena. I love to play, giggle, crawl and eat all kinds of baby foods. Thank you for stopping by on my profile. Any vote is greatly appreciated. ♥️
Shane is one happy lil guy.
Lilesa is such a happy baby. She wake up happy and goes to bed happy. She loves watching her brothers play around. Loves listening to mommy sing. Loves talking to everyone. Such a happy baby.
Willa is a sweet little girl. Who is very alert and curious during the day. She already sleeps through the night. Loves mama's milk and lots of cuddles.
Alexei is 4 months old and a very happy, sweet boy 😊 he loves his stuffed fox and smiles at everyone and every thing.
JJ is 6 months old and loves to smile and eat all the bubbas and baby food he can get hims hands on :)
Baby jude is 4 months old, loves chewing on his hands and listening to mom and dad sing the beatles to him❤ we are just doing this for fun❤
Mia Marie
Mia was born in Las Vegas Nevada , she’s Hawaiian, Filipino and Mexican . She loves food. She can eat all day if she could 😂
Hello, I am Damian and I am 3 months old. I can roll over already. I love to baby talk to my parents and my brother and I enjoy being held. Thank you for your votes love Damian 🥰😘
Eris was born at 33 weeks, and has had a rough beginning. But she’s such a happy baby, who absolutely loves her puppies. She loves cuddles and naps, Eris is a character who is very special.
Everlee Korinne is now 8 months old. She is our first child and the light of our lives. She is constantly smiling and laughing and infects everyone around her with her happiness and love for life. If you look closely you will see that she has two different colored eyes, a condition called heterochromia, and effects less than .01% of the population which. But no statistic could possibly explain how special she is in our eyes (pun intended)
He was born early due to preeclampsia. He's so smart already and walking in his Ford F-150, he loves attention, loves to eat. Love's playing GTA5 with his Dad and brothers. Love's being up Mommy's butt. Love's Music and he loves the Cardinal bird.
This is Baby Sir He is a Sagittarius born November 22 #CoronaBaby. Seeing as he’s only two months the only thing he really likes to do is sleep He likes cuddles, flinging his binky, playing with his noise making toys, and watching TV with his brother
Desmond's favorite foods are pancakes and string cheese.
Ms. Jewels is a very bright,comical, & very happy 4 month old baby. Shes a one of a kind person already.
He loves crinkle sounds bath time loves Todd our black kitty smiles/giggles alot loves his Leo the lion
Karsyn Antheny Sherwood.
Arya absolutely loves anything to do with water, absolutely loves her older brother, has such a spunky, sassy personality. She loves it when mommy and daddy sing baby bumblebee to her. She is such a happy baby and her laugh is my favorite thing to hear.
She is a fierce sassafras! She love sweet peas and avocados. Loves to play peek a boo and being silly. Loves being in the spotlight. ❤️
Jhett is 4 months old and absolutely LOVES life and such a happy sweet boy! He loves to blow bubbles, jump in his jolly jumper, and most of all kisses from mama!
jordan loves to play . he's teething . learing to roll over . and trys to talk .
Addison is a very independent and confident child. She loves horses and participates in a horse class once a week and loves Irish Step Dancing. She loves life and helping others in need.
Yusuf is 6 months, he is a beautiful baby boy, he is always smiling and laughing. He loves bananas ❤️
Loves Unicorns and Dinosaurs and is a Junior Reef Keeper!
Little miracle baby, she is a rainbow baby. She is very vocal and hums herself to sleep. She loves everyone she meets. 💕