Baby Stories - 60


Ariana is about to be 4 months old! She loves to smile, talk, and tummy time.
Kayley loves to smile and lighten up everybody's life...she is a huge blessing
Dylan is a premature baby. He was born a month early but he is strong, behaved and lovely little boy.
She is an amazing lil baby and I think she should get voted for because of her personality and good spirit
This is Eian, his favorite thing is the water. He loves to float and is very smiley unless the camera is out!
Axston was born at 28 weeks due to placenta issues. He spent 2.5 months in the NICU before coming home. Now he is home on an oxygen monitor and striving to be the best he can be. He loves music, swinging, and being swaddled!
Little Ava was born 3 weeks early and is striving! She loves her mommy,daddy, sleeping and eating! 💛 Don't let her cuteness fool you, she also loves to toot! 😂
He’s a happy little baby bear who is full of love
Izzy is a very calm and collected little girl most of the time. When she gets comfortable she’s a little wild and weird. In all the best ways. She’s super intelligent and always wants others around her to be happy! She’s the most caring person I know. Izzy loves to play outside and ride her bike with her friends. Other times she just wants to relax on the couch and play one of many games on her IPad while talking to her friends that are playing the same game. Since she’s an only child, it really made her into a true social butterfly. And my beautiful and loving angel!
The happiest baby you’ll ever meet, basically walking at 8 months old, just has to hold on with one hand!! Sorry y’all I’m a proud mama to say the least❤️
•Ignacio’s nickname is Nacho🤍 • •He loves to smile & mean mug• •He likes talking gibberish• •He pushes out his sneezes• •Likes to fart when no one is paying attention• •Loves moving hands and feet• •Is not ticklish•
She is very happy she like to play whith toys she is very calm she try to talk alot she is my stronger princess she born 34 weeks earlier god bless everybody
Tamara is such a kind-hearted wheat little baby she loves to eat all her vegetables her fruits she loves chicken and hamburgers and her favorite food is pizza
Smarty pants loves shoes, animals , and her mommas !!
Kaleiah is 6 month old she’s a happy baby always laughing & smiling she will make anyone day great just one look at her you would love her .
He's a leap baby who is a wild child and the sweetest little flirt!
Desmond was born a month early on September 6th, 2020. He loves napping on his tummy, eating, The Ramones, & watching daddy play guitar.
Elías Wyatt The strongest little warrior I have ever laid eyes on 💙🌙💫 Elías was born prematurely at 34 weeks gestation which resulted in him having some issues breathing. The issues breathing very quickly turned into pulmonary hypertension. He was transported an hour away to one of the best NICUs in our area just hours after birth. I had to get up and walk hours after a csection to be able to see my baby for a few moments before he was taken. I didn’t even get to hold him until he was 5 days old, but when I finally did boy did we both enjoy the snuggles 💙 he’s showed nothing but strength and courage this entire time and we’re hoping we will get to bring him home soon!
Lilyannas a gorgeous baby girl who is very loved ❤️
Lilyanna is a beautiful baby girl who is a ray of sunshine. She loves going for walks, watching the different lights go by. She’ll laugh and smile all day long as long as you give her all of your attention. She’s very much loved by everyone around.❤️
Our little stinker! He likes long walks on the beach with mom, dad and big brother Jags (his puppy). We love living in Maryland but miss seeing all our Grandmas and Grandpas back in Wisconsin! His favorite thing to do at three months old, is watching football with daddy! Go Pack Go! On Wisconsin!
I love taking naps with my Auntie and Grandma and hang out with my Mommy.
A vote for me is a push towards a college fund! Khaleesi is 2 months old! She loves to eat and roll over! She is learning to sit up all by herself!
Carson is such a strong baby he was diagnosed with Koolen De Vries Syndrome. He suffered a stroke at birth, has had many obstacles but has show how strong he is. He loves peek-a-boo, eating and climbing everything in sight! He’s a true Aquarius ♒️
Kevin is a very happy baby. Loves to giggle and smile 😃. Enjoys when someone talks to him.❤️
Nate loves swimming, playing with his best friend, and his cars. He thinks pumpkins and dogs are very interesting.
Lewis is a fighter! He was born premature at 34 weeks due to IUGR ( interuterine growth restrictions) He has come a long way! Now he loves to smile and talk. He also loves snuggling his twin brother!
This little man is more adorable than words can express. From his beautiful bright eyes and button nose or that super-sweet personality. No one can keep their eyes off of him and always in awe of him. Raymond melts hearts everywhere he goes.
Theo is a very smiley baby! He loves to play with his twin brother and eat! He was premature at 34 weeks, so he has come a long way!❤
Eli is my little wild child, my spitfire, my everything. He loves learning new things, and adventuring with his momma ❤
Lucas is the light of his mommas life. he loves swimming in the bath tub and playing with his daddy. Lucas is only three months and has hit some of his 6 month mile stones. He rolled over at 5 weeks started social smiling at 7 weeks and has three teeth already coming In he is now actively trying to crawl,
I am already starting to roll over, i love to eat my hands, i love the older animated Disney movies. After waiting 12 years to give my big sis a sibling, my parents cant imagine life without me!
Lilah May
lilah is a wonderful baby. She likes swimming and cuddling up by our sides. She loves her dog Bailey with all her heart, their two peas in a pod. She is better than I could ask for❤️
Ali is a super curious, adorable and well behaved baby. Her smile brings me joy. A daughter is the most valuable gift life can give. I love her with all my heart🤍
Hi Im Kristoff, a virgo boy ! I was born on Sept.16,2020. I love cuddling with my Mommy, love staring out the window and most of all I love bathing!
Keygan is a free spirt. He has lots of energy and love to give.
He loves cars and playing with his favorite aunt ! He loves talking to his Dada on the phone and taking pictures! You should vote for Ausiyon because he's handsome and overall the best baby ever!
Ember is always smiling, she is the happiest baby i know. She brightens everybodys day with her beautiful smile
Jack loves spending time with his daddy! He lights up the room with his smile! His favorite food is sweet potatoes so far. And he’s already sleeping through the night at 4 months old! ❤️
Nicholas is my one and only son. He is the happiest baby I have ever met in my entire life. He's always laughing and smiling and doing something cute to catch your eye! I am truly blessed to have him as my son
Aiden is a very happy boy. He never stops moving. He loves playing with his big sister who is 4. His favorite thing is food!
She’ll look at you with a blank face, but around her sissy’s, dada, & mama she’s the happiest baby ever! She’s hilarious!
Mia Grace
Mia is 2 She is honestly the happiest kid i have ever met. She is always smiling and she loves music.
Emerson was born with down syndrome but that doesn’t stop this little boy from being the happiest baby. He is improving on his skills everyday. Emerson lives with his Grandparents and 4 older siblings. If Emerson won, he would have more in savings for his special education in the future.❤️
Charles Anthony is the sweetest little boy you'll meet.. His favorite things are music and warm cuddles with his Mama 🥰
She loves to dance and play peak-a-boo! She's the best hugger and makes someone feel so loved 💕