Baby Stories - 6


Carlos is a busy little boy, he loves play with his drums! He loves to make people laugh and he is such a little character, especially when he fake laugh!
She likes mommy n boob
Ben likes to eat, crawl, get into things, play with grandma, mama, and dada. Hes getting ready to talk so he babels to himself. His personality is coming in! So he is a jokester, a goof, and very smart for a 9 month old. He had cruly hair and loves all type of animals even when the animals dont like him.
Mylayah loves people, she will talk to anyone and start her own little conversation. She loves her new little sister so much. She also loves Mommy and Daddy, but is more of a Daddy's girl. She loves to learn and play with other little kids. She loves the outside, if she could stay out there all day every day she would. She loves to play in the bath. She is a very smart, sweet little girl. She has such a big heart and personality.
Aniyah loves cuddles. She loves her Daddy, Mommy, and Big Sissy. She loves it when we make silly noises and faces. She loves to smile and giggle. Her nickname is Squeaker because she squeaks a lot. She loves warm baths. She doesn't like being changed or changed out and into an outfit. She loves to look around and also loves it when people talk to her.
Kaia is 2 months old and full of personality. Smiling and cooing at everyone and everything. Her ocean blue eyes and long lashes just melt my heart. She makes the puzzle to our family complete.
Madeline is my first baby she loves her. Stuff animal
She is a beautiful funny loving baby. When you see her you can't help but just smile. One look at her and your entire day is made.
Ethan is 9 months old and is coming into his own personality. He’s strong headed and Is on the go since learning how to crawl and loves to cuddle.
She's full of life, has a way about living, the way she sees everything is amazing, vote for Mattie because she deserves to be a winner. Even if she doesn't win in this context she will always be a winner in my eyes. She loves hard and full of wonder .
Jack is 4 years old now loves fish boating
Hi 👋 my name is Dom. I love bath time, my momma, and kisses. I am their little warrior (since birth). I can't walk, crawl, hear or really see, but that don't stop me from being happy.
Gianna is 3 months old & extremely happy! ♥️
Alona Grace. loves playing outside, kitty’s, family time & jumping on the trampoline
Nova is a joy to be around❤️ She just turned the BIG 1🥳 Always laughing and stays with the cutest smile (I'm telling ya it could light a room)🤩 She adores mommy and loves her big bubby 💚 She is gonna be walking on her own any day🥺💜👣
Olivia is a month old 💜 She just had her first christmas in december... She LOVES christmas lights. She dont like baths or having a diaper change. But she stays adorable no matter what 😘💜❤
Delilah is 2 months old. She loves standing up and loves to talk to you. She loves her mommy and daddy. Loves cuddles. Loves bath time. She is a very active baby.
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This is Colton, he’s a few weeks old and is very sweet and precious, he doesn’t give me no hard time. All I ever see him do is smile and it brightens up day as well if I see my other son smile. They are my precious babies and I wouldn’t change it for anything in this universe. I love them with everything in me!
This Trenton, he’s 14 months old. He loves to put a smile on everyone’s face even if he get in trouble lol. He’s a sweet boy and loves animals, playing with random things other than his toys and most definitely loves gerber stars. He loves going for rides like on the 4 wheeler, lawn mower, his jeep. He doesn’t appreciate of his baby brother but we are working on that lol but that’s usually how babies get when they are not getting their mothers full attention but I loves my boys with everything in me!
Amari is 7 months, she loves music, dancing, laughing, and being with her family.
Carson is a amazing 4 year old he loves school and loves anything spiderman or anything super heros
Serenity is a out going little girl. I don’t normally do this but she is so beautiful
Hi, I’m J’Vanni, My Mommy Is My Bestfriend, I Love To Explore Around The House. You Know? Get Into Stuff? I Also Love To Play Pattycake With My BigMama🥰
This is jonah(: he is 3 years old also he loves Dinosaurs and trucks!
This is emma(: she’s a year old, loves to eat and loves being goofy❤️
Brynnleigh Jane
hi , my name is brynnleigh . i love my mommy , cocomelon , my daddy & much more . 🤎
Lyam is a little gentleman with a quiet personality, just like the boy next door. Everyone loves to make friends with him. After waking up from his nap, he loves to play with his toy cars all afternoon and he also likes to listen to fairy tales before having a good night's sleep
Collin loves to jump in his jumper, loves to growl and attack mommy like he’s a Dinosaur and guess what he can actually say I love you!!! Collin can also sit up!!
My name is Levi and I have the best mommy and daddy in the world. I love to dance, play, and eat.
The sweetest, happiest little love bug ever! My sweet miles loves attention and cuddles
She loves her mommy!! And also loves Christian music!!
Grayson is a funny, keep you on your toes kinda boy. He is 5 years old and is very smart for his age. He's 5 and is on 1st grade level and hasn't even started school yet! He loves to play with others and his baby sister. He's a mommy's boy & loves dressing up for pageants!
Maxton was born on December 30, 2021. He's got quite the head full of hair that has gotten him a ton of attention in his first 2 weeks of life. He's a sweet little guy who loves cuddles, eating, and sleeping. I think he deserves your vote 😉
Kenzlee is a full of energy, ball of attitude & sas! She loves to play using her imagination. She's very independent and is a world shinning bright eyed girl. She will light up any room she's in 💜
Colton is a month old, and is such the sweetest baby. He smiles the biggest smiles, he’s starting to giggle and he loves being talked to and listening to music.
Hi my name is Kalvin. Im 1 years old, I’m adventurous and full of life. I have so much energy and my most favorite thing to do is to play outside. I love my grandparents and I want to spend most of my time with them.
Mahayley will be 4 months old soon🥲 she enjoys being played with a lot she loves laughing an rolling an being talked too is her most favorite thing in the world☺️💕 she can say good an is the most happiest baby ever
William is 7 weeks old born the day after Thanksgiving. He loves bath time, snuggling before, during and after bedtime. He's extremely strong. He was able to hold his head completely off the ground when he was 5 weeks old. He is always observing his surroundings and loves smiling. William only fusses when he's hungry, wants a diaper change or just wanting to be held. He is very photogenic and loves interacting with people.
My name is Lukah Kayde. I love paw patrol, food, and snuggles with mommy! Even through life’s struggles I’m still as happy as can be. To know me is to love me♥️
A strong willed caring loving toddler I love to help people especially mommy from cleaning to helping grocery shopping i love blippi , Pokémon, sonic, toy story and scooby doo my favorite activities are outdoor activities and love cars and construction vehicles
Hello 🤗 meet my beautiful little 6 month old. She's truly amazing 😍 She's a mommy's girl that's for sure, but currently her favorite word is Dada 🥰 even though she tries to play with all her toys, her favorite is her unicorn rattle. Victoria is the youngest of 7 children and daughter #4. She likes Elton John, rock/metal music, and EDM. Her favorite shows are Dragon Slayer, My Little Pony, and Elena of Avalor. Her favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Victoria loves playing with her big cousins and watching them be silly with her. I've truly been blessed with this gorgeous little bear 🐻
Tommy likes to talk stand and play pick a boo he also likes to play hide and seek
Happy girl!
Hi my name is Arya Faye, I am 2 months old and I am the sweetest little girl. I love watching dad play his games and I love taking naps with momma. I love spending time with mawmaw and pops. But I love food the most!
My name is alaina I am raised in a small town. I love playing outside and playing with my little cousin!