Baby Stories - 6


I was born a week after mommy’s birthday and a week before thanksgiving. I like to eat an sleep, I also bath time.
This little pistol loves to challenge us, but is the sweetest, smartest little girl I know!
Makayla love someone talk to her she loves her big sisters to sing to her
Dean loves to smile and make people happy! 🙂
Finnley is our little miracle. He is an ivf baby and we are so blessed to have him. Please vote for our little miracle.
Paislee is a firecracker. She knows how to use her voice! She loves watching her puppy Nugget and loves to jump all day!
Azlynn is a happy little girl who loves her brothers, loves to play, and loves to eat. She is 10 months old. She loves to stick her tongue out. She has 4 teeth can crawl all over the place. And she is trying to walk. She is very smart. And a quick learner.Azlynn loves her momma and loves getting into mischief. She is 8 months old. Her favorite thing to do is watch Looloo Kids and dance. She can take up to 4 steps. She's almost there.
Tucker is a Month old and he is a really good baby! He likes to be held and loved! He Loves to eat lol! He likes to listen to music! It calms him down!
Cannons 18 months old and one of the sweetest baby’s I know!!!
She is the most relaxed loving little girl with her big beautiful bright eyes. We are in love!
Loves to eat hear music and his mama and daddy
Silly sweet baby girl loves to play
Teddy's favorite activities are dancing and swimming. He's a happy baby with a great sense of humor. 💕
She loves to smile and laugh!! She’s very happy!
Jayce is 3 weeks old! He is a happy baby 👶🏼. He loves making all kinds of faces at Mommy and Daddy!🥰 please vote for him! 😊
Mckylia is 6 month's old ♡ she loves her jumperoo! Shes such a mommy and daddys girl and is just the apple of our eye
Jaxen is a 2 month old blue eyed boy that is always so happy and smiling. He loves tummy time and being sung to.
Hello I’m Liam! I was born at 34 weeks and spent some time in the NICU with my nurse friends, they made me strong so I could go home to mommy and daddy. I love cuddling, smiling and playing with my dogs. I have a big personality despite my smaller size!
Alec is a happy newborn who likes to eat and sleep. He coos and lights up the room with his contagious smiles
Briar is the brightest light amidst a dark year. ✨
Holden was my miracle for many years not thinking I was going to beable to have kids, surprise there he was he is 2 months old, birthday October 22nd at 4:44 am,he is the most happiest and energetic baby I have ever seen even going through what he has went through. May have loss of hearing in his one ear have to do more test and see ,He was premature and had some complications but never stopped him from smiling, so advanced for being premature already tries to hold his own bottle and holds his head up to look around and so fascinate with colored lights. He loves his snuggle times with mama but also enjoys his swing and looking at his monster inc lamp.still so new to this world but seems so normal for him.
Madison is a sweet baby who loves to cuddle her mama❤️
This beautiful baby girl loves to cuddle. She recently discovered her tongue and loves sticking it out and smiling!
Cielo is a happy little girl who loves to smile and laugh. Always learning more each day. She loves to sing with people.
Born a preemie. Jace is a happy baby boy who loves to be held, and to be with his mama & daddy. He's his mamas perfect boy.
Nathan just turned 3 months. He loves all things mama
Raelynn is 12 months old and celebrates her 1st birthday this month on the 18th! She has 3 brothers and 1 sister. She loves Moana and dancing! She enjoys being outside and playing with her cats. She has the best personality and full of sass 💜
Jazmine Estep
She like to help make cookies help decorate trees with me and her sister she loves to be on her phone and she loves her mommy
Hes the greatest blessing ever.loves to scream and is a ball of energy
A very knowledgeable, energetic 2-year-old
Link is our little hero of time. (Yes, from the Legend of Zelda games.) He has gotten his first 2 teeth and is doing so great. He's such a happy boy who loves everyone. He can always put a smile on anyones face.
My name is andre, and i love to crawl , eat and watch movies with my bunny, and kitty
Davina is a happy go lucky one year old with a love for the world and everyone in it that goes unmatched. She loves unicorns and watching the lion guard singing along to every song. She has a smile that’s contagious and an imagination that runs wild
Hi! My name is Tanner and I'll be 7 months old on Dec 23rd. I came 6 weeks before my due date and spent some time in the NICU, but now I'm a strong, healthy, and happy guy who loves climbing, testing out my vocal cords by making all sorts of weird sounds, and looking at my fur siblings!
My name is Brenden. My mom and dad prayed so hard for me for 4 years. They had 3 losses before they had me... I’m a rainbow baby and they’re so obsessed with me! I have been smiling from the day I was born and am so happy. I was born on September 30th weighing 8lbs 7oz! I am currently 3 months old. I’m loved and so special. I enjoy patty cake with mom and jumping with my dad. Please vote for me! Thank you to whoever even voted once. We really appreciate you! We are thankful for this contest and if we shall win, it will be spent ALL on our baby boy. 🖤
Evianna is the happiest and the most hairy 8 month old you'll ever meet! She loves music and will dance to everything 🥰
its safe to say that, im gonna get my payback.. if shes anything like me ♡
Hi I am Katarina and I am 12 wks old. I love cuddles with my Daddy and my kitties and puppy. I am very alert for my age and love sitting up and looking around.
She likes to talk with people. Seems very social and funny
Lucas is the happiest little man around even with teeth coming he’s always a bundle of joy he will always keeps a smile on your face!
Oliver loves to eat, sleep and smile 💙
Leanne has been the easiest baby so far. She loves listening to music, she smiles constantly in her sleep and she brightens my world each and every day. ❤
Giannah taking on the world 🌎 with her cuteness!! Vote 4 GIA!!!
Have yourself a cozy little Christmas! 🥰🎄
Cora loves talking, her mama, daddy, and her animals Motley and Spurrs. She is always so happy and full of smiles brightens everyones day no matter where we are at she shares her smiles and makes everyone forget whats going on with everything in the world.
Easton Scott
Easton love chewing on his hand and his mommy and daddy the most ❤️
Miss Hazel Grace was born October 30th of 2020, she is such an easy baby. Her favorite time of day is when she gets her bath and she HATES being kissed😂 Hazel is already spoiled rotten by Nana and Papaw💕 She is the best thing that has happened to our family❤️❤️