Charli loves to listen to Morgan Wallen to help calm her down! She loves to smile at us and definitely is a daddy’s girl!!
Raelynn loves to play she’s very active she loves all types of food music and she very smart for her age she knows to much like she grown 🤣 But she’s the sweetest and will make your day better by her smile and definitely will make u laugh with her silly self ❤️
She’s loves to smile at everyone she’s a happy exciting baby and she is very talkative she very silly
Ariel is a kind, loving, funny & very smart 2 year old. She loves playing with other children, she loves taking care of others & she loves sharing her toys. She also really loves swimming, playing outside on her scooter, going to the park & playing with baby dolls. She’s 2 but LOVES doing her hair, makeup & painting her nails. She is such a diva lol. Her favorite color is pink, her favorite movie is Encanto!
Vivian is almost 6 months old but her corrected age is 11 weeks. She was 1lb 15oz when born. She is a fighter, extremely strong. Tiny but mighty! Her happiness fills our heart everyday as she continues to grow and wean down on her oxygen needs.
Hi I’m purity I’m 7 months old and I crawl sit up on my own. I love playing with my big brother he makes me laugh. Im starting to Stand up
Hadley is 6 years old, adores her 5 month old baby brother, loves to ride 4wheeler and enjoys spending time with her cousins.
Johnl is a very happy 10 month old. He loves to eat anything he can get his hands on lol! He’s always playful & mean mugs! He likes to grunt & growl 😂
Alani is a bi-polar 2 year old lol! But she’s always so happy! She loves bananas. She loves to sing & dance.
Ariel Rose
Ariel is a sweetie pie .🤍 She loves playing with her dolls and she’s a daddy’s girl. Her favorite snacks are bananas and cookies .
Josie is funny and has such a really big personality for being 7mo old! She is such a happy smiley baby alll the time. &She absolutely loves everyone.
Tyler is the smartest 17month old baby I’ve ever known of and not just saying that bc he is mine saying that because he is intelligent and the best kid you could ask for.
Willow is 5 months old. She has three older sisters! No matter what she always has a big smile on her face! Loves talking with her daddy and sister! Loves to play with her favorite kitty!
Marygrace loves hugs, kisses, tummy time, long naps and warm milk!♥️🙏🏼
Jaxson is a happy hyper 2 yr old that loves ducks, sharks and dinosaurs! Loves spending time with his mommy and daddy!
Grayson is 2 weeks old a sweet little boy such a cuddle thing loves everyone
Addelynn is a fun loving country girl she loves to be with me she rides 4wheelers likes to look at our cows and goes fishing with big brother she has a beautiful soul...she has won the hearts of many her first word was momma ❤️
Kinsley is 5 months old. She has beautiful blue eyes and a smile that’s contagious 💖💖 she loves to go outside and to play with her best friend grumpy 🐶 mommy and daddy are so hilarious in her opinion and she loves everyone and gives the best cuddles ❤️🥰
Liam is our baby out of 3! He loves to spend time with his sister and brother. He is almost crawling, has two teeth and big beautiful blue eyes! 💙
Kamryn is a ray of sunshine! She loves to laugh and smile! She loves swimming, spaghetti and trying to walk! ❤️
Hello my name is kayasia i am full of energy and always happy i love cuddles 🥰❤❤
Mia Atwell
She is 5 months old she loves rolling over she loves smiling she loves people
Oakley is 2 months old she was 7 lb and 12 ounces when she was born she has 3 fur brothers and 1 fur sister that she loves to watch and loves tummy time
Hi I’m kylin I’m 7 months , I love to swim and laugh and play, I was born 2 weeks early I was a emergency c section baby I have 2 teeth and I love food I eat everything
Hi I am Esperanza, and I love to play with my toys and roll over . I smile and laugh all the time ❤️ I love hanging out with my mommy and daddy . 🫶🏽
My sweet boy is so full of life, he loves outside, his momma and dada & his brother is his favorite💙
Rowan’s hobbies include playing with his toys, watching his mommy, eating, watching his mommy, playing in the tub, and watching his mommy 😂 he’s a little obsessed with mommy if you can’t tell.
Bexley is 6 months old! She loves rolling over,smiling,and wearing her favorite bows from willows bees bows🎀
Bryson is 4 years old . He loves to play outside he loves playing with his brother and sister and his 3 cousins super hero’s are his favorite and he a big mama boy
Max is definitely a mommas boy. He loves story time & tummy time. Always happy & full of love. He's a very well behaved baby, & always has a smile on his face.
Jacob is my miracle baby! As you can see, he has the most amazing and authentic smile. He is almost always happy! He loves cuddles and kisses from his mommy, auntie, grammy and grandpa. He loves all foods he has tried and he can't wait to crawl and walk. Jacob also loves Cocomelon.
She is the youngest of a trio!!
Daylah is my little spunky twin she loves tummy time and rolling over.
Aeylah is the my chillest twin baby she loves tummy time and looking around 🥰
Amiya loves to play & learn new things. Her favorite movie is Toy Story. She loves to dance to all types of music. She is definitely a ball of energy that will keep you going all day. Thank you for your vote!!!
Hi my name is legend I’m tiny but with a big personality i love long naps with mom and tummy time with daddy ♥️
Navada is a lovely little princess who loves her mom and dad a lot
She is a very sweet loving happy baby girl. She loves to play with her rattle.
Braxten is a fearless and wild little boy ❤️ He loves his momma and dinosaurs. He’s always happy and brightens everyone’s day!
Paizlee is my wild heart. She's brave, strong, sassy.... But also she's loving, caring, protective, and silly. She's def one of a kind. ❤️
Gianni loves to watch Tv in his swing , and loves tummy time!! He loves to play with his toys!
Westen is 2 months old, he loves his mama and daddy , and loves drinking mamas milk💙 , he loves it when daddy sings to him 💙
Yuletzy Gonzales
Yuletzy is my first Great Granddaughter, her dads name is Damien, her mom is Perla, she is just 3 days old in this photo, and already paying close attention to Dad❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mirranda has a great smile she loves her family she’s a daddy’s girl and her papaws girl she warms everyone’s heart with her smile