Baby Stories - 59


Elijah is so funny. He gets mad unless I hold him standing up. He has been giggling and smiling since he was a newborn. My adorable chunky Elijah monkey.
She loves mickey mouse. She is the happiest baby ever. Loves to eat. And she is a mommy and daddys girl.
Eliana Thienan
Eliana ThienAn is a 6 months old baby. Her parents took 21 years been marriage to have her. She had born earlier than her due date because her mom got positive COVID-19. She was born by C-section. Eliana is very special and happy baby. She is always been happy baby. Maybe she knows how hard for her mid 40 mom been through to have her. She been happy and very good baby.
Isaiah is a fraternal twin, he is baby A. Isaiah just turned 2 and he already runs the house! Isaiah is full of life, keeps me on my toes & always laughing!! Please vote for my baby boy !
Kaeden is the best baby EVER! He is 10 months and has the biggest smile and the biggest blue eyes and an even bigger heart! He loves his binky and he loves when mommy sings him to sleep! He is so lovable and has the most kissable cheeks!!!💖💖
Happy, energetic, wild child
Goofy, happy, energetic, sweethearted
Matthew Martinez
Matthew is 4 months he loves eating, playing ball ⚽️And he sure do loves smiling.
Little Lexianna also known as nug or squish loves being outside she’s a little country baby who loves bread and pancakes!
Owen is the sweetest happiest baby I have ever known. He loves hugs and kisses and just being by his mama and dada’s side. He also loves his pets Gizmo (dog) and Vader (cat) and crawls to them whenever he sees them.
Happy, entergetic, loving, goofy.
Gabby is almost 4 months old. She loves sitting up and rolling around anytime possible. She loves to smile at people.
Shes such a happy baby and is always smiling, loves to take naps with her mommy and daddy
Huntleigh is 14 months old, she loves sledding and her animals. She is a big eater one of her favorite things to eat is pizza and strawberries. She also is going to be a big sister in MAY!
Octavia is a such a unique baby who was specially picked by her papa in heaven. But she loves watching boss baby and cuddles with mommy and daddy. She hates being away from her parents and wearing booties or mittens. Octavia is just an adult trapped in a babys body because she sure does have her mommas attitude.😂 But go vote for my baby girl you guys❤
Loves laughing at herself in mirrors.
One of those I-Didn't-Know-I-Was-Pregnant babies. Excels at eating, making a poopy diaper while it's being changed, and peeing right after bath time. Survives by giggling while doing the last two and falling asleep during the first.
As you may be aware from the picture, Arthur is a fan eating. But not food! He will only eat moms BM! He is light hearted and easy to laugh at any silly face you make. He just had his first tooth poke through and tried food for the first time. He is growing to quickly for his parents but not fast enough for his big sister.
She smiles alot, smart, beautiful, gorgeous, and adorable pretty little baby.❤❤❤❤
Rayne LOVES to watch CoComelon! When she's not watching CoComelon, she likes to chase our two dogs around, put her Trick or Treat bucket on her head and run around, or move all of her toys from one box/bucket/basket to another!
Torrey loves cuddles kisses and mommys boobies
I’m Lincoln n I’m 1 years old I love to talk n walk everywhere
🎀Little Madalynn is our first grandchild and we couldn't be happier!! Our nickname for her is Daisy, She's our little flower🎀 she is such a happy beautiful baby girl. On her first day after birth she looked at her mommy and smiled so sweetly. Our precious granddaughter, we are so blessed 🎀
Jayden is a 6-month-old chunk! He is an only child and loves to blow bubbles with his lips! He drools a lot too!
Braxton is 1 month old, very alert, always happy and such a handsome boy
Ariana is outgoing, fun, creative, sassy and soo smart. She’s a real character, but has the biggest heart. 💖 She loves gymnastics and lip gloss. 🤸🏽‍♀️💄 & her smile could light up a room. 🥰
Sofia was born premature and stayed in the nicu for 3 weeks. That didn’t stop her from being feisty and strong. She has so much personality already. So sweet and so sassy. Sofia loves her mommy and loves to cuddle.
Happy and loving
Thiaguito is the happiest boy I’ve known, he loves to sing and dance. He is very active, he loves to play baseball and soccer. He has an awesome sense of humor and loves to imitate people.
Catalina is very smart and strong, she loves stuff animals and watching her brother’s favorite kids shows. She smiles all the time!
Hudson is a spunky, loving, and fun 4 month old! He loves to roll around on the floor and share his food with the best fur siblings around!
Charlotte, or as we call her Charli, is a super happy baby. She loves to dance and always has to see what is going on around her.
She was born the day before my brithday. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER
Wyatt's the sweetest little boy, he loves mama and loves the animal kingdom show. He loves to be in the water and loves eating everything he grabs. He's very strong and working on sitting up.
Presley Earl
Presley is such a silly and fun little guy. He loves to make people laugh, he loves to Sing and he absolutely loves to dance. He’s so smart and so so goofy.
Daireon is such a sweet subtle boy! hes serios about his toys .... and loves to say gooooo! and hiss when we come across s in the alphabet!
Mia is my rainbow baby. She has two older brothers & her brothers love her oh so much.
he loves his nickname Fluffy Mcbutterpants
Lennox Wade
Lennox aka Lenny wade is the sweetest baby boy, he’s got so much personality and joy he brings a smile to anyone that sees him !! He has the best under the belly laugh he’s so ticklish on his chunky thighs or under his neck. He loves his brother and sister, he’s started to like feeling textures and rubbing his fingers through things. I think you should vote for Lenny wade because due to the pandemic he hasn’t gotten a normal up brining. With the winnings we could invest in a nice play ground set or put it towards preschool for education purposes
Sweetest little girl ever that loves to smile, talk, & coo for you. Daycare ladies say shes so cute she should be the gerber baby! I couldn't be more blessed for having such a good baby 💕 We would love to win to start her a savings account for college!
smartest little guy youll ever meet... calls everyone grandpa and me babe(his mama) . has a twin brother daireon....go vote for my bub!
River is the most amazing little girl! She was done 12/12/20 and stole mommy’s heart! I’d love to have her win!
Sweet little Noah loves dancing and playing with anything that makes music 🎶
Casey Steven Adams weighed 7 pd 7 oz when he was born ,he has the most cutest smile a mom could ask to see everyday ,he loves hes mom alot all he ever wants is his mom,he cant sleep without some kind of light ...hes a miracle bc god blessed me with him at the worst time of my life and he helped me over come alot of things .
This is my granddaughter Arabella Rose. She’s my first grandchild and pride and joy. She’s a really good baby too. I think she’s just beautiful! ♥️🥰
Carter is very smart he loves his momma and he loves dancing and he’s a women kind of man
Amazing Mcclary
I’m loving and care
Ovie is one of the sweetest babies. He gives great cuddles too. Ovie loves his lullabies too.