Baby Stories - 59


Please vote for miss Scarlett!!
Deyaa is 3 months old. Loves to laugh and talk to people. She is a very joyful person. Enjoys cat naps and eating. Loves the outdoors.
Richard was born at 39 weeks and been he the biggest blessing to our lives. He loves the outdoors, going on walks, and bonding time with his parents.
My name is Ace, I am now 2.9 years old! I really like cartoons and pizza!!! I have bright blue eyes and beautiful blond hair!
Waylen is such a sweet loving boy he's never in a bad mood. He just recently started learning how to give kisses that our family all adores! Waylen also likes any kind of food you give him.
Aspenns loves playing with her toys! She loves her walker and jumping! She has a contagious smile:)!
Hi! My name is Carlo, I just turned 3 months old and I live in NJ. Mommy and Daddy tell me I like to kick a lot and I recently just found my voice so I love to talk! I also just found my hands so I love to throw them everywhere and play with my favorite toys. I have 2 fur siblings who love me just as much as I love them! Vote for me ☺️
Raynor is almost 4 months old! He loves making faces, doing push-ups, and looking at himself in the mirror.
River is 6 months old love’s crawling , playing with all his toys , love watching baby shark and loves his milk bottles and sweet potato’s ( his fav)
Danica was born a month early and is just now 6 lbs. she is so full of personality. She is very strong and definitely a fighter! We love her so much.
Adi loves to smile and act goofy, most of all she loves to scream around.
“Button” was born at 3lbs 5oz @ 31 weeks. She loves home made spaghetti, playing outside and her siblings.
Chloes smile lights up the world! She’s the happiest baby out there. Look at that smile! Take a second and vote for her!
Hi everyone, this is Marleigh. She is a few days shy of 5 months. She loves chewing on EVERYTHING. Mommy and daddy are her favorite people. Mar loves splashing in the bath. If you change her diaper, be ready for her to talk your ear off. She goes everywhere with her binky. If she’s hungry... you better get it quick! Marleigh loves being outside and riding the 4wheeler!
Hes 1 week old he loves to eat and loves to sleep. He loves his mommy and his daddy!
Caden is one of the sweetest, silliest boys I know! He is so smart and has the biggest heart. He tells his family everyday how we are the best family in the world! Caden loves to play outdoors and explore with his cousins and friends and is such an attention getter. His bright Blonde hair and Amazing blue eyes gets everyone's attention but its his sweet loving, caring voice that melts everyones heart. We are so blessed to have him in our lives and can not wait to see what the future holds for him.
Valli is almost 4 months old, and beginning to be such a character. She loves eating, bath time, watching tv and going outside the most. 🧡We have just discovered she loves to chew on pumpkins as well 🤣🎃
She is a month old. She is named after Hermione Granger. Her middle name is Aloy named after the game character in New Horizon Dawn
Southern charmer ❤️ August Blake is one of a kind & full of life. He is such a flirt and loves to smile ❤️
Caleb loves to look at you with his beautiful eyes and makes noise. He loves to stretch right after eating. He also loves to sit with mom and dad. But he loves to visit with his grandpa and grandma also.
My name is Jameson Rhett and I’m six months old! I love my momma, daddy, and big brother! I’m always smiling and crawling around getting into everything!
He like buls Basketballs Round balls Square balls any kind of balls his most famous word. To me, he's my 1st. Grandbaby. He's my Lil Be-Bop. He captured my💙right from the start. Now he's my Bebop Non-Stop... He's my lil Rayne of Sunshine on a cloudy kind of day😀
Lukas always lights up the room with his big smile, he’s learning new things everyday. This sweet boy loves nothing more than his momma and his mommas milk!
Meet Kendall, she is two months old and loves to be ouside and around her family.
Maleah Iricia loves to watch football & be walked around to see all of her surrounding💛 She loves to smile & cuddle! She enjoys bath time & hanging out with daddy🥰
Emmalou loves talking up a storm, not many words come out, but she sure tries. She loves chewing on everything, blowing raspberries and watching sports. She brings a smile to share with everyone else. :)
Sweetest Little Bear!
Hi there my name is Landon Griffith and im the cutest baby ever i love my mom and dad
Merida was named after Princess Merida for her beautiful red curls and strong opinions! She loves with all her heart and is creating her own path. She is brave, strong, smart, and beautiful! She is Merida! She is also going to be a big sister!
Malcolm is a 2 month early preemie. Who just came home from the NICU, so far he loves sleeping on Mommies chest to hear her heart beat! And just turned 1 month old! ❤
Hello everyone! My name is Kayson Parker or you can just call me KP! I love being the center of attention! My mama has had me infront if the camera since birth so I know nothing but “cheese!”
Theo is our happy baby that loves to move! He absolutely loves bath time and is our true 'Teddy' bear when it comes to wanting cuddles.
You guys should vote for her becuase she is jusy the cutest and also she love to talk
My name is Welston I’m 2yrs old. I enjoy playing with my big sister and I love big mowers
Hazel likes to stand, and when we talk to her, and she also likes when shes around family members. She also likes bouncing.
Thane was born at 37 weeks strong! He’s the happiest baby boy around. Loves feeding time and his momma, handsome like his daddy! Take a look through our pictures to see how I’ve grown!💙
Anthony has been stealing hearts and smiling since the day he was born! He loves hearing mommy and daddy’s voice and picking his head up to see the big world around him. He smiles all the time and is such a happy joyous baby!
My miracle baby. In January I lost my husband in a car accident and one week later - I found out I was pregnant . She’s the happiest baby and because of her , a void I had In January is now filled again ❤️
Always a happy baby, ready to get into it all. Loves her music!!
Jaxon is a sweet little boy that loves to smile and those dimples just makes you wanna kiss him..
When it comes to cooing she is a kitten. Meows are more like it. Bath time is a treasure with this little water baby. Not a thumb sticker but she does ask for her binki at times. 😉 😜 😘
Literally the HAPPIEST BABY EVER! Ambria starts-ends her day with a BIG BEAUTIFUL SMILE! She loves her friends & family dearly. She is the light of our life. 💖 Also she is a CDH survivor😇🙏🏼💪🏼✨ (congenital diaphragmatic hernia)
Kolly is a happy, beautiful little girl who loves her mommy. She loves to dance and give big hugs.
My princess❤️
Oh the noise! She loves practicing all the noises she can make and with the biggest smile! FOOD! She wants all of it! SLEEP?! Who needs it! She’s a fun-loving, rowdy baby girl who loves to smile!