Baby Stories - 59


Malaysia is an 11 week old precious princess who enjoys warm soft covers, lots of snuggles,and bath time. She lovea to talk, play and smile. Malaysia is one special little lady.
Xavier Asher
He loves to smile & laugh and make anyone's bad day better. He also loves boxing and exercising with Mommy-smiles and laughs doing different moves/movements.
Lukas is a blessing as an IVF baby who came out 4 weeks early, spent 10 days in the NICU, and is now in the 100% in height and weight! Wearing clothes made for kids double his age, he's finally sitting up, starting to talk, and has a personality and smile everyone loves!
I'm a very happy baby. I love to play, smile and make different noises. I'm growing really fast 😁
Cayleigh loves to laugh and play and absolutely loves attention ♥️
Paislyn is 10 months old she crab crawls she tryin to walk shes outgoing she loves the camera sometimes she loves swimming she loves her squeaky toys and loves her family paislyn loves to rake a bath and swim in her swimmin pool she kicks her legs she just precious to her mimi
Holden is a happy boy who loves the water
6 months old!!!! Rainbow baby! The happiness in our lives thanks to God! Lowgyn loves to eat, play, roll around, and loves trying to talk!
Elle Mae is 6 months old. She was born a preemie at 35 weeks weighing 4 pounds. Now she is a chunk and LOVES eating her baby food....Sweet potato is her favorite 🤩 She loves being outside and listening to the birds chirp. She is a total beach baby and loves sticking her toes in the sand and the water. Everyday she amazes me.. she’s so smart. She loves hearing her voice and playing with her toes.
Zaylah is such a beautiful happy baby. She’s constantly smiling, and cooing bestowing her happiness on everyone.
Colt Is A Happy Baby Loves His Big Sister So Much! Also Loves To Watch The Dogs Run Around And Ofcource Loves To Eat!❤️
She is 8 weeks old and already smiles and holds her head up
Xavier loves to have fun, dance, and be happy! He loves food, except peas, and gives everyone big smiles ♡
Liam loves food, cars and moana. He loves to be outside. He is very smart and his laugh is unforgettable.
Mavericks best friend is his dad he loves anything with wheels handlebars or a steering wheel he can say cat dog-dog momma dadda bye bye and vroom vroom when he’s ain’t riding something he thinks he a dinosaur and rawrs at ya he’s a cute-a-Sauris
This beautiful angel seems like she's been here before 💖. Welcoming her to the world and enjoying every moment of the newborn stage. Even the waking up every 3 hours😊
Niy'ari is a little person with a big personality. She has a big heart that matches that big personality. She's adorable.
Xamari never ceases to amaze me. I've never met a 4 yr as opinionated as him. I love that about him.
Niko loves to cuddle, play with his dog and be tickled. He is a happy boy!
Marley Jayne
Marley is a fun, happy baby. She loves funny faces, funny noises, and looking at herself in a mirror or a camera!
I decided to make his appearance into the world 3 weeks early! Labor started on May 4th (May the Fourth Be With You) and I was born on May 5th - Revenge of the Fifth! Ain’t a woman alive that can take my mamas place!
Caleb John
Caleb loves watching Elmo and chewing on everything 🥺
Remington loves to just smile away! He is such a goofy happy baby! He loves to play with all his toys. His favorite things to do are to be in the water and being talked too!
Nathan is the youngest sibling of 5. He loves watching his brother dance around and play while he giggles at him. He spent two very scary weeks in Nicu when he was born but is now super strong and healthy. He brought joy back to our lives through this difficult period with covid effecting everyone.
Payton loves to crawl around and walk around furniture and play with her big sister and toys
Raven is such a happy beautiful little baby, she’s 3 months old, loves to smile & coo at people. She discovered her feet yesterday & the look on her face when she found them was so priceless. She loves her older siblings & loves to cuddle. Please vote! 💕
Henry’a top favorites: 🐶his puppies 💧bath time/pools 🍉fruit 🧸snuggle time
Gwyneth is the sweetest baby girl. She loves to make grumpy faces, cuddle, sleep, and drink mommas milk.
Melia is our precious Hawaiian, Indo-Fijian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Caucasian baby. She loves moving her arms and legs around and is already making symbols with her hands ✌🏼👌🏼She loves breastfeeding, going on walks or drives, and mostly to be held. She loves listening to Hawaiian and Disney music and dancing around and bouncing up and down. She has a smile that will melt your heart and has been smiling since she was born.💗
Camila Alaia is such a sweet, smiley, happy baby!!
Charles is a sweet cuddle bug. He enjoys long naps on mommy’s chest and kisses from mommy and daddy. He also enjoys tummy time with his favorite avocado toy.
Wyatt is our little cowboy, following in the footsteps of his mom and dad. Look for him later at the NFR!!
Winter is an active baby who loves tummy time and his bouncer. His name is winter because has the band AJR said it "Winter is a bad-ass name "
Caiden is a very happy, playful little man. He enjoys drooling and nibbling on arms/ fingers while watching coco melon. He Also like have stimulating conversations with his papa and the Cookie Monster.
Taysen is the calmest baby ever! He hasn’t even cried yet! He loves to sleep and loves his binky!
Micah is a giggly, easy go lucky kinda boy. He loves to sit by himself and everything within hands reach is fair game for his mouth. He is adored by his parents and fur siblings.
Lincoln is 7 weeks old , he is holding his head up, smiling and laughing out loud and is sleeping through the night.
Declan is one of the happiest babies I’ve been around. He loves it when people talk to him and is always smiling and laughing when they do. He is learn new things daily and is so excited when he does. He is truly a ray of sunshine.
She is one of the most happiest baby and she loves to smile and talk.
Waylon loves being outside and playing with his pets. He is so curious about everything around him and is always so full of smiles.
Grace loves to babble and smile. She is such a happy baby!!
She is one of the sassiest babies you will ever meet but she loves to cuddle and talk