Mason was born at only 24 weeks, weighing only 1 lb 4 oz!! He is now a 5 year old and the sweetest little thing you will ever meet!
Lilliona Nycole
Lilliona is my first born child, my saving grace! Her favorite things include watching cartoons ("TT" as she calls it), reading books, coloring, mudding, fishing, and seeing other people smile! She gets so excited over the smallest things! Her smile will bring light to any bad day! She is very outgoing and is also high spirited about everything!! She loves her family and her animals, especially her "bubba" (younger brother)! Thank you all for the votes, it means a lot to us! ♥️
August Alexander
August Alexander is one of a kind! His huge glowing smile is very contagious, topped off with his adorable dimples!! He never fails to amaze us! He loves Jacked Up Trucks & enjoys spending time in the woods! He is the pure definition of a “country boy!” He loves his family, especially his older sister, Lilliona! All Votes Are Very Appreciated!
She’s a perfect little baby girl 4 years old & full of sass 🥰 she loves school & loves making new friends , vote for my pretty girl ❤️
Hi my name is Izabella Jade I am 9 months I have nicknames Izzy or Bella for short I luv to watch Cocomelon and Baby Shark luv my baby food I eat a lot of snacks and enjoy my milk. I play with my toys every chance I get. I am loved by so many people ❤️❤️
Kyson Lee was born on November 16th 2022. He loves to lay and watch his Daddy, He loves smiling, And he loves to spending time with momma
Jayce is a bright and happy 10 month old. no matter where he is, what he is doing, or how he feels, he always has the biggest smile. He loves baby shark & his older brothers.
She is a month and five days old she is already so beautiful and so smart she holds her head up already by herself she is jus so precious ♥️
Our rainbow baby who has all the snuggles and love to offer!
Braelyn is 7 months old and is the happiest baby. She loves using her voice and playing with her toys. Also loves eating anything and everything she can!
Shiana is a preemie warrior 💚 she was only 4lbs and 3oz when we brought her home from the hospital, she just turned a month old and is now 5lbs 12oz. She's my rainbow and miracle baby I prayed for this little beauty and I'm so grateful to be her mommy 💯
For the longest time I wouldn’t open my eyes, they were not ready yet! Now, I am eyes wide open taking in the world!
My name is Emery Michelle and I am 4 months old. I learned how to roll over and blow raspberries recently. I am a happy babygirl who is loved by so many.
Eliyanah Mae
Hello, I am eliyanah. I was born on Oct 14. Even though I was a surprise baby everyone just love me as i melt the heart as the hold me. I am starting to learn how to talk and love to explore new things. Share the love by voting for me.
Tanner is 2 months old, loves laying on mom and dad and watching hey bear sensory videos!! Hes starting to coo and make a lot of noises!! He’s the sweetest boy❤️
Gracie is in kindergarten. She loves animals and her family.
Very happy baby
My name is miguel but they usually call me miguelito. I love the cemera and wtaching myself in a video, i love to play with my toys, also love music and snacks.
I like elephants and cuddles, love laughing with dad and mom❤️, eating stage 1 basic food and drinking right when I wake up
hi, i’m jasper! i enjoy talking with my mommy and daddy, watching mickey mouse, eating, and chewing on my hands!
my name is Mesiah , nickname siah. I love to roll over , look at my hands , love to be tickled , love to eat .
My name is Shakai I am 4 months old , I love apples and bananas, and also playing with my favorite monkey toy and watching mrs Rachel 💙
She loves to sing and dance and watch cry babies show
Isla James
Isla james is a feisty, blue eyed beauty. She has already learned to use her pouty lip to get exactly what she wants from her mama. She is extremely curious about everyone and everything and loves to people watch. Shes never met anyone who wasnt an instant friend.
He loves mommy and daddy. Loves anything bright and moving
Jhaki loves to sleep and get all the snuggles from mommy
He loves food more than i do and he loves trying to be independent.
Luca loves his Mommy, Daddy, & Nene the most. Elmo is his passion. He is almost walking at only 9 months old! Luca brings so much joy to his family and everyone he encounters.
I love to eat. I love being held and bundled up and being very very warm.
Gigi is always so happy and loves everyone and is learning so fast can get down to some Ms.Rachel and loves watching everyone dance and loves when she is being sang to💕
She is a happy two month old little girl who loves her big sissy. She loves to smile and talk. She can hold her head up almost completely by herself. She loves soft blankets and to cuddle. She loves to talk and smile
Ayden is a smart little boy he loves his siblings, enjoys getting to spend time with his nana and papa, and has big imagination!!❤️ He loves to make believe of animals and stuff, he also loves Frosty Snowman ⛄️
Hailey is a happy two year old little girl. She loves her panda security blanket and any soft blanket. She loves her new baby sister. She also loves to read, loves scooby doo, dinosaurs, and trolls. She loves going mud bogging, and being outside. She is still a very happy little girl.
Saraphina loves to smile, she loves playing around with her brothers, she’s got a sweet little personality and she is a big mommy’s girl💗 She gets excited when we are in the toy section in the store and sees toys that make noise or babies🥰 we appreciate each and every vote we get, much love to all❤️
Ellianna loves to play with her mommy and daddy ! She learned to walk and is into everything !
Kaleeah is 2 months old & loves to smile! She has big brown eyes. She brings so much happiness to so many people!
Kinsley Rose has red hair and baby blue eyes she is the most smiley happy baby she can be. She loves to dance, she lives to be in the water or on the boat, her kitten, her mom, her cousin, playing outside, squishmallows, Barney, animals,and hanging out with mom and dads friends. Kinsley is a wild child if its in her reach shes into it especially if its the cats or dogs food and water. She lived in the NICU for the first 14 days of her life because she has an infection. She kept ripping her IV out so they had to put a picc tube in the vein in her head.
Monty has the best smile it will light up any room he loves to watch Bluey and absolutely loves Mickey Mouse
Aubriella loves to bounce and play with any toy that makes noise.she also loves to be outside and just watch the birds fly by. She also loves dogs and cats
Maela is 5 months old, she is very sassy and she loves taking pictures. 💕
My name is Axl and I’m 18 months old. I love mommy, daddy and big sissy. I’m very adventurous and love the outdoors and animals. My favorite word is ball and I love being a toddler
Ava Kate
Ava Kate is the happiest baby! She is full of such joy and giggles. She smiles at everyone she meets and is infatuated with seeing new faces! There isn’t a day you won’t see her smiling or laughing! She is the best little sister and makes us all feel so complete. We couldn’t of been blessed with a cuter, chunkier, sweeter baby.
Ethan loves being cuddled up with his blankets and his mommy
Shes such a happy girl! She crawls and gets into evrything she scrunches her nose when she smiles or when shes frustrated, but this girl lights eveyones heart right up shes so goofy and adorable and has our hearts