She smiles at everyone she sees and loves to play her drum with her papa
A’Marah loves to sleep and enjoys all the attention she can get. She loves to cuddle with her mom!
My names Levi and I am 8 weeks old and full of smiles, laughs and gas😂 I am the happiest and funniest little man💛 truly a little ray of sunshine☀️💛
Roman is 8 months. He is such a happy baby who loves to bounce endlessly in his bouncer. He also loves his babas ❤️
Braylon is currently 2 months old he was my rainbow baby he came at exactly 35 weeks & 1 day I had him a year after my first miscarriage he’s the happiest little baby &’ is already learning and so much at only 2 months old &’ loves to put everything and anything in his mouth but he does prefer his hands a lot more 🤭
Dashawn loves to eat, he’s starting to roll over and all he does is try to talk! He’s such a good baby ❤️❤️
Danielle is my granddaughter shr is a very happy baby anf loves to smile with u givknf her all the attention so please lets vote for my sweetpea
Hi! My names Layla but my momma and daddy call me bugs 🥰 I’m 6 months old and love playing with my aunties, and eating lots of yummy food!
hi my name is Arielle i’m a little over 3 weeks old, i love to eat eat eat, taking lots of naps and sleeping in my mommy’s arms 💞
She was born at 30 weeks and is a fighter. She loves to learn and is curious about everything. She is currently trying to master holding her bottle.
Briella likes to eat sleep and cuddle
Gage loves to play outside and play golf with his daddy. He has a special love for loud trucks and cars. He is a VERY active boy. He is so smart and always amazes us everyday. He is a gift we never knew we needed!
Bryson loves getting into things. Everything! He crawls around everywhere and loves his daddy. He’s always looking around trying to see what’s going on and also loves to play with anything but his toys
Joshua Jr
Joshua jr is very smart for 9 months old he’s very outgoing loves to be around new people just the most joyful soul to have around yourself , he loves when you put Cocomelon on the tv or your phone
Arabella is a happy, energetic, and sassy 3 year old. She loves Encanto, and playing with friends!
Hi my name Julian I love to smile big and I baby talk and drool already I’m a momma boy 🥰 I’m so talkative and always laughing 😌 I finally found my feet 👣 held my head up since birth 🥰
My name is Michael Asher. Im named after my dad so my family calls me Asher. I love to cuddle with my parents, get ba-bas fed to me, and poop a lot (sometimes on my mom)
Loves his daddy, his bottles and to sleep in his mamas arms
Joselle is a sassy and vibrant girl who’s full of fun personality! She enjoys all things Baby Shark and Minnie Mouse!
Kaisley Dawson
Kaisley is 10months , She loves to crawl, she is a very energetic baby she knows how to sit up by herself , hold her bottle , she also is getting a tooth she loves watching cocomelon she likes toys that talk and light up . She knows how to say mama , she points at things she wants now , she always have a smile on her face , she also loves for people to talk to her and she loves being outside !
Scarlett is the best baby always happy. She truly is my little sunshiney girl!
I'm Danny, i love cuddling, eating, and sleeping. I enjoy swinnging in my swing and rocking in my chair while watching movies with mommy and daddy!
Aiden is the sweetest little girl I have ever met. She loves everything and everyone. She can make friends with anyone.
I’m a lil chubby baby that loves my bottle and will get mad if I don’t get it on my time🤣 & I love my family and friends they know how to make me smile❤️
Liam loves playing with his big sister and his friends. He is sweet, hyper, and out going. He loves baths and playing outside.
Baby yogil, is a very happy and outgoing baby boy, he adores and loves everyone who loves him, he is my angel baby, who loves rolling and laughing all the time
He likes to look around at things, espically when they are moving. He loves his momma and daddy and his big brother.
Hello everyone! I’m a happy 7th months old! I love rolling over and saying “HHHHIIIIIIIII”! I love to eat zucchini and play with my cabbage patch doll!
Hi!. My name is Everlee. I am 4 months old and I bring so much sunshine to my family tree!
hi my name is harper and i just got to go home april 3rd! i love sleeping and pooping
Aletheia got bit by a pitbull back in January, shes such a good baby, great personality loves to blow kisses and loves everyone
Addy is a very good baby a loves to cuddle an play
He’s 2 months old and this is his first ever contest. No hard feelings if we lose everyone gets a chance of winning. Good luck everyone, all of your guys babies are adorable.
Jesslyn is 10 months old and loves to do pageants.
Aybree is a sweet, southern, country girl! She loves playing outside, and backroading (safely in her carseat of course) aybree has red hair and green eyes
Adalynn has such a big heart and such a sweet kid with a little sass!❤️ She loves Barbies and loves playing outside and loves clothes and sparkles!✨💗
Hello!! My name is Luna! I LOOOOVE to cuddle and eat eat EAT!! I love watching my big brother play and jump around and I enjoy watching sheriff Callie together (and with mommy too). I am known for my crazy amount of hair too!! I'm always smiley and into what's around me 💖 still learning my environment as it's so pretty and bright!!
This is McKenna! She loves Morgan Wallen, cows, and her best friend is her favorite uncle! She has big blue eyes, and an even bigger heart!
Esmè Roux has the silliest personality, her fave things are her doggies, bananas, and coffee (she hasnt tried it but shes deteremined to, and must think it smells delicious), you can find her chasing aunties kitties or her puppies around, just follow the sounds of her precious giggle❤
Tatum is a happy 3 month old who loves to smile. She is in love with her daddy and enjoys snuggling with her mommy. She could melt anyones heart. Don’t believe me? Just go stare at her pictures and you’ll see.
My name is Darson im 2 years old and i love playing with balloons
My name is Charlie im 6 months old and i love watching Mickey mouse and playing with my feet
I’m obsessed with cocomelon, and a proud mama's boy. ☺️
Tavyn is full of energy and loves the outdoors. He gets really excited when there's other kids to play with since his little sister is too little to play with.
Beautiful funny caring loving
Arlo is currently 4 months old he was my rainbow baby he came at exactly 37 weeks I had him a year after my first miscarriage he’s the happiest little baby &’ is already learning and so much at only 4 months old &’ loves to put everything and anything in his mouth but he does prefer his hands a lot more 🤭