Kalani is a 4 month old beautiful little girl who loves Minnie Mouse and boss baby , she loves to sit outside , blow spit bubbles , chew on her yummy fingers and hang out with mom ❤️
Elijah is going to be 2 years old in just 2 months! He LOVES cocomelon, playing in the pool, and loves playing with his family. He is such a sweet an happy baby! ❤️ & we thank everyone who votes for him🥰.
Prince is 9 months old. Just now learning to walk, he loves to talk, he loves laughing, playing, and dancing to music.
My name is Aurelia and I’m as sweet as pie I’m a twin & I love sleep time 💕
My name is aurora I’m a twin & I love being held and wrapped nice and warm with my arms out ofc 🥰💗
She loves to run and play Valerie’s is very smart and crafty she has character and charisma !
Skylar is 5 months old. She loves laughing and smiling. Napping is not in her schedule lol but she loves playing. Skylar has just learned how to roll over!! She loves chewing on her toes and fingers. 💕🌈
Julian is always full of smiles, giggles and is a ball of sweet energy! He makes friends wherever we go! He loves music , and will bust out some moves!!! Julian is our miracle baby! 6 years and two rounds of IVF! Our blessing💙
Even though he made his arrival 2 days ago he’s got the personality of little grown adult! He loves skin on skin with mommy and looking around shiny balloons! He’s already lifting his head up to look at mommy and daddy and holding up his pacifier and bottle with his hands! He’s super smart and lovable!
Oaklynn is a very sweet 6 week old. Bath time is her favorite and she loves her food! She loves to be talked to and will smile at anyone that gives her attention. And she loves her mama!
Loves Mickey Mouse and cuddles❤️
Devyn loves music and food! Overall a playful happy baby💕
Eleanor is the light of our lives. She is so out going and loves everybody. Animals are her favorite to watch not much makes her eyes light up more.
He loves to eat his food and play with it , he loves to sing and play and try to walk and have fun outside, he enjoys Mickey Mouse and loves dogs
My handsome baby, Achellius! My baby has such an amazing character! Loving, caring, happy, outgoing and spontaneous 💙 Mind of his own! One of a kind! 😎🤞🏽
Eiza is literally one of a kind. She loves her nap time and is always smiling! She is a very happy babygirl💕💗
Anyone that’s know my baby knows that she is a true character. She has a mind of her own and super sassy. She will always leave you with a smile on your face. Very independent and silly!! Vote for my baby!!
Hudson’s loves looking around and keeping his eyes on his mommy, daddy and big sister. He’s our little bundle of joy he loves keeping us up at night and eating
Reign Marie
My name is Reign Marie , I love watching Ms. Rachel, Taking Naps & Making Tiktok’s with my mommy.
This is Saffire ! She’s the happiest baby ever all she does is smile all day . She’s the absolute cutest ! Vote for my babyyy 🫶🏼
Jazzlynn loves to eat. She’s loves to laugh and smile. Her smile itself just brightens up my day. She has a very unique personality. She’s goofy. And she loves to watch Doc McStuffins and Paw portal.
Briceson LOVES to smile. He will talk your ear off and rolls all over like a roly poly!! He is very photogenic and is the most loving baby you’ll know.
Vote for Evelyn 💖
vote for baby Oaklyn 💘
Jaxen loves cuddling and kisses , dancing,going on walks, swinging at the park, and playing in the water
Hi I’m Zoë! My favorite thing is to cuddle with mommy and watch Gracie’s Corner and I love to explore! Vote for me please 😊🫶🏽🎀
Egypt is full of joy and loves to smile. She’s so photogenic and always picture ready ❤️
Teo loves to smile and always make anyone laugh. He deffinetly is a goofy character always making people laugh and smile! He gives great snuggles and loves giving people a love stare with his beautiful purple toned eyes.
Eat, sleep, be cute, repeat!
My little girl loves to draw, play games, and make everyone laugh. She's the most adventurous girl I know ! ❤️
Shamaire is the more happiest baby, he’s 3 months old , he’s is the brightest baby ever ✨! He rolls over and loves his milk ,😊Please vote ❤️
Micah loves to smile, laugh and EAT lol
Averie is our sweet, smart, and awesome girl! She may be little but her mind is so big 🥰. She loves Clifford the big red dog, and the natural light that comes through the window.
Hi! My name is Theodore. My hobbies are 💩, 🤮, 😴, and 🥛.
Da’Von loves playing basketball and favorite holiday is Christmas because he was born on Christmas
Aysen Noel Luna 🤎 He has the most serious face but will smile for literally anything ! A smile that’ll brighten up your day. He enjoys watching movies. He loves kisses and attention. Anyone who meets him falls in love instantly ! 🥰
Kamiyah is such a happy baby! She loves her mommy and daddy and fur brothers! She loves making little noises and starting to smile and laugh!
Avion loves to smile!! He loves going outside and enjoying the fresh air. He loves fruits, and mickey mouse. He’s such a happy baby 💕
Messiah can light any room up that he walks in he’s always so energetic and happy messiah loves music and just anyone smiling in his face in general and I can’t wait to experience more of the things he will accomplish in life
Gavin is the light of anyone's darkest day. He does random things he loves to try and hold his head up and definitely knows how to get his way 🤣
Hector Iii
Hector is an IUGR & NICU baby, we were told the chances of him making it were not in our favor but our baby boy is a fighter and a strong one at that. He’s a very happy, and calm little peanut and loves his baby doggy Athena
My sweet little man loves to smile, eat and sleep 😊 He loves his Mommy, Daddy, Sissy and grandparents very much ❤️ He's the sweetest little man you'll ever know!
Baby Nigel a silly cool baby he loves the movie home he loves chocolate he a sleeping king loves to sleep he the coolest fun baby ever
Shes my sweet baby girl she likes to dance and shes a major grandmas baby.