Baby Stories - 58


My name is Dominic Elijah and I love the color blue and red. I love Scooby Doo, Snoopy, and Casper the friendly Ghost. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I love to roll around. And even though my mommy says I’m not ready yet. I love trying to walk and run. I’m the sweetest boy around💙 Please vote for me. 💙
Little wyatt loves to talk to mama and hes a very smart baby boy whos very loved hes a little sweet heart.
Keenan loves to listen to The Beatles he loves dinosaurs he loves to learn new things he is adventurous
Vote for Ryder !!!
Es muy comilona 😋😋😋
Kendell is a very sweet boy who loves kisses and snuggles. His favorite pass time is bouncing like tigger. Lol.
Paisley is two months old she loves to giggle smile and babble. But just like any baby she also loves her sleep
My little Xander baby LOVES his granny and grandpa. He also loves bouncing in his baby Einstein jumper! He is just the cutest and sweetest boy ever.
Ki’Morahs a very happy baby, she’s always smiling and she has a very big personality. She is very photo genic. She loves music, loves to play, and loves the camera
Dominic is the baby of 5 older sisters, he’s always smiling & is just an all around amazing boy! He is so helpful & so kind to everyone he meets! He can make anyone laugh & when he walks into a room you can’t help but smile because he makes everyone laugh! Not just because he’s mine but he really is absolutely handsome! He really has an amazing personality & I’m so beyond blessed that he is mine! My baby boy forever!
Ellie belly is our little princess. She is always happy and sweet. She loves everyone and is always there to make you smile!!!
Luke is almost 4 months old, He loves watching Mickey Mouse, and being tickled, He loves seeing horses and other animals, His best friend is mama and food. He loves to smile at you first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, He loves to scream and talk to you and likes to try to be the big boss and get his way. (He does every time)
Jareth is such a happy little boy! He loves to play with his cat and explore whatever he can. He love cuddles and snuggling up to take naps. He certainly is the light of my life and i am so blessed to have him as my son 🥰❤
Maria is 8 months old she loves to shout dada and squeal out about everything. she loves bows and picking on her three older brothers.
Brantley Craig
Hi i’m Scoot, I love Paw Patrol and mickey mouse and Dinos, I’m sassy and I’m turning 3 march 1st.. Hope to get your vote 😊
Hi i’m little Red, I’m sassy, classy and very smart too.. I hope Get you vote.. I love Cats and Jack jack from in incredibles😍
Aydrian is a sweet baby turning three in March she loves anything and everything most favorite things are listening to music playing with her baby dolls and getting on Mom and dads nerves alot. She knows her alphabet she can count to 20 she's an amazingly smart kid!! Vote for adorable aydrian🥰💕
Daxton Liam
Daxton is a ball of joy. Constantly wanting you to chase him or his favorite game...PEEKABOO. He could brighten up anyone’s day❤️
Also known as "Smiley" Emberlynn can make anyones day! This little rolley polley is one happy, playful, loving baby that even before birth was recognized as an over achiever!
Na’Riyah is loving, caring, energetic and very funny! She loves to sing, dance and learn new things. Her dreams are to star in a show on the Disney channel as well as become a YouTuber. Please vote for my princess we would love for her to win her first contest. Thanks for your votes and support!
Just look at her eyes, nose,smile and oh my gosh that hair!!
Kamryn is my second baby girl, the biggest sweetheart. Loves to smile all the time, loves snuggles and playing with her older sister.
Kayden is amazing happy little baby! he love to smile and be cuddle
John James
im 5 months and i love to talk and smile im such a happy baby i love my mommy and daddy
Loves anything musical 🎶 Such a beautiful girl with a budding personality 🥰
Rhett man was a Preemie born 5 weeks early at a whopping 5lbs 1oz. He has the biggest smile to melt your heart and loves playing in the bath and is really starting to catch up to the other babies his age! Tiny but Mighty definitely describes my baby boy!
He loves to play his toys and being held. 🥰
Alex loves his grandma and godmother and bouncing in his jumpy swing.
A little princess who is active as a teenager smart friendly love to make new friends and has a beautiful smile love cartoons and learning Chanel’s
Super happy and sweet girl! Definitely got her moms attitude! Very smart, strong and loving😍🥰
Born to Rock 🎸 We’re not competing 🙏
Sweet baby boy! Just starting to make noises and smiling so much!!😍😍😍
Fun, loveable, spunky, independent little diva! Daddys girl for sure! Lets show her just how special and beautiful she is and help her earn her shopping spree... She loves shoes and shopping!!!
My beautiful, happy bundle if joy. She is the 5th baby in my little family and for sure the happiest. Lets show her just how beautiful she is and help her win a baby shopping spree!!!
Ember is a spunky little one who loves to laugh, yell and make the most random faces. She loves her blankeys, her stuffies and anything that lights up and sings. She will bring a smile to your face anytime of the day.
Raelea loves her daddy. Shes a very smiley happy 4 month old. She loves her veggies.
He is a little player, he loves stuff animal and love to watch Cocomelon also he loves strawberry yogurt and whipped cream. He gives a sweet smile that will melt ur heart ❤️
Kennadee is a beautiful 2 year old girl. She is a smart wonderful girl. She was recently diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and in the process of an official autism diagnosis.
Daniel loves baby cereal, splish splash time, watching cocomelon, and laughing with his daddy. In his free time he likes to nap, play with toys, chew on everything and pull mommys hair.
Lilyanna loves to eat, watch cartoons and have tummy time. She loves attention and snuggles
Arzaylea Nova-Dawn is a sweet & sassy little one. She absolutely adores her mommy and daddy. Arzaylea is learning how to smile and loves when mommy sings to her. Arzaylea also loves growling at people too. She’s definitely the light of everyone’s world.
Rodney Ritchie
Rodney is the happiest baby he loves his mommy and daddy and has a smile that could light up a room he is my biggest blessing
Raelyn is 2 months old , cant really say if hes a mommys or daddys boy cause he has his days where he only wants his mommy and other days where he only wants his daddy. He wakes up smiling and falls asleep smiling. He is always laughing and bringing joy to any one hes around. ☺️
Selena is a miracle rainbow baby that was born despite many issues during pregnancy. She loves listening to music with mommy and dancing with her daddy, but loves her Grandma’s singing the most.
Hailey is 3 months. She is a very happy baby! Loves to smile and "talk" with anyone that's next to her. She is very silly when she starts making raspberry noises with her mouth. She loves to wave her hands up in the air when she's excited. She loves taking baths. She also loves being tickled!