Baby Stories - 57


Hanzo has such a cute, squinty smile. He loves music and is a super active baby. Especially when it comes to bouncing in his jumper!
Aryan is the sweetest baby boy! He loves to coo and cuddle with mommy, daddy, and big sister. He is learning to hold his head up and focus on objects. He LOVES tummy time
Paisley is 6 months old, she loves to jabber and squeal, she loves to play with her feet, loves toys and loves bath time! She is always a happy baby!
Theia Jane
Theia Jane is courageous, curious, cute, and cuddly. She loves dancing with her mama, playing with her daddy, being outside, music and her fur brother and fur sister.
Javeah is such a happy baby who loves her sleep and is always dreaming about something that makes her smile💕 she was a premie born June 17th weighing 3 pounds 9 oz and graduated from the NICU on July 11th🥳 we’re so proud of our little fighter💪🏼
Korah is definitely happy and playful baby. She like to laugh at silly things. She loves to crawl all over her dog clay. She loves to be the center of attention. Couldn't ask for a more amazing granddaughter. Absolutely adorable.
Brody is a happy smiley boy that loves to sit up and stand up like a big boy even tho he’s not! He likes to watch Mikey mouse or cuddling with momma ❤️
Angelica is a beautiful smart baby always keeps a smile on her face, loves to snack and she loves family
Everly And Khloe
Everly and Khloe like to sleep, eat and stare and mommy and daddy.
Paisley Joe
I was told I wouldn’t be able to have kids of my own. After 4 years of testing, treatment, and a surgery I was blessed with my little Paisley Joe. She’s everything every mama would want and more. My whole pregnancy she was an easy happy baby. Labor was 4.5 hours all natural water birth. And now at 5 months old she’s the happiest little girl.
My name is Greenley Jae, I'm known to be a fiery little Ms. Independent and you can't slow me down or stop me. I love animals and they love me, I somehow even have a way with the ones who don't like anyone. I'm a comedian as much as I am a spit fire. I bring smiles and energy to everyone around me and my favorite person in the world is my big brother. I love to sing and dance and climb! I can keep up with the best of em and nothing keeps me down! Vote for me! 🥰
Gavin is 9 months old and loves to laugh and babble. His favorite word is “Dada,” but “Baba” is a close second. He’s quite charming and the sweetest boy; He’ll melt your heart with his smile and oh-so-cuddly hugs.
Jasper loves being talked to, you can always make him smile by just saying hi. Baths are his favorite until he has to get out then all hell breaks loose! He is such a character and he is SO loved💕
Kamryn was a determined pandemic IUD BABY!!! Much to mommies surprise! He’s super chill, rarely cries and is breaking hearts with his crooked little smile and red hair.
Tinzleigh is a funny, outgoing, loving, caring girl. She loves to play with her toys and enjoys the outside, and make people laugh with her funny faces.
Delaney Jean Danley
Delaney Jean is our miracle baby!! I am 43 and finally a mom! After years and years of surgeries and health battles we were able to do fertility and after all our tries we got one little embryo!! Only one chance to have a family. A family friend after hearing our story and that we need a carrier offered to carry for us eventhough she had 4 kids of her own and her youngest 2 1/2 and her husband and their family being moved to Austin Texas as he is a major in the military. I had just taken what I believed was my dream job and had left an amazing job as their top senior consultant. Everything was finally coming together then Covid hit. I got to work my new job two whole weeks before they furloughed me. It was devastating and lasted for 8 months even though they promised to bring me back they never did. Then our embryo transfer got postponed as Covid shut down Fertilty transfers. Then we finally got to transfer her and she took!!!! Our little miracle!! The day we found out and got the call we were officially expecting an hour later we got the call my parents had Covid-19. 5 days later they were rushed by ambulance to the hospital where they fought for their life. Then at the same time our carrier and Delaney’s were rushed by ambulance to the hospital for a weird allergic reaction. I had all my loves fighting for their lives. Thankfully they all got home but my father had a Covid induced heart attack and went back to icu where me never got better and had to have major bypass surgery. There we were broke with an out of pocket expense baby on the way. Unfortunately because I couldn’t carry insurance never covered anything so you can imagine our stress and financial stress with trying to get Delaney here! I have since met with Senators to try to get insurance coverage for our state of TN for woman in my situation! Finally after 30 hrs of intense delivery Delaney Jean was here on July 15th 2021!!! Our world was forever changed and she is worth it all! This money would help!
Minnie Grace
She has such a HUGE personality, it gets bigger every day and is the happiest baby girl ever! (not just my biased opinion)💖
Jad is 3 months old with a love for life. He's always smiling big and is starting to discover the sound of his beautiful voice. His favorite activity is bath time!
Nickolas is 1 years old he loves running and playing in the water
Toni enjoys the company of his siblings and he love to smile.
Atreyu has so much personality his faces and eyebrow lifts tell it all. He always wants to be on the move no sitting around for this little guy. He wants to explore everything and would rather fight sleep then take a good nap to make sure he doesn't miss a beat.
This is Lyndon my bottle loving water loving son. He’s a total mamas boy and would love your vote 🗳
. Isaac loves his mommy and daddy! He loves to listen to music and yell and scream he loves to laugh! And he loves trying to have conversations with his grandparents! He is the light of mommy and daddy’s life. Mommy and daddy are both cops and coming home to Isaac is the best gift everyday
My name is Liam I enjoy watching Mickey Mouse play house. I enjoy playing with my cousin because he makes me laugh. My favorite person besides mommy is my uncle.
Jr is a happy baby who loves to eat and sleep! He was 5 weeks early but a healthy and happy Lil man!
My Sweet Boy came into this world at the most perfect time! Covid impacted our family and the nation. At the moment it seemed terrifying having a child during the pandemic, but instead he bought so much light and love into all of our lives. This sweet boy is nothing but smiles, and big belly laughs. He loves crawling all around. His bestfriend is cocomelon 😂 and mommy of course. His favorite food is bananas and mash potatoes 🥰
Layla was born at 35 weeks and 2 days. She is my rainbow baby, i had a very difficult loss before her. She is my Miracle
Liam is our rainbow baby. He is a o full of energy and love! He enjoys cuddling, laughing, smiling, playing with his hands and loves bath time! Liam loves everyone but especially loves his Mama and his Daddy. ♥️
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee was born 4 pounds and 9 ounces. He spent a whole week in NICU. Currently, he loves to eat and everyday he is growing bigger and bigger. He is a calm baby and he loves his mommy.
Elizabeth is an energetic, smart girl who loves bubbles and watermelon more than anything.
Hello! My name is aubree. I am a very happy outgoing baby, I’m relaxed and laid back and I only cry if I need something, I love music, and tv and when I am getting attention! I don’t like being alone (even if it’s a second) I love to eat, laugh, play, etc. puppies are my favorite animal
Levi is 9months strong! He likes to eat,loves music and has A NATURAL MOHAWK! How cool is that? Levi is a very happy and cheerful baby here to spread his charm in his first ever contest
Willow is my granddaughter
Jordy is a handsome, happy, active 7 month old baby who loves to go on walks, bike rides, swim, and lounge under the trees. he loves bananas and strawberries and most importantly, he loves to be in front of the camera!
Grayson loves being active, loves the outdoors, feet in the mouth.
Starting today, it is me who'll decide when we get up! - Henry
Audrey is always all smiles. She loves the water and splashing.
Hi my name is Shawn and I like to laugh and play. I was born preemie but I'm still not going to let that stop me . I will always keep you busy with my cute shenanigans and I'll never let you have a dull moment. We can also talk about everything because im a great listener. Also I will go with you every where on best friend dates and keep you company. In addition to this, music soothes my soul, i love to dance, and movie nights are best when Im attentive. I am very easy to get along with and im a down to earth kind of baby😘😝😉 but if you choose me ill make your heart soar.
Khlöe is an amazing and strong baby! Born prematurely, at just 29weeks and 5days, this little rainbow baby has managed to overcome many obstacles in her short lifetime and is currently thriving and making her presence known in the world!
FrankieGianna is such a happy baby and loves to smile 😊 she loves to get as many cuddles in a possible🥰only a month old and already has so much personality. She’s definitely a lil firecracker 🧨
Willow is my first and only baby. And I seriously got so blessed with her. She is SUCH a good baby and has hit so many milestones already. She’s not very colicky at all and she just one of those babies that you love being around. Also, and this is a big one, she’s got them chunky chunk legs 😍😍😍🥰❤️❤️ Vote Willow Rose! 😊😊
Loves back pats, cuddles with mommy and daddy, head rubs, and kissing mommy!
Zoe loves smiling, sleeping, and eating. You can always see her smiling and babbling on especially in the mornings. Zoe also loves her parents and her grandparents. She FaceTimes her grandparents every day and smiles every time they get on the phone.
Braiden is my 6 month old chunkster, he is Poppa's snuggle buddy but definitely a Momma's boy ☺ He smiles all the time and loves to watch Super Wings on Amazon Prime Video. His big sister is a 1 year old Bodacian pup and he absolutely adores her. He is very active loves to bounce and is a very strong swimmer 😁
Clearly just by looking at him he’s definitely the cutest baby ever haha 😊 and he’s such a good baby!!
Ryder Braylee= Beautiful,Precious,Sweet an most of all Sassy!! Ryder loves exploring an playing with her big brother!
Very happy baby! Loves playing outside and loves "big cars", his laugh is contagious, and his smile lights up the room!