Baby Stories - 57


Nayely Isabel Espinoza
Loves to bake , she also likes to do crafts and very helpful .
Valeria Zytlali
Full of energy, loveable, and loud . Likes to play with her brothers and sister.
Giovanni is an amazing loving and outgoing 4 year old boy that loves to play sports and cook around the house
He is sweet lil man who loves to talk or coo at you and is always happy!!!!
Cooper is 5 Months Old!! He loves to sit an talk to his daddy 🥰 Cooper loves to stand and be in his bouncer hopping all over the place!! He is DEFINITELY a ladies man, and loves to smile and giggle all the time 🤗🤫
She's a silly sweet and feisty little busybody with the cutest smile and the brightest blue eyes and when her mommy and daddy walk into the room her eyes light up with joy she's just so amazing and likes to babble and make little high pitched yelling noises for fun and she loves kisses and being tickled under her arms and she's so inquisitive always looking around at the world around her 💙💜❤️
Meet our little chunk Kayden! He’s one wild little dare devil. Anything Mickey Mouse is his favorite! A handful for sure but the absolute cutest!
Klay is a very happy, goofy, sweet boy. He loves to make noises, roar at everyone, and smile.
To be Estella, is to be brave, but sometimes scared to be loving but sometimes mean. To be good but sometimes a brat. To be super girly but sometimes a tomboy, to be a princess but also to be Wonder Woman ❤️
Emmaleigh LOVES Star Wars! She's also the BIGGEST Disney fan out there! She's in kindergarten...ive never seen a kid love school before! Vote for our beautiful girl!
I’m Estella, Stella for short. I love clothes, shoes, shopping and dress up, I’m a little fashionista already. I love playing with my baby dolls and my mommy is my BFF. I have 4 big sisters but I’m the princess ❤️
He loves big truck he loves to play n watxh movies wit his mommy he also likes to be wit his aunt dottie n uncle clif aka his pawpaw he loves the out doors he is out going young lil boy
Abi is such a happy little baby. Shes my second rainbow baby after losing her big brother to miscarriage at 17 weeks in 2019. My little miracle who survived a partial placental abruption at 25 weeks and went on to be born full term.
Vote for my super sweet lovey girl. She loves cuddles and hangging with her big brothers 💕
Amiya loves dancing. She loves playing. Amiya likes to help clean. Amiya comforts other kids if they get hurt.
very happy baby, always smiling, loves his mommy and daddy and draws all the attention to him by his cuteness 😍
He enjoys helping around the house and loves playing outdoors all day everyday.
He loves to play outdoors all day and always smiling
Esmaee is my first baby & she’s growing so fast! She has the best of both worlds when it comes to looking like me & her daddy. She completed her first milestone by learning to roll on her back. She has beautiful blue eyes and a smile to melt your heart. She’s starting to become more interactive and making lots of sounds! This beautiful girl is the love of my life. ❤️
He’s noisy and short tempered. But an angel, nonetheless. He’s a doll baby. And he loves to talk to anyone and everyone. His face says exactly what is on his mind. Just like his momma ♥️
Tripp is such a sweet baby. He loves to play peekaboo with grandma and grandpa. He’s typically pretty quiet. His smile is already contagious ♥️
Connor is a crazy, wild, sweet boy all in one! He loves anything to do with nature and being outside getting dirty! He loves animals and his family! 💖
Miss Elley girl is 11 months old and the sweetest little girl, she loves to play with her siblings and be wild of course! She walks, babbles, and giggles all day long, she is such a blessing that’s for sure 💓
Cali is 4 months old. She is always smiling, laughing, and talking. Loves bath time, Toy Story, music, and cuddling with mommy. She is the sweetest baby.
Waylon is my second grand son! He has a loving personality. He loves his mommy and daddy. He will become a big brother in March of 2021. He will eat anything you give him. He loves to watch Toy Story and Frozen.
Everly James
Our sweet Everly James is the light of our life. She has the best personality and always has a smile on her face. 💗Ya’ll this girl is a HAM! 😁 please vote for Everly!!! 🎀
Gracelynn is A month and a half old and already to star of the show. She has one older puppy brother, and two loving parents. She never leaves the house without a cute, big bow. She can light up a whole room, with just one little smile.
Olivia loves deer and dog’s she loves watching my baby can read. fruits her favorite snack, Favorite words are what’s that . And cuddling up to her Aunt for story time befor bed .
This is kysen! He loves to spend time with his mommy and daddy. Kysen admires his grandparents. He also loves bath time, car rides & watching daddy play his ps4!
Cole is 16 months old! He's running around everywhere and keeps me on my toes!! He loves to play in his ballpit and loves cocomelon.
Hannah is 7 weeks old and my 4th baby. My oldest two children are 18 and 19, then i have a 12 year old. This little unexpected bundle has been a blessing for sure. Such a good baby!
Evelynn is such a happy baby. Smiles all day, walking at 8months and babbles on like everyone understands her. She is my first grand baby.
Colt loves hugs and the baby shark song .... Loves being sung to Very loveable to everyone
I’m a giggly, wiggly, pancake eatin, banana smashin, momma snuggling, teddy bear huggin, good ole boy.
Elizabeth loves her big sissy and wants to be just like her! She also enjoys brushing mamas hair and taking long naps!
Caleb is cute!! Vote him all the money goes 3 Homeless strangers of NC! He loves to giggle, He is almost 2!! He says "Mama look!" or "Dada Gimme" He just says random words like "Gee" but also says "I want that, Uh!' Everytime he wants something annd the points to it. He loves eating apples and cereal.
Colin Jr
Colin is always happy!! He has a smile on his face all day everyday and brings a smile to everyone else’s face also! He’s our whole world. ❤️❤️ Please vote for him!
Xaire loves to play with Hot Wheels. He could live outdoors and his favorite food is Fried Rice 🥰
Brantley loves her babas, her mommy & daddy, and her big brother!
Kendall loves to cuddle and play with his brother's and sister. He loves bath time and going for walks as well.
I like to play outside, I LOVE to eat, I love to play with my toys and I love to give kisses!
Leo is the sweetest baby you will ever meet and is the biggest cuddle bug. He has the most beautiful personality in the world. Call me biased but its true lol. He loves playing with other kids and loves singing and dancing to any and all music. Hes a big chunka who loves to eat, its his favorite thing to do in the world😂
Vivian is a 9 month old little spit fire.She loves to roll instead of crawl and loves to stick her tongue out to anyone and everyone.She was born only 1 pound 6.2 ounces but is now 11 pounds 8.5 ounces. She loves to yell when she coughs and also loves to stand on your legs and dance!
Cameron is 10 months old and a wonderful rainbow baby and NICU warrior 🥰 he’s so smart and advanced for where he’s at! Loves to love, gives kisses and hugs and likes to try to share his food. He is my grace in this crazy world of ours!
Jackson was born on 09/29/2020. 3 days before my birthday! He has the cutest personality and his mommy and daddy love him so much 🥰💙
Liam is the sweetest blue eyed baby! He loves to stick his tongue out and make funny faces. He is the biggest cuddle bug ever!