Elijah James
‼️💱‼️💞WELCOMING EXCHANGES/ADVANCES TOWARDS HIS FUTURE CONTEST‼️💱‼️💞 DEC 31ST is his Birthday we will be entering then. Please msg me on any playground platforms to inquire about room for exchanges our exchange 💱 team is hard at work and vote list is becoming full so msg b4 hand. 💥💥🚨‼️‼️‼️STOP IMPORTANT NOTICE‼️‼️‼️🚨💥💥 PROFILE IS FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY💥🚨🙏 Elijah James is on Bidiboo PLEASE READ FULLY then 🙏 go vote! will be in the upcoming boys contest on Bidiboo i BELIEVE its starts Dec 7th, also Dec 31st is baby boys 1st BIRTHDAY 🎂 🦕💯🥰😭the exchange 💱 team appreciates and thanks you for your continued support.🙏🙏🔥💰💵IF we win BIG i will drop a bonus gift down on ALL my loyal, hard working voters 🤞🤞💞🎁💰💵.All whom dedicated their time to voting for my lil boy. Lil guy is my first 😭😭🥰so we are excited to win BIG and blow it on my baby!! NOW B4 I CONTINUE...Just know The exchange 💱 team and I work very hard we spend alot of time voting we EXPECT EVERYBODY TO NE HONEST AND KEEP THEIR WORD in All commitments made and understand if something happens just let us know. Dont post drop week late info or quit voting without notice we will DROP YOU! 💯Good luck to all contestants and HAPPY HOLIDAYS🌲🌲🦌🫶🍂🎅🤶🥳🤍❤️💝🚨PSA🚨‼️•IF YOU ARE OWED RETURN ADVANCES, COMMENT BELOW AT LEAST 3-5 DAYS BEFORE YOUR PAGEANT STARTS PLEASE! •🚨‼️•‼️🚨Now back to my handsome lil guy this is Elijah James he is my miracle baby..... Born on the last day of the year in 2022 He's a curious happy little explorer, SUPER SILLY, loves to talk, and make funny faces AND MUNCHIES. His favorite pass times are keeping mommy awake, wiggling around whenever he's supposed to be still and He loves making big smiles to show off his set of new teeth. He's currently learning ASL and knows how say milk and can speak mama and dada, he loves Ms. Rachel, playing outside, blowing raspberries and hanging with his older cousins.🦕💚🏎🛻🚗💙🫶💚💙🥰🦕🛻🏎🚗
Ziniya is my beautiful sour patch child one minute she's sweet , smiling, singing, playing well with others then the next minute she's mean wont smile,playing in the dirt telling you to leave her alone but still my big beauty baby
Funny & sweet. Arielle has a big heart full of love.
Savanna Mae
Savanna is 2 years old and she’s such a sassy, spunky little girl who’s full of laughs, giggles and loves! She’s the sweetest little girl ever !
Mason is a great kid. He is kind, intelligent and above all very observant and attentive to others needs. He loves baseball, dinosaurs and cars. He loves people but he also loves to be home. He can relate to someone who is a baby to an elderly person. He hates broccoli but loves chocolate. He's very specific about his chocolate. It can only be milk chocolate. He is a super kid. Growing up in an non traditional setting he does well settling in to what life has given him. He is helpful and has a kind heart. Mason is an overall wonderful little person.
Jj And Jax
JJ and JAX are mono di identical twins !!
Loves gymnastics and ballet she is such a girly girl. Loves make up, dressing up, loves shoes, dancing and singing. She is so funny she has the best sense of humor. My little diva!
Zev is 4 months old and super loved by his 4 older siblings. He is learning to grab toys and loves to play with his jungle gym. He tries to grab his feet and is drooling lots. He is always smiling and loves attention.
Lucas LOVES trucks, cars, bikes, anything with wheels! Hes the sweetest little boy with the cutest smile!
Miss Julianna was born February 18. She is our snow miracle as she decided to come during the bad snow storm in 2021 and her daddy delivered her outside . Literally. She loves peppa pig , Minnie Mouse , baby dolls and phones. She is full of love and laughter . She’s definitely our miracle ❤️
Xavi is so caring and very smart he loves everything about nature an is very adventurous.
Loving caring baby boy who loves his mommy and daddy
Hello my name is Skylar Rose I am a month old and I love to swing in my swing and love cuddling with mommy and daddy❤️
Julianny is Irianny identical twin with a girly personality totally different from her twin sister such a character. She loves to look pretty lol
Jayko loves sports very aggressive when it comes to football and baseball he is very humorous and so outgoing. He always says he will be the next famous papi chulo.
She is julianny identical twin but has a totally different personality almost if they were not twins such a character and loves to play 🥷 ninja.
Bright smart and beautiful! Amani loves dancing and she always said you will never know your limits unless you pushed them and she did she won her #1 trophies her first time trying gymnastics she even drag her brother with her lol. And they make a great team together!
Avalyn is one of the sweetest little girls ever! 🩷 She’s the most loving, caring, sassiest about to be three year old you’ll ever meet! She loves to dance, play with her baby dolls and take pictures! Please vote for my baby girl! Thank you!
Cameron Caiden
Cameron & Caiden are identical twins! They share a very special bond. They're so loving, kind, and adventurous.
Gionel Mendoza
Happy boy, loves ninjas and dance.
Ariany Mendoza
Creative, funny, loves to sing and dance.
Such a sweet happy mommas boy!❤️
My name is sadie i love to playfootball gymnastics and cheer i have a heart of gold. I like to do pageants
Accepting advanced votes, will return the favor ❤️ This is Alexander. He is 14 months old & LOVES bath time, Ms. Rachel, Bluey, playing in his ball pit, food & loves running around. He is the happiest little boy ever. He loves chasing his 4 huskies around the house & climbing on them. He loves to talk & explore new things. ❤️
Im Autumn-Marie, im very unique i have 2 first names! I was born just before Halloween weighing 6lbs 7oz. I love to blow kisses to everyone! I can light up the room in a heartbeat with my big smile😁 Im a very happy girl and i love my bebe bro bro - baby brother! My favorite foods are avocados, Mangos and pancakes!!
Nathan Phoenix Mandigo
I was just born on September 29th. I was 6lbs and 8oz and went down to 5lbs before leaving hospital. Im 19 inches long. I love my liquid gold and my mommy daddy and big sis Autumn-Marie
Braeson is absolutely smart and very energetic and loves monster trucks and the outside ! He also loves being a country boy!
Her smile is like a ray of sunshine
Adalynd Lu Toler
Not only does her red hair and blue eyes make her stand out as a very unique beauty but Adalynd is a naturally happy and friendly soul that loves exploring her world and listening to music
She loves to watch nursery rhymes at night time she likes to be growled at and her best friend is our dog cadbury
Clover is a curious and wide-eyed baby girl! She loves naps with mom, her bouncing animated shapes and colors and her furry animals!
Autym And Arden
Ardyn and autyum are the most loving girls.They are identical twins and they are amazing little girls .They love to wear the same clothes and they love to draw ,skate ,they like to exercise. They are Geminis..they have moments where they do the same things.
Anthony is a very happy baby and loves to play. Vote for him for the cutest baby! 😀
Dylan, Dyl, Dilly Bar I usually respond to anything. My favorite hobbies include bath time, talking to my mommies, playing with my kitty cat, meeting new people, and DILLY-dallying around.
Laura Sophia
My little sunshine 🌞 😍
Chosen is an intelligent 2 year old who loves dinosaurs and singing! He’s sweet as sugar and he has the chunkiest little cheeks! It’s hard to resist them! ❤️ Hes the happiest baby you can meet and brings light to any situation! To know him is to love him! ❤️
Nathaniel is almost 5 months old. He loves to sit out in the shop while we work. He also loves to smile at everyone.
Jude is a smart loving & a happy baby he’s loves to play with toys and his favorite thing is music 🎶
Happiest and giggliest baby you’ll ever meet❤️
This is Ivy, she loves to dance and sing.
Oakley Karia Brinley was birthed by a 16 year old, my sister but she was underage so I, 20 had to keep her child as the oldest kid. My sister really does love and miss her kid but it was for the best if she wanted to succeed. Oakley Karia Brinley was birthed by a 16 year old, my sister but she was underage so I, 20 had to keep her child as the oldest kid. My sister really does love and miss her kid but it was for the best if she wanted to succeed.
WE ARE ACCEPTING VOTES/EXCHANGES AND BONUSES & WE ARE RETURNING ALL VOTES 🫶 Alicia is the most sweetest little baby , she's so smart and sassy and loves everyone she meets, her favorite food is a honey bun, & pizza and she will be 1 years old after the New Year 🎊🕛
🌹willing to exchange 10 votes a day 🌹This handsome little boy loves tractors, lawn mowers, and anything with wheels. He loves to be outside and always eager to explore!
Olivia is a loving and sassy 1 year old who is full of smiles! She is our world 🌎
My daughter she is so sweet quiet at times she love to play and she love to help cook she is autism but that's not stopping her she is very smart that's my little shadow she follows me around lol please vote for her I'll share votes as well thanks
Ava is really goofy, says baba and moma a lot, loves to jump up and down and dance.