Baby Stories - 57


Izaiah James is one month old and he loves to look around at everything and cuddle with momma and daddy. He’s smiling and starting to make some more silly baby noises and everyone send to love our baby boy ❤️
Isabella is a amazing 1and a half year old. She is very smart,she can walk wave clap and say over 10 words. She loves being outdoors and going camping.she is a daddy girl.her favorite show is bluey she just giggles when she watches it
Hi I’m Remington! I love to cuddle with my mommy and daddy ALL day! I can roll over all by myself! My favorite thing to do is smile at everyone and snuggle with my lion.
My name is Blakely Cheyanne , I am going on 4 months old , I love too smile and cuddle❤️ My favorite Food is mashed potatoes
Hi, im lexi and im 6 years old. Im in 1st grade and i make all As. I love math so much.
Hi, im Bentley and i have a heart problem i was born with it but if you look at me you would never know. Im getting better as time goes. Im just very small for my age. So please give me some votes
Holden loves playing with his puppies, nap time, and reading bedtime stories!
Tammy Collinsworth
She need to vote for captain all the states of America
Emiliah is a very shy but happy little one ! She likes blues clue and playing with her sInters and cousins!
Absolute Happy Baby
Dior's favorite pass time is watching Boss baby, (I think he relates to the main character 😂😂) He also loves snack time, and football with dad and grandma!!
Hes an amazing and wonderful little boy that is very independent and very determined. He is full of joy and a bundled of love. He is amazingly talented and very strong. His favorite Disney character is mickey mouse. He is very alert and has a heart of gold
Maria is nothing more than a miracle baby. I did not know I was pregnant until 3pm the day before I had her. She survived 37 1/2 weeks of me not taking care of her. My husband had been in an accident and had only recently returned home f r om spending months in rehab and hospitals. He had to learn how to do everything over again and was walking with a walker. On the day she was born he quit using his walker because, "I can't care a baby and use a walker." She is the sweetest baby and loves to play with crinkly toys. She is the youngest of 4 and is 14 years younger than her closest sibling. She has a neice that is 6 months older than her and a neice that is 6 months younger.
He is a sweet adorable boy who loves to cuddle and loves watching his tv shows.
Also known as Moo is 6 months old. He's a barrel of delight and smiles enjoying all of his firsts surrounded by his 4 siblings.
Mavis loves minnie mouse and helping others do anything she can. She enjoys drawing and coloring
Aiden is very outgoing, smart and he loves to be outside
Nevaeh is a smart and adorable little girl ☺️ always full of energy loves to be outside
Conner is very outgoing,smart. He loves be outside, he loves super heroes
The Stroud Twins
Sendra and Simberly love's papa pig . They love each other so much .
Special little surprises are the best gift !!!
Anaya is a very happy 5 month old who enjoys interacting with her 4 year old sister. She loves smiling and in return makes others smile. She has made so many peoples day while out and about. Anaya is currently working on saying Dada but hopefully she says mama first 😜
Vote for Genesis she is a Awesome Baby she Loves to coo smile and laugh
Luke is one of a kind for sure, He loves his mommy and daddy, and sissy very much💙 He also loves blues clues and playing with his and his sissy’s toys 😂
This is michael, he loves jumping, spitting (raspberries 😭), and putting any and everything in his mouth 😂❤️❤️
Khozin Is A Very Loving And Happy Baby She 3 Months Old And Already Very Loved Khozin Is My 🌎 And I Love Her 😘😘😘
Nevaeh is my rainbow after my storm she is sassy energetic funny loves to dance..she definitely has to be center of attention..she is my only living she is for sure spoiled rotten.
Maelynn loves music and dancing! Her favorite words are “dude” and “bro”! Her favorite is anywhere by the ocean where her curls are in full bloom!
Colton is twin A
Harper is 6 months old. She is a total mamas girl. She is a happy baby who loves her big brothers, Daddy, Cocomelon and bubble baths. She has beautiful bright blue eyes and her smile will warm your heart.
Landon Tate is "baby b." He has an older brother who is 1 minute older. Both are very happy children, which I wouldn't anything less for them!
Zyra Anne
Zyra anne is 3months old she like to make alot of faces very goofy girl and very sweet.
Maisie is a sweet, sweet girl who loves her family (especially mama☺️)! She is surprisingly strong for her age and loves to cuddle and sleep. She just started socially smiling and is quite the ham 😍
Henry loves being outside, and hiking with his Dad. He's a total sweetheart, and we can't get enough of him!
Tyrone is a Jr and the new love in my life. He already has so much personality and has stole my heart. ❤️
I’m 1 yr old Hi My Name is DENIM and i love to watch Elmo and Boss Baby but most of all I’m a Mamas Boy 💙🥰
He’s definitely my ☀️ On a ⛅️ day.. he’s so precious, it’s definitely love at 1st site.. he loves to have all attention on him and you will kno when he wants your attention& all of your attention lolol.myToodah❣️
She loves to smile! And play and watch tv.
Hi my name is madalynne! I’m 3 months old & my favorite things to do are smile, talk to my parents, bounce, & squiggle. My nicknames include honey bunches of oats, squiggle butt, chunky monkey, & miss ma’am. Happy fall 🍁💛
Wyatt was welcomed to the world on October 23rd 2021! He is already a die hard bills fan and part of Bills mafia!
Noah Hopkins
Noah is the happiest baby on earth with a little bit of sass 💕 he loves blocks and teddy bears and loves to eat peas and pears!
This little boy has the biggest smile and even bigger heart! Hes such a very sweet boy!
Hi my name is Ava I am 5 months old I am a cutie I am very active i love to roll over I love to watch my puppy play and I also like laugh at him I also love to cuddle with my mommy and daddy and I am always talking and making new sounds I love when they sing the ABC song and I try to sing along I also love to jump in my bouncer and play on my mat with all my toys please vote for me!
Grayson is smart loves tv and cooing at you he is a very energetic 4 month old he just started to learn to crawl and he has the cutest smile that makes anyone’s day better
Very photogenic