Alivia is a Big sister Miss Alivia loves the outside she loves being with her family
Arriah loves playing with her toys and making herself giggle. She has the cutest most sweetest baby laugh you'd ever hear. Shes 8 months and has both bottom and top feont teeth. Eating solids already. Shes smarter then what youd imagine for her age.
This is zayden almost 4. He has an older brother Blaze who he loves dearly. Zayden has had it tough in his first few years here . At a early age just 6 months he was diagnosed with cancer he's had his ups and down but still keeps his head above water <3 this little dude loves being a dare devil . He loves dinosaurs and dancing :) he all around is such a good spirit.
Doodling and fighting crime are my specialties
He loves to smile laugh and pull hair !!😅😭❤️
Jett is always smiling, such a happy boy who loves to heard. You cannot miss this little blue eyed boy.
Kason is truly a miracle he was born with HLHS born with half of his heart not functioning! He has underwent 3 open heart surgeries! Although today he is a very active rotten ornery loving toddler
Kaden is happy baby loves his big brother and big sisters but daddy is his favorite
He is the sweetest baby. Hes a crawler and an eater. He also helps mommy out with chores with his busy little hands. His eyes light up a dark room. Vote for Sagan (please)
She is very smart beautiful lil girl who loves her brother an sister an her dogs, she loves to play outside and meet new people.. she never meets a stranger
Alyssa is the happiest almost 8 month old around. She will melt your heart with that sweet smile and personaility ❤ she loves going swimming and playing with her cats and dog❤
Casey loves his family and being outdoors.
Hi my name is Javani. I am 6 months old. I have Blonde Hair. And Blue Eyes. I’m a Breast feed baby. I love the outdoors. I have my two front bottom teeth. I army crawl, but working on getting my belly up. Vote for me :)
My name My'avia Fosque I’m 8 months & crawling very observant & beautiful
She loves watching cartoons and loves her mommas!
Cody Jr
cody loves to smile, he is the most happiest baby on earth. he loves his mommy and lovessss dogs! vote for my baby!! ❤️❤️❤️
Cyaire loves for people to talk to him He’s laughs smiles and giggle alot First born he loves attention
Ryker is a month and 3 days old hes very aware of his surroundins already an keeps momma on her toes for sure we appreciate your votes ❤
This is Kayson, he is very active for only being 3 months he can hold his own bottle, he try’s to gabber his gibberish to me everyday ! He likes pj mask & for his mommy to hold him all live long day 😭
DaisyKate is the most out going little girl i know. She is a firecracker for sure. She like to dress up in dresses but loves playing the mud as well. She is already getting manners. Already says yes ma'am. She loves to ride horses and loves to dance. Please vote for grandbaby. Thank you
Jordan is 3 months old he’s loves his swing he’s such a happy baby he loves to smile and laugh he can hold his head up so good and he can almost roll over he can also sit up by him self for a short period of time.
Aubriella is 6 weeks old tmrw! She loves to sleep & make mommy and daddy laugh! She loves to be close to mommy & hug my breasts after feeding!
Braxtyn is a very fun loving little boy who is full of energy and dosnt like to sit still he loves to bounce and walk around his bed he loves to run around his room and Braxtyns loves food but his favorite is cheese puffs ❤️
Leviathan loves the out doors playing with his big brother he loves his mommy n family
Jillian is an accomplished fingerpainting artist who loves walks, bath time and lots of smiles!
Brynnleigh June is 2 1/2 months 🤍 She’s so happy every morning she wakes up, she is all smiles! She loves mommy and daddy, and loves loves loves bath time! She’s is so strong 🥺🤍🫶🏼
Andy is the most happiest baby. He is always smiling and loves conversation. He loves watching his big brother. He loves his teething toys 🧸
Ameri Rayelle Leonard She loves to eat & smile
Frankie loves being a big brother. He loves paw patrol, learning his ABC’s and numbers. He loves singing and laughing. He is adventurous, sweet and caring.
Hi my name is Braylee! I’m 2 months old! I love to watch dirt track racing, baths, mamas milk, and talking to my mama, ma, pa, nana, and my Brantley!🥰
Addison is 3months old, born June 8th! She loves to play, laugh and sleep.. Her favorite thing to do is coo and play with her stuffed giraffe. She has 3 fur siblings that she absolutely adores💗
Rhyla loves paw patrol, he favorite color is pink and she loves flamingos and sloths ❤️
Elijah is my 2years old he loves his mommy and lil brother and loves family time he's a happy little bean who loves to eat..he loves the outdoor life
She loves to play robloxk and hang out with her friends and family
Evan is 3 months old, he’s the angel baby after his mom lost his big brother at 5 months of age. He was born at 35+2 gestation and spent 5 weeks in the nicu. He loves super simple videos on YouTube and mommy and daddy.
My son has to be the most funniest child ever! he is constantly coming up with the most random sayings i’ve ever heard.. one day i had put some underwear on him that was a little bit so it made his pants fall down some and i didn’t notice him going around all day saying that “his butt was on crack” 😂😂
My name is Cooper! I was born 15 weeks early and have been in the NICU for many weeks now and still have many to go! I love my mommy and daddy, and I love being held and my pacifier. All of my nurses say I am absolutely adorable. I am a master at getting out of my swaddle and love to have my feet out of my blankets.
My daughter loves to sing! if she knows the words she’s singing. i have never met a baby well toddler more grown up acting but in a good way, she is always looking after her bubby i couldn’t of asked for a better child with the sweetest soul and so caring and thoughtful.. she loves to do gymnastics and she wants to be a ballerina.
She loves to sing and dance, and loves PJ Masks!
The happiest baby! Israel loves to play and make bubbles! He’s especially fond of conversation and bath time 🫧😊💕
Arilynn is my little miracle baby! I hemorrhaged while in labor, started bleeding out, and that put Arilynn in major distress. She started going breech, so I had an emergency cesarean and thankfully she came out just fine! She smiles at everyone she meets and is a ray of sunshine. She loves her food and loves her big bubba so much! She loves to crawl everywhere. She loves to talk and will babble away about everything! I love my beautiful girl so much!
Olivia is a very sweet girl who will do anything for anyone. She just made the Encore Elite Dance Competition Team through her studio. She also made the role of a Cookie in The Nutcracker Ballet for this December through the Canyon Concert Ballet located in Ft. Collins, Colorado.
Kosa is happy baby, love to smile and move around.
My wild child! He loves going to parks, listening to music, dancing and playing with his puppy max! He is a HUGE animal lover! He’s a lover and a fighter 😆once he gets to goin, he doesn’t stop!!
She’s very sweet , smart also loving & will brighten your day always
Kinsley is so smart and sassy! She LOVES her twin brother, she worries more about her “bubba” than anything else. She’s just the sweetest little goofball I’ve ever seen! She loves blowing kisses, saying bye bye to any person she sees. She loves going to the park and playing with her puppy max! She’s super sweet and lovable.
My name is Parklynn I am 7 weeks old , I love to look around, an I love to be held all the time