Hey everybody. I am Remmi. I'm 3 years old and love the outdoors. I love fishing, riding a four-wheeler, basically, anything you can do outside I'm for it. please vote for me!
Rakiah is a sweet loving caring little girl who would do anything for anybody she likes to watch TV play video games spend time with her brothers and sisters
She is the most happiest baby you will ever meet she loves her bigger brother in sister she loves bath time she loves to eat Cheeto puffs is her favorite chips and she loves to play with her babies in her favorite person in the world is her grandma ❤️
He is a strong boy who loves music. He always has a smile on his face and just happy to be around people! We named him Mateo because he is our gift from god. Our little miracle baby is starting to do better and is finally gaining weight and starting to be a normal baby!
Shes very artistic and loves gymnastics. Shes my christmas baby
Strawberry and doggies she loves them both
Isbella Mclain
She's an outgoing baby who loves music
Ava is a very intelligent little girl to be 4 years old there's many things that she likes to do and talking is one of them very much she loves going outside she loves flowers plants and always love to pick flowers for me and her mother
Julianna P Allen
she loves to dance even dough she’s going through a lot. she is strong
Only looking for return votes on Bidiboo! thanks :) I was born with a tumor on my adrenal gland. I am a fighter and i am doing well!! I am a happy baby boy who loves to smile, eat, and sleep.
Shane loves to read he loves comic books.. he has autism and ADHD he is so smart.
Bryanna loves school, her family and of course Eagles football
Dom is a sweet and silly boy. He loves interacting with everyone wherever we go. He is very curious and very active. Dom is our precious IVF miracle baby. After 11 years of infertility we are so grateful for him.
Boston is so outgoing. He loves dinosaurs and all construction vehicles. Henis a natural leader
He is so cute and loveable
He likes walk in his walker, he loves cocomelon. He loves his mommy ,daddy, grammy and pappy.
He’s a twin, he’s fun loving and a ball of energy. He loves to help his mommy and brother and is super excited and his soon to be baby sister.
He’s a twin, he’s rambunctious fun loving and a big helper. He takes care of his brother and soon to be baby sister.
My baby girl is such a sweetie with a heart of gold. She is not your typical 9 year old she is wise beyond her age. She loves loves basketball n hoping wishing n praying to one day play in the Woman’s NBA. I present to you my Baby girl Br’Anya Aliya Jackson my Princess❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jeremiah is a gift from God me and him been through a lot physically speaking I was 5months pregnant with when I almost lost my life in a server car accident ..He was protected not one broken bone on him ..He also like to play with his sibling he is very active and extreme he scared me at times he is loving and kind to his classmates at school he is everything I always want in a son like him
Jami Sandoval
Iam 12 years old i really like gymnast and i like to draw i am trying to earn money for Christmas for my hole family.
Chloe is growing up to be a beautiful young lady. Shes caring, loving, and enjoys playing basketball. She doesn't feel like shes beautiful enough that others will recognize it. Figured this may be a way to show her that she is.
Lincoln is 2 months old, he loves to look at any kind of lights, lay and watch movies with mommy, facetime daddy, and get all the attention from nana. He is a very smiley and happy baby. He laughs and giggles all the time. He loves anything christmas, (christmas lights are his favorite) he loves to be snuggled up in his blankie🤍
This is Dianes first year of school and she is loving it
Most lovable child you will ever meet. She loves everyone and loves making them smile.
FayeLynn definitely runs the house! She's so much fun to be around! She's the peacemaker of the family trying to keep everyone in line. Full of encouraging words and loves to praise others 💓
Myrose means everythings to our little family. She is the reason why this world meant alot to us. She is about two years old now but she could not let you down when you are asking her somethings, or to bring bottle of water or Diaper. She could also adore you if she got to knows you well. She love to posts to a camera. She love to dance when she is having great time or there is music on. She like to play with other kids especially with her three brothers most of the time when feeling great. And she can do much more because she is a very active little girl.
She is so cute!!!!! Check her photos
Elliana is the the happiest baby. Always smiling, and catching the attention of everyone around her. She’s got better hair then I do on most days😂 She’s an angel that’s for sure!💛
He loves looking at the Christmas tree and being amazed by the colorful lights…
Leeanna is a vary kind girl she loves to play and watch tv
He’s quiet and shy but also very sweet he loves Pokémon and riding his skateboard
Diva and she loves to color and she loves her mommy and she’s funny and spunky and beats to her own drum
* ACCEPTING VOTE EXCHANGES & GIFTS 🎁- Free Votes- * 🙏 - Votes will come from my account & my husbands (Michael N L) Aubriella is such a sweet, sassy & smart little girl, she is our first girl out of 3 big brothers. She has the most beautiful smile, big blue eyes, and sweet soul. Please vote for her 🫶
Armani Howard
Armani he has a big personality like no other he loves he’s mama and he’s puppy popsicle 🐶 he loves to scream n shout and holding he’s head up high he loves he’s daddy Armani is a big cuddles bear 🧸
Parker is 2 months old and so chunky, He loves to smile and cuddle.Some of his favorite things is to have contact naps with his mama,look around at new things,and Sit up straight to watch movies with me or to just check everything out!
Eliana is the happiest baby girl one could meet! She loves to talk, cuddle and nurse🥰 One of her biggest inspirations is her big sister.🫶🏽 She loves biting on EVERYTHING as she begin to experience teething😫
Willing to exchange 10 votes a day! 💕Oliver was born at 33 weeks and is loving life, becoming big and strong! He is absolutely the sweetest, funniest little guy! Loves to make you laugh all the time! He Loves his “dog-dogs”, dancing, playing, and watching Ms.Rachel ❤️
He has been through a lot in his short life. He was born early but he has persevered and is doing so well! He is so smart, loving and just sweet all around. Everyone who meets him has fallen in love with him.
She is the sweetest lil girl, and new to this amazing world.
Zeriah is a bright eye curly hair bundle of joy. She smiles and coos constantly trying to communicate with her loved ones.
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Hello my name is Paisleigh I love playing with my baby brother. I am so full of love and laughter.
Hello my name is Sawier and I love playing outside with my big sister. I am full of smiles and laughter
Hazel is 3 months old, she loves watching tv and loves to cuddle, she’s a chunky butt, she loves being in the bath that’s her favorite time of the day, she loves to flip people off