Harleigh Elizabeth
She was born 3 weeks early, Even though she was an 8 pound 12 ounce 21 inches long she was also a NICU baby. After 65 hours of labor with this Beautiful stubborn little girl, they seen she wasn’t gonna drop so a C-section it was. I’m so blessed that God seen fit for me to be her Mother. She loves to be Cuddled, Loves when you play peek a boo with her when you catch her peeping her beautiful eyes open, she loves to stare at lights, loves going on car rides, and is spoiled in so many ways by so many. She is very blessed to have so many to Love her!
Daisy is a 4 month old blue eyed baby girl💖 She loves taking walks in her stroller, doing photo shots and watching her big brother play! She has bows for every outfits, Big brother has level 2 Autism but that doesn’t stop them from matching pajamas 🥰
Jameson is an angel baby! He has such a love for life, he spends his days literally skipping around just genuinely happy to be alive. He’s only 2 but has the biggest giving heart, if he sees someone crying he’s always there to hug or give a kiss on the cheek and if he has something like a toy or food he is always happy to share. He is a bright light and pure love! We are so proud of this little man!
Friends are everything!!! Couldn’t be here without them! Bella is a sweetheart. Very involved in academic team and straight A study!
Xander is my miracle baby. On July 24th I was 37 weeks pregnant and got into a severe car accident which we are lucky to be alive. Xander was in the NICU for 6 days. With a CPAP machine, feeding tube because he swallowed blood. This precious baby is such a happy baby and I am grateful everyday that god has blessed me to be a boy mom!! He coo’s, smiles and already wants to hold his head up.
Cody Jr is an amazing growing experience any mother could ask for he’s an open book and put a smile on everyone face 🥰❣️
Treasure is an very smart and loving baby. She’s small with a huge appetite and loves to be held. She loves playing possum and she’s very good at it. She loves to smile , you would think she understands everything you are saying. Vote Treasure you will not be disappointed!
He loves his mommy and his friends . He loves to play and is the happiest baby
Elias is one of the strongest and cutest babies I know.. he has overcome so many obstacles and is doing so with the biggest smile and the prettiest eyes
My name is oaklynn renee:) I am 1 month old I love laughing and trying to talk:)
I love to play peek-a-boo & play in my pool. Bunnies are my favorite animal. I know how to say mama, dada, nana, bebe and shake my head yes and no
She is such a happy little baby. When she looks at you with those big blue eyes you just melt.
He loves throwing things away in the trash even his toys he love be around mommy he a big momma boy he love playing on his four wheeler he loves to eat all kinds of food he my fat baby food is his favorite thing
Ireana is always smiling!! Shes the happiest baby ever!! she loves her two kitty cats acts like tweety bird everytime there around and shes always on the move crawling everywhere please vote for me because im the cutest baby you ever did see!!
Jhenè is the type of girl who will tell you she loves you before telling you hello & im okay with that. There are so many individuals who hate for no reason, so she can love for no reason. Shes creative Shes imaginative & Shes hilarious.
He loves everyone he's caring goes to school he's in kindergarten a bit shy most of the time he is always with his teacher. He loves being with mommy always ready to eat his favorite food is chips he will eat them all day long if you let him 😉
Hi guys !!! My name is Daniella Analia Avila, my mommy calls me Ella ✨💕 I’m 8 months. I’m a really happy baby 🥰 My favorite show to watch is word party 🎉 I loveee my snacks and my favorite food is apple, blueberry & spinach ☺️ I love being outdoors ☀️& I love to dance 🤍 I’m gonna be a big sissy to my little sister Jayeliana 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 I’m so excited to meet her 🤍 Thank you to everyone who votes for me 🫶🏻💕
Finnley is a loving baby girl. She loves her big sister, her mommy and daddy. She loves to talk and smile at everything. She is the most content and happy baby.
Leah is my rainbow baby!! She is a crazy little firecracker always on the move. She loves her grandma and grandpa. Also love cats and dogs. She loves throwing footballs and being outside! Bath-time is a blast and she is always ready for a nightly splash! She is very outgoing yells hi to everyone. She will give you a high-five or even a fist bump. Could go on all day about this crazy little girl! She is the light in my world!
Adelie loves to smile and laugh. She’s our sassy bundle of joy.
Carter was born with a cleft lip and palate. He is 1 in 700. His favorite things are smiling and cuddles 💚 The likelihood of us having him were around 2% ; We got lucky and are so blessed!
Aurora is 3 months old and she already loves to eat and loves to smile😊and hold mommy’s finger. Aurora was born 2wks early and considered a An Advanced Preemie ❤️She loves to lift her head and wiggle around,smile and coo
This is Kamari ! He loves to play outside , listen to music and dance ! He also loves to watch his daddy play video games . His favorite word is NO . He can’t go ANYWHERE without mommy AND daddy .
“I see the moon and stars in your wide grin, sweetheart.” All of God's grace in one tiny face. Ar'Mani is a princess..she has blessed so many lives since she has entered our world, making her daddy and I feel like a King and Queen. From the beginning of the brightest morning..she's smiling.❤ She enjoys, tummy time..playing with her toys, spending time with family, watching cartoons and having laughing and having smiling episodes with her loved ones. Our daughter's smile lights up any room ...she such a happy baby and we are praying that as you look at her beautiful smile, you'll cast your vote for our princess Ar'Mani Markeia❤ Thank you, Mommy and Daddy
This sweet boy is always happy and loves to be with people
Wake-Lynn loves tummy time, she loves strolling around the neighborhood and of course nap time!
My caboose baby. She only smiles when she is seriously enjoying something. She loves her brother and sister and her milkies!
Christian is a loving 🥰 adorable funny out going baby he love god and family he loves church music and much more !
Willow loves being on the farm and playing with all the animals. She loves helping out. She has a very gentle and kind heart.
Phallon Lové is our rainbow and brings everyone peace. She is happy. She loves to drink milk.
Neekolis Royal is 21 months & so full of life, he is a very happy boy. He loves the outdoors and all animals. His favorite show is coco melon and word party, which he likes to sing and dance along. Not to often will you catch this handsome little man without a smile. He’s blowing kisses in thanks for votes. ♥️
Desiree is such an outspoken little girl who loves helping people wherever she goes, even if its just a simple hug or smile. She is the light of our family. 🥰
Aliza is filled with personality and has a smile that will melt your heart.
Xander is a overall happy baby, he loves to talk and play with his big brother! He’s loves his food especially his Cheetos!
Tatum is a very happy baby loves to smile at momma and daddy and she already has the biggest personality
I’m ace I’m a little over a month I have lots of family! My parents are obsessed with baby yoda💙
Hey name is Isabella rose and we call her Izzy. She is my most prized possession 🥰. She loves to go on walks and watch everything going on around her.
Mulani is a very happy baby girl. She’s very active and loves to eat and play. We enjoy being her parents & we love her so much.
Ainzley’s favorite things to play with are water bottles and anything with lights. She is💯mommas girl!
Beaux Bryan Larsen
Just A Good Ole Boy 💙
This is bub bubs: he’s my little goofball and loves to crawl all over you and love on you. He pinches and thinks he’s tickling you 😄❤️
Shiloh Kleiboer
He loves his mommy and daddy and all the rest of his family. He loves his Mr. Dino blanket and his passy. He also loves to play and coo and chew on his fingers.
Aliana is a very happy baby she loves smiling and loves her big brother 💕
Im the most sweetest baby boy I love my mama and big brother i love to bounce in my bouncer and play with my toys I also love my doggies 🥰🥰
Zemira marie such a sweet little lady cuddles and smiles all the time
Ana Sophie
I'm a premie baby 5 months old but I'm getting more stronger and beautiful everyday. I'm still a little petit but too happy
Messiah is soooo outgoing and outspoken the smartest 3 year old i ever met. He can speak complete sentences and he knows how to count to 30 and his colors. Messiah likes to play sports and he loves mickey mouse and gummy bear show. He deserves everyone’s vote 🗳 because this kid here was meant to be a star the world was meant to know this kid 😩❤️🤞🏾