Haydin is a very energetic, radiant ball of sunshine.. He lights up any room he's in and is just an absolutely happy little dude.
Keeland is almost a year old and 23 lbs already. Who doesn’t love an actual real live gerber baby. He loves to eat and laugh and is such a joy to be around. He Loves playing peek a boo with the covers. I hope you all love him just as much we do!!!
Caleb is such a happy baby! He loves animal onesies, tummy time and of course, food time!
Illiana is a month old and is already so far ahead of her time
Isabella Jana is a 14 month old baby girl . She loves to makes silly sounds and laugh out loud , my sweet little baby .
Im one of the most happiest babys youll ever met im always full of smiles an im very talkative
Caitlyn was born at 29 weeks +6 days She likes to play with her toys and puppies..
Braelynn Elizabeth is the sweetest baby I’ve ever seen she is full of love and sweetness along with a good grip! She love playing video games with her papaw and weekends with mimi and she has a smile you can’t forget!🥰
She loves to play at the park and loves her family!
She’s a beautiful blessing
Rhyder was born at 32 weeks. He just got out of the nicu & is thriving!
She was born 6 weeks early, she was in the hospital for 3 weeks cause of her oxygen she had to come home on oxygen, she likes to be hold on our armsto smile when me or daddy say something to her, she loves her mama and daddy , she is a good baby please vote for her
Joshua was born 8/7/2021 he loves his family and friends. He loves to eat and is already standing up on his own. He is a very happy baby and loves everyone.
Celestino is a 1 month old very chill and happy mamas boy!
Ransom is 5 months old and loves to play and laugh with his daddy.
Lilianna is 6 months old. She loves to play wit her older brother and sisters.
He’s a little dinosaur right now he loves to growl and rawr at mommy and daddy ❤️
Caroline was born on 05-05-22 at 6 pound and 15oz 20 inch long she love watching tv and like to be talk to and she is very spoiled and love her big brother a lot
Tasia is 3 months old she loves to talk, smile, and roll every which way‼️
She’s a beautiful sassy little girl! Her best friend is her dog ❤️
Matthew was born two months early and spent 44 days in the NICU. He's already catching up and is ahead of his corrected age milestones. He loves bath time, contrast books, swinging, and being outdoors, listening to his farm birds!
Will exchange votes. This is my daughter Kalila, she is 1 years old and is such a vibrant little girl. She loves to smile and tries to talk or make sounds all the time. She loves bright colors and watching the baby shark show. She loves to taking baths, does not like being dirty. Please vote
Plz. It’s and share
Addison is a Halloween baby. She loves trying to crawl but really only scoots. She also loves to make a big mess with her baby food. She has the most adorable laugh ever! She like to meet meet new people and stare at them. 😂
"Girasol" is Spanish for sunflower, she definitely is a big bright girl she's 2 years old doesn't speak yet but definitely runs her mouth loves to talk and laugh and get into things she shouldn't but very lovable
Axton is a very happy boy, he eats plenty and loves to laugh and smile , he's definitely a mommy's boy ! He loves to watch dancing fruit lol and he hates car rides
Hi, my name's Veronika Paige-Ruby-Marie Judson. I'm 8 months old almost 9 months, I learned how to crawl, I'm learning how to stand by myself now. I have a older brother that I love dearly. I also have a kitty that I love to play with. Daddy's my favorite person even though mommy birthed me. I love mashed potatoes, really I love any food you give give me that I can eat. I love to scream while playing, I absolutely hate nap time. But I take one anyways. I love cuddling mommy and daddy both but sometimes more daddy. I hope I get a vote. ❤️
Weston is a pretty chill little dude that enjoys warm hands, a soothing song, and taking in nature.
Avianni is my miracle baby due to mommy and daddy being in an atv accident and not knowing I was pregnant she still managed to pull thru and be here today!! She loves cuddles and snacking on her hands as well as screaming at her parents for some milk!! She is such a happy baby, always smiling.
Ariez loves his milk , loves to smile and loves his newly discovered hands 😁.
Jacob has blue eyes. He loves to watch cocomelan and run around. He is a picky eater. He also loves to give hugs and be held. He is 1 years old.
Amber has blond hair and blue eyes. Amber loves to play with her little brother. She loves animals and being outside. She likes playing on phones. Amber also like to color and draw. She likes to help clean her toys up.
Isabel is 2 weeks old and a true miracle baby
Ryder absolutely loves to be held. He loves to go see grandma and grandpa
Hello everyone meet nevaeh, she loves her big brother and dada. Shes already has sas and attitude. Theres not much she doesnt like to do. Shes always full of giggles and smiles 😃
Osiah is the sweetest babe you will ever meet!!! He loves to cuddle and coo and he spends most of his time eating and sleeping.
CharlieBaby is the great granddaughter of Charlie Baby Cooper. She loves bananas an Twinkies!!! She's fearless an determined at such an early age. She goofy you should hear her fake laugh an cough; Too Sweet!
Alaya is almost 2 she is the happiest little girl, she loves to play outside and loves giving her sissy kisses, her favorite shows are bluey and baby shark and peppa pig
Ophelia is a funny and sweet baby. She loves to play and be told she’s pretty. She always has fun hanging out with her two puppy dogs. Ophelia is always so excited to see her dad and play with him when he gets home from work. She is a beautiful, easy-going baby with a full head of hair, big blue eyes and the sweetest little laugh.
His favorite word is Mom
Myah is so vocal and so happy. She’s been teething already so that’s the only reason why she’s sad sometimes. But she’s perfect to me. She rolled halfway over yesterday. I’m just going back to work and it’s terrible. So please vote for my baby.
Alaina loves to watch her big brother Montey (the pitbull). She hates taking her baths. but finds some enjoyment in keeping mommy awake at night. Huge daddy’s girl and is spoiled rotten with love from her grandparents
Meet Marisol, my beautiful and sweet little girl. Marisol enjoys sleeping and loves to watch lilo and stich 💙
Dakota loves to laugh and play he’s been rolling over since he was 2 weeks old he’s nothing but a happy baby! He giggles and loves to play with his sister!
Zavian is the most loving and caring little 3 year old ever 💗. He loves PawPatrol, Riding his fourwheeler, & has a special love for lo mein & broccoli.... He's has a passion for attending church with his family on Sundays and singing along to the song sang among the choir.... He absolutely loves saying the lord's prayer with his friends on Sunday mornings 🥰
Zoey is such a chill and happy baby! She loves blow bubbles, cooing and smiling when we talk to her
Grayson loves to smile and eat! He is amused by everyone and everything! Grayson is a goofball❤️